Naturalism Logo Images

The Center for Naturalism presents Naturalism Logos for use on websites that present a naturalistic worldview. Click on the links below to view the new Naturalism Symbol and a few sample Logos.

Square Logo and Naturalism Symbol

Click Image for Naturalism Symbol in Different Sizes and Square Logos with Text

Rectangular Logo

Click Image for Rectangular Logos with Text

The following is adapted from

Any organization or person wanting to promote naturalism as a worldview is welcome to use the logos on websites and other media and materials, so long as the icon itself is presented in connection with the word naturalism, meaning naturalism as a worldview, or a phrase containing it. This simple and visually appealing symbol will help generate public recognition and familiarity with naturalism while providing a common graphic identity for groups promoting naturalism, should they wish to use it. The icon can be incorporated into custom logos for specific naturalism groups, or into logos to representworldview naturalism in promotional campaigns.

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