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Parting of the Tungabhadra

“Two hundred years ago, river Tungabhadra flooded the nearby towns of Raichur, Bellary and Kurnool. The holy town of Mantralaya was also in danger.  While the furious Tungabhadra was destroying everything in its path, she was powerless in Brindavana.   The waters of Tungabhadra circled Brindavana, submerging all the adjacent buildings, but not even a single drop of water entered the Moola Brindavana.”

In year 2200, the above statement could well be the latest entry in the list of miracles attributed to Swami Raghavendra.  In case you don’t know

Mantralaya Pontiff Rescued by Helicopter

Mantralaya Pontiff Rescued by Helicopter

who Raghavendra is, he is a very popular Vaishnava saint in South India. Swami Raghavendra was born in 1595 AD and took Jeeva Samadhi in 1671 AD at Brindavana in Mantralaya. Among other things, his devotees believe that he will continue to live at Brindavana in Atma form for 700 years after taking Jeeva Samadhi.

The official website of the Raghavendra Swamy temple lists several miracles attributed to Swami Raghavendra, including reviving the dead and ridding Tanjore of a 12 year drought. In the context of these miracles, parting of the Tungabhadra River is no big deal.

I guess this how some myths get created.  While a lot of myths might be total fabrications, some of them might be created by completely distorting a historical fact.

Now let’s look at the real facts of the flooding of Mantralaya.   The Raghavendra temple was completely submerged and several people were stranded.  Mantralaya Guru Raghavendra Mutt pontiff Swamy Suyateendra Acharya was also one of them.  Luckily for him, the chief minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa,  is big devotee of Raghavendra.  Even though Mantralaya is in Andhra Pradesh and thousands of villages were marooned in Karnataka, the CM of Karnataka flew helicopters outside his jurisdiction and rescued Suyateendra and his disciples. The other devotees were left stranded.

Once the floods subsided, some people started reasoning and then got upset about the pontiff deserting them and fleeing for his life.  As the criticism mounted, the pontiff was forced to respond. See the image below (scanned from the newspaper DNA India) for Suyateendra’s statement.  Note the use of the word ‘only’.

Mantralaya Pontiff's response to criticism

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  • Actually Sir, in the year 2200, it will be told that Hanuman, the great devotee of Sri Ram, swooped down from the heaven like a swan (Pawan Hans!) and rescued the true devotee whose ONLY intention was to preserve the tradition of worship of his beloved Lord Sri Ram.

  • come who gave you the authority to talk lightly about a great saint and his miracles. First of all do u know what is veda,bhamana aranyaka mean and what sort of power is hidden in them and how they have to be taken use for self development. Without the completer knowledge of anything you cannot speak lightly about Rayaru.when you people see the magic of a magicians with your mouth wide open why cant you trust a genuine one.Tantra vidye is totally different which your magicians do and doing the same with Mantravidye is not done by all.It needs Harikarune and sampoorna jnana to do.And why it is done after all? Not to make his name glow in History. Its done so that people go Rayaru with devotion and finally pave themselves a way to Moksha(Eternity).Which is hard to understand at your levels of speech. Let god bless you all who see people lightly..

    • How is whatever has been said above, different from saying the following?

      …construct a new path of enlightenment that I call The Way Of The Potter. This involves believing that magic exists, making the goal of one’s life the renunciation of muggle ways and becoming a wizard or a witch and hence attaining a desirable state of mind. The ones who attain that state are Persons of Magic and they are to be prostrated before and constantly worshipped as that shortens the path to enlightenment. The ones who fail to attain that state are not true followers of The Way Of The Potter, as, if they had truly followed the path, they would have become Persons of Magic. Since they did not become Persons of Magic, they have failed to correctly follow the path.

      To learn why many of us have a problem with these supposed paths to enlightenment, consider reading this article.

      • Hi Ivania,Ik heb deze geweldige broek ook.Moet hem wel elke keer opekisen.Zaht hij bij jou niet telkens af?Groetjes, Daphne (vrouw Robby/ Leerdam)By the way: Nice blog, verry inspiring

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      • Glad you’re home safe and sound. Disappointing news about the yarn shops in Italy, though. I’m going in November and was looking forward to perusing the Italian LYSs.

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