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Indian Atheists page blocked on facebook

Sorry, are you trying to promote rationalism and secular humanism in India, you may be unsafe for Facebook.

The Facebook page Indian Atheists is an initiative by the Nirmukta community. Our mission is to bring together a community of Indian Atheists and to build a society based on science, reason and humanistic values.Yesterday we found that content from this page could not be shared as it has been flagged as unsafe. Facebook policies are such that, in case of an objectionable content, the said post would be removed by Facebook. But we found that no specific post was removed or flagged as objectionable. Instead the entire Indian Atheists page has been flagged as unsafe and we are not able to share our posts or even tag Indian Atheists in any post or even in closed groups.

People trying to tag the page got this message:

Many of our members have informed Facebook that our page follows Facebook guidelines and that the ban is unwarranted by using the “let us know” button. But so far we have received no response.

It is not that the Indian Atheists page has never faced problems. We keep getting threats from haters in the form of messages. We have always heard of atheist pages being easily blocked on Facebook because of “hurting religious sentiments” and given the hostile environment in India, have always tried to keep within the limits set by Facebook. But we are not sure of the reason for the ban.

We keep surmising about the possible reasons. Was it our stance against Hindutva, or posts against endorsement of homeopathy and other “alternate medicines” issued by Delhi government in Delhi metro? Was it our articles on the mid-brain activation scam, that plagues our country, have upset a lot of practitioners of the scam? Or was it the article that talked about beef eating practices in ancient India and criticised the banning of beef in some states? Recently we have also been posting frequently against the derecognition of the Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle in IIT Madras which could have offended the religious and caste apologists. We are left wondering which of our reason-based humanistic posts has offended the sensibilities of bigots and reactionaries.

We the humanists are offended by this gagging of our page and we react to this in a humanistic manner. The voice of reason cannot be stifled for long. And when we regain our voice be rest assured we will speak even more loudly the language of reason and humanism. So long!

Update (Jun-9-2015):

The same way Indian Atheists was restricted, it has been unblocked without any official statement from Facebook. We were neither notified about the blocking, nor the unblocking.

We are now able to share any post from the page without facing any restriction. We wish to thank all members, fans and well wishers who raised their voice enough. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. We cannot emphasize this enough.

We will continue to promote science, secular humanism and freethought on the page and our groups.

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  • Indian Atheists page blocked on facebook

    This page “Indian Atheists” promotes
    rationalism and
    secular humanism in India.

    The Facebook page “Indian Atheists”
    is an initiative by the Nirmukta community.
    to bring together a community of Indian Atheists
    and to build a society based on science,
    reason and humanistic values.

    Please restore.

  • Yes, I am also very surprised. They keep a watch and discourage even random posting even without giving specific reason. At the same time American democracy, Obama is trying to make it like India but no, Americans are not Indians. It will become unsafe for politicians. There are so many things objectionable. You play safe. For example Kafir and the crimes. You warn others not to make it religious but with political patronage people make crimes on kafirs and it is on the increase in mangalore. So politically we have different ideologies but I am convinced face book has regional political compulsions which they don’t specify. There are highly objectionable posts for me and I wonder when they become objectionable and to whom I should report that and how they decide. But in my case they have mentioned some facebook family etiquettes. You must see jews news. If posting is unsafe, then how are the creators of Kafir existing safely on this planet? That is a very simple straightforward question no body dares answer properly.

  • For the first time that I hear of NIRMUKTA it’s proscribed! I regret I should have known that such a humanist forum has come into being in social media. It’s a regrettable loss to me. But all this is natural in the Indian sub-continent where irrationality has reigned supreme for the last two thousand odd years! It’s hardly surprising that Mark Zuckerberg should count his dimes pretty cautiously before providing free service(?) to the Indian facebookers. So the duo has gagged logic and humanism. I don’t think this is possible in west, or even conceivable.And we ourselves are to be blamed for this if not wholly,partially at least. My own experience tells me that out of ten Indian facebookers seven are orthodox. No matter whatever be their social standing,education,profession.I can imagine their beaming smile !

  • Oh man… Your website was my primary source of amusement… Now I have to go back to archie comics for finding comparable intelligence.

  • @venu reddy: so is the religion. Man was born and then he invented the religion. So what’s the question? Or at least, if asking questions, be it sensible .

  • I have liked the indian atheist page on fb. but I am not able to comment or like any post by the page. I can view and share though.

  • Most of what The Brahmins, R.S.S and the VHP are boasting of, came from the west. EXA> Astrology from Babilon , Sanskrit from Aryan Language Speaking Pastoral Tribes {As per A.S.I.}. and Science and Technology. The westerners should be enlightened about the Hypocracy of HINDUTWA. Most of our Gods have criminal records Vedic God INDRA came down only to rape A virtuous lady AHALYA. Supreme God { Maha Deva } Shiva cut off his own son’s head and they created God Ganasha. VISHNU came down to earth to rape BRINDA When She came to know, what boon she got ? To be born as a poor plant–Holy-Basil., and much more as per PURANAS. Vedic Preists have destroyed most of Heterodox and Rational literature of Lokayata and Buddhism.

  • The facebook Inc. is blocking link, comment, share etc . facilities and many facebook ID of opposite parties volunteers and neutral social activist also on request of NDA Government . This is like the emergency government rules. I am a victim of previous UPA Government and current NDA government also.

  • Just like you blocked many followers who had different opinion about you. Just like you blocked someone who had a different definition of atheism than you. Common, come in open, I call our your hypocricy. If you dare, have a debate in comments, deleting comments is not allowed when you have nothing logical to say. I double dare you. Don’t fool your followers by showing them the meaning atheism while what’d hidden behind is personal hatred towards religion.

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