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Delhi Freethinkers’ Meet – Sunday, March 27, 2011

The second Nirmukta Freethinkers’ Meet in Delhi is here!

Visit the Facebook Event Page to RSVP.


Lodhi Garden.


We will assemble at Gate 1 (Between Parking & India Islamic Center), at precisely 3PM and within 15 minutes depart to a suitable location within the Lodhi Garden for our Meet.

Closest Metro Station: Jor Bagh (one can also come from the Khan Market Metro Station)
View Lodi Garden Gate 1 in a larger map


– A note on Bhagat Singh (Theme of the Meet, Atheist)
– How to go about assisting Nirmukta in its goals
– Discuss the renaming structure of Nirmukta’s regional groups.
– Status of Freethought/Atheism/Skeptics etc in India

For more details please contact Ankush Mittal.

Thank you!

Note: Please also join the Delhi Freethinkers‘ facebook group.

Nirmukta’s objectives:

1. To foster public discourse on science and religion in an objective manner.
2. To promote a naturalistic life philosophy as a moral and fulfilling alternative to supernatural religion.
3. To provide a platform for the free-thought community within India.
4. To consciously work towards building a culture of Secularism.
5. To monitor genuine scientific controversies and expose the false ones.
6. To promote a secular public policy in keeping with India’s constitution.
7. To promote the principles of equality, communal harmony and basic human rights.

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  • I m so proud to see this spark in my generation. I wish I was India right now. I would wholeheartedly join this movement. When you guys need donation hit me up..I would gladly support great cause.

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