Mind’s Matter : The Neurobiological Basis of Behavior

This series of articles is written by Dr. Jonathan T Pararajasingham. Dr. Pararajasingham is a British medical doctor specialising in Neurosurgery, researcher and freethought writer. His writings span a range of topics including neuroscience, philosophy, ethics and theology, and many of his articles aim to make accessible such abstract topics for the nonspecialist reader. More of his work can be found at http://drjtp.com.

1. Anatomy Of A Psychopath : The Neurobiological Basis Of Evil

2. Hard-Wired for Sin : Neuroethics and the Seven Deadly Sins

3. Minds and Money : Game Theory, Decision Making and Abstract Cooperation

4. The God of Mind : Exploring the Implications of Neurotheological Research

More articles to come in this series!