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A Rational Approach to the Problem of Obsessive Compulsive Religion

In my previous article I described Hinduism as Obsessive Compulsive Religion, and that its practices are rooted in the antiquated belief system of Brahmanism, the prevalent religion of India three thousand years ago. This explains why India has more gods, more mindless rituals, more bizarre superstitions and more fraudulent “holy men” than the rest of the world put together and why there is the pernicious caste system. The reality is that today more than ever before, highly educated people in India have fallen prey to the relics of Brahmanism such as superstitions, Yajnas, Poojas and Abhishekas dedicated to their personal gods. More than ever before, there is such frenzy in India to build huge ornate temples, some of which are covered with gold. More than ever before, today millions of Hindus are thronging to temples and donating their life-savings to them. And more than ever before religious frauds are thriving in India and abroad.

A comprehensive approach is needed

What factors in India’s ancient history contributed to these phenomena? What meaningful and sustainable remedies can we come up with to deal with these truly mind-boggling issues?

For one thing, without understanding the religious, psychological and historical bases for the irrational practices of Hindus, rationalist won’t be able to put forth an effective and scientifically sound solution, which engenders least amount of unintended negative consequences. Therefore, a detailed history of Hinduism going back to three thousand five hundred years ago; the process by which it came to be possessed by Brahmanism even after it separated itself from Brahmanism; a detailed study of all failed attempts in the past to overthrow Brahmanism, and, finally, a realistic assessment of why Brahmanism continues to have formidable influence on the psyche of Hindus, are essential for any rationalist to formulate a viable solution.

Never underestimate the formidable power of Brahmanism

Rationalist should never underestimate the indomitable power of Brahmanism. Brahmanism’s victory against every single adversary -Buddhism, Jainism, Lokayata, Ajivika, Upanishadism, Bhagavathism, Dasa movement- was always decisive and absolute as evidenced by its continued stranglehold on all aspects of Hindu society -cultural, social, religious and psychological. Today Brāhmanism pervades every atom of Hinduism. Hinduism, as we know it today, is the supreme symbol of how Brāhmanism prevailed through invasions, conquests, occupations, revolts, revolutions, reforms; how it tenaciously hung on to its hollow cultural traditions and mindless rituals; how it promoted the class and caste system just to maintain superiority of Brāhmins; how it destroyed religious adversaries entirely, and engulfed religious reformers completely; how it suffocated all dissenting sects and stifled dissident groups, and absorbed them all into its ever-resilient body; and how it inexorably dug its powerful nails deep into the body of the ever-assimilating and all-inclusive Hindu Dharma which succeeded it. It is also a testament to the infinite sustaining power of Brāhmanism, whose iron hand has had such ruthless grip on the psyche of a whole Indian nation for over three thousand and five hundred years.

Brahmanism’s “Deshabhaktha goons

Even in the twenty-first century, Brahmanism has millions of mindless goons ready to be summoned instantly to do the bidding of Swamis and Gurus, not to mention their political patrons. These goons have formed paramilitary outfits named after their gods and heroes. In the garb of Deshabhakthas, these miscreants will not hesitate for a moment to rush into their critics’ offices, destroy their property, manhandle their staff and set their building on fire. Little do these ignoramuses know that their true identity is that of Deshadhrohis, not Deshabhakthas. They have little regard for the long-term consequences of their criminal actions on the well-being of the democratic, diverse and freedom-loving India.

A scientifically sound approach

This being the case, what should be a rational and scientifically sound approach to this problem? Instead of engaging Brahmanism in sporadic and local skirmishes, we need to develop broad array of strategies and tactics based on fairly accurate assessment of the problem and realistic and achievable goals. Below, I have suggested a few broad strategies and tactics in dealing with the mindboggling problem we face in India. Other rationalists are welcome to add to or delete from this list their ideas based on their experience and expertise.

Suggested broad strategies:

1.    It should be persistently pointed out to the religionists that their current belief system and practices are rooted in the remote past and they have little relevance to their present life circumstances. They will neither fulfill their desires nor protect them from the unknown evil. Practicing this religion is like flying a Boeing 747 using the flight manual from Kitty Hawk.

2.    To buttress our point of view, we should systematically expose the literary fraud perpetrated by Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya who misinterpreted, misrepresented and obfuscated various literatures of the ancient anti-Brahmanic movements such as Upanishadism.

3.    We should educate the religionists that their current Dharma is India’s Constitution. They should be encouraged to abandon all Dharma and seek refuge in the Constitution of India alone. The Constitution will give them all opportunities to lawfully fulfill their own desires, and protect them from all evil forces (corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, police, etc.).

4.    Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshatah: This Dharma will protect him who protects it. Protecting this Dharma consists of exercising their right and carrying out their responsibilities as enlightened citizens of a civilized modern Nation.

Suggested tactics:

1. Empathize: We cannot change religionists by confrontation, argument, threats or condemnation. We must show empathy for their predicament. They are no different than patients I see who are trapped in their mindless rituals. We must avoid ridiculing their beliefs, gods and practices. No one can be changed by means of these methods. We must win their respect and trust by our own scientific temperament, honesty and rational behavior. The religionists should have faith in the purity of our intentions and fairness in our approach. Besides, we must accept the reality that deep-rooted beliefs and behavioral patterns are extremely difficult to change. And so we must be patient.

2. Educate: We must attempt to enlighten the educated people about the irrationality of their behaviors by means of sensible articles, books, seminars, and public discussions. Rationalist activists must have good knowledge of the historical roots of people’s current irrational behavior. We cannot just tell them, “Stop behaving this way!” We must show them why it is in their own best interests to do so. Very often just knowing the basis of one’s irrational behavior is enough to give it up. We must then give them a realistic alternative belief system and rational behaviors rooted in them. Exposing Brahmanic fraud against anti-Brahmanic literature will be part of this effort.

3. Demonstrate: Rationalists should hold public demonstrations for the benefit of less educated Hindus to debunk tricks and magic by which “holy men” bewilder people and swindle them. Many rationalists have been doing this very successfully all over India.

4. Promote the Constitution: Rationalists should educate people about the fact that the Constitution of India is their New Dharma and its practice consists of defending, protecting and strengthening it by constantly exercising their rights and responsibilities as citizens. If there is an organization dedicated to protecting the Constitutional rights of people, such as Civil Liberty Union, we should support it wholeheartedly.

5. Fight injustice: We must recognize the fact that the widespread corruption we encounter with bureaucrats (modern day Brahmins) and politicians one(modern day Kshatriyas) has its roots in the corruption evident in the nexus of Brahmins and Kshatriyas three thousand years ago. Rationalists should be at the forefront of movements, which expose fraud and corruption practiced by the elected officials, bureaucrats, judges and police, who are all supposed to be the guardians of Indian Constitution. Corruption and oppression undermines rationalists’ work to instill faith in the Constitution. It is a sad commentary that people have more faith in the fraudulent guardians of Brahmanism than these crooked public servants. Consumer movements to fight political and bureaucratic corruption and Human Rights movements to fight oppression should be part of rationalist movement.

6. Promote social activism: We need to induce people to invest their energies into socially relevant tasks such as improving civic amenities, sewage system, garbage collection, water supply, electricity supply and the like instead of wasting them in mindless rituals. Service of people is service of their new Dharma.

7. Moral education: Brahmanism had one major advantage over the Constitution of India: it had literature, such as the Mahabharata, which taught people morals. Since the Constitution does not teach people morals, but merely punishes them for breaking the law, some non-religious system to educate people to distinguish right from wrong must be developed. History teaches us that without a strong moral foundation all societies perish. Parents and teachers should start teaching children morals at an early age. There is an urgent need for a Book of Virtues, a Book of Morals and a Book of Etiquettes for young Indians. Success of all civilized societies rests on these three foundations. To its credit Hinduism did have a strong tradition of teaching morals, which more recently has fallen by the wayside due to its preoccupation with mindless rituals. We must identify moral moorings of ancient India and readily acknowledge them. We should not throw out the baby with the dirty bathwater.

8. Fight caste system: We must expose the irrationality and anachronism of caste system. We must come to the assistance of those who have suffered injustice on account of their supposed “lower caste” status.

9. Identify the wisdom from India’s past. It is said that wisdom comes from experience; experience comes from stupidity. We are all products of India’s past. While we should reject mindless rituals and fraud associated with Hinduism, we should diligently search in India’s past any wisdom we can use in the present instead of condemning all of it as obsolescent. For example, the Upanishadic wisdom, which was directed toward corrupt Brahmins and Kshatriyas, that their obsession and entanglement with wealth, power, people, honor, title, heaven and the like led to their self-destructive and evil acts, is as true today as it was twenty-five hundred years ago, and will be as true twenty-five hundred years from today.

10. Be careful: While attempting to reform society, all rationalist must keep in mind the dictum that all solutions for societal problems, no matter how noble their original intents were, become problems themselves sooner or later. This is especially true in India. Don’t be surprised that someday in the future Rationalism will become a religion riddled with gods and mindless rituals! People bring into organizations their own unconscious beliefs and behaviors rooted in them and destroy the original goals of the organization. That is exactly what happened to Buddhism, which was born from revolt against ritual-ridden Brahmanism. Brahmins infiltrated Buddhism and made it into the mirror image of Brahmanism.

(To be continued)

Dr. Prabhakar Kamath, is a psychiatrist currently practicing in the U.S. He is the author of Servants, Not Masters: A Guide for Consumer Activists in India (1987) and Is Your Balloon About Pop?: Owner’s Manual for the Stressed Mind.

About the author

Prabhakar Kamath

Dr. Prabhakar Kamath, is a psychiatrist currently practicing in the U.S. He is the author of Servants, Not Masters: A Guide for Consumer Activists in India (1987) and Is Your Balloon About To Pop?: Owner’s Manual for the Stressed Mind.

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  • Very good article.
    I am interested in your comment … “expose the literary fraud perpetrated by Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya who misinterpreted, misrepresented and obfuscated various literatures of the ancient anti-Brahmanic movements such as Upanishadism.”

    I am a former yoga teacher turned rationalist. I’m curious about the “correct” interpretation of the Upanishads. I’m mean this in all seriousness and not to debate. I just want to understand. I am not Indian, but in the past I have been very involved with Indian communities in the USA. Thank you.

  • I will reply to your inquiry within a couple of days. I am not in town. in the mean time, please access my for some related information. If possible please read all chapters including the one titled The Upanishadic Dharma. I will send you a couple of chapters related to your query if you would send me an email


  • dear sir,

    i ask u a humble question.u r only targetting hindus,and
    u r able to live freely in india.

    we r not created by any god from mud/dirt but evoled by nature.this means bible/koran etc all books r incorrect.

    muslims spend billions of us$ every year for hajj,and kill millions
    of animals in name of their arab deity.

    why dont u expose fraud of all religion,not hindu alone ???

    if u were in pakistan or saudi arabus you wud have been dead by now,
    but u r in an infidel country india so u criticise only hindus.

    i challange u to pls start writing abt real truth of evolution
    and also to criticise islam and christianity also [ do u really believe virgin gave birth 2000 yrs ago ?? ]

    pls do this as a great service to all mankind and
    india in particular.

    if u r a real human being and care for truth u will do this.

    if not,we will all know u r financed by u know who.

  • Whenever I discussed with Hindus the problems with Hinduism, the typical retort by them is exactly the same as yours: Why don’t you criticize Muslims and Christians? They are not any better than us.

    This is the standard attitude of Hindus who are bankrupt of any thinking capacity. This bankruptcy of reasoning is reflected in the ancient Brahmanic thinking one can find in the Bhagavad Gita: One’s own Dharma, though imperfect, is better than the Dharma of another well discharged. Better death in one’s own Dharma; the Dharma of another is full of fear (of going to hell). This kind of perverted attitude of running down another religion rather than examining its own imperfections is emblematic of Brahmanic thinking. The same attitude can be seen in the brainless Hindutva fanatics.Because of such perverted thinking and smugness in one’s own imperfection, today Indians enjoy the unenviable reputation of being one of the most corrupt people on earth. How come our religion failed to make us honest? The answer is that the whole Hindu Dharma is based on fraudulent interpretation of ancient scriptures by the heroes of Hinduism such as Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya. I will expose their fraud line by line in the articles to follow. How can a religion be based on falsehood?

    Another feature of many Hindus is attacking the critic personally instead of addressing the issues point by point. I rarely read any responses that are thoughtful and pertinent.

    K. P. S. Kamath

  • i agree with u fully,but how do we also expose truth to the christians and muslims,without endangering our own lives ??

    if there was no hindu or buddhist xtians/muslims will take over,and our life [ truth believers ] life will be even more difficult.

    can we even discuss evoltuon in a madrassa or saudi arabia ??
    we will be killed.this means our battle is with all not hindus alone.

    in india we can shout we dont believe in creation and we believe in evolution and nothing will happen,but we cant do this in islamic countries,our goal and aim shud be to introduce the truth to all
    and not hindus alone,so hindus dont browbeat us saying why u dont expose truth to xtians/muslims also ??

    we have to treat them all the same way.this is the best and only way to let evolution and truth to triumph.if we target only hindus they will hit us back with comments – why not target christians/muslims also.

    so it is necessary for us to expose truth of evolution to all and expose falsehood of bible/koran also.

    pls remember even chrtsian countires like latin american countries and pakistan etc r all corrupt and have no morality.

    that is why to avoid confrontation with hindus alone we shud treat all creationists with the same guage and expose falacy of creation from all religion and not target any one religion but target all religion.

    i hope u agree with my humble views.

    • There is a logical inconsistency in saying that to criticize Hinduism one must also criticize some other thing. If I want to eat a mango, should I eat all other fruits because I’m not being fair to them? Those other religions are just that- OTHER RELIGIONS. They will be criticized on their own merit, and deservedly. Have you not seen criticism of Christian or Muslim religions? Let me show you how it’s done. Go to and type in ‘criticism of Islam’. You will find that there is far more criticism of these other religions than there is of Hinduism.

      You are not really interested in fairness or any such thing. You are only interested in defending the label that you identify with. As long as you subscribe blindly to such religious labels you will not understand what it means to be objective. As Dr. Kamath has already said, it is people like you who keep India backward, because your reactionary defense of the label ‘Hindu’ allows for superstitious nonsense to pervade our great culture.

      The funny thing is that you are supporting an anti-islam website on your ID. I could just as easily ask you why you are not supporting a website that is equally critical of all religions, but I realize that it is not logical. I will simply accuse you of being a hypocrite.

      By what standard do you say “chrtsian countires like latin american countries and pakistan etc r all corrupt and have no morality”? This sort of talk smacks of ignorance and borders on lunacy. Only someone with absolute aversion to learning about other cultures can say something like this. This is in line with your reactionary defense of your chosen label, Hinduism.

      Finally, there are articles written by Indian rationalists on Nirmukta specifying why they criticize Hinduism. Go read them:

    • Kaafir unwittingly made the day for Dr. Kamath and Dr. Ajita Kamal!

      The real purpose of Rationality in my view is not, to be used as tool for attacking past thinkers. Like

      “heroes of hinduism such as Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya”

      To attack them line by line when they themselves are not here to defend line by line.

      Also any body else can not serve to defend these masters ‘line by line’, because we ourselves do not know the exact import of what were they saying.

      There was always a healthy discussion between their view points (even if spread over centuries) because there were followers of each who tried to assimilate the teachings and propogate these.

      Aberrations do creep in any knowledge, greatest of edifices turn into ruins over ages. In percept and in practice aberrations always appear. It is the job of rationalists to correct the aberrations, and say at best that the theory of ‘brhmn’ being the cause of this universe appears to be a little exaggerated, or perhaps agree graciously that theory of ‘brhmn’ is one of the most exotic ideas, still to be proven to be correct scientifically.

      That is where a rational analysis should aim to go. To base one’s ideas solely on interactions with some of the troubled and deluded patients of tam-bram community, may perhaps be avoided.

      To expect shankaracharya to know then, every thing that modern science knows now, is senseless. We are today equipped with knowledge of generations, inclusive of that of shankaracharya; the reverse is not true.

      Permit me to use a bit of sarcasm in following to bring home my point of view.

      Shanakaracharya could not have slightest of inkling of the great knowledge Dr. Kamath was going to acquire in the ultimate university (of this tiny universe born post-bigbang), in the Great United States of America. He (shanakara charya) could have perhaps tried to say things in different way, had he known that rationalists of 2010 era will tear him to shreds.

      He did a commendable job though, at the tender age of 8 years, to learn whatever was learnable in his era, in his land. He travelled all alone on foot to the other end of his country continuously debating kapaaliks, and budhhists and re-estabilshed the correct view points ( as he thought) though a totally non-violent ‘Shastra-rth’ route.

      But that surely does not count.

      Who cares for such niceties anyway?

      Perhaps for all we know he was not good enough to pass GRE and TOEFL, and acquire a meaningful degree from the Great US of A.

      (He was not even allowed to cross the oceans : samudra-ullanghan was disaalowed by his ‘stupid’ religion)

      Therefore he (shankaracharya) should better shut up. Perhaps if Shankaracharya was any truthful (even one tenth as truthful as Dr. Kamath and Ajita Kamal) about omnipotency of the ‘brhmn’ he should himself order that all scriptures should get automatically erased, so that we born hindus are rid of the guilt of reading all his falsehood once and for all.


  • Dr. Kamath,

    You have rightly said, “Never underestimate the formidable power of Brahmanism”. Here’s one example of Brahmanic victory from the recent past.

    It is said in “Sai Charitra” that Shirdi Sai Baba was very fond of remembering and singing God’s name and that he always uttered “Allah Malik”.

    There are large number of Shirdi Sai Baba temples all over India today but no where do the devotees chant “Allah Mallik” – instead they chant the Vishnu Shasranamam. Needless to say, all the rituals followed in these Sai temples are identical to those folllowed in traditional Shiva and Vishnu temples.

    I wonder how it would have been today had the Hindu devotees of Sai Baba instead made a tradition of chanting “Allah Malik”.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Amazing. I have never seen anything like this! I will bet that Cat, Miss Cupcake, is loving this, too! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity! This is inapirstional and awe inspiring!

  • GREENsteps definitely hits the right spot for me. I like how they all look and I love the minimalistic and clean, straight cut appearance of the templates. Great work!

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