“Vastu And Astrovision” Specialist Doesn’t See Bus

Borad daylight, slow traffic and yet a small car crashes into a huge bus. The windshield says it all- Vastu and Astrovision specialist. A specialist in “Astrovision” lacking ordinary vision? Is there a Vastu defect in the construction of the road? Or is it the wrong configuration of celestial bodies that caused a failure of “Astrovision”?

You decide!



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  • Jokes Apart..

    Still do not agree there are things beyond science.

    Do these at your home.

    Vastu defects and their harmful effects

    Vastu plays a vital role in balancing the positive and negative energy in a home or in one’s life. The vastu can bring good positive energy and the vastu defects will cause negative energy that symbolize death, violence and negative aspects of life. Following are some vastu defects and their harmful effects.

    North Direction: The north direction is associated with the overall financial condition of the residents. Any potential vastu defect in the northern direction of the house could very well translate into lack of adequate finances, unexpected increase of expenses, loans, poverty impacting the overall economic situation.

    As per vastu principles make sure that there is no clutter or bathroom located in the northern direction of your home. Even having a kitchen in the northern direction is not advisable. Any cut or extension in the construction in the north direction could also be the cause of vastu defect.

    Eastern Direction: If you are facing difficulty in getting recognition along with health issues and strained relationship, the bad vastu energy is in the eastern side of your house. According to vastu principles, placement of stairs, bathroom, kitchen and high-rise walls in the eastern direction cause a negative effect on the residents of the house.

    Make sure that eastern areas of your house have some open areas attracting natural light in the mornings. East is considered to be one of the most important directions and any clutter or cut or unwanted extension that is not in balance with the overall energy dynamics of the house can cause a potential vastu defect.

    West Direction: Big windows, electric motors, well, pit or unwanted extensions and cuts are all prohibited in the western direction as per vastu guidelines. Having a bad western element in any house can cause chest disease and poverty to the residents. If the youngest daughter of the house undergoes extreme suffering and despair, chances are that it is because of the bad vastu energy emitting from the western direction.

    South Direction: Having a dining hall, septic tank and sewage disposal plants are all prohibited in the south direction as per vastu principles. Bad effects of a negative south direction can lead to legal disputes, loss of work, lack of fame and eye related problems for the residents.

    North East: North east direction is another significant direction, as it covers the aspect of fortune and luck as per vastu principles. Any vastu defect in the north eastern direction can cause misfortune. From family disputes to accidents, surgeries, legal discords and a general sense of disappointment in all walks of life can all be linked to a bad vastu element in the north east direction. Make sure that north eastern areas of your house do not include kitchen, bathroom, over head tank, store room or stair case. Heavy items should also be kept away from the north eastern areas of the house to decrease the negative vastu influence.

    North West: Main entrance, underground water tank, temple and kitchen space are all prohibited in the North West direction as per vastu principles. If your house has a negative influence by placement of any such locations in the North West direction, immediate change is recommended. Bad effects of a bad vastu complaint North West region could lead to legal and mental problems, heart disease and even untimely death in some extreme cases.

    South East: Having a main entrance, bore well or septic tank in the south east direction offers negative results as per vastu guidelines. Any bad vastu energy emitting from the south eastern direction affects the peace of mind of its residents. General feeling of fear, lack of positivity, domestic issues and unwanted fear of theft are some of the common defects effecting residents with vastu defects in south east.

    South West: Underground water tank, temple, kitchen, basement and any sewage disposal plants should never be constructed in the south west direction. The south west direction controls the personal relationships of the residents of any house. Any negative energy emitting from the south west direction could lead to loss of money, domestic problems between husband and wife, lack of promotion and delay in marriage.

    Do what an all is said NOT TO BE DONE in this and then see what happens to you or home.

    Here i will list out some exact Vastu DO NOT’S.

    Do this at your home and see what happens.

    Surely you will face problems.

    There are multiple ways a vastu dosh can occur in North East part of a home and hence to make it easier for you to comprehend North East vastu doshas, we’ve created a list of vastu defects.

    North East Vastu Dosh List

    Toilet in North East
    Kitchen in North East
    Bedroom in North East
    Staircase in North East’
    Cut in North East corner
    Overhead water tank in North East
    Septic tank in North East

    A kitchen in North East is considered very inauspicious in vastu shastra.

    In fact do these maximum items in North East and see what happens.

    South West Vastu Dosh List
    Toilet in South West
    Kitchen in South West
    Cut in South West direction
    Cut/extension in West and large opening/windows in West
    Home entrance or main door in South West
    Bore well or underground water tank in South West

    Again these are general. That means its not usually good to go out in rain, as you have more chances of getting cold.

    Similarly, if 10 people do these Vastu DO NOT’s in their home, surely atleast more than 5 will face the effects.

    A lot depends on the individual horoscope and how strong his destiny is, how his current time is running.

    This is how it works. A lot of factors have to be taken into consideration.

    For eg: For some people south door will be auspicious.

    The problem is when it comes to SCIENCE people know the nuances or ready to know why it did not happen as per expectation.

    But when it comes these things like astrology, vastu, spirituality, first only it is assumed it is bogus.

    People are not ready to know the nuances like how they know the principles of science
    Later when one says there are other factors then say its reason to escape that their prediction did not come true, vastu is fake and astrology is bogus and spirituality is crap.

    As i said out of 10 people who do these Vastu “DONOTS’s” more than 5 will surely face the effects.

    You just need to give it some time.

    If you want immediate results. Do this.

    Build Toilet/Restroom in NORTH EAST.
    Build Underground Sump in SOUTH WEST.
    Ensure there always WATER in SOUT EAST corner in the house and see if SOUTH EAST CORNER is bigger than NORTH EAST.

    Make kids sleep in SOUTH WEST room.
    PARENTS or adults sleep in NORTH WEST room.
    Kids will start to dominate parents.

    Any of you just do these few changes i mentioned and See what happens..

    Vastu Remedies Case Studies

    Yes as i said you can call this fake.

    So i suggest see the Vastu defects in the case study and do it to your place or shop etc.

    See what happens, you will know if Vastu is fake.

    Do maximum changes whichever is possible, one or two might not impact. I am not suggesting to renovate your premises to test vastu defect.

    Just saying whatever changes can be done, please do it, and see how it effects you..

    Happy to be proved wrong..

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