In the Name of Curing Cancer

As the accompanying blurb (the text-box below) containing the image of the ad from Care Plus (a non-invasive medical center) says that cancer is the third leading cause of death worldwide. Care Plus has listed the causes for it! I am particularly interested in cures for cancer because two people who have influenced me the most in my life have had cancer. My mother died from it about 15 years back, while Premanand whom I consider as my ideological guru is suffering from it. Since the disease is dreaded and its occurrence is wide-spread, there are many lines of treatment for it which are recognized and approved. But, a number of unscrupulous elements have tried to exploit this and have lined their pockets with the hard-earned money of the patients and their relatives. The treatments may vary from anything to specially consecrated water to secret remedies unknown to modern science but are the result of “research” and also supernatural powers!

In 1992 when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, I did not want her to hear me discussing these things with my brothers. So, I went to an STD booth to call my brothers. The owner of the booth who also happened to be a friend of mine was overhearing the conversation. As soon as I finished he asked me whether my mother has cancer. When I said yes, he told me to take her immediately to Uppinangady- Nattibail, where a Muslim miracle man was dispensing cancer medicine on Fridays only. He had only one condition- the patient should not take or have taken any other medicines or undergone any tests. When I asked him how he could diagnose cancer without any tests, he said that it could be done by the supernatural powers. I was quite angry with this man and told him if I want my mother to die I will give her poison with my own hands but definitely would not allow a quack to end her life! I also made a note to expose this quack which we did successfully a few months later, and the fellow disappeared. Anyway she was operated upon and survived for four years afterwards. Again, when she developed secondaries there were suggestions to administer all sorts of medicine to her, including Ayurveda and homeopathy etc. I had no right to interfere in that as other members of our family wanted to try them out. But, after a few days my mother told everyone that she would like to die in peace and not be tortured with all sorts of weird-tasting concoctions. She passed away quite peacefully in October of 1995. It is thought that there are unknown concoctions devised by the rishi munis of yore who have come to know about all diseases and their cures too through their divine powers and meditation and have prescribed treatments for themselves too. That is what we would like to claim, anyway. We have a so-called yogi with a tic on the side of his face which he cannot cure, but has a line of treatment for every disease past, present or future! I had a friend who was a graduate in integrated system of medicine and was suffering from cancer. It was claimed that he was being treated successfully by a concoction made by an attendant of the chemistry laboratory at a local college. The foul smelling powder which was said to be effective was also given to me for what they called as ‘testing’. I thought I would verify this from the patient before doing anything further. It turned out that my friend was not taking it at all and it was an attempt by this man to market his concoction claiming that he had cured so and so. Anyway, my friend passed away soon after.

About three decades back one of my aunts was suffering from carcinoma of the cervix and had secondary growths all over. We used to send her a ‘powerful’ anti-cancer concoction from a person who had a shop at Bunder, Mangalore. Every time a new bottle was purchased we had to tell the shop keeper that she was getting better, though that was not so! It was because if he was told that she was becoming worse, which was the actual case, he would stop selling his medicine! Day by day she got ‘better and better’ until she finally passed away in great pain. Until her last she had been consuming the foul tasting concoction which was supposed to cure her. It was costing about hundred rupees those days which was a princely sum and she was using one bottle per week. This is the sort of exploitation that the families of patients suffering from cancer have to undergo. There is another girl whom I know who had a tumor in her chest cavity. Since the tumor was situated close to the heart and aorta, it was very difficult to get a needle biopsy sample for testing malignancy. So, she was advised to undergo surgery for her chest to be opened for a biopsy. In the meanwhile, she also chose to go to her family astrologer for advice. He peered at her horoscope and informed her that she had no cancer at all. It was just an illusion which would go away with an appropriate ritual of course which he would perform for payment of his nominal fee! Since I put my foot down firmly they proceeded with the biopsy and she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease and is fully cured today. We have innumerable such cases where god-men and god-women have promised cures and patients have succumbed to cancer. Another such instance took place about two decades back. The wife of an eminent Kannada professor of Mysore University developed an abdominal swelling. Instead of going to their doctor they went to Puttaparthi to meet the (in) famous god-man who produces ash from thin air with a wave of his palm- ash that is supposed to cure all diseases. He told this lady that it was because of her recently-deceased son being reborn in her own womb. Since she had lost her 19 year old son a year back in a motor cycle accident, she ardently believed the divine words of the self styled Bhagawan. Though many months elapsed nothing was coming forth. The growth enlarged until it put pressure on her abdominal cavity and made it difficult to breathe. Finally, the family decided to consult proper doctors who diagnosed it as ovarian cancer and berated them for having come at such a late stage when nothing could be done. When I narrated this incident at a lecture demonstration at Mysore University, one senior staff member was furious. He told me that he had seen the mortal remains of this lady soon after she passed away and that there was such a peaceful look on her face! I remarked that the peaceful look might have been because she was finally relieved of the agonies of suffering from the effects of a huge tumor in the abdomen. There was a furore as the then Vice Chancellor of the University was a great devotee of the Puttaparthi miracle man and her subordinates probably wanted to impress her with their defense of this so called god-man. At that time I thought that there may be repercussions on the people who had invited me there, and so I told the audience that what I had said were my views alone and I took full responsibility for them. I also mentioned that they were not those of the group which had invited me and hence they should not be blamed for it. At that juncture, the head of that group reacted saying that I was wrong and that their views too were the same! He also challenged the audience that if any one of them wanted to do anything about it they were welcome to do so and he was ready to face the consequences!

Latest of these con-artists are the practitioners of pseudo-sciences. The image to the right is an image of an ad for one such cancer-cure-adpseudoscience. Using technical terms like apoptosis ( which just means cell death),tissue re-engineering technology (what it means needs to be explained by the advertiser himself) a person with just an MBBS qualification claims to have done earth shaking research and discovered a new method for the treatment of cancer. He also offers RFQMR technology which claims to cure cancer more effectively than any other line of treatment. It is not that people with more qualification and specialization in this field agree with him. But, it can be always claimed that they are jealous of him. He again claims to be a certified ‘radio medicine’ specialist (we thought that a radio medicine specialist would be the one to offer treatment to patients on radio stations but we seem to be erring in that!) though no medical council recognizes that as a post-graduate medical qualification and no medical college or university offers courses in that name! In fact no recognized hospital has a department of “radio medicine”. But, here we have a specialist in that field!

Again, he derides the usual therapies for cancer as having limitations of “partial solutions, procedure related mortality, adverse side effects and little or no symptomatic relief.” In fact Care Plus offers “a solution that is safe, effective, painless and with no side effects”. As a wag remarked, how can one have side-effects when the main-effect itself is non-existent! What if no standard text-book says anything about RFQMR? What if no physician or oncologist refers patients, to this self-styled certified radio medicine specialist? The website carries supposedly unsolicited testimonials from cured patients! There are enough gullible people in this world who are desperate to have some cure for their beloved ones suffering from dreaded diseases like cancer. It is such people who are exploited by these charlatans. Well, carefully worded statements like ‘We have helped a lot of cancer patients including oral, breast, cervical, lungs, liver etc. tackle their problems with a truly revolutionary technology that is result oriented’ may be used to escape from any legal liabilities.

Well, we are contemplating moving the state medical council and the district consumer disputes redressal forum about this matter to prevent the exploitation of gullible people.


What some eminent doctors and specialists have to say about this RFQMR therapy:

Dr.K.R.Shetty, a very senior physician, former principal of Kasturba Medical College, a person well known for his forth right views and professional integrity remarked:

“While I am yet to hear of this therapy and its efficacy, one thing I have to certainly say is that the advertisement in the newspaper is certainly unethical and amounts to professional misconduct. The state Medical Council should take action on that.”

Dr. Jose, a Pediatrician of three decades of experience and a prominent member of the Bangalore Vicharvadi Sangha, contacted some very eminent people in the field of oncology for their comments.

Dr.Bapsy, retired director of Kidwai Institute of Oncology and a very senior cancer specialist, wished to go on record that she had not come across any such therapy. Dr.Vijayakumar, an eminent cancer surgeon remarked that he had not heard of such a therapy at all.

Dr.B.S.Kakkillaya, after going through the quoted literature in the web site of the advertiser, had this to say:

“Care Plus India, the institution that claims to offer the so called RFQMR therapy, does not seem to have any evidence to support its claims. Its website provides a link for supporting Research at This page lists 5 articles published between 2002 and 2006. All the studies cited are very small, short and conducted on mice or tissue culture. These studies cannot be used to support the claims being made about the RFQMR technology. No studies are available to support the use of the so called RFQMR technology in humans, either for the treatment of cancer or anything else. Another related website, also quotes some small, unconvincing animal or tissue culture studies and another paper cited on this website (Full text available here ) provide conflicting evidence for the use of this ‘technology’ in treating cancer. Therefore it is very clear from these facts, provided by the company itself, that the RFQMR technology has no scientific basis whatsoever for treating cancer or any human ailment. This practice of quoting unrelated or half baked or poorly conducted studies to support fooling gimmickry is quite rampant and we find this in the cases of yoga, homeopathy and such other ‘alternative’ systems of therapy.”


What does Care Plus India have to say?

Going to the website of this center we found an email id, , where queries were to be sent. There has been no reply to date to an email sent to this address on the day the advertisement was published,i.e 12th August. This mail had asked the following questions:

  • The qualification of Dr. Loknath Kumar and his registration number.

  • The date and year of his having received post graduate qualification in “radio medicine” and whether it was a recognized one under the Indian Medical Council or the Karnataka State Medical Council rules.

  • The names and registration nos. of the oncologists referring patients to this clinic.

  • The titles and page nos. of the standard text books of medicine and/or Oncology referring to this line of treatment.

  • Whether any insurance company will reimburse bills connected with this therapy.

About the author

Narendra Nayak


  • Thank you SO much for posting this. The RFQMR scam makes me really angry. Luckily I knew enough not to resort to this sort of thing for my mother (she died last year of renal cancer with mets to the brain), but people in general are vulnerable to this sort of thing. Do keep up the good work on exposing these frauds.

  • dear Mr. nayak, i appreciate your efforts in educating the folks about such things going on in the world. but sometimes it so happens that for a trained cynical eye, everything looks circumspect. which i think is always good, because i feel that nothing should be accepted on the face value and its the same in this case of my best buddies was diagnosed with lung cancer in may 2008.since, he did not want to disclose it to his parents who are in Dubai and i was the only one who knew about this after his the way, thankfully, there were no secondaries yet and luckily for us what started as a suspected TB turned out to be this and was diagnosed in pretty a early stage. we started treating him with the so called established method of treatments in one of the prestigious cancer hospitals in India. he was given a chemo which cost 80K four times and every time the doctor used to say “this is the last one and you will be all right.” and in september 2008 it turned worse and the biopsy classified the tumor to be in stage 3B. it is then and after a few discussions with some of my doctor friends that there was no way of saving a cancer patient in the 3B stage. and with some amount of reading and through internet that I got to know how dangerous chemotherapy is. i met a few cases in which the chemo killed the patient even before the cancer could. I also got to know that this chemo has become a major business and doctors get paid a lot for administering it. it is then we decided to get away from it.luckily for us we got to know this revolutionary treatment. since i too am a born skeptic, i had my own why? and hows? about this approach. it is only after a month of evaluation and discussion we decided to go for it. my friend underwent first round of treatment and his condition was definitely improved if not fit. later the MRI taken after a month of treatment showed a reduction in the size of the tumor by almost half to my surprise. and the doctors decided to have another round on him in the next month i.e in november 2008. and after the second round he became almost the way, my friend is still alive and as healthy as you and me and he now works for a reputed Advertising agency.for the information of everyone else on this forum i would like to mention that on 19th August 2009, this device, Cytotron RFQMR has been certified by the European Union for it to be sold in the EU region. and for any medical device to get a CE certificate is not so easy my friends, they ask all these kind of questions before they certify and allow these to be used on patients. and this CYTOTRON – RFQMR has become a mainstream treatment methodology now. I understand that you had a genuine concern for those who are easily gullible, but at the same time i dont blame you because this is altogether a new field of science and even doctors who were skeptics in Europe have approved this. so, in the same good faith i suggest you to get to know about this better because am sure you’ll appreciate the technology once you know about it. even if you dont appreciate it fine….but get to know it…only then you’ll know what you hate!!

    your good friend

    • I have read about the approval by the european union but as what is to be seen. Another thing is that things like homeopathy are approved by the Indian govt. itself and till date there is no double blind trial to prove that it is better than a placebo. What I am objecting to is passing off unproved lines of treatment on gullible people desperate for a cure that is all. If it gets proven we will be glad to accept it.

    • Kudos to you for your real free thinking. We should not be lop-sided. If I were to start exposing my own colleagues in allopathy they will be understood as worse than quacks.

      I know right now of no better treatment than allopathy for some diseases and I don’t want to take away patients’ hope and placebo effect of allopathy.
      But I am keeping records of patients who heal with alternate ways and in due course will publish a book.

      Thank you for this info.

  • Hi Mr.Nayak

    I read your article, Please let me know which of the Chemo drugs have gone through and passed a “double blinded randamised study”, there can be none because, the participants of such a study can claim severe damages under law. It is determined as most unethical to conduct double blinded placebo controled experimentation on human terminal Cancer patients.


    • Sir,

      If you knew how drug trials are conducted in India, you would be shocked.

      It is a 16 billion dollar industry.. not pharma… drug trial industry according to insider info.

      We can’t defend the undefendable. What did the German’s do to Dr Hamer to save their business?
      What Happened to the Priore machine? What did envious people do to Tesla the great.

      Do allopathy doctors or nurses ever take trial drugs?

      Wishing you all the best in your hunt for truth.


      • @Kunda

        Do you just go ahead and believe every conspiracy theory you come across? You claim to be an MD below, and you use the term “allopathy”, which is just a propaganda term invented by Homeopaths. Are you a Homeopath?

  • Dear Mr. Hari,

    You have said in your post that your Doctors have not herd of this RFQMR technology, it is suprising that there is somuch of it out there, that your doctors don’t know off. It must be either that they dont keep themself up to date, or they are def, dumb and blind to what is happening in todays world in health care. Please advice your good doctor friends to read more before they pass comments. God help their patients.

    Regards and good work keep yourself occupied.

    • Kindly let us have the references for double blind trials in human cancer patients so that we can all be enlightened by that.Thanks for your suggestion to keep myself occupied. With people like you around we have that.
      The proponents of the RFQMR therapy have no courtesy to reply for emails sent to them. Perhaps they muse be busy with looking out for new patients.

    • Dear Mr Hari,

      Why are you surprised?

      90% allopathy doctors in India don’t read after their MDs .
      They read pharma pamphlets and attend CMEs sponsored by pharma which are brain washes.
      If a person like me stands up to question the validity of something, they will be laughed at.We are the thorns in their growth path.
      Latest trends are the cme credits…Easy to get doctors together and brainwash them.
      Dr Kunda MD

    • Now, I am a little confused about whose mother had cancer and how Puttaparti came in.

      At Puttaparti, there is a full fledged allopathy hospital.

      I had referred three poor patients (two of whom were Muslims) for cardiac surgery in 1996 from Karnataka because the Yeshawini scheme was not in place.

      They got operated there without a PAI..Sa.. food /stay of attendent was also free.

      There was no ash and no God men interfering.

      Suresh wadker testified on TV that his bypass was deferred by his Guru (not cancelled )because a team of surgeons was coming from abroad. he was glad he waited.
      Go with faith or don’t go at all.they are busy anyway.

  • I fully appreciate the concern of Narendra Nayak and others and thank them for the write up ‘In the Name of Curing Cancer’ and the follow-up comments. Pseudo-sciences and science terms are closely linked. Almost every scientific invention has been in the realms of pseudo-science, miracle, dreams and fiction at one time – who thought 100 years back that even a bicycle was possible, leave aside airplanes and rockets. In our own memory colour television and mobile phone taken for granted today were subjects of fantasy. There is only a fine line between science and miracle – i.e. the line of reasoning. When the reason is known it becomes science till then it is miracle. I believe in Cytotron because it has a scientific basis.
    No doubt cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide and we are all interested in cures for cancer. Some or the other near and dear one of everyone has or has had cancer and we are all at potential risk of the disease. There are many lines of treatment for cancer but even the many “recognized and approved” ones are far from success and most have serious side effects to the extent that many patients prefer death by cancer to the discomfort of the treatments. The very fact that there are so many lines of treatment for cancer means that none of them is near perfection.
    There is no doubt that a number of unscrupulous elements have tried to exploit this and have lined their pockets with the hard-earned money of the patients and their relatives. – let me add that unfortunately this is more prevalent than suspected by the patients. Some even put the big pharmaceutical companies promoting so called established treatments in this group with good reasoning.
    While I do not entirely agree with the “miracle men” or “supernatural powers” of any religion (or without a religion) I do believe that the now well established science of Neuro-immunology may be responsible for many of the cures of cancer and other diseases reported by them. Silva Mind Control Method and several others are testimony to this. I believe in logic and always insist on confirmation with scientific methods of any diagnosis or progress of treatment with even the established treatment method. The same should be done with Cytotron.
    I support exposure of quacks but also request scientific validation of ALL claims before rejecting them. It is illogic and funny when someone educated says “I do not agree with this” but when asked more details of the treatment he accepts ignorance of it. This is equally true about the comments of respected doctors who say they have not heard about it when there are thousands of results when we search for Cytotron or RFQMR on the internet. It tantamount to saying ‘it is false because I do not know about it’ and ‘if I do not know it, it does not exist’. We must be logical and accept or reject any treatment based on logic after toughly studying it and not reject just because we are ignorant. Another mind block is the ‘Not made in America syndrome’ i.e. refusing to consider anything not made or accepted in the west. Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc. all need scientific validation. We must remember that Allopathy is an off shoot of Ayurveda and Homeopathy is an offshoot of Allopathy. The concoctions devised by rishi munis are basically ayurvedic in nature. As all these pathies are inter related and overlap each other let us not condemn any of them as there is logic in each of them. Many modern chemotherapy agents have extracts from herbs and hence can be termed as refined Ayurveda. Yoga too has its reasoning and hyper-oxygenation induced by the many yoga methods may be effective as the cancer cells are anaerobic and do not survive in oxygen rich and alkaline media. The term ‘integrated system of medicine’ has nothing to be condemned as it simply means using more than one system of treatment – integrating the different systems. It is very logical to do so when we have no sure treatment for cancer.
    I believe that the word apoptosis is used by Dr Loknath are in the real sense and not to misguide. His MBBS qualification is no crime, in fact it would be a crime if he was doing practicing Allopathy without it.
    It is for the information of those who may not know that there is a department of Radio-medicine in many hospitals and universities such as Jikei University School of Medicine (Tokyo), Beijing Medical University (Beijing), Zhejiang Institute of Experimental Medicine and Hygiene (Hangzhou), Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University, Xi’an, Second Military Medical University (Shanghai), etc. Hence let no one err on confusing radio-medicine with radio mechanic. May be the word ‘radio medicine’ will be better accepted when more medical universities and hospitals update themselves of it.
    That no physician or oncologist refers patients for Cytotron is not entirely true – we have referred patients. I believe that for the majority of us education limits our lateral thinking and the more highly we are educated the less we tend to believe or even think or consider outside what we have been taught – unfortunately Cytotron is facing this problem that Lithotripsy, ECG, EEG, etc faced in their infancy. It must be remembered that many important path breaking discoveries have been made by persons unrelated to the field of invention. I remember one day discussing with Dr.R.V.Kumar the inventor of Cytotron “what would happen if Dr Kumar was a doctor and not an engineer”. I said that ‘then Cardiovascular Cartography and Cytotron would not have been invented as his thinking would have been narrowed by the medical education and he would not be able to think out of the box’.
    Cytotron is a treatment device invented by Dr.R.V.Kumar that utilizes RFQMR technology and holds promise for osteo-arthritis, cancer and a host of other diseases. The clinical trials conducted at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine and published in the Journal of Aerospace Medicine and the initial result reported by users of the equipment are very encouraging. Cytotron is still in its infancy as even the simple ECG took decades to be accepted. We do hope that more clinical trials will be done so that its merit and limitations are better known. As of today we can say that Cytotron is a treatment option that is safe, effective, painless, with no side effects and the treatment should be done after informing the patients of the expected results and its limitations including that of limited statistics. I will not wait for Cytotron to be mentioned in the standard text books – External Counter Pulsation found its place in the Harrison Text Book of Medicine and Braunwald’s text book of Cardiovascular Medicine after being used in China for over 50 years. Was ECP any less effective before it received FDA approval and found its rightful place in the text books? I hope with Cytotron now having been certified for use by the European Union and it being available in the Netherlands, Malaysia and other countries this great invention form India will undergo more clinical trials and find its proper place in the medical world and Cytotron / RFQMR will soon become a mainstream treatment methodology.
    About myself – I am Dr.Sibia. I am a qualified physician having done MBBS, MD(Medicine) and various trainings in India and abroad. We installed the world’s first Cytotron / RFQMR device at Sibia Medical Centre, Ludhiana in 2006 after the clinical trials at the reputed Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Bangalore. I am available for comments at Mb: 09814034818 and email

    • Hi,

      Would you be able to throw some light on how effective is RFQMR for Arthritis?

      Though, I feel why isn’t everyone implementing this therapy of RFQMR if its so effective in cancer and Arthritis as people claim?

      I remember hearing that some Indian has got a cure for AIDS too, and they claim they have helped many.

  • Hi Sir,

    Thanks a lot for sharing such detailed information.
    I saw an article by Care Plus once again on TOI today and this time they have mentioned RFQMR therapy for Arthritis.

    My mother has been suffering from Arthritis for more than a yr now and we are very confused on the treatment plan.
    Someone recommended me an AMWAY product too.

    However, I feel TOI should also take some responsibility and publishing what they should and what they should not, atleast when it comes to health.

    Would wait for a reply.
    Thnx and Rgds

  • From my own personal experience, I can agree and disagree to Mr.Narendra Nayak regarding RFQMR. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer in May 2008. Her fortitude saw her engage a 6 year battle with this dreaded disease. I would like to keep it short for the time being and mention the random points that I would like to make now. I will be eager to write in detail to anyone who would like to know about my experiences.

    My mother took RFQMR treatment for 28 sessions. It did not benefit her, but I saw improvement in a couple of patients who were taking the treatment simultaneously. I have tracked more than 10 patients who have underwent this therapy, and nobody I know if surviving till date. All the sessions givin to my mother were for no cost, and I do not find the institute benefiting financially with what they provided us.

    The chemotherapy sessions shrunk the tumors many times, but also destroyed her body in many ways. I would recommened other patients to take it only under the guidance of a good oncologist. GOOD here means a professional person who understands human feelings.

    I had a terrible experience with an highly educated, highly regarded doctor, who I wish dies of cancer. He misguided us at a time which I think was when the cancer was operable. I feel he experimented something and continued his exeriment beyond the normal time, and in the end threw up his hands saying the patient is not responding.

    My mother survived 4 years past this dog’s deadline of nothing can be done.

    My mother tried out, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Yoga during her struggle.

    Her health improved immensely while on an Ayurvedic regimen of a practitioner in Hyderabad. How much I regret not continueing this treatment.

    Her health detoriated greatly while on Aurvedic treatment with another practiotioner, must be a quack like described by you. He claimed that he discovered a book, and his fore fathers were treating kings and noble men during their days. We fell for this guy, and eventually his medicine hastened the disease and left her feeling horrible.

    Homeopathy hardly had any effect on her health.

    I have only listed my experiences as it crosses my mind, and my synopsis is that there is more to treatment than qualifications and false scientific background. Science and research in its true sense is absolutely essential, but there are many quacks in the robes of a doctor/specialist who hold true degrees but hardly any scientific temperament.

    RFQMR or any other form of treatment cannot be discarded without proper experimentation. There are scientifically convincing evidences in the treatment of Arthritis.

    No person would have tried all these forms of treatment if the recognized forms of treatment were effective. In future, if I get cancer, I will not think twice about trying out different treatments but not believe in quackery.

    Yours faithfully,

    • Dear Jayakeerti,

      My mother is also in the same boat pretty similar to your mothers condition. Can you give me your email, I want to know more about cytotron.

    • Hi Jayakeerthi

      My mother has also been diagnosed with cancer , can you please get in touch with me – I have some queries.


  • A physicians association has also responded to’s report. The International Association of Physicians for Aesthetic Medicine released a set of safety tips for consumers thanks for sharing.

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  • In 10 yrs how many ppl have bought this cytotron machine?
    Leave alone the profit, I think none have got back not even 1/2 the amount they paid for the machine.
    If u review the 10 pts in serial order, I think 1 in 10 pt would have shown some improvement (that same pt would have become better without any treatment or with Tirupathi laddu or praying in a church or using Saibaba ashes) it’s like anecdotal. This one pt they highlight & project as cured by cytotron therapy. That is the trick they are adopting for selling machines. That is pure marketing gimmick, nothing else.
    Let them give ph no & mail id of all the buyers of cytotron machines in India, if the buyers r happy & got back their hard earned money (without cheating the poor pts) then it’s a good news.
    R they ready to give buyers ph nos? I think they should not escape telling it as privacy issue. Plz disclose all the buyers, they have first hand experience with the machine & also with the sellers.

  • Got this message a week ago
    Hi sir,
    I had purchased one Cytotron machine from Raja Vijaykumar of Bangalore to cure cancer. After using for two years I found it is not as useful as they promised before being. In two yrs about 12 pts I treated, neither the pts nor me are happy with the results. Initially before buying they had assured weekly 2 pts they will send to us for treatment, but after sending 3-4 pts they stopped answering our phone calls & mails.
    After 2 yrs I shifted that machine to that scientist’s friend’s place where he was treating with old machine. Agreement was for 50:50 sharing of income.
    For first 3 months 3.14 lakhs they paid, from last June not even single he is able to pay me.
    I want to take action on both scientist & his friend. How can I go about this? Plz help me.

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