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Freethought News: Weeping Mary (Mathavu) to be Investigated by Rationalists (Video)

Virgin Mary’s Tears to be Tested for Authenticity

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Rationalists from the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, headed by president professor Narendra Nayak, will be testing the veracity of the claims made by locals and priests alike that the image of the Catholic religious figure is shedding tears. The Bishop has invited the Rationalists to make sure that this phenomenon being hailed by locals as a miracle is not a scam. This event will take place on the 6th of March, 2010 at Alleppey in Kerala.
After this event, the rationalists are holding a press conference in which the flex print of Premanand is going to shed tears, because he is very sad that cheap narendra-nayak-3x3stupid tricks are being passed off as miracles.

It is not shedding tears now, but will do so on the 6th

Also please note that there will be a rationalist training program by Dr. Nayak on the 7th, at Alleppey.

The contact person for details on all three events (miracle investigation, press conference and training program) is Anil Kumar of the Kerala Yuktivadi Sangam. Phone no:+919846126080.

Update: The follow-up after the conclusion of the official investigation has been posted here.

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