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Reincarnation, Rebirth And Past-Life Regression Therapy In India: A Rationalist Critique


The recent trend in some sections of the Indian visual media is the topic of rebirth and associated quackery. In one of the channels the show started with sessions of ‘hypnotism’, taking people back to their past births, and ‘treatment’ for many of their problems of the present birth which are allegedly caused by deeds in the past life!

There is a ‘Dr.’ Trupti Jain, along with a moderator, putting the person who had volunteered into what is called as a ‘hypnotic trance’. That istruptidr followed by question-answer sessions along with re-enactment of events which are supposed to have happened in past births. This is followed by ‘counseling’ and ‘therapy’, with the subject admitting at the end of the session that he or she is feeling better. The ill-informed Indian middle-class audience is fascinated by these antics and the viewership must have definitely gone up. Like all other talk shows, in these too the episodes start with sessions involving some ‘celebrities’. Now, it is the hoi polloi whose past lives are on public display. Not to be left behind, many regional channels have followed suit and there must be zillions of such past life programs being shown with a gullible lot of our viewers lapping up the tripe being served as science.

Many are under the impression that this is the latest in the field of mental health, not realising that this nonsense has been in existence for more than a century and has been dismissed as a hoax a long, long time ago. There have been many famous cases, like the reincarnate Andy Murphy, re-incarnations of famous doctors like Cayce, Arigo and many others. They have been sensationalized in the print media even by very conservative publications like the Readers Digest. Seances which have been proved to be frauds by eminent magicians like Houdini, and even novels which became best sellers based on these themes have been popular in the past century. There have been movies based on these, like the classics Madhumathi, Milan, reincarnation of Peter Proud etc., some of which have been hits at the box office. There has been ‘research’ on rebirth, a lot of which, I should say all of which, has been discredited as the case histories were proved to be cooked up. One of the universities in Rajasthan had a department of parapsychology which had UGC grants but was closed down when investigations proved that data was cooked up to provide interesting cases. We have some people in nationally famous institutions who have cooked up data and have got their Ph.Ds by quoting cases only indicated as alphabets under the guise of patient confidentiality, thus preventing any investigations of cases of reincarnation quoted by them.

Shambhavi and the Dalai Lama:

We also have celebrities who supposedly are reborn again and again as famous people, like the Dalai Lama and his coterie who are all supposed to be reincarnations of famous religious leaders and are worshipped as the living Buddha by his gullible devotees. More recently there is the case of reincarnation in Andhra Pradesh of a little girl called Shambhavi, whose rebirth claims have been allegedly certified by no less a person that the most famous reincarnation of them all- the Dalai Lama himself! The same Dalai Lama who supposedly is more rational than many other religious leaders. This is of course not saying much, because the irrational behaviour of many of them, such as the Pope, is worse. The Dalai Lama whose supposedly broad-minded and liberal views are legendary is not free from superstitions, as evidenced by his support of rebirth, Tibetan medicine and a variety of such beliefs. In the last mentioned case of Shambhavi in Anhdra Pradesh, we have moved the Human Rights commission of Andhra Pradesh asking for the protection of the minor girl Shambhavi, as we feel that this little girl is being exploited by some unscrupulous adults for their own nefarious ends. The campaign started as an anti-superstition one and has now got a wider perspective by making it an issue of rights of the child and the exploitation of a minor. This campaign started by Babu Gogineni, though initially opposed by many under the impression that it was a case of opposition to religious beliefs of a community, got wide support when people understood the true nature of this issue.

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These episodes of rebirth, along with the hoopla surrounding them, and the claims of the whole thing being ‘scientific’, require that discussion be had on many specific issues are connected to them, both ethical and scientific. If we take up the biological questions what passes from one to another during reincarnation pops up. One has to query as to whether it is a molecule, an atom or a cell that travels from one to the other during this process. Or is it something sub atomic, like rays or particles? How is it that only some people reincarnate and not all? If reincarnation is only for humans then what can explain the huge population growth? If it is claimed that the reincarnation is across species then at what stage does the capacity to be so arise? Do bacteria and viruses also reincarnate?

Well, I am sure that the explanation will be that there is none and that it is an unexplained truth. When extraordinary claims are made we need extraordinary proof, but even ordinary proof is not coming forth. Some examples of child prodigies are provided as proof, cases that have no relevance since if a newborn is a reincarnation it should exhibit all traits of its past birth at the time of delivery itself. But, the usual finding is that they do so only like others, maybe a little earlier than many of their age and social group. The only so called evidence that is offered are quotations from religious texts which cannot be accepted as evidences with any credibility. If they are further questioned then the repliy is that it is a matter of faith and hence beyond question!

Here we have to understand who the vested interests behind these cases are. Past life regression therapy is not an accepted form of therapy in any standard text-book of psychiatry. If any qualified psychiatrist registered as one in any state or Indian medical-council promotes/practices it, the registration can be canceled for professional misconduct. So, it is obvious that the ‘Dr’ who ‘treats’ patients on TV cannot be a qualified practitioner of any system of medicine. If one goes to web site of this ‘institution’ offering past life regression therapy all what one sees are the testimonials from patients, which are not considered as evidence at all in science.

But, we have many people claiming that their phobias in the present life have been traced to events in their past life and so on. The claim is also made often that when these events were discovered and counseling done, they got a lot of relief! Well, these are classic cases of two lies canceling each other out! What happened in the past life itself is questionable and hence the suggestions may act as just as any ordinary mental suggestion and may have some effects. One can also use these as a convenient excuse to explain the misdeeds of the present existence. One can always be on the lookout for a scapegoat for ones misdeeds, and some event happening in one’s past life is as good as any. So, this would explain the claims put forward by those who say they have been healed by ‘past life regression therapy’. In the west there are fringe groups which perform this therapy followed by what is called a rebirthing experience resulting in a clean slate for the subject, probably after which new misdeeds can be committed on a newly opened account!

‘Past life’ can be used as an excuse for many other things. For example, one can always justify the caste system under the excuse that the ‘lower’ castes are born so  as to atone for the sins of their previous births. Those who enjoy all the best things of life at the cost of others can always have the excuse that this is due to the good deeds performed in their past life. It could also keep the exploited from protesting, under the reassurance that their exploiters will be punished in their next life for what they are doing now! Though it is difficult for us to understand why we should be punished or rewarded for having done something in a past existence that we are not even aware of, one could explain that that awareness could be brought by the right combinations of suggestions. And where do these come from? Naturally from the past life regression therapist or from some holy scripture which is unquestionable! So, here we have the judge, jury and the prosecutor all rolled into one and whatever they say will be be irrefutable.

Personal Anecdotes:

This write up would not be completreincarnation2e without a few personal experiences. There was a very famous case of reincarnation in a place called Navalgund in Dharwad district. There was a boy who was called D.C Saheba- the reason being that he was supposed to be the reincarnation of a Deputy commissioner from Punjab who had died an untimely death. The boy was supposed to be narrating incidents of his past life with great accuracy. When I reached this place, I made enquiries about him to learn his case history. The villagers told me that they had driven away the whole family from their village. Their reason was that they were bringing a bad reputation to the village by tutoring the child to narrate cooked up stories.

Once, about 15 years back, the the Vice Chancellor of Mangalore University Dr. S. Gopal, was scheduled to deliver a lecture on reincarnation at a conference on the same topic at Mangalore. Three days before this, the ResearchStudents Association of this university had invited me to deliver a lecture demonstration on manifestations of the supernatural. During the question answer session one student asked me about rebirth. I told him that he was addressing the question to the wrong person. I told him to ask the same to the Vice Chancellor of the University who was a physicist. I told him to clarify from him as what would pass from one living organism to the other during the process- whether it was an atom, a molecule, a ray or a particle! The result was that the Vice Chancellor’s lecture was not held three days later because he did not show up at the conference on rebirth!

I had to travel all the way to Athens to convince a very senior citizen aged about eighty that there was no rebirth. He was a member of a cult called Radha Swami Satsang Beas, which had brainwashed him into thinking that one single mistake from him would cause the rebirth of five generations of his ancestors as ants, hundreds of times. His guilt complex was causing so many problems for him that his son invited me to stay in Athens for a week to convince his father that there was nothing such as rebirth. I did not know how far I succeeded in this, but it was an eye opener for the senior citizen who had believed that all Indians had been reborn at least a dozen times and were in full knowledge of their past births. In fact, I was the first Indian whom he had met who was not a member of this cult! Till then all the Indians he had met were members of this cult and carefully screened so that they would say only those things which were the beliefs of this cult.


Rebirth is a good way of explaining the karma theory, suppressing any rebellion against exploitation, and now a good way to explain iones misdeeds! The latest uses are to increase the TRP ratngs of TV channels, sell quack therapies like past life regression and birthing experiences! In our country we have also cases where a rich person gets reborn in a poverty stricken house-hold and the relationship develops between them leading to the improvement of the economic status of the former! We never ever come across a case where it happens the other way round.

For the superstition-ridden gullible people, the TV channels looking for viewership and those selling their quack remedies, the idea of rebirth has been a blessing. As for me it would be good for all who read this to remember that you are reading this due to the misdeeds of your past lives and I am writing this to atone for the sins committed in my past many lives! Going through this article is past life regression therapy, which is going to absolve all of us the trouble caused by its own ill effects!

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Prof. Narendra Nayak is the president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations

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  • The truth is that this sort of mass delusion is promoted by the TV networks in America also. The most popular shows are about supernatural things, and there are many many kinds of these. Even reality shows like ghost hunters the like..its just all about the money for these networks.

  • The timing of this article couldn’t have been better. Just watched a popular news channel’s coverage of the Solar Eclipse here in Chennai. The level of scientific ignorance even among the people reporting it is unbelievable. One reporter said you should not watch the sun directly “because” the moon completely blocks it. They had one scientist from the planetarium but he was not given much chance to explain things.

    At one point, the reporter dared to ask about the superstition that one shouldn’t eat during eclipse. However, he was careful to add “This question has nothing against anyone’s religion” even before he asked. And to top it all off, the minute the program was over, the very next “ad” was of a spiritual magazine which claims some mountain pilgrim site heals eye disorders. It all would have been funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • 15th Jan3.45 pm. just back from a program in a schoolat Pandavapura near Myosre where we ate kadle puri(puffed rice with dal) and watched the eclipse with more than a thousand school children. Wonder how these children who are so rationalistic when young become superstitious when they grow up!

  • A few years ago, the entire political class in Bangalore turned up to attend a session by a faith healer. I think all the nonsense we see around is related somehow. I’d even go so far as to say our “culture” (the famous “sanskar” which people love to fall back on when you try to argue against superstition) makes us susceptible to nonsense of all kinds.

    • That fellow’s name was Alex Orbito. He did his ‘operations’ in places like the Vidhan Soudha. One TV channel invited me to perform psychic surgery and also invited some eminent politicans who had got ‘operated’ by him. None turned up.
      I demonstrated the ‘surgery’ and the panel discussion was between our own people.

  • In big corporations there is a thing called Behavior Based Safety (BBS). What it means is – Don’t try to change a person’s attitude in order to bring about a desired behavior (for better safety consciousness). But instead, changes his behavior first (by imposing rules) and over time his attitude will change. Religion has mastered this eons ago and we can see it even today. Children as young as 3 and 4 are asked to “pray”. When the child joins his/her palms and mimics praying, it is considered cute and usually gets a positive reinforcement. The child learns that it is “good” to pray. The behavior is set. Ideally, at an appropriate age the child should start questioning this behavior. But very few do. The behavior moulds the child’s attitude and the cycle continues.

  • Dear Sir, I wish to introduce myself as Sathish Babu HN from Hamburg, Germany. Basically I am from Mysore, India. I hope you are the same Narendra Nayak who is the president of ಅಖಿಲ ಭಾರತ ವಿಚಾರವಾದಿಗಳ ಒಕ್ಕೂಟ and has published an article in Prajavani entitled ಪುನರ್ಜನ್ಮವೆಂಬ ಸುಳ್ಳು. I have been watching this show and find it as the most ridiculous show on this Earth. I wrote few times but nobody doesn’t bother to publish my letters. I am hereby requesting you if you can bring a stay about this program from high court of Karnataka by piling a Public Interest Litigation case on TV9 Kannada. I assure you that I will send you 2,000Rs for this sake. I am a student here doing my PhD in cancer biology here at University of hamburg, Germany. Please do take action. My serious concerns towards the exploitation of innocent people ignorance.
    Do take action sir,

    warm regards,


    • I am the same Narendra. As Bala says the program is off the air. I dont know the state of affairs as I never watch TV particularly the soaps and this nonsense.
      We are having a Karnataka Vicharavadi Okkuta formation meeting at Makkala Koota, Chamrajpet on the 14th March. We want to bring together all like minded rationalistic organisations in Karnataka on a common platform to fight this surge of irrationalism.
      Please ask your like minded friends to attend. The added bonus is that on the same day an astrologer is going to teach us a lesson on how’scientific’ astrology is! The details are on this site. The executive committee of FIRA is also going to meet on the same day.

  • I am sad and amazed by how people like you guys can write anything about Past Life Regression, without having any clue. In case you really want to understand it with an oepn mind, kindly read”many lives, many masters”, study Roger Woolger’s work where he has spent his life in collecting concrete proofs of 3000 past life cases of children and verified them personally. Try and come up with explanation of how someone can start speaking languages that they have never even heard during a PLR session. Explain why when you meet some people, you feel instant negativity or instant attraction. For your information, this TV show is only meant for the indian audience since Indian people usually don’t read otherwise PLR is a very well practiced and researched therapy in the west. It’s sad that rencarnation and past lives has always there in hindu books…bheeshm pitamah found out his cause for suffering in his 73th lifetime and yet the west is coming to tell us of its existence and then there are people here still arguing without even making an attempt to validate any information.

    • I am sad that people like you exist in this world today whose standard of proof and evidence are in the dark ages.Perhaps that may be due to latest reincarnation being by mistake in this century!You have mentioned that Bhishma Pitamaha had found suffering after his 73rd life time as if you have met him personally to verify that claim? Perhaps you might have met him during your 70th reincarnation or what? Or are you the 74th reincarnation of the aforementioned individual?
      While we can get into a debate about what reincarnation is and how it takes place, such debates can had only with those who have at least some respect for the methods of science or at least a modicum of common sense. While thanking you for the suggestion to study the books of quackery written by people with dubious intentions, I would suggest that you like up a text book of anatomy, physiology or biochemistry at least of the standard of nursing or pharmacy diploma students to verify the site of existence of that ray, particle, molecule or cell that passes on from one individual to the other during ‘reincarnation’.
      There have been enough beneficiaries of this quackery in India. One university in Rajasthan had a department of parapsychology where a ‘Dr.’ Bannerji was conducting ‘research’ an investigation by a committee appointed by the UGC pointed out innumerable errors in their case histories and the department was closed down. One Dr.Pasricha from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore had also submitted her Ph.D. thesis on this tripe called as reincarnation. I have gone through the volumes of Stevenson the ‘father'(re incarnated or not is not known)these cock and bull stories of what were called as sterling examples and ‘irrefutable’ evidence.
      Well, what is being done on TV is sheer quackery and misleading the gullible in the name of reincarnation therapy. The very process of so called ‘hypnosis’ is all bunkum and the stories are all concocted cock and bull stories.
      I am going record with this strong language and challenge you or any other supporter of this nonsense called as reincarnation to take any action on me. Actually, action should be taken against those who are spreading stories in the name of reincarnation.

    • till more than one Napoleon bonaparte and king Edwards started visiting his clinic Sigmund freud also believed that PLR works

      • Well said Somu! In a place called Kavattar near Mangalore on the Vaishaka poornima day, there are thousands of women who get ‘possessed’ with the same spirit/s.The ‘spirit’ itself may be a schizophrenic!

        • O peixe morre pela boca mesmo, né?Amo alfajor!!!!. Mês passado devorei uma caixa de Alfajor Havanna e ainda fiquei com vo238de&#ant0;Vou experimentar sua receita que parece ser bem gostosa; obrigada por postar. Ah..adorei seu site, vou visitar sempre.

  • Having done a few sessions with “dr.” Tripati Jain i read your article with interest.I often hear you and your rationalist dogs barking. Thank you. I feel safer in my house with people like you around.

    • perhaps you need to a few more. We are not just barking dogs, we bite too when necessary. That is in our present reincarnation! Don’t know what we were in our last or the nth previous incarnation. Perhaps I too could go for a session with ‘Dr.’Jain to find out that!

  • Narendra Naik’s article is good start to campaign and fight against the superstition. TV9 which calls itself as “TV9 for Good society” shows all the nonsense of rebirth and “heegu unte” for showing miracles. They are carefully not consulting scientist or rationalist opinion and it is one side show for “Good society” by TV9. It is our duty as Balan rightly told to fight legally against all these TV Channels who spread untruth and superstitions for MONEY. We Should form a “legal forum” to find the possibility to fight unitedly against spreading supernatural and superstitions without scientific basis. They speak about hurting religious feeling!! But what about the feelings of free thinkers, atheist, agnostic, scientist, rationalist, etc. Is only religions people have feelings? We also felt hurt when unscientific is shown as if as Truth without verification. We are hurt when a president and prime minister of India fell before a magician like Saibaba without maintaining their dignity!! We are hurt when astrology is used early morning to predict future without verifying basis!!!

    Due to wide publicity, yesterday I saw the reincarnation. “three, two, one.. lock”. He will move to the old life. “3, 2, 1, lock”. You can enjoy the show as a comedy show!! Any man with little sense will understand this cooked and made story.

    I request all of us to join on March 14th at Bangalore seriously discussing about fighting legally and through digital media. I hope all add voice for scientific thinking and fight against irrational publicity of TV channels. Those interested to join mail to: / providing your email address/phone No. for contact.

  • Interesting to see the bestsellers like these been quoted as famous works – ”many lives, many masters”, by Roger Woolger. What has gone wrong with our people… anything WEST do or write is taken as gospel. Aren’t they too human beings, showing the same human syndrome on fear of the supernaturals. Mr Arora, rest assured PLR is another system to be-fool people the way ojha’s, astrologers and pranic healers have done. Each session of PLR and PH cost anything between Rs 4000-10,000, who can afford it. I doubt the poor. Whilst the rich or middle class who is stopping them to spend their ‘hard earned money’ on knowing their past.

    These fears are nothing but result of insecurity, corruption, de-humanisation, fraud, coercion, etc, etc of human being. If you are honest and free from malpractices, you will never need any such therapies.

    Moreover, what help did the Doctor from nanded get, who appeared in this tele-serial who used to dream of crows, when found that his previous birth had linkages with crows? I fail to understand, so much of hue and cry is done over knowing your sub-conscious mind.

    I must suggest to all these people who believe in all these super-human behaviour, come and join us to remove superstition from our society and eating up the sweat and blood of poor in the name of superstition and the fear of supernaturals.

  • Mr.Narendra Nayak nowadays electronic media is powerful unethically they r showing programs lyk hegu unte, jothishya and re-berth and reincarnation they are considering to much exaggeration in the mean tym our scientists lyk the ISRO chairman doing tulabharam at guruvayoor so this typ of act by some great scientist is lyk he himself is making a fool out of him going to some place to worship as commonly scientists should believe in scientific friction and not superstition power. he has launched many rockets which is related to science. wat is the use of 1 of the greatest Indian rocket scientist or a scientist it self going to tulabharam??????? At CHENNAI there was a FIRA conference in which u were present at the conference where a Punjabi was elected for the FIRA MOVEMENT and was a leader for a rationalist movement for his region where he was wearing a Punjabi topee or Punjabi pag in which he himself considers as rationalist and even some of ur chief ordinate’s agrees with that and how can he be called as an rationalist coz he is wearing pag which is a symbol of there religion while he is an orthodox?????? sir so could u pls……. tell about this ????????? and the other things respectively and i very well lyk u for not supporting the superstition things, reincarnation and re-berth and i very well thank u for giving us this information so that i or we can share are thought or this information to every 1 as an awareness that not to believe those shit…… and some 1 is behind that little girl who she calls her herself as lama ……

  • The point of dress has been already discussed many times. Trousers and shirts were first worn in India by the christian missionaries so does wearing them make us christians? same thing is applicable to women wearing skirts. So, I think that is a non issue. But, if rationalists were to promote things like religious ceremonies we could say that is wrong.

  • The common feature of all these episodes is that each and every past life of each and every volunteer reads like a fascinating soap opera! One was murdered, another committed suicide, yet another was killed in a freak accident, and so on and so forth.

    How is it that none of them had a boring, ordinary past life? How come none of them said, “In my past life, I was born in an ordinary family, led a boring life, did nothing notable, and finally died some day”.

    The answer lies in cheap thrills and TRP ratings !

  • One fails to understand :-
    1. Why and how re- incarnation happens only in India and that too only among Hindu’s ?
    2. Why re- incarnated people are not born as non Hindu’s in some other country ?
    3. Why they are “blessed” with darshan of only Hindu mythological Gods and Neo Gods during their hallucination stage ?
    4. In Hindu mythology 84 lac YONEES have been mentioned as for as re-incarnation is concerned .Why re-incarnated people are not born as animals or some other form ?
    5. Why re-incarnated people speak only in their native mother tongue language ?

    • I agree.Yeah,that seems rather strange.Well I can tell you that re-incarnation seems to happen elsewhere too.I live in North-africa,they talk about it here as well.I do not know if this is compatible with Muslim beliefs,as I am a Christian myself.But from time to time one hears about these things.Your comment on the language these people speak is absolutely correct.If they reincarnate why do they not speak Latin,or Greek for example.There are reports of people speaking ancient Egyptian,a language nobody has spoken for hundreds of years.By people who never studied ancient cultures or languages or have been to University.But there must be another explanation for that particular phenomenon.

  • Mr. Narendra Nayak,

    There are hundred’s of publications from eminent professors on Psychiatry that you might wish to read on Past life regression.

    You might start out by reading this book “Many Lives Many Masters” by Dr. Brian weiss.

    I am sure you will be convinced of reincarnation. This is scientifically oberved. I am sorry that you are still ignorant of this.

    • We would be absolutely delighted to believe in reincarnation. However there is a minor annoying factor that prevents us from doing so. It goes by the name of evidence. So if you can show us some concrete evidence for reincarnation, we would bend over backwards and run to avail these therapies. For starters a peer reviewed paper in a reputed journal would do.

  • Hi,

    I am really a newbie in these topics. I recently read the book “Many Lives Many Masters” by Dr.Brian L. Weiss. It would be really helpful to align my thoughts if some one could explain me (or rather criticize) the content of that book. I really felt convincing after reading that. But it might be due to my lack of knowledge or disoriented thinking.

  • i was a planarium in a past life. i like water and i have vague memories of living under rocks in fast flowing streams.

  • I hv read replies of the above people. First of all, what we have to see is whether there is Spirit/Soul or not and what leaves out of body after Death is to be ‘scientifically yet to be proved’.But actually we have Astral Body(Spirit, and Causal Body (soul, and also Science has not yet proved about ‘thought-trons’, ‘life-trons’, gravi-trons etc., Lifetrons leave the Body after Death and thru thought-trons, Saints and Yogis come to know about distant happenings etc. So, science cannot prove God, but may only UNDERSTAND the atomic-flux operating Near the God and thru this, may come to some conclusion as recently invented in CERN-Switzerland project about ‘God particle’.etc. If science proves everything in Universe, then Scientists themselves are God!!! So, about rebirth/reincarnation, we have best to turn towards Famous psychiatrists like Dr.Ian Stevnson, Dr.Satwant Pasricha and many others who have done lot of research on psychic field, paranormal etc.,In my view, I fully agree that there is Re-birth as long as human Soul wants to enjoy Earthly Life and Unfulfilled righteous Ambitions are the root cause of re-birth.Science cannot prove TIME,CONSCIOUSNESS, ENERGY AND SPACE and still many more things which time/scientists will tell. //rudru47//

  • you may or may not believe in past life regression but i can definitely assure you that it is widely believed in western psychology. If you have every heard of the movie Sybil you’d understand. this movie was based on real incidents of a young women’s life who had multiple personality disorder. Although the psychologist did not do the past life regression but she did do present life regression on her, because her she buried the past behind her and the psychologist knew that her patient needed to explore her past in order to heal so they went into her childhood through regression and found out her mother mentally abused her. Regression is not only for past lives but also for this particular life too. Psychologist in the US use it most of the time especially in really bad cases. though there are some skeptics but aren’t there always. You know what i don’t understand Indians trying to be western. Honestly even the west is starting to believe in stuff that our Vedas wrote about then why cant we? Vedas were never proven wrong before and do i need to inform you India was the first civilization that had the most advanced medical, clinical and psychological knowledge something the whole world agrees on.

    • I completly agree with u yomama.The knowledge in Vedas is incomparable.Even western scientists are exploring the vedas but are less succeded as there is a proper way need to be followed to read and understand vedas.You can see a lot videos are there in you tube regarding this.Instead of writing such a baseless article one should first experiment and then made his view.
      I have got personal experiences in this and even in Naadi astrology.My experiences are so facinating.I feel myself lucky to be born in india where i can get to know about this much.

    • Of course you can’t prove the Vedas wrong. There is no meaning to it at all. The same way, I can’t prove Great Expectations wrong. And I can only gather that the West is fascinated by past regression but not necessarily that a majority believe in it. And even if they did, it is only an argumentum ad populum. Many people believe in it, so it must be true. Any case, all evidence we can gather will be second hand making it impossible for us to determine the truth. The claimant’s word against ours.

  • When i started reading this, i thought there would be a solid “proof” for the credulity of reincarnation. But this write up doesnt even deal with some of the basic requirements like talking about people who have claimed to remember their past lives. We do hear many people, and most of them children, who remember their past lives and go to the exact location where the lived in their past lives and recognize the people of the place. But is there ANYTHING in this article that proves these claims are false? No.

  • dear narendra,

    as someone who is familiar with tibetan medicine, i was a little disappointed when you criticised the dalai lama for supporting the same. granted, it contains some bizarre tenets and is, of course, not informed by modern chemistry. i still think it has some utility though. after all, it is not like homeopathy, which has no utility at all! i believe the dalai lama even said that those aspects of tibetan medicine which are inconsistent with science must be thrown out.

  • If there is Birth then there is Rebirth. One can see their own rebirth by meditation.

    Why do some remember their rebirth while others dont?. How many adults can remember all their events in their childhood?. Most people can remember 10-15 events of their childhood?…..why?…because these events had a great impact in their subconscious that it was stuck there as a memory.

    People who were killed, or died violent deaths generally manage to remember those incidents.

    If you live a ordinary life indulging in sensual pleasures like Food, movies,music,girls, sex, clothes, wealth, money….more than likely you wont have the necessary concentration powers needed to remember past lives….further if you lived like an ordinary man in your earlier lives without developing any spiritual faculties more than likely you will not remember anything about those previous lives because they were simply that – ordinary.

    • **If there is Birth then there is Rebirth. **

      Really? Consider this thought experiment. What if there is a nuclear holocaust and humanity is wiped off. How would all those people who died in it be reborn given that there will be no one left to procreate?

      • ***what if there is a ….****

        If – If’s an But’s were pots and cans, dinner cannot be made.

        Materialism or belief that on break up of body there is no other life is illogical and even psychotic.

        • **If – If’s an But’s were pots and cans, dinner cannot be made.**

          What an useless comment! Are you sure you are a freethinker?

          **Materialism or belief that on break up of body there is no other life is illogical and even psychotic.**

          Claims have to be backed up by verifiable evidence. That much is expected in a freethinking community. Do you have any verifiable evidence to back up your claim that there is life after the body disintegrates?

          Till you present such evidence you will probably fit in better with the astrology and tarot card reading community. Freethought community is not for you.

          • Yeah right, the Buddha was a psychotic. The Hundreds of thousands of Monks who remembered their previous lives are psychotic.. The evidence based research by various psychologists like stevenson who reported children remembering past lives are all psychotic.

            I vividly remember being raped in my previous life. I have not been harmed in my this life. As a child I used to wake up crying shouting for help. Diagnosis by various pyschologists reported no issue with me. One reputed and qualified psychologist advised me to take past life regression therapy to goto the root of the problem but I chose not to remember that life.

            Anyway the point is you can label me a psychotic but there are thousands of people who remember traumatic experiences of their previous lives like sudden death or rape just like me.

            About Karma I can prove you right now.

            This was 2009, I was unemployed for 6 months. One day my friend called me to tell that he had an interview next week and needed help.. I immediately went to his home and helped him prepare for the interview. I sat 4 days in his house to train him and even picked and dropped him on the day of the interview. He got the job and thanked me with tears.

            Just 3 days later I got a call from one of the best companies and they wanted to meet me the very next day. The next day at the Interview the manager told me that he had nothing to ask and that I already had the job because they needed a person soon enough.

            Now you may say that all this was a chance occurence. Rationalists may say that this was all coincidence and nothing is connected.

            I tell you what – Science is very arrogant. Science still does not have answers to many things people face in lives.

          • **I tell you what – Science is very arrogant. Science still does not have answers to many things people face in lives.**

            As I said freethought community is not for you. You belong in the company of Miss Cleo and Silvia Browne.

  • In my previous birth I was recognized as a Guru/Saint. In my present birth I am not a recognized Guru/Saint. It makes no difference as is evident from: ” I was also a Spiritual Leader in my previous birth. I was the Fourth Spiritual Leader of Radhasoami Faith from 1907-1913. My name was Kamta Prasad Sinha. In this birth too I am working like an Spiritual Leader. I have discovered mathematical formula for Spiritual Quotient and for Emotional Quotient. I have given a definition of mind for scientific study. I have developed Gravitational Force Theory of God. I have also established an analogy between practice of meditation and psychotherapeutic techniques. All these are necessary for the establishment of Universal Religion for which I am actively working.”

    • Anirudh Kumar Satsangi,

      **In my previous birth I was recognized as a Guru/Saint. **

      You must be the Eben Alexander of India. Congratulations!


  • Re-Incarnation is a fact. Just because you didn’t experience it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. There are many real life incidents (one happened in our family also). It looks like you didn’t do enough research or put any effort to find out. It is like saying, if you can’t see, it doesn’t exist.

    Human system is so complex and wonderful, can scientists / doctors explain everything going on inside human body? Leave the universe outside…

    But one thing I agree with you is most of these TV shows are fake, trying to capitalize the thing. It happens all the time. Everybody wants quick money.

  • My answer is to Mr.Narendra Naik who is opposing the bullshit of reincarnation,(it is actually Rebirth, since reincarnation is only for high divine beings – re means again, incarnation means come into Body) I am a person who is more interested to know about rebirth phenomena and so far I have read lot of books written by Dr.Ian Stevenson, Dr.Satwant Pasricha and many other para-psychologists and great Saints/Yogis who advocate rebirth, life-after-life, according to their Karmas. As per my study, scientifically and spiritually, how rebirth happens that, after the death of a man, all the atoms in his body leave out and so also PRANA – ie. Life Force. This Life Force contains very very minute sub-atomic particles called LIFETRONS. These Lifetrons are not yet invented by Science and the science which has not yet solved the mystery of dark-matter and dark-energy and some of other sub-atomic particles, is mum on Lifetrons. These Lifetrons move out of the man’s dead body and along with his Last thought and his Karma in the present life, it moves to the particular body which may be bird, animal, man etc., etc., So far science has not yet invented “Thoughtrons” only and as per my Guru Sri. Paramahansa Yoganandaji, these ‘thoughtrons’ will be released by the God in the coming Threthra Yuga. We are now in ascending Dwapara Yuga and many priests believe that Kali Yuga itself is not over, which is a mistaken identity of Astrology. I am not saying that, whatever I have read is correct, but anybody can go to a site called “Lifetrons – flickr” thru google search and see how the Lifetrons are noticed and photographed by a Clairvoyant, which itself is a rare phenomena. Science cannot go beyond Time and Space, in spite of its many attempts and time and space are the main issues for proof of reincarnation alongwith Lifetrons etc., Deeper Spiritually speaking, there is Rebirth (not reincarnation) for any one with white-karma in his soul. Science is also trying for Time-travel, but it is not so easy and is impossible as per some Scientists. If Science solves all these mysteries, then there will be no room for God, which cannot happen. Readers can write to my email id: rudrappaagadi@com

  • It is requested that the readers can also read my article dtd. 6.6.2011 which is above,in this column. I also like to add that the Unfulfilled Desires/Ambitions of a man are the root-cause for rebirth and after all the ambitions are fulfilled, one may opt for Liberation/emancipation (Moksha) from the cycle of birth and death.//

  • I’ve found RP/PvE servers to be a lot more mellow than PvP servers, RP more so than PvE, and I think that may well have something to do with it as well. The thing is, the guys who act sexist ingame are pretty much trying to show off to the other guys. The fact that they can make women feel tiny apparently makes them more manly? I do&81n2#7;t know either :/

  • ‘If we take up the biological questions what passes from one to another during reincarnation pops up. One has to query as to whether it is a molecule, an atom or a cell that travels from one to the other during this process. Or is it something sub atomic, like rays or particles? How is it that only some people reincarnate and not all? If reincarnation is only for humans then what can explain the huge population growth? If it is claimed that the reincarnation is across species then at what stage does the capacity to be so arise? Do bacteria and viruses also reincarnate?’

    Nothing material passes from one incarnation to another only the immaterial ego or personality which is a sum of our thoughts and actions. Bacteria and viruses do it as well if they gain enough merit. (That depends on if you consider viruses as living). Now if you want to truly disprove reincarnation you could talk about how our ego is a product of our neural activity. That of course is more than sufficient to disprove all this latest garbage. It is intolerable actually if you think about the numbers of New Age ‘self help’ books that deal with PLR.

  • Mr Narendra Nayak,
    The atman is the self, feeling of I , self consciousness according to Hinduism. It has nothing to do with mind, So normally nobody remembers their previous birth. Nor it has anything to do with the current body or intellect.
    As long as you don’t prove scientifically that this self awareness or consciousness is not a byproduct of human brain activity you cannot scientifically prove that soul does not exists.
    If this is proven then a robot also can have self.
    Soul has no death , so it must not have birth also, because anything which is born will perish. Thus soul was not born when we are born, hence there is previous birth.
    I have logically concluded that soul and past birth exists.
    How are you convincing others that rebirth does not exists or soul does not exists? I want to know your logic behind it.

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