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Baffled I Ask: A Poem by Nalini Hebbar

Heaven too is caught up in political conflict

Devas and Asuras ever combating for power

Do Angels and Apsaras save us from troubles?

Lucifer just there maybe to haunt a nightmare

Are we hung by strings controlled like puppets?

Are these stories to help us realize the reality?

Good and bad virtues both we in plenty possess

Some use the bad to live luxuriously happily!

Lucky few use the good to live life in coziness

Those who don’t understand are the unlucky!!

No sins no punishments no devils no hells

We have in plenty human power-seekers

They are the evil devils that roam the streets

Out in the open broad daylight all squeezers

Of poor hungry stomachs & empty pockets.

Goodness, I admit, angelically good its sound

But it never won battles to bring in the slaves

It never found lands to plunder to feed greed

Slaves, treasures, land, power all need slays

Of innocent lives in bloodied murders cold.

History has seen the worst cold-bloodedness

Where sins found pardon in houses of worship.

The rich wash sins in the holy Ganga waters

To relive lives of wielding the wicked whip

Even the good turn bad to protect dear assets.

If we believe only good is good, we are fools!

The rich only get richer as their bad gets nasty!

Their sins as confessions can fill big temples!

Money they spend on pets can feed a country!

Lucifer, Asura, even hell would get the shivers!

Power makes countries rich & some deprived

Does God protect the rich and damn the poor

While Satan silently enjoys the game played?

If bad make the rich and good make the poor

What is good and what is bad? I ask baffled

© Nalini Hebbar/openmind/2009 – all rights reserved

Nalani Hebbar has been writing peoms since 2006. She also writes often at her blog.


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