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Geetha TG talks about raising kids as skeptics and humanists

Science & Philosophy

  • The Glorious Past Theory and the Predicament of a Student of Science

    History is anything but just his story; not even as an allegation. I am not referring to the embedded gender politics, something which cannot be done away with, over here. The ideas about the past are not the concerns of specialists (academic researchers, hobbyists and quizzers) alone. Even though such an allegedly elitist scenario is more desirable against the games which have been going on in the Colosseum of the Indian political theatre, it is just a wishful thinking. In […]

  • A Matter of Privilege – Recipes for an Elitist Marriage

    “Have the match-making aunties started making a queue outside your home?”, I asked my friend, who was passing out of IIT.

    “Yeah. A lot of proposals have already come. My mom is handling all that stuff”

  • What’s So Moral About AIDS Anyway?

    Well, to answer the question in the title, Dr Harsha Vardhan, India’s new Union Health Minister in the BJP-led government, certainly thinks so. In an interview with The New York Times, Dr Vardhan expressed his reservation about the promotion of condom usage in AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns. He said: The thrust of the AIDS campaign should not only be on the use of condoms…This sends the wrong message that you can have any kind of illicit sexual relationship, but […]

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Pseudoscience & Religion

  • Midbrain activation and mastery — A skeptic’s view

    It is that time of the year when parents look for classes that would keep their children engaged during the summer vacation. The one doing the rounds lately has the right mix of ingredients to ensnare parents and to make them spend money to ‘activate the midbrain’ of their children. Advertisements have started to pop up in many cities wherein fantastic claims are being made. Did you know that the mid brains of your children are not functioning to its […]

  • Neutraceutical Racket Taking People For A Ride

    The latest fad in town seems to be racket in what are called as ‘neutraceuticals’ by clever marketing companies out to take consumers for a ride. It could be anything from spirulina to aloe vera to herbal teas! These are the new in-things out to take people for a ride and promise cures from anything from obesity to cancer. Brimming with names like anti oxidants, bio organics, essential fatty acids to amino acids seems to be the latest jargons and […]

  • The Spirulina Racket And Why Panaceas Do Not Exist

    What I saw on a white board at a school in Mysuru took me back to my days as a teacher of biochemistry, classes on nutrition and a lot of other stuff. It also awoke the consumer activist in me, and the myth buster too! The blurb says that 1 spirulina is equal to 10kgs of vegetables/fruits besides making claims of it containing all vitamins from a to z! Is spirulina what is claimed to be? How the peddlers of […]

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Freethought Activism

  • On Indian adultery laws

    Indian legal system has often been hailed for its progressive and detailed stance on various issues. Yet the IPC has not been able to shed the absurd set of laws that have been criticized for a long time. Examples? Again the last sentence of this article makes a comment about gender bias in our law without giving any examples. Specifically, I would like to discuss the laws on Adultery. Adultery has been defined in the Indian penal code as the […]

  • Report on Thinkfest 2015

    Thinkfest, the annual event of Chennai Freethinkers was held on 26th January 2015. Ramakrishnan welcomed the gathering and gave a brief introduction about Chennai Freethinkers and Nirmukta. He then went on to introduce Namit Arora, the first speaker for the day.

  • The Anguish of Perumal Murugan

    In the silencing of Perumal Murugan and his tragic reaction, there is one more thing that has been bothering me. Yes, support is slowly building up and protests are being organized. But time and again we hear voices being judgmental about the decision taken by Perumal Murugan. Whenever and wherever people discussed this passionately there were people who kept saying, ‘He should not have given up so easily.’ On the one end were people who called him spineless for letting […]

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Humor & Creative Arts

  • Life in the world of Involuntary behaviors

    I tic and twitch and tap and swear, As I get on with my life of care. Non- sense phrases invade my speech, As I get on with the problem to teach. Patients come in and patients walk out, I see fear in their eyes as they see me tic. Interns gaze at me in awe, The new nurse has a frown plastered on her face!

  • Thoughts From A Secular Humanist

    I have no invisible authority I am not mentally enslaved, I am not an unworthy sinner Who is waiting to be saved. My actions are my own Responsibility for which I will take, Credit for the good and penalty for the bad The payment for my deeds only I can make. I’m not the innocent, confused child; ‘Humble’ messengers try to find, I’m a skeptic with adult reasoning Who has left Faith behind. The answers gifted by logic and reason […]

  • A Debate between Generations

    The year is 2032 CE and I have perhaps kicked the bucket much earlier. Ananya, my eight year old grand-daughter currently, has since become a Rocket scientist and she likes to discuss philosophical issues with her grandmother, my wife, whom she calls as “Avva” meaning Grandma in our mother tongue Telugu.

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