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How Much Do YOU Pay Your Domestic Worker? Take the Survey

One aspect of the recent Devyani Khobragade controversy has been the treatment of domestic workers, particularly how much (or how little) we pay them. We’ve decided to do an online survey to get an idea of how much domestic workers are paid, and for what kind of work. It’s a short survey, consisting of just 10 simple questions. It will only take 5 minutes of your time, so please do take it – and please spread this link around too. We’ll publish the results here on the site in due course. Thank you! (UPDATE Jan 2 2014: the survey results have been published here.)

Click Here to Take the Survey

A female domestic worker sitting on the floor and washing kitchen utensils.

A female domestic worker sitting on the floor and washing kitchen utensils.
(Image via The Hindu; links to source.)



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  • Hi,

    I would like to point out that in the last two questions of the survey, the responses (0 days and 0 /- is not being allowed. I put 1 for each, but this was only so that the survery would go through.



  • The survey should also include how many people the domestic worker works for, the size of the house etc. Generally the domestic help works for brooming and cleaning the floor, washing clothes and cleaning utensils.

  • Glad this is being talked of.Many households have different workers for ‘house keeping’jobs like cook, dust, iron etc.and separate for washing vessels and sweeping/cleaning.Task list is missing ironing, dusting and has one overall cleaning column. Might reflect incorrect analysis. Also, many women workers definitely do not want bonus in cash and all my maids want things in kind, not cash. Bicycles,cookers, mixi have been the choices. Have converted it to equivalent cash amount, but if there was a column of cash/kind it would reflect worker choices. Thanks

  • ZERO RUPEES ZERO PAISE. I Do All My domestic work
    Laundry,Vacuuming,Dishwashing,Swabbing Floors a couple of times a week and cleaning my bathrooms,washbasins and toilets, vacuuming my car. When my wife is around , we both do it. Once in a while , if both of us are unwell we call in
    somebody and pay the market price they set.

  • I don’t deduct ever from salary. I do ask that I be informed of absence – known/planned ones in advance and otherwise by a phone call/missed call that I will return so that I know to not wait. The only thing that is painful is not knowing!

    I think you need space for some qualitative responses as well.

  • I also do all my own domestic work. The fact that explotation is aocially acceptable in Indian culture, is a much bigger problem for India than religion.

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