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Nirmukta on Facebook and the Long Overdue Newsletter

Just a quick post requesting Nirmukta readers to click here and join us on facebook. I have left the group open to all and I hope that those interested in becoming part of the free-thought community in our corner of the world will join. Promoting secularism and science in Southeast Asia are the stated objectives. There will not be much required of you after joining the group, but since getting such a group off the ground is the hard part, please excuse some persistence on my part in getting you to join 😈

I have been having more trouble than I had anticipated with the newsletter, and am considering making it bi-monthly instead of monthly as initially proposed. The good news is that I finally have sufficient material to put together a first issue that will be worthy of Nirmukta! For the millions out there waiting with bated breath, it should be out in the next couple of weeks. There will also be a link to it from the homepage.

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