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Delhi Freethinkers January-13 meet report

The Jan-13 meet of Delhi Freethinkers marked our second anniversary since our first meet in Jan-11 and it was a huge success with 25+ attendees and extending for 5+ hours.

We had the opportunity of meeting with two activists from Baghpat who had accompanied  Narendra Nayak from his workshop in Baghpat. They acquainted us with issues and challenges of the place, away form privileges of city life. The conversation was both illuminating and inspiring and a reminder of why we do what we do.

Many people have asked us what exactly happens in our meets. All our meets are unique in some sense , but the general pattern is: we meet, we vent out our frustrations, we fight and return a happier person than we came.

The topics of arguments for this meet were: prioritisation- developing membership vs organising events, marriage and relationship with a religious person , common visible traits of people who are religious and how they may not necessarily be a symbols of their religiosity but something they have to do to avoid repeated arguments with parents.  Then we talked about astrology and gemstones.

The next topic was ofcourse relationship with parents and maintaining a balance of making decisions for yourself and having a healthy relationship.  Later we talked about morality in animal kingdom and whether they have a theory of mind. This had to be cut short, because 3 hours had just flown by and we had spent a lot of time in the beginning on introductions, something that moderators promise to be more careful of, in future meets.

After casual chats, as we spread out , some of the members left while the rest of us shifted to a new location to have pizza and continue the discussion.

We started from where we had left, morality in animal kingdom, where to draw the line between species, where to draw the line between human races, international politics, history of imperialism, history of religion, importance of history and how it is always written by the victors. Yep, we digress back and forth 🙂

Back to animal kingdom, necrophilia and incest in animal kingdom, same in humans, gender differences, sexism in India and different countries, sacred feminine and why we should respect a person rather than their roles as described by society, gender roles, till we ran a full circle back to marriage and relationship with religious people and ran out of pizza to munch on. And so we left, talking about our respective careers and colleges as we walked back, and how we looked forward to the next meet.

Next meet of Delhi Freethinkers will be held tomorrow, join the group on facebook. To know about timing and venue and keep updated about meets. Kindly note that to keep our groups a safe place, we scan through profiles before accepting , if you have too restrictive profile, or if you have only recently created profile, or if your profile looks fake because of other reasons or you have to use an alter profile for security concerns, please PM the admins telling briefly about yourself, ( we keep checking our ‘other’ messages) .If you are not on facebook, please mail us at or join us at bigtent with your contact information.

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