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I Wish Everybody Forgets My Birthday

I wish everybody forgets my birthday,
After I became an adult,
A painful reminder of time waits for none
Some Useful Period Wasted (SUPW, Socially Useful Productive Work, they say in school level education)
What is that but, an accident
Or may be a matter of convenience of a painful process
Quickly to be got over,
So that people can smile when you arrive complaining at the top of your voice.
What if, you had not arrived?
Would that have made a difference to the lives of the billions who have already arrived?
Or you just add another number to the already exploding
Would my god in reverse (dog for the uninitiated) have missed me?
Would the good wishes, flowers and cakes, sweets not been used?
Like the New Year
It comes every year to celebrate the hardly celebratable
A point of time in an essential continuity,
Making you sing out, “and miles to go before I sleep (or slip – depending on how sleepy you are)….
And “oh thank you, thank you so very much” with a painted smile that makes your cheek ache
Can somebody not see,
I am celebrating my birth by living everyday,
For each day could be my last,
Everyday is a birthday of mine
When I can rise from bed and say “rise and shine” to myself
Carrying humanity a little further with my temperament,
What matters is that I have put in efforts.
When I came is of no significance,
For if we celebrate the birthdays in real earnest
There won’t be much else to do
And so in all fairness,
Why cant we all forget that sometime back we were born,
And since we arent dead yet, we are alive.
But alive isn’t living
For we must live with dignity
And my dignity nobody else can take away,
For all of us are one of our kinds.
So to help me get down to the serious business of living,
I wish everybody just forgets my birthday

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Pratap Kumar Rath


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