Midbrain Activation – A Scam

This is an update on the FIRA campaign against the scam called Midbrain activation.
The campaign against this fraud has been heating up. In Kerala, the magicians have stepped into the battle field as also the media.

The Midbrain activation gang was badly hit by our Kozhikode exposure and wanted to make up for that. They went to a famous magician from Kerala Gopinath Muthukad and requested him to inaugurate their next show and promised him payment for that. They had also taken with them a ‘midbrain activated’ child who displayed his talent before this magician who was furious at a magic trick being shown as a display of supernatural powers. He called a press conference after a few days, exposed these people and also met the home minister of Kerala with a complaint about how people were being cheated by these midbrain activation racketeers! That was followed by a series of articles in the leading newspaper of Kerala- Malayala Manorama which came down heavily upon them. This was followed by an exposure by another magician called R.K.Malayath who played a trick on Ravi Lal the so called mentor of the biggest midbrain activation outfit of Kerala called Abha International. He was invited to Nilambur with the promise that they had a number of children for joining the course. When he went there with a child to make his presentation, he was totally exposed and shown another presentation which was far superior to his and asked to explain that. He was told that it was being done without any claims of supernatural powers or midbrain activation. He was made to give an undertaking that he would stop this so called midbrain activation! It is sad that this whole process was started by a rival group going by the name Ingenium India owned by Vinoj Surendran and as a consequence of our exposure all the groups suffered collateral damage!

mb19It is not that Abha International was a genuine one! When they were badly affected by our exposure they chose to go the press about organizing an event on the 17th of May at an open air stage where they claimed that thousands of children would be doing blind folded reading in an attempt to create a world record which could be entered into Limca book of records and the Guinness book of world records. We sent mails to both of them and Limca book editor replied that we could rest assured that it would not find an entry into their book and Guinness book replied that before anything could be considered for an entry as a record it would be put to rigorous tests by experts. So ended the plans of these groups to spread their tentacles all over the state. More over once these exposures got wide coverage, the parents who discovered these frauds withdrew their children from the courses and stopped paying instalments! The new franchisees who wanted to get into the business withdrew their applications and the situation became hot for these people. On the 21st of May we have been told that an FIR has been filed against one of these midbrain activation centers at a police station in Thiruvananthapuram at Kerala.

If this is the state at Kerala, in Karnataka things have been happening at a different level. One of the most important breakthroughs happened at Mangalore on the 9th of May. We have held a press meet and programs at Bengaluru and Mysore about the fraud of Midbrain activation. In Mangalore I had an interaction with some children at a summer training camp. Actually my interest in the whole issue had been kindled by a challenge put forward in the summer camp organised last year the same month by my good friend Gopadkar in which one person had challenged to make me a pauper by making a child read the serial number of a sealed note. He told me that that child would have been subjected to Midbrain activation by which they could see though even thick cement walls! This had intrigued me and I had told him that I would accept the challenge and despite several reminders nothing had happened. In this interaction I demonstrated blind folded reading by one of our boys and announced a challenge to any one who could really read through a blind fold. One of the boys who was attending the camp came forward and was ready to accept the challenge. He had expected that I would put the blind fold through which they had been trained to peek through. But I brought out the adhesive eye patches which I pulled out and applied round his eyes. He could not see anything through that and was totally flabbergasted. At that point the other children asked him to see with his third eye about which he had boasting. He admitted that he was peeking and that he had been told by the midbrain activation instructors that the secret should not be revealed to any one as it is a professional secret like that of the magicians! His parents who were from a place near Mangalore had spent Rs.60,000 on sending him and his younger brother to Mumbai for ‘midbrain activation’. He had lied to them too because he thought that they would feel that all the money had gone to waste! So, here we have on record a boy who admitted to what had happened. We promised his parents that we would help them to pursue the case if needed, but they were reluctant to do that as a known person had been the intermediary!

On the 12th May we had a half day seminar at Karnataka Rajya Vigyana Parishat at Bengaluru on theme- ‘Midbrain activation – a fraud.’ In this seminar, I presented notes about our campaign, showed videos of the performances and also put forward our challenges to demonstrate blind folded reading under fool proof conditions. A broad outline of which is as below:

  1. Since your claim is that the children will identify objects, read material without any visual stimulus from them we shall be taking measures to see that no such visual stimulus will reach the eyes of the subject to be examined.
  2. Blind fold shall mean any implement of any material used to block visual access to the object to be identified which may mean something fixed around the eyes or anywhere else between the eyes of the subject and the object. It may be one or more such.
  3. If colours, numbers of notes will be read it shall be done in an enclosed container into which the hands of the child shall be inserted in a fool proof manner. The object shall be put in a tube of opaque cloth with a double fastening. The access will be allowed only after loosening one, insertion of the arm to its maximum and then tightening the same after which the fastening around the object to be identified will be removed. The objects will be put into numbered such containers. Only after proper recording of the observations will the objects be taken out.
  4. The answers are to be specific. In case of written material placed for identification the exact reproduction is needed. In case of a currency note the denomination, currency, serial number are to be given.
  5. You shall be allowed to first demonstrate what the children are capable of doing using your own props and blindfolds but that shall have no bearing whatsoever on the tests which we shall conduct using our own material and conditions which shall be put into further detail before the test is conducted by us.
  6. Once the children are ready to be tested by us you will have to desist from giving them any sort of communication. Any such attempts shall be deemed to be per se malpractice and the results shall be held to be invalid.
  7. I am placing the stake amount as rupees five lakhs only. You will have to put in 10% of the same from your side as deposit which shall be forfeited if you fail. The amount shall be given to you only if the children pass the tests with 90% results. The exact details shall be furnished before the start of the event.
  8. Since the whole trial involves minor children you should provide an undertaking that the consent of the parents has been obtained for the demonstration.
  9. In case of any legal dispute the jurisdiction shall lie in Mangalore.
  10. A more detailed agreement shall be drafted and signed before the beginning of the test.

In this seminar Dr.C.R.Chandrashekar, an eminent psychiatrist, Nakul Shenoy, magician and mentalist, Dr.Vasundhara Bhoopathi also spoke. There was an ex parental counselor who was earlier under the employment of a midbrain activation outfit. He spoke to the audience about how these outfits were misleading the parents. There was also one parent who tried to disrupt the proceedings by claiming that his daughter who had been ‘midbrain activated’ was capable of blind folded reading and so on. At Mangalore the Midbrain activation outfit whose advertisements evoked my interest in the topic has now stopped its campaign. Meanwhile in the neighboring state of Goa, the ‘Midbrain activation’ process could never take off as it was nipped in the bud by the Panaji based Goa Science foundation who called a press conference as soon as an effort to start this activity was made.

At Tamilnadu the campaign was started with a press meet and demonstration at Erode, in the last week of April. The importance of Erode was that it was the place where the great rationalist, humanist E.V.Ramaswamy had started his anti superstition campaign almost eight decades back. The same day we had a demonstration at a state level science camp at nearby Namakkal. This was organized by Tamilnadu Science Forum, a body devoted for the development of scientific temper in the state. Its president Dr.Mani and various other activists have played a very active role in the issue. On the 28th of May, a state level workshop was conducted at Palani to train the activists of Tamilnadu Science forum to expose the claims of the Midbrain activation shops. In fact one of the owners of such an outfit called S.I.Pandyan had challenged us that the children would show us a number of ESP related items. But there has been no news of him since.

Times of india Bhopal In Madhya Pradesh where we had a press conference and meeting on the 13th of May we were almost physically attacked by a mob of midbrain activators! They also thrust forward one of the instructors who had come with grease applied around her eyes and managed to get a peek through the eye patch. Which proves that ,we have to have more foolproof methods for blocking the vision. So now we have designed a hood for the same. On the next day we had another press conference and demonstration at nearby Itarsi. Since we do not have a proper base at Madhya Pradesh, we have to build up such a base before we can have a greater impact there. We were told that this Midbrain activation is a big business there, with people like doctors running such outfits.

At Punjab and Haryana we have the Tarksheel society who are very vigilant about any such activities. I had received a mail from one Jasmeet from Chandigarh who says that he is running such an outfit but is very confused about what is happening. We have put him in touch with our activists there and are awaiting the outcome.

In the meanwhile there are some proposals for workshops to be conducted at the all India level for our activists in the field and there are two such- one for the North and the other for the South. The Northern one proposed at Delhi and the one for the South at Bengaluru. This has come from Dr.Anuj Sinha the former head of NCSTC and present chairman of the NCSTC network. We are also working on a small booklet with write-ups from various experts in the field to make people aware of the issues.

Well we have been accused of a number of things including cruelty to children and I do feel that some sort of clarification would be in order. It is very sad that children are being used as pawns by the greedy parents and the shopkeepers of the Midbrain activation lobby. As I have already mentioned, when a chubby cute child is pitted against a crusty old man there are no prizes for guessing where the sympathies of the onlookers will be! It is clear that the children are being brainwashed into lying. The parents are forbidden from attending the workshops along with the children under the guise that it would distract their attention but once this process is over they are encouraged to bring other children under a multi level marketing strategy. Once trapped into paying and bringing others into the fold, of course for an incentive, the parents are also co-conspirators! At the first such public encounter at Kozhikode, I told a parent of a girl that she would be humiliated but the mother was insistent that her daughter go through the test and when she failed the girl wept and I felt miserable. Of course this can be used by the opposite camp to say that we are harassing the kids. Another argument of this group is that a lot of money has been ‘invested’ on the creation of infrastructure- well if that has been done we cannot help it. Before they did so they should have the common sense to think whether it is possible for anyone to read through a blind fold! Coming to the blindfolds we are asked as to why we are harping upon this blind folded reading when there are umpteen other benefits from the process. While we would have no objections to any benefits accruing from it, the only achievement that is being touted is that children can see through blindfolds and zillions of videos are being circulated on you tube and elsewhere about the same! When one bases the whole story on a particular base-the shaky foundation has to be tackled to bring down the edifice. Now we see other lobbies entering the field – the so called godman Nityananda has started showing off children doing ‘blind folded’ reading; some are claiming that it is being done by ‘yogic’ powers and such.

About the pseudo scientific claims and its founder Makoto Shichida and other such science related issues we will be taking up later. As this is going on web we are planning to take the campaign to Maharashtra in particular to Mumbai.

About the author

Narendra Nayak


  • Here is somnething which should have gone into this. Since I was busy on the 28th of May the mail had escaped my attention. But,it is a major victory for us as the person who sent this mail Rajiv Ahuja was the first to take us on in Feb,2015.
    Hello sir.
    As i wanted to update you that i am no more with the company mid brain master . I am no more in this business as,I have quite from this company and all most all the mid brain master centre are closed in Bangalore and who ever will run this business in future under the name of mid brain master or any other XYZ name are no where connected with me they will be doing on their own and i am no where involved with them .
    For further correspondences for Mid Brain Masters company you can coordinate with Mr.Pradeep Ph .9845553252

    Thanking you

    • Mr Rajiv Ahuja is no more this company as mentioned above. Is Mr Pradeep Subash still involved in this fraud.

  • Sir, here mostly people are mad for mid brain activation, they take 6500rs per students. Sir it’s work or not. I am from haryana.

    • Hi Surendra , Where from you are in Haryana.It is nothing but becoming a fool and spoiling the child for parents and a very good business opportunity for frauds, cheat, and Haramkhors.Yes I know many people can be involved unknowingly like me, But it took only one month and now I feel stupid how could I believe on these Cheats, I could have assured the authenticity of the myth that child can see blindfold.I accept that I became fool but I returned all the money to the parents of Children to whom I gave Brain Activation Course and and apologized to them for the my foolishness. Now I want to tell to all these people who are involved in this fraudulent activity to close this practice as they are playing with the psychology of small children. Parents should also accept that they are sending their children in the hands of cheats or foolish people.

      Jasveer Singh Phogat
      Charkhi Dadri- Distt Bhiwani

      Mobile No. 9050951803

      facebook –

  • Can’t you just turn off the light?
    end of visual clues.
    Put the child in totally dark room or chamber, keep object hidden till they close the chamber. Maybe use remote controlled box which opens after you have closed the chamber properly.

  • I had been running a midbrain centre in Haryana. Genuinely I was not aware that children are telling lie. I trained 12 children in two separate batches. I was very excited to see that 9 out of 12 children are performing very well. I took my Mid Brain Activated kids to different schools and children performed extraordinarily. One day my friend showed me the Video on you tube in which doctor Nayak exposed the scam. I commented that why this old fellow does not believe , My children are doing , how can one see through this blind fold. And I ignored the video and started working more seriously on the project. Fortunately I did not get any new admission meanwhile my partner told me that his son ( who was best performer) see through the blind fold. I did not believe but I was some what disturbed as we have invested a lot of amount in this business. So we decided to put some cotton under the blind fold and made sure nothing was visible, every children started pretending in different ways like one girl told that she is not breathing properly and wants to adjust the blind fold, one child told that he is able to see and want to adjust the blind fold , one child suffered from stomach pain and all types excuses were there. Then we started asking the children taking them in confidence to tell the truth. We were shocked to know that every was telling a lie either to show as a super natural child or was afraid of his /her parents that they a spent a lot of amount on them or what ever may the reason. But I immediately stopped the programme and thanked God and Dr Nayak that I was saved from becoming the part of so hallucinating fraud. I incurred good financial loss, but Now I have taken decision no single Mid barin activation centre will be there in My Geographical approach. I will expose all of them. It is fraud , cheating. I request all parents please stop your children from going such centres. A child goes such a psychological trauma when he does not see through blind fold and parents or teaches ask them to feel the Card or the object. Please Please save your children from these TELLING A LIE LEARNING CENTRES. Thanks

    • Jasvir SinghJi same is case with me I took Genius Mind Academy franchise in Satya Niketan Delhi and after seeing Dr Nayak’s video I realized Kids are making us fool and GMA is using us and fooling us , When I asked them for Scientific proofs regarding it, they terminated my Franchise and Now I am taking a legal action against them.Request you to please provide me with your contact details . I would recommend people to not to get trapped to buy FRanchisees and for kids also there is nothing called MID Brain as medical term.

      • Dear All,

        In this advanced world of science, educated people like you are going after such nonsense !! Believe in Science and not this antisocial elements. Before getting into such ventures, please read and understand that such things have got any scientific base or not. I could have accepted if this has happened in the primitive time where exposure to worldly reading was not so easily possible. But now is the world that you have every information right a mouse click away and still you all fall victims of such social monsters !! alas !!!

      • Did Not you see I wrote that I did not know that the children were telling lie. As soon as I came to know that children were peeping through blind fold I stopped the activation programme and told the person who took a good amount to help me open the centre to stop it immediately but like you he was also not convinced as he is earning good amount , the institute has trained 400 hundred students till date. I told them that students are telling lie but he was not agree. I asked him to bring as many children as he wants before me and show me that even if a single child will see blind fold I will not ask him for a single penny that I paid as security amount. They brought 5 children before me, not even a single child could tell any thing. I told them you ask the brain activated child to put the blindfold on his/her eyes by himself/ or herself and they will get the vision. exactly the same thing happened. Children started telling flawlessly. So accept that this is a cheating ,nothing else. I did it unknowingly but I think you are doing it knowingly.

          • Dear Nayak ji
            I read an article about mid brain activation
            in A LARGEST CIRCULATED kannada weekly magazine ‘SUDHA’at Bangalore. This article is written by one Smt Nagartna Govindannavar. She
            wrote in such a way that maximum no. of readers may fall prey to this cheating game.
            Initially, I also got attracted to this and thought whether I can send my grandson to this programme. But I browsed thru internet and realised this is a fraud. But how many people
            can realise like this. How to stop the innocent people falling prey to this fraud?

  • Dear Narendra Nayak ji.. what about dmit test… im planning to take franchise of dmit.. dmit – midbrain n mnemonics all are run under one roof… so please guide me if dmit is also fraud??

  • Seems to be one more pseudoscientific scam. Telling about a child’s future by a fingerprint! Gullible parents will fall for anything that is supposed to ‘improve’ the prospects of their progeny!

  • I hv done midbrain activation of my daughter, she is 8 years old studying in 3rd standard, n I hv seen tremendous change in her….. She can read or recognise things blindfold….. Yes dear I hv tested her again and again…. She’s not even reading under the nose. She can read or recognise in opposite of eyes (straight) …. What u are saying on this blog…. One another child done midbrain activation now he scored 12/13 out of 20…. Before mba done he was scoring3/4 marks…. ????
    Aur ye technology jahase aayi hai (Malaysia) waha koi hungama nahi ho raha hai… Yaha… Bharat me Kyu har koi Apni Roti sekne ko dekh raha hai? Pahele Thik Se Study karo….. Shayad Waha koi Kami rehe hai hai…. Baccha school me fail hota hai to him dosh kisko dete hai??? Bacche ko nA? Kyo ki usi school me dusre baccho ne top kiya hota hai….. Hai nA….?

  • Dear Narender Nayak Sir,

    This is Anuradha from Chennai. I am working in a leading India Based IT company, just got to know from a co-worker that DMIT franchise is picking heavily in Chennai. He has also invested in getting the software & bio-metric instruments. He (may be unknowingly and believing by what they claims in their website / sales pitch)is in touch with lot of schools for making this as part of academic package. In turn school would be charging this back from parents. But more than the money, is this something that we should consider stopping (if it is not a scientific / proven one)

    • The claim that one can assess intelligence from fingerprints is pseudoscience.

      Dermatoglyphic is just Latin for fingerprint.
      There is a proper scientific study of fingerprints with reference to disease, but not intelligence.
      Multiple intelligence is an influential theory put forward by Dr. Howard Gardner in his book.
      Dr. Howard Gardner is a legitimate intellectual. On the surface, his theory appears persuasive. However, his theory was not scientifically validated so far, despite several attempts to do so.
      Several people have taken advantage of the popularity of his book and started programs (most don’t use fingerprints). None of these programs have been validated. Dr. Howard Gardner himself is unhappy with how this turned out.

      “The Harvard professor never intended his book on multiple intelligences (MI) to be a blueprint for learning, but he was aware that many educationalists were adapting his ideas. The shock came on a visit to Australia.

      “I learned that an entire state had adapted an education programme based in part on MI theory,” he says. “The more I learned about this programme, the less comfortable I was. Much of it was a mishmash of practices – left brain and right brain contrasts, sensory learning styles, neurolinguistic programming and multiple intelligences approaches, all mixed with dazzling promiscuity.”

      Gardner says he is still “uneasy” about the way his theories are used in schools. But other researchers are less picky; there is a range of consultants willing to accept large fees from schools. Few mention the scientific doubts about the approach they are selling.”

      The claim that finger prints can be used to assess intelligence, let alone “multiple intelligences” is entirely unsupported by evidence. Its just a fancy version of palmistry, coated with the glitter of science terminology.

  • 15 year old kid will most likely know if there is a scam going on, I haven’t heard. you can make 1 or 2 kids lie but 100% of mid brain trained kids are lying?

    I was trained in hypno therapy and I could read news paper from 20 ft distance. May be there is more to this mid brain activation than meets the eye. Some scam artists are probably cashing with half knowledge but your brain can definitely be trained (I am not sure about blind fold)

    • The kids would think they are the only ones cheating by peeking, while thinking that others are really seeing through the blindfold. That’s how the reward structure in this scam is setup. Learning to cheat is a part of child development. By about 10 years, more than 1/2 the kids on average learn to cheat. By high school, on average, 3/4 admit to have cheated. This scam is just child manipulation for profit. It is quite doubtful that the child is actually being told to lie, just led by the nose to discover peeking on their own and is invested to protect his/her own secret for acceptance.

      As for hypnotherapy for better eye-sight, here is a review of the studies over these claims over 60 years from Columbia University.

      Raz, A., Zephrani, Z. R., Schweizer, H. R., & Marinoff, G. P. (2004). Critique of claims of improved visual acuity after hypnotic suggestion. Optometry & Vision Science, 81(11), 872-879.

      “Psychological approaches to improving vision present an enticing alternative to invasive procedures and corrective lenses; hypnotic suggestion is one such technique. During the past 60 years, multiple studies have documented improvements in the vision of myopic individuals after hypnotic interventions. Given the increasing interest in behavioral and alternative approaches, we have reviewed the pertinent studies to evaluate their validity. We delineate various shortcomings in these reports, including potential methodological caveats, problems with experimental controls, and controversial data interpretation. Overall, the data do not seem to support hypnosis as a viable option for significant long-term improvement of myopia. However, hypnosis can increase one’s subjective feeling of enhanced visual acuity by affecting higher cognitive functions, such as attention, memorization, and perceptual learning, which could influence performance on visual tasks.”

  • I dont know the truth about these things but I would like to help parents not fall prey to this if at all this is a scam. CBI is operating in Goa as BRAINX GOA. They have claimed to have conducted successful CBI courses in North Goa and now moving to south. They have organised a seminar at Ravindra bhavan at 6 pm on 24/02/2016, where blindfolded reading by students in N Goa will be demonstrated.
    If any of your activists are willing to test them please help the parents who will be highly influenced after the seminar. I dont have any proof or knowledge to file a PIL or to test them. But I want to help the parents who will pay 15000 to them thinking that their kids will be super kids!

  • Hi nayak sir last stage kya aya midbrain activation jesa hota he ya nahi aap be case lada ya nahi Delhi sarkar ne kya javab Diya janna cahta hu mere students Ke perent janna cahte he pl.replay soon from mehul ahemedabad

  • Give me a reply koi bhi admi reply karo agar ye galat he to pure Hindustan me ek sath ek din sabhi akhbar me TV. Pe ye news dikh ne cahiye to duniya bhi mane gi varna nahi pure ahemedabad me 50 center chalu honge bandh karvao agar galat he to?????

  • Koi to hoga Jo nirmukta ko calata he reply plz. Nahi to nirmukta ko ye likhna cahiye Ke midbrain activation hota he or ane wale bhavishya Ke liye a cha bhi he

  • Maggi log pyar se khate the kya huva ub daba daba Ke khate he WO bhi to ek chitting hi thi na kya kar liya sarkar ne ub to or bik ne lagi gali gali
    Vesa hi ho raha he midbrain me pure Gujarat me gali gali midbrain activation ho raha he midbrain academy in ahemedabad search karo pata chalega kya Gujarat sarkar ya media walo Ke pass ye msg pahucha hi nahi yoga?

  • sabhi program or academy wrong he ya kuch special academy jese ke midbrain master or mbba pura name mid brain activetion academy (mbba) ye kehti he aje bhi wo benglore me apna center calahi hahi he or wo academy ke director V.V RAJSHEKAR (M.B.A) Resercher and Master Trainer 9632018303, Visit us at ye sabit kar sakte he ke mid brain acativetion se students bandh ankho se dekh sakte he plz. janta ki tasalli ke liye rajshekar sir se bat kijiye taki sukun mile or agar rajshekar sir galat he to yaha ahemedabad me ye activetion bandh hona cahiye per (mbba) galat he ford he to to to ???????

  • mid brain ka sirf ek fayda nahi he ke wo sirf bandh ankho se dekh sakte he wo to sirf praman he mid brain activetion hone ka students ki aesi kon si harkat se bata sakte ho ke mid brain activait nahi huva dusre fayde dekhe he ki (students ka night me pesab kar jana ) (ankho ke number kum ho jana ) kafi doctor he ye bataiye kese jan sakte he ki students ka mid brain activet nahi huva dusari bat mid brain hota bhi he ya nahe agar hota he to kya kam karta he body me bhagvan ne kyo diya diya hi kyo kyo diya jub vo koi kam hi nahi karta

  • midbrain body me kaha hota he?
    wo kya kam karta he?
    midbrain activet huva he ya nahi ye kese jan sakte he ?

    koi adami 0% light me kam nahi karta sirf amavash ki rat hoti he jaha chand nahi hota
    din me suraj or rat ko chand hota he aap bandh kamre me students se ye puchte ho ke padh ke dikhao me to bolta hu aap me se koi ankho pe patti bandho or bhare bajar me 5 fit pe kon or kya pada he ye bata to do me sure nahi hu kyo ki me doctor nahi hu scintict bhi nahi hu per comen jankari he

  • bhoot pret nahi hota manne walo ke liye he or na manne walo ke liye nahi he jo kabul hi nahi karna cahte use aap kese yakin dila sakte ho bhoot he. bula ke dikho .khada karo logo ke samne ke bhoot he kar sakte ho? nahi na fir bhi durrr lagata he ?

  • Ye Mana ki mid brain ke doosre fayde hain. lekin yeh kehna ki students band aakhon se padh sakte hain galat baat hai. kuyonki yeh unscientific hai. Agar yeh ho sakta to woh log blind logo ki madad kyon nahi karte?
    students ko jyada intelligent karne se jyada ANDHE logo ki madad karna jyada important nahi hai kya?
    Yeh waisi hi advertisement hai jaise fairness cream aapko gora banati hai(jo sach nahi hota). Lekin fairness cream ka price hai Rs 50/- . Aur Mid brain activation ka price hai Rs 20000/-
    Dono jhoot hai

  • doctors kafi age badh cuke he koi doctor javabdari le or janta ko batao ke midbrain hota he ya nahi ? logo ko pata chalna cahiye doctor bhagvan mana jata he plz. all doctors help karo sachi ko samne lao

  • pandit ji aap kehna aisa he ke midbrain activetion bhi 50 rs. me karna ya karana cahiye to hugama khada nahi hoga ? esan mana padega ke karao 50rs. me kya jata he per or kitni product he jinki fairness crem normal parivar kharid bhi nahi sakte per market me dono baraber bikte he muje lagta he agla padav fairness crem walo ka he jo kum prize me ye bolte he gore ban jao ge sahrukh khan ke for man fairness advertise me aja ne se koi gora nahi huva? kya kar na cahiye bandh karana cahiye

  • fairness crem ke exampal se ye exampal de sakta hu mahabaharat hindu grunth he drutrastra andhe the or sanjay unka sarthi wo andha nahi tha per wo di gai divya drusti se dhrutrastra ko wo runbhoomi ki sari bate bata ta tha ye divya drusti drutrasta ko mil sakti thi per unhone mana kiya tha varna sabse bada exampal dhrutrastra hota

  • Mehul Ji.. mujhe lagta hai ki hum sab jante hai ki sari advertisement sach nahi hoti. LEkin jab tak koi complaint nahi karta unko saza nahi hoti. Is mid brain activation mein problem yeh hai ki koi parent complaint nahi karta hai.
    Kyon ki agar complaint ki to duniya yeh samjhe gi ki iska beta bahot hi beakal hai isliye mid brain activate nahi ho raha hai.
    Ab parents ko hi samajdari dikhani chahiye. Sirf advertise na dekhe –apna dimag istamal kare. Agar bina aakhonke koi padh pata to bhagvan hame aakhe kyo deta?

  • aap agar hindu sanskruti ko jante hote to aap ye nahi bolte
    jo mahan vyakti me ye saktiya thi is liye unhe hum pujte he sabhi granth me ye bataya gaya he ke sixsence activate ho sakta he hamare hi granth ko resarch karke dusre desh ne ye program banya or ye sirf baccho me posibal huva aap ko ye jan ne me time nahi bigad na chaiye ke kon student galat bolta he per aap ye jan le ke body me midbarain hota he ya nahi or use activet kese karte he agar activate ho sakta he to wo kese ye jankari lijiye hamare hindusthan ke baccho ke liye avishkar hoga or tumhe ashirwad milega . or respected all hidusthan me ek ya bish bacche galat bolte honge per pure desh ke students galat bolenge?

  • Yeh mid brain aapko ‘Hindutva” ka issue nahi banana chahiye.
    Mera itna hi kehna hai ki agar yeh sach hai to BLIND logo ki madad honi chahiye.

  • very good pandit ji bhagvan hame aakhe kyo deta ?
    ye ankhe hame or aap ko duniya dekhne ke liye di he per mann ke aakho se dekhna or anter aathma ki aavaj sunna ye kya hota he? agar aap ki dono aakh chali jaye to aap ke pass kya vikalp he sivay sixsence . kya aap ki sixsence active ho sakti he ? nahi na per 15 sal ke bachoo me ye ho sakta he ye program 18 ,20,25,35 year ke logo ko bhi to karaya ja sakta he na ? per hum ye nahi karte kyo ki wo posibal nahi he kyo ki science ye kehta he students mind groth time period 15 sal tuk ho sakta he .kya ub aap or me mental arithmetic like a ( aloha ,uc mathes ….etc ) sikh sakte he me ye nahi kehta hu wo sub galat he per students mind groth time period 15 sal tuk he or ye ho sakta he ya nahi

  • sir ub aage hume ye jankari pani he midbrain hota he ya nahi? activate ho sakta he ya nahi aap or me hindusthan ke doctor se help chahiye wo aage aye or bataye ke midbrain hota hi nahi he sare musibat ki jad hi khatam
    meri aap se gujarish he ke aap pahle hindu gruntho ko padhiye sari duniya purane itihash ko padh ke kuch sikhti ayi he unme ye bataya gaya he ke dhyan or meditation se sixsence activat ki ja sakti he per itna time aje jamane me students ke pass nahi he or is program ki vajah se ye ho sakta he to acccha he

  • wah sir aap se me khush hu mujse hoga utna to me karung jay, hind jay bharat, bhat mataki jay,
    promise per aap meri help kare doctor se ye jante he ke midbrain he bhi ya nahi or wo kya kam karta he ya nahi ? muje nirmukta ki help cahiye ek bar or bharat mata ki jay
    panditji ek bar or adar ke sath me hinduutva ko issue nahi bana raha hu or agar aap ke dil ko anjane me thesh pahochi ho to maff kar na

  • me mehul mehta me comman men hu
    meri kisi se koi dusmani nahi he nahi nirmukta parivar se ya unse jo midbrain ke khilaf he
    per ye jan na cahiye hame ke kya midbrain hota he ya nahi ?
    agar hota he to activait karne se kya fayda ho sakta he ya fir javab na mile to lage raho apne apne kam me age koi ye subject pe batt karne ka koi matlub nahi vese bhi bahut galat kam hote he duniya me jo roke gaye wo ruke jo na ruke wo chal rahe he chalte rahenge ho sake to help karna me bhi karunga

  • mehul mehta ji … please midbrain ke madhyam se .. ek medically netraheen vyakti ko duniya dekhne ka mauka dijiye wo apko bohat duaa dega… pehle un andhe backo ki sahayta karo uske baad jine dikhta he unka midbrain activate karo… bohat bolbachann he ye mehul mehta

  • Rubbish, rubbish and rubbish, It is nothing, why you people insist on asking doctors, Just put a blindfold on the eyes of so called Midbrain activated child, he/she can not see. I have done this experiment on 50 children.

  • @Neha Pandya
    None of the so-called “energy healing” systems have any scientific basis or have any evidence for them.

    Reiki is a pseudoscience.
    Quack Watch is a generally good resource on medical pseudoscience.

    I haven’t heard of access bars before, but this “magic brain buttons on the head” looks the usual promise-the-world-in-your-palm kind of brain woo. Just like midbrain activation scam, it promises to teach you fantastical things in a few hours, things that have no neuroscience basis.

    They seem to have a guy named Jeffrey L. Fannin to pitch it. In their Youtube channel they claim he is a “neuroscientist” – he is not… he has a psychology degree… from a university whose psychology program is not properly accredited… and on his home page is spouting the usual quantum field gibberish that is the standard fare of new age quacks… and even works for a fake university called “quantum university”.

  • To people here I am requesting you to stop “Thanti Tv – a reputed tamil channel and daily) ” & its Facebook page( from publishing these kind of scams to the public & make them believe all of this is true. (refer the post published in its Facebook page on 18 June 2016 – 4.18pm). I request all of you to remove that post from their page as it has got already viral & stopping some poor people from falling into these scams. In that post a girl claiming her cousin in comments section is asking viewers to call her number to join the midbrain course. I cannot believe how these scams are supported by these media and guessing it is because of paid media and to increase it’s TRP.

  • Narendra nayak is a fool person after getting a huge amount from mid brain master he is misguiding the people bcoz he didn’t got the ownership.

  • I m interested to take franchise of MBA..please tell where I have to contact which will be good & best. No cheating. Please suggest me such type of organisation’s name from where I can take franchise..

  • I know one MB activation organization in Mumbai who have also training the blind kids and now kids can see with their third eye (claimed by that organization)
    Please contact me if you want more information of that organization to ask them or test them.

  • After reading article and some of the comments I’m totally confused.
    Sir Aap pata nahi kis tarah se crosscheck karte ho but abhi meri ladki ka MBA chal raha hai …uske lagbhag 11 session ho gaye hai …3 session baki hai….WO to reading ,writing ,drawing with eyefold karti hai….wahi eyefold jab mai ya koi aur try karta hai to ham ye sab nahi kar pate….aapke mutabik agar unko niche se dikhta hai to hame bhi dikhna chahiye….
    Kuch bacche to apne pichhe kaun khada hai…usne konse colour k kapde pahne hai ye take bata dete hai….
    Last week me to meri ladki ne eyefold bandhke cycle bhi chalai ….Maine to uska video bhi banaya ….apne karibi logo ko bhi dikhaya…..bachho ko bina kisi harrasment k playway method se ye sab kiya jata hai….
    Mai khud us time unke saath rahta hu….
    I don’t understand it how you come to such conclusion…..eyefold k andar ek cotton ki black strip lagakar bhi to bacche ye Sab karte hai…….

  • If you think that your daughter can see without light falling on her retina I can only pity you. Keep on doing it and your daughter will get problems as she has been unconsciously trained to lie.

  • I don’t know actual scientific reason about how students of MBA become able to do these things….but today at morning I tried to do same thing with me and results were that I was not able to read or identifying colours etc.
    As u said my daughter is lying so u mean all mba children’s r lying.
    So can u tell me more about queen Gandhari….

  • very right. All children have been brain washed into lying. I have tought hundreds of children to see through blindfolds. You can also do it. Close your eyes tight when the blindfold/cotton or whatever that is put. Blink your eyes open three four times. Look down and you will get the gap through which you can read ‘blindfolded’!

  • OK….means we should have to b confirm first none of a single light rays will enter in eyes…as we can test it in this way that put first cotton or any type of cloth strips on eyes and then tie eyefolds on eyes and then no one can do these all activities ….am I right?

  • Anything that leaves a gap will allow them to peek. Remember that we are seeing the world through a pin hole- the pupil of the eye. It is difficult to block all light unless you’re an expert in doing it. Besides children will cry, rub their eyes and create a gap. Besides they also use props which can give non visual clues. Again more cotton you put better it is for them to peek. If you want proper testing bring your daughter to Mangalore.

  • Its not possible for me to come there….and I don’t want that my daughter has to face any such situation where she feel stressed or get handled by some others in a negative way…..
    I’m taking interest in talking with u because I also told some parents about this program and now I’m little bit confused and I don’t want to b a part of any scam… I just want to take a real information…..
    As every programmer gives reasons behind it ….as abacus programmer says that it can activate ur right brain if u r lefty and vice versa….and second benefit is ur calculation become accurate on tip of tounge… the same manner MBA programmer states their benefits that child’s become able to do all activity with eyefold …..but why all children’s will lie as I also observed their whole activity a whole time up to 11 session…..I was there whole time…..I think its not totally fraud sir….u know that music is like a miracle……after doing all activities music start and students sleep near about 29 min…..some children’s gives result in first 2 sessions and some take more time…..then why not all students give result in first or second session….why they take time…..I saw a boy whose MBA not activated after completing all 14 session also….so why this happen……there r some positive things also sir… if we seenegaively we will think negatively only….
    Ok now I will try myself as u said that I can also do…..
    Plz keep in touch.

  • A fool proof testing mechanism will expose the child which will be traumatic. That is why you should have been careful about joining such course. They confine their activities to children for this reason.
    if all these claims were true it could revolutionize our whole education system and the world itself. I don’t know your educational background but can you imagine the eye an organ evolved through millions of years of evolution can be bypassed by a two bit stupid one week idiotic ritual which has been given a misleading title as midbrain activation?

  • Today I tie eyefolds on my eyes and blinked eyes 4-5 times….my daughter asked me how many fingers are these ? I answered .when I asked am I right she said no…..I was unable to visualize anything……I can’t do any activity with eyefolds……so still I’m some % in favour of it…….may b my knowledge b less.

  • Ok fine….one more question
    In MBA class there was 2 students who was not able to read without their spectacles….they used their spectacles by taking advice of opthalmologist…..these students in between 13 session of MBA program become able to read ,write etc with eyefoled …off course there was no spectacle behind there eyefold … how its possible then….Jo ek ladka and a girl bina chasme k reading writing nahi kar sakte the WO ye sab activity eyefold bandhkar karne lage…..MATLAB baki time unko abhi bhi chasms hi lagate hai….to ye kaise hua .

  • Try to understand that when they are blind folded the ambient light on the eye ball decreases to a very minimum and they focus totally on what they are trying to see as a result refractive errors can be minimised. The other point is that spectacles are used for correcting many types of refractive errors not necessarily long sight. My main points are:
    1. Do you believe that ‘midbrain activation’ can help children to see without light falling on the retina?
    2. Does it increase any other capacity of the mind?
    3. The so called mid brain activation is a quack process to mislead gullible parents into believing that their children will be made geniuses overnight!
    After our exposure in April, 2015 midbrain activation in Kerala has come to a full stop. In Mangalore it just did not take off!

  • Dear Nayakji,

    Please see the link –
    TOI: Coimbatore boy writes exam blindfolded to spread eye donation awarenes – Times of India

    This boy was also featured on Sun News where he was shown as riding a cycle with ease.

    I also saw a whatapp news item from Thanthi TV on a 6th std girl, doing blindfold activities with ease.

    Please comment.

  • Dear Parents,
    ssofexcellence are scammers who try to take advantage of parents who want the best for their kids and bilk money from them. The guy Makoto Shichida is not anyone of any scientific reputation. You won’t find any reputable (well cited) scientific papers by him. Most of his mentions are in reference to this scam. This so-called Shichida method is a family-run business franchise currently operated by his daughter-in-law. There is no real science behind any of this. He never validated any of his feel-good “theories”. It is just marketing.

    Most of us heard over casual conversation, one time or the other, that we only use a small portion of our brain. This is pseudoscience (that few bother to check because it sounds believable), now repeated as a lie. We use all of our brain, everyday. PET scans confirm that. What differs is how we use it, not how much we use it. When someone says that you only use x % of the brain and that they can help you use more of it, they are scamming you.

    The so-called right-brain education is also not backed up by science. It is a widely repeated myth. Once again, if anyone claims that they have a special educational program that targets the right-brain, they are probably scamming you. Often though, the claimants are genuinely foolish themselves. Many honest and well-intentioned educators (by that I do not mean these midbrain scammers.. I mean regular teachers in schools) have also fallen for this foolish idea.

    Back to midbrain scam, Your mid-brain is active all the time, it in fact needs to be. There is nothing inactive there left to activate.

    Why on earth would anyone get sensory super-powers by activating any part of the brain? It is impossible by physics to “see” things without light hitting the retina. You cannot smell alphabets, no matter how well you can smell. You can at most generally smell wet ink – that is about it. The idea that you can “hear” or “smell” letters is plain idiocy and illiteracy. Don’t let them make donkeys out of you. There are literally hundreds of ways to do card tricks. I knew several dozen when I was a kid.

    The kids are being taught a peeking trick, nothing more. They are also being encouraged to lie. Kids naturally learn some deception at a certain age, but please don’t take them to a place that actively puts them in a place where they have to exercise it by the reward structure.

    All these scammers know absolutely nothing about the brain. They all took 2 days to maybe a week of courses from a deceptive franchise, mostly about throwing around a few buzz words. That is all they know. All they are providing is very expensive day-care (with fraudulent claims in a deception encouraging environment).

    Other articles are here:

    A much larger discussion is here:

    To prove that they activated the midbrain activated, they will need to show PET scans from a university study. They don’t do that. Instead they will tell you:

    a.) humans cannot see blindfolded.
    b.) we will do some nonsense and that will “activate” the midbrain.
    c.) Here, watch this trick. If the kid appears to see, that is proof that midbrain is activated.

    This is bad logic. This is same logic as believing that because the magician rotated his wand over the hat a few times, that caused the rabbit to materialize in it. No, the wand-waving is just a distraction. The actual sleight-of-hand happens elsewhere.

    It used to be like this with witch doctors. A witch doctor can’t prove that there is a ghost in you. But he will show some trick that is seemingly impossible (like a vessel moving or a lemon having blood (at least some red stuff) in it) and claim that is proof that you have been afflicted by a ghost. This is the same logic.

    They are teaching a cheap stage magic trick, fooling parents to have accomplished much, much more than what they actually did and bilking money for that. This is little more than a couple of days at a stage magic camp where they teach (or rather, put him/her in a position to learn it) your kid, just one trick. Pay for that if you like.

    Even better, buy a card tricks book at your local book store and give it to your kid. The kid will be eager to amuse you, every one is happy and no one needs to be deluded. His critical thinking abilities will also improve in understanding how easy it is to trick our minds and he will be less likely to be gullible in adulthood. Now that is some real brain education.

  • I should add:

    The Ravi at the end of
    who similarly starts with “Dear Parents & Business owner of MBA” is a different Ravi.

    Speaking from science, these so-called brain activation activities that these scammers list

    Brain Gym
    Eyeball Exercise
    Brain Activation by Midbrain Music
    Fun & Joyful Activities
    Imagination & blindfold exercise

    don’t do anything more to the child’s brain than normal playing activities. It is basically just day care for children.

    If even one child can be proven to read without using his eyes in a way that convinces real scientists, all top universities will be busy researching MBA and that kid because now all of science has to change – from physics to biology. The reason that does not happen is because anyone with a modicum of science education knows that these are stupid claims.

  • Anyl- For more about how humans see go to any primary school science text book. Do not talk nonsense about anyone seeing without light falling on the retina if anyone claims that in the state of wakefulness it is called as a hallucination. If you can prove that you and your gang will get the Noble prizes for the next decades at least.

  • Why should I? I have not made any offer to that. If you are going to predict do that with the number of the currency note that I am going to take out of an envelop handed over to you by me at a specified time and date and will be opened at 10 minutes later after you touch it and return without opening and the seal intact. But you will have to place a deposit of 2% of the amount which will be returned to you along with the 10 lakhs if you are right. If you are not it will be forfeited. Since you doubt other peoples horoscopes you must be sure about your own. Because it will be pertaining to an event in your life you should be able to predict it with accuracy. You can use any midbrain activated child to do that if you prefer as they can see through barriers too. So, it will be ‘proving’ two ‘sciences’ at the same time.

  • Nayak,
    Midbrain science is not my science. neither it is Hindu concept. You first put a note in a cover sitting wherever you are and let me know .

    I will tell you what denomination it is through this site.

  • Mid brain activation it’s true not only visual but all your senses can be achieved to get activated . Hear me am a live proof I can talk things in frequencies that surround me see things that you doubt in believing. Human brain stimulation is achieved and its horrible to be a part of this experiment that s I am undergoing. I stand as a live proof you can witness how crimes are done by this high end gamma and gaba tech. I challenge anyone as a live proof of brain body stimulation and it’s real effects.

  • Santana you better seek some psychiatric help which you are badly in need of. You can put your challenges there.

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