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Vibhuti And Rudraksha Mahatmayam: A Wellness Guide from Times of India!

I reproduce here a write-up that appeared recently in the Times of India (Bangalore, 20 November 2008). According to one Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (I have no clue who this gentleman is!) as quoted by the article, “applying vibhuti in different points of the body can bring positive energy”. The article is reproduced here without any comment. Rather, the claims made in the article are so hilarious (even outrageous at times) that it does not require any comment!

Unfortunately, that is not the way it is seen by the believers. When I referred the article to a few of my “spiritually-inclined” friends, they animatedly described the spiritual powers of these holiest of holy items. Undoubtedly, these “benefits” are derived, according to them, from a mysterious play of some “positive” and “negative” energy.

Having read the TOI article and listened to my friends’ vociferous defense of Rudraksha’s magical powers, I turned to the Internet to get some scientific information on the benefits (if any) of Rudraksha. Even after an hour of google-search, I could not locate even a single web page giving scientific information on this magic berry. On the other hand there are thousand of web pages marketing Rudraksha beads online!  The only write-up I could locate that even remotely approaches the subject on a scientific basis is a news report about a claim made by some ayurvedic researchers. Even the ever-expanding Wikipedia failed to be helpful in this regard.

I expect some of our readers may be able to throw some light on this bead. No, I don’t want to hear anything about its unexplained spiritual powers, but some factual botanical information on this berries.

So, here is the write-up:

Benefits of vibhuti & rudraksh

Vibhuti is a tool to enhance receptivity. When applied at different points of the body, especially points of higher receptivity, one receives positive energy.

Vibhuti is always taken with the ring finger, as that is the most sacred part of the body.  Apply vibhuti to the following places for maximum benefit:

  • Agna Chakra: Between the eyebrows to receive life as knowledge or wisdom.
  • Vishuddi Chakra: Pit of the throat to enhance power.
  • Anahata Chakra: Center of chest, where the ribcage meets to receive life as love.
  • Just behind the earlobe is a solid bone which runs into a crevice. If one follows that crevice one can find a dimple where a little vibhuti can be applied.
  • Men can apply a little bit of Vibhuti one their right big toe, while women should apply it one their left big toe.

Another powerful tool to enhance one’s well-being is Rudraksh, the seed of a tree that primarily grows in the mountains. Rudraksh has a very unique vibration about itself and is won for different purposes.

Rudraksh cleanses a certain amount of the aura. It can vary from pitch-black to pure white, depending on the person’s physical and mental health. The aura is the reflection of who one really is. If one goes to a new place where the vibrations are completely different, the body many not be able to settle down. Wearing Rudraksh cocoons one in one’s own energies, preventing external energies from disturbing. There are a variety of Rudraksh available, each for a different purpose. Ekamukhi or single-faced Rudraksh is for power. However, it is not advisable to wear it without proper guidance. Dwimukhi or two faced is for wealth, while Panchamukhi or five-faced is for well-being. Panchamukhi can be worn by everyone, irrespective of age or gender. Apart from improving genral well-being, it is also reduces blood pressure and keeps the body calm and alert. Shanmukhi or six-faced Rudraksh is good for children as it attracts motherly love.

Editor’s Note: A few additional facts about this business of Rudraksh. A single seed from the fruit can cost upto Rs. 40,000. There are over 300 different species of trees from the Elaeocarpus genus that are farmed to harvest these berries. The import trade from Indonesia alone amounts to Rs. 3 billion a year, and another Rs. 2 billion worth of seeds comes from Nepal. And we wonder why 456 million Indians are living below the poverty line.

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  • Manoj,

    Well said. Claims are too funny. This comedy writes itself.

    Next time some one argues about Rudraksh, I will present him these statistics.

    H A

  • well swami dayananda saraswati founder of arya samaj said that rudraksha is dry seed of tree. it has no healing power. why nobody challenge it according to drug and magic (objectionable advertisement)act 1954

  • Manoj,
    Thank you for incuding a very helpful summary on the benefits of Rudraksha particularly the section on Vibhuti and how/where to apply it. However, your article and research to me appears haphazard. You have apprently researched (an exhaustive, one hour Google query) regarding the scientific information on Rudraksha. And you mention Sadghuru and have no idea who he is…why not do another Google investigation?
    Some things cannot be explained by science. Life itself cannot be explained by science. But there are certain truths. Rudraksha have been appreciated for thousands of years, used by countless sages and yogis. Certainly there must be a reason behind this and not just some modern-marketing gimmick? The same applies for Vibhuti really, it has been used for countless years, perhaps there is a reason, no?
    You can conduct a simple experiment with a Rudraksha necklace. Certain foods have negative, positive and neutral prana. If you don’t know what prana is you can Google that too. Onions and garlic for example are known to have negative prana meaning it tends to have a draining effect on one’s energy. Fresh fruit (especially lemon/lime) typically emit positive energy, which benefits one’s prana. Suspend the necklace just a few inches over each of these foods by gently holding the end string or just one of the beads. Do not move your arm, you can cradle it to make sure it is not interfering with what will happen (if the Rudraksha has been properly energized by the way). You should notice that the beads will swing clockwise for poitive prana, counterclockwise for negative prana and a straight line for neutral pranic foods.

    Can science explain this? Maybe, maybe not? Yogis have used this particular benefit for countless years. It is helpful because oftentimes they receive food from begging and do not know what went in to it. This is a way of letting them know its pranic capacity. This is just one of the many benefits of the beads but one that is “observable”.

    • “Some things cannot be explained by science. Life itself cannot be explained by science.”

      This is completely false. Perhaps the “why not do another Google investigation?” statement can be thrown back here, but that would not be sufficient simply in light of the vast amount of scientific information explaining life. If you have other things that science cannot answer that your form of magic can, please state them.

      “Rudraksha have been appreciated for thousands of years, used by countless sages and yogis. Certainly there must be a reason behind this and not just some modern-marketing gimmick?”

      Certainly. It’s not a modern marketing gimmick, it’s an ancient one. This form of argument, the argument from popularity, is laughable. The ability of large masses of humans to believe in fantasy has been documented time and again. Please listen to some of V.S. Ramachandran’s lectures.

      The entire concept of “Prana” is hogwash and not supported by any evidence. But let me side-step that distraction to address your “experiment”.
      What you have described is called pendulum dowsing. It is caused by subconscious ideomotor responses. If you searched in the scientific literature you will find a simple and well-established explanation for this phenomenon. Instead of going through it with you here, let me simply point to a source:

      Now, the experiment itself that you suggest is completely non-scientific (shows how little you understand science). For the experiment to be scientifically rigid, the person doing the experiment should not know what is supposed to happen. Also, there needs to be a statistically significant sample size, but let’s ignore that for now. I suggest readers to find someone who has not heard about this con and tell them to expect the exact opposite. i.e., tell them that that fruit (lemons) will elicit a counter-clockwise turning and vice-versa for garlic.

      The swinging has nothing to do with these “beads” which are simply the seeds of a tree and nothing more, or the foods. People throughout the ages have conned others using the ideomotor effect. It is found in all cultures is different forms. It is a powerful con because the victims have no idea about the science behind it. These cons have been used for centuries and organized cons turn into mass delusions, like in the case of the rudraksha beads and vibhuti.

  • Since Ajita has given a proper response (Had I not read his response, I would have repeated it almost verbatim!) to SR, I need not give an exhausitive reply here.

    A belief does not become right just because people hold on to it for thousands of years. To cite an oft-repeated example, people believed (some still do!) in a flat earth for thousands of years, but it was not right. The brahmins believed in their divine superiority for thousands of years; to have a proper response to this claim, find a militant Dalit activist.

    Sure, google is not the only or the ultimate source of information.

    Can SR provide an authentic source of scientific (experimentally proven) information on the mysterious properties of his favorite berry? No dowsing business please!


  • m sorry i object,i don thing u have got ur perception right (ad hominem attack removed)..

    i have recently started using a rudraksha and hav visibly c its benifits it is very subtle but it dosnt mean it does not exists and ur right rudraksha has sum wat become a business many fakes are there n they are largely marketed here and else where …. but rudraksha the originals definitely have benefits and as u have printed above…

    abt the vibuthi… vibuthi has both mental and physical well being it has been experienced my many not yet by me

  • Hi Manoj, Are you Hindu? Are you Married? If Married how your marriage got performed? Can you pls let me know? Answer is behind answers of question I asked for. Do you know about Tulsi plant and other Herbal plants which are SCIENTIFICALLY used for making MODERN DRUGS? Recent research done in JAPAN over a WATER properties for Negative or Positive effects (Said by Brahma Kumari sister in her program on Star TV) 3 glass of water had different write ups.

    Hitler, Love and Hate. After freezing of this glasses and than ice crystals observed in Microscope had too many differences – same water, same glass, same freezing !! If just words written on water makes this difference, why can’t a Tree beads can? RUDRAKSH powers are not MAGICAL but its very much scientific, if you keep a Good rudraksh bead in between Copper its moves because of it’s magnetic and electrical properties. If some WiKiPedia or Google do not write anything does not mean ancient Indian facts become false. Why HALDI, NEEM kind of powerful Indian herbs which are highly ancient were tried to taken away by West using PATENT RIGHTS?

    American Geological scientist had done EARTHQUAKE announcements using Animal behavior, not accepted by science but there is significant level of truth that Animal has powerful instinct about natural happenings which Human do not!

    On name of science making fun of religious belief are not mass acceptance.

      • Dear Manoj/Satish

        Few books, articles and research reports details for your kind information. Spend some time and money to read so. Do not spread some joke about ancient Indian powers, there are enough enemies to destroy Indian capabilities, suggest you to not become member of one. I’m not talking about any MAGICAL CLAIMS done by various Babas and Hakims. So be cool and calm. I do not need to learn from WiKiPedia but you do. There are thousand of matters pending in Courts so leave it to judges and go with what written and accepted by people of India.

        Rudraksha References

        Vedic Literature:

        Padma Purana, Chap. 57
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        Contemporary Books and Research Articles:

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        • Dear enlightened one, why don’t you list each benefit of Rudraksha and cite the relevant scientific literature for each of them? Dumping a big list of references doesn’t help at all.

          And please cite only scientific literature and not pseudoscience like the Japanese research on water.

          • Dude you can’t pull people away from pseudo-science. They believe it’s true and they won’t change. I just lost my girlfriend because of such discussions 😉 And now I’m feeling free

    • Sudhir sir that was the worst form of argument I’ve ever seen. No explanation. You didn’t specify what you didn’t like. You just wrote a part of emotion you felt. Weird.

  • Gravity existed before newton ‘discovered’ it. everything exists and it is human nature to question until finally discovered. nothing is invention. Likewise, maybe our present science is a bit slow in discovering the ‘science’ behind what is mentioned about in the write-up. to make ridicule of rudraksham is perhaps not the right approach to discovery of the science behind it, or its effects-could b magical-, rather, one needs curiosity to learn more. Time and space are teachers. soon mankind will learn in this or the next. Prayers.

    • I’ve followed all the advice I could on using Rudraksha, keeping myself pavitra for five years. And in the end, I got nothing. All what they say was fake.

      I wanted to explore the magical properties of these elements. I knew when I’ll grow up, maybe I’ll contribute to science as well as our old traditions but alas, I was blind. I wasted so precious years following someone’s advice who himself wasn’t well versed in science, while a famous sage in my area.

      Rather than believing the sages or the gurus or the so-called New-age-scientists, try these out for yourself, and you will realize they don’t actually work…

  • Let the self proclaimed Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev wear the Vibhooti first. He never adorn any vibhooti or rudraksha but teaches others about their importance.

    • Nandi, even though am not fully aware of this teacher, ur point of view is wrong here. A father insistin his son to go to school regularly doesnt literaly mean that the father also needs to go to school at this stage, since bcos he had alrdy finishd his schoolin ..

      • Here, I have mentioned about a Guru and not a father or dad as you mentioned. A guru should be an example to his disciples. That’s enough for you, I think, to understand.

  • I feel so relaxed and surely much updated after reading the articles that you keep updating on the website. Proper Yoga brings brings about success in life and career and also maintains a good health.

  • Drink alcohol.. Eat non vegetarian.. forget yourself.. become as numb as possible to life around you. This is the state of people today.. half of the people today cannot appreciate the beauty of a flower.. they will just walk by saying ‘ its just a flower’ . SUch is the state of humanity… its quiet visible with what we have done with the planet. It is on the verge of destruction. We think we own this planet.. Think about all the other animals that are supporting the human life on this planet.. they die because of our ignorance.. Of all the animals only humans are capable of thinking and being aware.. with all this awareness we are acting irresponsible..
    I dont want to talk about Rudraksh or Vibhuti when people are not aware of the basic connection they have with the planet. I urge all the critic to take sometime out of their logical minds and try to understand what it is that connects them to earth. How they came here, how they will go from here.. as humans all that we have known is 1 + 1 = 2. but what is 1? there is no 1. it is jus derived for human understanding. there is no thing that is just 1. everything is made of atoms. atom is also not 1.. we keep discovering new and new particles.. there is so much science cannot find out because science is always from the logical mind… there is only so much the logical mind can understand… the logical mind cant even understand the human to human connection.. the logical mind cant understand why you get a sensation when someone is staring at you from behind that you instictively look behind..

  • Dear Manoj, why don’t you practice Yoga for a month and see the changes for yourself….. Caution:Yoga is not just for ‘physical’ well-being.

  • About power of Rudarksh or does it work. This is what I want to share.

    Most importantly learn about Rudarksh and YOU can experiment. WEAR GENUINE ONE FACED RUDARKSH after FOLLOWING PROPER ENERGIZING METHODS and procedure.

    People say if you wear (One face rudarksh) an ek mukhi, you will leave your family within twelve days. Whether you leave the family or it happens in 12 days is not the issue, it is just that it will make your energies in such a way that you will want to be alone. It doesn’t make you compatible to be with other people. Some people may take few months or weeks to notice the difference.

    Now may be it will not affect you or few people.

    So does it mean it’s fake.

    But let 10 people try who SAY RUDARKSH is FAKE. Yes, all people who say RUDARKSH has no powers and it’s pseudo science. You will see that SURELY people will either leave the family or they will CLEARLY face issues with all the people around them. Point is not 12 days or it didn’t happen to you. Try 100 people who are SURE RUDARKSH has no powers. But these people should know about Rudarksh, wear GENUINE one faced Rudarksh and energize Rudarksh and wear after following proper procedure.

    Most importantly I repeat learn about Rudarksh and YOU SHOULD WEAR GENUINE ONE FACED RUDARKSH after FOLLOWING PROPER ENERGIZING METHODS and procedure.

    Follow proper procedure, read about Rudarksh, wear GENUINE ENERGIZED ONE FACED RUDARKSH and then comment Rudarksh has no powers. You will SEE people who had good family life, great careers, great relationships, enjoyed family life will notice changes. Out of 100 surely the SAME people who challenged Rudarksh has no powers, some will immediately notice the changes not conducive.

    Please don’t argue without trying. All folks who say RUDARKSH has no powers, Do it.

    I will be first person to PUBLISH RESULTS if they are fake or propagate pseudo science.

    Both of us are not ready to agree about RUDARKSH.

    As I said let’s keep it simple.

    This is your best chance. I am ready to admit, I will be first person to acknowledge if RUDARKSH is fake.

  • Study of the spiritual characteristics of Bhasma and Vibhuti using UTS (Universal Thermo Scanner)

    May 4, 2018

    Scientific experiment conducted by
    Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay using UTS (Universal Thermo Scanner)
    Study of the spiritual characteristics of Bhasma and Vibhuti that manifested spontaneously at the residence of two Saints and granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s unused sealed lunch box

    Saints are materialised form of God. God gives spiritual experience to His devotees through the medium of Saints. Spiritual experiences help augment faith in God. When the Vibhuti (Holy ash) from sattvik places such as pilgrimage centres, samadhis of Saints is applied to the forehead or is kept in belongings, many people get spiritual experiences; because, the Vibhuti from these places gets charged with Chaitanya due to the Holy atmosphere and this Chaitanya works for the devotees. There is a Saint, in whose presence, Bhasma is automatically created. This Saint applies it to the forehead of His devotees who then get spiritual experiences. There is another Saint who gives His devotees Vibhuti which has a lot of Chaitanya and hence, if it is kept in belongings or applied to the forehead, spiritual healing occurs. In Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s unused empty lunch box, granular particles were created automatically. From the subtle vibrations of these particles it was realised that they had a lot of Chaitanya.

    An experiment was conducted by Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay in Sanatan’s Ashram at Ramnathi, Goa on 7.12.2017 using UTS to study the spiritual uniqueness of Bhasma and Vibhuti that manifested spontaneously at the residence of two Saints and granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s lunch box. Details are given ahead.

    Nature of the experiment
    In this experiment, the UTS readings of Bhasma and Vibhuti that manifested spontaneously at the residence of two Saints and granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s lunch box were recorded. In this experiment, ordinary ash was used for the purpose of comparison. A comparative study of the UTS readings revealed the spiritual characteristics of the Bhasma and Vibhuti that manifested spontaneously at the residence of two Saints and granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s lunch box.

    Note for readers : Due to shortage of space we have given the common features of UTS on (Please note that some letters are in Caps) – Introduction to UTS, Various components of the scientific experiment conducted with the instrument and description, Measuring the aura of an object with UTS, Procedure and precautions taken for consistency in the readings, tabulated observations etc.

    Observations and their analysis
    2A. Analysis of the observations pertaining to negative energy
    Infrared and ultraviolet energies were not found in the ordinary ash that manifested spontaneously at the residence of two Saints and granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s lunch box. The infrared and ultraviolet energies are considered as negative energies by the scanner.

    2B. Observations pertaining to positive energy – Presence of high amount of positive energy in the Bhasma and Vibhuti that manifested spontaneously at the residence of two Saints and granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s lunch box
    It is not necessary that every individual, object or premises will have positive energy. No positive energy was found in the ordinary ash used in this experiment; however, high amount of positive energy was present in the Bhasma and Vibhuti that manifested spontaneously at the residence of two Saints and granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s lunch box. The arms of the UTS scanner opened at an angle of 1800 and hence, the aura could be measured. The positive energy aura of the Bhasma that manifested spontaneously was 3.20 meters, the aura of the Vibhuti that manifested spontaneously was 5.37 meters and the aura of the granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s lunch box was 6.40 meters.

    2C. Analysis of observations pertaining to the aura of the objects used in the experiment – The aura of the Bhasma and Vibhuti that manifested spontaneously at the residence of two Saints and granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s lunch box being a lot more than the ordinary ash
    Generally, the aura of an individual or object is 1 meter. The aura of ordinary ash was 1.22 meters. The aura of the Bhasma that manifested spontaneously at one Saint’s residence was 4.36 meters. The aura of the Vibhuti that manifested spontaneously at another Saint’s residence was 6.23 meters, while the aura of the granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s lunch box was 8.60 meters. Generally, the aura of these 3 components was a lot more than that of the ordinary ash.

    Spiritual science underlying the observations
    3A. The Bhasma that manifested spontaneously in a Saint’s residence is ‘Divine Bhasma’
    This Saint is a high spiritual authority. That the Bhasma manifested spontaneously in His residence is one unique Divine revelation. Such unique Divine revelations are a regular feature at His residence and His temple at home.

    3B. Presence of high amount of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in the Vibhuti given by the other Saint due to His energy of resolve
    The second Saint is a Saint of the highest order. He has performed many religious rituals. He often recommends spiritual remedies (Note) for the removal of obstacles faced by other Saints and bestowal of good health to them. Due to the presence of tremendous amount of Shakti (Divine Energy) in His resolve, there is a lot of Chaitanya in the objects given by Him for spiritual healing. One is subjected to spiritual healing by carrying or applying the Vibhuti given by Him on forehead. The presence of the high amount of positive energy in this Vibhuti and its large aura is an indicator of the presence of high amount of Chaitanya in it.

    Note – Spiritual healing : ‘Spiritual healing’ means reduction or removal of negative vibrations in a person suffering from spiritual distress due to the sattvikata (Spiritual purity) of a particular object. If an individual suffering from spiritual distress is performing spiritual practice, then he/she is more sensitive to the vibrations and can comprehend if he/she has been subjected to spiritual healing or not.

    3C. Spontaneous creation of granular particles in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s sealed lunch box due to the Chaitanya in Him
    Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale is tirelessly working for establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ of Sattva-predominant people for the welfare of the world. This is His ongoing samashti (For the benefit of society) mission. Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale is a Saint of the highest order who is at the level of a Paratpar Guru; hence, there is large amount of Chaitanya in Him. The impact of this Chaitanya is seen on His body, the environment, objects He uses, people who come in His contact etc. For the past few years, seekers have been witnessing unique phenomena regarding Him such as Divine changes in His body (For example, His nails becoming transparent, His hair becoming golden, His skin becoming yellowish etc.), creation of Chaitanya in the inanimate objects He uses (For example, His rubber slippers becoming yellowish etc.), and sacred symbols such as ‘Om’, lotus, Swastika etc. appearing on His body. In the earlier days, as proof of an individual’s Sainthood, God would give spiritual experiences to people in the society. In those days, people used to perform spiritual practice; hence, they were able to realise the importance of Saints through the medium of spiritual experiences. Even in today’s computer age, God is showing His Divine play. All that we need is Divine vision and this can develop only through spiritual practice. In this severe Kaliyug, God is making us experience His Divine play through the medium of the unique changes pertaining to Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale. The creation of granular particles in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s unused sealed lunch box due to His Chaitanya is nothing but God’s Divine play. The observations of the experiment also revealed the same aspect.

    – Mrs. Madhura Dhananjay Karve, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay, Goa.

    E-mail :

    Note : A report on the chemical analysis of the Bhasma and Vibhuti that manifested spontaneously at the residence of two Saints and granular particles created spontaneously in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s sealed lunch box and their conclusion will be published soon.

    The creation of granular particles in Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s unused sealed lunch box due to His Chaitanya is nothing but God’s Divine play !

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