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Announcing The Nirmukta Community Forums At Nirmukta.Net

Hello Fellow Freethinkers!

The team of activists at Nirmukta is very excited to unveil our very own Freethought Community Forums. These forums were created with the intention of providing a safe and dependable communication platform for those of us interested in promoting science and reason in India.

You may ask ‘why do we need another forum to discuss Freethought? Aren’t there enough social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Atheist Nexus, Orkut etc…?

The way we see it, these open social networking sites are just the first step in reaching out to Freethinkers. They offer us a public venue to promote our cause and to attract new members into our community. However, we think that it is enormously useful for our community of Freethinkers to have our own online portal to communicate with each other. The new Nirmukta Forums belong to all the Freethinkers of India. A powerful community-owned forum gives us security, privacy and customizability in ways that generic social networks don’t. This is why we hope that you will use these forums to their fullest potential and help propel the Freethought Revolution in India.

Through these forums we can focus on building a community of Freethinkers by Celebrating Science and Reason, providing support to the victims of religion/superstition, discussing Science and Philosophy with other Indian Freethinkers, planning ideas for eradicating the superstitions and oppressive beliefs of our time, holding Regional Group meetups, and planning strategies for Local Action….among other things.

So pelase join us in creating meaningful, moral and naturalistic alternatives to religion and superstition.

Please visit the site,, register for an account (if activation email is missing, please check spam folder- we’re still fixing this problem) and begin sharing with your fellow Freethinkers.

This message is from the team of activists at Nirmukta, including but not limited to:

  • Siddharth Singh
  • Bala Bhaskar
  • Shobhit Gupta
  • Rakshi Rath
  • Sundeep Peswani
  • Kitty Hundal
  • Prabhakar Kamath
  • Sajith Unni
  • Jayesh Vijayan
  • Sri Harsha Dandibhotla
  • Pankaj Kulkarni
  • Ajita Kamal

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  • Great idea! None of the ancient heterodox movements of ancient India challenged Brahmanic hubris like Charvakas did. It is amazing how Brahmanic loyalists of today indulge in the same hateful tactics they did 2500 years ago against any challenge to its chicanery. Here is the vitriolic response to my article on Shankaracharya by a Brahmanic fanatic in one of the Hindu blogs, which was discovered by Ajita. As you can see he still uses 1. birth 2. social inferiority 3. Guru 4. misreading 5. Class 6. science and history 7. Other dharmas as the excuse for defending Brahmanism. He has not bothered to give one shred of evidence to refute one singe statement I made in the article.

    “Thanks Atanu. The author is a brahmin by birth but is throwing gas all around. This just goes to prove that a brahmin is not a brahmin by birth. This dingaling author writing against brahmins and against hindus shows the character of a chandala. Whoever taught him a little of bhagavat and gita should have rejected him as a student based on his true varna.

    The author has made several technical mistakes which is a waste of time to correct them. If it was one or two mistakes possibly it would have been worth it.

    The problem with these atheists is that they know somethings here and there about texts like bhagavat and gita to malign them, but do not know the true purport of the verses. They pick only those things which they like to criticize. Then they give an impression as though they know everything. The good thing about the author is even though he is a confirmed jackass, he is quite straight forward. He an out and out rationalist (still biased) and does not hide behind any other philosophy like judaism, bahaism, hedonism, history, science, or buddhism.”

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