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Just How Much Gold Do You Need For Worship?

The mills of God grind small, we are told…
But too slow for those in hunger’s grip!
For whose sake is saved God’s hoarded gold?
How much gold do you need for worship?

Law’s blindfolded; God’s reclining…
Both indifferent to human hardship!
Poverty is far from declining…
How much gold do you need for worship?

By earthly need, not heavenly faith…
Should the the scales of earthly justice tip!
Charity’s prop when you say is faith…
How much gold do you need for worship?

From raiders this bounty was withheld…
Can’t our own, now with pride, into it dip?
What’s the harm when as Art it’s beheld?
How much gold do you need for worship?

“Serve the Lord within everyone”,
Is a chant on every pious lip.
Shouldn’t this work from shrines be begun?
How much gold do you need for worship?

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Arvind Iyer


  • Arvind,

    Great poesy indeed! Very provoking thoughts and questions expressed in even and flowing metrical style that will thrill the hearts of every connoisseur of verse.

    Sounded very Alexandrine (A Pope) to me. May also surely have traces of other poetic styles like that of Cowper and Marvell.

    Thanks in my case for taking me down the memory lane of pristine and uplifting Victorian verse.

    A profound verse is worth a thousand lines of prose!

    Great work and keep the creative juices flowing!!!

  • Though i am not poetically inclined, I enjoyed your poem both as a poem as well as for the sense it conveys!

  • REF.NDTV Programme.Tantri of AyyappaTemple and SanghaPariwar spokesperson–Nirmala seetha Raman swear Lord Padmanabha resides there.. Thousand such beautiful poems can not change their mind-set

    • The minds of these self-proclaimed defenders of the faith, were not changed even by the poem they hold sacred, the Bhagavad Gita which in Chapter 9 Verse 26 declares the worth of genuine worship as not requiring any extravagance of gold. They pretend as though the Bhagavata Revolution to curtail the excesses of opulent ritualism never happened. Even from a religious standpoint, one wonders how they never notice the contradiction between Srimad Bhagavatam’s condemnation of hoarded gold ( 1.17.39) and their own zealousness to hoard gold in a shrine dedicated to the deity of the Gita and the Bhagavatam!

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