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The Cosmic Boondocks – Episode #3, May 29, 2011

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“Our time is burdened under the cumulative weight of successive debunkings of our conceits…. We live in The Cosmic Boondocks.”

~Carl Sagan

The Cosmic Boondocks is a podcast promoting science, freethought and humanistic values in India.

Episode #3 (29/5/2011) Shownotes


1. 5-year long experiment confirms that dark energy is constant throughout the universe.

2. More Americans are praying for health.

3. More water on the moon than previously thought.

4. Naadi Jyothidam.

Sun TV expose.

Prof Nayak’s article:

Cold reading:

5. Drug helps reduce stress associated with bad memories by affecting recall of negative memories.


1. Prof. Nayak’s talk on rationalism to 100 children at Belthangady near Mangalore.

Prof Narendra Nayak's Rationalism talk for Children in Belthangady

2. Links to previous visits by professor Nayak, for training programs in rational thinking for faculty of Periyar Maniammai University, Vallam.


Last week’s question: When was rice first cultivated in India?

Answer, ~ 4000 years ago.

This week, fallacy hunting:

Deepak Chopra:

“We think that many times patients feel healed even though they may die from a disease, if they learn to go beyond their personal fear of death, and you can never do that unless you have a patient…have a spiritual experience.”

Discuss here:


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Ajita Kamal


  • nice listening…
    Please avoid phrases like “What the hell…”, it doesn’t sound good.
    Does Nirmukta have activity in Indore MP,

    • There’s nothing wrong with using such expressions. You know who actually opposes the use of the phrase? Fundamentalist Christians, who actually believe in hell. They consider it swearing. All languages use lots of mythical references to convey emotion, and such uses need not get the word police riled up.
      No, we don’t have a regional group in Indore yet.

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