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Challenges Issued From Rationalists To Those Claiming Supernatural Powers In Nepal

These challenges were released to the Nepal press on the occasion of a press conference at Kathmandu on the 25th of October and the same are applicable to those in India too!

I, Narendra Nayak, President of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations, resident of 101, Noel park, Microwave Station road, Mangalore -575 006, India, wish to place on record the following:

I have been investigating claims of supernatural and paranormal powers from 1976 onwards and have so far found no one with such powers. After resigning from the post of Asst. Professor of Biochemistry, Manipal University, Mangalore, in November 2006, I have devoted all my time and money to create awareness among all people of the world about claims of supernatural powers. Over the past several years I have placed all my property down for the purpose of challenging those who claim to have supernatural powers and can perform anything which can be called a miracle, or demonstrate supernatural powers.

Anyone who can perform one or more of the following actions under fool-proof conditions specified by me can get all my property- both movable and immovable properties.

The actions are as follows:

  1. Produce the object which I shall ask from thin air within 10 seconds of asking, using empty hands which shall be examined before-hand.
  2. Float in air for 5 seconds, rising from the open ground to a height of at least 1 foot from the ground, without the aid of any external or bodily support.
  3. Walk three steps over water at the temperature of 25oC or higher, without the aid of any floatation device or anything else.
  4. Read the serial number of a sealed currency note.
  5. Tell the gender and whether dead or alive (within 5% margin or error) after casting the horoscopes of ten people whose date, time and place of birth will be provided.
  6. Convert water which I shall provide in a sealed container into wine, petrol or any other liquid agreed upon before hand.
  7. Disappear from the display after being photographed by a digital camera with a minimum resolution of 5 mega pixels after being photographed under lighting conditions prescribed by me.
  8. Stand  bare feet on burning embers for 10 seconds without getting the feet burnt.
  9. Appear in two places specified by me at the same time and allow to be finger-printed and photographed, the final decision being taken only after comparison of these.
  10. Dip bare hands (to be cleaned by me before hand) into boiling oil provided by me for 10 seconds without getting any blisters or burns.
  11. Produce any exact replica (including serial number)of a ten rupee currency note to be provided by me.
  12. Predict correctly within the tolerance limit of + /- 5% a mutually agreed upon future event.
  13. Any other matter to my satisfaction previously agreed upon.

Terms and conditions:

  • The challenge is for the performance of these events and not for anything that is claimed to have happened some other time or place.
  • The challenge shall not be applied to claims or narrations whether published or not, or alleged historical events, or events filmed or photographed or in any way recorded using electronic or any other means.
  • The above mentioned conditions are only general and the exact conditions shall be specified in writing on a bond paper of the appropriate value as required under the laws of Nepal at least 24 hours prior to the performance of the event.
  • If any contender is desirous of knowing the values of my worldly assets, they can do so from my chartered accountant on a payment of Indian currency of Rs.1,000 only. The name and address of the chartered accountant shall be provided on request.
  • The contender shall deposit a sum of Nepalese Rs.10,000 with my nominee at Nepal to prove the serious nature of his/her acceptance of my challenge. The same shall be refunded along with my assets if the challenger is victorious. If not the amount shall be forfeited.
  • The performance will take place in Kathmandu at a place and time mutually agreed upon.

I do hope that in a country like Nepal where there are many who claim to have supernatural powers some people will come forward to take my challenge and prove to the world their powers.

Narendra Nayak
Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations.

Below are a few images from recent rationalist events in Nepal. All images were taken by Babu Gogineni, International Director of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU).The notes included for each image are also from Mr. Gogineni.

a). Panorama View of attendants at Meeting: File No. 2619   Inaugural Day of Conference

Narendra Nayak- Rationalism in Nepal

b). Narendra Nayak, President of FIRA demonstrates to Nepal’s Central Minister for Science and Technology; next to him is Babu Gogineni, International Director, IHEU.

Narendra Nayak Rationalism in Nepal Minister

Context: On the final day of Conference when IHEU and SOCH launched Prof. Nayak’s ‘Who Wants to be a Millionnaire?’ Challenge to Godmen in Nepal

c). Inviting the gaathering on the first day of the Youth Conference is dynamic Nepali Humanist and Director of SOCH Nepal, Uttam Niraula.


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