Nirmukta Regional Groups

Nirmukta is building regional groups in the major cities of India. These local communities of Freethinkers currently organize through Facebook. Follow the links below to the respective Facebook group (you must be logged into Facebook to access these groups). If you are interested in joining one of our regional groups on Facebook, all you need to do is go to the group page and click on the ‘Ask to Join Group’ link on the top right corner.

Click on a city in the map below to visit its Facebook group

Group links:
Chennai freethinkers
Delhi freethinkers
Mumbai freethinkers
Hyderabad freethinkers
Kochi freethinkers
Kolkata freethinkers
Pune freethinkers

Nirmukta will soon have representation in every major city and in all regions of India. Other groups that are currently under development:
Guwahati Freethinkers
Ahmedabad freethinkers
Mangalore freethinkers
Odisha freethinkers
Lucknow Freethinkers
Coimbatore freethinkers

Aside from these regional groups on Facebook, we also have a general Nirmukta Facebook group, Indian Atheists Facebook page and Indian Atheists Debate Corner Group , Nirmukta Parenting and Nirmukta Politics group. For a complete list of our network , check out Freethought Media Network .

If you would like to start a regional group in your city, please read What Is Nirmukta, which contains a detailed statement of our objectives and overall mission. If you find that your ideals and values correspond with those of Nirmukta, you can contact us through the form on the ‘Contact Us‘ page, or by sending us an email at info [at] nirmukta [dot] com.