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This page contains links to all Nirmukta websites and social media portals.
http://nirmukta.com : Main Nirmukta site containing articles and ideas relating to science and freethought.

http://nirmukta.net : Nirmukta’s community forums.

http://freethoughtblogs.com/nirmukta : Nirmukta’s blog on the Freethought Blogs network.

http://indianatheists.org: Website for Nirmukta’s atheist activism arm, Indian Atheists. (Not being updated currently).

Nirmukta Facebook Pages:
Indian Atheists

General Nirmukta Facebook Groups:
Nirmukta Group
Indian Atheists Debate Corner 
Nirmukta Brainstorming

Interest specific Facebook Groups:
Nirmukta Book Club
Nirmukta Parenting
Nirmukta Politics

Regional Nirmukta Facebook Groups:

Other Social Media and Groups:
Indian Atheists on Atheist Nexus

Nirmukta Videos


In case the regional groups link is opening too slow for you, here’s the list of regional groups:
Delhi Feminist Atheists
Chennai Feminist Atheists
Mumbai Feminist Atheists
Hyderabad Feminist Atheists
Kochi Feminist Atheists
Kolkata Feminist Atheists
Pune Feminist Atheists
Guwahati Feminist Atheists
Ahmedabad Feminist Atheists
Mangalore Feminist Atheists
Odisha Feminist Atheists
Lucknow Feminist Atheists
Coimbatore Feminist Atheists