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Tribute to Indian Atheists, Parts – I and II (Video)

Nirmukta and Indian Atheists present the following two videos showcasing great Indian Atheists, as part of Nirmukta’s efforts towards the OUT CAMPAIGN in India, urging Atheists from all walks of life to come out about their non-belief to friends and family.

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    • Well.. He refused to pay the 10k$ bribe for entry into the video 😀 Just kidding.. I was wondering why Ajita himself isnt in the video as well..
      Anyways.. no big deal.. the message is out.
      I think what will be a great next step is if you guys are given the oppurtunity be be published in Indian newspapers.

  • Does it even matter to come out and proclaim bravely and proudly to the world ? if you are smart enough to decide not to believe in some fairy tales. that is more than enough of battle won with oneself

    • Yes it does matter. There are many who cannot be who they are because of social, and in some cases, political pressures.

  • I didn’t find mention of a great atheist and pioneer of rationalist movement in India prof. of zoology Dr. Abraham T. Kovoor, author of two famous inspiring books ‘BEGONE GODMEN!ENCOUNTER WITH THE SPIRITUAL FRAUDS and ‘GOD DEMON AND SPIRIT’, who declared the 22 CHALLENGES to all GODmen to demonstrate one real MIRACLE under fraud-proof condition for an award of one lakh rupees in 1963.His DIVINE MIRACLE EXPOSURE CAMPAIGN during 1963-1975 created a havoc in India and Srilanka among the spiritual frauds.

  • The Divine Miracle Exposure Campaign started in 1975 and not in 1963. The first three trips across different states in India included Dr. A T Kovoor, PK Narayanan and Swaminathan. The program comprised of (a) Dr. Kovoors lecture,(b) P K Narayanan’s lecture-cum-mass hypnotic performance and (c) Swaminathan’s magics of miracles.

  • I’m not sure if VN Ramachandran is an Atheist. I remember him
    talking about Indian mythology as if they had happened long time back or his dedication to Saraswathi for the book ‘Phantoms in the Brain’ etc.
    It appears that he is proud of his Indian (South Indian) roots.

    Also, No Baba Amte? Had Baba Amte been assosiated with any religion he would have got exceptionally fame. Sad.

    • People can subscribe to mythology and still be atheists. In the sense of believing in a supernatural being V.S. Ramachandra in indeed an atheist. And watch the videos carefully if you didn’t see Baba Amte.

  • Watched the video of famous Indian atheists and wonder why you include Dr. Ambedkar. He converted to a religion – Buddhism, which has within its fold belief in the unseen and unproven. He could have instead declared publicly that religion was a joke and he does not believe in any of them. Instead he chose to convert.

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