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Blind Faith: A Poem by Nalini Hebbar

Blind Faith

An unknown entity
An instilled fear

Fear brings comfort
It brings order.

The word calls for conformity

Thoughts often rearranged
Hearts taught to surrender

Till no questions asked
No answers sought.

The confused sheep comply
To unwritten laws of good and bad.

by Nalini Hebbar


I started writing poems on the 10th of May 2006. And have since been writing as if possessed. My first poem was ‘Poems Were Born’. I had a very spiritual feeling after which I just started writing. I am dyslexic and education was a struggle against all odds.

I am a Post Grad in Experimental Biology; I worked on my PhD for 6 years but discontinued after my marriage and the birth of my first son (I have two sons, 21 and 14). I read a lot before but never poetry…now I read nothing but poetry!!! I am an Aquaculture Consultant. My husband and I run a commercial Laboratory for shrimp farming, far removed from the world of dreams I often slip into.

I am very influenced by social causes and this shows in my poems. The spiritual oneness I feel with mankind, guides my mindset. I follow no religion and do not look up to any ethereal entity to guide me in life. My pain and concern about the role religion has played in spreading hate and divide in today’s world is recurrent in most of my poems.

Modern India is an amalgam of varied cultures, religions, languages and races that have integrated into a very complex but interesting way of life. Except for corruption, I love everything about India.

All my poems are on I also have a blog

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Nalini Hebbar


  • (sai)baba black sheep
    have you any miracle?
    Yes sir, yes sir three pockets full
    one for the vibhuthi
    and the other for the ring
    the third for the shivalingam

    • Haha, that’s a funny one, Narendra! I created a new section called Creative Arts to accomodate Ms. Hebbar’s poetry. Perhaps in the future we could publish works by you as well!

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