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The Cosmic Boondocks- Episode #8, May 15, 2012

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“Our time is burdened under the cumulative weight of successive debunkings of our conceits…. We live in The Cosmic Boondocks.”

~Carl Sagan

The Cosmic Boondocks is the podcast started by Ajita Kamal for  promoting science, freethought and humanistic values in India.   Nirmukta hosts both open and closed hangout sessions. The time would be around 9-11 pm IST The open hangouts would be live-streamed at the facebook pages(1,2) , the blog and the channel and are often held at Google+ . And closed hangouts would be recorded,edited and composed to a podcast. To be a part of the closed hangouts  send an email to (If you prefer, your details will be maintained confidential) with the body of the message containing Brief introduction, Key area of expertise, Other areas/related fields of interest and Time-zone(in case not IST). Your suggestions for topics of discussions are most invited. This week we interview Bill lauritzen,author of  The Invention of God ,who explains how several features of religion reveal themselves to be invention of man and an outcome of attempts at understanding natural events. Bill Lauritzen is an educator, scientist, and visionary.  Among his other accomplishments, Bill invented a new number system, designed a modern-day Stonehenge, called SpaceHenge, and wrote a paper explaining the value of geodesic domes. He also wrote a book about the invention of religion and mythology called,The Invention of God.

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Rising Legends, by Epic Soul Factory

Linear System, by Grendjohn

Bust This Bust That, by Professor Klig

Earth, by David Schombert

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  • Of course RELIGION is a human invention! What else? I have never come across other living beings with some kind of religion. What is the god of an ape? A bigger ape?

    We need to attribute intentions and thereby personality to the the environmental systems which we don’t understand. But this trait is not present in other species, as we don’t have trunks like elephants, wings like birds, or anthers like insects…

    Not a very interesting debate, if you think of it

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