Midbrain activation challenge – an update

Since our group has taken up this fraud called as Midbrain activation head on and we are running a systematic and probably the only organized campaign against it, it would be needed to keep all our member groups informed on what is going on. A write up on Ranjana Agarwal made in 2010 is still getting comments and one of them was from on Vinoj Surendran from Kollam who said that he was ready to take up our challenge which led to an exchange which can be seen from the above link. After a lot of dithering he had to let down his heroic stance and came down to just a show of the technique at Kozhikode on the 19th of April. Going by his confident replies we were thinking that there are good chances of him turning up. But, since I am a veteran of hundreds of such battles, we always had plans B, C and D anticipating various scenarios! That was a good idea as it turned out later! The title of the whole meeting was changed to Midbrain activation – a fraud! We were forced to do that as when there were just two days for the proposed showdown, Vinoj Surendran developed cold feet and chickened out. For a classic example of the strategy of such people who resort to bluff and bluster until they flee the scene, one has to take a look at the exchanges on this write up! For those who may be interested his web site should be visited. Among other things, it promises to make one’s a child a genius in exactly two days!

But, we had told him that we had anticipated this from the likes of him and we would go on with the meeting! The meeting was organized jointly by the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, Science Trust and Yuktiyugam, the last being a monthly magazine devoted to reports about and relevant to the movement.  Since it was almost sure that Vinoj Surendran was not going to turn up, it was up to us to make relevant presentations to the audience and media to educate them about the issue and demonstrate to them how blindfolded children could do what they were supposed to do after their Midbrains got ‘activated’. Dr.C.Viswanathan did a marvelous job of that as he downloaded a publicity video of another organization running the racket called as Abha International. He played their video sentence by sentence, demolishing them thoroughly with pointed evidence after each.

Audience who turned up to view the challenge

Audience who turned up to view the challenge

The best way one would say is to perform what they do. So, we had already trained some children to all their so called ‘feats’ of Midbrain activation. One by one they came on the dais, read blindfolded, identified playing cards, colors of objects and such. We also had two blindfolded children walking up and down on the stage stopping once in a while to shake hands with each other!  One could watch the video on this:

After this we asked the Midbrain ‘activated’ children to explain to the audience as to how they could see through the blindfolds and this got an excellent response from the audience. Subsequently we demonstrated methods of blindfolding which were more foolproof. We showed as to how a properly placed pair of swimming goggles put over the blindfold could prevent the children from peeking through the gaps between the nose and the eyes.  We also showed them how medically approved eye patches could effectively, totally block the vision.

There were a good number of Midbrain ‘activated’ children and their parents in the audience. They got upset by our attacks on their training institutes and tried to take us on by bringing forward their children to be tested. One woman was very vehement about her daughter being tested. I told her that I would not like to do that with children in public as failure would be felt as humiliation by them. But, the lady was insistent. When I called the girl to the dais and applied the blind fold as expected she read through that using the peeking method! Then came the time — to apply the swimming goggles, over the blind fold. When I put it over the cloth I could see the girl trying to manipulate it saying that it was too tight. I did not insist on fixing it tightly as I was almost sure that she would do ‘blindfold’ reading through it and she did! There was a thundering applause from the audience and the pro Midbrain activation lobby was overjoyed. But, I told them that the testing was not over. I said that the real foolproof test would be the next. The blindfold was removed and I took out the eye patch from my bag! When the child saw that she started weeping, but her mother kept egging her on saying go ahead, have confidence you can do it. But, it was obvious to me that the child wouldn’t be able to do it and I was proved right.  When both patches were applied I asked the mother to move far and then showed her cards. I held in front of her eyes, below and gave it to her to hold. But, there was nothing she could do. She started weeping and I realized that she was feeling embarrassed, so removed the patches and sent her away.

A child participating in the challenge

A child participating in the challenge

But in the meanwhile there was commotion from a section of the audience. Someone said that his child was at home and he would bring him next week same place same time and make him read though the patch which I would put. I told them that they if they were interested they could take up my 5 lakh challenge by keeping a deposit of 50,000 rupees. I told them that days challenge was done at our cost to prove our point and we had done that. The ball was in their court and if they wanted to prove that they could perform they were welcome to take our challenge. Another person said his son would do it and he would apply the patch and I told him that was not acceptable to me. For which he said that why should it matter whether I apply the patch or he does. I told him that it matters to me because I would not trust him which shut him up. When this was going on another child was brought by his father who said that he would to reading with the patch on. I told him repeatedly that I was sure that his son would not be able to read through the applied patch and hence would be humiliated. But, he persisted in challenging us. When the boy came on the stage I could sense the fear in him. When I took out the patch, he started whining. When both were applied he started weeping uncontrollably and when I held the book to be read he was inconsolable. He had been publicly humiliated and that had hurt his ego. I was feeling miserable but the circumstances were such that it had to be done. The patches are quite sticky and removing them naturally involves a bit of pain. I removed one but the other one was giving problems because it had stuck very tightly and the father of the child wanted to take it away with the patch in place. I could make out that it was a plot to implicate us in a case of child harassment and told him that we put and it was our responsibility to remove it. I could pull it off after an effort.

A child trying to read a book blindfolded.

A child trying to read a book blindfolded.

A child trying to read a book blindfolded.

A child trying to read a book blindfolded.

The meeting then continued with the explanations of Dr.Vishwanath. We had successfully exposed the midbrain scam in public and also brought about awareness about it. Sri U.Kalanathan, the patron of FIRA who was the chief guest rounded off the meeting with his speech in which he warned people against such irrational fraudulent self improvement programs which have no scientific basis. Somu Rao of Goa provided a support base and helped me throughout.

Somu Rao, Narendra Nayak and others on stage

Somu Rao, Narendra Nayak and others on stage

FIRA has taken this up as an all India program and we are starting campaigns in all the states to create awareness among people about such fads. The worst part of the whole affair is that these people are coaching innocent children into telling lies that when they are actually peeking through gaps. Perhaps this could be summed up in the words of Vinoj Surendran who said this in one of his emails — “Coming to the matter, our children are seeing through their midbrain as I told you. But as they are children, their mind believes that they are seeing with their eyes. So the thing to be identified should be placed before them and you can prevent them seeing with their eyes. “seeing without eyes” is our claim and not performing a magic show. But in the near future they can even see behind the head or beyond the wall and the only thing is to convince their mind about their ability.”  You can just imagine this man with all his bluff and bluster chickening out when confronted with people who are strong in their conviction and firm in their resolve. Most of his exchanges are on the Ranjana Agarwal article and a look at them will give an insight into the modus operandi of these conmen.

We shall keep you updated as this looks like developing into a nationwide campaign. We are waiting for the disgruntled parents who have admitted their children to this lying coaching and lost their money. More than that the value systems with which children should be raised — the basic qualities like honesty, truthfulness and integrity.

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Narendra Nayak


    • Hi,

      I ready all this challenge thing.

      I am ready to take up this challenge.

      I can proove that the thing is in actual and not a farce.

      Depends on who is coaching.

      I have just returned from JAPAN and the concept is prevalent even there.
      and its there for years now and not new.

      Will you call JAPANESE also as dis honest and farce.

      Any ways… tell me an account number, i will deposit 2 lac security in it and lets do this challenge with full PUBLIC and Media in view.

      All the best.



      • It does not matter to me who is claiming to do this supernatural stuff whether it is Japanese or Chinese or someone from Timbuktu. But, please specify what you are willing to show,these are my conditions:
        1. Identifying to the degree specified under fraud proof conditions laid down by me the objects presented- by a midbrain activated adult/child whose vision is blocked by a device which I use and shall apply myself. The device shall be one which is certified for sports, recreational,cosmetic or medical use on humans.
        2. identify things placed in closed containers by methods specified by me to the degree of accuracy which I shall lay down.
        Since I am not a well to do person I can offer 5 lakhs as my grant to your organisation.If you fail in the performance your 2 lakhs will be forfeited. In case you can do the claimed act it will be refunded along with my 5 lakhs.
        We shall be making a miore detailed agreement later if you are agreeable to these broad outlines.

        • Dear Narendra ji,

          I read all about you on net and was surprised to have your detailed review of yourself and your organisations even on Wikipedia. Our country is full of superstition and it has badly invaded every household. At times even fully educated tend to fall to this superstition. You have taken up the cause and in such organised and fool proof way that we all should feel proud of you and your team.

          I read your/your collegues comments on Shicida (so called originator of Mid Brain) about his research and dubious degrees and awards and if its true its really shocking for me. I followed his research all the way on starting my business and if he is farce then it is quite dissappointing to know.

          As regard blind fold test, i am now re checking if children can actually fool us. Some children also do wonderfully well with props. I am checking on as how possibly can they deceit us while doing props. I will surely update you on the results, i will share both the positives and negatives.

          Sir, I actually feeling ashamed to read your comments about the grant of 5 lacs to my organsiation. While our concens may be business and money, you are fighting for a cause. It is understandable that your fight is for the right and not money. I sincerely apologise if i undermined your efforts.



          • The so called Shichida education if it really works should have been followed by all the schools worldwide by now because of its claims. You are saying it is followed by 300 schools in Japan and a few elsewhere. This is while the formal education system though with modifications from time to time due to innovations in teaching and learning is being followed in most of the schools world wide! This has been tested improved upon, the teachers are given proper training and it is a branch of formal learning too with institutions all over the world dedicated to it. If the method works it should have been followed all over by now.

            Anyway, the debate here is not exactly about that.The search that we did about Makoto Shichida has revealed the following which I reproduce here:

            Although there are very few websites regarding him in English except commercial ones and searches regarding the organizations behind his awards leading back to his own website, there is some interesting information on Chinese websites.

            There is a Chinese Wikipedia article on him which has a section raising questions on his credentials ( ). Here is a summary of what I found:

            His PhD in education is from Newport University (Janus University), California, which is a known degree mill and is not accredited by any higher education accreditation organization.
            The World Peace Prize bestowed on him has been reported by BBC Chinese as an international fraud syndicate, and that the award is a hoax.

            The World Science Council that has awarded him the “highest Honorable Merit Prize” is a Japanese organization (not an international organization as the name suggests), and is probably a fraud organization as well.

            Social and Cultural Distinguished Service Award from the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Culture: The organization is a cultural exchange organization (non-government). Nothing that can boost his credentials except a fancy name.

            The Swedish academy of medicinal sciences is also a scam organization.

            Basically all these organizations are just unrecognized organizations with fancy names making them look very reputed. Interestingly, these “reputed” organizations do not even have websites, not a single one of them. I got some of this information from a Chinese website

            This a paper about the dangers of midbrain activation also called as right brain stimulation:Why Right-Brain Teaching is Half-Witted: A Critique of the Misapplication of Neuroscience to Education
            Annukka K. Lindell1 and Evan Kidd1 who are from Australia their addresses are here:

            Address correspondence to Annukka K. Lindell, School of Psychological
            Science, La Trobe University, Bundoora, VIC 3086, Australia; e-mail:

      • Dear Jasmeet (not for others who are not open to new possibilities) , I have witnessed it working. I’ve been an atheist but in the last few years open to understand perspectives. Some organizations, on the pretext of keeping people out of superstitions (may be with right intentions) are criticizing everything which is not fully available in school books. Why only on one perspective under the umbrella of “Science” while in reality “human made science” itself is evolving. 300 years back if someone would have said “door can open automatically” it would have been termed a superstition. Sorry for sharing a slightly irrelevant example. To me everything is spiritual or scientific (both are same in reality). Science makes things possible by creating machines etc. and also treating human from diseases through medicines etc. Few things are proven simplistically to us while other research is on. Specially on brain/human moods/psychology/behaviors it’s very under-developed.

        While I agree we should not be doing fraud business but at the same time I don’t agree that kids are put to litmus test to prove. Kids in the age bracket of 6-12 etc. are not fraud and can’t be taught so well to play frauds. My experience has been with my son so possibilities are unlimited we don’t know everything from our school text books. Hope it makes sense.

        Those who criticize without understanding completely are also fraud in limiting people beliefs (not financial but they are doing spiritual fraud). People need to evolve.

        Note: This technique is simple and through meditation/music/relaxation effect senses are getting stronger that helps in identifying blind folded. Now, for some people who are on a different journey (like Tarksheel), spirituality even means so different. They call God a powerman man sitting somewhere. They inter-mix religion & spirituality so much……….endless debate. Possibilities are immense, one lifetime is not enough to witness everything so simplistically. “Power of sub-conscious mind” – book may be read by those who are atheists.

        Please excuse me if this straight view hurt anybody.


  • It is great news!
    The people (vinoj) who fool the parents and their innocent children are the evil design of the society, the worst of all is, they try to trap the great rationalist of this time Dr Narendra into their foul game, but we are happy Sir (Narendra) has proved right and helped the masses to understand the truth behind the blind fold reading.

    They ware dared to challenge against a renowned rationalist, who is able to counter them, but I am thinking about innocent people who were cheated on daily basis in the name of god, super power and etc.., for nothing else other than money. The fear and uncertainty in the minds of human are natural and unavoidable, and their failure to tune and adjust to the natural changes will leads them to succumb and fall into traps of cheaters, I hope changes are the reality and inevitable.

  • Dear Jasmeet

    You can understand our skepticism, us rationalists have run around India trying to see if a single kid could read while blindfolded properly. (I, a kid of 20, have gone around my district; you can guess how much a veteran like Dr. Nayak could have run) No such trek have come up with anything remotely resembling the claims. Every single time, we have to deal with cheats; and when they question us to the terms that we might be cynics or cheats ourselves, you must get the toll that it takes on us. This is not a pleasant parley for us either, we take in the name of science and science only while you have, at the very least, monetary benefit in trying to spread this belief-based claim.

    The problem was, and always will be, it contradicts everything we know about physics and human physiology. Human beings cannot see unless they get a visual stimulus in the visual cortex; and the only thing in our body that can produce a visual stimulus in the visual vortex is the eye. If you blindfold the eyes and not use some kind of alternate method, like the BrainPort technology, you cannot see. Or more specifically, you cannot recognize colors and hence, read what is written or know the color of a ball.

    You cannot recognize colors since they are the byproduct of visible light interacting with the material. Colors are not the inherent property of an object but an emergent property when it interacts with light. Something that is red in visible light will be dark in blue light; an yellow flower light red light would be red and in green light will be green. So, without visible light, also called white light, the word ‘color’ is obsolete. You cannot see color with X-rays or something that can penetrate through a box due to the same reasons.

    Therefore, you are making a claim that is going to rewrite everything man knows about light, color, human brain, eye physiology, photo-sensitivity and hence about the whole of reality, mostly. To challenge the science behind all this, supported by evidence from over 400 years, you need something a lot more solid. If you are about to overthrow the whole of every experiment there ever was done and the rational conclusions drawn from centuries of deliberation, you cannot appeal to ‘I have seen it.’

    “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” – Marcello Truzzi

    People have come before, lot like Vinoj Surendran. They have all gone back at the last second, citing the problems they assured will not arise. So, you can also see why we don’t believe in the claims you have made thus far. Prove it to us under test conditions, and like I said before, Dr. Nayak can be the first scientist to win the Nobel prize for research in ESP. And have no doubt that we will believe.

    But simple words and comments and fallacious arguments here won’t do. We need evidence.

    Good Day.

    • Dear Kannan,

      I will only 2nd you to compliment the efforts of Dr. Nayak. He has done so much for the society and I only wish that he and his team gets maxixum respect and recognition for the same.

      You guys surely have done your homework. Even though my starting approach to you guys may not be that proper but my intention was not wrong.

      My reserach on the subject is totally based on net, i do not have any physical verification for any thing.
      Not here but may be on a personal email i will like to share how I conduct the workshop. Read I (not all mid brain workshops any where in country).

      Talking in particular of My centre, we do not charge any fancy fees. It averages to 1/3rd of what others are charging. Our intention are not to fleece parents. We provide a Kit to every student which is a wonderful collection of Motivational videos, relaxation exercises and relaxation musics. Through out the session we induce in the student the feeling self confidece, to be able excel in whatever he endevours too. All this is supported by best of motivational vides. The relaxation musics we give on CD as take aways are for any age and even i listen to them while doing my work. We run an orientation with partents as to how they can better manage their child. If you read the contents of the parents reference manual you will get to know that it does not talk of blindfold, it talks about managing childing and managing stress. It talks about that we should manage things that are precious to us and not things like stress which we have accepted as an integral part of us.

      We do not only talk about blindfold, there is much more to the concept. Blindfold is a selling point which attracts the parents.

      As regard blind fold thing i did refer to following…
      but i have not verified on anything…

      Beatrice. Dejene Stewart, professor of cognitive science of Netherlands Tilburg University and American Marty Si biomedicine image formation center, Harvard Medical School as well as Italy, Britain, Switzerland and other countries, scientific research institutions to carry out this “blind vision” results first published in the United States Current Biology magazine, a magazine in the May 2010 issue of Scientific American, Professor Dejene Stewart has related in detail the entire experiment’s research development once more in the article. After the “midbrain” inspired, leads to the function of the third eye, can be able to see things with blindfolded, to let the humanity have “the blind vision”, is precisely pineal body function result [1]. Pineal imagination can be turned into a nerve impulse reaches the hypothalamus. Then, these signals as nerve into the retina, the retina giving rise to a virtual image and at the same time, the brain’s visual cortex of the image passed in the form of nerve impulses to continue to generate awareness. St. Petersburg’s biology experts have conducted the research to the pineal body. They discovered that this kind of mystical gland mature is playing the vital role before the nature, afterward its function form has had the change.

      please refer to the following website:

      American Scientist: Blind Man Walking – by Alison Abbott
      BBC: Blind man navigates maze – by Helen Briggs
      New York Times: Blind, Yet Seeing: The Brain’s Subconscious Visual Sense – by Benedict Carey

      If you ask me to produce a perfect example, then i can suggest only one … a 15 year old girl from MOGA/Bhatinda. There is no one in my centre whom i may have trained par excellence. Trust me …
      I tried every possible thing on earth to get a wrong answer from her. She is amazing. I dont know if she cheats or knows some tricks but i dont think so.
      She runs her own centre in Moga/Bhatinda (Great Brain Creators). She is 15 and she takes the coaching herself at this young age.

      I have already apologised to Dr. Nayak about the money challenge.

      I will keep sharing whatever actual and honest inputs i get on the subject.



      • Dear Jasmeet

        It doesn’t matter if you charge only a rupee for the training. If the thing is fraud, people should not pay a single penny for it. And people should not fall for it. So I don’t care how much you charge and it doesn’t really matter. I have not mentioned that in my reply anywhere, so as a skeptic, I think that it wasn’t anything less than a sales talk for the brand if any parent accidentally comes here. You did slip it past me, only just.

        Also, the person you say, “Beatrice Dejene Stewart”, probably doesn’t exist. The universities you quoted are beyond pathetic, you could have at least googled if they are real and credible; I did it for you.

        1; Tilburg University ( is a school of social studies without even a biology department. That is where you fictional expert works as a “professor of cognitive science.”

        2; American Marty Si biomedicine image formation center: There is no such thing on Earth. At least nothing with a website and relevant citations in magazines.

        3; Hardward Medical School: This one is a legit school; and it has a page to search for it’s faculty. The have no such employee. (

        You have an imaginary expert, but that article you quoted is real ( and you have managed to misinterpret it beyond any scientist could have dreamed when they wrote the article. It was written by one Beatrice de Gelder on her paper “Intact navigation skills after bilateral loss of striate cortex.” (

        In the link you gave itself it is made clear: “Blindsight requires that a patient’s eyes are not damaged.” ( This is not a phenomenon without eyes. So, how on Earth does it connect to blindfold reading?

        Now, let me explain to you what it really is. (Since you have clearly demonstrated your inability to read anything that does not conform to your supersition) A patient, codenamed TN, navigates through a maze without any knowledege of knowing why he does so. He DOES NOT SEE. (The area that processes visual information to give the feeling of visual perception, primary visual cortex, is non functional) But he somehow manages to avoid hitting walls and objects. How does he do that?

        The answer is simple. Reflex actions, like when you pull your hand out of a flame without knowing. We know that visual reflex actions is a function of the midbrain so we need to study more of it. (I have no idea where you got ‘pineal body’, midbrain is not pineal body. Pineal gland is part of the forebrain.) And that’s what scientists did. They clearly mapped these actions and understood the process: “Cortico-subcortical visual, somatosensory, and motor activations for perceiving dynamic whole-body emotional expressions with and without striate cortex (V1)” ( is a paper in 2011 explaining the mechanism. It is not mystical or woo woo as you claim it is.

        Without the eye, however, midbrain is useless. So, how does this in any way jsutify your claims? The simple truth is, it does not. And the midbrain cannot see, obviously; because if it could, the navigation would be a consious process rather thana an impulsive one.

        You cannot see when the eye is masked. That was my point and it stands. This is far from an ‘honest input.’Your attempts to lull gullible people by misterpreting neuroscience advances is not only pathetic, but criminal.

        Either perform what you claim you can or shut up. We have actually heard a lot of this, you are not the first midbrain hack I’m talking to.

        The simplest way is to settle it by an experiment, do it if you dare.

        Put up or shut up.

  • Dear Jasmeet

    see the following post and kindly read all the comments.
    Some time back one person called vinoj surendrean has come forward totake up the challenge and “escaped” two days before the challenge.

    Please also watch the videos in the following playlist to see the incidents happened mainly in kerala. Some of the videos are in Malayalam so you may not understand the conversations.

    You can see the conditions for challenge in the comment section of ranjana Agarwal post (link Above)
    If you could show that your children could read blind folded then surely we will help you get international fame and an opportunity to claim Rs 6 crore as reward from JRF usa. In that way you can you can make every indian proud. So far no one even shichida trained people from japan were not able to prove this blind folding ability to JRF.
    We are waiting for your demo and if you can successfully do that without trickery then surely we can change the syllabus of all the educational institutes. I know that will be Herculean task for scientist and educators but hope they will be ready for that challenge.
    Best wishes Jasmeet

    • Hi Subin,

      I saw the videos and found them revealing.

      What I trust in is …

      Centres should disclose the content of workshop to parents, every minute wise. If the parents feel that the content can help their child it should be left to their prudence.

      Centres should not charge exhorbitant fees, may be at the max 5000.

      Centres should release a disclaimer – like a cigaratte pack – that contents of the workshop are not verified and please attent them at your own prudence.

      Centres should refrain from blatant advertisments. It should not be that fancy of claim to making every child a genius, giving false hopes and minting money.

      If the course / workshop benefits even 5% to the student in any way, there is no harm in it.

      We can invite a govt body to monitor such institutions. Like we have an advertising watchdog and film censor board. Why not have a body to monitor this.

      I am not worthy of any JRF US award as i am 5 months in to it.
      Awards should go to innovators and researchers who have dedicted long efforts in to it.



      • Dear Jasmeet

        Understand what you are throwing away before doing so. JREF (James Randi Education Foundation) offers a challenge; not an award, not a scholarship. Any paranormal, occult or supernatural claims that can be observed under proper observing conditions will be given a million dollars. (Approx. 6 crores) Not a single person could claim it.

        Blindfold reading is part of the claims that, if proven, will get the money.

        Here’s the webstie:

  • My people are already appraised of your challenge Jasmeet. Be ready for the test. My lawyer has been told to draft the agreement. That will be drawn and signed before the public performance.

  • Dear Jasmeet,
    Satnam will soon get in touch with you and he and his friends are going to help you with investigating the so called claims of the paranormal powers.

    • My daughters friend both 7year olds is going to mid brain activation class. When my daughter insisted i took d help of google n learnt that they indirectly teach kids to lie. I convinced my daughter by blind folding her n showing the trick. But i feel sorry for d kids who r being taught to lie in every class n i feel we should make efforts to bring this to an end

  • FYI

    HSP: Heightened Sensory Perception
    HSP is an acronym for heightened sensory perception . Korean Institute of Brain Science has found that through training, we can increase the amount of sensory information available to consciousness. For example, we have found that HSP trainees can recognize colors, shapes or letters, without ordinary amounts of visual sensory input.

    As yet we do not know what sensory modality or brain mechanism mediates HSP. Based on training experience, we are confident that it is not the unique gift of a few special people but rather an undeveloped potential of the brain, available to anyone in principle.

    The HSP development program includes both physical and mental trainings. The landmarks reached prior to development of HSP are stress management, emotional self-control, absence of negativity, self-confidence, and power of concentration.

    KIBS is currently conducting research on the rate of development of HSP skills, neural mechanisms of HSP
    (as demonstrable by functional MRI), and electroencephalographic correlates of HSP.

    Recent research papers
    Ahn S.H., Kim S.W., Jang D.P., Ku J.H., Sumners D.P., Lee U.S., Cho Z.H., Lee S.H., “Stimuls intensity dependence of colour perception by heightened sensory perception(HSP) trained children”, Acta Physiologica, 2006, Vol 186, supplement 1, 250.

    Kim S.W., Ahn S.H., Jang D.P., Ku J.H., Sumners D.P., Lee U.S., Cho Z.H., Lee S.H., “The effects of environmental luminance on color perception in heightened sensory perception(HSP) trained children.”, Acta Physiologica, 2006, Vol 186, supplement 1, 24

    Featured research projects in HSP
    ■ Cognitive neuroscience approach to HSP and analysis of its mechanism through fMRI
    ■ Study on HSP training method for characteristic of HSP

    • The papers you have quoted are not scientific and have not been published in any peer reviewed journal. They are just ‘papers’ concocted for the express purpose of cheating people into magic thinking. Let me show you how I reached in that conclusion.

      First, I tired to find out if the journal “Acta Physiologica” is a peer reviewed journal. Indeed, it was. But the paper you claimed was published on the journal was not published on the journal. I am not just claiming it, you can go to the website of the publishers and search and find out yourself:

      Second, I tried to see from where the paper came: KIBS or Korea Institute of Brain Science. However, for the revolution it is supposed to be making, the institute looks desolated in the scientific arena. I wanted to see why. You know why? It is a woo woo institute established by a quack who wants to sell pseudoscience. (

      And not a single fMRI image is shown in the papers. And you cannot give us an actual link to where these papers came from.

      The papers are concocted and your claims of renaming the hoax doesn’t work. It’s like putting creationism in the cover of Intelligent Design. It is just a marketing trick.

      Please, do an honest day’s labor than cheating others. There is honor is hard work.

  • Cognitive neuroscience approach to HSP and analysis of its mechanism through fMRI

    Purpose of research

    Analysis of HSP cognition process
    Analysis of neural network pattern of HSP through fMRI

    Overview of research
    At the 1st stage of all the cognitive activities we can see the existence of associated receptors, which are activated by certain stimulants. The first task to be done is to define which receptors accept which stimulants related to the function of HSP and to find which parts those receptors are distributed over. After this analysis, we are going to discover the cognitive process of HSP.

    Generally after receptors are activated, their electrical impulse is delivered to the brain through neural network. With fMRI(functional Magnetic Resonance Image) system, we will illuminate which neural network is used for cognitive response of the information in HSP mode. First of all we need to clarify the territories of the brain activation during HSP phenomenon. Then we will focus on that areas to analyze the passage of HSP cognition.

  • Study of HSP characteristic based on HSP development training
    Purpose of research

    Analysis of characteristic of HSP cognitive process
    Examination of behavioral features of HSP-trained children

    Contents of research

    Scientific study of HSP development training program
    We will perform thorough research on HSP development training program through statistical analysis of various phenomena from 1000 elementary and middle school students who have received HSP development training for 1 year. Additionally, we will conduct the study of educational effects in the fields such as concentration, memory, learning efficiency and humanity during the whole period of training.

    Study of characteristic of brain wave in HSP mode
    Because HSP cognition is made when trainees try to see the objects with their visual sensation restricted, it is reported to have different processing of visual information from visual cognitive mechanism with using eyesight. Conducting the analysis of brain waves of HSP trained children when they displayed HSP function will help examine the characteristic of the brain when HSP cognition occurs. For study of comparative characteristics, we will add the analysis of brain waves of non HSP-trained group.

  • Without going into the merits of the papers which we shall do later this is what we call as changing the goalposts. How come ESP becomes HSP? How come blindfold vision becomes restricted vision? Restricted vision is not called a blindfold- it is called as a blinker. So don’t try to dilute the investigation. The claim is blindfold seeing. Do it and show no need to quote a nine year old publication for that. I too could quote the famous review of Martin Gardner of 1966 as to how blindfold vision is cheating!

  • Nayak,
    Your version of fool proof blind folding,
    1. Blindfold reinforced with swimming goggles-breached
    2. Eye patch-breached
    3. Hood-Will be breached soon.
    Isn’t this changing goal posts?

    • Mark Antony
      Blind folding is not aa simple as it looks. It is not easy to do proper blind fold. with truthful people blind fold with googles is enough but the position of google can be adjudted to get a peek. Same happens with patch. Hood is s better option when it is multi layered and neck portion is tight.
      for an onlooker this may look silly but if you do and experiment on yourself you can see blin d folding is nort easy as it seems.

  • very interesting posting. One point, Shichida method of teaching in Japan is under investigation Beacuse CEO degree itself is a big question mark. Please read the book entitled ” BASIC NEUROCHEMISTRY” by George J Siegel. As nueroscintist I support Dr Narendra naik. All these activations are just fraud and activators are just looetrs. I wanted to know where is one Mr . Murya (claimed mid brain cativator consultant) yet to anwer my question.

  • Our goal posts have never changed here are the details:
    1. Since your claim is that the children will identify objects, read material without any visual stimulus from them we shall be taking measures to see that no such will reach the eyes of the subject to be examined.
    2. Blind fold shall mean any implement of any material used to block visual access to the object to be identified which may mean something fixed around the eyes or anywhere else between the eyes of the subject and the object. It may be one or more such.
    3. If colours, numbers of notes will be read it shall be done in an enclosed container into which the hands of the child shall be inserted in a fool proof manner. The object shall be put in a tube of opaque cloth with a double fastening. The access will be allowed only after loosening one, insertion of the arm to its maximum and then tightening the same after which the fastening around the object to be identified will be removed. The objects will be put into numbered such containers. Only after proper recording of the observations will the objects be taken out.
    4. The answers are to be specific. In case of written material placed for identification the exact reproduction is needed. In case of a currency note the denomination, currency, serial number are to be given.
    5. You shall be allowed to first demonstrate what the children are capable of doing using your own props and blindfolds but that shall have no bearing whatsoever on the tests which we shall conduct using our own material and conditions which shall be put into further detail before the test is conducted by us.
    6. Once the children are going to be ready to be tested by us you will have to desist from giving them any sort of communication. Any such attempts shall be deemed to be per se malpractice and the results shall be held to be invalid.
    7. I am placing the stake amount as rupees five lakhs only. You will have to put in 10% of the same from your side as deposit which shall be forfeited if you fail. The amount shall be given to you only if the children pass the tests with 90% results. The exact details shall be furnished before the start of the event.
    8. Since the whole trial involves minor children you should provide an undertaking that the consent of the parents has been obtained for the demonstration.
    9. In case of any legal dispute the jurisdiction shall lie in Mangalore.
    10. A detailed agreement shall be drafted and signed before the beginning of the test.

    • If KIBS is just a private business organisation and then may I ask which high government you are holding. I will go with you if its just a matter of govt or private organisation.

      FYI – Statement submitted by Korea Institute of Brain Science, a
      non-governmental organization in consultative status with
      the UN ESCO, The Secretary-General received the following statement,

      To promote Brain Education methods such as brainwave vibration and cognitive training, which are based on principles of health and on the ability of the brain. These methods are a way to tap into the brain’s potential and positively influence the way it functions so as to promote physical well-being, enhance learning skills, and cope with stress.

      You guys are master of the web, am sure you can trace out the full version.

  • Alex you are totally demolished. Instead of all these vacillating why don’t you take our challenge and please prove the powers under fraud proof conditions.

    • Demolished,,, Thats the correct word you used sir. I think your team feels good to demolish.
      Anyways, if we go by KIBS interpretation, your fraud proof conditions are against the concept. The technique is not supposed to pass your rigid tests.
      As Mark Antony rightly pointed out, the problem is not with the concept, it is with the way it is being marketed.

  • Agreed. Your conditions are comprehensive. I can speak only based on what I see from the public domain.
    1. You claimed in a YouTube video, that the most comprehensive and fool proof methods “to check” midbrain activation are using blindfolds reinforced with goggles and eye patches.
    2. Once your goggle barrier was breached, I could see you getting jittery, and claiming that you intentionally fastened the goggles loose, while it is clearly seen that you made it doubly sure that it was tight.
    3. Once the poor child proved you wrong, you used your next contraption and succeeded in ‘proving’ to the world that she was indeed cheating.
    4. The eye patch challenge was also breached and you declared, that too was not fraud proof and designed another contraption. Also you seem to have denied your grant amount to the child under this suspicion. These are what led me to make my statement.
    I could see that “Rejection without understanding” is the major flaw in your approach. When someone seeks your time for trying to educate you, you use your high handedness, your apparent high education, and highly trained abrasive English speaking mob of followers to insult and denigrate them.
    There were invitations from some of these centres to spend time in their premises, witness their training procedure, bring one of your confidant’s child and check the results. For a sceptic like you this should be an opportunity you should have pounced upon. Isn’t this how a proper investigation should be done. You don’t just seem to doubt the result but also the process. But you declined to witness the ‘process’ stating lack of time. And you spend the succeeding days on social promotions and seminars. On what evidence then you claim that children are taught to lie?
    Is it that you do not understand or you do not want to understand? You seem to be so firm on the result even before framing the hypothesis. So much for your scientific inclination. This attitude of yours’ raises some serious doubts about your integrity as a person.
    These are my interpretations about you (just my own). I feel free to do such a thing which I would generally refrain from, since you and your mob have no regrets at all on ruining the integrity of persons in public who are complete strangers to you.
    1. The way you pose and project yourself convinces me that you are a megalomaniac. You like to be adored by your students whom you encourage to prey on others by using their intellectual prowess. You seem to enjoy basking in this new found glory.
    2. Is it really rationalism that you want to promote? I can see from your background that you may own a Pharma Lab, and it is in your self-interest to destroy anything that competes with your ‘modern medicine’. You call any alternative form of healing practice a quackery, with the likes of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, siddha etc being put down as pseudoscience. As far as my knowledge goes, only a fool will call a practice like ‘Yoga’ which has worldwide acceptance, a theory so strong and roots so long. And a wannabe revolutionary like you cannot inflict even a mark on a colossus of a philosophy like yoga.
    3. You call yourself a rationalist but you behave like a typical quack who wants to prove his beliefs and preconceived notions and claim victory without rationale.
    Here are my open questions to you assuming that you have not tried to fully understand the concept of Brain Training and you have declared war just for the sake of it.
    1. What’s the justification for the public stigma the children you ‘exposed’ suffer in their peer group? Do you know the permanent scar you inflicted on a child’s character. Do you know what trauma she is undergoing now? Did you even give a chance for the crying child to explain that she was not cheating? Like an executioner with a sword, you used your mic to supress any resenting voice including the child’s. Did you even care to look back on the trail of blood you left? You could not escape by saying that it was the parent of the child who pushed her forward. Who set the stage for all this? Isn’t this exactly what you wanted to do in your seminar-prove that blindfolded children are cheating?
    2. What would you do to cover the financial losses and loss of a livelihood of the business people in the event that this concept has been declared legitimate? Like Hitler who killed Jews just because he thought they were bad, you hop from place to place with a ‘scavenger’ attitude and make your kill. And you ensure that your individual target is convinced that he will get a fair chance to prove his legitimacy and walks right into your cauldron to get cooked. And once you ‘expose’ them under your pre-designed conditions you declare a great battle won. What pleasure do you gain from defacing people in the public and chopping off their earning limb?
    3. Why should the institutes not charge Rs 15000-25000 per student? Have you tried to understand the investment and running cost for a centre? You conveniently declare that parents too are part of this mega scam. Have you tried to understand from a real parent on whether it is worth the cost? Or is it you who have been authorized by the government to have your own measures depending on your whims on what others should charge for their service?
    4. Who are you and what gives you the authority to check a concept on your own terms. How did you initially arrive at the fool-proof methods (blindfold reinforced with goggles and eye patch) and on what basis you retracted them later. So is the ophthalmologist who suggested you the eye patch a quack? Is it not a case of delusion that you are acting under and projecting something as true and false interchangeably?
    So this is my delusion, and most probably mine will be much closer to reality than yours.
    I can see that you have taken charge of FIRA last year and tried to give impetus to the organization’s failing cause. I guess you realized that pouring water on homam fires and plucking mangal sutras off newlywed brides can get you only so far. In your quest to become the next Socrates, you needed a big target. A target so big that you can spray bullets mindlessly with your old eyes and expect to hit. On seeing children doing things blindfolded, which closely resemble the acts of your usual suspects, you got excited. You thought you had a whale in your hook. You transformed to a man on a mission. You unleashed a mega mission in a desperation to propel you and your organization into one of national prominence. You baited your targets, (as I could see from your online transactions) with serpentine guile and made them accept you challenge. You made the events well publicized under which you make sure your prey is sure to lose. You for sure are a master of your game. I applaud the way you are making progress (I am sure you felt good there).
    In your game of snake and ladders, my friend, you have stepped right onto the fangs of a giant serpent. So long that you will take your long slide into irreverence and worse, into obscurity. The ‘gang’ you are after may not be ‘a gang’ after all. They may be normal persons, just like anyone, trying to earn an honest living. Many of them might be dumb, but not ‘frauds’. They might have been taught the practice, but not the science. But not for long.
    You, Nayak, remember are feeding a Frankenstein. Silence does not mean defeat. It is a sign of an impending storm. Unlike your predesigned and highly manipulated environment for testing, it is highly likely that in the near future this practice will be tested by a reputed third party with terms fair enough for both sides. And if that happens, mark my words, you will be exposed. Because truth cannot be suppressed for long. You will endure a loss of face in the public. This I am sure from my experience of interacting with many many parents and children who have benefitted from this system. I have heard parents weep from the phenomenal change that children have undergone using this system of education, that you are discounting as farce. You will surely be reduced again to one fighting irrelevant godmen and snake charmers. And then, you can go home and grow your chemical plant and destroy more bodies and souls.

    • Mark Antony
      I have been to few centers in Bangalore and Kerala. in the past two years I have met many students, patents and trainers. But I couldn’t see a single child who could perform when possibility of cheating is eliminated. If you can show at least one that would be great. In Kerala one of the training institute contacted about 300 parents and only 2 reported any change.
      There are two types of training centers
      1. children doesn’t show any change other than blind fold reading
      2. Children show changes along with blind fold reading.
      Most of the training centers fall into the first category.
      I personally know about parents who took gold loan to send their son for the course and was disheartened because they couldn’t find any changes. There are many similar cases I know.
      I object mid brain activation not because of its fee but it is cheating parents and children.
      Truth will come out sure. Really speaking truth has already come out. But to see that especially for a follower will take eons….

      • Subin,
        It is pleasing to know that you agree that ‘type 2’ training centres do exist. I would urge you then to not oppose the concept as a whole.

        • Mark Antony
          Type 2 training centers are there but the effectiveness has nothing to do with mid-brain activation. there are many methods to create positive change in children. ( I am trainer myself). Even without the so-called mid-brain activation and blind fold reading the type 2 training centers can create a change. Actually if those centers eliminate blind fold part from their training that will be more effective as children doesn’t have to lie.
          I choose to oppose the concept of mid brain activation and its so called bi product blind fold sensing unless I personally witness its possibility.
          I don’t know whether you run a mid brain training institute or not. I am well aware of some of the centers and their contents. There are many centers know nothing about types of entertainment and simply use a music downloaded from you tube for the so-called activation. The brain entrainment sound are invented to aid conscious control of brain waves. But that doesn’t give one the power to see through a blind fold.None of the companies that create these sounds also claim so.It can help relaxation if properly used that is all.
          I am aware of this entrainment technology for the past 8 years.
          What is seen here in the name of Midbrain Activation is a big hoax. (I would be glad if you can show me otherwise)
          If you know Malayalam please read my article on mid brain activation in the Malayalam parenting magazine Our Kids.

          • You quote “Even without the so-called mid-brain activation and blind fold reading the type 2 training centers can create a change”
            – So according to you the problem is with the marketing and not the product itself which you claim to be effective in creating positive change in children.

            You qoute “I choose to oppose the concept of mid brain activation and its so called bi product blind fold sensing unless I personally witness its possibility”- You will soon witness once you come across a genuine training institute. Till then please don’t let your suspicion make any snap judgements about the concept.

    • I just want to point out how pathetic your arguments are from the perspective of logic:

      “I can see from your background that you may own a Pharma Lab, and it is in your self-interest to destroy anything that competes with your ‘modern medicine’.”

      This is called an ad hominem attack. What you should attack is his arguments and not where he comes from or his interests. People use this trick often and it works, but it shows in a forum of honest debate that you have nothing to show.

      “As far as my knowledge goes, only a fool will call a practice like ‘Yoga’ which has worldwide acceptance, a theory so strong and roots so long.”

      You need another lesson on logic. This is a logical fallacy called appeal to masses or bandwagon.

      And the theory of Yoga is horrible. Have you any idea what the theory of Yoga is? The modern postural Yoga is based on the ancient belief of Hatha Yogis that you can live forever by balancing the internal sun and moon. Not only is that a naïve and weak theory that explains nothing – it is definitely wrong.

      Sorry, your defense of Yoga actually proved how little you know about the subject beyond the hype and bandwagon logic.

      Yoga has been shown to be less effective even as an exercise scheme compared to other regimens, let alone it being a cure for all diseases. (I can give you the references if you like)

      Also, every single one of those arguments is personal attack and shows not a single shred of logic. (I read it all, it was awful)

      Please, if you want to support this scam you need more than personal attacks on a single person.

      • I cannot express through words how illuminated I feel after reading your “review” on my argument. In fact I feel humbled to express that it was indeed my privilege to know that you have read my entire post. You opened my eyes on a variety of world views.
        1. You drew the lines on “rules of engagement” in attacking any person or group. You took me back in time to show me the “Art of War”. It is beyond any doubt that you would have made Sun Tzu proud.
        2. You showed me just glimpses of your unparalleled research abilities especially from the ‘world wide web’. It is truly remarkable.
        3. You taught me a sound lesson on the realm of “Logic”, its different interpretations and manifestations.
        4. Most importantly, you showed me how to answer without answering. Enough said.
        Sadly it was beyond my comprehension and intellect to make any practical sense of it. You surely are in a different plane and I have neither the capability nor inclination to reach your heights. Hence it is my request to please spread your philosophical brilliance elsewhere. And importantly I was posing certain questions to one Narendra Nayak, and not to either random phonies or his cronies. I expect him to answer them, if he has the balls that is.

        • To say that you are wrong because you’re a megalomaniac is a fallacy. To say that you are wrong and a megalomaniac is a statement.

          I actually answered your only question there. It was not a valid question and I have explained why.

          Nayak sir has answered all questions without fallacy. Whose number was zero.

  • Thanks for your compliments. Mid brain activation is nothing new. The conditions were posted long back. So don’t crib. The show is almost off in Kerala. You will soon see the effects elsewhere too. So wait and watch.

    • Is that all? Hundred questions and no answer. I feel strange,and don’t know why. Right now my mind is filled with the word C-H-I-C-K-E-N. Correct me if there is something wrong.

      • Dogs bark but the caravan moves on. Some of the species who think that they are pleasing their masters by repeating the words of the offal thrown at them try to spell the words! Well for the barking dog why should it matter who leads the caravan or what the matters there are?

        • Mr. Nayak,

          I think instead of concentrating on dogs, you should concentrate the questions put up by Mark Antony.

    • Dear Naredraji,

      My daughter has undergone Midbrain activation Training. She is 7 year old. As a parent I’m fully satisfied with her progress.She is doing blindfold activities to my satisfaction. I’m sure she is not peeping through any gap. I’m not here to challenge you or to prove anything in this regard.

      I have gone through the questions asked by Mark Antony to you.I feel the first4 points are very relevant. Viz..
      “1. You claimed in a YouTube video, that the most comprehensive and fool proof methods “to check” midbrain activation are using blindfolds reinforced with goggles and eye patches.
      2. Once your goggle barrier was breached, I could see you getting jittery, and claiming that you intentionally fastened the goggles loose, while it is clearly seen that you made it doubly sure that it was tight.
      3. Once the poor child proved you wrong, you used your next contraption and succeeded in ‘proving’ to the world that she was indeed cheating.
      4. The eye patch challenge was also breached and you declared, that too was not fraud proof and designed another contraption.”

      As a true rationalist please give your reply for these points

      • Meera Shenoy
        My daughter is 5 years old she is doing blind fold activities to the satisfaction of my friend who watch her very closely. They couldn’t see any gap in her blind fold. But I know she is seeing through the GAP. She can even do inside the box and some times with a hood. I will post the video soon. She is not trained in any institutes and her mid brain is not activated. I showed her some of the mid-brain activated videos and applied blind fold to her and asked her to sense that is all.
        If you have a daughter like you said then i should recommend you to please show your daughter to some good magician to make sure that she is not cheating. It is not easy to know whether one is cheating or not unless you are really experienced. if she is seeing through the gap and you didn’t want to know or admit that will create many psychological problems in her in future. So if you really love your daughter double check with some one who really knows. If you don’t trust Naik try any good magician.
        ofcourse the choice is yours. whether you want daughter who is trained to lie or a daughter who is open to you. Now she is only 7 after 10 years you will know the problem of a daughter who lies. But then it will be too late.
        I am not a rationalist but I am concerned about the future of every child including mine. So iam against it. If you have paid for the course it wont be easy for you to admit that you been cheated. But that is the truth.
        You can continue to ask endless questions to prove Mr Naik is wrong but that wont save your daughter. Only you can help your daughter find the truth yourself and go ahead. Please remember naik is not the only one against it. there are many but they are not known to many.
        Take the wise choice Meera Shenoy

        • The whole point of contention is that she might be “trained to lie” which I can assure you is not the method.

      • I suggest you take the challenge of the James Randi Education foundation to demonstrate paranormal abilities and win the promised one million dollars. As for the answers for your questions just check the answer previously given which is quite comprehensive.
        If you do not want that you can be a good contender for the next Nobel prize in physiology and medicine for proving that homo sapiens can see without light falling on the retina.The choice is yours. Either way you and your daughter will become famous.

        • I will not be surprised if someone call you a pseudo rationalist who will go any length to make the game in his favour. You have not answered Mark Antony’s questions which I feel are very relevant. I don’t think you can answer them also.

  • Having read on Wiki – KIBS has an official status from UN.
    The below is an excerpt copied from Wiki link.

    Lee’s Korean Institute of Brain Science (KIBS), which was granted UN ECOSOC “roster consultative status”[54] and Lee’s International Brain Education Association (IBREA) report that Lee’s programs not only help children develop better memory and concentration but also certain supernatural abilities (or Extrasensory Perception – ESP) due to “Heightened Sensory Perception,” as their studies find that children could identify colors, shapes, and letters while blindfolded.[55][56][57][58] – although this ability was found by KIBS to diminish significantly with less ambient light and greater filtering of the viewed material.[59][60]

  • I have trained thousands of students through the years. I testify and stand firmly that the children are well and non of them are having any psychological problem. I do not deny that some cheated but they are not having any psychological problems.

    • David
      if you have trained thousands please provide contact details(phone, email and fb, postal address) of just 10 who you know for sure are not cheating. If you don’t have courage to give that in public give in PM to following fb id
      If you are hundred percent sure about long term effect then provide 10 students who were in this system for 10 years.
      Let me check with them

  • A small story about a rationalist and a genius:

    There was a boy the world called Sachin Tendulkar. Cricket was his passion and the world saw he was great. But then, there was a sceptic; let us call him ‘rationalist’; who was never convinced. He wanted to ‘test’ the greatness of this boy. The rationalist declared that the bat this boy was using was not legitimate and challenged him to ‘prove’ his greatness with a fool proof bat that will be carefully crafted by the rationalist himself. The stage was set for the boy to prove his genius.

    Predictably the boy performed extremely well with this bat too. The upset rationalist did not concede defeat. His suspicion only grew. He turned to the boy and said “If you are so great, as your followers claim, why can’t you bat with a tennis racket?” He explained to the crowd that “claims of extreme genius needs extraordinary proof”. The boy hesitated for a moment. Without knowing what to say he accepted. Little did the boy know that the potency of the bat was intentionally sabotaged. The rationalist and his cronies were prepared with all tactics to disturb the boy’s concentration when he batted. To the misery of the rationalist, despite his antics, the boy performed excellently with the tennis bat too. The rationalist was distressed. Doubts started to creep in his mind that the boy might infact be a genius. But not wanting to lose face in the public he decided to ‘LIE’. He claimed that the tennis bat was intentionally made broader and stronger so that he can perform well. The real fool proof test he said “was to see if the boy could play well with a golf bat”.

    People in the crowd started opposing and termed the challenge unfair. But the rationalist proceeded forcing the boy to play with the golf bat anyway. To his delight and relief -the boy failed. Sensing the occasion, the rationalist claimed to have exposed the boy a ‘cheat’ and his claim of genius as bogus. He reasoned that if he was a genius he needs to perform under any constraint. He branded the coach of the boy a ‘fraud’ to have projected him as a genius for his own personal gain using manipulated bats. He didn’t spare the boy’s parents even. He accused them of portraying their boy as a genius for their own fame. He said the parents were cribbing as they could not accept the fact that their child was an ‘average’ dimwit was not a genius.

    The public humiliation did not deter the boy. He decided to show the world he was worthy as they had seen him. He started practising with the golf bat. He fought his way through the mental agony, improved his concentration and elevated his game to a higher level. Under the witness of the rationalist and his cronies he decided to put himself up for the test again. With the whole world as witness, the boy excelled-with a golf bat. This enraged the rationalist. As expected he did not concede defeat. He started to look for excuses but there were none. He knew he had a landmine right under his foot. It will destroy him if he retreats.

    The rationalist and his cronies hushed up in a corner and after a while came out with the “commandments for testing the genius of batting”. This self-proclaimed bible of testing they claimed is the only authorized and sacrosanct document, containing benchmarked procedures for checking any claims of genius. The procedures included several restrictions where the boy will not be able to concentrate, cannot express his style and put under pressure to even breathe. Any contraption even the size of a toothpick will be produced as replacement for the bat for testing, so on and so forth.

    The cronies hailed the rationalist for his tactical acumen and intellectual insight. They ridiculed at the parents’ gullibility for hoping that their child too could be a genius in some field. “How can even someone claim to be a genius before the might of exalted minds like us” they scoffed. ‘Genius’ was a patented term that only people like them deserved. In some part of the world, a boy is gearing up for a new challenge with a toothpick in his hand.

  • The above story is a reflection of my thoughts on witnessing the blood thirsty mad opera that is currently being promoted in the name of upholding rationale and scientific temper. Manipulations lies and desperations. Children being used like lab mice (no wonder, given his background) – tested and tortured just to prove a point.

    Enjoying the taste of learning something new first needs an empty cup. If it is pre-filled with the deadly cocktail of pre-juice and ego- learning and exploring will only poison the mind and soul; not only of ours but also other’s. There can be contradicting views on a matter but that should not stop from seeking the truth in a just manner.

    Examples of some of the contradicting views may be,

    1. A rationalistic view: Testing genius has to be conducted in highly defined, sophisticated and fail proof environment which are subject change in case of any suspicious deviations in the expected results.
    2. A simplistic view: Why don’t you just take the damn bat in your own hand and show the world that batting is a child’s play and needs no genius

    1. A rationalistic view: Any practice that does not have a scientific explanation cannot be true and must not be followed. Anything that is above the comprehension of human intellect is supernatural and can hence be discounted as pseudo-science. Blindfold vision is one such phenomenon.
    2. A simplistic view: Gravity was in operation even before Newton explained it. It took millenniums for us to understand that earth was a sphere and not flat. There are numerous phenomenon that lack proper scientific explanation. That does not mean that they don’t exist. The origin of the universe is still debated. A normal phenomenon like ‘human dream’ still lacks scientific consensus. Will we be asked to stop dreaming till then?

    1. A rationalistic view: No one should claim that every child is innately a genius.
    2. A simplistic view: Why not? Every child is a precious treasure- Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds maybe. Polish her to witness her potential brilliance. It is the responsibility of the parents, the educational system and the society as a whole to identify her talents and direct her in the field in which she is wired to excel.

    And for all those here who are harping on science, logic and rationale, I leave you with two beautifully profound quotes from one of the beautiful minds of modern science. I doubt if you could see the inner meaning beneath the layer of words with your metal heads. But still.
    Over to Albert Einstein,

    “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”

    “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere”

  • Just to add…

    Wikipedia details about KIBs clear states…
    although this ability (HSP – blindfold reading) was found by KIBS to diminish significantly with less ambient light and greater filtering of the viewed material.[59][60]

    Going by the above, that explains why Dr. Nayak and team succeed with their hard pasted, child hurting stuff, while they have already admitted to have failed when using regular blindfold / googles stuff.

    Lee’s Korean Institute of Brain Science (KIBS), which was granted UN ECOSOC “roster consultative status”[54] and Lee’s International Brain Education Association (IBREA) report that Lee’s programs not only help children develop better memory and concentration but also certain supernatural abilities (or Extrasensory Perception – ESP) due to “Heightened Sensory Perception,” as their studies find that children could identify colors, shapes, and letters while blindfolded.[55][56][57][58] – although this ability was found by KIBS to diminish significantly with less ambient light and greater filtering of the viewed material.[59][60]

  • Ilchi Lee Brain Association Offers Tests to See If Brain Education Improves Cognitive Function
    The International Brain Education Association (IBREA) announced today that as part of its mission to educate the world about the potential of the brain, it has developed online tests to measure memory, attention, problem solving, spatial reasoning and other brain functions. In addition to helping clinicians diagnose and develop treatments for brain conditions, these Brain Tests allow individuals to assess their own cognitive functions. For practitioners of yoga, meditation and other exercises that promote better health and increased energy, these tests can help measure the cognitive benefits of these practices as well.

    While fun and informative for individuals—and a great barometer of how Brain Education, yoga and meditation can boost cognitive function, as well as health and energy—the goal of IBREA is to make the tests available to scientists, educators, and clinicians worldwide to advance Brain Education and apply it for the betterment of humankind. IBREA is currently in the process of developing collaborations with several universities and educational centers.

    The online tests can be found at the Brain Test section of IBREA’s official website. They were developed under the scientific guidance of Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg, a world-renowned neuropsychologist and cognitive neuroscientist, and author of The Executive Brain: Frontal Lobes in a Complex World. As someone who has spoken at Brain Education Conferences held by IBREA at the United Nations, and who contributes regularly to its Brain World magazine, his experience has helped to marry the science of brain testing with Brain Education.

    All of IBREA’s projects, including the Brain Tests, have been inspired by and are related to Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education method, which was designed by Ilchi lee to help people use ki energy to develop and utilize the cognitive and non-cognitive processes of the brain for creating a successful, happy, and productive life.

    About the International Brain Education Association

    The vision of the International Brain Education Association (IBREA) is for Brain Education to be applied by all people around the world, empowering individuals to take positive action to create health, happiness and peace for the benefit of all humanity and the Earth. It was founded in 2008 by Ilchi Lee, author and originator of Dahn Yoga, Brain Education and other mind body practices. IBREA increases awareness of the brain’s potential through Brain Education workshops, events, research, publications and partnerships with other organizations and institutions.

    About Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg

    Elkhonon Goldberg, Ph.D., is an author, scientist, educator and clinician, internationally renowned for his clinical work, research, writings, and teaching in neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience. He is a clinical professor of Neurology at New York University School of Medicine, diplomate of The American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology and director of The East-West Science and Education Foundation.

    (As per claim – IBREA is associated with UN from the beginning)

    Awakening the potential of the brain means mastering our physical, mental and cognitive abilities and unleashing our true creativity. Through doing this, we naturally recover a sense of responsibility and awareness. We come to realize that how I am living at this very moment has an impact on the future of humanity and the earth.

    If one person awakens to the potential of their brain and actualizes its value, they influence the energy field around them. If 100,000,000 people (roughly 1% of the world’s population) do this, they can constitute a critical mass having the power to create a peaceful and widely benefiting culture in this world. We call these individuals Earth Citizens, people who have a sincere concern for the future of humanity and the earth and a desire to be beneficial to all life. This level of consciousness requires constant passion and choice. In order to truly manifest our value, our brain must keep remembering its deepest wish to heal the earth and other human beings. Only when we keep choosing and overcoming the many obstacles that stand in the way, does our brain truly change and create new synapses, transforming in real changes in our lives and our communities and nations. By increasing self-awareness and action, IBREA’s training helps participants keep that state of mind alive. By continuously seeking to transcend the differences between nations, races, religions, gender and other identity boundaries, the UN and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also strive for that spirit and continue to inspire hope for humanity and the earth. That is why the International Brain Education Association (IBREA) was associated to the UN since its creation, offering its program as a tool for advancing the UN goals of development and peace.

  • Here is a copy of whatsapp chat with a person called Guru Raghavendra (dont know whether that is the name or not). It is not easy to see so much nonsense. Some of you may enjoy. Some of you may find “Valid Points” of great wisdom. I withdraw from the chat because I am not competent enough to digest so much nonsense.


    12:27AM, 18 May – subin thottil: Dear Guru Raghavendra
    I saw your comment on YouTube regarding the midbrain activation. I would Iike to know more.
    6:00AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Ask Me your questions
    6:00AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: What information you want
    6:42AM, 18 May – subin thottil: Is it possible for adults?
    How can I do it for kids and see myself the result?
    Which Indian institute you think is genuine?
    6:46AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: There are multiple institutes
    6:46AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: We are doing research on it.
    6:47AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Adults not possible by these methods
    6:47AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Usage of right and left brain equally called as. Mid Brain activation
    6:47AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Increasing usage of sense’s also a part in it
    6:48AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Brain has lacks of neuron junk cells. Activation of those cells. So that usage of junk cells are possible
    6:49AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: There are few advanced things than this which linked with metaphysics.
    6:49AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Which linked with our sub atomic energy body.
    6:50AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: People who run Institute doesn’t know the actual process which happen in sub atomic layers of human body
    6:50AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: They just follow some principles blindly imported from Other countries
    6:51AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Who doesn’t use logical mind only for them activation is possible
    6:51AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: So it can be done on children’s
    6:52AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Where are you from?
    6:56AM, 18 May – subin thottil: At present i am in kerala. Though settled in Bangalore.
    R u from Bangalore ? R u running an institute? Do you have any you tube videos?
    6:57AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: No I don run videos
    6:57AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I don run any such institutes on mid brain
    6:57AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: We are in advanced research
    6:58AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Science Beyond science
    6:58AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Spiritual organization
    7:02AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Even I have sent 2 kids of a Institute in bangalore
    7:03AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I don’t encourage those because they don’t know spiritual aspect Of these method.
    Mechanically it works.
    7:03AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Yeah. Kids can see through by closing eyes
    7:03AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: It’s not big matter.
    7:13AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: U want to join your kid
    7:13AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: ?
    7:23AM, 18 May – subin thottil: What is the name of the spiritual organization you are in?
    What are the changes you seen in the two kids ?
    I want to make sure that it is genuine before enroll my child. Some time back I went to an institute in Bangalore with the purpose of enrolling. But when I interact with kids and here I found they all peeping and saying. Same thing happened in Kerala too. Now I am skeptical about the claims because of these experience.
    8:00AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: U asked bangalore Institute kids?
    8:00AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: My kids whom I sent are improved 10% and 35%
    8:00AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: One fellow 15 year guy. He improved internally 10%
    8:01AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: When he close eyes he able to identify where is the television
    8:01AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Another kid can do all what they basically claim
    8:02AM, 18 May – subin thottil: I went to ace institute in sheshadripuram about an year ago
    8:04AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: OK fine.
    8:04AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Have u interacted with Children there
    8:05AM, 18 May – subin thottil: How good your kid can sense blind folded able to tell color of underware with 100% accuracy every time.
    8:05AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: It will be don’e by guruji
    8:05AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Kids still practicing.
    8:06AM, 18 May – subin thottil: Yes I interacted with kids and instructors . I was allowed to the training session.
    8:06AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: There are many layers in vision through closed eyes
    8:06AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Similar to primary. High school. College such
    8:06AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: There are levels.
    8:07AM, 18 May – subin thottil: Where in Bangalore is guruji staying ?
    8:07AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Yes bangalore.
    8:07AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: As I already said these Institute have no knowledge about spiritual part of it
    8:07AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Only children’s can see objects in front of it
    8:07AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Have u seen womb scanning?
    8:08AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: They will have black and white vision as the scanner monitor
    8:08AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Before to that. They can only sense by infrared radiation
    8:08AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Every object and color have radiations
    8:09AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: They register that radiation parameter in open eyes
    8:09AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: So when they close eyes. They sense it by those radiation
    8:09AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Next level black and white vision
    8:09AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Later as it continue it grows to. Color. Clear object vision.
    8:10AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: If that continues with guidance of spirituality
    8:10AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Their consciousness grows
    8:10AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Distance grows
    8:11AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Able to see beyond common eyes. Inside. Object. Inside subject.
    8:11AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: These are the things have attain by ancient rushes
    8:11AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: This is the steps for it.
    8:12AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I know ACE
    8:12AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: But what u interacted and found with children’s of it
    8:12AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Did they said peeping?
    8:13AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Have u identified the happiness of the children who comes out after training. And confidence in them?
    8:13AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Mid Brain activation is a process which happen in few seconds
    8:14AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: If they ask to pay 20k for few seconds who pays
    8:14AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: So only designed courses. And process which also help children’s and their parents
    8:14AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: They will take them to trans and activate brain cells.
    8:14AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: And pass few affirmations
    8:15AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: To avoid negative usage of Their ability
    8:15AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: To. Take them. To trans is not easy
    8:15AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Whole day they are allowed to. Play
    8:16AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: They build trust between children’s and trainer
    8:16AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Intimacy with trainer.
    8:16AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Later children’s listen their words
    8:16AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Children should be maximum happy. Mind when mid Brian activation takes place
    8:16AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: This is what process
    8:17AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: These are general process. Don’t know what other Institute does
    8:17AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Can u Plz share what’s your opinion on ACE
    8:17AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: And what u found finally by visiting training
    8:22AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: ❓❓
    8:22AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: If u have any doubt u can ask me.
    8:22AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I have sent kids to ACE only
    8:23AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I visited demo. Felt nothing to fake
    8:23AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Sent kids.
    8:23AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: They r happy now
    8:24AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: As I know technology of it. I Don have any questions.
    8:28AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: U can share what u felt.
    8:28AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: That’s why I m questioning u. Did ace students said we are peeping and saying??
    8:31AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: U don’t require to worry. Please what u found. I don’t think they fooled me too. But I wish to know the truth which u found out
    8:36AM, 18 May – subin thottil: I didn’t ask them whether they are peeking as it is not a proper question to ask. I checked by other means to avoid peeking. Trainers are innocent people at ace. But children are peeking for sure. I am a Triner and I can create happiness in my students very easily. Once you know the trick behind then only you can know who is peeking. I have created a video in you tube of me doing the same things kids are doing . the technology behind this is said to be brain entrainment. Which I know what it is. But ace was using some videos from YouTube to get the entrainment sound. I know aces sylabus and I can assure you it is big cheating and the moment child realizes that it will create many problem for them . wait till they mature.
    I know abha in Kerala who are using same syllabus as ace and tested the kids including kishorelals daughter and found all fake. I taught their trainers how to test and SK them to it in my absence but result also convinced me my theory of peeking.
    8:37AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain:
    8:37AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Then how about my brother kid
    8:38AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Who close eyes and identify television where it is
    8:38AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: ?
    8:38AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Television produce heavy radiation. He can see black and white vision of television
    8:40AM, 18 May – subin thottil: Sure if you know how to test you can know the truth.
    There is a way to close eyes onlookers will not know you can see. It is also demonstrated in my video.
    9:15AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Give me link of your YouTube video
    9:16AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: And if possible get me all things which u can get from these Institute
    9:16AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Audko
    9:16AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Manuals
    9:16AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I even visit this week or next week for ace
    9:17AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: And the trainers which I seen ace was more powerful. Their aura was good. Even that’s a reason to trust them
    9:17AM, 18 May – subin thottil: I will send you link . after an hour as I have a meeting
    9:17AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: OK
    9:17AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Say YouTube user id
    9:17AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I find
    9:20AM, 18 May – subin thottil: Educraftsindia you can get a playlist of such videos also there. Pls give your email I will forward some interesting papers.
    9:30AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain:
    9:31AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: And I don’t know u identified them Or not
    9:31AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Kids can draw well
    9:31AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Without mistakes
    9:31AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Very accurate
    9:31AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: With blindfold.
    9:32AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Let’s say they peep through. Even though how can they perform to that extent?
    9:32AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: And without lights they can’t really do. I know it because they work on radiation.
    When light falls on object. It emit radiations. Kids identify that radiation and say what object or color
    9:40AM, 18 May – subin thottil: Watch “mid brain expose” on YouTube – mid brain expose:
    9:41AM, 18 May – subin thottil: Watch “See without eyes Midbrain expose Challenge (long version) enhanced” on YouTube –
    9:42AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: But. Narendra Nayak is fake guy
    9:42AM, 18 May – subin thottil: Watch the above video first is the playlist and second I created
    9:43AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: What ever reason he fake people. Even it’s good reason. He can’t fake people
    9:43AM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: He do a lot. Good work. Also does dirty work by saying truth as fake
    9:45AM, 18 May – subin thottil: I don’t know him long enough to say he is fake. He doesn’t believe that it is possible. And nobody has shown him that it can be done. If someone can show him he will believe. He may takes many steps to ensure it is not trick which is quiet natural
    9:47AM, 18 May – subin thottil: Will call you in the evening. Watch videos
    6:44PM, 18 May – subin thottil: Did you watch the video
    6:48PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: No. I didn’t able to.
    6:48PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I do now
    7:00PM, 18 May – subin thottil: OK let me know what you think after watching
    7:00PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Sure
    7:00PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I m watching them now
    7:18PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Hi
    7:18PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Seen videos
    7:18PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Where is the video how to test them
    7:39PM, 18 May – subin thottil: How to test is not easy I will send you an article.
    7:39PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: OK.
    7:40PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Narendra Nayak was saying
    7:40PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Why can’t identify when object kept back side of head
    7:40PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: And top of head
    7:40PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Is this expecting from students?
    7:42PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: 3rd eye. Penal gland. Mid Brain all these are completely different
    7:42PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Do u think super natural power doesn’t exist?
    8:17PM, 18 May – subin thottil: Paranormal phenomena exits I believe . but they cannot be turned into a business as there are very subtle laws of karma operating. Do you according a report in india so far. Midbrain centers have done 8000 crore business. They are making use of each parents desire to excel their child.
    8:35PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Yes I understand
    8:35PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Even I feel 20k is high price
    8:35PM, 18 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Even I don’t encourage this
    8:39PM, 18 May – subin thottil: Those who have genuine powers never sell this
    9:37PM, 18 May – subin thottil: These people are creating bad impression about truly spiritual people. I am against this because of this
    6:24AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: IMG-20150519-WA0001.jpg (file attached)
    6:25AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I also said the same..
    Their sense gets activated maximum by this practice.
    Later slowly they get vision or they may not get vision if they are adult
    6:26AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: For kids they get it. But again let me know how to test it
    6:26AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: And without light there are chance of vision with closed eyes.
    6:27AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Because it work the principles of radiation
    6:27AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: They get huge concentration by that I seen few Institute performing moving object by that
    7:28AM, 19 May – subin thottil: The best way to test is make hood that can cover head up to bottom of the neck. Use 4 layers of thick cloth to make hood. Put hood on your head and look at the sun and make sure not even a trace of light is coming in. Then cover the blind folded child with hood and tighten it at the neck. Then ask the child to perform. Use things that are not used by kids before like a new set of cards balls etc. This is not 100% fool proof but much better than any.
    7:31AM, 19 May – subin thottil: I checked children the sensory acuty or sharpening is also a big lie. It is very difficult to live in the current world with high tend sense awareness.
    8:00AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: No no.
    8:00AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: This is not possible by common kids who got trained over there
    8:00AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: But this is possible with continuous effort.
    8:00AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I already said u how they can see..
    8:01AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I think so far. No one would have explained u this technology
    8:01AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Children’s who are practicing sincerely are able to say even I’f u keep them 100% dark
    8:02AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I don’t accept. It doesn’t work at all. It may not work as they state.
    I though u have some different aspect of identify it
    8:03AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: See. If some. One perform identifying object which hidden under box. U ask him to do from. Far.
    I’f they do it. It continues. Like that. We can’t satisfy our eager Ness by this way
    8:04AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Only. Way to. Clear our doubts is knowing principles how it work.
    8:05AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: This is what happen with Narendra Nayak. He state. Why can’t they identify from. Behind.
    If my guy identify. He say identify from top of head. Even of that done.
    8:05AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: He ask. Inside hidden box and dark location
    8:05AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: This is not the actual. Way of testing something
    8:05AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: It’s just ignorance. He never give. 5 lack. To any one
    8:05AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Let me. Tell. U a truth
    8:06AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: How they behave
    8:06AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Their confidence even make our mind make them. Trust
    8:06AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Mid Brian or so and so centers having us with their confidence and talks. The same done by so called. Rationalist
    8:07AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Then there is no difference between. These 2
    8:07AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I got information that. He met kids who can do what all. He said.
    8:07AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Later on. He escaped saying need to do more experiment. We. Can’t accept it and all
    8:08AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: If u r sleeping. I can make u awake.
    8:08AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I’f u act sleeping. How can I make u awake
    8:08AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Rationalist are acting sleep
    8:08AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: There was a program in kannada channel
    8:09AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: These so called Rationalist leaders have come there for. Debts
    8:09AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Debate
    8:09AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: About rebirth and past life discussion started
    8:10AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Few guruji also. Came to the discussion
    8:10AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: They said all together we have 7 lack video proofs. To show past. Life existed
    8:10AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Out of 7 lack there are 1000nds of highly educated. Judge. Police. Doctors.
    8:11AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Do u know what this dirty fellows said. Earth has 900 crore population. 7 lack is not sufficient to accept. As because it’s not even a % of population.
    8:12AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Ghandi formed. Committee which involved many top. Profile. People
    8:12AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Done research in a case. And declared past life existed
    8:12AM, 19 May – subin thottil: There is James Randy educational foundation is us they are ready to give 6 crore rs to any one who can perform with proper blind fold. So far many came but none could perform properly.
    8:12AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Even that also not consider by these fellows
    8:13AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Now what is the point here is.. Plz understand properly
    8:14AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Let’s say a person will come from Rationalist team to try. Past life regression method
    8:14AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: If it’s become successful and he start to accept yes past life existed
    8:14AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Then rest of Rationalist says. No he is fake or he is in illusion or bla bla bla
    8:15AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: So. We can’t prove every one who are there in this world
    8:15AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: If they are ready to know truth. They sure accept it.

    But these decided not to accept truth and behave so ignorant by that a lot following wrong path
    8:16AM, 19 May – subin thottil: I can show few people who are really expert in doing any sort of blind fold even with hood and blanket . they don’t claim any paranormal ability . they will say it is a trick. But I don’t know how they do it. I am not a rationalist. Even I am not convinced in the midbrain claims.
    8:16AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: No. It’s not trick
    8:16AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: It’s all bull shit people. Who are ignorant
    8:18AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Every one are rolling
    8:18AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Fooling
    8:19AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Selfish people. Or any strong reason non disclose
    8:19AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: If it’s just a trick. Then it must be happen with all
    8:20AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Then let’s he reveal those trick to everyone
    8:20AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Just fucking one person career secrets if he sacrifice he can open careers of people’s. Eyes right
    8:20AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Why they don’t do
    8:20AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Answer me this. Because bludy people selfish. Nothing else.
    8:21AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Some magician was having conference. I seen in YouTube.
    Dirty. Fellow. I question him to reveal his secrets does he do?
    8:21AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: He say all. My. Magic are trick
    8:21AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: OK I accept. Then reveal trick to every one. He does????????
    8:22AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Never ever…
    8:23AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Foolish people. They taken birth in such time. Or have connections of yakshini they perform certain magic.
    Which they think the self. As trick. Which is not truth
    8:23AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Cause they don’t know about the self. Their root. Their birth reason
    8:24AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Just understand. I’f such case. Why a doctor. Can’t be engineer.. Engineer cant be doctor.
    Why certain subject would be complicated and un understand for. Some. People
    8:26AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I don’t accept these at all… Every one of you giving wrong message to society. Those institutes are doing some ways.
    Rationalist are in some ways.
    Who are in Dailama as u people affecting society Some ways.
    8:27AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: U know paranormal activity is truth right.
    Then convince Narendra Nayak to. Make him. Believe and give open statement to public. Yes I believe it’s truth.
    8:27AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Then I give 5 lack rupees
    8:27AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Can u do. This????
    8:34AM, 19 May – subin thottil: World of trickery is much bigger than you think. I can show you my blindfold reading and can convince you I have powers. You won’t be able to find any trickery. But I do it with a trick.
    8:35AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I understand what u mean.
    8:36AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Then explain what that trick
    8:39AM, 19 May – subin thottil: . I can see through the gap. You will not know it.
    8:55AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: This is what I said. This is not truth
    8:56AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Some black fellow has come for India for talent.
    8:56AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Black magic
    8:56AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: He performing his act on stage.
    8:57AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: He show a wooden grass baby. And give to judge hand
    8:57AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Then collect it back
    8:58AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Start to burn the toy
    8:58AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: But judge hands are burning
    8:58AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: How is this possible
    8:58AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: If u questions him. He say it’s trick
    8:59AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Then ask. Him to reveal. Does this possible by all who knows trick???
    8:59AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Never ever
    8:59AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: That’s just a trick only can be performed by him
    9:00AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: That criteria is to perform trick is there right. That’s what we are have to understand here
    9:00AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Plz look this in proper angle
    9:00AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: If a magician performing
    9:01AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: He gets u something from sky
    9:01AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: It’s miracle for us. But for him that something must be visible.
    For him everything visible. That’s why he say it’s just trick
    9:02AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: It’s trick for him
    9:02AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Not for others
    9:02AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: There are 1000 reason why they say. It’s just trick.
    9:15AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: They attain those tricks. By luck or past life. Or hard struggle.
    9:15AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Some one call. Themself that as trick. Some call super natural power.
    9:15AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Both are same just words are different
    9:16AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: This trick can’t be perform by all. Or its super natural power.
    9:16AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Do u think any different between these?
    9:16AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: If u want to know real truth. Only one way remained on this earth. Knowing self.
    9:16AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Attaining bramhagyan
    9:17AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I traveled. Years in these and finally found my destiny. That’s why I am able to explain u many things
    9:19AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: You will know everything of this universe when u know one this. That’s self realization. That’s possible only by spirituality. It doesn’t mean is it only by spirituality can we get it. No no. Understand properly.
    The only possible way to get it. We named that path as spirituality
    9:21AM, 19 May – subin thottil: Watch “Dynamo In India: A Holy Experience” on YouTube –
    9:25AM, 19 May – subin thottil: Unless you know the trickery yourself you will continue in illusion. If you are really serious in your efforts go and magic tricks for few years. I think there is place opp to funcity . or you can find other places. Without that basic you will not understand what is possible with trick. Else you will continue endless conversation but never find truth. Only a person who knows trickery can find some thing that is not achieved by real power.
    9:29AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain:
    9:29AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I did all those for years
    9:30AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Then only understand the true spirituality
    9:30AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Everything is psychic. Everything is Maya. Illusion
    9:30AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Body. Mind. Relationship. People. Everything is illusion. Maya
    9:32AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: U need few years and experience to reach to the level which I am saying.

    Because I was same as u few years before. I have gone up with the same steps which u are going on..
    9:32AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: My guruji says. Siddha are shit. Not ultimate it’s after all.
    9:32AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: For them it’s after all. For us it’s most valuable
    9:33AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I told u right. He can say any secrets of any ones life. Can see him. Can know what other feeling right now and everything
    9:33AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: But he say. It’s just shit man. Not ultimate.
    9:34AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: According to u. Then I should make fun of my guru. Because he said himself it’s just valueless or trick or tantra or shit
    9:35AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: He has done tapasya of years to attain those. And once he attain he found something precious than that. So only he don’t care this
    9:35AM, 19 May – subin thottil: If you know the world of trickery and you are asking me how to test whether midbrain activation is trickery or not is contradictory. Learn the trick called xray eyes and perform yourself and see for yourself. Or continue believing what you are believing. The choice is yours. Best wishes.
    9:36AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I just say come out of illusion. U r cheating ur self. Not understanding the theory and universe. Ur speaking wrong.
    9:38AM, 19 May – subin thottil: Thanks
    11:25AM, 19 May – subin thottil: You show our conversation here to your guruji without deleting anything and ask him guidance. Let us see what he says.
    9:37AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Govt school work for free. Private school take 10 lacks for LKG
    9:37AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Knowledge is smart. Subject is same. Then why such difference
    9:37AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: It’s because. Business
    9:38AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Fight for this too man. If u accept this. Then even moderate institutes also right. cause they doing for money.
    9:39AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I shocked is there any new way invented by so called Rationalist.
    But understood behaving foolish without understanding the process
    9:39AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: X ray vision won’t get easy. Every one can’t get
    9:39AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Practice required. That practice itself valued. And paid.
    9:48AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I accept everything ur saying.. But I start to think from when u stop.
    That’s only difference.
    I accept that’s trick. But that is also only possible by efforts. That efforts should be paid. For that they charging money.
    But 20k is high. Even I accept. It
    11:52AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: He only. Called me and said.
    11:52AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: What man u were saying will start mid brain. Now it’s on paper.
    11:52AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: He read article and said me
    11:52AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: Then I started to check about it on YouTube
    11:53AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: I asked him. Guruji say your opinion.
    11:53AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: He said our method is divine. Their methods are only gross. Level.
    And Rationalist never accept anything.
    11:54AM, 19 May – Guru Raghavendra Midbrain: It’s very small. Thing for us. Can say afterall in spirituality.
    But I and people value this a lot. Because it’s not small matter. For the evolved People. They look beyond to this. So treat as cheap.

  • Am sure Kannan and Subin will work overnight today and declare by morning that Illchee is a thief and UN itself has gone corrupt so what to talk of its consultants.

    Any way I might not log in again to this page as it is full of negativity. Thought sharing is possible on a positive platform.

    By the way, do u guys know what does a workshop start with. Am sure you dont know that. No problem, I will tell u.

    Most workshops (depends on where the principals are located) start with a VIDEO of Water Knows the Answer.
    Since you have never seen it.. i will tell you.

    It guides children to be positive. Human body is 70% water and so is mother Earth. The water molecules – changes its shape depending on the enviroment they are put in. If they are in music – it will be in a rhythmic shape, if violence,, then scattered, if love then – they are close together ..

    Since we are 70% water, our chemistry also changes depending on our environment and the results we get also depends on the positive energy around us.

    So it inspires all children to be positive in life and children take this message so strongly that they actually change.

    Happy discussions but please do remain positive.

    Good luck

    • alex
      since you are not going to log in with same name there is no point in replying right? i believe you are mentioning about masaro emotos water crystals.
      i have read few of IlchiLee’s books and have his audio course. (not recent about 10 years old) So telling frankly i know about IlchiLee and emoto much much before you even heard about them.I have watched the movie …bleep do you know 10 years back itself. for you these things may be knew. that is not my fault.

  • Subin,

    Yes, you picked it right. Its Masaro Emotos Water crystals, I refered to. You are a learned man. If you have experienced these all, do you find all this stuff purely useless.

  • Subin, You refered a movie.. is it named BLEEP or what. What is it about.
    Asking as i want to see it.

    Another movie that I enjoyed are LUCY (super brain fiction) and RAIN MAN (about autistic savant)

    • Alex
      I could guess from your writings that you are relatively new to all these. That is why i purposefully didn’t mentioned the name of the movie. Movie is what the bleep do we know? it cannot be called a purely scientific one. but good for thought and contemplation. I am into the field of personal transformation and my engineering background gives me an advantage to under stand the new technologies more clearly. So it is not easy to cheat me in the name of neuroscience or technology.

      Blind fold seeing as promoted now is a big cheating. That is why i am against it.

      if you are serious about these then don’t allow yourself to be cheated.
      Learn how to test these claims and know for yourself what is possible and what is not. Hope you will be able to find the truth behind the midbrain activation yourself if you stop being a believer. I will be happy to help if needed.

      • Be practical and do not continue argument.Just pay fees in midbrain center (select genuine company) and see how they are training . Afterwards you give comment. Do not criticize with theory knowledge. Imagine the pain of children who are not peeping and doing with closed eye. Do you think that all 15 y students will cheat.They know the value of hardworking parents money. Do you think parents will not check this . Not only you all parents are not ready to accept this concept and after through checking only they enroll their child.

        • Tanuj
          I know what is happening in a training center. I was a trainer myself in one of the so called genuine institutes resigned when convinced about cheating. what more information you can provide please tell me. if you can name at least one genuine center. Please don’t escape without mentioning a name. You can say many. but want just one genuine center with its name. if you cannot provide that then there is no point in empty words.

      • By the way, fantastic movie. I just finished it. Txs.
        When you started 10 years ago… you were also new to it. Right. So at one stage of life.. you got to be new…. Nothing wrong with that.

        Do watch Lucy and Rain Man if you have not already seen.
        You will love them. Considering your passions, i think you must have seen Rain Man atleast (AUTISTIC SAVANTS)… See it may be u get a canditate for JRF

  • Tanuj
    if you can see at least one genuine center and one child who doesn’t cheat that would be great. Parents do not know to check even educated parents. I have met many parents and children. There are two types of cheating 1. cheating with awarness
    2. cheating without awareness
    To know why they cheat you should know the psychology of conformity and the confirmity experiments.
    Be practical Pay the fees , make the companies profitable and make parent a fool and MAKE CHILD A LAIR IN TWO DAYS.
    you can continue believe what you want to believe. but theoretically or practically that has no validity. If you are running a business you won’t want easy money to stop. If you are a parent you don’t want to admit that you have been fooled.
    Continue with ignorance and continue to pass that ignorance if that is what choose.No body can prevent that.
    If you have at least very minimal level of integrity kindly show the courage to test the claims with some one know better ( a good magician)
    or learn how the magicians do these yourself and do the test by you.
    You wont dare to take any of the steps I am sure.
    see the claims in the above comments. when a suggestion is made or a question is asked you wont see that name again.
    Happy ignorance

  • SUBIN I appriciate your concern for public. From you comments i can understand your are spending lot of time to meet many parents. So if you have meet minimum 50 parents it would have taken atleast one month. If you realy concern for public you can spend two more days for public. Further you miss understood my words. I asked only subin sir to pay fees and join course. Do not twist to win argument.Do not argue negatively. Just because of Subin money all center will not run. I gave suggestion to find truth yourself.IF you cannot understand this then go on continue .ALL THE BEST AND GOODBYE.

  • Tanuj

    I am ready to spend two days in training. Please give the the fee location and possible dates. Before answering kindly watch the following two videos full.
    Then tell me what I will learn if I attend the training. What are the results guaranteed. Let me know that first. If I didn’t get the result will you pay back the fees in 100 times. Will you be willing to give money back to all who have previously attended your trainings if I find you training is not bringing the desired result of sensing even when eyes are properly covered using any method (blind folding provided by any one not just yours).
    Kindly reply after watching the videos. We will do it legally if you are ready. terms and conditions we will discuss after your readiness.

    I hope with your training I can win JRF ‘s million dollar, Narendranaik’s 5 lakh and 21 lakh from another association. I am ready. Thank you for showing me a way to live retired life early.

  • Subin & Mr. Nayak….

    One simple question about the video Subin shared

    Subin, you demonstrated that you used brainwaves to identify cards and colors while being blindfolded. All 5 senses, brilliant work. Nowhere in the video you said you were cheating, you were actually using your senses. Am i right.

    Now when you are doing it yourself you say you are using brainwaves and when children are doing you say they are cheating.

    Now i will tell you – why do they fail your challenge…

    Wikipedia details about KIBs clear states…
    although this ability (HSP – blindfold reading) was found by KIBS to diminish significantly with less ambient light and greater filtering of the viewed material.[59][60]

    Going by the above, that explains why Dr. Nayak and team succeed with their hard pasted, child hurting stuff, while they have already admitted to have failed when using regular blindfold / googles stuff.

    Lee’s Korean Institute of Brain Science (KIBS), which was granted UN ECOSOC “roster consultative status”[54] and Lee’s International Brain Education Association (IBREA) report that Lee’s programs not only help children develop better memory and concentration but also certain supernatural abilities (or Extrasensory Perception – ESP) due to “Heightened Sensory Perception,” as their studies find that children could identify colors, shapes, and letters while blindfolded.[55][56][57][58] – although this ability was found by KIBS to diminish significantly with less ambient light and greater filtering of the viewed material.[59][60]

  • Subin,

    You are such a learned man and you yourself admitted that you have read Ilchee Lee books and audio courses and you have been doing it for last 10 years.

    So you are a trained man, you actually dont need any mid brain centre as you have known even the founders of the concept for last 10 years. You can coach the trainers, you yourself dont need training.

    So when you have demonstrated yourself that should put the case to rest that children can identify all this thru brainwaves.

    Now dont tell me that when you do it .. its not cheating, its brainwaves and when 1000 of children do it then its cheating.

    However, i must agree to you that the concept is being marketed wrongly… blindfold …blind fold .. .its not just about that. Its about making your senses more workable. And i dont see any wrong in that.

    The ability of yours to use senses you demonstrated in the video is extra ordinary… i cant do that .. neither any one whom i know.

    But you must understand, if children are not able to see through your specially designed bands then that does not mean they are cheating.
    Thats one thing i am absolutely sure of. May be 10, 20, 30% cheat but certainly not all.

    • Thank you for believing me Alex. You are right I was using brain waves. To be exact Beta 12.5 to 30 Hz frequency and to be precise it is of low beta range which falls between 12.5–16 Hz. I can share you the other technical details like portion of the brain centers activated, no of neuron fired , or no of neural pathways ways formed, synaptic connections fromed etc. But I am afraid that will be too technical.
      Here is a video with super Advanced activation using Q.H.C.A. Methodology which is the latest one and first time in india. I requires less tahn 10 minites to activate children. Adults will take more time. But normal intelligent child can be activated to Basic advanced in 10 minutes.
      see the video of that

      Just one more thing please take your time and watch video again . Please pay close attention to last portion.

      • Subin,

        Dont worry, you can get technical. I know all about aphta, beta, gamma and I also know which parts of the brain they are fired.
        Even though i am not as smart as you to count the number of neurons fired (am sure its either God knows and you)

        – Gamma wave is produced by the brain’s cortex visual part.

        – Beta wave is produced by the brain’s motor cortex or cerebral cortex part existing in the large brain.

        – Alpha wave is produced by the brain’s lobus occipital and thalamus.

        – Theta wave is produced by the brain’s hippocampus part.

        – Delta wave is produced by the brain’s thalamus and reticular formation part.

        Rest i will not write in reply – i will put that in general text box.

        • What a shame, you Alex? Cant even concentrate and complete a video and jumped the gun and trying to advocate a cheat.

  • As i already said, the skills you demonstrated in the video are extraordinary. You may be a genius to do it without training.

    Others may need training and thats what they are getting.

  • Dear Subin,

    I fully agree with you that the so called Mid Brain Centres are making a simple process sound so magical and thus charging hefty fees. It is wrong, admitted.

    As you said a child can infact be activated in 10 mins. However getting the child to alpha, theta stage takes time.
    Rising of alpha waves is marked with sleepy eyes. This wave also happen when the body experiences relaxation or at rest.Brain waves at these frequencies mostly dominate the children of 5-15 years old.
    Theta (frequencies of 4-7 Hz) brain waves of these frequencies arise when we are sleepy (almost fall asleep). These frequencies also dominate many children of below 5 years old.

    So to make the child get to stage of relaxation (alpha, theta)lots of other things are run so that they feel tired and sleepy.

    Some children wont get to alpha, theta stage in a day.
    So they are called the next day. Hence the work shop correct length is 2 days.

    To make the workshop interesting lots of other things are run which includes Motivational videos and Masaro Emotos Water crystals.

    After that children are optionally called for training at centres which can be a waste of time or they can do it as a summer workshop to pass time.

    I know many trainers who conduct this workshop for 1 day only from 9 to 1 PM and results are 100% and they charge as low as Rs. 1500.

    Am on same page if the fight is to change the concept of marketing. But the overall concept is scientific as you have mentioned BRAINWAVES, neurons etc.

    So let us correct what is wrong, tell the children to learn the technique in genuinity and not cheat.

    If they actually learn 25% of what you are master of, then whats the harm. We do every thing with our senses. If senses become more powerful then we are overall a better product of nature.

    I also withdraw from the discussion as stretching it beyond will not be prudent.

    I also request Mr. Nayak to review the strategy to fight against the concept. The fight should be against the fakes and marketing strategy of the centres and not against the overall concept.
    IF SUBIN can master it, lets allow other children to master the senses, ofcourse elliminating the factor of cheating.

    • I am not aware of the latest technology. I saw it just now.
      But with traditional methods it takes atleast 5-6 hours.

  • Just tell me what else do these people have to show to public other than so called blind fold reading? Their videos are full of kids peeking through the gaps and making an excuse of smelling to do it. If any one could really make someone see through a genuine blind fold they would have got the Nobel prize by now.

    • Mr. Nayak, have a heart, you are asking for an example even after seeing SUBIN do it.

      Subin can do it perfectly and he is not cheating. He is using brainwaves. To be exact Beta 12.5 to 30 Hz frequency and to be precise it is of low beta range which falls between 12.5–16 Hz. If you want to know the exact numbers of neurons fired you can ask him.

      Why dont you try your sticky pads on his eyes and test him whether his brainwaves are crossing it.

      If he has not learnt in a centre, he has learnt it out of passion. There is nothing above passion. He has also not learnt it for free. Now or before he bought Ilchees books and audio course, which i dont think he would have got for free. If he has Ilchee’s things he would be having access to many similar things.

      If one man on earth can do it then others can also do it too and should do it, even if it be trial and error method.

    • Sorry forgot to mention about the Nobel prize. It is for research and that is what we want to happen! Research ought to be done about how the brain can perceive visual signals without any light falling on the retina and to do that it should be established that there is no light falling on that. That is what we want to make sure and establish under proper fraud proof conditions. Once we do that rest will follow. That could revolutionise the whole way we look at things in more than one sense!

  • Sir,

    Am on same page, if you are talking about inappropriate use of blindfold word and not highlighting any other benefits at all.

    For any other benefit to show, the concept need to move from Blindfold /Mid Brain to brain education and towards Mindfullness, Hapiness and confidence.

    I might not be able to explain otherwise so i am taking support from
    a commercial site, i think its an American site with several centres in US.
    Let me clarify that I have no business interest in this website and no way even distantly connected to it. I just like it thats it.

    What they do is about 30% similar to what many centres here in INDIA are doing but Indian centres unfortunately still depend largely on the world GENIUS makers, Blindfold and so on.

    I think US laws must be strict hence these guys are not able to highlight any thing like that.

    So if INDIAN centres are guided properly and put under a system or scanner, it can be good.

    Nobel prize as i understand is for research work. It can not be for demonstration of a rare skill.

    • No. Nobel Prizes are awarded for breakthroughs in science. Disproving the current notions of visual perception, physics of color and neuroanatomy is surely worth a Nobel prize.

      “prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.”Excerpt of Alfred Nobel’s will

      I think changing the whole paradigm of science is pretty much that.

    • Also, pseudosciences are not regulated in the US. Only science is feared by people there. The most watched medical show on TV there is run by a clear quack who was accused and convicted of promoting non-evidence based claims. (The Dr.OZ show) Please don’t appeal to the US, they are horrible at freethinking.

  • Please ignore previous link
    Click on below link .

  • Sure. Subin, are you willing to take our challenge? By the way the concept of this so called blind folded sight has been investigated since ages and Martin Gardner’s 1966 review article in the Science is considered to be one of the most authoritative on the said topic. By the way I can suggest that you please contact the American sources and tell them to take up the JREF million dollar challenge for the demonstration of paranormal abilities under test conditions. As for my emphasis on blindfold seeing it cannot be helped as that is the only thing under offer by the so called midbrain activation shops. When they claim that they can develop ESP, read blindfolded, see behind walls and the like the claims have to tested under foolproof conditions before going further. Since we have expertise in the field of testing such claims, we have to put that to use.

  • Swami Vivekananda says

    Again, most of the other sciences deal with things that do not move, that are fixed. You can analyse the chair, the chair does not fly from you. But this science deals with the mind, which moves all the time; the moment you want to study it, it slips. Now the mind is in one mood, the next moment, perhaps, it is different, changing, changing all the time. In the midst of all this change it has to be studied, understood, grasped, and controlled. How much more difficult, then, is this science! It requires rigorous training. People ask me why I do not give them practical lessons. Why, it is no joke. I stand upon this platform talking to you and you go home and find no benefit; nor do I. Then you say, “It is all bosh.” It is because you wanted to make a bosh of it. I know very little of this science, but the little that I gained I worked for thirty years of my life, and for six years I have been telling people the little that I know. It took me thirty years to learn it; thirty years of hard struggle. Sometimes I worked at it twenty hours during the twenty-four; sometimes I slept only one hour in the night; sometimes I worked whole nights; sometimes I lived in places where there was hardly a sound, hardly a breath; sometimes I had to live in caves. Think of that. And yet I know little or nothing; I have barely touched the hem of the garment of this science. But I can understand that it is true and vast and wonderful.

  • Why quote Vivekananda’s works. Sorry he is dead otherwise we could have asked him to show his powers. Anyway the originator of Midbrain activation Makoto Shichida is alive you could ask him to show his powers.

    • Mr. Nayak,

      Thats where the problem is, you are so sure about every thing without even possessing a basic information.

      You do not even know that Makoto Shichida died 5 years ago and you call your self an expert in the field. Luckily you could not go wrong in case of St. Vivekanand as he died a long ago. Even though you have not put it stratight but probably you want to say that St. Vivekanand was also a big liar.

      Though i am not an advocate of Makoto Shichida, there are so many others like him who have done brilliant work in the field. Am not sure about the your claims on Shichida, may be you can translate some Japanese and get the answers.

      Also SUBIN has already demonstrated that the method is workable, brainwaves can be used to do all things that are claims of mid brain centres. There may be a problem with what they call this power, 7th brainwave or any thing…but all are using brainwave method only. So if Subin can do it, so every body can.

      Good wishes.

  • I anticipate you will spend lot of time in proving that has so many flaws, fake degrees on chinese site and bla bla. You claimed to have done a thesis on Shichida however you do not even know whether he is dead or alive. Tomorrow you might say this man was never born.

    So not concentrate on Shicida of Illche KIBS, lets concentrate on the subject. Brainwaves do allow people to sense. That is absolute possible.

    False claims by any one should be screened and true claims should be encouraged to researched and promoted.

    • “Brainwaves do allow people to sense. That is absolute possible.”

      No. Since the sense under question here is sight, I have explained above why it is impossible to see without em radiations. Brain waves are a demonstration of electrostatics surges in the synaptic ends represented as function of time. It cannot be influenced by optical em radiations.

      It is absolutely impossible unless you prove it and discredit the current paradigm of physics completely; with evidence, not with magic or platitudes.

  • Mr Narendra Nayak
    I am ready to take up your challenge.
    But NASA wants to know more about the 7th brain wave and Q.H.C.A. Methodology of Midbrain Activation . So I will be going to US to stimulate their brains soon ( waiting for the visa processing to complete). They will also be using Quantum digital EEG to measure the 7 th brain wave. Normal digital eeg can measure only up to 5 th wave.
    Surely with the power of Q.H.C.A. Methodology we can change the entire earth not just India. When more and more people get activated using Q.H.C.A. Methodology earth will turn into a paradise. in Q.H.C.A. Methodology common sense plays a major role.

    At present I am not in a position to deposit Rs 50000/ If you can give some concession I will surely take up your challenge. Other wise you have to wait till I come back from US

    • Dear Mr. Subin,

      I fully believe that midbrain does improve by this training, although the genius in 2 days claim is false.

      1. My students can read cards from even opposite side, so I have no doubt that is working some way or the other….

      2. The younger children picked this up real quick, while older ones took their time. And adults couldn’t do it at all.
      What does it show? Something is there, and its definitely not cheating.
      Because, I would expect adults to cheat but not kids.

      There’s a condition though. Its necessary to keep them happy and in a positive mindset… I was showing them cartoon videos and all..

      Wish you all the best for your NASA trip and wish you luck in future.

  • Mr Narendra Nayak
    I am ready to take up your challenge.At present I am not in a position to deposit Rs 50000/ If you can give 59% concession I will surely take up your challenge.

    • Subin,

      Wish you good luck for the NASA visit. If you dont mind do share the results and what does NASA feel about it. Hope to remain in touch.

      Go as brand ambassador of India.

      Am in talks with Brain World Magazine and Haymarket group and if all goes well, we will soon have an Indian edition (am not sure for the time being but something will surely work out). Will like to share your experiences with the world.

      Good Luck

  • Subin if you deposit 25k you will be eligible for 2,5 lakhs. Why don’t you ask your supporters here to chip in with the rest?

    • Mr. Nayak,

      You are a good man. You have done good to society and thats appreciable. You are taking stand against Mid Brain as a nuisance. You continue your fight against the nuisance part of it, not the genuine part of it.

      Its not about prooving you wrong or proving us right.

      Let the things evolve. May be there is some thing good for all us, a surprise.

      Let us challenge the evil and not each other. Points can be proven without money.

  • I advise all to end up the discussion here and proceed on individual paths as per personal convictions.

    And my apologies if i hurt any ones feeling.

    Best regards,

  • This is our forum and we will ask for advice from outsiders when needed. Alex you can exit from here and go back to running your shop. What we do is our business.

  • Dear All,
    The entire conversation between Alex, Mr.Narendra Nayak, Subin, Mr.khanna, Mr. Kannan M, Tanuj, Mark Antony, Jasmeet and pannaichan contained a vast knowledge, regarding the Blindfold Concept.
    With all my respect, I thank you all for this healthy debate. You all are senior members of the society; you all show the right path to the masses with your experience in all the related fields.
    In today’s materialistic world where everyone is busy in their own life, you people are the blessings in disguise for the society and for the youngsters like me who look up to the seniors like you all.
    Everything in this world has a bright and the dark side to it. When used in a positive way even poison works as a cure for certain setbacks. It’s all about how are the things utilized. There will always be a section of people who will misuse things or distort the reality for the benefits of oneself.
    Instead of rejecting the concept completely, our main purpose/focus should be to educate the parents about the concept, so that they can make the correct choice of the (genuine) institute.
    We all know in the past few months Mid Brain centers have mushroomed all over India and majority of the centers claim to teach blindfold reading/writing etc. abilities to children. Many of the parents go to these centers to make their kids learn to do activities blindfolded. Unaware of the fact that majority of the centers have very less or no knowledge about the concept, few have just taken the franchisee from some mediocre company who doesn’t do any background check of the person before giving the franchise and few who are a bit more smarter have downloaded some vibrations music from the net and have started their own path to fame centers. In short, some people have made this a way of earning money in a quick session. Few of them, they don’t even have centers they take a place on rent and conduct two days classes.
    When a parent approaches any centre for the development of their children, they have lots of expectations from the centers, every parent wants their kids to benefit from the course. It’s the responsibility of the center to educate the parents about the concept in details and not to make the parents understand that the kid will turn into a super kid after the course or workshop. However, the parents should also understand that every child is unique and each one of them has their own learning style. And it’s not possible to turn a kid into a genius in just few weeks it’s a lifelong process.
    Kids they always give in to the pressures created at home and at time outside home as well. I personally spoke to few kids about why they have to cheat when it is not required at all. You know kids will be kids, once they feel they are fine to share their feelings with you they will just flow and all were between the age bracket of 7 and 11. Surprisingly all of them had only two reasons to cheat
    1) others were able to do it and they were not
    2) Comparisons from the parents, majority of the parents keeps on telling their children he/she is able to do it and you see your self…
    We all know there are cases of cheating in the exams, who teaches them to cheat? School? Parents? Or the child is a cheater. Neither of them is responsible, it’s the circumstance or the situation which forces the child to use unfair means.
    In a school hundreds of student studies, in spite of paying the same amount of fee, in spite of learning from the same teacher and from the same text book why someone gets more marks and others get less mark. Many of the students even fail; does this mean we should reject the concept of schooling?
    Coming back to the concept of blindfold activities, we all know it’s possible. If we hold the head of a kid and ask him/her to concentrate it will be quiet difficult for them to do so even for the adults it will be challenging. Same way its inhumane to tape the eye lids of a kid and ask him/her to concentrate, it must be so painful for the kids, how will they concentrate… (I am not going into the technicalities) again our main purpose should be on educating the parents on the concept which will help them to choose the right center for their kids.
    I request you all to create a forum where in we can educate people about the mid brain concept. Topics like does the mid brain really gets activated? Is it because of the mid brain activation the child is able to do activities blindfolded? About the brain waves. The enhancement of the senses and the related topics, how it works. Etc. this will be more constructive.
    Thank you all for reading this post. And I request you all to please excuse me if any of my word or sentences have made you feel uncomfortable. I am just learning. Thank you once again!
    Have a wonderful holistic life with full of divine light, love and power.


    • The fallacy is middle ground. The evidence in closed settings of Mid Brain centers and open demonstrations of Dr. Nayak does not have the same truth value.


  • Thanks for all the goody words Amit. But that does not take away the main point that the so called concept of Midbrain activation is per se a fraud. We are starting with the piece de resistance of the whole show that is the children can see through blind folds. There are a zillion videos on you tube and elsewhere extolling the virtues of this.
    When the whole concept is based on this fraud dont ask us to leave out that and concentrate on the rest. What rest? Reading through the feet? Back of the head? Top of the skull? First of all show that blind folded sight can be proved under fraud proof conditions before trying to be goody goody and giving a service club type of rounding up. When the whole edifice built on a shaky foundation is cracking up, there is no point in trying to tell us that it is sound and there are a few rotten eggs there,removing which will set right every thing. It is not. Our campaign will go on until the whole fraud is exposed.

  • Guy who doesn’t know what our great saints and great people of India did for our masses how can we expect him to be a guiding light?

    Shame on you Mr Naiak.

    I will take this to swami Vivekananda followers they will answer all your questions in your style.

    • Dear Khanna
      I have read Vivekananda many years back. That time I felt him as a man of courage, wisdom and common sense. He was not a blind believer. One incident i remember Sreeramakrishna Paramahamsar vowed not to touch money. When ever he touches money he experience convulsions. Young narendra didn’t believe this so he tried to touch him with coin while paramahamsa was sleeping. This is the type of man Vivekananda. He had the courage to test even the claim of his own guru. If he were alive he would be first person to test Midbrain activation claims in all possible way to know if it is trickery or not. And the moment he finds its truth he will take all his might to fight against this cheating.
      If you really love and respect Vivekanada then find truth of midbrain yourself and then take a firm stand. Remember vivekanada was very intellegent. He cannot be easily fooled. But when we look at a phenoomenon with the eyes of belief we can easliy be fooled.
      Find truth and have the courage to follow that.
      Remember mid-brain people are just after money where Vivekananda never did anything just for the money. Hope you know about the incident of him going to kali to ask for money and the result.

    • I was named after Vivekananda by the swami of the Ramakrishna Math when my mother took me there as a baby. So, don’t tell me that you have a monopoly over him or his followers. If you want to ask any questions you ask them. Dont try to drag unconnected people into your affairs. You are running shops trying to sell an outdated stunt of blindfold reading to gullible parents calling it as a ‘scientific technique’ from Japan,far east and all that.Once that did not work try to drag Vivekananda and Indian thinkers into it!

  • I thought there was a commenting policy in Nirmukta forums. Mr. Khanna’s statement is classic argumentum ad verecundiam and ad hominem.

    Nothing more to say on that.

  • Mr. Nayak is a strange man, he just needs a little bit of attention that’s it, and he got more than enough till date. I feel we are just giving him unnecessary attention. If he really wants to do something for the society then he should be doing something more fruitful instead of trying to support/prove his “illogic” logical “fool proof” ideas.
    Tomorrow he will say Mr. Bolt will have to wear the shoes manufactured in his factory and will have to run under the conditions provided by him which will be “fool proof “then only he will be considered as the world’s fastest man. Or he might ask a swimmer to swim in quick sand then only he will be called a swimmer.
    Parents need to be aware of Mr. Nayak and his team otherwise soon he will demoralize more children and ruin their life with his “fool proof” ideas and experiments. He has already left few kids traumatized by his stupidity.
    In a very artistic way he tried to ignore the Swami Vivekananda’s work by saying he is dead. Dear Mr. Nayak he will never die (hope, you understand what I mean) and next time make sure you use Swami before his name. And about his powers I don’t think, people like you need to understand this. You are just a drop in the ocean and he is the ocean. Put a globe in front of you and try to find yourself in it. In every part of the globe you will find Swami Vivekananda. You saying he is dead and if he would have been alive you could have asked him to show his powers.
    As Alex said – Mr. Nayak, have a heart, you are asking for an example even after seeing SUBIN do it.
    Mr. Nayak may peace be with you, that’s all I can say.
    And as said by you – This is your forum.
    Be in your forum like a frog in the well.
    Dear all it’s wastage of time and energy to discuss/argue/debate with a person who has question mark on a greats like Swami Vivekananda’s theory and teachings.
    May peace be with you

  • Just a reminder. This website has a commenting policy. It says so right below the comment box. Any comments that fail to meet the guidelines will not get approved. Note that this comment moderation is not done by Narendra Nayak, but by the volunteer team that is running this site. I request the commenters to get their point across without getting vitriolic.

  • Dear all we are trying on blind children now and finding good results and will update this in couple of days.

    In every business you find cheats but all are not cheats.

    Even Doctors will cheat but all Doctors are not cheaters.

    Swamiji’s life itself is an live example
    No words to explain his greatness.

    Hope we follow Swamiji’s foot steps.


    Dr.B.M. Hegde has written two books and it is a must for every one to read.

    ‘What doctors do not study in Medical colleges’


    Now he is bold to reveal all these.


    This is from Dr. B M Hegde.   Wonder how much is widespread and how many are merely a few black sheep.


    How Indian Doctors Loot Patients.


    Most of these observations are either completely or partially true. Corruption has many names, and one of civil society isn’t innocent either. Professionals and businessmen of various sorts indulge in unscrupulous practices. I recently had a chat with some doctors, surgeons and owners of nursing homes about the tricks of their trade. Here is what they said


    1)      40-60% kickbacks for lab tests. When a doctor (whether family doctor / general physician, consultant or surgeon) prescribes tests – pathology, radiology, X-rays, MRIs etc. – the laboratory conducting those tests gives commissions. In South and Central Mumbai — 40%. In the suburbs north of Bandra — a whopping 60 per cent! He probably earns a lot more in this way than the consulting fees that you pay.

    2)      30-40% for referring to consultants, specialists & surgeons. When your friendly GP refers you to a specialist or surgeon, he gets 30-40%. 

    3)      30-40% of total hospital charges. If the GP or consultant recommends hospitalization, he will receive kickback from the private nursing home as a percentage of all charges including ICU, bed, nursing care, surgery. 

    4)      Sink tests. Some tests prescribed by doctors are not needed. They are there to inflate bills and commissions. The pathology lab understands what is unnecessary. These are called “sink tests”; blood, urine, stool samples collected will be thrown.


    5)      Admitting the patient to “keep him under observation”. People go to cardiologists feeling unwell and anxious. Most of them aren’t really having a heart attack, and cardiologists and family doctors are well aware of this. They admit such safe patients, put them on a saline drip with mild sedation, and send them home after 3-4 days after charging them a fat amount for ICU, bed charges, visiting doctors fees.


    6)      ICU minus intensive care. Nursing homes all over the suburbs are run by doctor couples or as one-man-shows. In such places, nurses and ward boys are 10th cl-ass drop-outs in ill-fitting uniforms and bare feet. These “nurses” sit at the reception counter, give injections and saline drips, perform ECGs, apply dressings and change bandages, and assist in the operation theatre. At night, they even sit outside the Intensive Care Units; there is no resident doctor. In case of a crisis, the doctor — who usually lives in the same building — will turn up after 20 minutes, after this nurse calls him. Such ICUs admit safe patients to fill up beds. Genuine patients who require emergency care are sent elsewhere to hospitals having a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) round-the-clock.


    7)      Unnecessary caesarean surgeries and hysterectomies. Many surgical procedures are done to keep the cash register ringing. Caesarean deliveries and hysterectomy (removal of uterus) are high on the list. While the woman with labour -pains is screaming and panicking, the obstetrician who gently suggests that caesarean is best seems like an angel sent by God! Menopausal women experience bodily changes that make them nervous and gullible. They can be frightened by words like ” and “fibroids” that are in almost every normal woman’s radiology reports. When a gynaecologist gently suggests womb removal “as a precaution”, most women and their husbands agree without a second’s thought.


    8)      Cosmetic surgery advertized through newspapers. Liposuction and plastic surgery are not minor procedures. Some are life-threateningly major. But advertisements make them appear as easy as facials and waxing. The Indian medical councilhas strict rules against such  misrepresentation. But nobody is interested in taking action.


    9)       Indirect kickbacks from doctors to prestigious hospitals. To be on the panel of a prestigious hospital, there is give-and-take involved. The hospital expects the doctor to refer many patients for hospital admission. If he fails to send a certain number of patients, he is quietly dumped. And so he likes to admit patients even when there is no need.


    10)  “Emergency surgery” on dead body. If a surgeon hurriedly wheels your patient from the Intensive Care Unit to the operation theatre, refuses to let you go inside and see him, and wants your signature on the consent form for “an emergency operation to save his life”, it is likely that your patient is already dead. The “emergency operation” is for inflating the bill; if you agree for it, the surgeon will come out 15 minutes later and report that your patient died on the operation table. And then, when you take  delivery of the dead body, you will pay OT charges, anaesthesiologist’s charges, blah-blah-Doctors are humans too. You can’t trust them blindly. Please understand the difference. 


    11) Young surgeons and old ones. The young ones who are setting up nursing home etc. have heavy loans to settle. To pay back the loan, they have to perform as many operations as possible. Also, to build a reputation, they have to perform a large number of operations and develop their skills. So, at first, every case seems fit for cutting. But with age, experience and prosperity, many surgeons lose their taste for cutting, and stop recommending operations. 


    12) Physicians and surgeons. To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Surgeons like to solve medical problems by cutting, just as physicians first seek solutions with drugs. So, if you take your medical problem to a surgeon first, the chances are that you will unnecessarily end up on the operation table. Instead, please go to an ordinary GP first


    Prof. B. M. Hegde, MD, FRCP, FRCPE, FRCPG, FRCPI, FACC, FAMS. Padma Bhushan Awardee 2010.Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes,Chairman, State Health Society’s Expert Committee, Govt. of Bihar, Patna.Former Prof. Cardiology, The Middlesex Hospital Medical School, University of London, Affiliate Prof. of Human Health, Northern Colorado University, Retd. Vice Chancellor, Manipal University, “Manjunath”Pais Hills, Bejai. MANGALORE-575004. India.

  • Mr. Khanna,

    Your arguments of equating Mid Brain Activation with Modern Medicine is false. And I will try to explain why.

    “In every business you find cheats but all are not cheats.”

    In a cheating business, everyone is a cheat. And Mid Brain Activation has proven to be just that.

    – No scientific basis
    – Over the top claims
    – Cannot verify under test conditions

    All the traits of a classic pseudoscience. Please, do not risk our children’s future by subjecting them to woo woo and unscientific modes of thinking and conducting their lives.

    Unlike in medicine. The claims are testable and falsifiable. No one appeals to authority or attacks your intentions if you prove in controlled settings that their claims are false. Medicine embraces it.

    That is why medicine is a science.

    To see which is cheat and which is not, you just need to check the methodology and conduct of the two schemes. And it is pretty clear which is which.

  • Which part of science provides the authority to give pain to little children by sticking a tape on their eyelids and demoralizing them (calling it a fool proof test) which leaves a permanent scar on a child.

    • In case you are questioning the ethics, let’s consider these facts.

      – These children have no problem performing onstage
      – No test was performed by sticking tapes (It was medical eye patch; completely comfortable)
      – “Demoralizing”? Did Nayak sir ever taunt or scold children onstage? I would like to see the evidence for that.
      – The humiliation he/she could suffer is much less a problem compared to:
      – The possibility of depression when realizing you were a pawn in a fraud
      – The possibility of the child becoming a con artist himself/herself

      Sorry. The fact is, the child would be worse of being not debunked than he/she would be if they are.

      • If you’ve heard it once, no doubt you’ve heard it a million times. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” But as the arguments fly over what exactly constitutes the necessary proof, there’s often some hasty rewriting of the rules of the game.

        If there is good evidence of fraud, there are law enforcement and regulatory agencies to handle this. If they are not doing their job to your satisfaction, there is a judiciary system which you can harp upon. Skeptic organizations can promote science and rationalism in a variety of ways that don’t involve personal debunking efforts.

        • “If there is good evidence of fraud, there are law enforcement and regulatory agencies to handle this. If they are not doing their job to your satisfaction, there is a judiciary system which you can harp upon. Skeptic organizations can promote science and rationalism in a variety of ways that don’t involve personal debunking efforts.”

          First, we have to make the victims aware that they have indeed been cheated.

          Frauds are designed to give the impression of honesty while they cheat you for every dime you have. So, debunking is a part of the awakening.

          It is to serve this purpose the rationalists are debunking the claims all around India. To show to trapped people that this is fallacious and a fraudulent.

          Also, we have succeeded in make a victim file a case for fraud in Kerala. We are not just walking around debunking people.

          PS: The best way to teach and promote science is debunking pseudosciences. It is science 101 class and a practical at the same time.

          • You can’t be called skeptic or rationalist if all you can do is to dismiss the beliefs that you do not agree with already. You can only be called a skeptic if you can doubt your own beliefs.

          • We didn’t. The beliefs which contradicted with the well established nature of light, matter and human anatomy over centuries of thought and experiment were simply worth dismissing; but we didn’t.

            We went out and tested it. It didn’t work.

            “Skepticism or scepticism (see spelling differences) is generally any questioning attitude towards unempirical knowledge or opinions/beliefs stated as facts, or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere. ”

            Exactly what we did. We questioned and debunked claims that had no empirical basis.

          • This is a quote from Ali Sina

            “There are phenomena that our science cannot explain. Take the example of the crop circles. These circles have even appeared in frozen lakes with thin ice that would not allow anyone to walk on them. Some people, for the sake of publicity have made some sloppy circles and have shown how they made them. This is not proof that all these crop circles are hoax. Some of these shapes are so intricate that it is absurd to think they were made by humans, overnight and without anyone seeing them. These designs appear everywhere on the planet. The science has no explanation for them. What should we do as rationalists? Should we just dismiss them, explain them away with absurd and implausible theories? Should we attribute them to some extraterrestrials? Are they natural phenomena? The correct answer is that we do not know and therefore we should not try to pass opinions of things that we do not know.
            Not everything should fit into our mold of thought and preconceived ideas. Just as the religionists should be humble and admit that their sacred book does not have answer to everything, we, the rationalists, must humbly accept that our science is at its infancy and it does not have the answer to all the questions. “

          • Good. A quote from a non-scientist to explain the nature of science. Let me quote a scientist about this phenomenon of crop circles, he said it about flying saucers but the point is valid here:

            “… I think that it is much more likely that the reports of flying saucers are the results of the known irrational characteristics of terrestrial intelligence than of the unknown rational efforts of extra-terrestrial intelligence.”

            Science is about searching the most likely explanation. I’m really sorry that you don’t know what the scientific method is, but I’m not going to apologize for me asking evidence for your claims.

            And unexplained phenomena are not evidence for any claim. You need a phenomenon unexplained by science as of yet that is explained by an overarching theory that encompasses all the known phenomena; predict what would happen to accurate values and get the precise result.

            Appeal to ignorance is not an argument. Also, crop circles are not all that complicated as you might think. It’s easy to make if you have a car and come care.

  • What Skeptic organisations should do is for us to decide. If anyone feels that what we are doing is illegal they can take the initiative to move the authorities to stop us from doing it. If the authorities do not respond one can move the judiciary against us- go ahead and do it.

  • So proudly you said “this part is called EXPERIMENT, and it’s a key part of science”. You are using kids as guinea pigs for your illogical ideas, which you call “your” fool proof ways of proving your theory. And you call it an experiment?
    You said
    A) These children have no problem performing onstage – Obviously they have no problem performing onstage, as they have no idea about your illogical ways of proving yourself “right” no matter what.

    B) “Demoralizing”? Did Nayak sir ever taunt or scold children onstage? I would like to see the evidence for that.
    Sticking the tape on the eyelids is near to torture for the little souls, forget about taunt or scold. You asking for the evidence, you can never understand, what goes inside a child when he has to undergo these kinds of illogical procedure.

    C) – The possibility of depression when realizing you were a pawn in a fraud
    – The possibility of the child becoming a con artist himself/herself
    For these two, read the above literature s, because you people are very smart in ignoring the part for which you have no answer.

    As mention by me previously, already too much of attention is given to you all, and it’s wastage of time and energy to discuss/argue/debate with a person who has question mark on a greats like Swami Vivekananda’s theory and teachings. As you all want him to be alive in order to make him show his powers. I will be stupid now if I continue in this forum.
    I request all not to waste their time and energy with these people.

    Again I repeat my self – Mr. Nayak & team, May peace be with you, that’s all I can say.
    And as said by you – This is your forum. So, enjoy in your forum with your team members and your so called “fool proof” “EXPERIMENTS” And say whatever you feel like.

    Have a great Life ahead!


    • “Obviously they have no problem performing onstage, as they have no idea about your illogical ways of proving yourself “right” no matter what.”

      Straw man. You did not address my argument that the children have no “tension” when performing onstage, but when a rationalist appears they suddenly have all their skill drained away! Divert and deflect when you don’t have an answer, good strategy.

      “Sticking the tape on the eyelids is near to torture for the little souls, forget about taunt or scold.”

      We are not torturing children; again your argument is a straw man, we have explained how we DID NOT stick tape once. You just filtered it out, Okay! Let me also explain that there was no scolding, one whatsoever; we have video evidence, you can check.

      “For these two, read the above literature s, because you people are very smart in ignoring the part for which you have no answer.”

      We actually answered all those literature, explained why those things are pretty stupid when compared to facts. (Not our facts, FACTS) But you have been great in ignoring the facts and clinging to your superstition.

      “As mention by me previously, already too much of attention is given to you all, and it’s wastage of time and energy to discuss/argue/debate with a person who has question mark on a greats like Swami Vivekananda’s theory and teachings.”

      No rebuttal. Argumentum ad verecundiam. It’s sad. Defeated by logic left and right… then appeal to an authority without even quoting.

      We are opening the eyes of the public to the facts of physics, medicine and cons. Yes, some people are really offended by that: Con men, and their victims who haven’t realized yet.

      Sorry if you find it hard to talk to people who care more about evidence than claims; and have no answer to them that you have to appeal to fallacies all over the place.

      Please don’t have a life of con and being conned!

      Wish you the spirit of enlightenment.

  • Mr. Kannan,

    You are commenting just for the sake of it. Now, your team is loosing the shine of your logic as well.You people are just limiting yourself in the realms of physical and logical science.For ENLIGHTENMENT you have to go beyond logic and physical. Truly may peace be with you guys.

    Om Shanti

    • A parade of platitudes with no evidence. The hallmark of a superstitious person.

      “You are commenting just for the sake of it.”

      No. I’m commenting because you are wrong and I am right. And I have proven it with evidence every step of the way.

      “Now, your team is loosing the shine of your logic as well.”

      No. There is no such thing as “my logic” and “your logic.” Logic is a way of thinking beyond the emotional and woolly thinking our brains are predisposed to. Whenever your side were factually wrong, I have stated the right facts; when your side’s logic was fallacious, I cited the formal fallacy.

      Sorry if you never heard of critical thinking. It’s a well versed and clear subject.

      “You people are just limiting yourself in the realms of physical and logical science.For ENLIGHTENMENT you have to go beyond logic and physical.”

      No. Enlightenment is the process of opening one’s eyes to the world; becoming free from the nascent infancy of the human brain. And that is not done by appealing to imagination and emotion; clinging to “metaphysical” which can never be proved is there since it has no influence on the real world except polluting people’s minds.

      Also, I was referring to the spirit of Enlightenment you lack, the movement of breaking the chains that happened in 17th century Europe. The spirit of that movement to weigh evidence versus reason and find out the correct reasoning to explain the natural world. The dispelling of superstition to introduce standards for evidence.

      Not surprised you never knew what Enlightenment really meant after living in the super-society of India for long, but it sure is sad.

      There is nothing beyond the physical. Prove me wrong, I welcome it.

      “Truly may peace be with you guys.”

      We are peaceful; that is why we have never slipped and slapped one you. On the other hand, people from the side of superstition has and still continues to shoot and stab and bludgeon people from the side of reason.

      Yeah, we really lack peace!!!

    • By the way, if something goes “beyond logic,” it’s either incomprehensible by any human being or (the more probable scenario) the claimant is wants to hide something from society or he/she has no reason and is trying to sell false hope or the person is mentally challenged.

      If it is incomprehensible by human brain, neither you nor me can speak about it or justify it or counter it. It is as obsolete to talk about since you can never make sure it’s there. End of story.

    • We are not just not commenting for the sake of it. We are commenting about how you take gullible parents for a ride,how you are training children to lie, how you are profiteering from quoting all sorts of things. This is our forum. If you want you can comment here. You are welcome not to. But,do not try to set rules for us as what we should say and what we should not.

  • Mr. Kannan is saying “There is nothing beyond the physical. Prove me wrong, I welcome it.”

    GET WELL SOON ! That’s it. 🙂

    You people really need some help. JUST GET WELL SOON !

  • I am glad that Nirmukta is taking on midbrain activation frauds. I am commenting for another fraud, today a claim of midbrain activation was reported in Dainik Bhaskar – a 12 year old boy claiming to see with his ‘ 3rd eye’ I request you to look into the matter. His name is Tanuj Kevlarmani and the reporter is Vijay Rishi. You can contact Dainik Bhaskar Nagpur.

  • Standing against the fraud centers is a good cause…but rejecting the concept in total and saying ” “There is nothing beyond the physical. Prove me wrong, I welcome it.” And trying to be a “physical God” by using the insane “fool proof” ideas…

    Is quiet insane…then really one needs to get well soon…as mentioned by Sameerji. 🙂

    • Asking for proof is insane. Thanks for mentioning. By the way, unlike God, we know what the physical is… people’s definition of “God” is local and personal while that of physical is not. Science is universal, it doesn’t make up excuses and ad hoc reasoning like that of “Gods”.

      I’m not filling the gaps with “physical” by just saying it and leaving the thing alone, I investigate, think and experiment it. I’m not crusading for physical, I’m not burning people at the stake, I try to speak to people and reason with them. (And expose those who are being deliberately illogical for profit or status)

      Sorry, it’s not a God in any standards, and it is not beyond question either. It is by making bold but testable statements that may or may not be right that science has made it’s strides. And my bold statement is based on four centuries of human minds’ honest inquiry for truth, experience of minds refined in ages of reasoning and discourse with respect to mutually agreeable evidence.

      It’s sad that people take evidence based claims, that are not the final statement and is open to further evidence, as insanity.

      • Where do u copy all this stuff from. Its an art, no doubt. Am a fan of yours (really). I find you extremely talented. But if you are then you should concentrate in making an invention or may be a discovery. Dont waste your talents debating in this blog. Make use of your talents. Well copying might not work at all places but still – there is lot of scope.

  • First heal yourself of all your delusions before trying that for others. It is you who needs pity Mr. Vikash.

  • Dr (really?) Nayak, here is the reply to this video abusing kids and frightening them so that they cannot perform properly. It is really cheap on your part to be playing such tricks instead of doing a proper scientific study in a calm setting. Here is the video from Dhyanapeetam demonstrating that kids can read with using the medical patch in the way that you have demanded in the video. We have done much scrutiny – surely more than your pseudo scientific stage antics. I am not sure if Midbrain activation works or not since I am not aware of what they do. But clearly we have scores of children who can read through their third eye and better people than you have seen and confirmed that it is a fact. Feel free to censor this comment out of it violates your goal of hiding the truth..

    • I obsessively support the truth and that is why I called Dr. Nayak by his qualification; he never asked to do so or grudged against those who didn’t. He has a PhD in chemistry. He is (really!) Dr. Nayak.

      Doing scientific study in a “calm setting”. That point has been brought up and burned down; I’m getting bored of saying the same thing over and over.

      AND THE VIDEO!!!!!

      The patches are not put on properly. Go to 0:50 in the video and you can clearly see the patch detached near the nose.

      Too bad for you unassailable, “scientific” evidence!

      • Well I reserve my judgement till I see his certificate and someone proves to me that the certificate is not forged.

        But your “observation” about the patch being “detached” at the nose clearly shows your lack of understanding of the basic principles of optics. There is no way light can bend from the book that she is holding straight up front through below and then through the patch that is clearly stuck tight all around her eyes..

        Maybe in your obsession with chemistry you forgot the basics of physics

        • Actually, I know physics. Light doesn’t travel in well drawn lines unless they are beamed up for ray optics experiments; the real physics behind that is really complicated. And she is not reading the words that are right in front of her face.

          And how on Earth is seeing color without light according to the laws of physics??? The typical hack, using science at only certain places. Other places: “NOOOO! That’s magic.”

          Either accept the principles that has been tested and verified for centuries, or reject them all and live in a cave. Don’t be a hypocrite.

          Also, I know the magic trick of peaking. She is doing that. She is reading from down the page and also, who keeps a book that close in a vertical position if they can read properly? It is a trick hold; just patch you eyes yourself and you can see that. She is moving the book up and down so she can read. The kid might not know it. But the people who deceived her sure knows it.

          Also, skepticism when it comes to Dr. Nayak’s degree!!! Hypocrisy is the hallmark of a pusedoscientist. When it comes to things they don’t like: “I seriously doubt it.” Seriously!?

          • This much physics is searchable on GOOGLE. Please share your field of expertise. Are you from IIT, MIT or MBBS doctor. Dont impress us from copy paste google knowledge.

      • May we also ask for your qualifications Kannan. Are you also a doctorate in Physics or Chemistry.

        A PHD in Chemistry does not guarantee a scientific temper.

        Its not a qualification that can give a VETO to Dr. Nayak to outrightly accept of deny a methodology.

    • Neutral judge is a good suggestion. Put the money in cash on table. Let the neutral judge decide who wins.
      I think the demants by the other party are quite reasonable.

      I think its you who is getting jittery and trying to avoid facing the challenge.




  • Dear laxmi,
    i had already posted the video of a blind girl identifying the colors of the balls after 2 days training, on his facebook post.

    they commented that the blind girl is doing excellent acting and can get an oscar for that.

    Just think of that!

    Also i had given an offer several times to attend the complete workshop with their own kids which will help them to find out the truth,
    in this way they can see what we are teaching to childeren … to lie or something else. But they are so sure about the procedure that children are taught to lie, they directly declared it without attending any workshop.
    they are simply not interested.

    So how can we help him.

  • Don’t now bring poor blind children into it by showing some video which proves nothing. As it is you are playing with emotions and ethics of innocent children. Now you want to bring blind children into it. All the time you keep harping upon us attending your ‘workshop’ as if we.have nothing better to do and waste our time on it.

    • why the blind girl video proves nothing…please explain.

      and you will save your time by attending the workshop.
      you are already wasting your time in challenging & making strategies to stop this by roaming everywhere.

      you where there in mumbai few days ago. if you really wanted, we could meet & resolve everything.

  • Because it is a setup job. The scam is all over the country and we are conducting a national level campaign. I don’t owe any explanation to you. The holes in your narrative are too large and I do not want to waste time with your alleged claims. If my people in Mumbai are interested they may get in touch with you. But, I have nothing to ‘resolve’ with you.

    • And how concluded that it is a setup job. Please prove it as you think you are a rationalist, dont just assume.

      Yes you are right,there is nothing to resolve with me as literally there is nothing. But there are lots to explore.

  • I have seen children perform blindfold in a recently held trade fair in Kolkata.I wish to open an institute for brain activation.can any one help me in this regard?

  • First things first… I admit midbrain is being posed as a solution to make your child genius in 2 days. It won’t. It will take a lifetime of practice, I tell it openly to parents.
    I don’t cheat them by making false claims.

    Second thing, the way these tests are presented made me sad. Of course, old people can get sadistic, but to the extent of taping children (or allowing this to happen).
    No way, I’ll let my trained kids near this freak-negativist… He doesn’t know how to treat kids. All he wants is his AGENDA FIRST.

    If he would’ve thought positive for a moment, he would not have brought kids on the stage, or used torture things like those tapes and swimming goggles.

    He would’ve just shown the card’s reverse side… That you can’t see, right? But my kids can see reverse side too….

    Anyways, not to be undaunted by such unscientific uncultured torture tests, I’ll continue doing good work.

    He thinks children are peeking. Well, if my children were peeking, they couldn’t have read the card opposite side….
    YES, they didn’t see the card’s other side at all… i.e. I showed them the blank side.

    Uncultured men like these are spread all over the world and internet. They just want their Agenda satisfied at any cost. If he had any interest in unearthing the truth, he would’ve used more scientific reasons and asked doctors.

    All I can say is, prove that they’re peeking, in a positive-cultured environment. Even peeking can’t let you see the opposite side of a card people, how is that happening??

  • hellow everyone ,
    someone must come and takeup the challenge by now. I personally will send the link of Nirmukta to many MBA company so that someone responds.

  • Dev Ravi midbrain-reading cards from reverse side is a magic trick. Let the children do it with cards that we bring. Any takers. You are hypocrites. You parade children all over the place showing cheap tricks and calling that as ESP. When we test them you call us sadists. You ate worse than beggars going around with babies soliciting alms. They admit so. But you claim to be improving their brainpower and what.not.

    • HAHAHAHA…. Mr. Nayak. First you say its peeking. Then you say its Magic.
      Make up your mind for atleast one thing…! What is it? Magic? Peeking?

      OR Any 3rd option your answerless brain can come up with??

      I thought you were against excessive commercialisation and high fees of this art, so we wanted to support you… But you know nothing!

      You know what? Children don’t lie when they say they can see something, but not with eyes.
      And let me tell you, the way you’ve set up this challenge, people don’t come up because they don’t have Rs. 50,000 or don’t know legal stuff and all…. And some just want to avoid your company.

      We will continue doing the good work. You do whatever you can do.
      Its a challenge from our side… And guess what? You don’t even need to submit Rs. 50000 for this challenge! Or sign legal papers and stuff.

      BECAUSE WE KNOW WHAT Midbrain Activation is… On the other hand, what you know is reflected from your text here…
      Magic? Peeking?? Blah!

  • They are not afraid- they are only bothered about being magic being passed off as extra sensory perception and children being taught to lie. I am not bothered about magic being claimed as that- only when a ‘supernatural’, extrasensory claim is being made that we get interested in investigating it. Our magicians can do things a thousand times better than the amateurish performances of the kids and it will be shown today in the Delhi press club.

    • Dr Nayak,

      Sorry to post off topic but I did not know how else I could reach you on short notice. Is the press event in Delhi today (Aug 11) open to the public? I am desperate to bring a friend who has been consumed by this nonsense and has quit his job to open up a MBA center.

      Thanks for all your hard work and courage.

  • Ridiculous. It’s as if these conmen have begun calling all their friends and customers onto the forum which is a good thing. Maybe someone among those will see the light.

    AT ALL MID BRAIN SCAMMERS, you have been exposed as liers and cheats so many times , if you want your words to have ANY weight at all here, put your money where your mouth is. Your ramblings here are nothing more than spam.

  • Lovely comments. No communication. No one trying to change what they believe. Evolution of human development & understanding is not so simple for many.No one is ready to step into other shoes & see. And many of us actually do not have the evidence of most of the things around us still consider ourselves to be “Rationale”. Actually so called “Rationale” is so misunderstood. I wish we all behave like true scientists who see “everything is possible”. And not remain in our own “Wells”.

  • Mr Nayak

    I have seen some students performing these things. I know students are not cheating.
    Blindfold you call cheat. It can be seen that you keep your words changing. First you said swimming goggles. Once breached, you said medical tapes. Again breached you say now something different.
    Now Reverse Cards you say it is a magic trick.

    I have seen students getting colours and numbers of cards in a pouch.
    Again you will be saying that it is a trick? So difficult to trust you now.

    Business marketing and fees etc. are totally different things. You can criticise it.

    I know the centre where I saw these children. I know the person who runs it. He is very much successful in his own field. He need not do such things for money. It is pure interest in this field.
    I am sure many people working in this industry must be doing it because of their interest in this field. How can you doubt their commitments towards the filed?

    Concept is a totally different thing.

    As a parent We have every right to take decision of courses to be given to our children.

    I am worried about your approach. Words you kept on changing. and your negativity.
    How to save next generation from people like you?

    They will miss the opportunity of learning such excellent things in their most suitable age just because of negative and TOTALLY FALSE propaganda of people like you.

    • Firstly he shouts, Students are “PEEKING”…. Then when I argue that they can see reverse side. Then he says, we’ve taught them “MAGIC”.

      Ms. Kavita, we’re a Midbrain group located in UP, and we promise in God’s name that we did these things to students:-

      1. made them do some complicated physical exercises, which makes use of midbrain,
      2. When they’re tired, we make them sleep to a relaxation music,
      3. And finally, after some new exercises, there’s a specialised vibrational music that activates their midbrain and this completes 1 session.

      We conduct 4 sessions in 2 days.
      The more lively and younger children start reading blindfolded first.
      The sad or older children take more time, for some unknown reason.

      I admit there’s too much money making, but we charge only Rs. 5000 and also, offer lifetime support and advices on good study and concentration, all in this.
      And then this Mr. Nayak rubbishes all our efforts by his claim that all are frauds?? Did he check us all?
      And he puts a challenge requiring Rs. 50,000 and interstate travel?

      The parents we dealt with, have good respect for us. And that’s all that counts.

      Mr. Nayak has right to question everything, but we are not answerable to him.

  • Please check the conditions put by me which are above. Again, if you are going to be falling for the fraud of midbrain activation you are welcome. But, you cannot question my right to question it.
    The method of checking frauds change and become better as time goes on.If some one can genuinely see through a blind fold the type of it should not matter. Right from day one the conditions have been outlined and for your information it is an obstruction which I shall place. So, it should not matter to you what type of obstruction it is see if a child can see through that. If you are keen to take up our challenge do that under our terms and conditions.

    • Then first you pay Rs.5 Lakhs to the children who already performed with Goggles and eye patch. Then you come up with your new goal post/challenge.

      • If they had taken the challenge under the conditions I would have and now also. These were posted on nirmukta in April,2015 itself you can check this If you have the guts take it That was applicable to the trial at Kozhikode. Now, I will do it at Mangalore or Bangalore.
        Here are the terms and conditions in more detail.Please send me personal details about yourself by mail to to enable us to draft the agreement which has to be signed before the event is done. A tentative date has been fixed as 19th of April the place as Kozhikode.
        1. Since your claim is that the children will identify objects, read material without any visual stimulus from them we shall be taking measures to see that no such will reach the eyes of the subject to be examined.
        2. Blind fold shall mean any implement of any material used to block visual access to the object to be identified which may mean something fixed around the eyes or anywhere else between the eyes of the subject and the object. It may be one or more such.
        3. If colours, numbers of notes will be read it shall be done in an enclosed container into which the hands of the child shall be inserted in a fool proof manner. The object shall be put in a tube of opaque cloth with a double fastening. The access will be allowed only after loosening one, insertion of the arm to its maximum and then tightening the same after which the fastening around the object to be identified will be removed. The objects will be put into numbered such containers. Only after proper recording of the observations will the objects be taken out.
        4. The answers are to be specific. In case of written material placed for identification the exact reproduction is needed. In case of a currency note the denomination, currency, serial number are to be given.
        5. You shall be allowed to first demonstrate what the children are capable of doing using your own props and blindfolds but that shall have no bearing whatsoever on the tests which we shall conduct using our own material and conditions which shall be put into further detail before the test is conducted by us.
        6. Once the children are going to be ready to be tested by us you will have to desist from giving them any sort of communication. Any such attempts shall be deemed to be per se malpractice and the results shall be held to be invalid.
        7. I am placing the stake amount as rupees five lakhs only. You will have to put in 10% of the same from your side as deposit which shall be forfeited if you fail. The amount shall be given to you only if the children pass the tests with 90% results. The exact details shall be furnished before the start of the event.
        8. Since the whole trial involves minor children you should provide an undertaking that the consent of the parents has been obtained for the demonstration.
        9. In case of any legal dispute the jurisdiction shall lie in Mangalore.
        10. A detailed agreement shall be drafted and signed before the beginning of the test.

        • That dose not matter whether it is trial or real version. The point here is whether the kids are able to do with goggles and eye patches. we will prove you with this definitely. Any ways that you claimed that this is not a real version. i will draft the terms and conditions, before that we wanted to make sure of the following things:

          1. Neutral judge will be allowed to test the kids. we or you should not enter the stage at any movement.

          2.As you are claiming that Rs.5lakhs will be awarded to the kids who perform the activities. we wanted to place your Rs.5Lakhs cash first on the table and then we will place our 50,000 on the same table.

    • I think no one infringed your right to question it. But if you want that once you say it and your word be taken for granted then Mr. Nayak, your Phd degree in chemistry is not enough to give you the status of passing on ULTIMATUMS. You call other beggars where as all work hard and earn money where as you beg for sponsors and donations to run your show.

  • Mr Nayak

    What I understand from your reply is that
    if someone wins your challenge, you will change your words.
    And you will say-
    The method of checking frauds change and become better as time goes on.

    You should have thought before throwing your challenge, Mr Nayak. You yourself are playing a CHEAT game.
    As You will keep your checking methods changing.

    You have not answered pouch demos. Or again you say it is a fraud or cheat.

  • Mam,
    where to find the pouch demos. I am sure its not here anywhere.please give the link. Also I request every one to give the link for Delhi press demo held recently according to Mr.Naik.

      • Very kind of you. You could say that to the Delhi police as a complaint has been filed by one advocate there:
        Dear Sir,
        I Milan Kuchhal Advocate, attended a conference organised by Sh. Narender Nayak on 11 August 2015 at Press club of India, New Delhi in which he allegedly revealed a big scam in Delhi. And also presented some persons infront of peoples who admitted that they were also a part of that fraud activity in Delhi
        About which i informed the police through PCR 100 immediately..
        and i also filed a written information regarding this before the SHO of Parliament street police station and a copy of same also be submitted in the office of commissioner of police,Delhi.
        Here i am sending the scanned copy of my written information to you for reference and necessary action.
        Please find attached file.

        Adv. Milan Kuchhal
        560, Lawyer chambers
        Patiala House court
        New Delhi

        • Mr. Nayak, filing a case does not mean a thing. It cost a few hundered Rs. to file a case in any court. And there are lots of lawyers who have no work and filing frivolous case is there part time business. Even if one of them clicks it gives them the required publicity.

          You have the nasty habit of using unemployed experts and lawyers without work to do this work for you.

          One day or the other – it will back fire on you.
          Wait for the day when the POLICE might question you.

          Then you can also tell them that leave aside MBA, i do not beleive in GOD also.

  • To All The Readers,
    Who were invited in the Delhi press club show. were the companies like gma,iseberg,etc invited to the show? Nothing is known? Whom to believe and whom not to believe! very perplexed situation indeed. Who were exposed as scammers there.
    BY the way is there no company to accept the simple challenge of Mr. Naik.

    • First of all please understand that MrNaiks challenge is not fool proof for the other party. It is fool proof for himself only.
      I can also throw a challenge and ensure that other party never able to win in the pretext of controlled fool proof( or fraud proof)environment.That does not mean that whoever not taking up my challenge are frauds.

    • We believe this is possible and you think it is not possible. Okay fine. In order to prove, we need a Neutral judge. Are you ready for it?

      • If some one says he/she can fly in the air the whole world can see it and judge it. So, if some one can see blindfolded under the proper conditions put by us the whole world can see it. You don’t need a so called neutral judge for it. By the way, there is a new offer:
        Since the Midbrain activation gang is making claims that they are very scientific and doing yeoman service to the society, I as an individual in my own humble way would like to make my small contribution to this noble cause in the form of a grant of rs.5 lakhs only.Here are the terms and conditions:
        I, Narendra Nayak aged 64 years s/o late R.C.Nayak, President Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, resident of 101, Noel park, Microwave station road, Mangalore-575006 and have been investigating paranormal phenomena since past four decades have come across a recent fad going on in our country in the name of Midbrain activation being conducted by a number individuals and commercial undertakings. While most of the claims made are unverifiable and extremely subjective, one which is striking is that they can make subjects see through blind folds- to be specific that they can see without any light reflected from the object reaching the retina of the individual whose ‘midbrain’ has been activated. Since this claim is of earth shaking sequences and surely capable of earning a Nobel prize for the claimant and also to revolutionise a lot of things in the world, we would like to verify the same under tightly controlled conditions. I would also like to make a grant of Rs.500,000 to any one who can demonstrate the same under such conditions which have loosely specified as below. More specifics will be laid down if any one is agreeable to demonstrate their claims under these broad guidelines. We are not entering into any wager or betting but only making a small grant to further research and investigations into this matter to enable the applicant to rise to further heights in the field which promises to be a very promising one. However to prevent fortune hunters and such non serious contenders we have to also specify a security deposit of Rs.50,000 which shall be refunded along with the grant money of they succeed in demonstrating the desired objective under conditions specified by us.
        Terms and conditions for the grant of Rs.500,000 for carrying out further development in the field of seeing without any light inputs on the retina.
        1.Since the claim is that the subject will identify objects, read material without any visual stimulus from them we shall be taking measures to see that no such will reach the eyes of the subject to be examined.
        2. Blind fold shall mean any implement of any material used to block visual access to the object to be identified which may mean something fixed around the eyes or anywhere else between the eyes of the subject and the object. It may be one or more such.
        3. If colors, numbers of notes or any printed matter will be read it shall be done in an enclosed container into which the hands of the child shall be inserted in a fool proof manner. The object shall be put in a tube of opaque cloth with a double fastening. The access will be allowed only after loosening one, insertion of the arm to its maximum and then tightening the same after which the fastening around the object to be identified will be removed. The objects will be put into numbered such containers. Only after proper recording of the observations will the objects taken out.
        4. The answers are to be specific. In case of written material placed for identification the exact reproduction is needed. In case of a currency note the denomination, currency, serial numbers are to be given.
        5. The applicant shall be allowed to first demonstrate what the subject/s is/are capable of doing using their own props and blindfolds but that shall have no bearing whatsoever on the tests which we shall conduct using our own material and conditions which shall be put into further detail before the test is conducted by us.
        6. Once the subjects are going to be ready to be tested by us the applicant will have to desist from giving them any sort of communication. Any such attempts shall be deemed to be per se malpractice and the results shall be held to be invalid.
        7. I am placing the grant amount as rupees five lakhs only. The applicant will have to put in 10% of the same from his/her side as deposit which shall be forfeited if the subject fails to demonstrate the power. The grant shall be given to the applicant only if the subject under testing shall pass the tests with 90% results. The exact details shall be furnished before the start of the event.
        8. If the trial involves minor children the applicant for the grant should provide an undertaking that the consent of the parents has been obtained for the demonstration.
        9. In case of any legal dispute the jurisdiction shall lie in Mangalore.
        10. The trial shall be conducted at Mangalore at a venue and date suitable for both parties in the presence of media and members of the Dakshina Kannada rationalist Association and others who should inform before hand that they are going to be present. If the venue is to be shifted out of this place, it shall be at the discretion of the grantor to select of reject the venue.
        11. A more detailed agreement shall be drafted and signed before the beginning of the test.

        Narendra Nayak
        President, Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations
        101, Noel park, Microwave station road,Mangalore-57006

        • How can you change your words. All these days you were saying it is FRAUD, MAGIC, CHEAT, HOAX etc and now you are saying it is FAD?

          You were proudly saying that Kozhikode event was successful and when I tried to question you back, you are saying that was just a trial version. Did you say to the entire world, that this event was a trial version?

          When you are 100% sure that the method of Mid Brain Activation is peeking through the gaps from the blindfold, then why are you so afraid of introducing Neutral judges. Let me be clear on this point, you will be allowed to put the blindfold for the performers and you should move away from the stage. Then the Neutral judge will take the stage and continue the activities.

          When there is a challenge between both the parties, how can we permit you as a deciding authority? May be you are granting Rs.5 Lakhs to the performers and at the same time we are also granting Rs.50,000/-. So a Neutral judge will decide who was won.

          • Magicians have a whole bag of tricks…this is not the first time blindfold reading or xray vision has been shown as a performance..there are amazing performances by Sorcar, Kuda Bax and many others…including story lines about divya drishti…part of the performance…the fantasy ..its an act and an art….frankly having seen those And the videos in this blog …not convinced that the midbrain activation is actually giving esp…it takes a magician to catch one….who do you propose as a neutral judge? A cebrity,doctor,politician,cop,media? They can be easily manipulated and fooled…as is obvious in the videos on Ranjana and Sloka…but when the doctor asked if the girl could be tedted in a clinical setting..they refused. Has there been any follow up on those children …why have we not heard of any further achievements of these child prodigies?

  • Yes a neutral judge is necessary for the purpose.And I feel every party must agree to it.We all must come together to find out the truth.

  • I have been following the blog for quite some time now.
    Asked for conclusions a month before also but now i feel confident of making a self conclusion.

    What i feel is that respectable Mr. Nayak should not be adamant and should listen to others point of view also and be more open. He should also stick to one stand rather then manipulating it on the pretext of improvements in checking methodology. If whatever he thinks is right then he is GOD but Oh My God – he doestnt believe in GOD also. So tough call.

    Happy debating.

  • Mr. Nayak, can we another blog where we can debate on God’s existence. Well if its difficult to make you beleive that GOD exists, then Mid brain activation is just a very small thing.

    Am sure if collecting 10% is your business than it will be much better business for you if you start debating on GODs existence. You can put some players on the side and ask for sponsorships – like you ask for your MBA thing.

    But i must appreciate your guts – its you who is always eager to get sponsors and you call the other side as beggars.

    Atleast the MBA guys are offering a service and charging a fees, you are openly begging for alms to sponsor your tickets on the pretext of helping the society get free of ESP.

    Our society needs to be free of so many things… ESP is your favourite because fighting it is giving you regular income and social media attention.

  • The type of test that I have devised does not require any so called judges. The whole onlookers are the judges. Did you people have any ‘neutral judges’ when you put forward tall claims? It was the audience which does the judging. To tell the color of an object by feeling inside an opaque bag one does not require any rocket science or recombinant DNA technology.
    The tests devised are simple but fool proof. So, do not keep harping on neutral judges. The whole audience is the judge. I do not want to respond the ad hominem attacks. They have no relevance here. The efficacy of your techniques has not been certified by any academic body for you to pass judgments about others. Every one of you passing comments has been anonymous and your qualifications are unknown.

    • Mr Nayak, the whole world knows that you keep on changing your claims and goal posts every fortnight. We are afraid that even after you lose, you may say that this is also a trial version and will come up with better fool proofs. This is what you said in your last comments. Hence we require a Neutral judges to decide and at the same time we don’t want to drag the challenge. The truth should come out to the public very soon.

      As you said, the audience are the main judges in a normal scenario because they are not challenging us. In your case, it is a crystal clear challenge. We are not here for arguments. We are ready to take up your challenge with our initial terms and conditions which is mentioned below.

      1. Neutral judge will be allowed to test the kids. we or you should not enter the stage at any movement.

      2. As you are claiming that Rs.5 Lakhs will be awarded to the kids who perform the activities. we wanted to place your Rs.5 Lakhs cash first on the table and then we will place our Rs. 50,000 on the same table.

      There are no compromises in the above 2 points. If you are not ready for our challenge, then go ahead and do your campaigns and at the same time, we will also do our campaigns in a different way and we’ve already started from yesterday which you are also aware of it.

      Best of luck!!!

      • Ms. Kiran, please let us know of your campaign. We wish to join it.

        I must admit, Mr. Nayak has shown us a great way to earn Rs. 50,000 in a day. Just take on a matter which you find fancy, use the word “Magic/ Fad/ Fraud” and keep increasing the conditions and implications, and grab the security money.
        And wow, he does it legally. He is a true rationalist, no doubt left. He deserves being a president of the rationalist association.

        We can also prove Mr. Nayak’s brain can not calculate. We will make him multiply a 7 digit number (like 3902133) with a 10 digit number (9383839303).
        And if he says he can multiply 2×2, we blame it on Magic!
        Point proved, isn’t it?

        Our leaders raised a bill of Rs. 270 crore by overstaying at luxury hotels, and we taxpayers pay it, and that is not a Scam.
        Unilevar polluted our environment by allowing handling mercury openly, employees have died and suffered. Not a rupee in compensation, and no, that is not a Scam.

        Scam is, when a person enables kids to have a specialised practice that increases communication power of the brain, for a once in a lifetime fee.

  • The proposed test is simple and impartial. The predicted results obvious, the scam will be exposed.
    There is no wonderful story, there is no Henry Sugar, we live in the real world, thank G…um no wait, doesn’t exist…thank goodness?
    Scammers, you better run and hide.

  • sir,
    It is true that the audience are the best judges of any event.But what is needed is a neutral person/body to conduct the whole event, so that all parties amicably settle down and find out the truth.

  • Kiran,
    please elaborate on the way you are campaigning ,so that people can support you for your cause. I also request Mr,Naik to enlighten us on the event in Delhi press club,exposing midbrain activation is nonsense. Parents all over the country are watching and waiting for the outcome of the challenge.

  • I have discovered a similar technology like this which is called Mid-Groin Technology. I can challenge the scientists of Mid-Brain that my technology is better than theirs. In this technology there is no need of eyes at all, our candidates see through their Groins using Sonar Technology. I will pay them double the amount Prof. Narendra Nayak has announced and they don’t need to pay any deposit.

  • Mr BE, if you say this is magic let it be, if you say this is trick let it be and if you say this is science let it be the same. BUT WE DON’T CARE. Are you ready to take our challenge? Yes or No. No more arguments.

    The Neutral judge is far better than your OWN media, celebrity or doctor. If you think that you can easily manipulate the media, then what Mr Nayak is doing all these days? This is the question for you to answer.

    May be you can bring your own magicians to the challenging event. We will put the patch to their face also. Let them find a hole in the patch to peek around the venue.

  • The people saying that Narendra Nayak is changing goalposts are not realizing that it takes just one test to disprove something, while hundreds or thousands of tests cannot “prove” something empirical (not math). When the basic argument is that the person who are doing these “blind” readings are cheating and are trying to see through the gaps in the blindfold by any means possible, of course they will devise new tricks to get away with it. Whether it be to apply grease or whatever it takes. The tester needs to make his tests tighter and tighter. The tester is not claiming infallibility of his tests, but claiming that the blind reader is cheating, so trashing Narendra Nayak’s testing mechanism does not mean anything. Nayak will gladly accept that his tests are not infallible. He will keep improving it, but as long as the claimant fails one of the tests, his lie is out! Look at Lance Armstrong, and his own explanations on how he cheated the doping system. Passing tests does not mean you were not cheating.

    • If you see his Kozhikode event full video, he has clearly mentioned that eye patch is the best way to test kids. And who ever do the blindfold reading through the eye patch, he will grant Rs.5 Lakhs to the performers. Then why didn’t he give so far? THE ANSWER IS ‘TESTING NEW MECHANISM’. What an answer sir!

      If he is really wanted to test the new mechanisms, then the old performer deserves the grant money FIRST.

      Do not just support because he is known to you. The moment you realize this is not cheating, you will be astonished and regret back.

      • Kiran, I dont care about the 5 lakhs. For me that is not what is important. I saw the Kozhikode video. I saw how the girl and the boy who were reading through the blindfold suddenly couldn’t once the patch was applied!! Suddenly the midbrain activity was undone! What does that mean?? They were bluffing all the time! They were cheating! Is this what we want to teach our children? To lie and to cheat? If this was really true, why the hell are they doing this on children with perfect vision?? Why arent we curing the blind? publish a research paper and get a nobel prize! Being able to see without your eyes, this should be earth shattering discovery! And instead we want to give 5 lakhs to somebody who knows how to cheat? Absolute shame!

        • Absolute Shame? You used the right word. Let’s keep this aside for a moment. The moment you realise that this is not a cheat after the challenging event, you will ask yourself for whom the ‘SHAME AWARD’ goes to.

          You just accept the challenge. Then we will prove how blind child and normal children can do this. Are you ready for the challenge with our initial terms and conditions? If not, then better stop the set-up job.

          I already posted my initial T&C in this forum.

  • The moment a magician comes in the midbrain activation gang will scoot. They are thoroughly cut up with these people for ascribing supernatural colours to a centuries old magic trick.

    • You seem to have a special affection towards magicians and their progress. We can see a connect. Rationalists and Magicians. Two groups with common business interests joining hands together because they feel threatened by activities children can do. Why?

      If you think the magicians can perform the same way how our children can do, then need to go our fool proof tests in order to prove it is magic. The moment you realize this is not a magic trick, you and your magicians will scoot from the venue. All the fool proof conditions will be the same for both of them.

      I would recommend you to not waste time for unnecessary arguments in this forum. Are you ready for our challenge with our initial terms and conditions? Yes or No.

  • Mr Nayak

    It seems that it is difficult for you now to move back.
    You have not answered pouch demos given by children. It is not a magic trick. No way you can claim it as a magic trick.
    Children are sensing colours with skin. You can not deny it only on the ground that no scientific explanation is available as on today. Science behind it will be answered by scientists may be after 1 year or 10 years. But you can not argue that it should not be taught.
    In the history of mankind, more are the occasions that application comes first, science behind it is found later. May be 1 year or 100 years.
    Guys, No need to convince Mr Nayak.
    He is jumping on different points now. Rather than to accept that he knowingly or unknowingly targeted very new concept science behind which is yet to be found.

  • This is a claim made by every quack. You prove that you can read through the skin after a proper blind fold is applied. These claims have been disproved long back and every blind fold reading trick performer child who has been properly tested has failed. If you think it can be done you can prove it and take my 5 lakh grant for further ‘scientific research’ and prove it to be genuine.

  • This response is only For people who believe and are open to accept that sensory power works. Others don’t read it………..Useless arguments with people who just don’t want to understand and accept reality. They keep on jumping points and their individual opinions. Sorry but this includes Dr. Nayak. I must say such people are Not at fault, they haven’t yet opened up to the possibilities that may exist. Everyone evolves on his/her own, can’t force too much. Everything is scientific whether available in text books or not and even some posts on this very thread have the details but rigidity will never allow some people to be open towards that. If such simple things can’t be understood forget about many more things that need real evolution. As they say “Teacher appears when Student is ready. Never get involve in an idiot level argument, you will be dragged down to their level and beaten by their experience”. I’m repenting why I visited this site. Closed minded group.

  • To all people who are so much confident about mid brain activation .. if u believe u r genuine why don’t u take challenge of 5 lakhs to prove Mr Nayak wrong. . I Wish Genius Mind Academy , Brain Gym and all mid brain activation players to take up this Challenge and proof Mr Nayak wrong. Infact now most of companies offering mid brain activation for adultds also .. I am sure by now all activated kidds would have become their school toppers as there brain has increased it efficiency.

  • Dear all,

    I must say after analyzing the all the post here very closely,

    All and everything happening there is just for cheap publicity by mr. narendra to get more and more popularity and to develop a image like very good and honest person in the people around him, most of the post are done by his fellows itself.

    I have tested mid-brain students by different expert peoples from various fields and media and I can say that there is no cheating done by any child, may be mr narendra have not meet any expert of mid-brain trainer group.

    This whole thread is just for cheap publicity…

  • Thanks Nayak for doing this workshop. I had initially considered putting my daughter in one of these places. Now I know better. You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work. Society really needs people like you.

    • Ajin, We are sorry to say this. The society do not require people like this. Proving right is wrong and wrong is right! You want these people? Better read all the comments in this forum before posting here.

      If you still don’t understand, then this is a set up job.

      • Yes, I agree the midbrain activation is a setup! I have showed it to my friends too! And they all agree with me. The video is obvious that it uncovers the cheats! I think the clinching moment in the video, is when the lady ( i think it was the mother) walks up to the boy after he fails to read with an eye patch, and asks him in malayalam, “can you read?” to which, he says, “No, I can’t”. And she replies, “Ok, that’s all I wanted to know” Its that moment in the video, which underlies the true purpose, when you suddenly begin to realise that it was all a big scam! That moment when a mother realises that her son was lying to her all the while! And that she actually paid someone to make him to do this to her! The moment you realise that you can be so gullible!

        • If you are very sure that the method of MBA is to peek through the blindfold, then why not accept our challenge?

          I don’t want to listen to all the past stories. How much ever we speak, we can’t change the past. Moreover your boss told that, Kozhikode event was just a trial version. So let’s accept the new challenge and prove the entire world who is right or wrong.

          • Hi Kiran,

            Unfortunately I dont have 5 lakhs, else I would have. You should accede to Narendra Nayak’s challenge for that.

            Personally I think I’ll just wait to see you collecting the nobel prize. What are you waiting for? Do it man! The blind can see with your help! Give them a life! Stop wasting time here. The world needs you.


        • Ajin,

          I totally agree with what you say, because I was one such father. I got convinced by the salesman of one such institute. I then sent my son to this midbrain activation place and was initially thrilled and shocked at what my son was doing. I was one proud father, beaming and showing off my midbrain activated son to my friends and family. One of my friends showed me this video, and after seeing it I decided to test my son too. I didnt have a patch or anything, so I covered his eyes with a handkerchief, but put my fingers under the kerchief so that any gaps beneath were covered, and to my utter surprise, he stopped reading!! I got pissed, and when I questioned him further he laid out all the truth! He was always reading through the gaps beneath the blindfold! For two weeks, we both wouldnt talk to each other. I was pissed and he was embarrassed. I can’t believe I paid someone to put this wedge between me and my son! I will work to spread this news far and wide and make sure noone gets duped again.

  • I am glad that people have started seeing the reality behind the tall claims of these ‘midbrain activation’ scamsters. Please pass the message around so that more people do not fall into their traps.

  • What is the claim?
    Child can sense colours in a closed pouch. Why are you insisting on putting blindfold? when a child is doing it in a closed pouch.

    No one wants to take your challenge because you change your words.
    First give 5 lac to child who performed with swimming goggles on.
    Then give 5 lac to the child who did it with medical tapes on.
    After that keep your new challenge of 5 lac. As you have found a new tool to check blindfold. This must be new challenge then.

    See children are sensing colours with skin. You are sceptical about they cheat while they are doing blindfold. Now show how they cheat in pouch while sensing colours with skin. No way you can prove it as a magic trick, therefore you are again and again turning to blindfold. Science behind it will be found may be 1 year or 10 years.
    But you can not deny that children are sensing colours with skin.

    Benefits of it to a child is a totally different issue.

  • To all dear friends,
    watching this debate for a long time.I now feel there is less life in this debate,because nothing concrete is coming out of it .No one company is challenging the issue.why? Is Mr Naik right, or company like GMA right.?None are coming on a single platform.

    Difficult to judge anything.

  • Who are you to ask? Did you sign any agreement? It is my money and it is clearly specified that an agreement has to be signed.

    • Then who are you to challenge us? Why should we take the challenge from you? We don’t even know whether you keep your Rs.5 Lakhs or not. How to trust you? Before we sign with your terms and conditions, you should also accept our terms and conditions. Do you think we are afraid of this challenge? NOT AT ALL.

  • It is because you are not ready to see the concept.
    You can not discard pouch demos. Children are sensing with skin. That you can not deny.
    Therefore again and again you are turning to blindfold.

  • After a long search of around 6months, today morning i was about to finalise MB franchise. But unfortunately came across Mb Scam article and got very upset. But now after reading this whole comment section, am more firm than before to take up this noble concept. Thanks a lot to all you supporters for your valuable replies

  • Good work. Fraud is fully exposed. Keep it up.
    Among the negetive/discouraging comments that this post recieved, the majority, i think, is from the accomplices of the fraudster, the next might be from fraudsters in another field and also, might be, from husband/wife who tries to fruad the other by using his/her child

  • Mr Nayak
    Reading this blog long time.
    When child did it with blindfold, you said goggles are best to prevent peeking.
    When child did it with goggles, you said medical tapes are best to prevent it.
    When child did it with medical tapes on, you said it is not enough. You started for a new device.
    Now when child started sensing reverse cards, you said it is a magic trick.
    Now when they are sensing it with skin in a closed pouch, again you will claim that it is a magic trick? Yes? Why are you insisting on putting a blindfold when child is doing it in a closed pouch.
    Mr Maurya had posted a video of a blind girl. I read your remarks about it. You put such remarks, that…… You could not answer video of a blind girl, Mr Nayak.
    You blocked people whom you could not answer. I read your debate with Mark and Alex.
    What you are challenging Mr Nayak? Brain is a complicated organ. Secrets of different powers of brain are yet be revealed.
    Now whole world is turning towards use of both brains. All will see it in the coming years. You challenged theory as it came from japan. I read your comments about the scientists who worked in this field. It showed nothing but what levels you can get down.
    Probably you will accept it after it will be accepted by US and the West. But do some more research. It already started there in US and in the West.
    You please don’t worry about existing anatomy and medical science. Scientists will find out the reasons behind it. They will not discard existing accepted theories. They will fit new concepts in the accepted theories. Even some new unexplained things were there in the history of science including law of gravitation. Scientists found the reasons later and fitted it in the accepted theories.
    Your people are again and again asking to win the Nobel for this discovery. People who are teaching it can’t win Nobel for it. As they have not invented the technique. But it can’t prevent people from teaching it and using it. All drivers in the world need not innovate new car. They must be trained drivers. That is enough to use a car.
    I really do not want to visit your site. But I don’t want your group make people not understand other side of the story. People supporting you are your members only. People answering you are from different backgrounds. They have understood the importance of the concept.
    You criticize false or misguiding marketing. Definitely it must not be there.
    But you criticize the entire concept and defame it and defame committed people working in the field, then it must be answered.

    First of all, I am a parent. I will see that my child gets best courses taught in the world. And I don’t want future generation of my country miss the opportunity of learning such excellent things in their most suitable age because of your false propaganda. So I am answering on this blog which I don’t want to visit.

    • Just a casual browser on this site…but seriously….to anyone with even a class 6 level knowledge of biology…its obvious that Alex made a total fool of himself with his mindless copy pastes of quack websites which he did not even read probably..and wishing Subin luck with NASA…that was hilarious. Suggest you listen to Kiran before you do the same…

      • The world is more than what you learn in text books. The people who depends only on textbooks are like frog in a well. They think the well is the world and dont see beyond.

    • Well said Kavita. All are their members only. They are trying to save themselves because it is difficult for them to go back and accept this is not magic.

      Mr Nayak, it’s time for you to accept the challenge. Or else accept that this is not a magic trick.

  • Many more midbrain companies should respond to make things transparent before the general public.. Silence over this issue is not expected from companies who are engaged in such philanthropic work in our society.

  • Dear Mr Nayak
    I have been following you very closely on this blog. Here are few open questions to you. I would appreciate if you could answer them.
    1. You claim children cheat wid blindfolds by peeking……..Agreed which makes sense according to your claims. R u ready to accept the children who do it without blindfold by touching or sensing the objects inside the pouch or below a non transparent bowl……..Will u plz clarify your stand on this point?
    2. Do u really feel adults are also taught to cheat as u claim for kids. Are the adults who are able to do blindfold activities fools to pay fees for the workshop and accept learn to cheat?
    3. Wat would be your stand if the process gets scientific basis through research? Would you also come to one of our workshops and undertake our course?
    4. The last but not the least…… claim on the social media to have done so much charity and donations to the poor kids and proudly put it up on the FB page. A person who really wants to do good to the society will not do publicity by himself the society would b doing it for him. In your case I feel you really have an huge Attention Seeking Syndrome dats the reason you are outrightly publicing the Process negatively. Plz you yourself look at the videos that you have posted claiming to have exposed the fraud.. ……the way you have handled the kids. You have really manhandled them in a very inhuman way. Just think about the psychological trauma you have inflicted on them. You really need an introspection to expose yourself rather than anyone else.

    • Dear Aarohi,
      I am also following this blog for more than 2 months.It is really difficult to understand what is right and what is wrong. Actually the purpose of following this blog is to know which companies are truly doing the midbrain activation.we want to take a franchise for midbrain activation if at all any co. is truly providing it. I have seen many advertisements of GMA,ICEBERG. ETC. I have even mailed them about this blog and expected them to reply. But till date no well known co. is responding and taking up the challenge of Mr. Naik. May be it is not their concern to reply.I also requested Mr.Naik to enumerate on the Delhi press club event where he claims to have exposed the scam.A lawyer also seems to have lodged an per this blog. No one is trying to come to a common platform and prove the truth, which is very saddening.

  • If MB activation is not a fun, there are possibility that MB activated children’s will score 100/100 in the exam, because, even the books are kept far away from them, suppose in their bags/shelves, they will activate MB and answer 100/100. Their service may be utilized for the nation, and the MB trainers/volunteers should be sent to the JK border to caution the militant moments and help our nation. There is lot to do such as Meteorite warning, under water explorations in the Sea, Medical scanning-identify the defective parts of body, Find the new planet /new solar system and etc…

    Skin senses the color? Good joke!

  • Mr Pannaichan

    Need not answer such points raised. But still answering.

    You all are losing battle. What is the claim?
    A child can sense colours inside a pouch by touch.
    Why Mr Nayak is insisting to put blindfold in case of closed pouch. To claim that blindfold was not proper so the child identified colours in closed pouch?

    Why are you jumping to different points which are not claimed.

    Mr Nayak ridiculed blind child demo posted before.
    what if it can be shown that blind child can sense colours by touch.

  • Mr gsankar

    What I conclude with Mr Nayaks campaign that these people want public attention. Nothing else.

    If truly interested in understanding the truth, these people would have had visited centres before writing or bombarding anything. Such invitations were given by few centres to these people.
    Mr Nayak has defamed people working in this field without knowing them calling them fraud and cheat.
    Soon it will be clear to the world who are fraud and cheat.
    Need not answer Mr Nayak and his people. They want to be in front of people.

    Stand of companies and people working in this field will be put in front of people.

    • If I have defamed people ‘working’ in the field they are welcome to go ahead and sue for it. I have not named any individual but they can wear it if the cap fits.
      As for seeking publicity I do not run a shop to lure gullible parents to admit their children to a so called sled improvement course which teaches children to lie. There are enough and more videos on the net showing children performing ‘blindfolded’ stunts with the shopkeepers, their servants and foolish parents applauding them.
      Do not keep on ranting and raving about things about which you do not know anything. No child was dragged on to the stage- in fact they were pushed there by their ambitious parent/s despite of their reluctance and my caution that it could result in humiliation of the child.
      As for the pouch it has already been mentioned in conditions,it will be a double sleeve one and the specifications for identification of items placed therein have already been defined.It will not be the type used in the demonstration which you people have shown with props given by you.Go ahead and apply for the grant if the conditions are acceptable to you.
      As for the grant to those who claim to have done blind fold reading- who are you to press forward claims on behalf of others? Did they give you any GPA or something? None has come forward to apply for the grant so far and even to take up the challenge when it was on.
      Who do you represent? Are you an individual or are you running one of these fraud shows? As far as I can see none of the individuals commenting here on behalf of the fraud called as midbrain activation have revealed their identity except for one Vinoj Surendran who chickened out after accepting the challenge.

  • To all Dear friends here,
    can any one share the link of Mr. Mouryas blind girl performing.Unfortunately ,I could not trace it out in the blog.

    I also request Miss Kiran to share link of pouch performance to enlighten us on the issue.If no one takes up your challenge in this blog,than we will never come to know about it. I request you to be a more generous and share it with all.
    It does not matter what one Mr Naik feels about the midbrain activation hoax/scam. Let the people decide after seeing everything.

    I strongly feel that no one is going to take up your challenge in this forum.Than what next?Should we all leave it just like that?

    I also request you to give a specific date within which your challenge should be taken up by anyone. If no one accepts your challenge within that specific date than automatically all claims by others will be invalid befor the general public.

    I am saying all these because a challenge can not remain open for so long without being accepted.

  • Dated: 11.09.2015
    The SHO,
    PS: Dwarka south,
    New Delhi


    The Commissioner of Police
    Police Headquarters
    ITO, New Delhi


    Ms. Maneka Gandhi
    Hon’ble Cabinet Minister
    Ministry of Women & Child Development
    Shastri Bhawan,
    Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,
    New Delhi 110001

    Complaint/Information for the offence of Cheating impersonating against Mr. Amit Mukherjee as he failed to show the certificate or degree that he is a psychologist as they are running their business in the name of Mind Mine Academy and gave the psychological treatment.

    1. That, On 10-09-2015, I have visited the Mindmine Academy – Dwarka, C/o ARSHA Global Education Solutions, H-973, Palam Extn, Ramphal Chowk, Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075. This institution/ Academy is claiming to be the expert of Brain Education for children’s below the age of 15 years for the development, enhancement and full utilization of the full capability of the human brain through Brain Activation methodology.
    2. There, I met Mr. Amit Mukherjee who claimed to be the Director of the aforesaid institution. On the bilateral talk with him for about 45 minutes he told me about the working of his academy/institution in details which involves the concept, origin, and vision etc of the courses they hold at the above said institution.
    3. Although he tried to present positive picture of the working and concept of his academy and the courses they conduct under the name and style of Mindmine Academy but simultaneously I came to know through his mouth only that the courses which they are conducing are not recognized neither affiliated by any of the Ministry in India either State or Central, further their courses are even not recognized by any Government department especially from Ministry Of Human Resource Development, Ministry Of family and Health, Ministry Of women and child welfare, Board of Education, AICTE, UGC, MCI etc, even no registered private organization or association recognize them in India.
    4. That, he claimed that the courses which they are conducting are based on scientific research done by some experts in South Korea and Japan, and they derived this concept from South Korea only and are receiving technical knowhow from a registered association based in South Korea. But they failed to show any document, certificate, contract etc. which can prove that they are actually affiliated from alleged South Korean Association, they even denied revealing the name of that association.
    5. That on asking about the Trainers in their academy he inform me that he himself is a trainer and two more persons are also with him who are also work as a trainer in the afore said Academy. But the strange fact is that none of them poses any kind of degree in Psychology, and neither of them is Psychiatrist, Neurologist, Pediatric psychologist, Developmental Psychologist, Behavioral Scientist. Even they don’t have such experts on their panel yet they are dealing with the sensitive issues related to the Human Psychology especially on Children’s below the age of 15 years.
    6. They claims himself to be expert in treating the children’s and further states in their About Us page of their website that “We are also dedicated to promote and provide professional counselling and mentoring as a solution to all kinds of parenting, behavioural, inter-personal, psychological, work-related problems and challenges. Mr. Amit Mukherjee and their team is now referred as “Offender”.
    7. That, earlier I was not aware that Mr. Amit Mukherjee and their team is not a qualified doctor or psychologist, but they are completely indulging in giving the psychotherapy treatment to the children’s below the age of 15 years as they claimed. They further claimed as written in their website, in the web page named as Brain Programs/ sub page Programs that his training is adopted by Duke University Psychologist proven by Dr. Fredic – myers & Dr. I.J.B. Rhine but they have failed to show any certificate issued by them, or any degree in psychology or registered as Psychiatrist with the Delhi Medical Council as they claimed that they give psychotherapist treatment.
    8. They said and claimed that they have all the certificates and permissions but failed to show, in this case the police investigation is very much necessary to ascertain the correct facts as for practising psychology also the person should have a degree in BSC or MSC in Psychology from recognised university.
    9. They said that they have given treatment and training to almost 150 students and 25 students are currently taking training and treatment from them. If they don’t have the specialised knowledge in the above said field then the children’s may suffer severe mental problems, sleeping disorders etc.
    10. The offender’s may give wrong and improper treatment to the children’s of the society. On the basis of above said information I am of the considered opinion that such Academy/ institutions are playing with the future of country as they are working with the mind of children’s without having any License / Permission / Affiliation / Recognisation from the Government. It is a serious violation of Child Rights as defined in the Constitution of India along with various Laws presently in enforcement meant for the protection of Child Rights, Child Health, Mental Health, Child Welfare etc. for this continuous illegal exercises the police may not give permission.
    I request you to investigate the matter and demand the following certificates:
    a) Certificate given by Duke University Psychologist as they claimed that they are trained by Dr. Fredic – Myers & Dr. I.J.B.
    b) Degree of Psychology of Mr. Amit Mukherjee and their team.
    c) List of students trained by them and investigate whether the children’s have suffered mental or sleeping disorders as the treatment was given by unqualified personnel’s.
    d) Permission by the government for running these kinds of institutes/training schools.
    e) Certificate issued under Mental Health Act as they are claiming that they treat the children’s and treat they mental balance, and give psychotherapist treatment.
    If they failed to provide the above said certificate, degree, diploma, or permission then they are liable to be prosecuted under section 419, 420, 406 Indian Penal Code.

    Yours faithfully

    Milan Kuchhal, Advocate
    Chamber No.560, Lawyers Block
    Patiala House Court,
    New Delhi

  • Dear All
    I have already registered my complaint with the above said adresses (in my above reply to this post)regarding the midbrain activation activities.
    revealing the truth of people working without having license or necessary permissions from goverment bodies for Psycological treatment/ neurological therapy etc.
    Milan Kuchhal, Advocate

  • Mr . Advocate.. Imo ..No use of ur complaint because there is no psychological or neurological therapy conducted in such training i go through such programs that purely based on different relaxation meditation , they teach children how to relax and how to run bicycle on road i think there is no claim about habitual practice..blindfold is part of there meditation ..but after proper practice mostly children doing pouch job very fluently …how so ?? they also do card sensing , under bowl thing very well ..

    If you are complaining about such practicing method you are doing big mistake..because 90% people from india using different meditation and relaxation technique guided by there gurus ..and they are well reputed like shree ramdev babaji,shree shree ravi Shankarji, as per my knowledge all such kind of meditation for body and soul 100% effective ..that means if people getting lots of benefit for there mind and body by performing such thing whats the problem ?? brain controls every thing and while doing such meditations some kind of changes happen in brain function like.. changes in brain waves or brain state that mean every meditation exercise conducted by various gurus affected or alter brain state ..

    so my question is that… why don’t you file complaint against such reputed gurus ?? they too don’t having psychological or neurological associated degrees nor they are scientist ..

    Also i like to note you that there are lots of hypnotherapist , healers , advance yoga peoples also come under same categories ..and they did excellent job till now by successful treating lots of people..

    Mr advocate.. why don’t you give guidance to respective Mr.Nayak and co. ?

    There are lots of under sections in law for harassment of innocent children , misguiding people , threatening peoples , Managing stage for popularity ..

    Kindly suggest you to watch video of great people like Nassim haramian , Gregg Barden, Mark Passio , david icke.

    Good Luck !!! May god bless u..

  • And people exposed Mr. Nayak by using fake names. The questions are not answered by Mr. Nayak, but it is being excused that the names are fake… Mind blowing indeed.

    But we don’t blame Mr. Nayak. He is President of a rationalist association, so it becomes his duty to act like this. I doubt, if he himself thinks its a fraud. But he has to do it, because its his position.

    If I was made President of Vegetarians’ association, I would have to oppose Non-veg even if I eat it weekly, isn’t that a fact?

  • Thanks for your pearls of wisdom Mr. Midbrain which I presume is your ‘real’ name.
    With that incorporated into your name itself no wonder you are defensive about the scam. How about trying to change it so that you can see the truth. By the way one need not react to each barking dog.

    • Anything that makes a claim without any evidence particularly things like telling all about your child based on a thumb print has to be considered as a fraud until proved otherwise. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. The perpetrators are just exploiting the gullibility and anxiety of the parents about theirs child’s future.

  • I don’t know why you guys still giving so much of importance to this blog . Way back I have mentioned they are just looking for some trivial publicity.

    A person who doubts the powers of Swami Vivekananda, by saying if he would have be alive he would have asked him about his powers. what you can expect from such a person ?

    And don’t expect all the parents to believe in the concept, those who will benefit from the program will believe in the concept those who will not benefit will not believe in the concept simple, its a rule in this material world.
    Instead of wasting time here proving the concept of to someone who does not believe in anything if there is no “logic” to it it is just a waste of time. Instead utilize this time to work on the growth of children.

    Let him say WHATEVER he wants to…does it make a difference ? History is never created without “THE CRITICS”

    And for the parents instead of getting into these confusion, IF you really want to try these classes for your kids go ahead and make them do the class…And if you don’t want them to do it don’t make them do this class…that’s it..just make sure the place and the trainer is genuine.
    stop wasting your time here by giving this blog unnecessary publicity…enough said and done…there are better things to do…

    Mr. Nayak & team you can say whatever you feel like now…as usual…

  • The same applies to you too. I wonder why a person of your stature condescended to reply to the comments here.
    May be better sense will prevail and you will shut forever. By the way I wonder what makes you the sole representative of all the scamsters. For your kind information the latest issue of a leading magazine of Karnataka carries a public apology of a lady who had made a write up about the wonders of midbrain activation and realised her mistake.

  • This is for info to all.
    The Sudha write up and thereafter
    One of the leading weekly magazines of Karnataka had carried in its September issue a write up about midbrain activation by Nagarathna Govindannavar which was praising this fraud and was according to some a literal translation of some blurb of midbrain activation enterprises on the net. Anyway, the photos were! It was recommended as a pathway to increasing the intelligence etc! I was quite furious reading it and contacted B.M.Haneef who is its editor and explained to him as to what a fraud it was.
    In the next issue in its letters to the editor column, the same magazine carried three rejoinders – one by someone from Davangere who explained how his friends son who was ‘midbrain activated’ got into problems of nocturnal enuresis, addiction to TV and when shown to a pediatrician was diagnosed as problems due to this procedure and the parents were told that they should not have gone for it. The next letter was from a magician who said that the piece de resistance of the midbrain activation scamsters, blind fold seeing was just a magic trick and did not need any such procedure. The third one was mine in which I had explained how it was a fraud and the originator of the same was a fraud with a degree from a degree mill and fake awards. I had also stated as to how we had exposed in Kerala and the same had resulted in closure of the shops there.
    The present issue of the same magazine has now carried a clarification by the author of the first write up in which she says:
    I am surprised by the rejoinders and seek pardon
    For a write up criticism is as important as appreciation. Only when this happens, one comes to know about the mistakes that have been committed.
    I was taken aback by the rejoinders to my write up on midbrain activation. This was because I had put mu child through this process. Since there were no problems I thought it would be appropriate to tell others about the same and hence made the write up. When I read about the negative effects of the same I felt sorry that I too had joined the ranks of parents who had been cheated by the network of cheating.
    I beg pardon from all readers and the Sudha group and thank all those who have promptly reacted to my write up and have made me aware of the facts.
    Nagarathna Govindannavar.

  • This is to inform and open Invitation to Mr. Narendra Nayak , Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti , Advocate Milan Kucchal and those who have objection in Mid brain Science .

    That FRAMBE – Federation of Research Association for Mind and Brain Education ( Association Made by all Mid Brain Industry From India ) Conducting Third Party Survey from FROST ( Forum for Research In Oriental Science & Technology, Pune ) at Pune tentatively on 16 Oct by Demonstrating Blind fold with Goggle , Eye Patch , Pouch , Reverse Card , Under Bowl in front of Scientist , Government body like Police Department, Press , Media and other. so that they will Decide whether these kids are cheating or not ? No Interference of any other party like midbrain peoples or those who have objections on such science.

    SO Yours Presence should be very Necessary on such grate event .
    Event Date tentatively on 16 Oct if any changes will Declare Soon or keep in touch with Mr. Anubhav Arora ( GMA ) –FRAMBE President , Mr. Atul Takle, (Midbrain Power) Thane – FRAMBE Maharashtra Head, for further queries .

    Thank You

    • Heh. So you are giving a 3 day notice to travel for a “tentative” date, choosing to post in a forum that might not be tracked on a daily basis rather than contacting people directly, for an event in a distant city, at a sympathetic rather than a critical forum, whose address you have not listed?

      That sounds quite cowardly. Why can’t you announce at least one month in advance, with a definite date, at a critical venue like a good university? How many local rationalists in Pune have you invited so far?

  • Thanks a lot for the kind invitation to ‘grate’ event. Enjoy yourselves by doing stupid tricks for an audience as idiotic as you. I wonder who are ‘grate’ people who are going to vouch for your fraudulent tricks. I do hope that FRAMBE and FROST will be soon granted the status of world renowned centers of learning.
    You could also invite the Nobel prize award committee for the next year as this years have been already announced- otherwise you would have got this years itself. But, I don’t known whether they will be able to come from all over world on a three days notice for a tentative program to be held at a undisclosed location(probably a foot path or something).
    I have to consider myself lucky that I came to know about this ‘grate’ earth shaking event as I had exercised my option of notifying followup comments by email.Otherwise my dim intellect would not even be aware of this scintillating display of extraordinary genius.

  • That is a wonderful news. FRAMBE a fancy name just like midbrain activation. When one digs deeper nothing valuable inside just like the official website. don’t dare to click any where in the links
    you will know what is inside. empty links. a website created in a hurry with no contents and a you tube channel with whooping subscriber list of 00000001 and uploaded videos of 00000001.

    just like midbrain demos. don’t ask questions just witness us fooling you and emptying your pocket.
    It is really a good dcision not to include magicians in the testing team. That much activated the mudbrains are . All the best with fooling and cheating.

    It is really a good tactic not to give any contact details of the great president and others. Who knows some body may get in touch with ……

    • The audacity of this web-site is breathtaking. It screams fraud at so many levels.

      – It looks like the domain name was registered just a couple of months ago and the empty home page was last edited a couple of weeks ago.

      – Spelling on the web site is as atrocious as Mayank Chadda’s. It appears to be so hastily put together that they even misspelled FRAMBE as FEAMBE in several places. BENIFETS, BORD MEMBER, PLNEAL GLAND, USEFULL, CHILDRENIN, BEST PRACTISE, DIFFRENT.

      – It claims to be a sponsor of a legitimate fund raising event – “21st Annual Music Festival for Brain Health”. The event does not (obviously) list FRAMBE as a donating sponsor.

      – They took a legitimate neuroscience center “Staglin IMHRO Center for Cognitive Neuroscience” and added Frambe to it, making it “The Staglin-Frambe Center for Cognitive Neuroscience”. Obviously Dr. Susan Bookheimer who actually works there would not have ever heard of Frambe, as wouldn’t other researchers, whose blurbs and photos have been lifted from their pages.

      – All I can find for FROST is that it was announced a couple of years ago in a blogspot page. They seem to have organized a “Vedic Science” workshop in Pune (interestingly, Frambe website lists Vedic Math).

      Let’s see if we hear from Anubhav Arora and Atul Takle, who will insist that they are not a footpath organization and have indeed funded the event and the UCLA lab.

      • I sent an email to Dr. Susan Bookheimer

        Dr. Bookheimer,
        A seemingly fraudulent web site lists you as their researcher
        along with a couple of other researchers. It is a hastily put together web site with several errors. There is no content, mis-spellings galore.

        Could you briefly confirm that you know of no organization called FRAMBE and that there is no such thing as The Staglin-Frambe Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at UCLA.

        This came up in context of some investigation, the Indian rationalist community has been doing over a fraud called: Mid-Brain Activation.


        >>>>>> She replied succinctly right away…

        There is no such thing as the frambe center

        Sent from my iPhone

        Susan Bookheimer, PhD
        Joaquin Fuster Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
        UCLA School of Medicine


        @Milan Kuchhal
        This is very intentional fraud. If it does come to a court case, I permanently saved a snapshot of their web page in the Wayback Machine. So if they later remove/change researchers from their home page, you (or someone else) still have proof to submit. Remember that all researchers are willing to help in cases like these, and can respond to a judge’s query. Try to keep your interactions brief, as they tend to be very busy.


        As a science guy, I don’t think of heavens and hells. But I almost wish there is, because there would be a special place in hell to fry these bottom feeders and vultures who live off scamming little kids and their parents.

        • OK. It gets really hilarious at this point.

          I did a little more digging and website is an exact copy of

          They just replaced all IMHRO with FAMBRE and made some minor tweaks (menu text, video link etc).

  • Whether its fancy or Grate event ? people don’t care , at last it see that midbrain industries ready for battle . its really good news .

    We people wish that hidden truth will come out soon whether Rationalist playing hidden Agenda behalf of ………………………. ? ( purposely left blank bec. Smart people know how to fill in the blank ).

    Or would innocent children like to show and say something to the world about their extraordinary talent ?

    @ Subin Please be claim and patience , bec. we all are witness Past on this blog what u capable of , and we all knows you fails every time against debate with Mark and Alex .

    For your kind information we everybody knows that what great magician capable of ? and we very well know how many categories of magician are there ? don’t give us example like Hon. James Randi.

    Subin pls read invitation again and again ,they clearly mention that children will going to perform various activity in front of scientist , Gov body , Police Dep., press and media.

    And ha i don’t see that there is some kind of tactic abt not to give contact details , they clearly mention responsible person and there company name , why don’t u contact them ? its very simple just google company name for there’s details.

    So Please wait and see what type of truth will come out soon..

    Best luck and Good Wishes for both parties !!

    • > Smart people know how to fill in the blank

      First, smart people, unlike you, know how to write. I have seen 419 scammers with better language skills than you.

      > its very simple just google company name for there’s details

      Right. We did. And “FRAMBE”‘s website is the very definition of fraud. Shame on you for dragging actual US researcher profiles into your scam for your greed. You drag India’s name into mud, like the 419 scammers did to Nigeria.

      > at last it see that midbrain industries ready for battle

      There is no “industry”. There is just a bunch of barely literate twits like you and your fellow scammers here that are desperately trying to create an illusion that there is an international organization called FRAMBE. Your astroturfing fools no one.

      > Best luck and Good Wishes for both parties !!

      Awww. How cute.

      You guys shouldn’t just be fined. You belong in prison for so blatantly defrauding so many kids and parents.

    • Since you are smart Mr. Prabhu please fill in the blank and help me who is not as blessed as you in that. So, children are going to perform various activities in front of ‘scientist , Gov body , Police Dep., press and media.’. So, all these are the beck and call of FRAMBE or what ever it is? Particularly the police department of Pune which has not found time to solve the murder of Dr.Dhabolkar which happened more than two years back!
      As for googling by now you know you know clearly what the results were! Anyway let me make it clear here that except for a few most have used pseudonyms or incomplete names to make their identities not known. I seem to be the only person who has kept his identity known from day one. Perhaps Mr. S.Prabhu you could reveal your identity before asking others to do that.
      The truth has come out long back and that is that midbrain activation is a scam run by crooks out to make a fast buck. Despite of being nailed many times these people are trying to hoodwink gullible parents by using children( not necessarily ‘innocent’) because I have found many of them are quite capable of lying- for reasons best known to themselves.

  • Dear All Concerned,
    Life has come back into this midbrain debate all of a sudden..

    There are certain points I want to raise,

    1.It is unfair to give a short notice of 4-5 days for the event .I personally know many who wish to attend such event to verify on their own, and than come to a conclusion.So the organizers are in haste and depriving many from being the eye witness of the event.A more wise decision would have been a 2 months notice.Train tickets are not always available.

    2.The organizers have not mentioned the address of the venue in Pune.In this case even the residents of Pune will not be aware where the event will be held.I suppose there are more than a dozen midbrain institute in Pune itself, catering to hundreds of children there.why should they be deprived of being witness to such event.

    3.It is good to notice that midbrain companies are associating together to answer rationalist group.So the time is nearing for either midbrain companies to exist OR rationalist group to exist ,on midbrain issues.

    4. The event should not be held in closed doors.Scientists, doctors,magicians,engineers,etc. should be invited and be present in the event.Government machinery, like police,retired judges,and national T.V.channels should also be invited.

    5.To the Lawyer friends in this forum
    T.V. channels like IBN 7 must be sued first, it is they who aired a national show months back, the link is

    if at all midbrain activation is proved to be a fraud.

    6.The website FRAMBE.ORG doesnot respond to any links such as contacts.

    7.It seems FRAMBE.ORG has been registered in US.So where is the office in India ? I request the organizers to be more composed and present their claims before the public.


  • @ Ravi …atleast show some kind of maturity Man , I m not from MB or Rationalist field , its our right to express our opinion in our own words on such blog so we did ? how u feel that every one came here to express there thought are from MB Field ? ur imagination is great !! what ur problem Man ? Learn Something from Nayakji , as per my observation he is sort of person like to fight face to face (Dashing Attitude )and practical human being that why he is so famous Rationalist .

    Don’t react from behind the wall , come out on road , show some good attitude like exposing MB People , lots of people like to see and know lot from u people.

    I appreciate your work and an enthusiasm shown by u , in a such short period u did post-mortem of FRAMBE website , people and did prediction…….WOW..Its Awesome !! Grt Going Man !!

    Why don’t u hack there website ? will get u lots of data for ur further research and debate whenever website will get ready.

    I agree my command on English language is week because i m Anguthachap so i request Nirmukta people add Hindi language option too , there are lots of people like me to express there view on such great blog .

    • Yes, I was quite harsh on you. I considered you an astroturfer, not a debater. If you are not, my apologies. If you are, I mean every word I said.

      I have been discussing with people on this site I strongly disagree with, but always considered their opinions to be honest and value my interactions with them. I did not however feel that several MBA supporters (not just you) in this particular article to be of that sort, based on my previous experiences with documented astroturfing efforts. I see plain scammers defending their product, not people with merely a difference of opinion. Of course, I could be wrong in that judgment.

      I did not criticize your English merely because you wrote terribly (many do in our country and that’s fine), but also in the context that you questioned other people’s intelligence if they did not accept your claims.

      “Smart people know how to fill in the blank”
      “we all knows you fails every time”

      So I felt my response was not too far off for the tone you employed yourself with others.

      If you can insinuate a corrupt motive on rationalists, why are you so hurt when the same allegation is pointed back to you?

  • The grate event is now care of thin air because the site of FRAMBE(or whatever it may be) is taken down or went out on its own or whatever it is: This is message:
    Not Found

    The requested URL /home was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    • > The grate event is now care of thin air


      I am getting a custom 404 now:

      Our website is coming soon.
      In the mean time connect with us with the information below

      keep on visiting our social networking sites

      So it was taken down, not off on its own.

  • What do you think? The grate event was fixed tentatively for 16th October, Did they say which year? It still remains grate and super human powers shall be shown some time or the other.

  • @ Ravi –what wrong if i stated like :- Smart peoples know how to fill in the blank -:, there are many people like u they not only act as smarty but they think themself as Nayakji..

    As per my thinking u r smart enough having lots of knowledge about how to do post-mortem anything .

    One of the big problem on earth is that many people like to hear good and sweet talk about them self , but any thing that goes against them cant tolerate and react illogical that the fact man.

    How u people expect that every viewer supporting u , no way bec. We are witness for every debate activity u people did with Mark and Alex , there r lots of question to be answer still , asked by Mark Antony , that time u people were never been in picture , and few replied but not satisfactory ,u people banned them on ur site for what reasons ? Mark posted open letter before ( ) why u people did not answer ?

    I already mention that i m Anguthshap in my last post , so please use simple English language that i can understand the meaning of word like “austoturfer” , also i like to know about reality from u people such as.. is there really no such things like psychic senses or powers , Yogic Kriyas , ESP , HSP ? its all are magic tricks or Fake things ? if so why Swami vivekanand , Dr. Dianne Hennacy Powell , Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler , Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. and many well know writers lots of books available in the market ? its also scam ?

    What about in Subin case ? he already have extraordinary sense power and that we everybody know about and he agreed to take challenge from Nayakji here is what he stated before :

    { June 1, 2015 6:15 pm
    Mr Narendra Nayak
    I am ready to take up your challenge.
    But NASA wants to know more about the 7th brain wave and Q.H.C.A. Methodology of Midbrain Activation . So I will be going to US to stimulate their brains soon ( waiting for the visa processing to complete). They will also be using Quantum digital EEG to measure the 7 th brain wave. Normal digital eeg can measure only up to 5 th wave.
    Surely with the power of Q.H.C.A. Methodology we can change the entire earth not just India. When more and more people get activated using Q.H.C.A. Methodology earth will turn into a paradise. in Q.H.C.A. Methodology common sense plays a major role. }

    Have u taken feedback from him about what happened at NASA , has they invented something and awarded Subin for his great talent ? or Awarded Indian Faker Magician ? Please Let us Know .

    We know Scientist did lot of research on above topic but they failed to prove the existence , still lots of research going on but in spiritual Science there are lots of evidence , even if in our Hindu scriptures .

    People like u say there are no such things like ESP , HSP bec. there is no such scientific proof .. so our request is that Prove us there are no such think like Psychic Senses or powers , Yogic Kriyas , ESP , HSP –so that we can belive u.

    I have 100% guarantee that Nayakji will be there on 16 at pune for fight , i hv lot of confidence about this man that he will get success definitely in his battle bec. And bec. Of his dashing attitude only. As per my observation he is not like other persons who wasted their most of time in thinking only ( who , how, what , if , but ) . Action oriented Human being …that why we all like him.

    Nayakji Don’t be misunderstand but we all viewer expecting result without any terms and condition .

  • Really fed up of this discussion and its updates on our email ID…

    We have nothing left to say… We are a team of 4 individuals, 2 teaching, 2 marketing, and we charge very minimal for this service.
    We admit that we’re not completely sure of all the good effects that this training will bring… but we don’t claim big to parents.

    But what we’re sure is, it does work without cheating of any kind, and continuous practice will bring results.
    The more brain you use, the more you get better at it. We know this fact since the Shakuntla Devi days, the human calculator of India. So, we know it should work.

    We also learnt midbrain activation from abroad, and were open minded that it could be something fishy. We did wish for more knowledge on the topic though, which our 3 day session couldn’t give us, but…
    All Mr. Nayak could educate us with his “triple our age of experience” is that all Midbrain is teaching “Magic”.
    We don’t wish to insult elders, we respect them. But what if they start shouting with no actual knowledge of the subject?
    We gained nothing out of our interaction with this Mr. Nayak.

    He hasn’t done any proper research, and he’s only trying to get Rs. 50,000 from public, by finding limitations to already midbrain activated kids. Or creating news by finding loopholes in statements and advertisements by big midbrain companies..
    But, why a child also can read color after his 2nd session? Even a black cloth is a restriction & an adult can’t read within it, right?
    To that he says, its “magic” with some random mutterings about how we “cheat”.

    Now again, he will also counter us by some or the other useless argument…

    But new knowledge? Concept clarification to the deepest detail? Elderly Wisdom? Nope…. we won’t get that from Mr. Nayak.

    No offence Mr. Nayak. You do your agenda of money collection or publicity or social service, whatever it is… we do our job.

    @ OTHERS:- Its ok for Mr. Nayak to keep speaking his heart out, as he seems retired & has apparently enough free time, but all you others, don’t you have some job or work to do?
    All, including the Pro-Midbrain and Anti Midbrain… Please get a life instead of fighting keyboard wars..!
    We’re ignoring this discussion (war?) and unsubscribing from it. And getting back to our work…

    • I think the most important detail shared in this post is that these MBA instructors are trained in a 3-day session, obviously without any science education as prerequisite qualifications. In developed countries, we have people who remove bed-pans in clinical facilities who perhaps receive more training than that.

      These are the people who claim they will teach kids to defy all the established scientific facts about the physical properties of light, physiological limits of rods and cones of retina, and the cognitive properties of the brain.

      Out of all the thousands of kids they “trained”, they obviously can’t produce a single kid, a star student, who can pass all critical tests, without offering excuses. If there is such a kid, that kid can go on a world tour, James Randi will happily part with a million dollars, and the best scientists in the world will queue up and pay for the privilege of fMRI imaging and understanding his “activated” brain.

      Face it buddy. You were suckered into an Amway-style course, and you now need to find suckers of your own, for your livelihood.

      • So, that proves you & your retired running man know nothing about Midbrain.
        You had to let me tell you that its a 3 day training. WE HAD TO TELL YOU THIS, MISINFORMED PEOPLE.

        You just proved yourself stupid. You are not actually, but you proved. We’ll tell you why.

        Its a 10 hour per day training, that makes it total of 30 hours.

        To satisfy you crazy people, we’ll make it 2 hours/ day, ok?
        This will make it 15 days (15×2=30), and please add some sundays and holidays and we’ll make it 3 weeks training… Are you (and your retired friend) happy now?

        What you claim as magic tricks, are not tricks, they’re exercises. They’re not meant to be shown as tricks. You people got it ALL WRONG, and made it the epitome of your discussion.

        That’s why informed people are agreeing to it, while you bunch of uninformed road runners are wasting your shoes’ rubber.

        And we can’t get one child because the nation has many and many of them. Many of them read cards behind backs without any role of eyes, or even from the other side of the card…
        Then you brand it as Magic, because you can’t give up.

        People don’t take up your 50k challenge, because they think its a fraud. You’re believed as frauds, an all adults team overpowering a child, that’s why there’re no takers.

        What authority do you have to test and certify a child, and what authority do you have to ask for Rs. 50,000?? Do you know it took us 7-8 months, just to earn Rs. 50,000?

        We’re not here to satisfy you or your retired friend.

        I’m not suckered into anything. I saw the truth before my eyes. I believe in Mid brian concept..
        Even our own children will be midbrain activated when they reach the right age. That won’t earn us anything.

        And no matter what I say, you need the 50k rupees, right? So, you won’t back down from this?

        • I am quoting you: “We did wish for more knowledge on the topic though, which our *3 day session* couldn’t give us”. Your words, not mine.

          > Many of them read cards behind backs without any role of eyes, or even from the other side of the card…

          Well, that solves your money problem for the challenge. Enter them in a card game contest, like the World Poker Tour and win cash every time. Easy for your kids, right? :-). You can win MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in World Poker Tour, apparently. You basically say you have kids with x-ray vision like Superman (which you say even works behind the head – even Superman can’t do that in the comic books), and you can’t come up with ways to monetize that? :-).

          > And we can’t get one child because the nation has many and many of them

          All the better for you. Now you can pick the best ones, those who have the highest success rates. You have been scoring your students, right? What is the mean success rate? What is the standard deviation?

          > People don’t take up your 50k challenge, because they think its a fraud. You’re believed as frauds, an all adults team overpowering a child, that’s why there’re no takers.

          All tests children face, involve adults testing kids. Do your kids get tested by other kids when they go to school? If you say that there should be no more than say, 2 examiners testing the kid, that’s reasonable. Or do you want the testing team to add a 6 year old examiner, just so that its not an “all adults team”?

          Don’t hide behind kids as an excuse. There are plenty of scams that claim to go beyond science. None of them has EVER proven itself, not just your scam. Your precious little scam is just one among many; not special at all. The only reason kids are to be tested is because your pseudoscience targets and victimizes kids. No one enjoys this.

          > What authority do you have to test and certify a child, and what authority do you have to ask for Rs. 50,000?

          You keep covering the fact that the reward is Rs. 5,00,000, *10 times* the entry fee. No one is really interested in your money. The reason why there is an entry fee is to force people to think twice before they run their mouth.

          You should logically jump for joy for a 1:10 opportunity, if you really believe in it deep down. You don’t take it because you know your odds of even getting lucky are less than 1 in 10. You know deep down that you can never survive a critical test.

          You also don’t need to take the challenge yourself. Now that FRAMBE is the “midbrain industries” coming together, you can all cooperate and pool the money. OK? I am sure that it is much less of a nuisance for Narendra Nayak to deal with you, all at once, than one at a time. I have nothing to do with the challenge, BTW.

          Why are you worried about money anyway? FRAMBE says you are all “Academicians, Doctors, Trainers, Entrepreneurs & Lawyers”. Rs.50K should be nothing for such a group.

          BTW, do you have an actual office for FRAMBE? Perhaps you can just put up your board in front of someone else’s posh office and claim it is yours, just like did with

          > Do you know it took us 7-8 months, just to earn Rs. 50,000?

          Didn’t you say that you earned Rs.5000 for babysitting a kid (which is what MBA is) for a couple of days? So, why this poverty parade now?

          This Mark guy was suggesting that Rs. 15000 to 25000 was also a reasonable amount to charge – so you guys can’t use the fee you get from scamming just a couple of parents for the challenge?

          > I’m not suckered into anything. I saw the truth before my eyes.

          Thinking that you can see truth before your eyes shows how lacking your critical thinking abilities are. When I was a kid, about 10-12 years, I had a cataloged collection of 600-700 tricks that could fool your eyes. Your eyes aren’t much of a standard for truth. That’s the whole reason we do science.

          Knowing how easy it is to be deluded by superficial assessments was one of the things that got me interested in science from an early age.

          > I believe in Mid brian concept..

          And belief is all it is.

          “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

          • Our 3 day (30 hours) training was on the exposure they needed, before their mid brain gets activated. This included music, exercises, etc. and their order and duration, to achieve the perfect sync, so that students absorb the inputs without getting bored.
            I think you need to know this, seeing how much you (and your retired runner) know already.

            We don’t teach magic, ok? if we did, it would’ve been leaked already, and parents would’ve caught us by collar.

            I don’t know of such game shows, and I have no idea if they work with mid brain activated kids, because this is not an unlimited potential art… In starting, kids can only identify colors, later read text and then on their power increases. Its not instant.

            Overpowering a child and changing conditions endlessly is wrong. Its not about adults.
            Taping eyes is what you call testing. Ravi, did you ever have your eye brows pulled, after the tape put on it, is pulled off??

            And, Its not baby sitting. Don’t comment on what you have the least knowledge of. Rs. 50,000 is what one person of us has saved as a F.D, cutting our expenses including personal expenses. We have no idea who Mark is.

            I just returned from Delhi seeing more such kids who have now advanced so much into this, they can read behind their head just on touch. And that too when I gave them the cards shuffling myself…
            Critical ability?? Oh yes, they had eyes behind their ears, right?
            In name of critical ability, I WON’T TAPE THEIR EYES like your retired man does.

            Like I said in my previous post, this is NOT A TRICK.
            ITS AN EXERCISE that’s meant to be done regularly by kids.

            But you won’t listen, right? Let me try again… ITS NOT A TRICK. ITS AN EXERCISE. Read it aloud to your retired friend also.

            When its no use typing stuff here, why argue, is what we’re thinking. Seeing your agenda, I think anything won’t satisfy you.

            You’re only here to argue your agenda, even if God himself (/herself) posts, you will reject God too…

            I’m not arguing further. We four guys will continue our service. You and your retired no-knowledge can do WHATEVER you can… BTW our group has a Ravi too, but he understands on being told once, and he won’t apply tape on kids to test them. There’re more civilised ways to test.

            We will defend ourselves when (and if) we’re sued, simple. We don’t have pension money lying around to give to lawyers.

            Parents are happy, kids are getting better, that’s all that counts for us.

          • And we also have no idea what FRAMBED is… We’re just a small group located in UP.
            We are guessing FRAMBE has something to do in favour of Midbrain activation?

          • My question again is:
            What educational pre-requisites were needed to train YOU as a trainer in 3 days?

            > Taping eyes is what you call testing. Ravi, did you ever have your eye brows pulled, after the tape put on it, is pulled off??

            The eye-patch is a medical device. They take such issues into consideration. Covering the eyes completely with a proper material and no gaps is the focus. What that method is, is less important. We already know that a simple blindfold does NOT work. So MBA people continuing to use a blindfold in their demos is tell-tale.

            > And, Its not baby sitting.

            It is just baby sitting, if you are not demonstrating any third-party testable outcomes. And you don’t seem to be keeping any data yourself. You did not say what the mean and standard deviation scores are for each of your tests.

            > they can read behind their head just on touch. And that too when I gave them the cards shuffling myself…

            Riiight! If you keep insisting that kids can read without the card even being in front of them, then tests that perhaps even don’t need a blindfold, let alone an eye-patch, can be devised. Among other things, I would ensure that
            – the kid is not wearing glasses (so that a reflection cannot be seen (possible in certain lighting conditions)) or perhaps even you, if you see the card and the kid is positioned to see the reflection
            – that there are no other reflective surfaces in the room
            – no other persons/kids who can tip
            – a new card deck
            – pick a card in such a way that no one knows which one it is (double-blinding) until the kid announces it.

            These are some of the basic precautions. I am not speaking for Narendra Nayak and his challenge, but this is something you should do when you assess kids and score them.

            Nobody cares if you just keep repeating “Its an exercise, its an exercise”. Saying it so, does not make it so.
            As for God: US official motto is: “In God we trust”. So in US university statistics departments, there is a joke: “In God we trust, but everyone else must bring their data”. You brought NONE. Are you God? Do you feel *entitled* that people should just blindly believe you when you make extra-ordinary claims? Of course, you get ridiculed. Why would you expect not to be? Haven’t you heard that “extraordinary claims require extra-ordinary proofs”. So far, you have not even furnished ordinary proofs, let alone extra-ordinary. All you threw around are testimonies, which have ZERO value in a scientific world.

            You don’t need to bring God to convince me, although that would be lovely as well (I happen to have a few other questions to ask) :-). Show me one well-known, internationally used, neuro-science textbook that acknowledges MBA blindfold reading, as a phenomena (I am not asking for an explanation). Point me to the research corpus on MBA blindfold reading… that would be full citations in a mainstream scientific journal with an excellent impact factor. Science students are taught to critically read even textbooks and journals though and nothing is gospel. But that would still go a long way. If a current major neuro-science researcher attests via studies, then I will question him instead of you. But when a science-nobody utters nonsense, with no data, then expect that person to be considered a ninny.

            When MBA people say, “we can make even the blind see” (I am not saying this is your claim, but others have) or even “they can feel colors by touch”, then ridicule is the most rational response. Perhaps, you mostly have just the midbrain activated :-), but this is how normal science-educated people, with the full brain activated :-), react to absurd claims.

          • You have all the time in the world, Right Mr. Ravi? Typing such long paragraphs. Tell me, Mr. Nayak pays you, right?

            Anyways, I’ll come to important parts. Educational Prerequisites were being a Graduate, and a mild understanding of how the brain functions.

            We’re talking about a concept.
            Mean & SD? Well, purely on the basis of success, it is 100 & 0 for us, we can’t talk about the rest of the world. We’ve managed to succeed in all our students till now.

            And in Delhi, there was no reflective surface in the room, the kid wasn’t wearing glasses, and all the kids were blindfolded even if there was no need. Got it?
            We did choose a new set of cards, they were not alike or damaged in any way.
            For us, we did all we could to critically analyze a midbrain student…

            Its not like your critical analysis though, where you think it as a war you must win.

            Don’t blame Dev-Ravi midbrain for “making the blind see”. We made no such claims, alright? Watch your mouth Mr. Ravi and start talking sense.
            You have no right to falsely blame our organisation.

            It goes on to speak how carelessly Mr. Nayak and his team are blaming people for no reason.
            You may be with a False propoganda, we are not.

            And what are you talking about in the previous posts? Frambe, mark, who are they?? We don’t know them.

            And for me, those kids and their results speak out.
            Even parents are getting convinced on this demo. They don’t believe in you. There’s nothing you can do about it.
            Like I said, sue us and we’ll see.

          • Ok, I just saw you didn’t blame us for making the blind see claims, but others in the industry… Excuse us for that.

            However, we still assert, blindfold reading is a practice exercise and not a trick.
            Your opinion doesn’t matter, because you don’t teach it to parents, we do.

          • Nope. Nobody pays me for being on Nirmukta. See my COI disclosure below. Its all voluntary, except for the astroturfers here. At least you disclosed your interests.

            being a Graduate

            Not a science graduate, I assume?

            a mild understanding of how the brain functions

            Exactly how mild was your understanding of the Brain? 10th class? Magazines? Documentaries on Discovery channel?

            Mean & SD? Well, purely on the basis of success, it is 100 & 0 for us, we can’t talk about the rest of the world. We’ve managed to succeed in all our students till now.

            Excellent. I can see you winning Nobel prize in the future. LOL. Either you really are laying it thick, or you really are clueless about what these claims mean in science and how absurd they are.

            For us, we did all we could to critically analyze a midbrain student…

            Get someone with experience in dissecting how illusions work. You obviously suck at this.

            And what are you talking about in the previous posts? Frambe, mark, who are they?? We don’t know them.

            Everything you should know is in the posts of this page, FRAMBE debacle included.

          • Either a science graduate, or an educational graduate. B Ed. was necessary.
            We only need to synchronize the event of specific powerful music, and visual effects, in such a way that students absorb it without getting bored.
            If you have any more questions, shoot them.

            Regarding mean and SD, we obviously know what it means.
            And no, a lot of groups are getting success with midbrain activation, so we won’t get Nobel Prize, thanks for the mocking us.
            If by an experienced person, you mean Narendra Nayak calling it a “Magic” without anything deep, as to how it works, then no Thank you.

            I’ve 2 children in Delhi who read stuff behind their heads without anything special in their blindfold or anything. You call them fraud, but you have to answer how.

            I’m ready to come to a conference where we find the truth of midbrain, EACH & EVERYTHING, inside and out.
            We originally came to take in knowledge about the concept, and we find ourselves involved in this mud slinging and senseless mocking. We’re sad about this argument too.

            We’re atleast being humble about our positives and negatives, everything as it is. You retired guys have no knowledge of the concept you oppose, at triple our ages, and you’re being proud by mocking us, with comments about nobel prize & game shows and what all…

            I suggest we be gentlemen. You want to oppose Midbrain activation. Be my guest. Its your choice. Oppose it for heavy charges, above 25000 or so. We’ll support you too.

            But if you oppose the concept, bring answers. Even if it works a little, why does it work?
            We admit its a possiblity that all the midbrain talk is nothing but a phenomenon that’s not related to intellect.

          • Either a science graduate, or an educational graduate. B Ed. was necessary.

            My question was: Are any of you, at your company, science educated?

            We only need to synchronize the event of specific powerful music, and visual effects, in such a way that students absorb it without getting bored.

            Yes, entertainment is what it is. Don’t claim biological effects and cognitive outcomes without proof and we are good.

            Regarding mean and SD, we obviously know what it means.

            Of course you should. That’s 10th class math. We are hardly talking research-grade inferential statistics here, just basic descriptive stuff.

            And no, a lot of groups are getting success with midbrain activation, so we won’t get Nobel Prize

            All your buddies have done is convince parents who know even less science than you… of success. No one has written a science paper establishing this to the scientific community. Here is a peer-reviewed paper (Narendra Nayak cited it earlier) that calls this whole business (the term midbrain activation is not used) nonsense (and how teachers, with say, just a B.Ed, are especially exploited by this pseudoscience).


            So there is still time for you to get a Nobel by demonstrating it scientifically, since you have 100% success rate.

            After that I plan to get a Nobel for establishing that pigs can indeed fly.

            thanks for the mocking us.

            You are most welcome :-).

            If by an experienced person, you mean Narendra Nayak calling it a “Magic” without anything deep, as to how it works, then no Thank you.

            Narendra Nayak has actually already demonstrated how it works, by the kids looking down the blindfold, through the gap between the nose and cheek bone. If midbrain people like you adjust their claims (kids can even see at the back of the head), then those claims can also be debunked.

            I’ve 2 children in Delhi who read stuff behind their heads without anything special in their blindfold or anything. You call them fraud,

            I repeatedly said this in this forum. Kids are not frauds. They are not making any money off this. The frauds are those who do.

            but you have to answer how.

            I don’t have to answer, you do.

            I don’t need to know how a rabbit is pulled out of a hat, to say that the claim that the performer has opened a portal to rabbit land in his hat, is silly.

            I don’t need to know how a lady is levitated on the stage to know that the performer does not actually have any anti-gravity device.

            Those who make the claims have to provide the proof, not the critic.

            If you are running a business saying that you will “activate” midbrains, the burden of proof is on you to show that you have actually activated midbrains. Everyone who studied the brain knows that midbrains are always “activated”. There is not such thing as further activating them. And if the claim is to increase activity in the midbrain, then that should be demonstrated via fMRI. Do you do that? Of course not. Instead, you show a parlor trick, as proof to make parents happy. Average parents with no training in logical thought are impressed. How does that prove anything about midbrain anything? Did it improve educational outcomes regardless? Unless proper statistical proof is furnished, the answer is NO (testimonies don’t count).

            Your argument then is: if others cannot guess the exact method of the trick, you have proven your case. The premise is complete nonsense to begin with. There are many, many ways to do these things. I can’t divine from here the exact one used, but can only suggest some possibilities. Even experienced magicians can’t always guess the trick another magician uses easily. That’s just the nature of tricks – like computer code, it is hard to reverse engineer. A careful critical examination, on the stage, while the trick is being performed, by a person who has experience with illusions, does however, usually, reveal the secret – a secret that generally looks absurdly simple on outing… like simply peeking down the nose, but mysterious until then.

            This is the basic anatomy of a typical scam of this sort.
            – Promise something outlandish.
            – Can’t prove it of course
            – So show some unlikely event and claim a causal link between the two.
            – Claim that the event is proof of the original claim.

            It used to be that these scams were ghost/spirit related… in other words, what used to be called as black magic in villages. There is of course no such thing as black magic.

            It went like this: Here, I will cut this lemon and there will be blood in it. It can be a lemon that you brought along of course. A coconut will mysteriously explode in the ritual. A vessel will move. Obviously, an evil ghost is at work here… one I will get rid of…. So went the scam.

            None of this however proves that there are such things as ghosts, or that there is one bothering the victim. But the scammer sets the premise in that way, and the weakly logical victim falls for it.

            Now, the Indian middle-class has acquired a half-baked science understanding. So science-sounding scams seem to be all the rage now.

            But the true innovation now seems to be in not actually doing the trick, but instead setting up just the right environment for others (kids) to do it for them. Brilliant. That should make a genuine paper for a psychology grad student.

            I’m ready to come to a conference where we find the truth of midbrain, EACH & EVERYTHING, inside and out.

            Fine, go to any prominent neuroscience conference and present. Then, we can talk.

            We originally came to take in knowledge about the concept, and we find ourselves involved in this mud slinging and senseless mocking.

            Nirmukta is here to debunk. What you are doing will be called a scam. Anyone… I repeat… anyone claiming that they have something beyond science, without furnishing proof and charging money will be called a scam. That won’t change.

            Provide scientific proof and publish… and we will sing praises. Dodge scientific proofs… and we will call it what it is.. a pseudo-science. Make money without that proof… and we’ll call it a scam. This isn’t “midbrain activation”-specific at all.

            We’re atleast being humble about our positives and negatives, everything as it is.

            No, you are not humble. My hostility from precisely that. Claiming supernatural phenomena is extremely intellectually arrogant. If you want to learn about how humble claims are made, read some actual scientific papers. I am pretty sure you have not read any.

            You retired guys have no knowledge of the concept you oppose

            We know plenty of science, and so, unlike you, we have a very good idea of what is within the realm of possibility and what isn’t.

            But if you oppose the concept, bring answers.

            Answers are your job, not mine.
            The one who claims a phenomenon must bring proof… proper proof…. critically vetted in every way. You don’t get to throw around claims and say that disproving them is other people’s business.

            Even if it works a little, why does it work?

            “works a little” is a LOT harder to prove than “works a lot”. Learn inferential statistics to know why.

  • I think S. Prabu removed all doubt that he is anything but a low-level MBA shill astroturfing here. A normal, rational person would have seen the transparently fraudulent behavior of this group from the debacle. But no, he still goads Narendra Nayak to attend this obviously fixed demo.

  • @ Ravi – wow ….fantastic…really great Joke of the day . did u activated ur midbrain ? ? just joking like u don’t take it on mind.

    Expected such type of prediction from u , hats off man !! pls join C.B.I there u get lots of cases pending.

    That why i suggested u before show some maturity ,I already said in my last post abt how people on earth behave , its not ur problem man. do u watch Kapil Sharma comedy show ? in that he uses sentence now its famous slogan i don’t want to express here for u , any way i don’t care what u predicted.

    But for ur information i also disagree with theory of MB People like right brain, left brain and mid brain and not at all interested to become busy with such activity . i am very well satisfy for what i m doing .

    Can Anguthchap person do such type of activity ? Mean to say White collar business need lots of money as investment and have best command on English language. but now a days i m trying to learn English from u , I m just Faticher , I m not lucky like u , every day i have to work hard for full day after that i arrange bread for dinner .

    By the way don’t change the topic please explain us above doubt for our knowledge .

  • So Mr Nayak?
    please get feedback from your people in Maharashtra about the great event.
    Which FRAMBE did on 16th October of this year only.
    Remember Dr Vijay Bhatkar was one of the juries.
    So don’t throw your false allegations in air now.
    I never commented if you criticise business tactics or tall claims.
    concept you denied. You can deny. But don’t call children and people fraud or cheat. It was shown clearly yesterday. Stop your false propaganda.
    There are members who are committed to this field as well. It is not your reserve of being committed to ones cause.

    We can not deprive our children from learning these excellent skills in their most suitable age because of your false propaganda.

    • The report is on the way and so is the further action dont you worry. If whoever you say has certified the fraud he too is one.

  • Mr Nayak
    Better you have waited for reports to come from your people.
    otherwise you would not have written this.
    First ask your people who is Dr Vijay Bhatkar.
    It is Hon’ble Padma Bhushan Dr Vijay Bhatkar. Mind it. He was one of the juries.

    You have blocked Mark. Alex. don’t know how many more. on this blog.
    Really don’t want to visit this blog. But have to show people other side of the story which is true.
    People will be able to listen it in the midst of your louder noises.

    • Kavita, are you speaking on behalf of FRAMBE?

      What does it matter if he has a Padma Bhushan? Dr. B.M. Hegde also has a Padma Bhushan. Yet, he deals in pseudoscience. See the recent article on Nirmuka: “When Eminence Based Medicine meets Quantum Quackery”. Nearly all of Hegde’s ideas (plagiarized too, I might add) in his Hindu article are gunk.

      What is Vijay Bhatkar’s expertise on neuro-science and human cognition exactly? Is it the same as B.M. Hegde’s expertise on Quantum Mechanics? So spare the eminence based arguments, please. They mean nothing in a rationalist forum.

      A demo at a critical forum would have meant that FRAMBE at least submitted for a critical review. Vijay Bhatkar however seems to be a proponent of “Vedic Science”. He seems to think that “Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Brahma-Sutra” should be the foundation of Indian education and wants to “resurrect India’s ancient ‘Gurukul’ system”. These are hardly views that a normal scientist espouses. So FRAMBE appears to have carefully selected a sympathetic personality, just like B.M.Hegde, likely to endorse their pseudoscience.

  • @ Ravi… Don’t dare to speak Regarding Hon. Dr.Vijay Bhatkar , We All From Maharashtra People Proud him lot for his life time Achievement.

    Really Shame on u , and Maharashtra Andha Shradha Nirmulan Samiti for showing such type of poor mentality .

    Atleast U people from MANS ?????????

    I Attained Dr. Narendra Dhabholkar seminar long before , really what a person he was really.. really great !!! don’t have words ..and his thought and command on speech was so impressive. I Salute him.

    But feel so bad to see this type of MANS , some one Insulting like this to our Maharashtra almighty personality like Hon.Dr.Vijay Bhatkar and these people supporting..Why only because of he was one of juries member ?

    SHAME ! SHAME !! SHAME !!!

  • Dr Vijay Bhatkar is one of the most acclaimed scientists and IT leaders of India.
    He is best known as the architect of India’s first supercomputer and as the founder Executive Director of C-DAC, India’s national initiative in supercomputing. He is credited with the creation of several national institutions, notably amongst them being C-DAC, ER&DC, IIITM-K, I2IT, ETH Research Lab, MKCL and India International Multiversity.

    He has been a Member of Scientific Advisory Committee to Cabinet of Govt of India, Governing Council Member of CSIR, India and eGovernace Committee Chairman of Governments of Maharashtra and Goa.

  • Don’t want to comment on this blog.

    what you are doing is
    Take advice from Maharashtra ANIS before you write anything about eminent personality like Dr Vijay Bhatkar.

    we have shown 100% that children or people are not cheating. In
    their demos. That’s all.
    Mr Nayak. Be happy with your mean people in your well
    whole India and world is open for us.

  • Yes Mr. Advocate .. Where r u ..sir ? R U watching all this Drama ? r u really practicing law ? its ur duty to suggest these people before expressing , i thought u know very well abt How many Indian Penal code and under section are there for abase any person like such almighty personality awarded such as Padmabhushan and Padmashree too.. belongs to india Gov. and other award like :
    Ramanuja Trust Award , FICCI Award , Petersburg Prize , Priyadarshni Award, National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) Award , Gold Medal Award of Indian Geo-technical Society , Electronics Man .

    So advocate ..its time to be serious abt and time to do home work..

  • And Mr Advocate

    If you have really true spirit of working for KISHORS,
    FIRST you would have had objected showing of a crying KISHOR’s photo on this blog and posted every where showing him fraud and cheat.
    Just to show victory of Mr Nayak against a helpless boy who was defeated in adverse conditions decided by Mr Nayak himself. Yes. Mr Nayak fought it like a battle.

    Many people are very serious and sincere working here. Despite of blames and mud thrown at them by these people, they are working.

    Just to show that children and they are not fraud and cheat.

  • Dr. Vijay Bhatkar
    I appreciate your work in the Param projects, India’s earliest computing accomplishments, and your many projects since. Param projects had done us proud. I have interests in modern high-performance computing myself. However, we at Nirmukta are disappointed at these claims of your endorsement of this scam that is “Mid-Brain Activation” (MBA).

    MBA trainers undergo 3-days of training, less training than modern medical facilities perhaps train their janitors and other unskilled staff. They all seem to have an extremely low understanding of science, its epistemology, its critical methods and their importance.

    The paranormal claims that these MBA trainers make are most absurd. A good 12th class student, majoring in Science, knows enough Physics and Biology, to understand that the claims are patently absurd. They are nothing more than parlor tricks; great at parties and stage shows, but fraud when sold as truth or as products. As you may know, most Indians however, are not yet scientifically minded (painfully, sometimes experts who should know better, included), and fall prey for statements of folk understanding of science such as Right Brain and Left Brain differences, the vulnerabilities that these MBA trainers craftily employ to tug at the strings of trust. We feel that it is utterly unethical for anyone to prey with pseudoscience, upon the natural desire of all Indian parents, to see their children reach the highest intellectual heights they can. In Asian cultures, we place supporting the intellectual achievement of children, above all else. This precious aspect of our culture must be guarded against exploitation from fraud.

    The MBA people have not demonstrated a commitment to truth. To give an example of their scruples, just a few days ago, it was demonstrated in this very forum, that the FRAMBE web site was a blatant ripped off, of a major US neuroscience lab, within University of California, with unambiguous claims, that its researchers work for FRAMBE, and that its endorsements are FRAMBE’s own. After being outed, FRAMBE has hastily removed the fraudulent content. As it stands, the web site is still in copyright violation of the IMHRO web site.

    Currently, using your endorsement, they are desperately trying to set you up as an infallible deity of sorts, behind whose national awards they think they can find a safe refuge from critique. But we both know that science does not work in this way. Rejection of infallibility of persons is at the very crux of Enlightenment, the seed of science. Arguments and evidence matter; persons and their eminence do not… when it comes to the pursuit of truth. I regard Newton as the greatest mind in history. Yet, I recognize the pseudoscience of his lifelong pursuit of bible codes, the pursuit of which, he is said to have spent more time on, than actual science. In his wake, we recognize and celebrate his accomplishments that have forever changed our view of the Universe, but cast aside his irrational and religious thought. No one may defend the pseudoscience of the bible codes and hide behind Newton. The arguments and evidence will have to carry their own weight.

    I would like to think that these MBA scammers have only temporarily hoodwinked you, to win your trust, by playing on your personal views of spirituality and Indian tradition. It is perhaps because you have little experience in dealing with pseudoscience scams, that you were not able to critically evaluate their demonstration. Perhaps it is because you have no formal training in Biology, Neuroscience or Cognitive Psychology… that you felt overwhelmed by the pseudoscience jargon that the MBA trainers used. In any case, I urge you to consult with your scientific peers in academia, from any reputed university, in these relevant fields, to understand the complete lack of feasibility of these claims and the high standards of truth required to prove such claims. As a decorated public intellectual, you have a high standard of responsibility before endorsing anything.

    However, if you feel that you are entirely convinced of these claims and feel comfortable in throwing your weight behind these claims, to defend MBA with scientific arguments, I would like to invite you to an open debate on Nirmukta with me, formally on behalf of Nirmukta. I will have a page created for our discussion. As a note ahead, I am just as academically trained as you are, albeit in the disciplines of actual relevance here. I passionately defend the methods of science. You can find my critique of Dr. B.M. Hegde, who has promoted quantum mysticism (well beyond his actual expertise, which is in Cardiology) in a national newspaper, here.

    Since I was not a quantum physicist, I requested for an expert review. Nirmukta sent my article to a very reputed quantum physicist from IIT for approval, to ensure that I did not misrepresent quantum mechanics, as Dr. Hegde did. Our goal is that science is properly represented. We do not push our personal views on science, but articulate those of the scientific consensus. A separate expert opinion would not be necessary in this case. I am quite adequately qualified academically to speak for science in the matters of the human brain and human cognition. So let us talk, scientist to scientist, in the language of science.


    A copy of this message is being sent to Dr. Bhatkar’s email.

  • Its good to see .. atleast u shown some kind of respect for Dr. Vijay Bhatkar.

    But What abt ur attitude ? its same only …( However, if you feel that you are entirely convinced of these claims and feel comfortable in throwing your weight behind these claims, to defend MBA with scientific arguments, I would like to invite you to an open debate on Nirmukta with me )

    Wow ..its shows that U straight away challenging him for Debate on Nirmukta..

    Why Don’t u invite Mark Antony And Alex ???

  • My Humble request to our great philosopher and Master of all Scientific field and Quantum psychics ……. Mr. Ravi ………Kindly Please Guide me for my knowledge about why such things happen from last few years mostly like …Same Polarity of pole attract and opposite repels how so ?

    Expecting your answer in simplest English language that person like me ( Anguthchap ) can understand.

    Thank U !!

  • Mr Nayak and his team
    We understand your difficulty. It is hard to accept for you that it has been shown clearly children and people are not cheating as alleged and defamed by you for so long time.

    Mr Ravi, first you all need to accept that there is no cheating in this. Children are sensing colours and things with their skin. They sensed things with eye patches as well. They sensed things in pouch.
    So denying these things and only loudly shouting that it is cheat will be highly unscientific. People having true scientific sense You will never do it. First accept it.
    You please don’t worry about existing medical science and theories. Scientists or doctors or neuroscientists will find out the reasons behind it. May be in 1 year. or 10 years.
    It has happened in the history of science for thousand times.

    Haldi is used for thousands of years by Indians as antibiotic. It is only recent times scientists found which contents in haldi contributed its antibiotic features. what you are shouting is like not allowing to use haldi unless its antibiotic contents are found and proved scientifically. But We are common people. We used it for thousands of years without knowing or even caring which contents in haldi contributed its antibiotic features.
    I already mentioned before that if a man who discovered fire by rubbing 2 stones on each other had been forced by people like you claiming scientific approach to use it only after science behind it is proved, what would have happened to mankind. Thanks to the people in history who continued and keep on inventing and discovering new things without knowing or even caring science (in your terms)behind it. so mankind has reached to these levels.
    Now we are in very advanced age. So science behind it will be revealed and explained soon. People who have scientific approach in its REAL SENSE will do it.
    No need to be on this blog where people call themselves rational and scientific behave very against of REAL SPIRIT OF THE TERMS.

    • Kavita,
      Please disclose your connection to FRAMBE. You have avoided answering this question. I have several further questions about it.

      I am not interested in your childish nonsense about what science is and isn’t, or those of the rest of your franchise astroturfing here.

      You dragged some people with proper science degrees to endorse your scam. Let them come to Nirmukta and defend their endorsement of your pseudoscience. Let’s hear from that Ophthalmologist I hear you brought in. Let’s hear from Dr. Bhatkar. The rest of you are just noise, now that you played this card.

      You wanted to hide behind credentialed experts. So be it. Let the experts defend you now, with their expertise, with their credentials on the line. Science credentials come with great responsibility; they are not a blank check. If they won’t appear, the obvious conclusion is that they have sensibly forsaken you, after realizing their error in endorsing your comical claims.

  • what that can be repeated under similar conditions has to be accepted. Only science behind it needs to be found out.

    Don’t waste time of reputed scientists.
    Better you invite Mark here for your debate.
    Even he may not come as it is pure waste of precious time to be on this blog. We are writing here only to let people know other side of the story. Which is 100% Not Cheat.

    • – You once again refused to answer my question with regards to your connection to FRAMBE.
      – You basically admitted that none of the experts you fronted are willing to defend your scam.

      If they actually endorsed you as scientists, they would have been running to report these scintillating findings to the top journals in their respective fields and calling for further investigations of the phenomenon, because it would revolutionize science as we know it.

      Of course, none of them will; because by now they would know that this is a ridiculous magic vision scam aimed at people illiterate in science, and would be feeling rather embarrassed about themselves, for allowing you to take advantage of them, like the professors who felt silly after running to the idols “drinking” milk, without figuring out that it was plain capillary action at work – a nonsense that the very author of this article helped expose, 20 years ago.

      Who cares about Mark? Is he an academic scientist? Did he also endorse you at the FRAMBE event? He just sounds like a fellow scammer who also lives off this fraud. He even pulled a Godwin here.

  • Mr Ravi
    I am a common person. First of all a parent.
    And writing here just because not being able to tolerate you people calling children and honest people working in this field fraud and cheat. That’s all.
    And don’t block people whom you could not answer. Why don’t you invite Mark here?

  • Who is Nirmukta?
    Are you authority on this subject?
    You people have criticised yoga as well. Ayush you are calling utter non science. which is being followed by millions of people worldwide.
    If you have guts. Don’t target new industry.
    Take press conference against yoga and Ayush. Or just tell in open press conference what you are writing about yoga and ayush.
    Or you will post against them only on this blog which no one reads. We also compelled to visit because of your false allegations. and when you called children and people fraud and cheat.

    • Are you clearly and categorically stating that you have no financial relationship with this scam, other than taking your children to one of its trainers?

      Has it ever occurred to you that simply being a parent does not qualify you to issue disputations in complex matters of science? If you have no science training, perhaps you should be more humble about what you think you understand, and perhaps not give lectures on science?

      Nirmukta is a major online rationalist community in India. We publish our views. We will choose our methods of dissemination of ideas and don’t seek your advice. You are welcome to ignore us.

      Is FRAMBE going to provide a discussion board for rationalists to criticize it on its pages, as Nirmukta does to its critics? Didn’t the debacle not faze you, for even a second? It is rather difficult to believe that you have no connection to FRAMBE.

      Nirmukta did not criticize Yoga. It criticized people who misrepresented Yoga, who claimed that it can do things without presenting evidence, things that even our ancestors never claimed. The article extensively discussed the available scientific evidence in matters of Yoga.

      AYUSH includes things like Homeopathy, of which it has already been scientifically established, beyond a shadow of doubt, in several reviews, concerning hundreds of studies, that it does not cure, even one disease. That millions in India (if not most) still do not understand matters of scientific evidence, is a sad situation that Nirmukta hopes to remedy to some measure.

      It is rather abhorrent of you to say, again and again, that Nirmukta said the children were frauds. Only you are suggesting that so that you can hide the scam behind the poor kids. This article repeatedly talks about the difficult situation that the scammers are putting the children in. Shame on the scammers for exploiting the kids.

      In any case, I think you have folded up your defense (of which there was none to begin with) of this scam. You can leave it at that, rather than type something or the other, of little substance.

  • @ Kavita – absolutely right !! I agree with u but can u please tell us how MB Activity activate this kind of unbelievable supernatural potential within two days of workshop ? thou spiritual science also not accepting this fact like Hath Yogis or Kundalini yoga People , even if u see Dr. Shichida theory and there technique it will takes lot of period to bring changes in child , so how MB People claim that after 2 days of training children gets unbelievable potential like super kids ? only in india ?

    I very well aware about Resonance frequencies but just listening music and doing brain exercises like brain gym ( practicing technique for coordination like right and left brain ) how does miraculous changes happen within children ?

    See i never said …i don’t trust such thing like psychic phenomena .. but for my knowledge and curiosity i like to hear from anyone from Mb Expert like Mark Antony.

  • Mr Ravi you says
    Is FRAMBE going to provide a discussion board for rationalists to criticize it on its pages, as Nirmukta does to its critics?

    Then why you blocked Mark and Alex? And even more you must have blocked.

  • @ kavita : Thanks for Suggestion … so why you r here ? why u trying to express your side so smarty ?
    People are not so silly and dumb to understand why you are here for ?..atleast not me .

    I never Mind it… if your emotions and intention are right than why don’t you explain us , viewer like to hear from u lots..

  • @ Ravi :- (Who cares about Mark? Is he an academic scientist? Did he also endorse you at the FRAMBE event? He just sounds like a fellow scammer who also lives off this fraud. He even pulled a Godwin here. ) That’s Why U people Banned Him ..

    I heard Dog barking word many times ..what that mean i don’t know ..
    But as per my ability to understand :- if some one express his view or opposed u strongly than its mean Dog barking isn’t it ?

    I definitely like to express one aphorism : If some one like highly educated or well rich person Farting ( Padna ) then peoples related to that person says what a nice Fragrance !!! if someone poor, Fathicher person like me did same then people says shit so bad smell ..Get out from here.
    Its Same case happened with Mark Antony and other .

  • In case of Yoga and AYUSH, Just tell in open press conference what you writing on these issues. Your prestigious views.

    Mr Nayak and Ravi. Be in your well. Only to attract attention you are doing all these things. That’s all.

    • I am not interested in your misdirections. You and your friends have already tried hiding behind Vivekananda, the innocence of the children and Dr. Bhatkar. Nothing seems to be beneath you.

      So I ask again. Answer this clearly:
      “Are you clearly and categorically stating that you have no financial relationship with this scam, other than taking your children to one of its trainers?”

  • Mr Ravi
    It is no way related question. We never asked what are your inner intentions against this campaign. Do you have financial intentions in it? Shall I allege that? Have I alleged even once like it?
    I never go in such kind of dirt.

    So please be specific.
    Don’t want to come on this blog. Ever. Only to let people listen our thin voice in your louder noises.

    • It is an EXTREMELY pertinent question. It is also a *routine* question in matters of science.

      > Do you have financial intentions in it? Shall I allege that?

      Sure, you may. So first, my turn:
      I clearly and categorically state that I have any no financial conflict of interest (COI) of any kind, past or present, against this scam that is midbrain activation.

      I will clearly state that my only inner intention for participation in this discussion is to do my tiny part in seeing a future India, with a superior scientific temper, that enables it to better defend itself against superstition, pseudoscience and fraud.

      Now, your turn:
      Can you clearly and categorically state that you have any no financial conflict of interest, present or past, to this scam that is the midbrain activation. Have you received any monies or other resources and favors from anyone and or any organization related to this so-called “Mid-Brain Activation”. If you think the COI is minimal, state the details (It is also a routine question that I have had to answer several times in doing research).

      I won’t even bother about your “inner intentions”. I don’t care, but feel free to volunteer if you feel like it.

      If you do have a COI to disclose, that does not exclude you from the forum (at least I think. I am not a moderator. Contrary to what you may think, I am not at all in charge here). But it is *highly unethical* to pretend as if you are merely a neutral or concerned citizen, when you are manifestly NOT.

      > I never go in such kind of dirt.

      Not only is a disclosure of a conflict of interest NOT any kind of “dirt”, it is a crucial piece of information in *any* discussion. So spare the faux outrage that you have so repeatedly wielded.

      Your refusal to commit this information will simply confirm to me that you are an ASTROTURFER.

      Perhaps Nirmukta should even have a checkbox in all forums concerning pseudoscience fraud with commercial dimensions (such as MBA).

      > Don’t want to come on this blog. Ever.

      I would not want to come here if I was in your shoes either. I don’t envy your circumstance. My condolences.

      > Only to let people listen our thin voice in your louder noises.

      That’s fine. Here is your opportunity to embolden your thin voice a little, with a COI disclosure.

    • > First allow Mark and others whom you have blocked on this blog.

      Is Mark the person who trained you people in the first place? Why is it all: Mark, Mark, Mark. Is he the franchise owner or something? Do you pay any dues to him?

      Contrary to what you think, I am not a moderator.

      > Bye till then.

      Bye, then. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • To All Concerned,

    is there any news or links for the 16th october event claimed to have taken place in Pune before eminent people.Please share so that people can understand better what midbrain activation is all about.

    • The fire is still there. The postings are there on my FB timline. Plz check there. Have also heard that some new thugs are trying to jump on this bandwagon while some of the old have closed their shops!

  • This is such an extensive blog…got exhausted reading both sides. I got to know about mid brain activation from my friend. To an ordinary person it is nothing but supernatural to read blindfolded (if true).

    I have very neutral or rather uncertain view about it. I do not want to back Narendraji by saying, they read through gaps as its too tough to do it for a 5 year old or even for an adult. Blindfolding is such an easy process with cotton and hand leaving no cavity to facilitate reading. Repeatedly claiming that they are still seeing through gaps is unrealistic. Also there are organization like BRAINEXCEL India who claim that their kids can read or identify objects if things are hold at their back.

    It is easy to fool one but not easy to fool entire lot. How come kids of varying age are lying and non of them have confronted parents that they are asked to cheat or they are cheating. I understand that they might be under pressure but of lacs at least one would come forward proactively. Why not put a candidate from so called skeptic side to do the sting operation to check modus operandi of promoters.

    On the other side just 2 days or 1 week session to activate mid brain seems to be unrealistic. Why this activity of activation not patented or approved by some health or science organisation. Why parents are not allowed to see this training sessions (not as participant but as visitor). Why participant cannot narrate the process by which they can read, like words coming as an image in their mind or some super natural power narrating the verses in their mind. Why some practitioner say that they did not knew some kids were cheating when blind folding is easy process (which means there is a scope of cheating).

    I will wait and watch how my friends child perform on same.

  • Also there are organization like BRAINEXCEL India who claim that their kids can read or identify objects if things are hold at their back.

    Claims are cheap. Scientific proof isn’t.

    It is easy to fool one but not easy to fool entire lot.

    You would be surprised to learn how gullible humanity as a whole is. One of the reasons why we have science, which uses a highly critical process, is because even smart people are naturally very eager to delude themselves, especially with things they want to be true.

    Mass delusion happens all the time. Eg: Bernard Madoff case. All the victims of this Ponzi scheme were smart people, not financially inexperienced novices.

    How come kids of varying age are lying and non of them have confronted parents that they are asked to cheat or they are cheating.

    For the same reason that kids don’t ever tell the parents that they peeked into the neighbors answer sheet and copied an answer or two during a stressful exam, perhaps?

    Give a hard math test to a class of kids and step out for a few minutes at the end. The kids will naturally resort to acquiring answers outside the prescribed methods. They may peek, whisper a request to a nearby friend etc.

    I think they probably aren’t directly instructing the children to cheat and lie to their parents. They are just setting up a reward structure that promotes the children to simply discover the easy and obvious trick. If the kid reports that the blindfold is flawed, they do not get the reward (by virtue of the blindfold being better fixed), but if they take advantage of the flaw, they are rewarded with words of praise. So naturally, the incentive is to just play along. I think at least a few of these MB trainers are genuinely foolish about this whole phenomenon, while others may know better and simply not want the gravy train to stop. Either way, since they are charging for it, they need to be held responsible.

    I will wait and watch how my friends child perform on same.

    Well, good luck. But you really need to have some experience with seeing through illusions.

    Ankush Jain on this board ( asked the child to simply close the eyes in front of him and read, the child refused. The blindfold, which is supposed to show that sight is blocked, in actuality ends up as a prop which allows for slight opening of eyes (which is not that easy to detect even without a blindfold) to go unnoticed.

    The best tests are those that are double-blinded i.e. not even the critical tester, using his own test materials, knows what the answer is, until the time comes to check.

  • Dear all we would like to inform you that we Kishore Kalyaan Foundation working for the protection of child rights, we have issued letter to almost every mid-brain activation companies/ franchisee presently working in India to provide details of their origin, Master Trainers, Government approvals, qualifications of their trainers etc. to prevent any type of child rights violation by them, as their are playing with the mind of children’ innocent brain and may prove threat to the mental health of the children’s.
    those who failed to provide us above mentioned details, we are now in process to take relevant legal actions against them,
    Presently we have tracked the root of mid brain activation company and master trainers (Dr. David Tang, Zoe and GMA Australia) of them namely “Genius Mind Academy” and send them a mail in this respect (Copy of mail pasted below)

    Dear Sir,
    In the interest of children s of India, we are conducting scrutiny of data of commencement of business of mid brain activation and the Government approval on the basis of which the same was launched.
    But I am unable to find any such approval in favor of Genius Mind Academy (MY) Sdn Bhd (Genius Mind Academy).

    For your kind information we would like to share the letter received from AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education, a statutory body of the Government of India) has clearly mentioned that such mid brain activation courses/programs are not approved by them in any institution. (Copy Attached).

    It is there by requested in your own interest to share your relevant permissions to conduct such mid brain courses in India and it is further requested you to share your qualifications and your trainers’s qualification in respect to such highly sensitive brain activation courses.

    Already our complaint and appropriate application is pending before Government Departments regarding the above said issues. In the interest and welfare of children’s we may take the matter before the court and will further file complaints for the complete closure of the institutes running without permissions and by unqualified trainers as it is a serious violation of child rights as the unqualified trainers are playing with the innocent brain and may prove threat to the mental health of the children’s.

    Thanks & Regards
    Milan Kuchhal, Advocate
    Founder: Kishore Kalyaan Foundation

  • To All Concerned,
    FRAMBE has uploaded a video demonstrating blindfold activities.I also observe that some children performed after using surgical tape as eye-pad.

    How is this possible?Is it cheating or miracle?

  • Hi all,
    I’m not very good in english so excuse any wrong.i read all the comments given by great people here.
    I like to ask a question to those who are against midbrain activation.
    Who was the discoverer of our all said was it discovered So long long years ago
    By our ancient people,with out any technology of flights or rockets at that time and how it is perfectly
    Matching today’s discoveries? Please give me an easy answer and don’t tag me any website or videos link.
    If someone of our ancestors could find what is there in space ,how was it possible?

    • No one person discovered all the planets. Several of the planets are simply visible to the naked eye and these were what were acknowledged in the same way the Moon was. Our ancestors simply did not know the planets that could not be directly seen without instruments and analyses. One advantage the ancients had though, with regards to naked-eye observation, was that they had much clearer skies. Population-dense, post-industrial skies have both particulate and light pollution to the point that we see far less detail in the sky, by naked-eye, compared to what they could see. You can still see skies like they did, but only when you go far away from people.

      The concept of the planet also greatly evolved over history. For instance, Sun, Moon and Jupiter were lumped together as planets. Earth was not seen as a planet, but rather as the center of the universe. Some planets turned out not to be planets at all. Even shadows of the earth and the moon were considered planets. Sun was considered a planet, rather than a star. The Moon was considered a planet, rather than a satellite. Or rather, everything was considered a satellite of Earth.

      The analysis method was Geometry, which was one of the earliest branches of math to be developed (for practical, everyday use), was used to assess sizes and distances. It naturally worked, but within limits. Proper analysis of planetary motion however needed Calculus, that was not adequately developed until much later.

      So no, they were not “perfectly matching” at all. There certainly were a few good approximations amongst many very wrong ideas in the ancient astronomy knowledge base. Heliocentric model was the first major leap in astronomy. Understanding gravity massively altered astronomy in ways that the ancients did not imagine. Finally, Relativity changed things in ways that even most of us today can’t properly imagine. Nothing was discovered earlier than we would have expected. Discoveries have pre-requisites.

      But I don’t understand why this is relevant in context of the MBA scam. MBA is not ancient; it is very recent. Science is held up to a much greater standard today. Ancient astronomy was a pre-science. MBA is a pseudo-science. Ancient astronomy, even when wrong, was a perfectly honest and legitimate pursuit of truths, conducted by the brightest minds of the time, using the best available methods at the time. MBA is a dishonest scam, aimed at bilking money from people with limited science education, by throwing around smoke and mirrors of technical terms, paired with the illusion of blindfold reading. It is like astrology, rather than astronomy. The “training” rituals of MBA have as much “science” behind them as Graha Shanti rituals. A priest has far more extensive training than these 3-day brain experts. Ancient astronomers spent their lifetimes studying the skies, meticulously collecting data. These scammers do not even seem to understand the concept of systematic data collection. Where is the comparison?

  • Thank you mr.ravi. As you said no one discovered planets how in Tamil history about 3000 years back they wrote about Navagrahas(9 planets) and they names as Raagu,Kedhu,Sani etc now we call it as Saturn,Pluto etc. U mean to say they had more visual powers to see all them from Earth. In Tamil they say as vaanasaastra which has all details of the nine planets along with their characters and how it will help human race.i believe that there was some powers to our ancestors whom gone into deep meditation were able to make their brain waves to travel far and found all those.this may look look mysterious but chances are bright. Today scientists approved that Ray’s from sat urns are falling straight on the saniswaran temple(thirunallaru in tamilnadu). In Tamil Saturn is said to be Sani and a temple for Saturn God had been built 800 years ago. How I wanted to relate with mba is y not the children who had said to be midbrain activated(I feel as the 3rd eye opening or ajna chakra opening or activating) could use the same brain wave methodology to identify colours,balls,cards etc. You cannot say the theory what our ancestors gave,practiced,built or used could be wrong because everything is with evidence. In ancient Tamil writings Lord shiver said to having 3rd eye in his fore head. Today medically we say as pineal gland located behind forehead.
    So y not this brainwave pattern possible?

    • You did not understood a word of what I said.

      As you said no one discovered planets

      I said no ==ONE== person discovered directly visible planets.

      how in Tamil history about 3000 years back they wrote about Navagrahas(9 planets) and they names as Raagu,Kedhu,Sani etc

      Please read again what I wrote. Rahu and Ketu are not planets in any sense. They are simply shadows of the earth and the moon. As for the rest, nearly every major civilization in the world knew these planets; not just the Tamils. The ancients did not have telescopes; but they weren’t blind. The seven actual planetary bodies are called Classical Planets and were widely known by everyone.

      now we call it as Saturn,Pluto etc.

      Saturn is one of the classical planets. No one (that includes Tamils) knew of Pluto until very recently because it cannot be seen without a good telescope.

      U mean to say they had more visual powers to see all them from Earth.

      No, I said they had less pollution. So they did not always need to go to a remote place to look at skies like this.

      In Tamil they say as vaanasaastra which has all details of the nine planets along with their characters and how it will help human race.

      I suggest you pick up an actual textbook of astronomy and compare it with vaana sastra, side by side. You don’t understand the difference between astronomy and astrology.

      i believe that there was some powers to our ancestors whom gone into deep meditation were able to make their brain waves to travel far and found all those.

      Keyword: believe.
      Translation: You are gullible and will believe in whatever silly nonsense that people will feed you.

      this may look look mysterious but chances are bright.

      What would you know what the word “chance” means? For you it (“chances are bright”) just means whatever silly stuff you want to believe. In science, the word chance has a deep meaning and is meticulously studied and quantified.

      Today scientists approved that Ray’s from sat urns are falling straight on the saniswaran temple(thirunallaru in tamilnadu). In Tamil Saturn is said to be Sani and a temple for Saturn God had been built 800 years ago.

      Sigh. There are no rays emanating from Saturn. Saturn is not a light source. It just reflects sun’s rays like every other planet. No, they don’t specially target anything on earth.

      Which scientists “approved”? Are these the same kind that break coconuts before launching rockets? They aren’t real scientists, just government administrators with empty degrees that mostly got there by seniority.

      How I wanted to relate with mba is y not the children who had said to be midbrain activated(I feel as the 3rd eye opening or ajna chakra opening or activating) could use the same brain wave methodology to identify colours,balls,cards etc.

      Ajna Chakra, 3rd eye are religious ideas, not scientific concepts. Please understand the difference.

      You cannot say the theory what our ancestors gave,practiced,built or used could be wrong because everything is with evidence.

      You don’t understand what the word evidence means. There is no scientific evidence for any of this. Feel free to cite any proper science papers to make your case.

      In ancient Tamil writings Lord shiver said to having 3rd eye in his fore head.

      And in ancient Greek writings, Zeus had a thunder bolt in his hand. Good luck training your hands to shoot lightning bolts.

      Today medically we say as pineal gland located behind forehead.

      Pineal gland is not behind the forehead. Fore-brain is behind the forehead. Do you understand what the words fore and mid mean?

      So y not this brainwave pattern possible?

      What brainwave pattern? Let these MBA guys show EEG findings then. They haven’t shown any special brainwave patterns from their so called training, just like they haven’t shown any special activation via MRI. Brainwaves are not some magic waves. What we call brain waves are the emergent patterns of neuronal electrical activity. Brain waves are not a sensory apparatus. They are more like the electrical hum of an engine. They cannot travel through the air… not even a few centimeters. They are measured by direct contact. They are not radio waves for you to do planetary explorations with. Our ancients weren’t fictional super-powered mutants like the X-Men.

      Objectively, you have a horrendous lack of understanding of science. You are exactly the kind of a person these MBA people are targeting… some one for whom science is just a few fancy words… for whom the MBA scammers will gladly market their rituals with a generous sprinkling of science terms… and if that isn’t enough… “vedic science”, chakras, third eye… anything that can make the sale.

  • Hello Dr. Narendra Naik and all Nitmuktha supporters,

    I had the same questions as how is it possible that one can read blindfolded. First of whom I found doing on youtube was an Indian mystic from 1950’s named Kuda Box, A grandfatherly aged man who had a television series ‘The man with X-ray eyes in one of the British TV channels. Following is the youtube video, investigating his blindfold reading/writing powers. I think blindfold used here is far superior and fool proof than any other test performed by DR. Naik. But, Kuda Box never cease to amaze his audience and since he is old guy OI would imagine his eye sight would be worse compared to an average kid. Can you claim this as Fraud too? I wish you could prove them wrong but so far I am not convinced and I reserve benefit of doubt in favor of People like Kuda Box who may be genuine suggesting all are not fraud cases. Eagerly waiting for your response.

    • I think blindfold used here is far superior and fool proof than any other test performed by DR. Naik.

      I would not say “far superior”. It is just more elaborate looking. Remember that the eye-patch used was a medically certified instrument, not a random patch. It is not supposed to look fancy or confidence inducing (not made for stage magic). It is just expected to work.

      Can you claim this as Fraud too? I wish you could prove them wrong but so far I am not convinced and I reserve benefit of doubt in favor of People like Kuda Box who may be genuine suggesting all are not fraud cases.

      Kuda Bux is a stage magician… an illusionist. He has a good act (calling himself a “mystic” is a part of that). He is not the only one. P.C Sorcar does something similar, but it certainly is Bux’s signature act.

      The question of fraud does not come in with illusionists. We actually pay them to fool us for amusement. We allow them to set up rigged tests, have hidden equipment, assistants that pretend to be audience etc, as long as they are not obvious. We are not expected to figure out by watching the act, in which particular way the magician pulled off the illusion. EVERY act is an illusion. I really should not have to explain the performer-audience covenants under which stage magic works. Fraud is what the MBA scammers are doing because they are claiming to sell an actual intervention, not entertainment.

      When a magician levitates his assistant, it does not mean he has an anti-gravity device or “actual” magic. When a magician saws a lady in two and puts her back, it does not mean he really did that. When a stage magician seems to break the apparent laws of nature, all the scientists don’t gasp and run to update their textbooks. Stage magic is about entertaining, not about overturning the laws of nature.

  • Nayak Sir what you suggest about shree shree Ravishankar’s –Art of Living –Intuition Process Program ? they started all over india , Funny thing is that they change Name Midbrain Activation to Intuition Process Program.

    You can search about that program on there website.

    Here is one of the link about there advertising :-

  • It has been already posted on my FB time line. We are preparing to take them on. Pl check my FB time line for the last week. It is on 30 december and this is the matter:
    The double mister and his art of living enter Midbrain activation under a different name! Here is the blurb:
    The Art of Living Intuition Process is a 2-day program introduced for kids and teenagers between 8-18 years of age.We all are born with a natural intuitive ability to perceive beyond our senses. This is especially visible in children whose minds are still fresh, less obsessive and more in tune with nature.
    The Art of Living Intuition Process helps them to tap into the intuitive abilities of the mind, which is demonstrated by them seeing colors, reading text and identifying pictures with eyes closed.
    Deep and enigmatic faculties are present in a latent form in every child. To make these faculties blossom and get more established, the mind needs proper nurturing and nourishment which is done in the Intuition Process.
    Advertisement is as below.
    Begin your children’s year and new aspects in life with Intution process course happening in muljibhai mehta international school, virar
    The benefits are given below:
    Astonishing Program for Kids & Teens of 8 to 18 yrs.
    BLIND FOLD recognition & reading in just 5 hrs.
    Other Marvellous Benefits:
    Awakens Intuition Power & Foresight
    ♒Enhanses Super Sensory Abilities
    ♈ Develops Remarkable Concentration
    ♎ Builds Photographic Memory
    ♌ Increases Interest in Studies & Creative fields
    ♉ Releases Fears
    ♊ Brings Stillness
    Dates:9&10th jan
    ⌛Register Prior ( max 25 seats so register asap)8605797149
    Jai Gurudev!

  • Hi all

    It’s so amusing to read all comments and specially Mr Narendra Naik, big requirements, and all bullshit, why not just use your tight hands to cover the eyes of the kids, what is wrong in that? I tried my hands on my eyes and I can’t see anything, you are a rationalist? Looks like not, it’s a simple 5 minute procedure to know if it’s true or not, the more rational person you make your self the more dumb you sound, we do not understand human bodies more than 5% yet, just take a simple test by closing eyes with hands tightly

    For such a simple thing you are arguing for years? Time for you to retire, you think not a single parent will ever admit or understand that child is lying? Not even one? Are you serious?

  • Dear Parents & Business owner of MBA

    Here people are discussing about whether Midbrain activation is real or false but please remember that if midbrain is really activated then it will disturb the chemical balance of your children’s brain and they may become mental illness patient in future for lifetime because each brain & its structure is slightly different.
    Midbrain activation trainer are not a doctor & they doesn’t know the medical science behind it.
    Any good psychiatrist doctor never suggest you to go for such a training.
    Mental illness like schizophrenia develop slowly mostly between age 17 years to 32 years.

    Please read following article carefully !

    (The midbrain, also known as the mesencephalon, activates in response to specific stimuli. It responds both to signals from within the body and to external events. Research on midbrain activation looks at which areas of the brain respond to given stimuli and how these play a role in learning and other activities that require more complex brain activity. People with a particular interest in this subject can apply to participate in brain studies, where researchers scan the brains of their subjects while they are exposed to various stimuli.
    This section of the brain is part of the brainstem, located between this structure and the higher level cortexes responsible for critical thinking, language, and other complex activities. Signals from the higher and lower brain pass through the midbrain, activating it as they move through so the neurons can determine where to route the information. Midbrain activation can also directly control some processes, like eye movements and the physiological processes involved in arousal.
    When stimuli occur inside the body, a cascade of neurotransmitters sends the signal through the brainstem to the midbrain, where it decides what to do with the information. It can pass it on to another area of the brain or take action to directly regulate a process like internal temperature control. The midbrain also activates in response to external stimuli like sights and sounds, processing the information and bundling it to an appropriate location elsewhere in the brain.
    This structure plays a role in associative learning, and research suggests that subjects respond more strongly to certain kinds of stimuli than to others, exhibiting selective midbrain activation. This may reflect the history of the human race, which would have needed to be especially attuned to stimuli that might be dangerous. The ability to process and respond quickly to information like an approaching predator would have allowed early humans to survive, passing on their genes to the next generation.
    Some mental illnesses, particularly schizophrenia, appear to interfere with midbrain activation. This can play a role in the development of hallucinations, delusions, and other phenomena experienced by people with mental illness. The provision of medications to such patients can help normalize their neurotransmitters to suppress such experiences by controlling the pathways involved in midbrain activation and other neurological processes. Variable success on medications among psychiatric patients occurs because each brain is slightly different, and the medications may affect patients in different ways as a result.)

    Above Information from :


  • kavitha, good, provide cures for 100% blind kids with no lens in both eyes, then you can get famous. India has a lot of blind kids, cure them all and people will believe you. Of course, you will need to get experts, not Art of Living to test because Art of Living does fake science as well (and never any real science). Go to All India Ophthalmological Society and let them all officially endorse your so-called miracle method. Nobody looks to some meditation scam group for evidence.

    The trick here is someone who is legally blind is not usually 100% blind. They can still see at close range. So blindfold peeking trick will work for some. This trick is often used by evangelist preachers claiming to perform miracles.

  • Kavitha, after you cure thousands of kids with zero eyesight who can now read using only their activated mid-brain, I am sure Narendra Nayak and also myself will fall on your feet with tears and ask your forgiveness for doubting you. We will pull our remaining hair out trying to understand how a kid with no lens is able to read currency note numbers.

    You will make India famous. But until then, please shut up.

  • Another thing is that the visually handicapped have very acute other senses. So they could identify things by other properties like texture, smell, minor indentations or bumps etc. These people are really cruel to exploit people with such disabilities.

  • This preacher is completely blind in one eye. He is using that blindness to convince people into believing miracle vision while peeking down the blind fold of the working eye.

    The trick is don’t say anything while peeking. Later hold up the object in front of the blind eye or convincingly above eye level or behind the head and then pretend to just read it. This is why you need people who know how magic tricks are done understand deception like this. Even scientists sometimes get fooled at first because they don’t understand deception as well.

    There are hundreds or thousands of preachers who claim to work miracles. All of them are frauds. No one has ever shown any miracle. It is easy to fool people.

  • Nice article, covers your work Mr. Narendra Nayak

    Hey Kavitha, how come you have not figured out your “Professor” Shichida is a dirty liar who invents fake awards for himself. Are you really this stupid? Are most of you liars and frauds or just fools?

    “Shichida is almost always referred to as “Professor” Shichida, though he had no known academic affiliation. The midbrain activation literature also describes him as a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Interested, I went online to learn more about this. However, I was quickly stumped. Among the list of Nobel Peace Prize winners, his name does not appear. On his own website, however — — there is a whole list of his awards. One of them is the “World Peace Award as part of the United Nations Five Corporations Grand Prize for Peace”, so I figured the people in India simply translated it wrong — an honest mistake — and I went to the UN websites to learn more about this World Peace Award. Stumped again. There appears to be no such organization, and no mention of it or the award on the web except on Shichida’s own website.

    Shichida lists seven other awards on his website, with such illustrious names as “Distinguished Service for World Peace Grand Knight Title from the World Intellectual Treasury Association” — and again, as with his not-quite-a-Nobel-Peace-Prize, the web seems to have no references to any of these awards or organizations, except on his own page. Regardless, there appears to be little evident crossover between the Shichida Method and midbrain activation.”

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