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Namit Arora explores the concepts of “merit” and “success”, and what we can take credit for or not. He presents three models of economic justice by which a society might allocate its rewards—libertarian, meritocratic, and egalitarian—and consider the pros and cons of each model using examples from both India and abroad.

Science & Philosophy

  • Pentaquark: CERN Discovers An Exotic Particle, Made Up Of Five Quarks

    Nestled away in the afterthoughts, or not at all, of the public attention that CERN and the LHC garner is an experiment called LHCb. It is actually one of the four experimental collaborations that are in operation at the LHC. Two are well-known – ATLAS and CMS – still bathing in the radiant warmth of the Higgs discovery. The other two are LHCb and ALICE. In this article, we discuss the recent triumph of the LHCb collaboration as they announced […]

  • Bohr and Heisenberg: Splitting atoms and friendships

    “During peace time a scientist belongs to the World, but during war time he belongs to his country.” – Fritz Haber A number of people in and around the U.S. Air Force base in Alamogordo, New Mexico reported seeing a very bright light at about 5:30 AM on the 16th of July, 1945. The Manhattan District press agency assured many concerned citizens that that was nothing more than a weapons depot in the Alamo region which had blown up. No […]

  • The Glorious Past Theory and the Predicament of a Student of Science

    History is anything but just his story; not even as an allegation. I am not referring to the embedded gender politics, something which cannot be done away with, over here. The ideas about the past are not the concerns of specialists (academic researchers, hobbyists and quizzers) alone. Even though such an allegedly elitist scenario is more desirable against the games which have been going on in the Colosseum of the Indian political theatre, it is just a wishful thinking. In […]

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Pseudoscience & Religion

  • Take a Dip! Plunging the Nation into Superstition and Tragedy

    Pushkar beliefs ‘Pushkaram’ of a river is a Hindu religious concept and is triggered when the planet Jupiter ‘enters’ a zodiac sign that is linked to a particular Indian river. There are today 12 zodiac signs and 12 such rivers in the country are thus linked to the zodiac signs. Thus every river would get a pushkaram once in 12 years, because Jupiter takes nearly 12 earth years to complete a full revolution around the sun. So the planet ‘spends […]

  • A Rationalist Take on Meaning and Purpose

    Have you ever felt like you go through the motions every day but it all seems meaningless? Did you know that you can use science to help you find a sense of life purpose? Wait, but science can’t answer life’s big questions – that’s the job of religious dogma, right? Well, a wave of recent research in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and other disciplines has explored how we find meaning and purpose in life, with or without belief in a deity!

  • No, Yoga Does Not Cure Any Disease

    If a lie is repeated often, it is said, people will eventually believe it. It is also said that people with simple thinking more readily believe bigger lies. Small lies, interspersed here and there, in speeches, lectures, sermons, media bytes, news reports, columns, research papers, can coalesce into a big lie. If the state and the media keep suppressing the truth, that big lie then perpetuates and stays. This is precisely the case with modern day yoga. Lies, small ones […]

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Freethought Activism

  • Delhi atheists, feminists and freethinkers meet at cafe immigrant

    On the 5th of July, Delhi atheists, feminists and freethinkers got together at Connaught Place for their monthly meetup.We have been having these meetups for about 4 years and there are a few new members each time. Among these were Usha and Namit, a lovely couple who had lived in the United States for many years and now settled in India. We asked them their experience with faith in the US. Usha was raised in a small town in the […]

  • Chennai Rainbow Pride and Self-Respect

    This year Chennai celebrated its 7th Rainbow Pride March on 28 June 2015. An unique aspect of this year’s programs has been the use of term “self-respect” (Tamil “Suyamariyadai”) and the emphasis on social justice for all. Pride has been traditionally seen as protest for rights, as well as a time for celebration for the LGBTQ community. Although there have been some attempts to split the community of gender and sexual minorities by a few misguided leaders, we have always […]

  • Indian Atheists page blocked on facebook

    Sorry, are you trying to promote rationalism and secular humanism in India, you may be unsafe for Facebook.

    The Facebook page Indian Atheists is an initiative by the Nirmukta community. Our mission is to bring together a community of Indian Atheists and to build a society based on science, reason and humanistic values.

    Yesterday we found that content from this page could not be shared as it has been flagged as unsafe. Facebook policies are such that, in case of an objectionable content, the said post would be removed by Facebook. But we found that no specific post was removed or flagged as objectionable. Instead the entire Indian Atheists page has been flagged as unsafe and we are not able to share our posts or even tag Indian Atheists in any post or even in closed groups.

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Humor & Creative Arts

  • Scientists Confirm Efficacy of Astrology

    (With contributions by Shashank Kancherla, Moinak Bannerjee and Lalit Mohan Chawla) Since time immemorial, Indians have been aware of how Sun’s apparent position, relative to arbitrarily defined constellations, at the time of our birth, affects our personality. Empowered by the knowledge of future events, Hindus were an invincible force in the past. However after the repeated Mughal and British invasions, most knowledge and wealth was lost.

  • Life in the world of Involuntary behaviors

    I tic and twitch and tap and swear, As I get on with my life of care. Non- sense phrases invade my speech, As I get on with the problem to teach. Patients come in and patients walk out, I see fear in their eyes as they see me tic. Interns gaze at me in awe, The new nurse has a frown plastered on her face!

  • Thoughts From A Secular Humanist

    I have no invisible authority I am not mentally enslaved, I am not an unworthy sinner Who is waiting to be saved. My actions are my own Responsibility for which I will take, Credit for the good and penalty for the bad The payment for my deeds only I can make. I’m not the innocent, confused child; ‘Humble’ messengers try to find, I’m a skeptic with adult reasoning Who has left Faith behind. The answers gifted by logic and reason […]

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