Will Astrologer Bhaskar Shetty Keep His Word And Take Up The Rationalists’ Astrology Challenge?

First a quick recap of the events: We had reported on one Mr. Bhaskar Shetty who hit the headlines of DNA’s Bangalore edition on the 23rd of December, 2009. He had promised to teach me a lesson by demonstrating how scientific asstrology is! He had claimed that he could tell the gender and dead/alive status of 10 individuals within 80% accuracy, using just the date, place and time of birth of the individuals. However, he wanted the conditions to be fool-proof. He was also not interested in the money offered- one million rupees, but only wanted to prove how scientific his method was. I had agreed to an even more fool-proof method of giving him the date, time and place of birth of people who were very much alive and also in the age group 20-30. I just wanted him to tell us if the subjects were male/female, employed/unemployed, married/unmarried and what their educational qualifications were. All of these could have been easily verified from the subjects after the predictions were made, since their mobile numbers would have been placed in sealed and numbered envelopes. The reply from Bhaskar Shetty was that he was willing, but he was insistent that the challenge had to take place in Bangalore. Since, he did not want the prize money, I had waived off the security deposit and had fixed the date at Bangaluru on the 14th of January,2010. After this Shetty got out of the challenge under the pretext that his son’s marriage was to take place in the first week of February. So, I had extended the date by 2 months and had fixed the challenge date for  the 14th of March, and had announced the venue and time.

Come, March and there was no response from hBhaskar Shetty. We were waiting for him on the 14th of March from morning to evening at Akhila Karnataka Makkala Okkuta, Chamrajpet, Bangaluru and he did not turn up! So, we came to the conclusion that he must have developed cold feet! In the meantime we kept contacting Mr.Surendran Nair, the journalist who had given him publicity, and he has finally now provided Bhaskar Shetty’s telephone numbers. Here they are: +918022244483 (land line) and +919448044483 (mobile). I have not called him as I do not want to get into unnecessary arguments and pointless debate. However, I have informed our colleagues at Bangalore to get in touch with this man and ask him about his willingness to accept my challenge. Anyone is welcome to try and contact this person and inform him about this.

I will be in Bangalore on the 24 th and 25 th of April and also from the 29th of April to 2nd May. Subject to my other appointments and commitments Mr. Shetty is welcome to choose one of these dates for the challenge. However, he has to indicate his willingness in writing 15 days before the date of the challenge.

The specifics of the challenge will be as follows:

I shall bring with me 20 numbered sealed envelopes with the date, time and place of birth of young people between 20-30 years of age, and the corresponding numbered envelopes containing the solutions.

The first set of envelopes containing the details of these individuals shall be shuffled and ten selected from amongst them by Mr.Shetty himself. He shall have 60 minutes to cast the horoscopes of each of them and provide the answers in writing by filling up the data in the columns of the answer sheets provided by us. The answers will have to be very specific and may involve striking out what is wrong and/or ticking what is right or both. It shall be also clearly indicated as to which of them pertains to which one of the individuals and method of prediction.

After all the ten answer sheets are filled up in triplicate, the envelopes containing the solutions shall be opened and the evaluation done. If thirty two of the forty expected answers are right, then I shall accept that Shetty’s method of prediction is very scientific and shall undertake all steps to study under his guidance. If the number of correct answers is less than 32/40, he will have to agree that his methods of prediction are nonsense and he must begin working for our movement.

Additional conditions are as follows:

1. Bhaskar Shetty has to sign a declaration that there are no religious sentiments involved in this challenge and that it is only a scientific study of a topic that Shetty believes has a logical foundation. He has to also state that he is taking up this challenge in his individual capacity and not as a representative of any religious body or denomination.

2. If Shetty wants to take my prize money he has to deposit a sum of rupees five thousand as earnest money in cash or in the form of DD payable to Narendra Nayak at Mangalore. If he is proved right this money shall be refunded to him along with the prize money of one million rupees in the form of a DD.

The above are only indicative guide lines. An agreement in detail on a stamp paper of the required value shall be signed a week in advance before the date of the conducting of the challenge.

If Mr. Shetty does not take up this I shall have to come to the conclusion that he is a fraud, seeking publicity for his non existent powers of prediction and using the media to advertise his pseudoscience.

Narendra Nayak is the president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations. Email him at narenyen (at)


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  • Sir,

    I would like to give you one suggestion.
    Please don’t come to the conclusion of scientific proof of astrology by this experiment alone.
    I have seen many astrologers who claimed that astrology has scientific proof. But, any scientific proof of astrology must be mathematical. So if they are true, try getting the mathematical proof of astrology’s scientific claims. This might help in this research.


  • From quora – Why do many renowned astrologers predictions go wrong?

    I don’t know where to start with this but in simple terms- Astrology is a very sacred knowledge and over the period of time i have realised as an astrologer the more you study and go deeper in it less you care about things and self correction starts from yourself and at one point money just does not matter at all.All that matters is knowledge in life.

    On the other hand there are so called famous astrologers blasting through FB and youtube regarding various technicalities of astrology proving how great they really are with so many medals and stripes, or even by getting awards from each other (similar to monkeys scratching each other backs).

    I have met lot of people in this field including some of the big names and over the period i have realised people who really know astrology are NOT ON fb and youtube and also more humble and simple human beings and the ones who are big names worldwide hardly ever predict specific incidents and moreover uses Jargons which can be interpreted in number of ways.

    Secondly a good astrologer will always take feedback and gets connected to you on a personal level while a famous astrologer will never have time for you to take feedback.

    My suggestion is choose one family astrologer and stick to him in your thick and thin as more he knows you better he will be able to predict.Just to give you an example how precise a prediction can be I am attaching a screenshot of someone mailed me asking for help few months back.

    I predicted “You will get a job on xyz date where you have do paperwork with government as opposite party but will not be able to sustain there”-Check screenshot.

    Hope this small opinion helps.

  • How much truth is in astrology prediction?

    80–90 percent depending on skill and knowledge astrologer and also most important factor “Are you destined to get reading and guidance from divine knowledge.”

  • Is astrology prediction trustworthy?

    Astrology has got a bad name from people who are not well versed and based on limited knowledge they are mostly upay-charayas (Remedy givers).

    Like I was doing a consultation for an Indian fellow in U.S and concentration of consultation was wife-and troubled married life.

    After few predictions, I asked him on a particular date what happened regarding wife?- He replied “ Wife filed case during that period”

    Remember I only knew the problem is there with the wife but no time frame was known to me and no other details but to go to the root of core issue and explaining to the client is important.

    Why did I asked this particular date only as I want to identify the planet causing this event?

    Now after few more predictions I asked him something so person which I can’t share but to predict something very specific and personal, I started with basic predictions and made sure I am getting a good hold of the chart and planet behavior then only you know which planet is causing which particular issue and how to solve it by remedies if possible.

    This is how you build a trust in astrology
    This is the procedure at least I follow during the consultation to build trust.
    1. Start from basic of the chart by nature, parents, finance, spouse.
    2. Indicate the good and bad areas of life.
    3. confirm few specific events from past with a narrow time frame of within a week.
    Once you did this now the process of trust building is already in place and now carefully examine chart for future prediction.
    Confirm and reconfirm future event from 3–4 techniques and systems and dashas.

    See if they all aligned up in a time frame and say the almost same thing, Once you did all this that’s it.

    Now, the most important thing- Follow up on your predictions by taking feedback regularly.

  • Are horoscopes legitimate? Do they ever come true?

    I feel its useless to discuss any topic until you have proof in hand.

    So a man in trouble booked an appointment that he has been booked wrongly by police in a case -When i will get free ?

    During prediction i told him exactly after 9 days your case will be solved.

    Worth mentioning this guy went to several astrologers before me and everyone told him remedy to perform. I told him do not perform any remedy of throwing things in water or anything else is not required only wait for time

  • How true are horoscope predictions in today’s world?

    As much skilled and knowledgeable your astrologer is- Very simple it is -Its an absolute science but you need to practice with dedication- I will not bore you with my philosophical knowledge as i don’t believe in convincing people without proof.

    There are experts from live reading below – Tell me how much true it is if i can predict color of shoes she brought last time- All i knew about her is birth chart and nothing else.

  • What is the extent to which astrology and palmistry can predict accurately? What is your own experience in this regard?

    The answer is how much an astrologer want to push the limit to predict and how much an individual astrologer love to predict.

    Astrology is a hobby for me and to make sure the romance of astrology never dies i like to push limits by predicting to details. If you are unable to predict things to details then its not worth the time invested in astrology.

    It is very important for me that more than client i am satisfied with quality of reading otherwise its not worth doing it. Its always the passion and love of an astrologer towards astrology to predict events in past and future.

    For example- Yesterday during read on call i asked someone if has instruction manual of an electronic item in eastern portion of house. He started laughing and saying how are you doing it. I could have easily said a book is there but to mention details is the fun part. If you are not getting goose bumps in reading then its not fun.

    But remember sometimes it depends on client as well- As i do reading for lot of people online and some of them are very rude, illogical and ill mannered (Just shows their background) or if they start reading with “I have been to so many astrologers all of them are fraud” or something on similar lines -If i encounter anything like this i stop reading and return money very simple.

    Now coming to point of accuracy-see examples below and tell me accuracy.

  • Can astrology (Vedic) predict the timing of an event or is there a technique on how to predict the timing of an event?

    There are countless techniques mentioned in astrology and if you are skill instead of learning 100 you will learn only 10 techniques but master them to a level that you can pin point events with +- 5 day of accuracy.

    For example- If you are using only parashari astrology- use vimshottari dasha principles to time an events and to narrow down use yogini dasha and combine with Varshfal to pin point event.

    There are always 2 questions you should ask yourself- Is this event promised ? If answer is Yes then only you go on to timing. If a particular event is not promised in life it will never happen.

    Other day I was giving reading to someone and this guy was not married yet but it can be clearly see in his chart that married life is going to be a problem so to confirm this I asked him a simple question regarding his house- I have never been to his house or even know him personally.

    Only information I had was his birth chart and based on planetary positions i looked Fungus in particular part of house-Alage in his house in particular direction. This is the magic of astrology-It still keeps me fascinated everyday of my life as tell me a technology which only by birth details tells you which portion of your house is spoiled and which part of your life will be spoiled due to this.

  • How are astrologers able to predict the future?

    I have read couple of answer on this post and it really amazed me that no one has given straight answer and tried to dodge a bullet and some even tried to blame astrologers like some kind of fraud profession and guess work.

    To look at any chart require time and practice and constant mediation techniques on daily basis to develop intuition to see past and present event.

    Some techniques are fool proof specially for any major event in life will be shown clearly, Predicting an event is not an issue what i find real challenging some times is finding details of events.This is something requires lot of skill and practice on day to day basis.

    See the chat below for one of the client reading today- This gentleman contacted me through quora and requested for reading-I had no prior information about his ¬-background except his birth details.

    As usual i started reading chart before consultation most of times 2 -3 hours before consultation and make some notes, noted out some of past events of life, problem areas and finally future predictions.

    The key to any successful prediction lies in past events, If you can judge past correctly both event and date then only you can do the future right.

    See screenshot of reading. I am very much against the people who are astrologers but they don’t give specific details or events and use terms like sun energy or tell a generalised predictions because that is not what astrology is, Astrologer should be able to give specific prediction with dates to make sure people get good guidance -Whatever good or bad chart holds but astrologer should be able to tell it in clear and concise manner otherwise its not worth the time and money.

  • Is it possible to predict the complexion of your spouse through astrology?

    This is a very easy question if you would have read any of classical work not only complexion but also qualities of wife to certain extent.

    The key lies in Venus and navansh of Venus for color of Spouse- For example if Venus occupies sign of Mars in navansh then color of spouse will be earthy color,Quick to take actions, aggressive, very practical and logical in approach, has tendency to cheat spouse if afflicted.

    If Venus occupies sign of Jupiter in navansh then color of spouse will be yellowish, Brahmin qualities in wife with nature of doing good for all, like sweets to eat, high wisdom and decision making power, loves to read books and lives in own small imaginary world of dreams, follows principles and do religious deeds, charitable and think about others before self.

    If Venus occupies sign of Mercury then moist skin and color will be of planets navansh occupied by Mercury as mercury quickly absorbs all qualities of sign and planet it is in conjunction with, jocular in nature, interest in teaching, astrology, singing, change sides quickly, always look younger than age, business minded.

    If Venus is in navansh of Saturn then color will be dark, serious nature, disciplined and tendency to cheat on partner if severely afflicted.
    If navansh of Sun then color will be bright and reddish complexion, proudy and egoistic in nature, will compare everyone to herself and look down upon others, helpful to everyone at time of need.

    If navansh of Moon then color will be white and she will have mood swings very easily, indecisive nature, will gain and loose weight quickly, Love to be intoxicated, cannot be trusted with words.

  • What is the real and logical explanation of truthfulness of Indian astrology to a person? Is it a belief or a bias?

    Astrology can never work on belief remedial measures can- There is a difference between the two.

    When you visit an astrologer his predictions of your past cannot be based on your belief as he has to see chart make a decision in head and tell you few events from past.

    Once he is done with past he will tell you some future events which are coming up.
    Remedial measures on other hand such as prayers can work on belief as any religion work on belief system.

    To give your mind an ease read the prediction below i was giving to someone-while i was sailing on a boat to persian gulf -sitting outside on deck under full moon.

    These predictions are specific to date and nature, secondly all i knew about this guy except birth detail was that he is from South Africa living in London.

    The logical explanation is influence of planets on human beings, All an astrologer does is read what chart is saying, Which particular planet is affecting him most and then give his predictions based on previous recorded result.

    It’s same as Data Science but with more complex rules that computers are not able to solve it so require human intelligence.
    Hope this small explanation helps.

  • Is there any real life story or incident which shows that the predictions made by astrologers are real or fake?

    I would have turned blind eye to this question but i saw no body in previous answers had a positive response.

    So real life story my friend is-
    Astrology and predictions take time on an average 40–50 mins on a chart before even i utter a single prediction.

    So as i have always said in previous answers a good astrologer will start from past events of life by doing this he is confirming your birth time is within 2 min mark.

    Once you get past events of life right then you move on to predict future of life – I usually give a broader picture and mention good and bad time periods.

    Vastu-Most people don’t realise their chart has problem due to vastu-I do vastu only from chart which by the way i have never seen anyone house in real life but by chart i know how specific items are in house.

    Don’t take my words for this read several examples below from my live read.
    for someone i have not seen in life or even know his name but i know where is the problem in house with specific details so people who are claiming it a guess work should get their heads out.

  • What are some examples of astrological predictions that came true?

    Some ?? Trust me if you are relying only on some predictions you have read books again.
    Every consultation should go 90% above with details in tact of prediction otherwise its a guess work nothing else.

    See some portions from my live read below-
    This one i did on 30/05/2018 for someone i don’t know but see for yourself prediction and response. I have never visited his house and infact i don’t even know his full name or city he live in . All i had was chart you can predict up to any detail you want regarding native.

  • From Quora – Should astrologers be believed?

    As i have always said, Astrologer should only be believed when he gets your past right otherwise NO.

    By telling past events what an astrologer is doing he is checking strength of planets at same time he is checking that birth time is corrected up to 2 min mark.

    See some of examples from my live read below in answers to show you how precisely an astrologer will predict.

    How true are the astrological predictions? Can they be changed by determination or willpower?

    I have written this answer several times before, You can be aware of what is going to happen but can never change it- NEVER.

    All you can do is get prepared for something which is coming just like you get prepared for bad and good weather.

    This means if you are better prepared, sometimes even the worst situation can go without affecting you.

    Can you tell whether astrology changes the future of a person?

    Regarding Destiny- You are born with it and nobody can change it -You cannot escape from high winds of sea but surely can adjust the sail of boat to make sure you can use a challenge as an advantage.

    For example- If an astrologer tells you after 1 year you will loose job for 2 years so you are mentally prepared and will reduce expenses and concentrate on savings so during time of no job you can survive.This is the only use of astrology and nothing else.

    Hope this small answer helps.

    How can astrologers, define your nature, your past and even future with such an accuracy in one or the other events?

    One word- Practice,
    when i started learning astrology i was so fascinated by this science and slowly i started learning different methods on how to predict but trust me on following points.

    You can study for years but will still not be able to predict anything as you need intuition to describe how an event will happen. This is something which will come as god gift.
    I consistently worked on minor and major predictions of life by paying attention to details- Try to read between lines -A classical dictum does not mean what it actually says, Nobody is going to teach you so get help by meditation and other energy sources.
    Keep it simple- Instead of learning 100 techniques- Learn only 3 but practice it to a point that you can predict perfectly with it.
    Instead of criticism other astrologer and their techniques and joining FB groups and making a circle and watching Youtube videos(Specially NO)-Instead of going out, Try to go inside so thoughts of other people does not disturb you, Develop a thought process to generate new techniques on your own- It takes time but once it’s their you will achieve so much peace in yourself.
    Read classics regularly-Pick a classic whichever you like and try to decode every dictum, Its a long process and takes time, Look at charts where dictum is not working and see why, How it has modified , You need strong 8th house connection to 5th and a very strong Rahu to see something which is not written.
    Pray regularly to classical book whichever you are reading for help and trust me with enough consistency thing will get much easier-You cannot learn astrology on your own.
    Stay humble- Even with your predictions comes true still stay humble and keep practising that “i don’t know anything yet” and be open to learn anything new- The most miserable people i met in this field were those who believe they knew everything and everyone else is a “Monkey on a roller skates” and closed to learning anything new.

    Arrogant and Abusive -however predictions of these people only never came true.
    Hope this helps.

  • What is the scientific proof of astrology?

    Proof is predictions- You see every subject or study has its own ways for experiment and in astrology its by predictions.

    You can’t take statistics and say its not working -It’s a coded science and takes years of experience and practice to see what a particular verse actually means.

    To clear your doubts- See some of example predictions below from my live reading-I have never met these people before or visited their house, All i had is there chart in hand.

    For example- How did i knew that she had marriage breakups before and reason is Money plant on roof ?

  • How do I determine about the spouse’s location, distance, direction and family using D1 and D9 charts in astrology?

    You can know most of things regarding your spouse provided you pay attention to details in chart by reading through nakshtra rising in 7th cusp, 7th lord and nakshatra lord of 7th Cusp for example –

    If 7th house rising in nakshtra of Anuradha -A very devoted spouse like Radha to a krishna. Dhanista rising in 7th house Cusp- Separation in inevitable. Also if lord of 7th goes in nakshtra of Anuradha in D-9 then also very devoted wife but in later years.

    All you need to do is practice continously and see every married couple chart with details for example- Why did it rain in marriage of some people ? Why someone loose job just after getting engaged ?

    Anyhow practice is the key-and below is example on what you can see from spouse chart.

    Does astrology ever fail?

    Yes Several times but it depends on astrologer how much skill does he has.
    There will be few combinations in chart which will never go wrong and sometimes events will happen but not in same way you imagine.

    How scientific is astrology?

    Astrology is more over like data science where certain combinations in chart will deliver certain results in life timing can be varied depending on dasha sequence and transits but results will be delivered for sure.

    Now to interpret any result or combination you need to have that kind of skill- I am telling you a simplest technique of astrology- Think about worst year of your life -Exact 12 years after you will have a bad year again.

    Above technique is only a transit of Jupiter but when you combine all transits with natal chart combinations sometimes its amazing what can you predict out of it.

    I did a live read for someone who contacted me through quora tell me a science which can predict that someone has blocked tear glands at birth.

    No one can do it except astrology – How i did it is very simple read BPHS chapter in 2nd house combinations and predict everything regarding eyes and wealth.

  • Do you agree that Nadi Astrology is just another money-making technique?

    The way you are asking question is means you think other forms of astrology is also money making technique.

    Deepanshu Giri’s answer to How much do honest astrologers earn in India?

    Honestly there are genuine nadi astrologers and there are fake like in any other profession depends on whom you go to.

    I know a very big hospital in delhi who operate open heart surgery on a blink of a eye to mint money but that doesn’t mean all doctors are fake.
    Please read some of my example predictions below regarding doubt on astrology anyhow I don’t practice nadi but i have seen some good nadi predictors who are genuine.

    Deepanshu Giri’s answer to Do you believe in astrology, and why or why not?

    Can predictions of an astrologer be trusted? What is the concept of astrology?

    Let me answer your second question first- Concept- If you look in broader terms this is a data science which ancient Hindu seers observed planets in Sky and experience various results of planets on earth.

    The observed that particular planet in particular part gives good or bad result and they keep on noting and passed on this scared knowledge to next generation and this science evolved from there.

    Second Can astrologer be trusted is same as “Can Doctor be trusted ?” -If an Astrologer has studied well enough then yes he can be trusted.

    The most easiest way to trust any prediction of an Astrologer is -Don’t tell him anything about you and let him predict from past events of life- If he can get that right then only trust his future predictions.

    As if an astrologer who cannot predict past will not be able to predict future at all-Very simple.

    Can astrology predict my career

    I think that is the reason people visit astrologers-Astrology picks up everything in those 12 houses- But predicting a career is not a big deal- I will not even consider it a prediction if someone tells me that next year your career will be good or bad, promotion etc.

    This is not astrology at all- Maybe at basic level astrology, you can call it-The real worth of visiting an astrologer is when an astrologer tells you in one line story of your life.

    The worth of astrology is when not only astrologer tells there is a problem but also which karma you did that problem happened.

    Let me share some examples-
    I was doing a reading for an independent lawyer and he was asking why my profession has a problem- All I asked him was that age of 32 did you work on a case which was related to property?

    The reason was He favored the wrong side while fighting a case and that karma is hitting him back and there is no remedy to it.
    He replied yes that was a first independent case he fought.

    So the purpose of astrology is not limited only to tell you profession and trust me if you are only limited to that kind of astrology- You are living in a dreamland- Astrology is far beyond than just predicting career.

    A very big Delhi businessman I was doing a consultation over phone-I asked him did last year your old employee came back and due to him a very heavy loss has happened to you- when he said yes- I said then don’t worry as now things will go fine as past life sister came as an employee to take her money back now your debt is over and will progress in business.

    As an astrologer, you don’t only tell an event but also reason that which karma is hitting you back.
    Hope it helps you understand some basic of astrology.

  • How is astrology valid?

    Only for one reason- Past and Future Predictions.
    One of the Lawyer came to me that his business is not going well -As an astrologer, it is very easy to tell when business is going to pick up but what is a real challenger as an astrologer is “Why he is facing this trouble?” Which karma of the past has brought him this trouble?

    I asked him “At the age of 32 did you fought a case which was related to property or Inheritance?”
    This was the first case-What he did- He favored a wrong side in it and that karma has come to haunt him back.

    Please tell me a science which can tell you that “Please tell me science which can tell you at this particular age you did something that is why you have a problem now.”

    Ok, let us look at another prediction for the same person as I have a habit that before I predict future -I generally pick up several past events with a fair degree of accuracy to predict.

    I have never ever met this guy in my life- How do I know he has Kitchen in North and age of 24 he had a dispute in-house and money was earned through dispute- Also In North portion of the house he keeps money and someone is stealing money from it.

    Astrology is more valid than any other science- I have shown this with my several examples not once or twice but at least 100 times and will keep posting to show the power of astrology.

    About 2 weeks back I was doing career consultation for someone and apart for the career I saw something which was about to happen-So I gave her advice regarding relationship -that be careful break is about to happen.

    No amount of programming or AI can predict that you are about to have a break in relationship and travel will be involved only astrology can do it.
    See the screenshot

    What is the science behind wearing rings of various gems and stones?

    Read carefully and Choose your gemstone accordingly- The real science behind stones I am going to reveal today-
    Our mood and body condition depends on different acids and hormones released by brain and body and different planetary elements control different hormones in our body.

    Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter controls Acetycholine- Jupiter is life force according to astrology
    By the release of Acetylcholine -Enhances energy and stamina, Peace, Alertness- Lifeforce.
    It releases growth hormone and develops an immune system, Promotes deep sleep and activates the release of different mineral and chemical that are useful for the growth of body and brain. It gives a soothing effect.

    Ruby for Sun
    Sun controls -Dopamine- Nero transmitter triggering
    Dopamine has a function in behavior and cognition, Voluntary movement, motivation and rewards, Feelings of compassion, pleasure and controlled motor movements.

    Red coral for Mars-
    Mars controls- Norepinephrine produced by the adrenal medulla is a stress hormone that increases blood pressure, anxiety, tension, hate.
    All these are anyhow actions of Mars only.

    Cat eye for Ketu-
    Ketu controls Cortisol- Rejections, block -dispute, Indifferent- This is released in response to Stress – People who are depressed have excess cortisol in the blood. This has a close relation to Norepinephrine (Element of Mars) as both are produced in the adrenal cortex.

    That is why our ancestors marked Ketu as Mars.
    I have written only 4 for example similarly there are a total of 9 substances (Nav-ras)controlling you every day and by increasing and decreasing any of them controls element in a body.

    So when an astrologer prescribes a particular gemstone to increase or decrease a particular hormone in the body it results in a change in attitude.

    For example one of my cousins approached me as his kid in 7th standard and whole school complains about him and even in the home his behavior is not good with siblings and mother- Now this kid has very aggressive attitude due to Mars in particular position in the chart.

    I prescribed him a bracelet to cool him down and from day 4 he had this result that he started to cool down and thanked me enough as this was getting out of hand.

    what that stone did is start increasing energy of Venus and Moon in the body resulting him to cool down.

    How did astrology come into existence? Why do people believe in it so much?

    To solve problems in life-Maharishi Prashar knew humans will be unable to control the desires of the human body and will do acts which are forbidden- For example – If someone conceives in dark or full moon nights the child born will have a mental disorder.

    Then in BPHS, he wrote- If a child is born on this particular tithi -This the procedure of Remedy.

    Astrology came in existence to tell people why they are suffering in current life and how to come over any major obstacle.

    We all have debt in our life which we carry over from past life’s and once this debt gets over the life of the person gets uplifted.

    Most of the time I only look at the chart and tell why there is a problem and fixing that small issue in-house solves the problem. Only 1% of people come for past life pending karma reading and one who comes either runs away half of the reading when I tell various events of life or cry during reading when they realize how a certain person was past life son -Who came for help.

    People ask for help or love/hate or fight with you because you are radiating a energy which is asking them to do it.

    For example- One of my friends asked me over the phone -You have never given me a stunning prediction and I said ok Ask whatever you want- He only told me the combination of 7th house-

    “I told him that his wife will have some kind of disease which will be hidden at the time of marriage and this will be to reason as his maternal grandfather has spoiled water source, He should construct a water source to provide free water to people.

    To which he replied GF had a problem which was hidden for 5.5 yrs of relationship and grandfather had a habit to always pee outside on road and the day his family started distributing water for free in a religious temple – the financial condition of the family started getting better.

    So you see how removing a past life karma helps you move up in life.”

    Read more about past life pending karma reading examples here- Maybe if I get 1000 pre-book order- I will launch a book on this, How to see pending karmas.

    See the example below when someone has a problem with the family of husband and how to solve it.

    Another example-Where someone was getting proposals for marriage but not getting married and couldn’t figure out why?

    See screenshot

  • Do astrological remedies really work?

    Yes, they do and that is why -three whole chapters were written by Maharishi Parashar on remedial measures and as Maharishi Parashar coded everything-He coded remedies as well.

    Let me start with this- I am totally against any astrologer who listens to your problem and after listening tells you these are a remedial measure for this problem.

    An astrologer should start with predictions of past as sometimes the remedy will be as simple as “Give respect to younger brother’s wife”- I was looking at a chart of someone and he was experiencing a lot of obstacles in Bhagya- All I asked him was-How is a relation to younger brother’s wife and he replied not good as she is in not in good terms with us.

    “The reason she complained all the time about us is that we don’t respect her”

    You see in past life also they never respected her and in this life as well she has come back – only for what? to ask for “Respect” nothing else she is asking.

    All I told him was – Give Respect and things will change for you in business.

    on 22/12 I was doing a reading for someone and he had a lot of trouble at home due to finance and childbirth and marriage- Only thing I asked him was –

    How many times have you changed a Guru ??
    He Replied- 4 times-All of them wants to mint the money.

    You know the real reason was-Past life he has acquired wealth from guru and in this life, his sub-conscious brain has a fear that guru will ask money back.

    The only remedy is committing to one guru and stick to him and your life will be sorted.
    This is a pure karmic remedy and that is why my consultation hour goes up to 2–3 hours of consultation- As its impossible as an astrologer to give a remedy in 15 mins- You need to read the energy from the chart.

    A lot of energy and time goes in this -Sometimes for younger kids -I suggest remedies which are easier to do and moreover balancing a panch-tatwa.

    A Mumbai based Doctor couple approached me from Quora regarding their 3-year-old daughter as she gets terrified while sleeping every day and don’t even speak more than 2–3 words.

    All I did in the chart of that kid is change the energy around her and see the result.

    Every chart has a different remedy-You need to have a look by observing behavior and pattern of life, Read chart in and out to see what is the one thing he will do to get a lot of relief.

    How do I learn to make astrological predictions from horoscopes?

    I understand your dilemma as I have seen a lot of people who do have a lot of knowledge but they don’t know how to practically use it- I have decided to make complicates sholkas and sutras very simple and explain in a most simple manner I can.

    For an example- Look at the chart below to find a reason why he is born?

    Sutra is – Sun is the cause of all creation- So let us look at the natural work assigned by nature to him.

    Sun is 5th lord sitting in Lagna exalted in the nakshatra of Bharani and 1st and 5th house changed signs-

    Nakshatra lord of Sun is sitting in 5th house-This person should do something related to teaching as nakshatra of Sun in 3rd house – the 3rd house is preaching – This person decodes Bhagwat for masses and preaches them about religion.

    While the Venus Ketu trine shows problem or delay in marriage or a very spiritual wife, Which he is destined to get.

    I have courses which will cover how to predict from absolute basics of astrology. I have given all the details on my website- lunarastro regarding this, As I have always said in past basics are the key for prediction.

    It is going to be a very small batch so I can give personal attention to everyone present- Even if someone has 10 years of experience in astrology- This is a must course as for first time ever- I am going to give out secrets for prediction. The current batch already has people with 12–15 years of experience as well as absolute beginners in course.

    I am going to explain several logics like this on my channel Lunar Astro to learn- how to predict in astrology.

    Why does astrology make sense? I believe it does but can’t articulate why.

    There is something called as Faith, You have to take a trust fall in life to learn astrology and trust on predictions of an astrologer.
    In this example, I am going to explain 2 different people with a different attitude towards astrology who came for consultation.

    Let me explain with an example-One of my regular clients is a Dr. Couple based in the metro city in India-First time they approached me was regarding there 3-year-old daughter who was unable to speak.

    Once they did few remedies and felt an immediate good effect and they gave me feedback was this.
    Now again this couple visited me but this one of them had a problem in the stomach from last 8–9 years -A constant pain in one side of stomach.
    I again saw the combinations and gave remedy to be performed-

    Below are the results.

    See the above example are for people who have a great amount of trust not only on me but in astrology as general- On the other hand, there will be people when you do their consultation you feel exhausted because doesn’t matter what remedy you tell them they will come up with an excuse not to perform.

    For an example-I told someone to recite a particular chant every morning to see effects and she came back with an excuse -That it’s very difficult to pronounce and tongue twisting and taking more than 30 mins.

    See two people taking consultation from the same astrologer- As an astrologer putting the same amount of effort in both charts but one is getting the result and another one is not the only difference is trust- One of them due to trust perform remedies and get results and another find excuses to not perform anything.

    These are the some of the FAQs i thought might help folks who do not agree Astrology is real.

    Beyond doubt if someone consults a genuine, good Astrologer, 80-90 percent things can be predicted accurately.

    Offcourse there will still be naysayers but nobody can deny that there are things beyond the scope of science.

    May be if still folks have doubt, someone can consult Deepanshu Giri and reveal the truth whether astrology is true or hoax?

    Or it would be interesting if one of Nirmukta practitioners could invite Deepanshu Giri to test if Astrology is true or hoax?

  • I did not have some expectations regarding that name, but the more I was amazed.
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    As per astrological calculations, this bloodmoon eclipse will cause a widespread epidemic in the American continent along with few other places within the next year!

    @WHO #SuperBlueBloodMoon

    7:48 PM · Jun 25, 2019

    Western countries of this world will see rise of an epidemic. This epidemic will start showing its effect by coming November.

    Much before June 2019 prediction on rise of an epidemic in Western countries, symptoms of an epidemic were visible from famous Bloodmoon eclipse of 2018 and on its base, a prediction of a widespread epidemic in USA and other places was made. #COVID2019india #COVIDUSA #CovidUK

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