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Bengaluru Freethinkers May 2013 Meet

Twenty-three people showed up for our May 2013 meet, held on the Cubbon Park grass outside the State Central Library. Twenty three (and four of them were bang on time)! On the agenda for the day were the Bangladeshi atheists, and parody religions. We did talk about that, but it became hard to manage in such a large group and discussion veered into other atheist subjects, like strategies for activism, experiences of coming out, and the upcoming Hug an Atheist Day. It’s difficult to say more about what we said, because we were all over the place. But pictures being worth a thousand words and all, here’s a lovely picture:

BFT members sit in a large circle on the grass

Group members sit in a large circle on the grass, surrounded by trees.
The library building can be seen in the background.


There was a nice moment at the end, when a woman came over to the group to introduce herself – she had been in a group nearby, rehearsing a play on street harassment, and had overheard that we were a freethinkers’ group so she came over to see “what you’re about”. After the meet, fifteen of us hopped across to the Coffee Day Square for some much-needed food and coffee. These “after-meets” have become something of a Nirmukta tradition, and it’s especially nice to be able to speak to people who didn’t get a chance to speak during the meet. For future meets, we’re going to come up with a more structured meeting – e.g. people giving talks or presentations – and are going to look into venues for the same. So if you’re in the city and you support science, freethought and secular humanism, come join us.


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Sunil D'Monte

Sunil D'Monte is a freethinker, feminist and secular humanist.


  • I attended these meets once or twice earlier but of late, I don’t receive any intimation of such meets.
    However, I attend the monthly meets of Akhila Karnataka Vicharavadi Sangha, regularly. Intrestingly, I got intro to this org. through Yukti meet held two years back at KRVP,BSK II stage.
    The next meet of the Sangha will be on 26-5-2013 (Sunday) at KRVP,BSK II stage. Subject: Dharma, Rajakarana mattu Jatyatitha by Prof. Dr. Bhaskar Mayya,renowned writer, presided by A.S.Nataraj.

  • Oops, I missed out the timing of the meet: 10:30 AM. Added attraction: Free lunch after the meet – courtesy Sri Gurushanth P.V

  • I am sad living in DUBAI, can not attend the monthly “Vicharawadi Sangha” Now since a secular outfit has come to power in Karnataka,Sangh’s activities may be enlarged, to enlighten the youth of the state. THis state has reached saturation point in religiosity with so many gods,preists,astrologers,and Mutts, Prof.A.n.Murthy Rao’s book on hindu Gods { Translated into English by L.S.Sheshgiri Rao} contains stories which are bizzare,disgusting and ridiculous, Some attempt should be made to give wide publicity to such stories.

    • What would that publicity do? Are you trying to shame people out of belief? If the stories really are bizarre and obscure, people will just say that they’re not the “real” stories and movie on. Case and point, there are 1000 Ramayanas, some “bizarre” to use your characterization. Yet noone believes in all 1000 simultaneously. In fact, Hindutva recently protested an essay which covers all 1000 versions. In the past, it also disrupted a showing of the Dasaratha Jataka.

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