Debunking Indian Godmen- Prof. Narendra Nayak on India Live TV

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In this News 24 program, Professor of Biochemistry and President of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, Narendra Nayak debunks “miracles” of “Godmen/women” with live demonstrations and scientific explanations.


Tricks with fire:
How to hold fire with your bare hands and even your tongue!
How to have an “Agni-snan” or “Fire-bath” and be a “Fire-eater”.

Tricks with Oil:

How to put you hand in boiling oil and not get burned!
How to take Puris out of boiling oil with your bare hands.

Feats with Piercings and Trishuls!

Stiffen your body and become superhuman!

How to lift a 100 kilo weight with four people each using their index fingers only!

Make water disappear and reappear!

And also, a SURPRISE FINALE, rivalling Satya Sai Baba!

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