Zakir Naik Doesn’t Understand Atheism

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Zakir Naik is an Islamic apologist who travels around India and abroad spewing medieval propagandist arguments in support of his rationally indefensible Islamic beliefs. It doesn’t help that he seems incapable of understanding what Atheism means, but so does his audience, which helps him keep them cheering for Team Islam. Naik has made an art of deliberately presenting straw-man arguments to divert attention from the incoherent logic of his religious apologetics.

It has been argued that Naik may actually know better regarding what Atheism is, but there is no reason to posit that there is any more understanding behind Naik’s statements than is evident. Naik’s self-deception is bound in a feedback loop with showmanship, and is an integral aspect of his belief system, made possible by the human propensity for compartmentalization of belief. Sure, if Naik could counter his confirmation bias by adhering to the scientific method in his quest for answers, and evaluate the data objectively, he would understand what the actual claims of the Atheists are. But I doubt if those essential initial conditions will ever come together.

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Ajita Kamal


  • congrats brother….

    you are really great,
    instead of commenting on some incomplete video clips. why dont you go to him or invite him for a debate which may clear your doubts or his doubts. if you cant do that atleast stop doing these bull shit thing on the web.

    • Do you have any arguments to offer against those made in the video? Can’t you think for yourself instead of asking to have a debate with Naik?

      • @satish chandra
        The video here is against zakir naik, Zakir nair can clear the video maker`s doubts better than iliyas can. because we all know ourselve better than others


        HAving a debate is the best way to prove/disprove anything.

  • You are not an atheist… the word “GODS” does not have any meaning…Do you agree… if you agree, you are not an atheist…..You may say even the word “GOD” does not exist…instead you say “superstition”….that is what GOD means….its a synonym….

  • When scientist make theories or hypotheses, as long as there r no proofs supporting them, the theories are not accepted… Similarly religions are theories n hypotheses too… As long as they do not proofs to substantiate themselves, they are not be accepted.. There aren any concrete proofs that testify for the existance of god n hence all religions are absurd until proved otherwise.. It is a type of hallucination to imagine god who s nonexistant… This world will be a peaceful place only when ppl start holdin humanity higher than religions n god…
    Pls first learn to love the people whom u can see rather than god and religion

  • What if i’m an atheist not because of science but for my religion say jainism. 😛 or worst a hindu nationalist atheist or some kind of samkhya, mimansa, vaisheshiki atheist nut case or some advaitic, or spinoza pantheist or even Epicurean???

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