Precession (Ayanāmsa) And The Fundamental Error In Astrological Calculation Of The Zodiac

The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar.

The Internet, TV and newspapers are abuzz with discussion on Raashee (Zodiac). One blogger wondered, “I was married to my wife because my Raashee and her Raashee matched. Now we find that our Raashees have changed and they do not match. So what should I do?” Another reader wondered, “My Raashee has changed. Does that mean that I am not anymore who I used to be?”.

This striking turn of events was instigated by an innocuous report published in a daily, the Star Tribune of Minneapolis. Parke Kunkle, who has been nicknamed the “Man Who Changed the Zodiac”, was quoted by the news media which was reporting that zodiac signs used until now are no longer valid. He had stated that the dates of sun-signs have changed by about a month since ancient times, and that a 13th zodiac, Ophiuchus, needs to be added to account for the motion of the Sun in celestial sphere. The sun-signs that astrologers have been using appear to be misplaced. Until now one who had thought of herself as being a Pisces, finds herself morphed into an Aquarius.

Parke Kunkle, an astronomy populariser, was giving a talk taking broadside at astrology. He was explaining that the naturally occurring wobble in the direction of the earth’s axis – technically known as a “precession” – had altered the alignment of stars overhead from their traditional star signs, which date back several millennia.  Thus the actual place of  the Sun in the Raashee chakra as computed by astrology is widely off mark from the astronomy (and could be verified by observation). It is not like all of a sudden scientists have discovered this fact now, or that abruptly the Sun decided to jump and change its position amongst the Raashee on one fine day. In fact, this truth that the fundamental claims of astrologers are inaccurate has been common knowledge among all astronomers for a very long time.

What is Zodiac (Raashee)?

The Sun appears to rise in the East and set in the West. In like manner the Moon and other planets also rise in the East and set in the West. On any given night the Moon can be seen near a star, say Revathi nakshatra. The next day, if we observe carefully, as the Moon revolves around the Earth it will not be near Revathi anymore. In fact it will come back to its position near Revathi after about 27 days. In other words, the Moon will complete one circle in the night sky and come back to the same position in the sky (near the same original star) after about 27 days. Observing this wonderful fact, in ancient times, the thinkers created a concept called “Nakshatras” (stars). They identified 27 bright and noticeable stars and each of these days were named after these Nakshatras. On one day the Sun will be near a star. The next day it will not be as close to it anymore. It would make a one complete rotation and comeback to the same star after one year. In like manner each planet – of the five that were visible to naked eye – was also seen to traverse in relation to these stars. Not exactly taking the same path as the Moon, but about 8-9 degrees on either side.


Figure 1: Twenty seen Nakshatras near which the Moon appears to traverse in the night sky as it revolves around Earth.

In ancient times, the Babylonians observed these phenomena and named this strip of night sky the ‘Zodiac’. If we imagine the night sky as inside of a ball- celestial sphere – with Earth placed at its centre, then the Zodiac was a belt that cut the celestial sphere into two. All the then-known Planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn – along with the Sun and the Moon appeared to travel in this belt. This circular band of night sky was divided into twelve parts and each part was named ‘Rashee’ (or zodiac sign). Using their infinite artistic ability, Babylonians also imagined stars in these each Raashee to be the figure of an animal. Thus the strip traditionally divided into the 12 constellations was called zodiac belt. The name comes from the fact that most of these constellations are named for animals–Leo the lion, Aries the ram, Scorpio the scorpion, Cancer the crab, Pisces the fish, Capricorn the goat and Taurus the bull (The term Zodiac comes from the Greek word Zodiakos which means “circle of animals.”).


Figure 2: A belt of star groups – constellations – against which the Sun and Moon appear to traverse. This is the Zodiac. As the Earth revolves, the Sun, which appears against Leo one month, appears against Virgo the next.

While Sun is up in the sky we cannot see any stars (except during a Total Solar Eclipse, when, for a fleeting moment, the stars would be visible during the day). However there are stars behind the Sun, invisible to us because of the brightness of the Sun’s illumination. Thus at any time the Sun is also somewhere on the celestial sphere, that is, the Sun appears to be somewhere on the zodiac belt. The zodiac sign in which the Sun appear to be at a given point of time becomes the sun-sign of that day. This zodiac also rises with the Sun and sets in the West. However, the parts of the zodiac caught in the bright glare of the Sun are not visible to us.


Figure 3: As Earth revolves, Sun would appear to shift from one place to another amongst the background stars- The Zodiac.

As the Earth goes around the Sun, the Zodiac signs behind the Sun also change. When seen from Earth the Sun appears to move from one zodiac to another, and in one year it makes one complete revolution. Every month it covers a different constellation of the zodiac, which is the real reason why those constellations are 12 in number. Of course, during that month the correct constellation is not easily visible, because the sky near the Sun is too bright for its stars to be seen.

Though the zodiac through which the Sun passes at any given point of time is not visible, it is not difficult to determine that zodiac sign. You can do it yourself. Observe carefully the Raashee that rises just before the Sun rises, and also the first Raashee to set after sunset. Obviously, the Sun is somewhere inbetween these two Raashee. Assume that Gemini is the Raashee that is the last Raashee to rise before sunrise, and Leo is the constellation that sets first after sunset. The Raashee that is right behind the Sun is Cancer, which is inbetween Gemini and Leo.  In this manner each month-long period of the year was given its “sign of the zodiac.”

Astrologers, both Indian and Western, who believe that the stars and planets mysteriously direct our lives, claim it makes a great difference “under what sign” a person was born. In Western astrology the position of the Sun is considered prime and in Indian Astrology the position of the Moon in the Zodiac is considered significant. Thus anyone born between Dec 22 to Jan 21 is assigned “Capricorn (Makara Raashee)” as the Sun sign in the Western astrology (as well as most of the Daily horoscope that are published in the newspapers). However in the Indian system the position of the Moon in the Raashee chakra is taken into consideration. The Moon revolves around the earth about once every 27 days, and hence the Moon Raashee changes almost every day. Hence, in the Indian system, the Zodiac of only those born between January 5th at 10:10 hours and January 7th at 20:32 hours would be considered Makara Rashee; while those who are born on January 4th will be Danush and January 8th will be Kumba, based on the position of the Moon in the Zodiacal belt.

Be aware, however, that the “sign” assigned to each month in the horoscopes is not the constellation where the Sun actually is that month. If you perform the simple test of watching the last Rashee to rise in the East before sunrise and the first Raashee to set after the sunset, and compare it to the standard horoscope, you will find a difference. The table 1 given below shows the sun-sigh/ Zodiac as per the Western astrologers and actual position of the Sun, taking the newly added 13th Zodiac into account.

Table 1

Constellation Western Astrology Actual (2011) Days
Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 21 Jan 20 – Feb 16 28
Aquarius Jan 22 – Feb 21 Feb 17 – Mar 12 24
Pisces Feb 22 – Mar 21 Mar 13 – Apr 19 38
Aries Mar 22 – Apr 21 Apr 20 – May 14 25
Taurus Apr 22 – May 21 May 15 – June 21 38
Gemini May 22 – June 21 June 22 – July 21 30
Cancer June 22 – July 21 July 22 – Aug 11 21
Leo July 22 – Aug 21 Aug 12 – Sep 17 37
Virgo Aug 22 – Sep 21 Sep 18 – Oct 31 44
Libra Sep 22 – Oct 21 Nov 1 – Nov 22 22
Scorpio Oct 22 – Nov 21 Nov 23 – Nov 30 8
Ophiuchus Dec 1 – Dec 18 18
Saggitarius Nov 22 – Dec 21 Dec 19 – Jan 20 33

An obvious question: Why is there such a significant difference?

In the Western system these zodiacal signs were determined by the Babylonians about 2000 years ago. At that time the sun-signs and the actual position of the stars matched each other. Slowly and steadily the Raashee and actual constellation / stars have been shifting relative to each other, creating a mismatch because of the gradual precession of the Earth.

What is precession? In addition to rotating on its axis (resulting in day and night) and orbiting the Sun (giving us our year), the Earth has another, more gradual, motion that few people know about. Our planet’s axis tips around in a circle, very much like a child’s top tends to tip around slowly as it spins. The Earth’s tipping motion – called precession – is quite slow. Our planet’s axis takes over 26,000 years to make a full circle. As a result of precession, the Earth’s axis will point in a slightly different direction as time goes on. For example today the Star Polaris (Dhruva tara) is near the north celestial pole. But in ACE 15000 the Earth’s axis will point towards the star Vega and it will be near the North Celestial Pole and not Dhruv Tara.


Figure 4: The tipping motion of the Earth axis is called precession

As the Earth’s axis tips, the point at which we see the Sun against the background of stars in a given month also changes. Thus over a long period of time, the Sun is no longer in the constellation (group of stars) it was supposed to be according to sun-signs. As the full circle of precession takes roughly 26,000 years, and the zodiac is divided into 12 signs, it follows that precession tips the Sun over by one sign every 2,000 years or so. Now it just so happens that the rules of modern astrology in the West were codified just about 2,000 years ago (by Ptolemy in his great summary work Tetrabiblos.) This means that the constellations the Sun finds itself in month after month have shifted over by one zodiac sign in the time from then till now. So there is such a mismatch between astrological (false) claims and the true astronomical position of the Sun, by about a month.

Let’s take an example; someone born on August 1st is considered by astrologers to have the Sun sign Leo. And, indeed, two thousand years ago, the Sun would have been in the constellation of Leo on August 1st. But in the 21st century, the Sun is no longer in Leo on August 1st because of precession. Instead it is in the constellation of Cancer! The astrological signs and the real constellations from which they are derived are now “out of synch.” As per the astrological cannon, the position of the Sun amongst the stars at the time of your birth, determining your sun-sign, is supposed to determine your characteristics. Leos are supposed to be Generous and warm-hearted; Creative and enthusiastic; Broad-minded and expansive; Faithful and loving, whereas Cancers are supposed to be Emotional and loving; Intuitive and imaginative; Shrewd and cautious; Protective and sympathetic.  Until now if you have considered yourself a Leo and now you have come to know that you are ‘actually’ a Cancer, what does it mean? Does it mean all the predictions about you until now were wrong? Or does it mean that today somehow you have all of a sudden switched from ‘Leo’ to ‘Cancer’?

You are what you are. You cannot wake up one day and change from one personality to another. It is like that the Sun has shifted its position all of a sudden a month ago. It has been gradually moving and the sun-signs have been out-of-sync for a very long time. Yet astrologers, who are essentially people with no scientific credence trying to be astronomers, have been misapplying information gained from observations written down many thousand years ago.

The Indian system of astrology

Ancient Indian astronomers such as Vishnucandra have observed the precessional motion of the earth’s axis, and have attempted its calculation. In the Indian astronomical tradition precession was called ayanāmsa and calendars taking this into account were called Nirayana calendars. Astronomers like Manjula CE 932 correctly argued that the ayana -chalanam (Precession of equinoxes in Indian terminology) is completely circular and yearly precession is about 56.82 arcsec. There was a school of scientific astronomers in India which was free from astrological orthodoxy. Manjula also stated that the precession should be carefully observed and corrected from time to time and argued for drik-tuliya (computation and observation matching).

But the astrologers did not accept these scientific findings nor understood it.  Astrologers in India rejected astronomy and still base their computations upon traditional texts and treatises, mostly following the Surya Siddhanta or treatises based on it. They use ayanāmsa according to Surya Siddhānta, in which ayanāmsa rises from 0° to +27° during 1800 years, then decreases to 0° and further to -27°, thereafter rising again, thus oscillating within a range of ±27° instead of cyclically moving in a circle as modern concept of ayanāmsa/ precession suggests. Thus according to Indian astrologers the ayanamsa will increase and reach 27°in CE 2299 and then the ayanamsa will reduce! This is indeed way off mark. Ayanamsa will continue to increase in reality and complete the whole 360° degrees.

Even when Indian astrologers base their calculations on ayanamsa (precession), it is not still accurate and does not match with the actual position of stellar objects. Indian astrologers do not base their computations on actual observations but only on one or two of ancient texts to which they owe their allegiance. For example in Indian astrology the Sun entered the Makara Raashee in 2011 at 18:38 on January 14th. But the actual fact is that the Sun entered Makara Raashee only on January 20th 2011! Therefore even the nirayana system of Indian astrology is in error in their calculation of the zodiac. Whether it is Western or Indian, astrology is bad astronomy.

Astrology is bad astronomy

The entire basis of astrology is the idea that the Sun, Moon and planets move through 12 constellations. This basic idea is in error. If we take just the Sun, we see that it actually moves through at least 13 constellations. If we look at the Moon and Planets then we need anywhere between 13 to 24 constellations to account for their movement in the celestial sphere.  Also we celebrate Uttarayan on January 14/15th, but the actual equinox occurs on December 21/22th. Similarly April 14th is celebrated in many parts of the country as the day of the Sun entering Chitra, but actually this event occurs on March 21/22th. In like manner there are a number of grave and fundamental errors in the traditional computations in Indian traditional astrology.

Undaunted, defenders of astrology invoke certain natural phenomena to show how the Sun and Moon influence events on Earth. Often they cite the example of tides. We all know that during Ammavasya (New Moon day), the waves in the sea are stronger and the sea-level increases. They claim that since the human body is largely water, the Moon could influence our constitution. At the first sight the argument appears to be plausible. But examine it critically. Suppose you have a bucket filled with water to its brim. Does the water in the bucket rise influenced by Moon and drip over on Ammavasya due to tidal attraction? No. Apparently the same Moon that has visible and dramatic effect on Oceans appears to have no effect on water in bucket, river or lake. This is because the increased tidal levels during high-tide on Ammavasya are made possible by the low-tide levels of the oceans on the other side of the earth. Any student with grasp of high school physics could explain this. Thus often the arguments invoked by the astrologers are made out without any deep understanding of the science behind the claims.

If the effects of astrology can be attributed to gravity, tidal forces, or magnetism (each is invoked by a different astrological school), even a beginning physics student can make the calculations necessary to see what really affects a newborn baby. These are worked out for many different cases in Roger Culver and Philip Ianna’s book Astrology: True or False (1988). For example, the obstetrician who delivers the child turns out to have about six times the gravitational pull of Mars and about two thousand billion times its tidal force. The doctor may have a lot less mass than the red planet, but he or she is a lot closer to the baby!

Some astrologers have become smarter and cautions. They are aware of their limitation in science; and hence make an argument that astrological influence is carried by mysterious forces; unknown even to science. Does this argument plausible?

It is hotter when you are near a hot object and it becomes lesser and lesser hot as you move away. In like manner a lamp that appears bright while near it appears to be dimmer and dimmer as you move away from it. Long-range forces in the universe get weaker as objects get farther apart.

In ancient times the astrologers thought that the planets go around Earth, and hence considered them to be at the same distance at all times. However, today we know that Planets go around Sun and hence all planets will be closer at some point of time and really very far away at some other point of time. For example the distance of Mars when it is furthest (other side of the Sun) is seven times that of the distance when it is nearest (when Mars, the Earth and the Sun are in a straight line). Thus, the influence of Mars should vary from day to day depending upon the distance. Thus even if the astrological force is mysterious and unknown to science, its effect should wane as the distance increase. However astrologers are oblivious of the distance of planets and consider only the position of planets in the zodiac. An astrologer would be worried so much about the place of Mars in the Raashee chakra, but not on its distance from Earth. The importance of Mars in your horoscope, it is believed by the astrologers, is identical whether the planet is on the same side of the Sun as the Earth or seven times farther away on the other side.

Of course one could argue that this mysterious astrological force does not depend on distance. In that case, why are only the visible planets of our solar system, one star, that is the Sun, and one satellite, that is our Moon, exert this mysterious force? What about the rest of the celestial objects in our solar system? We know that there are more than 150 Moons in the solar system, and there are two additional planets (Uranus and Neptune) in the solar system, and yet astrology has no place for these. In addition, through modern astronomy we know that there are more than millions of Suns (that is other stars) in our galaxy. Some of these stars are thousands of times bigger than Sun; million times more powerful. Yet only one star, that is our Sun, is taken into account in astrology.  We have now found more than 300 exo-planets – that is planets orbiting other stars. Why don’t these have any effect on us if distance is not a problem?  Astrology has no answers.

About the author

Venkateswaran T.V.


  • Thanks for this post. So far I used to take on as(s)trology by asking for results arguing that I am not bothered about how you do it but give me the end result.

  • Thank you for the article. There is much information here about astrology that I was previously unaware of. Most helpful, and thought provoking.

    I agree with much of what you say, particularly in reference to clinging to traditional notions in the face of current scientific evidence showing those notions to be false. This seems to be a tendency in many facets of human existence. The comfort of tradition is hard to give up in the face of ever changing uncertainty.

    However, I am not ready to “throw the baby out with the bath water”. The calendar question is one that affects more than just astrology. In the west, our calendar, with its 12 month basis, has been shown to be similarly flawed, needing additional days and adjustments sprinkled in to make it “come out right”. This doesn’t negate the usefulness of the calendar, although it may be a perfect example of holding onto something created millenia ago which could be improved upon.

    Because astrology has been founded on a calendar that is not 100% accurate certainly puts into question the validity/ accuracy of many of the claims and predictions that have been made by astrologers over the years, if one chooses to believe that predictions have any validity to begin with.

    But the fundamental concept, that positioning of the sun and planets with their gravitational pull have an affect on our emotional state and possibly our trajectory through life, seems to me to have validity. If a bucket of water doesn’t overflow its brim at the full moon, does this mean magnetic forces in flux don’t affect it differently at this time than at others? Maybe, as you say, polarity from one side of the planet to the other has more of a noticeable impact on oceans than on a relatively miniscule surface area. But I would argue that that bucket of water feels the pull.

    The impact of the full moon on living creatures, from coral reefs to wolves, has been documented as well. Why would it not also affect us? Much of our existence is controlled by cycles of the immediate planets and our sun. We rise in the morning to the light of the sun, sleep at night (most of us, anyway), slow down in winter and become more energized in spring. The reason we are able to move around on this sphere is because of an ever changing magnetic energy. It seems logical to me that we are an integral part of this system, affected by it, and affecting it.

    When I think of astronomy, I think observation, calculation, research, numbers, numbers, numbers. The science is necessary to understand how it all works. Yet, in our effort to understand the mechanics, we might lose sight of the important aspect of how we interrelate with it all. And in our distinctly human way, when we do finally get a glimmer of how it all works, we tend to jump to how we can harness it, how we can protect ourselves from it, or both. Astrology, in all its imperfectness, at least attempts to look at our place in the universe more holistically.

    The question of intermixing dogma with direct observation does create a problem in that the dogma becomes an anchor, making it possible to build belief systems around what we can see with our own eyes. And yet that anchor also makes it difficult to accept change into the system. If astrology is defined by its dogma, as so many religions/ belief systems are, then that may be its biggest flaw.

    Yet I would like to believe that some merging of current and future scientific understanding with an acceptance that we are part of, not masters of, our surroundings could be helpful in negotiating our future survival and well being on this planet, in this solar system, and in this universe, wherever its limits lie.

    • I see this article as merely attacking the basic methods used by astrologers to calculate positions of celestial objects and hence determine one’s fate based on that. When it comes to effects of planets on our emotional states, I’m with Narendra. Show me the results or it is just wishful thinking. Sure, planets have an effect, but what kind of an effect? Using words like magnetic energy or polarity seems easy enough, but how about actually showing how they cause the effects that you claim? Making baseless claims is why astrology is nonsense.

      And saying astrology gives us a “holistic” view of our place in the Universe sounds terribly weak. Real science can do orders of magnitude better than that.

    • I think you have carefully built up various straw men in this comment that need to be deconstructed.

      To begin with, you point out that we are questioning tradition, and then state that not all tradition is to be taken out because of the calendar. This is a prime example of a straw man. None of the freethinkers I know, let alone anyone here, have tried to “negate the usefulness of the calendar”. What is being negated is the pseudoscience of astrology- a very specific and institutionalized belief system.

      “But the fundamental concept, that positioning of the sun and planets with their gravitational pull have an affect on our emotional state and possibly our trajectory through life, seems to me to have validity.”

      The scientific claim is not that there cannot be any possible effect, but that we have not established one given the evidence. Since you are making the hard claim, the onus of providing the data is on you.

      “If a bucket of water doesn’t overflow its brim at the full moon, does this mean magnetic forces in flux don’t affect it differently at this time than at others? Maybe, as you say, polarity from one side of the planet to the other has more of a noticeable impact on oceans than on a relatively miniscule surface area. But I would argue that that bucket of water feels the pull.”

      The reason the ocean tide example is used by the astrologers is because of the idea of scale. The reason the bucket analogy works is because it demonstrates the silliness of the example of the tides. In any case, you are missing the point entirely. The argument is not that there cannot be any effect caused by the gravitational forces exerted by the moon, the sun, Mt. Everest and the good doctor delivering the baby, but that the astrologers are simply wrong in their hard claims. It is the astrological claims that must be put to the test here, and you are simply presenting straw men to the rationalists as a way of avoiding the real questions.

      “The impact of the full moon on living creatures, from coral reefs to wolves, has been documented as well. Why would it not also affect us?”

      The same straw man as above. Who is saying that there can be no possible effect? All we are saying is show us the damn data. Scientists are NOT closed minded to the evidence.

      “When I think of astronomy, I think observation, calculation, research, numbers, numbers, numbers. The science is necessary to understand how it all works. Yet, in our effort to understand the mechanics, we might lose sight of the important aspect of how we interrelate with it all. And in our distinctly human way, when we do finally get a glimmer of how it all works, we tend to jump to how we can harness it, how we can protect ourselves from it, or both. Astrology, in all its imperfectness, at least attempts to look at our place in the universe more holistically.”

      This is the biggest straw-man of them all, born of a misunderstanding of science.

      Astrology does nothing to better our human understanding of our place in the universe. It, like many primitive ways of seeing the world, may have once asked questions that seemed relevant, but it is nothing but dogma (as you rightly seem to recognize, but wrongly fail to accout for in your reasoning). The flaw in your reasoning is in assuming that science cannot investigate these questions that astrologers pose. This is post-modernist nonsense. If there is at all any way we have for understanding if and how the celestial bodies affect us, it is the scientific method. The scientific method can be applied to all these claims made by the astrologers. And the science is conclusive. Astrology, despite what the Bombay high-court will tell you, is complete and utter bullshit.

    • “If a bucket of water doesn’t overflow its brim at the full moon, does this mean magnetic forces in flux don’t affect it differently at this time than at others?”

      I’m no astrologer but I’ll hazard a prediction on how this discussion is going to proceed. It will soon be pointed out that there is no demonstrable effect of electromagnetic interactions between distant planets and human beings. It will then be time for astrology aficionados to trot out a ‘quantum’ defence, for hasn’t Quantum Mechanics in the words of Barbara Ehrenreich become ‘an excuse to discredit all of science’? With gravitation and electromagnetism kicked out of the ring, the woo peddlers can take refuge saying that well, astrological interactions are mediated by yet-to-be discovered particles travelling along yet-to-be conceptualized dimensions! People so gleefully piling up assumption after assumption to justify astrology would do well to remind themselves (or find out in the first place) the central importance of parsimony of assumptions in science. Whatever assumptions we make must eventually have a payoff in terms of explanatory and predictive power. Speaking of explanatory power, there ought to be something waiting to be explained in the first place, like to variables that seem to be correlated and we don’t know why. Now, unless some significant correlations have been reported between planetary configurations and human behavioral patterns, there is nothing demanding explanations in the first place! If there are studies reporting any significant correlations, please post them and I’m sure this community will be glad to review them.

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    • Anyone who calls astrology a science in that it can predict something is either lying or does not understand science.

      I just went through your site. You are giving medical advice based on your pseudoscience. I am quite inclined to call you a scammer.

    • From your site:
      Basic Premise
      Two planets interact or are able to influence each other if angular separation between them is a multiple of 10 degrees.
      Out of various multiples. 50,60,70 and 110,120,130 are adverse and rest are supporting.
      Sedna and interamnia has a special place. They are destructors and if they make adverse angle with any planet , Atrribute governed by that planet suffers in person’s life.

      Oh.. throw around names of some remote astronomical bodies, and sound bit more hip, eh? You Charlatan. Scammer. And for coming up with such a ridiculous theory, not publishing any of your own results, and claiming it as science, its safe to conclude you are either deluded or a moron.
      Here’s another theory for you. The DicksInLife theory.
      Basic Premise:
      There are scammers all around you, who have no compunction in taking your money and possibly leaving you in ruin.
      Carry a bamboo with you always. Use it when DicksInLife are spotted.

  • Astrology has done tremendous harm to hindu soceity, particularly to women. A ‘Mangal” in the north and “Kuja Dosha” or “Chowa Dosha” in the south shows stupid level of thinking of Hindus.. All those thugs in Politics who have amassed wealth as Cheif -Ministers and ministers were primed by Astrologers 10–15 years back that they have ‘yoga-s’ to become big. So they go to astrogers for everything now..

  • Excellent article.

    It is true that we now have technology to improve ancient science. we should not blindly follow old knowledge. Always try to add and improve.

    For those who still reject vedic sciences, it is true that most pundits and astrologers just say things for the sake of saying things. And tru most have very limited knowledge.

    There is nothing wrong with the vedic sciences, but only with those who have limited knowledge. try to improve your knowledge and debate.Lively discussions will improve the knowledge.

    For those who are in favour of the cold robotical western sciences (mostly based on experiences conducted by the Nazi -regime of Hitler). I say, use your brains. These so called science have brought nothing, half the world is addicted to medicines. Those who follow these sciences from the nazi”s are unhappy in mind and boddy.
    Please google: IGfarben and examine the evolution of so called modern science, the roots were in NAzi germany. dangerous indeed…….

    • Martin,
      As per your website, looks like you sell vedic astrology as well. And as per your caveat that there are just a few who have proper knowledge of the vedas, I guess you are one of those select few? How lucky we are to have you in our midst. I cant wait to reject modern science and start buying products from you. Those gems should protect me from all kinds of microbes and idiot 2000+ year old ideologies, right? I started watching the video where you use pictures of galaxies taken by modern science based telescopes, but hey.. right after watching your video I will reject modern science..that should do it right? And come you didnt link Stalin and the sciences? maybe next time?

  • this article is precise on problems and miscalculations. it has rightly pointed out the shortcomings of astrological calculations. and that should ideally be the end of the debate. but it won’t be somehow and I am sure its not magic, the vedic astrology on any given candidate is bang on spot with the its predictions almost entirely. what is more baffling is that despite advance in modern science to the extent we have today we only have two sides to the debate. one that sees nothing wrong with vedic astrology, the other that would refuse to give it any credit. both seem to be either driven by shortsightedness of religious agenda, I mean look at this site itself it rightly attemts to take superstitions task but only of the hindu variety. it would be so much better that if some people well versed in modern science and traditional india astrology tried to explain how do the prediction by a good astrologers do end up being correct almost all the times. modern science still has a long way to go. it is yet unable to explain million mystries. for example despite all efforts the gujrati guy featured in outlook goes without food and water for years now unexplained. similarily unexplained remained savants such as the hall engineer with ability to melt metal by focussing on it.

  • Perhaps, some truth, some facts are certainly associated with our age old astrology. Many a times, we come across many happening and observations which are inexplicable with our latest understanding and achievement of material science. Similarly, sometimes we come across some predictions of an Astrologer which astoundingly come true(and it does go beyond any extent of probability). We simply cannot explain the phenomenon. So, what I believe is that there is perhaps some truth lying hidden for which the faith still survives over the ages. At the dawn of civilization, when our forefathers started practicing astrology, they didn’t just study the influence and effects of the celestial objects but also in terms of their precise position in respect to earth’s and thus combining Astrology and Positional Astronomy in one and also used to make precise correction in their position time to time. Thus, whatever was their inference about influence of the objects, at least those were free of any positional error. No one knows, how they came to know about the influence of the objects, but i believe, it could be by means of interpolation or extrapolation as we do in mathematics to find behavior of a function from field data. Perhaps, they considered only the visible objects in order to fit the function (that’s why, planets like Uranus and Neptune are musing) and perhaps that only can explain why non-objects like Rahu and Ketu (Ascending and descending nodes of plane of Moon’s orbit intersecting with plane of Earth’s orbit) which are only two points rotating diametrically opposite in the zodiac are assigned very effective influence. It is unfortunate that, for last several centuries or millenia, our Astrology, which used to augment both positional Astronomy and Astrology suffered a setback and we continued with the Astrological part only without making correction of the positional aspect. Most of our present day practicing Astrologers would not be able to point a single nakshatra or a Rashi in the open sky or know what Rahu and Ketu are. Even though, provision for over the years positional correction are mentioned in our ancient texts, it can never be denied that modern science has equipped us better to understand the position and positional movement than ancient times. So, it is time to come out of orthodoxy and adapt the new correctional parameters in terms of position of the objects, even if we and our Astrologers believe that modern science till date doesn’t have any clue on how stars govern our fate !!!

    • when astrologers experienced a posteriori characteristics of people to fits with constellations, they must had been measuring and comparing them against real constellations positions, but currently they are not using constellation because of precession of equinoxes. they could not find out angles by nothing else, just constellations. they could not just know and predict precission of equinoxes, since it is not predictable in short lime, it can be just experienced on long run. same as once we’ll found out, constelations fall apart, or mars has dimished. since they acquired astrology facts comparing to ancient geometry, which has changed your sign, no more fit, and new geometry patterns accounting for ophicius must be considered. by renewing knowledge nowadays they would come up with different gemoetry – characteristics pairs.

  • Sorry but you’re dumb. Only 2 things dominate this material universe: Mass and Distance. A star from another system even larger than the Sun cannot influence you radically as its very far away. Also the moon Titan cannot influence you any real bit compared to Saturn, its insignificant. Feel free to assume the Moon doesn’t influence life on earth and the earthlings in general. Again, you’re dumb and astrology is not your cup of life lol.

  • This article exposes the author’s ignorance of Indian astrology. In indian astrology too sun moves around zodiacs. These are the months in Indian astrology/ malayalam months/ tamil months. The author seems to be a Tamil guy, but he do not know that Pongal/makara sankranthi which falls on every Jan 14th is infact Sun entering makara/capricorn rashi. April 14th (Tamil new year/vishu) is sun entering the first mesha rashi (Aries). So you see Indian astrology is much more accurate.

    Yes the generic predictions you see in newspapers based on planetary transit is based on grouping of people by moon sign (in indian astrology) as author says.

    Besides lagna or ascendant is more important. Otherwise all people born in a day will have same horoscope. Lagna is based on sun sign and time of birth in a day.

    The Indian astrologers have both fixed calculations and math (ganitam)to perdiodically change the fixed parameters. Peridocially the constants need to be modified. Very few knows this math today. However we are relying on panchangam that is already created in 20th century.

    Regarding prediction part, there is no science.Please refer my lengthy debates with Ravi (as user answering Ravi) in fraud of nadi jothidam and my refutation of Arun murthi in another article.

  • I guess the author just began to study something about zodiac . It is a very common event that someone who started knowing this immediately think that they found the “truth” and try to come out with blasting arguments.

    Someone is claiming that the technology is improved an we should fix the ancient science. I can not stop laughing while I am reading it. Kids, these issues have been found 1800 years back and experts have been born hear and there (in all countries) and trying to fix, at least giving patches to the system followed in their culture. You guys are finding nothing new now. The only change happened now is, more people come to know these because of the “internet and web”. That’s all.

    The author’s knowledge on how the ayanamsa has been used in India is very poor. Buddy, what you found just now have been already resolved by experts 67 years ago. All astrology experts agreed that they could not set a fixed ayanamsa and left it to individual schools to use their own based on their belief and calculations.

    The baby arguments like “Sun is in 0 degree on March 21’st , but it is accepted only on April 14th” have been there in every web site.

    You need to know the difference between astronomy and astrology. When you look at the “March 21st – 0 degree” concept, it is absolute position. There is no real zodiac there. It is a pseodo zodiac created in 2nd century for reference purpose. So there is no real “Sign” if you go with that method, you can refer a planet only by the degree position, nothing else can be used. You and me have to spend at least 10 years to know the nuances of pseodo zodiac vs constellation zodiac. Neither you nor me have any knowledge about those. So why firing bullets in the sky?

    Astrology takes the absolute position you are giving and then adjust their calculations based on their system. What do you see wrong in them?

  • Offcourse there will still be naysayers but nobody can deny that there things beyond the scope of science.

    Beyond doubt, Astrology especially learnt properly and predicted by the right Astrologer sure has more 80 to 90 percent accuracy.

    I think best some of you, if you still do not agree can try consulting Deepanshu Giri and share the truth if astrology is hoax or truth.

    If Deepanshu Giri agrees to your challenge, it would be even more interesting. Anyway a personal consultation with Deepanshu Giri to bring the truth out is not a big deal if someone wants to prove astrology as fake and hope nirmukta practitioners reveals the truth.

  • Astrology gives an amazing insight into human nature like no other science. It is strictly based on the Sun’s and Earth’spaths intersecting on 21 Mar as being 0 degrees or beg on the sign of Aries.
    There are 12 Needs corresponding to the 12 signs (not constellations but the 12x 30-degree divisions of the ecliptic). Precession or the constellations have nothing to do with it at all but ws very useful when 2300 hundred years ago the constellations and the signs were the same.

    Each need is exactly opposite in nature to the previous one Aries and Taurus like like the tortoise and the hare, libra and Scorpio is like beauty and the beast, etc. All this written 5000 years ago! Absolutely incredible if you just take the meaning of the 12 signs and how each is exactly opposite in nature to the next one. The themes, their duration, and timing are 100% accurate but what you do with it is your free choice!

  • the panchanga book i have clearly calculate the eclipse…. For example, when sun in mesha (April 14 to may mid) and moon also in mesha and both sun and moon are in same star eg:- Aswathy, its a new moon.

    When rahu or ketu the lunar nodes, comes to same star it would be a solar eclipse.
    i mean there could be error in calculation but not that significant .

    I fail to understand how the author of article categorically say sun enters aries or mesha on april 20 (2011 calculations) because all over India we celebrate Vishu on april 14 as new year , the day sun enters head of time man – mesha /aries rashi.
    indian astrology do not go by sun sign rather lagna..
    sun will be in aswathy from april 14 till april 28….if moon by chance comes to aswathy on any of these days it would be a new moon. If rahu or ketu also comes on same day as moon it would be a solar eclipse.
    this is estalished fact… you can check correctness of indian astrological prediction of eclipse… if it is true then our calculation of sun, moon, rahu, ketu movement is also correct

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