Watch BBC Video: Supernatural Revealed in India

This video is self-explanatory and almost no introduction is needed. All I will say here is that the rationalist in the video is Narendra Nayak, president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations. If you watch closely, the late Basava Premanand appears for a second or two, providing support (and advise, no doubt) to the younger rationalists.

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The rationalist movement in India needs more volunteers. If you like what these brave folks are doing, please consider joining and helping in the effort. Together let’s fight these superstitious ideas that pervade our culture.

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    • Who says he attacks only Hindus? He speaks out even more vociferously against Islam and Christianity. But 80% of Indians follow practices that come under the fold of “Hinduism”. So naturally, a good proportion of his work would be against outrageous practices of the majority. It is for the same reason that a Pakistani atheist focuses more on Islam and less on other religions. And an American atheist focuses more on Christianity than on any other religion. We are against ALL religions, but focus more on the majority around us. If Prof Nayak was to move to, say, Mexico, then Christianity would be at the receiving end.

      In fact, he doesn’t attack Hindus (the people). He only attacks superstitious practices and exploitation in the name of religion (the idea and practice).

  • yeah, why are our ‘brave’ folks displaying their bravado only on misdeeds of fake godmen of a single religion (from which rationalists are quick to distance themselves at the first opportunity), n why not on those from other sects ? guess coz ours is an overly-secular and overly-democratic nation ! c’mon guys, lets travel to distant horizons too with our brave army, w/o the fear of violent retaliation, which’s bound to happen in the not-so-tolerant other sects…

  • Who said we are not taking on the followers of other religions/ We have taken on the evangelists like Beny Hinn, psychic surgeons like Alex orbito and Aslam Baba.
    The fact is that there are more of such charlatans claiming affiliation to Hindu religion than others. Again, those who are shown in this video are exploiting gullible Hindus and not Muslims or Christians. So, what is the problem if we prevent that sort of exploitation by exposing such people?

    • if thats the case, then there’s no issue ! lets carry on with the job. one of my dearest wishes is to see asaram next on the hit-list. this trojan is on the verge of going down on his knees, and the time is ripe now for a precise strike. may be countering the reactions of people who still listen to him and/or pay reverence to him ignorantly, would prove to be a daunting task, including his followers, but that could become easier if we reveal this slimy bug through some sorts of propaganda and publicity with the help of law and judiciary on our side, but without scratching at people’s innocent faith/religion/practices; need is to educate them properly !

  • I am very proud to see these people education them. Instead of fighting fraud sanyasis or whatever. They are educating them which prevents them from falling again into their trap.This is the best way. Hope others will join and the team grow.

    Why this happens -money greed,sex etc.They find easy way to make money by exploiting uneducated people.

    Then, is this video from BBC?

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