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Predict Election Results And Win 1 Million Rupees!

We have been inviting all those who claim supernatural powers of prediction to come forward and show their efficiency but forecasting the results for the elections from many decades. The elections of 2014 are the most interesting ones and most important from the point of view of the nation. We would like to test the acumen of these innumerable such claimants from all corners of this country and hence have put forward this offer of one million Indian rupees to those who can correctly predict the results of the elections of 2014 within the limits of accuracy and the conditions specified herein.

In order to prevent any misunderstandings and litigations arising thereof all the media who reproduce this note are expected to take care to see that the terms and conditions are clearly outlined in their publications.These can be also taken from my web site, and from

Terms and conditions:

  1. One individual can send only one entry.
  2. The entries have to be in the written form and can be posted to the following address:
    Narendra Nayak
    13-9-122/2, V.T.Road
    Mangalore -575 001
  3. The last date for the receipt of entries will be 12th of May, 2014
  4. No responsibility will be taken for any of the entries delayed in post, lost or not received.
  5. The predictions are to be made under the confidence limits prescribed for each of the questions and no ranges are acceptable as they are already incorporated into the questions.
  6. The results of the elections will be verified by those sending the entries and it shall not be my responsibility to inform any of those sending entries except the winner/s.
  7. The prize amount offered is Indian rupees 10,00,000 (rupees ten lakhs only).
  8. No correspondence will be entered into with any of the contestants.
  9. All entries are to be sent in English only.
  10. Any litigation arising from this will be subject to the jurisdiction of courts at Mangalore only.
  11. All entries shall carry the full postal address, telephone number and the method used to make the predictions.
  12. A synopsis of the entries received along with a detailed analysis shall be published within 24 hours of the last day of receipt that is 12th May.
  13. We shall not be responsible for providing any inputs regarding the date of birth, time of filing the nomination or anything else that may be considered necessary for making the predictions. It is the responsibility of those sending the entries to obtain these.

Predictions are needed for the following:

  1. Who will be the next Prime Minister of India?
  2. Which party or combination of parties will come to power(if it is an alliance details of the constituents has to be provided)? Number of seats which will be won by each party within an error margin of + 5% (ranges are NOT ACCEPTABLE).
  3. Bharatiya Janatha Party.
  4. Indian National Congress.
  5. Trinamool congress.
  6. Bahujan Samajwadi Party.
  7. Samajwadi party.
  8. ADMK
  9. DMK
  10. Janata Dal (U)
  11. Janta Dal(secular)
  12. CPI(M)
  13. AAP

The number of votes that will be obtained by the following candidates within an error margin of + 5% (ranges are NOT ACCEPTABLE)

  1. Narendra Modi at Varanasi.
  2. Rahul Gandhi at Amethi.
  3. Aravind Kejriwal at Varanasi.
  4. B. Janardhan Poojary at Mangalore.
  5. L.K. Advani at Gandhi Nagar.
  6. Murali Manohar Joshi at Lucknow.
  7. Sonia Gandhi at Rai Bareli.

Those whose entries shall be all correct within a range of 5% margin that is 19 answers right out of the 20 shall be eligible for the prize of rupees ten lakhs. In case of more than one entry being correct, the prize amount shall be equally distributed among the right entrants.

If no answers are received within the specified ranges the prize money will be retained by us.

Narendra Nayak
Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations
13-9-1220/2, V.T.Road

About the author

Narendra Nayak


    • If I ask for entry fee there will be complications with laws, consumer protection act will apply and no asstrologer will send entries because they know that it is bunkum.

  • 1] Narendra Modi
    2] Bharatiya Janatha Party
    3] Bharatiya Janatha Party – 198
    4] Indian National Congress – 120
    5] Trinamool congress- 28
    6] Bahujan Samajwadi Party – 23
    7] Samajwadi party – 12
    8] ADMK – 14
    9] DMK – 5
    10] Janata Dal (U) – 2
    11] Janta Dal(secular) – 2
    12] CPI(M) – 3
    13] AAP – 2
    14] Narendra Modi at Varanasi – 3,40,000 votes – win
    15] Rahul Gandhi at Amethi – 2,80,000 votes- win
    16] Aravind Kejriwal at Varanasi – 1,50,000 votes- loss
    17] B. Janardhan Poojary at Mangalore – 2,10,000 votes-
    18] L.K. Advani at Gandhi Nagar – 2,60,000 votes – win
    19] Murali Manohar Joshi at Lucknow – 2,80,000 votes – win
    20] Sonia Gandhi at Rai Bareli – 2,90,000 votes – win

  • Completely disappointed FIRA. They just do not seem to know how sooth Sayers work. Krishna himself showed the despondent Arjuna that he will win but inspite of indication it was not shown that by what margin or what cost or how he would win . In effect No detailing was done. Satya sai baba miracles were tested but nothing came out of it . Duplication is a criterion but if it is an art, how can it be duplicated. Tea made by a the same employee of a hotel tastes different . Pray which sooth sayers give details. The way this is framed it is a game of the intellectuals and hardly any probability to win . a dirty trick to call itself rational by FIRA i would say . Even the most cunning soot Sayers, may i say confidence tricksters would not fall for it. Can they attack rationally the real ones, The faith or superstition is built when the results are seen & there is greed or fear involved and stakes are multiplied . There are many astrology or religious sites or the Ponzhy scheme ( sraddah scam, net work marketing ) on net that works on the fears & make people shelve out their hard earned money.. say people forced to teeth or zakat or charity in the name of fear or money. can FIRA attack those first.

  • The question number 19 is wrong, Murali Manohar Joshi is contesting from Kanpur not Lucknow. From Lucknow it is Rajnath Singh contesting.

  • Narendra Nayakji

    Why not a challenge to all the sooth sayers , tantriks ,astrologers , Godmen , people with ESP Powers, Psychics etc etc to help find the missing Malaysian airline flight MH370 .They can at least give the rough co-ordinates of where the plane is . I find all the soothsayers etc are keeping silent on this issue .

  • Taking advice of the astrologers is a good step from your side Narendra Naik. Since it is a matter of country future. Really appreciate your efforts in framing questions.
    May be one question is wrong as found by many. May be we will get a good and able leader to this country. Who works in both upholding nation Spiritual and scientific knowledge.

    • No. Even if you do it will be only of academic interest. You will not be eligible for the prize. I have said snail mail for many reasons too many to elaborate here. In my my post result announcement write up I will explain it.

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