Cancer Cure Scam: Cytotron Therapy Ad Continues To Run In Newspapers

The treatment know as Cytotron therapy has no scientific basis and is not noted in any approved text book on cancer therapy or prescribed by any oncologists. But for the past few months this “therapy” has been advertised as a cure for cancer. In its latest avatar, the ad carried the name of a doctor. After we had threatened to complain to the State Medical Council and get his name struck from the medical register for advertising unproved remedies, it disappeared.

hopeforhealingpicBut the ads continue to run today. Since the matter is an offense under the Drugs and Magic remedies (Objectionable Advertisements Act), we have brought this to the attention of the assistant drugs controller for Dakshina Kannada for necessary action under the act.

It is criminal to raise false hope in patients by promising cures for which there is no evidence. The entire ad is misleading. We could as welthe-hindu-may5l make up one as follows:

Ms. Meena Kumari (name changed), 53 years old, complained of dysentery and was diagnosed with cancer etc. etc. She went in for a quack treatment at ABCD clinic for XYZ therapy and passed away within 3 months. Which goes to prove that XYZ therapy is fake and can be fatal within a short time. It is not known whether the cancer was the cause of her mortality or the quack therapy that promised a very rapid cure.

I request oncologists and physicians to take up this issue with their respective bodies and announce to the public the facts about whether this therapy is approved for public use. In general treatments for diseases are not advertised in India, except by quacks, which should make us suspicious of the antecedents of the treatment and the administrators of the same.

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Narendra Nayak


  • The steps taken by Pr.Narendra nayak is very great. We need to work against all these quaks who mislead public toward them and make people suffer more. But the sadest part is the govt itself legally approves some “therapy” without any evidence supporting it. Recently, I happen to see ad from Govt of Karnataka recommending “AMRTHA BALLI” (it is a type of leaves) for H1N1 as supportive remedy for improving stamina and prevention of major illhealth even though NO SCIENCE has proved its validity, accuracy, sensitivity and specificity. And no clinical trails have been done so far.
    Well done Pr.Nayak. Keep it up!!

  • This is one of the best paper which outlines the complexity and diversity in molecular mechanism of cancer.
    “Comprehensive genomic characterization defines human glioblastoma genes and core pathways”

    Its was published in nature and opened the pandoras box and also posed many questions. If someone needs an simplified version of what they did. They can read the opinion in nature on this paper.

    “Cancer complexity slows quest for cure”
    “Genomic analysis reveals multiple mutations in tumours.”

    Any discussion on cancer treatment would be incomplete and futile without considering the aspects mentioned in the paper.

  • Cytotron, I know first hand that this treatment really works, a friend with brain cancer has just had the treatment and already has no need for any morphine.

    Unless you are prepared to go out and see first hand for yourself, you should should not condemn a new technology approach to treating cancer if it does not come under the drug companies banner sespecially when this is proving successful.

    • If it is so why the cytotron guys are withhelding the names and access to the individuals who have undergone the treatment. The Chinese guys who come with controversial therapies provide access to the patients. Like in China and Taiwan now they have stem cell theraphy.
      Here in USA we the scientists do only in test tubes, nude mice… which are hardly anyway near to actual human conditions. And also we under a previous conservative regime had to report to priests and take their permissions before venturing into stem cell research. Now the Chinese are way ahead, but they dont hide the name and details of the patients as done by cytotron guys.

      The cytotron guys seems like selectively taking rules to suite their benefit.

      I would like to suggest the Chinese pattern of research for India

      • Also the Cytotron Guy says his so called theraphy activates p53.
        But you know p53 cannot be a drug target.
        Because it does everything in cell. Guarding the genome, apoptosis,senesence, cell cycle, cell growth, nutrient status…
        Many basic scientist say p53.
        But as a MD / Phd I don’t think p53 will play a role in drug target. It can be used just to study pathways in lab period.
        Any drug or theraphy interacting with p53 will kill healthy cells also

    • I agree with Martin, a friend of mine with lung cancer did 2 PET scans in a month. One before cytotron and one after 28 days of cytotron treatment. His SUV values went down considerably. uring this period he did no other treatment. This is evidence that it works. So the author should not make such general statements about treatments for a life threatening disease without doing any homework. The ad clearly does not promise a cure so your accusation is baseless. It says FIGHT cancer which is so true. Cancer is always fought and not cured. So don’t condemn blatantly because it seems like the scientific/medical world seems to have a vested interest in running down other alternative treatments. You just do your job well and let people decide what works for them !

  • I have no first-hand experience regarding cytotron and cancer. However, as a person who underwent a 3 week arthritis treatment in Kosovo 3 years ago, I can say, with some certainty, that the condition of my Grade III-IV osteo-arthritic knees, neck and hands is much improved following this treatment. So much so, that I am hoping to go to India in 6 months to have the rest of my spine and many other parts of my body treated, as the new full body machine was not available 3 years ago. I have evidence of my improvement in the form of my chiropractor’s face, as he was amazed to see major changes in my ability to do traction, lack of previous pain which prevented me from doing the neck traction at all, and increased flexibility while in traction at his treatment practice. This upon my return to the USA from the clinic in Kosovo.

  • I also went to Kosovo to be treated for my severely arthritic knee 2.5 years ago. I went after Valerie….In my mind I did not believe in this treatment, but I wanted to try it. During the 3 weeks of treatment I only noticed once some kind of electro-static feeling on my leg. I did not improve as far as I could tell while there. I left the clinic believing it did not work for me and went home. About 10 days after I was home I noticed my knee was feeling good this one particular day. I just chalked it up to a “feel good” period for my knee. All arthritic people have good days and bad days. Except this trend continued. I was having bad days and good days as before except with each good period I was having it was better than the one before. My lows were also not as low as before. So in other words my peaks were getting higher and higher and my lows were not as low as the previous lows. Up and down, up and down but on an upward incline. They said this would continue for a year. And that was exactly what happened. I improved by about 30% I would say. It was the first time in my life that I saw something positive happen in my knee that was significant. This treatment improved my knee more than the all the drugs, injections and previous 8 knee surgeries COMBINED! Am I cured? Definitely not but I did improve. And I did not beleive in this treatment to begin with so it is not in my mind… Thank you

  • My daughter, aged 29, was diagnosed with severe arthritis in both hips by her orthopedic consultant in Orlando, Florida after all investigations such as X Rays and MRI. He recommended her to undergo hip replacement as soon as possible so she would be relieved of the pain she was in. As the Cytotron therapy was not available in the US she traveled to Karachi in May 2009. After three weeks of this therapy and two weeks of physiotherapy at the center there the pain was considerably less and there was a marked improvement in her movements. For the next six months she continued to do the excercises that the physiotherapist had shown her plus she used a German-made trampoline made with bungee chords (instead of steel springs. Since December 2009 she is completely without pain and, where she could barely walk, she can run and do everthing else that a normal person does. I, for one, am thankful to the people who made this possible by inventing this machine.

    If there are people who have had this therapy and did not improve, I am sure they did not continue with the physiotherapy that is an important part of the treatment.

  • I think this is completely not true. Two of my relatives were diagnosed with cancers. They underwent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Despite all those conventional therapy, their cancers reemerged after a year.

    In desperation, they went for Cytotron treatment. After just less than 20 sessions both of them all shown no more signs of any cancers symptomatically, clinically, imaging and scans, histo- pathologically and through blood tests for cancer markers and liver functions.

    I think if conventional approaches to treating cancers failed miserably, it is just not ethical for the medical profession to deprive patients of their rights of other options which have been very successful. It would be a professional case of sour grapes

  • I read the posts since 2010 with interest and I trust all the non-scientific basis of the initial comment from Mr. Nayak that sparked these reactions since 2010 have been suitably responded to by end-users of the Cytotron i. e. the patients. While all this graffiti was being posted, I’m glad I wasn’t deterred from my purpose of working with the Cytotron to ensure that more people the world over could have access to this technology.
    For my erstwhile professional colleagues, I am a cancer geneticist with 25+ years of clinical cancer experience in India, US, Germany, and France and have been associated with stellar oncology institutions in these countries, entrepreneuring, advising, working and researching in different capacities. I have been directly involved with the Cytotron for cancer and OA treatment so I wanted to dispel some notions.Currently we are working on N.& S. American regulatory processes, so comments that it is quackery etc. a very largely misplaced and un-informed, harmful comment. Unfortunately, the internet is like a public toilet and anyone can Use it to say what they like but the repercussions are huge….. Can anyone give me the statistics of the different rates of cures of cancers and other chronic diseases in the world that are treated by conventional standards of care? If some cases do not respond in the “classical” text book fashion, what gives us the right to make a sweeping comment about the care giver, or the “care given” to a point where it borders on defamation? cancer in itself is a multi-faceted nightmare, and there is a pressing need to be able to help those that suffer from this disease and others like it. Let’s not be so callous in our comments as if posting a blog is a past-time and nothing more. The Cytotron for that matter is a CE marked device (which requires very detailed technical and clinical data evaluations for certifications for therapeutic devices the world over….please do not equate it to “miracle/objectionable quackery without doing a detailed analysis of its history. Most of us in the realm of oncology know that there are no miracle cures, except for reports of spontaneous regressions of cancer, but cartilage regeneration and PET-CT scans showing SUV improvements in advanced tumors, glioblastoma patients (adult and pediatric) are factual evidence; surviving beyond conventional standard of care therapy, evaluated by standards that are used in the field of oncology, is not “quackery”. Clinical studies are currently in the process of being published….it takes, time and resource commitments to do what the inventor and his colleagues are trying to do here, it all does not happen overnight…as any of you have been entrepreneurs yourselves might understand. Scientists who have commented above, please do realize that it’s not one and the same thing to “publish” some work that is done in a lab vs. putting out the data from R&D and clinical trials with innovative technologies that took severla man years to come to therpeutic application, so don’t trivialize it please….molecular mechanisms of the presumptive action of the Cytotron are available so please do not show your limited understanding of molecular oncology in a ‘post’….I can cite more than 10,000 publications that talk to electromagnetic effects on cancer / diseased cells in vitro, and in animals, but if you need evidence for how cellular pathology is being targeted by the Cytotron, in vivo, have some patience……. All I would like to say, is get your facts right before you dispel innovation with a flick of your fingers….one never knows how and who and when a dear one might need to be given another option to live life to its fullest. Again to set some of your doubts at rest, regulation of medical devices in India and the world over requires a process and regulatory path to be followed which is EXACTLY what the inventor and developer of the Cytotron and his global partners are doing as we speak and different countries regulatory requirements will be met and passed as needed. In the meantime, people who have been able to access the treatment wherever it is being offered have done so with their informed consent….no one took it involunatarily. If any of you need more one on one FACTUAL information please do not hesitate to reach me at and you are welcome to go to the website I want to end with this:
    “For those who believe, no explanation is needed, For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible”…so please take my comments or leave it but we will continue to do what we are doing in good faith!When one thinks they know it all, one stops learning….

  • Dear Prof Meena,
    I am Dr. N.V.Pai practicing clinical Nutritionist cum Biochemist, actively involved in treating Cancer patients with Herbal Nutritions and getting very good results who have been having toxic effects of traditional treatments like Chemo and readiotherapy.I fully agree with your opinion that any new concept and therapy that gives releif to patient will be universally accepted only if patient get results.Cancer even today has no 100 % cure . The chemo and radiotherapy becomes more toxic than disease itself.Cytotrone is going to be real NON-TOXIC and useful therapy and I congratulate you to do this research.

  • Cytotron is a fake therapy, many pts die during treatment. Its costly not worth a try. it is a torture for the pts to take treatment for 21 or 28 days daily one hour. Research is not done under any oncologist or orthopedician supervision. These are self styled scientists, cheat the dying pts & also allopathy drs. Loot & escape type of ppl. If what they claim is true, they should convince IRDA to claim it under health insurance & make it as cashless treatment.
    Or will they install one machine fir free in any one cancer hospital like Tata cancer institute & prove their worth to the world?.

  • Dear Mr. Rohit,

    I really don’t know who you are or what your grievances are or whom you work or represent. However, without understanding what is really happening you don’t have the right to comment, please remember freedom of speech is also expression of truth. Cytotron is an approved therapy in about 20 countries if you don’t know, it has many peer reviewed publications in many leading journals. Now, Mr. Rohit, what is that you say is a fake, do you think, the whole world are morons and you are the only intelligent one..? Who said we have no Oncologist or Orthopedic supervision. Well if you don’t know, we have physicians, Oncologists, Oncosurgeons, Radio-oncologists, Radiologists, Oncogenitic experts, cell biologists, spread over 4 universities worldwide.

    You say Allopathic doctors loot you, Mr. Rohit, please realize, they are the ones who keep you alive, they care for you from a mosquito byte to cancers. If you had a problem that insurance companies don’t respond to you, you should take up the case with them. It is not our business as researchers to take commercial matters with IRDA or any other insurance regulatory authorities. We have already proved our technologies efficacy with competent authorities.

    Further Mr. Rohit, your allegation that Cytotron is “Fake”, will be severally dwelt with, by the international community who use Cytotron technology for their research and treatment, where millions of dollars are spent. Please be informed you have to pay for the allegation you have made in here unprovoked, hugely, appropriate authorities have been already informed, kindly keep all your evidences handy, that would prove Cytotron is a fake.

    Mr. Rohit, I spent 27 years fighting against cancer and tissue engineering, I don’t know you, but I will make you pay for your uninformed allegations, unless you immediately accept your incompetency and apologies at this website, for misguiding the people, if not you and this web site is in trouble. we ignored this website for the last 6 years as non significant, but now we are not going to take it lying down. Let us also see how the law of the land operate.

    Hope you comply..
    Still regards to you,

    Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar,
    Inventor of Cytotron.

  • @R.V. Kumar
    OK, Mr. “Inventor” and “researcher”… nothing is stopping you from citing your publications.

    What are these 20 countries that approved it?
    Which 4 universities?
    Please provide links, publications and grant numbers.

  • Hush hush research, all top secret. Contact numbers of patients will not be given, if given skeletons will tumble out of scientist’s cupboard. All those failed treatments & those patients who die are not disclosed. If 1 in 100 show little improvements they show it to the world as cured, successful & that one patient they will multiply in publications & research papers, other 99 will be discarded (or buried) & never disclosed. If the research is 10% & the rest 90% will be business (Dhandha). It reminds me of venus’ fly trap, a type of carnivorous plant.

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