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Organizing A Workshop By Prof. Narendra Nayak For Professionals In Bangalore

Prof. Narendra Nayak has offered to conduct a one-day or two-day workshop for professionals in Bangalore. The initial audience count targeted is around 40-100.

We need volunteers to take up tasks to make this happen. Some of the tasks are:

* Work with Narendra Nayak on defining the date of the event, duration and program for the event.

* Explore venues and availability, book the venue (based on availability confirmed by Prof Nayak). Some options are (a) Karnataka Vigran Parishad’s hall in Banashankari (we have some contacts at this place) (b) Some place in IISc © Institute of Astrophysics.

* Explore options of getting funding for the event (or charging participants, logisictics and legalities for the same). If we are going to have a day long workshop, we will need to make arrangements for lunch, tea etc. Or if funding is a problem, reduce the scope to a 1/2 day session, so we only provide coffee/snacks and get contributions from members.

* Create an electronic flyer (PDF maybe) for circulation by e-mail,

* Plan and execute how to spread awareness about the event. E.g. Create events on facebook and track RSVP, updates to attendees etc.

Please reply to this thread if you’d like to help in organizing this event.

Thank you very much.

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