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Report on Nirmukta Trivandrum Meet

Being the regional coordinator of Nirmukta, I was very keen  to organize regular programs with people who think in the same lines as of Nirmukta. I used to talk about and its Facebook communities whenever I got the chance.

A volunteer puts up the "Nirmukta Kerala" sign outside the venue building.

A volunteer puts up the “Nirmukta Kerala” sign outside the venue building.
(Image copyright Prashanth Randadath 2012.)

The Trivandrum Chapter of Nirmukta was inaugurated on 20th July 2012 at 5 pm at the Press Club hall, Trivandrum. Former Member of Parliament, Mr. Pannyan Raveendran, who had represented the Trivandrum constituency in the 14th Lok Sabha, did the honours. The keynote address was delivered by Rajya Sabha MP C.P. Narayanan. Mr. Mohammad Khan MA who was later nominated as the General secretary of the chapter welcomed the gathering. He is a familiar face to those who watch Malayalam news channels, where he appears on talk shows and debates  and speaks for freethinkers and rationalists. He is familiar with and he is very much interested in joining us. He introduced Nimukta. Chapter president Mr. Ramesh presided and Nirmukta Kerala coordinator Mr. Prashanth Randadath was the one who thanked the guests and participants.

Conference attendees sitting inside the venue

Conference attendees sitting inside the venue.
(Image copyright Prashanth Randadath 2012.)

The inaugural programme was followed by a power point presentation by Mr. C. Ravichandran (Assistant Professor, University College, Trivandrum) on the topic ” The God particle and the origin of universe”. The presentation  was followed by an interaction session with the audience for 30 minutes. Far exceeding the expectations of the organizers, around 160-170 people participated the event. We had promoted this event both offline and online. Offline by printing notice and distributing widely at Trivandrum. Online using Facebook Malayali rational groups and several other websites like 130 persons expressed their willingness in writing to join Nirmukta. Not a single seat was vacant inside the hall which could only accommodate 75. Many participants were standing in and outside the hall. The meeting ended at 8pm. The programmme for the next eight months were also charted out and announced in the meet.

Over all, it was a real “big bang” of a start! Readers may be interested in joining one of the Nirmukta regional Facebook groups, the Kochi Freethinkers. Links to our other Facebook groups can be found here.


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  • well done Prashanth…my hair stands up reading about the number of participants! also since it was a grand success at my birth place makes it all the more sweet…will surely catch with all of you during my visit to Trivandrum

    • This is the best story the Bee has done in years! The content, the quotes, everything is brniilalt!I cut it out this morning and brought it to work with me. It is now taped up on my office wall and has generated numerous chuckles from my co-workers.

  • Good report. I feel it will be good if you give the links to your facebook group and anything else that may be relevant at the bottom of every page. Also some contact email ids etc would help those who visit any page even by chance to get in touch with you and, maybe, even join you.


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