The Art Of Pseudoscience (Featuring The Gayatri Mantra)- A Five Step Program

Long before the arrogant West coined the term “pseudoscience”, the ancient Indians already knew about it. It is an art that is inherent in the self and manifests through inner pro-activeness, yogic leverage and spiritual actualization. Unfortunately, the modern mind which has been corrupted by western thought, cannot comprehend the sublime supremeness of the ancient art. So I, who is dubbed “Sri Sri….∞ ” Anantananda Swami, will explain the divine art in modern terms, using the science of Gayatri Mantra as an example.

The Gayatri Mantra is a primal force in the Universe. The scientific nature of it has been explained by an ecstatic soul sometime back in the incoherent past. Allow me to demonstrate how the art of pseudoscience was put to use in the creation of that exalted piece of literature.

Step 1: Start with the stating of known facts. Here they are about the stars and planets of the Milky Way galaxy:

The modern astrophysics and astronomy tell us that our Galaxy called Milky Way or Akash-Ganga contains approximately 100,000 million of stars. Each star is like our sun having its own planet system. We know that the moon moves round the earth and the earth moves round the sun along with the moon. All planets round the sun.gayatri-mantra

Step 2: Make a subtle transition from the logical to the illogical:

Bhur the earth, bhuvah the planets (solar family), swah the Galaxy. We observe that when an ordinary fan with a speed of 900 RPM (rotations Per minute) moves, it makes noise. Then, one can imagine, what great noise would be created when the galaxies move with a speed of 20,000 miles per second.

The statement that a fast rotating fan makes some noise is a fact. But that happens only when there is a medium to conduct sound. If a fan rotates in vacuum, whatever its speed be, there will be no sound. By ignoring the fact that sound needs a medium to propagate, the author has subtly made a transition into the illogical by stating that a rotating galaxy also makes a sound implicitly assuming that it propagates through vacuum.

Step 3: Now that the illogical has been established as a fact, use it to declare a truth:

This is what this portion of the mantra explains that the sound produced due to the fast-moving earth, planets and galaxies is Om. The sound was heard during meditation by Rishi Vishvamitra, who mentioned it too their colleagues. All of them, then unanimously decided to call this sound Om the name of God, because this sound is available in all the three periods of time, hence it is set (permanent).

Step 4: Spice it up with more scientific sounding terms and some non-sequiturs:

This sound Om heard during samadhi was called by all the seers nada-Brahma a very great noise), but not a noise that is normally beyond a specific amplitude and limits of decibels suited to human hearing. Hence the rishis called this sound Udgith musical sound of the above, i.e., heaven.

They also noticed that the infinite mass of galaxies moving with a velocity of 20,000 miles/second was generating a kinetic energy= 1/2MV2 and this was balancing the total energy consumption of the cosmos.Hence they named it Pranavah, which means the body (vapu) or storehouse of energy (prana).

Step 5: Finally reinterpret the original text with the illogically concluded facts:

The earth (bhur), the planets (bhuvah), and the galaxies (swah) are moving at a very great velocity, the sound produced is Om, (the name of formless God.) That God (tat), who manifests Himself in the form of light of suns (savitur) is worthy of bowing / respect (varenyam). We all, therefore, should meditate (dheemahi) upon the light (bhargo) of that deity (devasya) and also do chanting of Om. May He (yo) guide in right direction (prachodayat) our (nah) intellect (dhiyo).

There it is. A holy-five-step-program to make anything sound true. It is guaranteed to bring you joy and happiness and more importantly, money. Interested souls can prostrate before me and I will teach a much more potent form of that art.

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Satish Chandra


  • Good one Satish,

    While Debating Hindus recently.. i have realised that they have moved the standards of a hindu God from what used to be Lord Krsihna/Ram/Shiva to something called a “Nirguna ParaBrahma” / Energy (however this isnt the same energy that we understanad from physics).

    This branch of hindu pseudoscience is getting way too much of popularity. They play with words like energy, aura, halo and fool the gulliable !!!

  • Gaytri mantra is basically mentioned in Righveda and Yujarveda.Ancient Sanskrit texts have been written in a particular grammer style known as CHUND system.There are mainly seven CHUND for this purpose ,Gaytri being one out of seven.Incidently there are nearly 2450 verses in Righveda which are classified under Gaytri Chund style.There is another aspect of Gaytri mantra. From sanskrit grammer point of view ,said verse is not pure one as it consists of only 23 letters instead of 24 letters and is accordingly known as LANGHDA [crippled] chund.In fact there is nothing special in said verse.Prayer is being offered to Sun God[?]for illumination of intellect with the help of his so called devine power and grace.One fails to understand why only said verse out of 2450 has caught imagination of gullible believers ,while there are so many other verses having compratively better prayer component?I understand this cult has developed due to the fact said verse has been highly decorated and praised in Manusmriti,shankhsmriti and Parsharsmriti.It will be relevant to mentio here some of the devine claims.
    1.mere repitative chanting of Gaytri mantra early in the morning will automatically [without study]complete knowledge of Righveda,Samveda and Yujarveda.
    2.Mere chanting of Gaytri mantra 1000 times early in the morning will provide MUKHTI[liberation] from all type of committed sin.
    3.Mere chanting of Gaytri mantra early in the morning and evening continously for three years will positively help to be super human being with all possible supernatural devine powers.
    4.Gaytri mantra is genuine fundamental basis for attaining full quota of materialistic benefits.
    It will not be out of way to mention here that Gaytri mantra was extraordinarly glorified with the establishment of Arya Samaj and credit for said glorification goes mainly to Swami Dayanand Sarswati.That explains why Arya Samaji’s in particular are firm and chief protagonists of so called miracaculous panacea devine medicine ,although on ground level blind cult for Gaytri mantra is nothing but utopia and highly popular myth.Who says ignorance is curse on the contrary it is much publicised well decorated myth with majority of Hindu’s.

  • Step 2’s rebuttal was only partially correct: it is indeed a fact that sound doesn’t travel in vacuum. Space, however, is not a vacuum. There are tenuous interplanetary gases and dust that do offer a medium for sound/pressure waves to travel. Scientists have even managed to record sounds emitted from regions near black holes, recorded at 50 octaves below Middle C. There is sound in space, just nothing that anybody on Earth can hear.

    We know the sounds the Sun and the 8 planets make are nothing like “Om”. Black Holes don’t sound like “Om” either. But there are sounds. They can be found on the NASA website.

    Of course, we can’t make any statements as to what the other sounds are, and can’t invalidate the theory that they sound like some hyper-bass equivalent of “Om”. However, the odds against that are definitely infinitesimal!

  • Namaste,
    There is great amount of misunderstanding of Mantra & its syllables are described in this article. Obviously, the Pro-Dharma website may have exaggerated real meaning of Gayatri Mantra in order to relate it with Physics.
    To them who are interested in knowing real meaning of Gayatri Mantra, i will give below:

    Aum – See Chapter one.
    Bhur – One Who is Life and Support of the whole Universe, is dearer than life itself and is Self-existent.
    Bhuvah – One Who Himself is free from all sorrows and pains, and Whose contemplation wipes off all over, pains and sorrows.
    Swah – One Who pervades this multiform universe and is the Support of all.
    Tat – Him.
    Savituh – Of One Who is the maker of the Whole World and from Whom all power proceeds.
    Varneyam – One Who is All-holy and worthy of our adoration.
    Bhargo – is One Who is Himself pure by nature and purifies others and Who is All-intelligence.
    Devasya – of One Who bestows happiness on all and is sought after by all.
    Dhimahi – May we contemplate.
    Dhiyoh – Understandings. (intellect).
    Yah – Who.
    Nah – Our.
    Prachodayaat – May guide

    The main crap in above article comes from the false translations of two words Bhur & Bhuvaha–Let us look at what Vedic literatures have to say about these:
    Tautareya Aranyaka defines real meaning & without which Gayatri Mantra cant be understood in its spiritual concept which should not be taken as knoweldge of material science like what is understood in above article.



    • Tautareya Aranyaka defines real meaning & without which Gayatri Mantra cant be understood in its spiritual concept which should not be taken as knoweldge of material science like what is understood in above article.

      It is not the above article which suggests that this mantra be taken as knowledge of material science, but this one from the ‘pro-Dharma website’. What the above article does is counter the misconception that physical truths can be drawn from this chant. Therefore the objections in the above comments are more aptly posted in ‘pro-Dharma’ websites making pseudoscientific claims about ‘science in the Vedas’ and so forth. This site does offer resources for those seeking to learn more in the physical sciences.

  • Dear Satish,

    There are variety of explanations given to all mantras at different levels of mind. so please include in your articles,that this is in response to the explanations given to so and so mantra/article published in so and so website. So it becomes very clear to the reader that a particular commentary has been objected.



  • I am reading this post more than 2 years later. And I am pissed off that somebody has copied my technique. :-/
    Now I cannot start the ashram and rake in the moolah, what with my secrets out in the open….
    Oh, on second thoughts, maybe I still can.. This market has room for more players I guess..
    (On a serious note, awesome post!!!)

  • It is with great dismay that I discover how the Gayatri Spivak mantra is being used to ridicule here. Surely with a deeper understanding of Spivak’s postcolonial and cultural theories she could be ridiculed in a less limited way, such as using complexly winding sentences structures and more advanced alliterative lingo.

  • Dude, experience it then you will know this is far beyond science. And besides there are several interpretations that are all true. A bit like Rashomon, with everyone seeing what they want to see.

    As for parabrahman as Mr Azad says, it is advaita tattva and has been around for as we care to remember. The beauty of Hindu religion is while it looks to focus on external deities the transformation is internal.

    • >”Dude, experience it then you will know this is far beyond science.”
      What was your experience, was it anything supernatural?
      What did you come to know that was far beyond science?
      >”And besides there are several interpretations that are all true.”
      I hope you would definitely like to share at least one of the several true interpretations with us, to see the magnitude of truth in it.

  • ^^ “The beauty of Hindu religion is while it looks to focus on external dieties…” Oh wait….
    Them holy bookses, Puranas, suggests Idol Worship or Diety-ary Supplements :v are prohibited in Hinduism.

    Be my guest, Google it.

  • Gayatri mantra is true because I was told so. How can that be wrong? Can you prove I am wrong by using proper scientific method? No, you cannot and that proves that I am right about Gayatri mantra being absolutely correct, as understood by me and others who also did the same. If you do not believe me, please watch Dr. Zakir Naik’s video and understand how proper science is done in the minds of those who see things unseen by those who do not know good science.

  • Fascinating reading this years old post. Thats the beauty of religion – everything happened in the past, no new inventions or discoveries or theory in present.

  • The beauty of religion is that it was born when there was no way of verifying anything. Now we do not have any new religions but only new gurus with the same old crap being packed in new bottles for the consumption of those who see beauty in old, unverifiable things.

  • @abdulaziz,
    are you ex muslim? Myself is a Hindu. Why because I was born to Hindu family. However I am very much impressed by the God concept of Hinduism (esp advaita Vedanta) which is absolute monistic (God only exists and universe, time , space does not exists). This God concept is little agnostic because it says God has no name, prayers, cannot be accessed by senses and mind (imagination) . I disagree if some one say Allah is beyond senses because though quran says allah cant be seen, he can be heard as he speak with prophets and angels.

    Coming to puranas, if you consider the illusionary universe to be true then God is present everywhere in contrast to quran which says Allah is in heaven (67:17-67:19)

    Same Hinduism says that God out of compassion assumed forms as devotees have no way access God who is beyond even mind. Similarly the concept of soul (atman) of meemamsa (see wiki for atman) and after life concept of Hindus are very impressive.. Thous impressive I understand that these concepts cannot be proven scientifically though

    But that’s not the primary reason iam hindu. It is because the rituals, and temples associated with us seems real in my experience. It is difficult to undo all these years of affirmative experience. Same goes with the case of Gayathri for sadhakas of this mantra.

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