The ‘Exact Science’ Of Nadi Jothidam

Nadi Jothidam is the name of an ‘exact science’ by which all details about a person can be told by consulting palm-leaf inscriptions attributed to Agastya Muni, a very famous ancient sage from the South. There is, supposedly, one palm-leaf inscription for every human on this earth, past present and future! Taking into account population explosion, the whole place should be chock full of palm leaves, but miraculously this is not so. This could mean two things- either the ancients had the foresight to know as to who would visit the place and hence only the bio-data of those visitors would be available,or the leaves are preserved in some format wherein terabytes of data could be compressed and stored. The prints would be taken after the candidate arrives on the spot!

Either way it goes to show the remarkable wisdom of our ancients! Anyway, after one arrives at the place their thumb impression is taken along with their date of birth. Then, the palm leaf pertaining to the individual is searched for. This is the source of the name Nadi- search. There are a number of write-ups praising its accuracy and there are blogs testifying to the same. There have been numerous accounts stating that the practitioners of Nadi have an accurate method of telling all about the past, present and future of any individual. All they need for identifying the right leaf is the thumb-print of the person and the date of birth.

On my travels with my friends, we happened to be passing by near where it was supposed that the ‘original’ Nadi leaves were kept- the Vaithishwara Temple near Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. I decided to look into this matter here, along with Rajendran and Murugan from the Tamil Nadu Science Forum. I decided to follow Rajendra’s contact’s advice and look for Shiva Swami of station road who was supposedly the best of the lot and would charge only Rs. 500 per consultation.

When we reached the place at the entrance of the village there were numerous signs inviting us to the ‘original nadi jothidam’, ‘the one and only Nadi consultant’, ‘beware of touds’ [sic] (touts!) etc. On enquiring further, we found out know that the place was full of Shiva Swamis as it seemed to be the most popular name around. Thinking “a rose by any other name…”, we went to the nearest Shiva Swami. This too was probably already entered in my leaf! It was a toud who ended up taking us to this place despite our caution.  On entry, we were told that we had come to the right place as it was the place where Agastya Muni had deposited his original collection of palm leaves. We were also told that it was a holy place, a madam– a hermitage (not to be confused with madam!), and not a commercial enterprise. On enquiry as to how much it cost, we were informed that it depended on what we wanted. If the interpretations were to be made in Tamil then it would be Rs.200 (~ $5, US), if translations were to be made it would be more. It would be fifty rupees extra for audio tape recording. I included the condition that the payment would be made only if what was said was correct, and this was agreed upon.

I was told to write my date of birth on a sheet of paper and two thumb impressions of my right hand were taken. That was all that was needed to look for the palm leaf with my life story written on it. It was, however, subject to availability I was told, as I was asked to sit down in a fixed place while the search for it was on. We declined this invitation and told them that we would go around the place and come later. When we came back after ten minutes, we were told that I was lucky as my leaf had been found, and that it would be read. When I asked the permission of the person reading it for it to be photographed, he declined. When I asked whether he would pose for a picture he was vehement in his refusal. Luckily, I had already managed to take a few pictures of the place and its fixtures.

The standard declaimer was put forth before the reading started. I was told that although all efforts had been made to get the script of my life, there could be some errors in interpretation. So, I had to answer yes or no to statements made about my life.

First I was asked where I came from. When I replied Udupi, he said that had been accurately mentioned in his leaf. The next question was whether I was a Brahmin or not. When I asked what the leaf said, I was told non-brahmin. When I said yes, he made the very earth-shaking declaration that I was a non vegetarian! I asked him to go on and he said that both my parents were alive. Since, both of them are no more, he said that the inference had been probably arrived at, by the presence of their souls on earth! I had made no attempts to send them to heaven by performing the required rituals. I was also informed that my father had been a government servant and had retired. That would have been news to him if he were alive. He had never worked for anyone else in his lifetime. Then I was told that I too had been in government service and ha retired (that last part is not a very difficult conclusion going by my age!) The Pais of Manipal who had been my employers at Manipal University would be glad to hear of this elevation in their status from an influential family to a government organization. The next statement was about the day of my birth and I was told that I had been born on a Monday and under Makara Rashi. When I replied I did not know whether either of them was true or false, I was told that I am a Muslim!

Then I was told the following:

1. I owned the house in which I live (true) and so did my father (false).

2. I had two wives (I haven’t met the second one yet)

3. I had two children from my deceased first wife and for their sake married for the second time. I misled him here saying that my first wife was not deceased, but I had divorced because she had no issue. The children were of my second one. The interpreter of Nadi fell into the trap and agreed with me. He also said that there was a small error in his reading.

4. I had two brothers and one sister. This is true but when I said it was wrong he changed it to one brother and one sister.

5. My fathers name starts with one of the dozen alphabets listed. When I said no, he followed with a dozen other alphabets. When I replied in the negative again, he was flabbergasted.

About thirty minutes had passed and getting tired of this, I told the Nadi reader that most of what he had said was nonsense. He got angry at this and told me that I should have been honest with him. I replied that he should have known about this because his own Nadi leaf would have contained the information that his powers would be tested on that day. When I asked him whether I had to pay for all the rubbish that he had told, he flounced out of his own establishment with the Nadi leaves pertaining to my life under his arm, leaving us there. After waiting for a few minutes for him to come back, we came out. By then I had gathered how the so called Nadi fortune tellers manage to make ‘accurate predictions’ of the past and future.

The leaves are just a prop for them. They are covered in scribbles which only the Nadi reader can supposedly interpret. The information about the client is gathered by the following methods:

  1. The client and those accompanying them are asked to wait until the proper leaves are found. During this time they are asked to wait in a room which is wired and the conversation is spied upon.
  2. The interpreter is a clever ‘cold-reader‘. He notes the reactions of the client and those who accompany them, to check the accuracy of the predictions.
  3. Pointed questions are asked to ‘predict’ the background of the clients- questions like caste, religion etc.
  4. Names and other specific details are rooted out by trying to guess the first alphabet of the word followed by the second one and so on by a process of elimination.
  5. Most of the information is provided by the client from our reactions to yes or no questions or from subconscious body signals. In my case, since I am quite experienced in providing misleading body signals and since those accompanying me had no knowledge about my personal matters, the reader was not in a position to acquire any knowledge about me by this method, thus playing into the trap.

Once the Swami realized that he was being misled and that I was a hard nut to crack, he backed out. So much for the ‘accurate science’ of Nadi Jothidam!

About the author

Narendra Nayak


  • I have been to this place too out of curiosity to understand their methods. The method they applied on me was a little different. They told me that there were millions of records that Agastya had created and so they needed some information to narrow down to my record. Maybe my reader had realized the danger of using the thumb impression alone! He asked me around 20 questions and gathered lot of information. Then he went out and came back after 10 mins with my record. He told a lot about my past, present and future extrapolating from the information I had given him. Smartly, he did not directly tell anything that I had told him. This is a good method to fool gullible people. But I’m amazed (and depressed) by the number of people who seriously believe this.

  • One more thing which aids these quacks is that people who believe in astrology generally live by it. They are named by their birth star, marry according to horoscope and on the right “auspicious” time and some times even choose careers based on astrology. If the astrologer knows the person’s birth star, he can make very good guesses about the person’s name, spouse’s name, time of marriage and career.

  • It’s incredible that these “scientists” aren’t using their “exact science” to solve crimes. They just have to match the fingerprints at the crime scene to their leaves and they’ll know the criminal’s next move. Hello, CSI: Tamil Nadu.

  • Hi all,

    Well, after researching a little about nadi jodhidam here and there, I got interested so much as to know it by myself, but in vain, it is a complete hoax (I do not know as to the authenticity that not all are hoax, but some are authentic).

    They just have a bundle of palm leaves, (may be the same 2 or 3 bundles they have after all) and just show it to you for the dramatic effect to lure you into a little belief if you are doubtful as to the authenticity. Only a good old Tamil reader could tell for the script is in ‘old Tamil’ and only some people can read it properly (which is again to our disadvantage) as to know whether it is authentic at all, we do not even know whether they really read from the leaves or just pretend so as to give the great dramatic effect, and in the meantime try to side guess all they need for making it look authentic when they ask those 10 to 15 questions to make a guess about you by verification of data.

    By doing this, they get the moon sign, nakshatra, approx time of birth, and date of birth etc., and cast a horoscope in front of you and give you a rough prediction about future (again a lot of guesswork to please you). This is a lot worse than astrologers, at least they accept to the limitations of astrology, here they say it is true and authentic whereas it is a hoax completely. In all this, also the mind wants to know the complete truth of this whole thing, is it really true somewhere, or is it is totally useless and a big sweetened hoax.

  • i have gone through the article.I stay in nagpur where you have an outlet for nadi jyothi. I had also been to this out of curiousity.Unlike what has been said in the article ,I was never asked to give the date of birth or anyother details.I was definitely asked to give the thumb impression and while narrowing down to the exact palm leaf certain questions were asked which ere required to be answered in yes or no. The questions adsked to me were never specific as written in the article. Some of the questions asked were as follows.
    Whether I had 4 brothers and six sisters for which the answere was no.
    Whether I had murdered anyone.
    Certain alphabets were said and was asked where my fathers name begins with anyone of those.
    After search of 4 bundles the details read out was like giving my parents name ,who among them aare alive and who is not,how many brothers and sisters I have and who among them are alive,how many children I have had and who among them is alive and the child who is no more ;the cause of deathetc. which tallied. Since this was seen a year and half earlier the predictions made about the future needs to be seen. However till now it has been happenning as read out.
    In every buisness there are quacks. It does not mean the science is wrong. It is that we are in the wrong hands.Of course it is very difficult to judge as to who is right and who is wrong. Little enquiry before going to such nadi readers would help.

  • hi all i had been to get my nadi experience,i think some or even most of u had been to the wrong place,but the place to which i had been was overwhelming and i had a fabulous experience, i did not give much information to him , but he told so many events,which were currently happening,and which are going to happen,i dont know about things which r going to happen but …..
    he told me about my studies, about my interests,about my family,names of my parents and so on,they were very accurate beleive me….
    try and go to good centres who had already been there….
    NADI ASTROLOGY is beleived by those who are destined to beleive……!!!!!!!!!

  • dear friends,
    i dont know in which sense you are saying they guess the details from our indexes. in my personal experience they showed the leaf immediately after the questions was over to me , what a surprise, in which there was my name with my parents name. No one can refuse Nadi astrology .

  • This is for the skeptics.

    Here is my quick background age 50, went to engineering school in tamilnadu, technology business owner living in US. No axe to grind.

    My brother in law who is older went thrice over a 10 year span and all 3 times all his past (his name, parents name, sibilings, wife, kids, profession, etc) came out 100% correct. When my mother went they predicted the past details accurately.

    This is real and works for every body (only past). Do not try about future, this is where you may be taken for a ride.

  • my brother is 9 years are not speaking for me so many problem in land when i want to speak my brother i dont no
    please answer my questions and my husband also understanding not very well

  • Narendra Nayak seems to be the perfect case of the “The Hunter getting Hunted”. Although your intention to expose quacks/ frauds was good; you were too smart and fell into some quack and naturally anyone with commonsense will be able to make out a CON and get frustrated.

    I can challenge you based on my experience, that if you keep aside your egos/ beliefs; Research and first try finding a true Nadi Reader, do really research and explore then have an appointment, I bet you will get your past, present and future tallying and generally in India atleast the cost for a genuine reading (If you are destined to get your leaf) will be between Rs.300 to Rs.500 (If in tamil language no extra cost inclusive of cassestte recording).

    Narendra, I appreciate your attempt to get your reading, But more than that Pity your oversmartness and lack of research causing you to lose a fantastic oppurtunity.

    Only if you are destined, are you to know your future !

    Hope you understood that people more qualified than you have researched and found the truth. And somethings in life has to be searched and found or understood by one and no other person can help or make you understand that for you.

    So Let there be light of wisdom and intellect in our life to enable us to differentiate between the Right and Wrong.

    With kind Regards,

  • Dear Readers,

    Last week, I had an opportunity to visit Vaitheeswrana temple alomng with my parents and parents family friend. I lead my family friend to a Nadi Jyotsya centre.After half an hour of YES/NO questions, I was kind of surprised when the Nadi consultant exactly told the name of my family friends mother, wife,father, how many brothers/sisters alive etc etc.

    I thought about t afterwards, how it is possible to store the details of millions of persons – it seems impossible, but the experience was truely amazing.

    • It is a matter of asking the right questions and based on your Yes or No response further questions will be asked.
      If you allow me to question you for half and hour with a yes or no, I can tell your name, your family members name etc. I am not Nadi expert.

      Note that you also need to understand that while you are waiting in the lobby for a nadi consultant you also would be bugged and your conversation noted.

      I have explained it a little more in detail in this article.

      • could you tell the name of a persons original name without asking anything about it?

        I experienced it and surprised. But not flattered to them

  • The Nadi astrologers are very accurate in predicting the past.
    When comes to future life they escape that we have not done the remedies as perfect as inscribed in the leaves.Hence my opinion is to know your future with Nadi astrologer and with the help of regular astrologer fine tune it and with your own best wisdom decide the future course of your Life!

    • I still don’t understand why you have to pay money to know your own past! Don’t you know your past? why do you need some other guy to tell you?

      Wouldn’t it be better if you skipped both astrologers and use “your own best wisdom to decide the future course of your Life”

      • yes, we dont need to pay to know our future. but have to get a solutions for our existing problem which has roots in the past. psychologist could help in this regards if the problem is with your mind. we and our minds are not only things in the existance.

        The another problem is we want solutions from other for free or for a penny. Yes our own wisdom should decide the future course of our lives. But wisdom came out of experience of a wise individual differs with the persons wisdom which is convinced with the well described books. I never tasted food in recipe web sites or books.

        did you?! I think not. but we could describe the recipe great to others as it is in the book.

        Experienced wisdom is reliable than arguable intelligence.

        Hope our world will be filled with experienced ‘wisdom’

  • All the people who claim Nadi astrologers are very accurate about the past or anything else. How many of you know the techniques called hot reading or cold reading? it is amazing what can be gathered through these things. Please do not fall into that trap, if it is real, then let them prove it through a “double blind test”, please read up on these terms so that you can protect yourself from charlatans and their ilk.

  • Also, people who are supporting this, please give me the name and address of the supposedly good ones in and around Chennai, I will go and if allowed provide you a whole audio transcript.

    • I like your idea.

      But here is the thing.
      Even if you went and disproved every Nadi astrologer on Town, still, believers will not aggree wtih you. they will say “you time was not right, you will only get your reading right if you are destined to get it”.

      Gullible people will always be gullible. Perhaps they are destined to be Stupid!(just kidding).

  • Reading some of the comments of the believers ( the god is love poster) here, it is clear that they are not aware of cold reading techniques. And like some one said why would you pay money to know your past ? Its a good thing that these anon believers are visiting Nirmukta and commenting, hopefully they will begin to use more reason in their lives.

  • I am a skeptic. I went not to learn about the future but to explore how this process takes place since my brother, nephew and niece (U S based) had corroborated based on their experience with a place in Tambaram. I went to a place in Beasent Nagar – Shasthri Road. I gave only thumb impression. Only a few checks on whether name starts with this letter or that letter. After that my current age, date of birth and horoscope was cast by him and tallies with what my parents had done. Names of parents, number of siblings etc. too were right.

    I took the daughter of a friend who was curious. Young generation girl! Hence she was quite tough. Details came out alright!

    I have also been hypothesizing like the author did and checked for bugs. We did not converse to be safe while waiting!

    I still can not explain what is possibly going on.

    • Hi Ramki, I appreciate your comments. Unlike others you are still leaving the issue open and trying to seek explaination. Hold on and don’t give up. There is always a scientific explaination. We may not know it right away, but we have to keep searching.

      Also, google the web for words like “Cold reading” and “Hot reading”. You will be amazed how much people can tell about you using those techniques.

      Search for “Darren Brown Mind Reading” in Google and watch some of his YOu tube vedio. Your Nadi astrologer will be nothing compared to this British magician. He predicted the UK national lottery results before hand. He is no astrologer or God man. How did he do it?

  • Hi, would like to share my mystical experience with Nadi which has left me stumped with its future predictions. i cant recall how i initially came to know about Nadi astrology but awareness was there since past few years. 3-4 months back i read an article in the national newspaper about nadi. article was based on the nadi experience of a foreign couple. Angela and Andrew and how nadi predictions came out true for them.they did more research and documented all information in their book called ‘the hidden oracle of India’. since for the past few years my life had been very topsy turvy. i was (am) suffering from ‘why me’ syndrome. my mother’s traumatic death further added to my agony. Out of curiosity i bought that book. my initial reaction to nadi astrologers was same as yours..they are charlatans. .. am sure there is some trick!..the aforementioned book dealt the Nadi Astrology in great scepticism.. however in the end the couple had to give up their distrust. their faith in Nadi grew stronger with passing time as the predictions started coming true. i will not assume myself as gullible but yes i wanted some hope, some positive assurance in life therefore armed with all the information i landed up in a nearest Nadi centre. the procedure was same but i was very vigilant. a nadi bundle was found matching my thumbprint. i underwent series of yes and no questions. even though the particular bundle was discarded as all particulars were not matching however, apart from my family details like name etc. Nadi could catch my mother’s profession, exact cause of my mother’s death (neither did i give any related info nor i was asked any question related to it!) furthermore it also revealed my former involvement in creative work which got me appreciation and major recognition in the past but is a closed chapter of my life not only that it pointed out my interest in equity trading which is again a untold aspect of my life! i was stumped by this!. since my correct leaf was not found, i was called 15 days later. finally i had a tryst with my leaf. it revealed all my details correctly.. still my logical mind warned me of the guess work.. in the foreign couple’s case i went to an extent of giving all the credit to the social securtiy number which could be a fount of information for them.i was surrounded with doubt all the time. honestly i was shaken when they revealed some specific details like i would suffer minor skin and stomach problem all my life which is true in my case! how would u explain all this?! my dismal future predictions have left me hearbroken and only time shall validate their accuracy till then my state of mind is somewhat ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’ …… trawling for Nadi GAME i hit your blog 🙁

    • Going through your comments, it almost looks like you were in a state of mind that you wanted to beleive in some thing. you were looking for some one who would offer hope and justify your life. YOu will be surprised to know that you would have actually given away all the information by yourself. Next time you go there vedio tape ( I doubt they will allow you to vedio tape it) it and we can tell you step by step how this was done.

      99% of the people suffer minor skin and stomach problem. you are not alone. Ask any one and they will tell you they have suffered skin and stomach problem. It is more to do with living in a polluted environment than your Fate.

      • Thanks Raj, at this juncture with all the doomsday prophecies i want to believe in you..

        But i would still maintain that i didnt furnish all my details to them. i just gave terse replies to test their modus operandi. but with their response i am suspended in a conflict. as you said 99% people suffer from skin and stomach problem.. in my case the problem is not limited. for the last 10 years an suffering from a skin problem and have undergone extensive treatment for more than 5 years from eminent dermatologists. i was diagnosed with a rare kind of skin disease which is incurable. i was treated like a guinea pig all this time in a hope that something might work!. .. i keep it concealed by only wearing long sleeves.. like wise i have a very sensitive stomach. i cann’t dare to drink water or recklessly try food from any place. no matter how much precaution i take,, i land up at a gastroenterologist clinic now and then!! therefore, i had all the reasons to believe them!

        they have predicted for my sibling that he will change his present job. he has a well paid job but has a very gruelling schedule. he has to devote around 18 hrs in peak season (no hyperbole intended)i only ‘see’ him in the morning.we live under the same roof yet we hardly get time to interact. i am always after his life to change his company but he would say that for his kind of level this is required and things will get better as he will step up in heirarchy.he is waiting to see how things shape up after the annual review next year.otherwise he seems to be very satisfied!

        now nadi has predicted that he will change his job! how one can conclude this without having any details of my sibling and his work profile! especially when my father has a good business! usually sons are expected to take over but my sibling decided to follow his dream! this prediction seems to be very inline to my wishful thinking! (no dont say i hinted them)

        not only that i met two more people in the waiting room.

        1)he was a guy barely out of his college. he told me he was accompanying his cousin. his cousin had consulted nadi 3-4 years back and now that many of the predictions had come true his cousin was getting some further study of his chapters or kandams. he also confided he had given his thumbprint and in order to test the system he had registered himself by a pseudonymn- Karan. After his first round he came back to me looking very perplexed. he revealed ‘they had found his real name!’ they asked him if his name was Angush? then he confirmed his name was Ankush! he was still in a process of finding this own leaf therfore, i couldn’t hear more from him.

        2)during my second visit to the nadi centre next to me was a gentleman who had come with 4 family members for consultation. he had keen interest in occult science and knew nadi astrology for 10 years. many of his predictions had come ture therefore, he was bringing in more people. so i asked him now that he believed in nadi science.. how is he taking his life.. in any way had he stopped making efforts accepting everthing is predestined? he gave an example.. he said he was a govt. employee for years, he was trying to switch over to private sector but was not achieving success. nadi predicted that he will do well in his govt. job so now instead of waisting time in a private job opportunity he had actually begun to search new avenues in a govt. job and he was actually doing better.. he also sighted another positive experience, in the month of sep 2009 his cousin had come for nadi consultation. he was predicted a cushy job after 26th sep 2009. he was schedule for an interview on approaching monday. on the specific day he underwent several rounds of interview and finally got selected! it was like a dream come true for his cousin so his cousin had come again for a deeper evaluation of his life.!

        all this has given me a mental tail-spin.. whether nadi is an exact science and is meant for those who are destined to come on their own accord or just another perfect case of ‘the hunter getting hunted’ is still a mystery to me 😀 .. meanwhile, i have decided i will auto suggest and practice ‘karm karo fal ki chinta mat karo..’ jo hoga dekha jayega!! 🙂

        • 1)In your earlier response you mentioned that that they predicted you would suffer “minor skin and stomach problem”. Your second response indicates you have a serious or major skin/stomach problem which requires clinical treatment. Most people with minor skin/stomach problems do not need extensive clinical treatment. Over the counter medicine would work. In which case, the Nadi astrologer was wrong!
          2) They have taken 15 days to locate your leaf. That gives plenty of time for some to do an investigative work one you
          3) The people who were sitting in the lounge may be their accomplishes. Often they keep their own people in the lobby to brain wash their potential customers.

          I am not trying here to show that you are gullible person or a fool. In most cases the more educated people with high IQ are susceptible to deception than people with average IQ (Read Michel Shermer’s book “Why people believe in Weird things”). Nadi folks are trained professionals and they know their way around. Unless you have some kind of training in Psychology/ Cold reading it is very difficult for you to understand what is going on there. So please don’t take it that way. I am only warning you so that the Nadi astrologers do not exploit you.
          The next thing you can expect from the Nadi astrologer is the predication of your past life. They may tell you that you have sinned in your previous life and you have to perform several poojas to erase it. The bill will likely to run in to thousands of rupees.

          • Hi Raj

            I read the preface of ‘why pple believe in weird things’ i found it quite interesting. Thanks for the lead. for me Nadi was more of a search for a spiritual solution to appease the enigma and distress in my life. Aren’t we all conditioned from chilhood to believe in divinity of God, pious activities, law of karma-What goes around comes around! its obvious to grope for answers in trying times as to -wht have i done to invite all this in my life!! honestly at this juncture those childhood assumptions seems like a divinity- fudge to me.. I dont know if you have read Rhonda bryne’s ‘The Secret!’ its altogether a diametrically opposite /weird theory to the Nadi concept.

  • Even me and my friends went there to see what is really happening.

    there they got thumb impression and Date of Birth and they brought some leaves and proceeded with some questions and asked to say either yes or no and finally after so many questions they replied we have found my leaf and continued to say what is my future….

    its totally crap.. as if they can ask questions and find my leaf then what is the need for Thumb Impression……

    Its a art of earning money from people….

  • One would be better able to understand by researching and trying to remove the darkness with the light of knowledge

    May I request the inquisitive mind to go through the contents in the below weblinks and do a self investigation…

    Cold Reading:

    Nadi Astrology:

    One respects the insights gained by an “impartial mind” without strings attached to the thoughts of Ancient wisdom and New age discoveries. For all that matters is the awareness one gains in the moment of knowledge.

    We all know the classic prayer of the Hindus :

    “ Asatoma Sadgamaya !
    Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya !!
    Mrithyorma Amrithangamaya !!! ”

    It says,

    “ From un Truth, Oh Masters, lead us please to the truth.
    Lead us from darkness to light, from mortality to immortality.”

    It means :

    “Oh, Knowers ! Oh, Helpers ! Please help us ! ”

    And the Masters do answer the aspirants this way :

    “ Uddharedatma naatmaanaam, aatmaanamavasaadayeth !
    Aatmaivahyatmano bandhuratmaiva ripuraatmanaha ! “, in Krihsna’s words.

    The Masters says

    “ You have to lift yourself through your own self. You should take care not to fall. You will, by your own hope, by your own efforts, become a Master ”.

    This is the constant refrain of every Master.

    “ Only you can be your friend. Only you can be your foe ”.

    In peace

  • I had also visited Naadi Astrologer Agathiyar Durai Subburathinam at Sri Kousiha Agathiya, Mahasiva Vaakiya Naadi Jothida Nilayam, West Tambaram, Chennai in December, 2008. They found my palm leaf after asking around 10-15 questions. The past and the present were 100% accurate with they telling me the names and professions of my siblings, wife etc. They even made my birth chart and it matched with the actual one I have. I was surprised. But the predictions for the future were all wrong i.e. 95% wrong.

    They asked me to visit 6 temples in the south and I spent 2 days visiting them and doing the pariharams. They took around Rs.9000/- from me to do a puja for me which they said would continue for a year and that they would send me a yantra by post on completion of the puja. They also took Rs. 3000/- plus puja materials for Guru Deeksha.

    Now it is more than 19 months and I have not received any yantra inspite of making many phone calls. They have a strategy. They send you some bhubhuti/ash and vermillion/tika 3 times during the puja year and write that the puja is continuing so that you rest assured throughout the year that your puja is being done and that you will get your yantra after the year ends. But all goes in vain. They spend Rs. 100 out of the Rs. 9000/- in sending you the tika.

    I have their recorded cassette and hand written notebook with me and everything is predicted wrongly. My naadi reader was Raja Sakthivelu and inspite of my calls, he has not bothered to send my yantra. I am sure there has been no puja performed and they fleece people in the name of Lord Shiva. Now I have stopped caling them becos there is no point wasting more money on the calls. I even wasted a couple of thousands more in the taxi they arranged for me to take me around the temples for two days.

    I have the details of the payment I made to them for the said puja.

    I was made to understand that this was the most genuine naadi
    centre in the world. How can one dupe people of their hard earned money in the name of God when they should know clearly that all this fraud would ultimately harm them? How long can you deceive God? I have left it now on God to give them their deserved punishment.

    One thing I have noted that this naadi shashtra is akin to the Bhrigu Samhita which can also accurately tell your past and present but not the future. I had visited Bhrigu Sadan long time back but they did not fleece me. The Panditji was a genuine person and advised me pujas to be done at home by any knowledgeable acharya I could find in my city.

    This Naadi thing, based on my and my friend’s experience is the biggest fraud perpetrated in the name of Lord Shiva by these Mundus. I hope He shoves his Trident up theirs soon.


    • hi i have never known about the nadi shastra but my relatives and friends told me and i visited them once i just gave the thumb impression and they said all the detais like my date ofbirth, names siblings parents, our jobs, what we studied why i was not married when it would happen etc.About the future i am sure u r all experienced enough to understand that even nadi reader is not god if he could predict that then he wouldnt be sitting and reading nadi. I guess as long as he is saying lot of things right without even taking date of birth is a great thing. if u look at lot of other astrologers who r at nook and corner of the areas they r the one fleecing people along with priests in the temple. just choose a good nadi reader and i am sure u will get the right information.thanks..

  • You can identify a fake nadi astrolger if he asks your Date of birth. With your DOB one can get the horoscope and predict based on that. A true nadi astrologer only gets your thumb impression.

  • This is another method to fool the person and encash his ignorance by bringing into picture the great saint Agasthya.

    How it works….. just read on

    Demi-gods or lower gods also finds a place in creation. Some of the services of the lower gods are easily purchased for a “joint-venture” or so to be called. The percentage of profit is agreed from the temple they purchase and has to be given to the temple failing which the results could be disastrous. It is not possible to cheat the demi-gods as the demigods are after all divine incarnations.

    When the victim approaches the astrologer for help, the astrologer asks various queries – as mentioned above. The answers of these queries are actually questions posed to demigod to get the correct identity of the person. Once it is got, all other past details are easily available by the demigod. These details are only heard by the astrologer. This may sound unscientific but really is not.

    Demigods are unable to accurately predict the future and hence the predictions are mostly not correct. Demigods are also used by astrologers, sooth-sayers, magicians, fraud god-men who materialise processed goods from scratch, which really is only shifting i.e, dematerializing, shifting and rematerializing.

    How I came to know about it?

    I have a friend who is an ardent Shiva devotee and made a small portion of his house as Shiva temple. He has been a Shiva Devotee and has been continuing for the past 25 yrs or so. But their hereditary god is a demigod. It seems the hereditary god also wanted to be revered and so he wanted a separate temple for it. HE WAS ALSO GIVEN THE PRIVILEGE of asking questions (or thinking and posing questions) to demigod and he would get the answer ABOUT PAST AND INCIDENTS.

    But my friend never used this privilege for monetary gains. For those who come with problem, he just queries it and suggests solutions for their well being. He has helped me many of times – a couple of them to say – when I misplaced very important file in my office and also when my colleague created havoc for creating bad name for me in office.

    When I wanted to know about the practice of Nadi Astrology I asked for his help and he let me know the actual functioning of it by querying it with demi-god.

    Sage Agasthya no doubt was a great sage. But it is ridiculous to say that he wrote the names and fate of persons before 1200 yrs as if everything is destined and future generations does not have free will at all.

    I just wanted to share the information. It is the wish of the readers to believe or not. If at all you believe, please share the information and prevent the cheats from taking over.

    • i want to say you only onething clearly that all persons will not have the chance to see Naddi astrology. If they are blessed soul means only, it is possible, or else they cannot go into that place. ok?

  • Very few Nadi readers actually know the business. Interpretation is not easy. The Leaves are not always available either.

    Only your thumb impression needs to be given. After taking out the leaves, they might ask you one or two yes-or-no questions to confirm that the leaf is yours.If your answers are ‘no’, they go to other leaves.

    If you can believe that your life is pre-determined enough to even have it recorded by Agastya etc beforehand, you can also believe that your getting cheated by the fake reader is also pre-determined. Be not angry, therefore.

    If all is pre-determined, how does knowing about it all help you? You cannot change anything anyway!

    • You seem to have missed the point. The article is not just arguing that the author got cheated by a fake astrologer. the article argues that the entire thing is fake.

      “If you can believe that your life is pre-determined enough to even have it recorded by Agastya etc ..”

      Life is pre-determined by natural causality, but you are making an irrational leap in logic by implying that it means Agastya recorded everything. That whole idea is superstitious nonsense.

  • Hey Friends…

    Good Morning.

    Who said Nadi Jothidam is fake??? I had experience about Nadi Jothidam and it’s 100% true.

    My future predictions are going true…. with exact 100%.

    Just trust & find good readers around you.

    • Hai, I seen your information. I am very happy. Where did u see your Naadi jothidam. who read predictions??

      Can u pls let me know??
      My mail id prabu.icici @

  • Well, there may be many imposters and fake guys going about conning people, but the place i went to was legit (Kanchipuram – Sri Agastyar Naadi). They only took my thumb impression and the first letter of my name. Infact i was forbid from opening my mouth at all because i had doubted them earlier and they told me they would prove their genuiness. And to my intense disbelief, the guy got my Naadi, read it, drew my entire horoscope (which i verified with my dad and found to be extremely accurate!) and proceeded to tell my life’s story. I was shocked to say the least, because not only did he mention a lot of private things which only i knew, the time of their occurence was also very accurate. So guys, if you really want to experiece the real deal, go to a legit place…. One can always learn cricket from Federer and claim cricket to be a stupid sport or there is always Sachin to learn from. Go to the right places for the right information.

    • Hello Akshay,

      I would appreciate if you could share the contact detils of the geniune Nadi reader you approached in Kanchipuram – Sri Agastyar Naadi.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Sanchit Dalvi

  • You can read my latest write upon that when we visited vaitheeswaran kovil again in June,2011 which has been also filmed for the program 60minutes of an Australain TV channel

  • Of course they can read out the past and family backgorund etc because 99% are endogamous and marry within their castes so therefore prediction about them is that much more easy.
    However it would be insane for us to believe that those pandits who read out is due to Hindu religion or something.

    It is just common sense.

  • I think the best way to trap them is when they ask you questions about your name, life, etc……just LIE to them and then after lying to them find out if they still reveal correct things about you.

  • you can not say this nadi astrology is “non sense”.. for 99% of people it will be true.. and rarely for some people like you u, it may come wrong.. because ofcourse those persons are not god to be 100% correct.. whatever is written about u, they will try to tell u up to their knowledge.. so dont spread some rubbish bad rumors about this nadi astrology

    • of course for people who make good money it has to be true so with religion and so with philosophy.

      extremely corrupt men and people run the world and exploit others to starvation especially in india.

    • Could the reason for this system of astrology seeming to work 99% of the time, simply be that 99% of the people who visit such astrologers, are either people with a credulous disposition to start with or people who visit them during times of crisis of desperation when their critical faculties don’t work well enough?

    • for 99% of people it will be true.. How do you know this? do you have any statistical data?

      If people like you are gulliable enough to beleive Nadi Astrology and part with your money, knock yourself. But our job is to protect innocent people from frauds.

  • yes. I also do cold reading in which more than 95% is true. Soon after we exposed the nadi fellow, i went to Peiryar Maniammai university where I called a lady worker and told her 20 things about herself nd her family which were all true and she was totally taken in by my predictions and handed over her jewellery to me for performing rituals to ward off evil to her son.

  • Nadi Jothidam is a fraud method available in Tamilnadu.
    1.They used gather the information from the person who is introducing you to the Joshyar (Astrologer).
    2.mostly the intermediate person will be the source for information.
    3.because the intermediate fellow is the only bridge to you and Joshyar.
    4.My friend once convinced verymuch with nadijoshyam, Then i helped him to find out the person, who passed his info to Joshyar.

    No body can Predict future !! Bcos there is nothing called Future , The moment we move to future its no more future, it becomes PRESENT !!

    • Not all are freaks. You have yet to meet and get to know the real ones.
      Regarding your last sentence:-
      That is the very reason you could choose the future and it is only alignment with the situations available. However the basic instincts and quality of the base substance( I call it soul and you could call it X) could align only in a directed manner in 99% cases. Future predictions cannot be 100% true as we could change and choose the same with our limited freedom. As a singer i could choose among many variations like Ghazal, carnatic or Rock to specialize in, but cannot be a sportsperson on another day. I can make a dog a better Dog but difficult to make it a cat. Nadi astrology( The original versions) in real sense only counsels and not predicts. Astrology is a counseling tool not a predictive tool. But in most cases people rarely change their born instincts and Good Astrologers scores points there.

  • Most of the people here have not understood the process properly.

    The process as I understand is as follows. The initial search is based on the thumb impression (in most cases). This is an index and several possible leaves are first shortlisted based on the thumb impression. Only one of the several such leaves will refer to the subject. They open each of these index leaves and try to find out which one refers to you. The questions such as your parents are alive, you have so many brothers etc are read out from such leaves and you are asked whether it is true or false. If it is false they go to the next leaf. In some cases first, second or third questions may be correctly answered and then there may be a negative. They discard that and go to the next and so on until they find the index leaf which matches in all respects. They then fetch the detailed information regarding that index leaf and read out the contents. There is no prediction made except the interpretation of the language.

    When the subject gives false answers obviously a wrong set is identified as belonging to the subject and further reading will definitely incorrect.

    Beyond this, what is fascinating is that there are certain facts already written there several thousand years back. I am not much concerned if the future predictions become completely true or not. But the phenomenon of Nadi Grantha is fascinating. Hope you find a genuine reader not a city based fake.

  • You joking…..

    Let me told you to test this guys I asked my father to sent thumb impression of my cousine who lives 400 km far from our house. My father gave thumb impression and left premises in 5 minutes. How can you spy whose thumb print it got?

    My name is begin with Letter R and ends with H. for you Its six letter name. What’s the name ?


    In my cousine’s case her name and parents name were predicted in the first instance (True). We allowed to record as well.

    • let us have another experiment with a thumb impression of some one whose name I shall not reveal to you. Let us see what happens.

  • I am surprised to read this article written by an ignorant in the field and a bunch of other onlookers who talk like the eight Blind men who describe an elephant.

    First and foremost Nadi Astrology per se is perfect and right more than divine.The Nadi readers( so called Astrologers) might be Good, bad crooks straight forward but all of them making a life by the reading. Having said so they are doing it for money and not for charity. I make a full stop here for the cost of part of it.

    Coming to the system and accuracy, unless you tell the truth they will never be able to find out the leaves that predicts your life since the first bundle they bring to you is just an index.

    The readers are basically un educated and you cannot expect intelligent interpretation from these labourers. However the leaves contain valuable information based on Vedic Astrology that gives you insight for future life.Remedies are based on vedic Astrology and are effective . But the remedies that Nadis suggest are very costly and not affordable by the common Man. Tell me what is affordable for the comoner today? except perhaps 2 square meals!!

    If you need to understand the divinity of Nadi astrology first you need to be blessed by the celestial masters and be able to get advice from Prasna Nadi, Jeeva Nadi or Brahma nadi. In all these Nadis no questions are asked and no answers are required. They just open the leaf and read to you. They are made possible by live letters which automatically writes like the automatic writing by the spirits that is explained by Many civilized and educated people.Prasna Nadi gives answers to your question whatever it might be. If you ask about intricate scientific principle or spiritual secret the answers appear( I have first hand experience about this ) But who asks about all these matters? every one require answers to questions like ‘when I would become P.M/CM’ or when i get lottery?

    Many unraveled secrets are there in the universe which I and you are not aware . There are more crooks in this world than the originals . This is true in the case of Politicians, bureaucrats,Bloggers, readers Hawkers, manufacturers, Astrologers , Doctors , Hospitals and Nadi Astrology Too!! The leaves have directed many as per the divine wish of the celestial masters. But they could act only through mortal beings and majority of them are crooks and fake. It is not the fault of the system but of the society in Kaliyuga.

    Inquire before you criticize! Do not think that you are Omniscient and all pervading. What I could see from the top of a 30 story-ed building , you on the ground cannot see but that doesn’t mean that what i see is wrong. It is your Limitation1! Good luck!

    • yes. We went back after three years and you can see the farce again on a write up -the fraud of Nadi jotidam on the same site.

      • I am not here to research who my grand fathers grand father was simply because I knew that he had existed, irrespective of another man’s research.It is derivation.This matter is not subject to research like research on the taste of Laddu by 100 men who do not have tongue.It is an experience and all experience cannot be explained only realised.

        • Hang on to it mate. Doesnt make it true just because you say so. BTW, there have been a number of documentaries on how the leaves are made etc.

          • Documentaries with vested interest do not make it wrong either. Dr. B.V. Raman the doyen of Vedic Astrology has vouchsafed the changing of letters and Language in nadis in his memoirs. The first person has numerous experience on the answers that could not have been answered by ordinary mortals leave alone th 7th std. reader. You hang on to your ignorance on the subject but do not try to prove your misinformation as right. Supreme court of India in its historic Judgement where Prof K.N. Rao was the defence counsel gave the verdict for the Astrology to be included in Universities. So there is nothing new in your argument and I make a full stop to this debate here.

          • No issues on the view points. My point was against claiming by the so called scientific tempered ignorants that they are the only species on earth with the so called brain. Logic does not reveal the truth it only add to the verbosity of the blind men explaining the elephants.

          • Nice strawman you setup there. If you jump off a building, you will fall down. Gravity couldn’t care less about viewpoints, you see. You can’t have a warped worldview and then complain when the warpedness is pointed out.

          • It is a worn out argument of the ‘elite’ atheists. In fact a realized soul could understand that the ultimate of adwaitam, Buddhism and atheism are different interpretations of a single truth. But the dogmatic philosophy that the incomplete ‘science’ perennially on research only could explain the ‘truth’ is pitiable. Going by your Gravity theory and the other currency note theory Can you agree that the medical science that could neither diagnose nor cure many a illness is bogus and is a superstition? I neither desire to make change your ‘Divine’ philosophy nor in a position to reply mediocre and repeated questions already raised in many forums that has only school debate value.However do not be overambitious to conquer the unknown by your limited logic, comprehension and understanding.The unknown could be realized not materially but getting outside the Box of this limited body, that you logicians would find too difficult to digest. No one could attempt to teach E=MC2 to a school boy.

          • Menon.
            you could keep on ranting and raving about the so called ‘research’ you are doing you could so so called research on 2+2=10 all your life and claim that you have depth of knowledge in the field and say that you are an authority on that which does not make that correct. If one does not want to take an objective test saying that it is superfluous it is their headache and an easy way of escape. Like what was done to one of us when we went to a Nadi research center near Tambaram. Because the guy could not do any cold reading, he went on opening new leaves and then escaped! When it is claimed that only people who are destined to go to a particular place go there and how is it that such an individuals leaves are missing? I was told by the person in Vaitheeswaran Kovil that every morning they go to the temple to collect the leaves of those who are going to come there on that day as the deity or whatever that is there knows beforehand as to who is going to come there and hence hands over those of the people who are going to come there that day. When this is the case how can any reading go wrong? When osama bin laden was hiding one of your Nadi pundits could have found out his hiding place by looking up his leaves and got the huge award instead of earning pittances by duping poor gullible people and suggesting to them rituals at the temple which of course can be done at a ‘discount’ price by their minions there. Besides our country has been subject to so many terrorist attacks and scams. These Nadi pundits could have fond out the culprits in each of these cases. They could have looked up the leaves of any one of the victims and done that!
            One can always put up strawman arguments that they would not condescend to such levels. Of course nothing prevents them from coming to such levels when there are gullible people around who will fall into their traps and wiling to pay. Well you keep on harping upon ‘genuine’ ones. let us have the name and address of one such who is willing to do predictions for us. Again, when I had gone to this place in 2011 I had given every detail very correctly of my dead brother in law who had died a few months back- they were satisfied his date of birth they predicted good health for him and that he would live up to 80plus while he actually passed away at the age of 56 years. So much for your accuracy of predictions.

          • Mr, Nayak,

            First you cheated them by impersonation acting that you were your dead brother. That apart , you approach any of these beyond logic experiences with myopic eyes and no one could help about it.

            I make it clear again that there are 60% frauds in naadi astrology why even among normal astrology practitioners. It is there among you atheists and so called rationalists too as what I see among the present generation communists of kerala, unlike the great souls of earlier years. Fraud is man made and it is there in pathological test too that you cannot refute.

            Then about predicting about hide outs of terrorists and earthquakes. No one has ever asked about it. Why can’t you approach a prasna nadi reader and ask about genuine concerns about the welfare of the people. Your aim is to disprove something not to prove anything. Where as I had asked such questions and had convincing answers. Astrology is a counselling science and not a predictive magic wand. People could make use of its abundant guiding value in taking important decisions otherwise known to them after a lot of trial and error like in education, career and health care. Do not be dogmatic and make the earth dark by closing your eyes.I have nothing against the per se rationalism but everything against dogmatism . No one could assume the wisdom of seers are far less than the medicore rationlists of Today. I am reminded about the mathematical wisdom of Baskaracharya, Varahamihira, and Jaimini who were all astronomers and astrologers of repute. While you believe in everything that is proved in laboratory refuse to accept experiences as biased and invalid. If we are so omniscient why can’t we produce human blood in a lab so far and make an artificial brain that could be replacd. You might say that we are in research. Yes we would do the research until our grave on certain maters since many mysteries on earth are incomprehensible though not mysterious. All of these facts have a sound scientific basis that we mortals could not decipher until today. Accept your limitations and be accommodating but in your fight against fraud, cheating,and scientific temper I am 100 percent with you but not to despise all the wisdom that i am not able to comprehend.

            Exposing fraud Naadi astrologers is of more importance for us believers than for you non believers and Good luck in your bold endeavours.

    • Let them read the number of a sealed currency note and write it down then we will open the envelope and check it out. If they are the same we will agree that Nadi jotidam or any other ‘science’ that is claimed to be accurate is perfect and acceptable.

      • Respected Prof Nayak saab,

        Who wants to convince whom? As all we know there is only one single truth that all of us try to decipher but unfortunately still at large since we are imprisoned in this mortal and limited body. Sankaras’ advaita and Ramanuja’s vishita advaita . Buddhas Soonya theory and the theory of atheism all are attempt on this direction . The truth as I realized is difficult to comprehend the same way by you and vice versa, which is why Swami Vivekananda told once the greatness of my philosophy could be comprehended only by another Vivekananada. This is true in all cases.

        Coming to Naadis Live nadis could tell what happens at a different place in real time and direct you to your aims. I had experienced it. But I am not sure whether persons of great power would even consider a trivilous challenge . It is like my 3 year grand daughter challenging me for a fight!! I am afraid there would be no takers for your challenge and you could continue to boast of your theories and I of Mine.Let us co exist , for the universe gives us freedom for the same. Glad to communicate to you online!

        • “But I am not sure whether persons of great power would even consider a trivilous challenge ”

          Really, then why they hell these persons of great powers charge money for their service. If they are great powers why suck up innocent victimes?

          • If any one sucks money from any gullible by cheating they are to be booked under law. When I say persons of power it means the celestial ones who answers your queries. You people have not understood the concept, the truth and secracy of Naadi astrology the real. You are still seeing the elephant blind. The persons of power never requires money. The readers and custodians charge as per their need and greed. It is a waste of time explaining to peopel who are alien to some system about its intricacies. Read and enquire about it and then debate.

          • Yes Menon, you are the smart guy here, we have all researched and it is not a matter of debate, it is a fact that they lie and cheat with some cool tricks. You can continue giving them money and calling them great ones if you dont want to accept the truth. Naadi astrology is false as are any other types of astrology.

          • “If any one sucks money from any gullible by cheating they are to be booked under law”-
            Which means all of those Nadi astrologers should be booked under law. Can you refer me to any astrolger who don’t charge a fee?
            Or if they charge money they should be willing to subject themself to a test to prove that the service they offer is genuine. In that case they have to take up the challange from Mr. Nayak.

          • MR. Hari You are talking to a person who has been researching on vedic astrology for the past 4 decades. and one who received innumerable suggestion on siddha medicine that was alien to siddha doctors and got cured of problems. Now having said so I am unsubscribing from this debate since the forum is dogmatic and refuse to accept another point of view. I am not doing astrology for my livelyhood .If you would like to know more about astrology and the kind of scientific reserach going on in this field by people of IITians and scientists have a look at just as an example.

          • Menon,

            Instead of all these arguments, just show that astrology works as claimed in a controlled setup. If it works, then rationalists will gladly accept it.

    • “forum is dogmatic and refuse to accept another point of view”. Mr. Menon, you have not presented any cosntructive arguments other than rambling on celestial powers. You should provide some scientific evidence to support your case.

    • We are anxiously waiting Mr.Menon. Please let us know on this site!Of course others too are welcome. I would suggest that you go to go to Vaitheeswaran Kovil where the nadi jotishars are dime a dozen. But, I dont know about ‘genuine nadi’ readings because they are all the same, doing cold readings on gullible people.

      • I am not to suggest the contact details of readers of Naadi here as it would tantamount to promoting.Those who are interested could inquire and find. There are established readers with credibility . My aim is not to provide or promote anyone. What I have written is from my experiences. I do not want to wear an agent’s Cap.

        • How convinient. But consider this – all you need to do is find a ‘genuine’ astrologer and show in a controlled setup that.astrology works. That’s it. You will find us singing praises of it. I will donate a few months of my salary to the cause of spreading such a profound ancient technique. I’m sure others will too. So think about it.

          • I have proved it to be fraud each time giving the names and addresses each time. Mine is any way known, but Menon keeps telling that he knows genuine people who can forecast correctly. In my next one the fraud of nadi jotidam I have given the photos of the shop, the address and even that of the reader.
            That shows very well what Nadi jotidam is- a fraud and a con game.

  • Hey guys, now I think it’s pretty obvious that this stuff is just a common case of cold reading. However, some of the people on this blog are impressed with these leaves that apparently have words suddenly appearing on them. How do you guys think this trick was pulled off? Good old fashioned invisible ink and heat or something a little more sophisticated?

    • Sami,

      Had it been some invisible ink , how could a 9th standard person could read me highly effective siddha medicines, that was not only effective but also uncommon to normal doctors. Further how could he tell me the very essence of self knowledge that could be told only by a realised soul?

      I am looking forward for that chemistry of the invisible ink and of the invisible brain from the very “Brainy” rationals on this forum who could make only rhetoric speeches from the roof of their houses but could not unravel a single mystery of the universe. Doing some third rate magic like cooking on someones head or putting a rat inside a coconut is not scientific enquiry. It requires constant researach, enquiry, divine grace and perseverance and belief.Remember scientist of the calibre of Einstein, Newton and Hawkins never defied the unknown mysteries of this universe and the concept of God.Less said the beter of the modern day rationalist hawkers!!

      • Menon,
        You may think that the hightly effective Siddha ‘medicine’ was one of the wonders of the world and you are putting the Nadi fellow on par with people like Einstein as if you have had the personal access to them and they are your kinsmen or something. The third rate magic is ont done by us but by the fourth rate godmen like Satya Naryana Raju which we have to duplicate only to demystify them. On one hand you praise the nadi fellows as if they are world class research sceintists and on the other you are saying that how can a nine standard pass fellow could know about invisible ink which shows your warped mind and double standrds. If they are capable of world class research how can they not have the capacity to do third rate magic like invisible ink? You can live in your own fools world hawking things like Nadi jotidam while the world is going ahead and then come back and say that it all existed long back!

        • Let’s look at it this way…

          Few centuries back, Jesus was crucified for wrong reasons. Nevertheless, doesn’t millions and billions of Christians still worship Him as God (even after 2000 years)? So you mean to say…am referring to the sentence “as if you have had the personal access to them and they are your kinsmen or something”. Going by this you mean to say the millions and billions of Christians today either were the contemporaries of Jesus (and still continuing to live!!!) or so foolish to have gone by history or they were all the kith’s or kin’s of Jesus. Stupid enough even for argument’s sake. But, being an open guy, I still take it forward. It still depends on which side you take. You can take up the side of a Jewish leader (in the form of prof – as pointed by some Iyer) to kill the Jesus (to kill the traditional richness of our country without doing a proper research..Naadi in this case) and call yourself proudly a logical guy. You see, ours is a democratic nation and we allow Mahatma Gandhi to be shot in public (with a contempt!) and at the same time we also encourage Kasab Ajmal to live happily (again with a contempt!). But I never knew these days Ajmal even had few followers following him (logical people like you might practically and scientifically say so because he had the power to kill hundreds of people in public and still he is not hung)!

          Hasn’t any thesis failed in English Literature ever??? I’m an investment banker and I purchase models for valuation. Alas, FYI…many of those models didn’t give me the correct picture of any company’s worth whatsoever. Had it given the correct picture to all Ibankers and Analysts like me, I don’t think any recession would have come at all in its first place (am referring to 2008-09 recession). And we didn’t spend a mere INR 200 (like in your Naadi case) to buy these. We all paid hundreds and thousands of USDs and Euros to get the same. Despite all these at least I haven’t adopted a fifth-rated trick to write a funny/sarcastic article just to gain popularity from few people. The very fact that Naadi has existed for these many years, it has overcome doubting Thomas(-in plural) like you. Like how you wouldn’t like to question the sanctity of Christianity any literate wouldn’t like to question the traditional practices, which is the life’s sentiment of thousands of Indians.

          Regarding Satya Narayana Raju, putting aside His tricks (in your words) discussion for now, He has built a couple of super-specialty hospitals, schools and other institutions everything at totally free of cost. This hasn’t yet been visualized by anyone else anywhere in the world. Let me ask you this. Have you even provided a free meal to a beggar/hungry person who has knocked at your doorstep in Udupi??? Forget providing have you even ‘thought’ of providing??? Satya Narayana Raju has provided these services totally FREE OF COST day-in and day-out. I am a beneficiary of His free education and trust me I haven’t paid a pie as fees to my education till my MBA. There are a lot of people similar to me who have been beneficiaries of His free institutions. There are at least a lakh operations done including cardiac surgery for the needy in His super-speaiclity hospitals. God forbid, tomorrow when your heart fails, who knows you might also be visiting that hospital for a free treatment… These are well-recorded legal facts. Let’s not start getting into the details of these for it would then become a legal issue and not an article issue anymore.

          • Ignorance is indeed bliss, going by your comment. I don’t think you know anything about Prof. Nayak. Go through all his posts on this site and then whine “Forget providing have you even ‘thought’ of providing”. And, you weren’t the first one to justify that fraud with flimsy logic.

          • I know that you have to be grateful to the fraud who has lifted you up from the gutter. But,remember that the education was provided by the grants of the govt. from the public funds and not any money earned by Satya Narayana Raju or his ancestral property. He has earned money through his fraudulent miracles and shared his booty with people like you who are his fellows in crime.How do you account for the dead bodies in his bedroom? Did you help him in his killing too? How about his pedophilic activities? Were you also a partner- active or passive? Sorry to go into your personal life but if you have caught any sexually transmitted disease through your sexual activities you can get yourself treated free of cost in his hospitals!By the way you may be kind enough to put up a list of the beggars you feed and whether you make them sing Sai bhajans before you feed them!
            Remember it is you who started these personal attacks and when you do that be prepared for a retaliation in the same coin.You could also take all the decisions in your personal life and profession by consulting vastu pandits. It was sad that you people could not consult them to find out some treatment for SNR when he was on his death bed and that he called a god- died!

          • The great guru of the rationals Mr. A.T. Kovoor , a towering personality of his days with whom i had occasions to interact, also held the same view . I am not to propagate miracles here for miracles are a myth. There are no miracles in the universe only Scientific facts, but it is not based on the incomplete science Mr. Nayak is talking about. The ultimate science is knowing the self, the universe, and the fellowmen, and for them there could be no difference between rationals and beleivers and would accept every one as evolving souls. Sree Ramana Maharshi the epitome of enlightenment and philanthropy who never talked about miracles during his life had explained about the unexplained things. Similarly Yogananda Paramhasa the great sage ( Authour of the Autobiography of Yogi)whose dead body was tested by the american medical association and certified about the unique nature of his physical body that remained non- decomposed for days together without Balming. These are all not Miracles , but on the other hand real science alien to the modern science and as such to rationals too. They are boys still playing on the banks of the river science, should I borrow the great words and wisdom of Albert Einstein.

            I have respect and regards for Mr. Nayak for all his philanthropic work and for the service to humanity and scientific ventures but not to his attitude in not trying to see metaphysics from a different angle that the wisdom of a person of his stature should exhibit.Thank you and Good bye from this post.

          • There is no great Guru of rationalists as Menon has pointed out.As for the body of Yogananda Paramahamasa whoever he may be where is it now? I have read his book of cock and bull stories of bringing back a dead bird to life, a man wresting with tigers and such stuff of fairy tales. The funny thing about all these is that they were all in the past and hence unverifiable!We do not have any now whoa re willing to be put to to tests that their claims could be properly verified. On the other hand we have the likes of Menon who make claims on behalf of long dead people like Newton and Einstein.

      • “Further how could he tell me the very essence of self knowledge that could be told only by a realised soul?”

        Mr. Menon, what the hell is this supposed to mean? You are just rambling on and on without giving any sensible reasoning.

      • If you talk about scientific enquiry, can you explain how palm leaves are preseved for 1000 years ? First of all what they show in the palm leaves is not at all Tamil. The scripts that they display in the palm leaves does not correspond to any of the documented Tamil scripts that dates back to the last 2000 years.
        Can you ask the Nadi astrologers to provide the palm leave for scieintific analysis? I know how people like you and those fraudsers will respond to such request- The palm leaves are divine entitity and cannot be distirbuted outside of divine self.

        • For your kind information I have taken piece of that leaf and had given it to the producer of the Australian TV producer Gareth for checking the age by carbon dating the last time we went there. He has not chosen to do that as they have not used the footage. so, the drivel about the leaf is not given outside is total nonsense.

    • Sami,
      there are number of ways you can make letters appear out of nowhere. Search “Invicible ink” in google.

      Palm leaves have a limited shelf life. The inforamtion need to be transfered regularly to new leaves. If the ancient saints recorded all the infoarmtion in palm leaves for, say 10,000 people, that amuotns to a large amount of palm leaves which needs to be stored and then the infroatmion should be transfered to new leaves. YOu need a large storage facility and palm leaf writers in industrial scale. The last time I visited, they claimed that the palm leaf writing were anticient tamil writing. Tamil script has evolved over the last 1000 years. The earliest script “Brahmi” doesnot resemble even remotely similar to the modern day tamil script. When I examined some of the leaves , they didn’t correspond to the script from any old era tamil . They appear to be random scratching! Further more, when I asked them to provide a sample for analysis with experts, they refused to provide (stating divine reasons). Interestingly all of the writings in the palm leaves were supposedly ancient tamil, but my brother’s name ( he was the client) was clearly legible in the present day tamil script! Why did the ancient rishis wrote everying in pre Sankam era tamil but the name in modern tamil script? When I asked this question, they thretened to kick me out!

  • I went to naadi joditar in Kanjipuram, he charged rs.300, did everything including CD. He took my initials and thumb print. Then leaf by leaf he was reading and asked me which one is the right match. After 3 bunch of sets, then came the match. The match was my name, parents name, wife name and all our profession, then very importantly, my age. Then he wrote my birth chart based on what was written, which is the exact match of my original birth chart. He did everything, my only input was my thumb impression and my initials. So for me, ‘naadi jothidam’ is true, but choose the right astrologer. There are so many frauds.

    • In a later write up I have given instances where these fellows were off the track and every case that was presented before them. In Chennai we had even gone to a ‘research institute’. The modus operandi was the same keep beating around the bush until you get the right answer. Some times, the one who presents his date of birth may be conned by the person who takes him there by already providing the info to the reader.
      The person whose leaves are being searched for and those with him are asked to wait in a comfortable pace when the search is going on and that again provides an op to over hear the conversation.Please check my writeup= the fraud of nadi jotidam in the same site for more details on this. This write up here was made in 2008 and that in 2011, three years later.

      • This is completely wrong. We did not speak a single word when they were searching for leaves. Few left out for smoke. And I was speaking to a person over there on how they do these things and two other guys were simply lying down in the table as they were tired due to long journey.
        The two people for whom predictions were to be made were nervously waiting quite for their turns.

      • This is very wrong. I had been a regular visitor to a nadi astrologer in Bangalore and he predicts accurately. However, I gave inputs to take the correct leaf. After 2 rounds, my correct leaf was taken and the predictions read. It read, I will buy a house in 2011 and to my surprise, I constructed a house in 2011. It also predicted that I will be promoted in 2011 and to my surprise, I was promoted as Assistant Systems Manager after 3.5 years. It also predicted that I will be in financial turmoil in 2012 and I am in financial turmoil in 2012 but is manageable because of the parigaram I did as per the leaf.

        Just to disprove nadi astrology do not say rubbish. Be honest. You have to follow the rules of it.

        I went for my cousin and it exactly predicted that he has 2 names and the accurate names also. It exactly predicted that he will be in foreign country after May 2011 and he travelled to the USA in August 2011 and now is living in the USA.


  • I am neither supporter/nor someone who opposes Nadi. Still I am clueless of what it is.
    Last week we had gone to Vaitheeswaran temple en route to Chidambaram temple from Velankanni. Two of my friends wanted to see Nadi Josiyam and we went in.
    Both had their predictions very accurate. Nobody threatened us or puzzled us. We didn’t sit in any wired room and nobody was discussing about any personal information about anyone.
    Everybody were just curious to know what comes out as prediction for those two people.
    One of the guy who is our close friend went inside. He said most of his predictions were accurate. Although many things can be picked from the person’s mouth itself, one of the prediction left my friend shell shocked. Some weeks back, he had his second child aborted as his first child was born only little ago. They even told that matter and only a handful of people know about it. There is no way that it got leaked via any means.
    What is your answer for this?

    • I have written a later one – the fraud of Nadi jotidam about 8 months ago on the same site. That is about my second visit there this time with more people. We had also visited a “research Center” for the same at Tambaram, Chennai.You could check on this link for that I have observed these people at work and it is simply the technique of cold reading- just last week I told one man in Unnao, UP about his aborting one baby and he was ‘shell shocked’ as you would say. It was only cold reading.

  • I would like to answer each and every point quoted by you.

    //1. The client and those accompanying them are asked to wait until the proper leaves are found. During this time they are asked to wait in a room which is wired and the conversation is spied upon.//

    Yes we were asked to wait. But we didn’t wait in any room. It was a thatched open and we guys were not sitting there constantly. Just we waited for waited for a min and came out for a smoke.

    //The interpreter is a clever ‘cold-reader‘. He notes the reactions of the client and those who accompany them, to check the accuracy of the predictions.//

    Wrong. None of us accompanied our friends when their predictions were made. They were all alone to listen what is being said for them. No way to read anybody’s reaction.

    //Pointed questions are asked to ‘predict’ the background of the clients- questions like caste, religion etc.
    Names and other specific details are rooted out by trying to guess the first alphabet of the word followed by the second one and so on by a process of elimination.//

    Names were verified with elimination only. But there were lots of other personal secrets which were said to verify the authenticity of their leaves. Most of the “secrets” were genuine secrets.

    //Most of the information is provided by the client from our reactions to yes or no questions or from subconscious body signals. In my case, since I am quite experienced in providing misleading body signals and since those accompanying me had no knowledge about my personal matters, the reader was not in a position to acquire any knowledge about me by this method, thus playing into the trap.//

    Nobody accompanied my friend during his prediction. Another person in our gang who went to see josiyam was just a work place acquaintance for us and hardly anybody knew anything on him.

    I would say you had ended up in a wrong place.
    And next time when you visit, have a genuine interest of knowing what it is and then decide if it is fake or real. You motive seems to be simply to disprove it!

    • they overhear the questions and the reponse u give from another room n over write few words in the leaf in ur break time..we are definitely wired..simple technique..

  • I would also like to answer you point on ancient palm leaves and having the predictions for entire population.

    I had a chit chat with a person at that Nadi center sitting outside while we were waiting. I asked the same question.. how could someone write predictions for millions of people in this world. What he said sounded reasonable for me. He said although millions of finger prints exists, Agathiya had classified the finger prints of human race in to 108. So from that they take the leaf that matches our finger print. I asked if that 108 will predictions for each and everyone. He said not necessarily, many a times many don’t get their finger prints in that set as well.

    And regarding palm leaves.. he says that original set of palm leaves will be preserved by Vaitheeswaran Temple management. And to read Nadi one needs to learn the stuff for 3 years from temple people and if they are qualified they are given a copy of leaves to a make living from prediction. Even the copies need to be returned every day’s end along with due rentals. If someone wants to practice from out of Vaitheeswaran kovil, they are also given a copy and due rentals are charged for it. So you will not find anything from carbon dating of those leaves as they would have been something recently written.

    • The 108 different classification system of finger print goes against the whole claim of the Nadi astrology

      Let us say, Agasthiyar classified the finger prints in to 108 categories. Let us say they are classified as F1, F2 …. F108.
      Your friend gives his finger print which let us say belongs to F15; in which case, Agasthiyar would have a general prediction for people with F15 fingerprint classification. In which case the Nadi guy should not ( or cannot) give your friends specific details like name, father’s name, the fact he had an abortion etc. That would mean all those people with an F15 classification would have the same name, father’s name, abortion etc. which doesn’t make any sense.
      The only way a Nadi astrologer can give customised prediction is if Agasthiya made a prediction for each and every fingerprint. This is impossible.

      Also, the next time you go to a Nadi astrologer, instead of answering yes or no for each question. Ask him to read the entire set of questions from the palm leaf and in the end tell, him if the leaf bunch belongs to you or not (without telling him which questions are correct and which one are wrong). That will make it more difficult to predict .

      • There is another way Mr. Raj to make his life miserable. Ask him to burn all the leaves and then ask him to predict rather than asking him to put forward all the questions? Or let him first write down all the questions of the index bundle on 2 GB pen drive and forward it all concerned that would be another innovation. Some of the rational members are indeed innovative and ntelligent.

        • Menon,
          we try to use our head ( gray cells) instead of trying to get conned by bullshit.

          Istead of answering individual questions with a “yes” or “no” which leads to guessing names etc. easily, why not verify whether it belongs to the client or not, using my approach?

          • The word “Gray ” has a different connotation in elite circles that I would like you to ponder over.

          • Mr.Menon your other rantings apart, could you be kind enough to inform us ignorant people what is the ‘different connotation’ of the word ‘Gray’ in elite circles? Since we are all ordinary people who move in circles of our own kind, we do not come into contact with the aforesaid category that you have been kind enough to mention to us. We are eagerly awaiting your enlightenment on this issue.

          • First of all no one use the word rantings to another fellow men in literary circles since the meaning of rant need to be understood better by the friends who responds to me in this forum. In my wildest of imagination i was never arrogant where as many of the members who responded to me were.Give due respect for the wisdom, experience and unique experience of others.

            Secondly Gray denotes the area that which requires light to be known better, The literary meaning” a topic that is not clearly one thing or the other” though customary to this forum it was a mock on me , my culture and wisdom does not allow to respond in the same way.Hope the rationalist members would become more rational in their behaviour too.

          • @Erol the Young(?)

            The smoke does not stand the test of time but the light will suerly be.Only problem is one needs to allow it to enter to remove the darkness

  • I have yet another query as well.
    Let it be cold reading and mind games as you say. By that they are able to predict past/present, agreed.
    But future is predicted. One of my friend’s father died at the age of 50 and he had his predictions recorded long back. Up to his death and nature of death, everything were predicted accurately.

    Also yet another case I have. One Nadi guy told one of my friend that he will get a peculiar un curable disease (not fatal) at a particular age (He is not old enough to get diseases. He is in mid twenties). Exactly on the age which Nadi astrologer specified, he got a peculiar disease which he is still unable to cure. He is living along with it.

    Also we have also seen numerous cases of specific future predictions happening. (note it, specific not a generalized prediction) In what way you would say this is possible?

    • You have to realize that your claim is not a unique one. Everyone has heard of someone who has had a supernatural experience. Thing is, that’s not enough evidence at all.

      Accompanied with cold reading, the subject (victim) wants to believe what he’s being told. He will look for meaning and try to make it sound like a great monumental experience when telling others, often adding masala. If astrologer tells him that event A is going to happen, even any event B occurring later, remotely similar will be attributed to A, and the victim will claim that astrologer told that B would happen.

      No matter how many Nadi Jothi frauds are exposed, another moron will always come along and state that he had a “true” experience. Seems frankly a waste of time, for something that seems so plainly obvious a fraud for someone not indoctrinated into submitting in awe to it by mere hearsay.

      • Your words have solid ground in arrogance. Calling the entire believers ‘Morons’. something which even Einstein and Newton did nt dare , requires great contempt not courage.

        • The believers in Nadi which is just a method of cold reading can be called morons. That others ‘dare not do it’ does not make them anything else.
          The ground in arrogance is that of you who have no guts to put any Nadi jotishar to a test which can be fool proof. I still stick to may challenge that without any clue on my part a Nadi jotishar should tell about some one whose thumbprint and date of birth will be handed over. Do that and let us see who is being arrogant.

        • Mr. Menon
          You are peddling Nadi stuff here without providing any valid scientific explaination.
          You are obviously supporting those charlatans who swindle money out of innocent victims.
          You make sarcastic remarks and never address the point other than going bla bla.
          You have no respect for any one let alone science.
          “Einstein and Newton did nt dare” – did you tag along with them your entire life? Einsten and Newton would have never supported this quackery. If you have read any shred of science you won’t be making any such remarks!

          • Just an addition: This write of mine is quite old. A later one can be seen on this same site called as the fraud of Nadi jotidam. For that I had visited a number of these Nadi places and two where I have spent nearly 3 hours each. The first one was the one which has been described in detail. On the next day we went to a ‘research center’ at Tambaram and that was a bigger fiasco where the ‘research guide’ could not find Babu’s leaves even after searching for hours as Babu did not give any clues about his identity or personal matters.
            Menon keeps harping about the greatness of Nadi without having the guts to show one Nadi fellow who can take up my challenge.This is hallmark of all these superstition mongers that they bluff and bluster and when some one is ready to take up the challenge they run away- on this site itself we have the example of Ashwini,Bhaskar Shetty, the flex print ‘shedding tears’ at Aluva etc. etc.

  • There is an You tube post in Tamil–a programme called Nijam ( Truth). This came in one of Tamil TV Channels.

    They show how few villages around Vaitheeswaran Koil have been supplying Nadi leaves to these Astrologers regularly. It is a cottage industry — They prepare the leaf, write it , pack it & send it to these Nadi Readers !! Looks authentic & professional.

    This apart, Iam still intrigued as to how they predict the past so correctly.However, the future reading goes haywire most of the times. I read one of late Dr B.V Raman’s books. He also mentions the same thing.

    • It is because you know your past and the clues can be got by your body language and this is what we call as cold reading. The future is not known to you, him or anyone else for that matter.

      • I remember having challenged him(B.V.Raman) long back when he had come to Mangalore University to deliver a lecture on the ‘science’ of astrology to read ten date, time and place of birth and tell me who is dead and who is alive, who is male and who is female. He refused saying that he does not do predictions on stage.
        Then I posted them to him and am still waiting for his reply!Probably, his spirit is going to do it some time. It was obvious that he himself did not have the confidence in his own abilities to read the past!

  • Hi Sir,

    I was surfing about Nadi Astrology and found your site. Interesting. An eye-opener.

    I was just wondering if you have tried the online Nadi Readings? You scan and send your thumbprints (along with payments) and they will provide the readings.

    Example :

    Have anyone tried the online Nadi Astrology? Was it accurate or a rip-off too?

    *There are more websites, but I just gave the above as examples. I am in no way affiliated to these 2 websites. You may delete the websites’ links.

    Thank you.

    • The way they go about dithering when one goes for the actual reading shows their modus operandi of asking questions and coming to conclusions by the process of elimination and cold reading. I am sure that they will do the same if you send the scanned thumbprint online. You could try that and let me know.

    • I went to the site they have sucha deailed a questionnaire that they will know everything about you from that itself and there are very general questions like when will my financial problem get solved -which can be always given vague answers.

      • Hi Sir,

        Yeah I thought so too, that was why I was wondering if anyone has tried it. It is so sad to see people are stooping so low to make money in the name of God.

        Well, have you seen how people have started selling yantra, idol statues, and so-called ‘religious remedies for problems’ on TV? Another rip-off trend, I guess.

        Thanks for replying Mr. Narendra.

        • Yes I have. We are waiting for people to take up these issues. I have spent all my life for such things and now I want the younger generation to take over.You could please read some of mu write ups on this site there are bout 90 of them.

          • Hi Narendra Sir,

            Thanks for replying. Yes, I just read some of your articles. Younger generations need a wake up call from guys like you. Keep up the good eye-opening/mind-opening work.

            Have a nice day.

  • There are many many things i can mention here.

    Let me start by saying that I am a highly scientific person with multiple masters in engineering and a MBA. I do astrology as a hobby since 17 years.

    top line facts:-

    1) most nadi readers are partly or fully fraud
    2) the leaves are not old, as someone has mentioned, they are manufactured recently and its an industry
    3) they were not written thousands of years ago

    then is everything else false…answer is NO

    All those who have commented here have to first learn ABCs of astrology. Let me clarify jyotish forms one of the limbs of the vedas – oldest scriptures on earth
    science agrees to some facts like- thousands of years back, the scriptures mention for e.g., among others the exact distance between earth and mercury …now that distance is being scientifically validated to 0.01% error with latest scientific tools. how was it known back then when there was no telescope, no computer, no calculator, no lasers etc?

    astrology is not hooplah…it is pure mathematics (pretty elaborate) -which is science PLUS astronomy (which is physics) PLUS some rules of how to interpret these heavenly body motions for human results….this last part is what science of Today does not understand…that dsnt mean its false automatically

    its an emperical science/ art of today

    200 yrs back if someone had mentioned web streaming, sattelites and smart phones….what wud have been the reaction? superstition and bull shit….coz it wasnt science of that day….science itself is nothing but an evolving human concept

    the questions they ask are for trying to pin point ur planetary positions as birth…much like a typical astrologer…then they use transit of planets like jupiter, saturn and rahu/ ketu to give broad results of future….

    depending on the effor the guy puts in, it is very accurate or not …very much like the ability of each engineer/ doctor/ lawyer is different no matter how good degrees they have

    that said, there are ofcourse innumerable scams and rip offs and a few genuinely knowledgable astrologers….

    • In that case, consider filling out this form here and claiming your prize. Once the prize is yours, folks here will sit up and take notice and will be all ears.

    • It is a common practice to equate fairy tales with advent of modern technology and then claim the credit for it. Well, dont keep on making claims- you can always say that internet existed in the vedas or Rama had an airplane but it took the Wright brothers from the west to show one that really flies and once that is does claim that it was all there in the vedas, if it existed at that time it should have been shown long before it was done in the west. Even now one claims greatness for all sorts of things without a shred of evidence to back it up- and then claim that those who failed were wrong and there are frauds everywhere. One can also flaunt their own so called technical qualification to back up their claims of being authentic investigators of paranormal phenomena. Let us have a go at the ‘few genuinely knowledgeable’ astrologers who may be around and have a test of their abilities.

    • Hi VS and all those believers of astrology and “Predictive Sciences”,

      Well, if Vedic astrology is supposedly so accurate and since you claimed there are genuinely knowledgeable astrologers; why didn’t they predict the Tsunami in India? Okay, let’s assume that they couldn’t care a less before it hit India, back then. What about the Tsunami in Japan recently? The so-called pundits of astrology should have predicted it and they could have saved a thousands of lives or at least a hundred.

      And if these astrologers/pundits can predict things accurately and offer solution to overcome the problems (mantra, yantra, gemstones, homas, etc) which they usually do, why can’t they predict something for India itself so that there will not be any financial crisis and the Rupee will not spiral downwards? What about suggesting some gemstones to the top guys at Kingfisher’s? Maybe you want to say that predictions for countries will not be accurate since we don’t really know the correct date of birth and time of birth since the land were separated from Pangea? Fine. Excuse accepted.

      What about checking the horoscope of all the athletes and tell us what lies ahead for the Olympians? Who can win a gold for India? Who has got the brightest star shining? What about checking it with all the Vedic, Nadi, and Bhrigu astrologers? What about solving the “which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

      Astrology of all kinds are just a waste of time and money. Hard-work, honesty, and intelligence is what you need to get life going and to survive. Did the primitive people used astrology to survive? NO. So, why do we in these modern eras need astrology for everything? Astrology is just a fake science and in simple words with multiple hypotheses and assumptions.

      If you can find a genuine astrologer, why don’t predict what will happen to me TOMORROW? Even a 5 year old kid can “predict” a astrology report for a year isn’t it? In 1 year something good is going to happen and at the same time something bad might happen. This is the standard answer from all astrologers. “Very predictive.”

      Just my 2 cents.

  • nadi jyothisyam really truth nadi reader said our two names correctly our place was karnataka nadi reader was kakinada he don t know our details but he said correctly our details he said parents name husband name childrens detail iam really shocked i am telugu i dont no pure english

    • I do not know where you are from. But, if you could tell me where you are probably we could meet and I could take more details from you- I speak Kannada so language is no problem.

  • namaskar, i was bone in tamil nadu.india.but i have no date of birth
    and time. kindly send your address, and feea, i will send by post tanking you sir. yours trouly vnrao

  • I’ve just read this old but wonderful piece by Dr. Narendra Nayak, and how he deflated the ‘true’ nadi josyar—and I can’t stop laughing. As for the comments, many of them from inflamed “true believers”: I admire the patience and courage implicit in the responses of the author and other rationalists when they try to reason with the “true believers” without accompanying the latter in their descent into vituperation! I am reminded of the famous statement of Sherlock Holmes made in a different context, quoting the poet Hafiz: “There is danger for him who taketh the tiger cub, and danger also for whoso snatcheth a delusion from a woman.” Hafiz may have been echoing the gender bias of his day, but today I think we could replace “woman” by “a believer in any form of pseudoscience” with full justification!

      • For some inexplicable reason, I saw this comment only now (on 23 May 2013)! I think the comments of the devotees of nadi josyam speak for themselves, in exactly the same way that the emperor’s attire spoke volumes about the emperor and his acumen in the tale of `The Emperor’s New Clothes’! I am more convinced than ever that it is futile and perhaps even hazardous to try to disillusion those who refuse to think. But the younger generation is another matter, since mental rigidity may not have set in as yet, and it is certainly worthwhile promoting the cause of rational and independent thinking among this set.

  • I don’t know why this website is hell bent on proving ancient Indian practices as fraud but it doesn’t touch upon the Christians and Islamic ones.
    I have been to this Nadi place to get predictions for my myself and my friends. There are some things which modern science can’t understand because the science is good as what the tools/procedures it uses to prove a theory. I think the modern science(of Western type) is yet to get there. For that matter the Western science first have to thank Indians before disapproving anything Indian because without Indian numerals the present day science would not be as rational as they think. Coming to Nadi, I got the Nadi predictions for my friend who was outside India and it turned out to be true. The moderators of this website are doing good job justifying the foreign funds they receive for disapproving anything Indian.

    • Here is an About Me section from a freethought blogger which explains why some websites focus on ills in the neighborhood rather than those from elsewhere. Here is another comment-trail from this very site, containing a response to this accusation..

      As for Science in India, it has a long way to go and objecting to criticism of superstition in the name of national pride is an obstacle to advancement.

      Accusing a volunteer-run website of receiving unaccounted remuneration without the slightest evidence, seems to be yet another symptom of HPC .

    • I myself had no preconceived expectations when visiting a naadi astrologer in pune.
      I provided only my thumbprint.
      within half an hour i was asked a series of questions to which i answered yes or no.
      until i was asked, and answered yes to all: my correct date and time of birth, full name and occupation, names of both parents, wife, wife’s occupation and wife’s date of birth. this provided for me 100% belief that the following reading was intended for me, and as a westerner, full belief in the science of naadi and its origins.
      Jai Hindustani.

      • It depends on who took you there. If you are a foreigner remember that you are needed to furnish all details and your passport to the hotel where you are staying. The reading could have been arranged by some one who has taken the details from there. How about sending a thumbprint of an unknown person. Please give us the details of the reader at Pune so that we can get the person investigated.

          “It depends on who took you there. If you are a foreigner remember that you are needed to furnish all details and your passport to the hotel where you are staying. The reading could have been arranged by some one who has taken the details from there. How about sending a thumbprint of an unknown person. Please give us the details of the reader at Pune so that we can get the person investigated.”

          • Very nice way to escape- come only if you believe!say that after every question- the bus will take you from point A to B whether you believe in Rudoplh Desiel or not. The air craft will take you from point A to B whether you believe in Wright brothers or not. It is only for things like Nadi that you have to come only if you believe.

    • I am sorry for late reply, but was guided to the site this late:
      As a Hindu born, I believe it is our duty to put our house in place rather than worrying about others for the following reasons – 1) We know our faults the best. 2) To comment about other religions, it is important that we have complete knowledge about them, which we don’t have 3) There are enough people in those religions that are much more aggressive than folks at Nirmukta. You should google Christopher Hitchens (RIP), Dawkins, Ali Sina, Dan Barker and many more.

    • Not at all. Let me assure you that human gullibility has absolutely no geographical barriers or boundaries. In every culture and in every era, there have been charlatans, shysters and con-artists, preying upon a much larger number of gullible victims. What is perhaps unique to the gullible among Indians (and that, unfortunately, is almost the entire population) is a wonderful piece of mental jugglery: one first denigrates science and the scientific method by proclaiming that “modern science doesn’t know everything, there are things beyond science”, etc., and then, in the same breath, one goes on to assert that our ancient wisdom (including things like astrology, vaastu, etc. etc.) must necessarily be correct because its premises are “very scientific”, and that much of this wisdom actually anticipated the findings of modern science by millennia! Not being able to see the contradiction here takes some remarkable mental gymnastics, but it seems to come easy to us.

  • hi, i also visited to veetheswaram koil Mr M ALEXANDER. My experience was very bad. I waisted 4700/- and even he could not tell my name.

  • Some facts you should keep in mind before going to Nadi Center,
    Never Give your date of birth
    Do not try to give him information only say yes or no.
    There is list of questionnaire which lead to final draft.
    Father Mother are alive.If you say yes, in final draft you will have full details of Parents.
    Father name starts with s,p,r,t etc end with r,n, etc
    Remember they Know your Full name along with Thumb impression.
    From full name they can guess your caste.

    At the end when you will recap most of the information they give you are the same information which you have provided them in different forms for different leaves.

    One basic rule is there….If someone tell you the past you will be excited and sure that he may be knowing the future also.

    Even if you take care of one basic tip,i am sure that you will never find your leaf………that is date of birth.
    If they able to extract information about your date of birth.It is very easy to make Janam patri from this information.

    Predictions are sum of all the information which you have given during questionnaire and your Janampatri.
    Remember it is a combination of ……..I do not want to hurt somebodies sentiments.
    Be aware !!!!

  • Nadi readings worked well for me in fact just two it three attempts within 5 mins I was zeroed in with 100% accuracy. On names occupation, current status of my parents etc. I strongly believe there is some science working out there

    • If there is a ‘science’out there I dont know where it ran away when we went there a number of times! Perhaps it is very selective! Please check my next one in the sequence which is there is this site- the fraud of Nadi jotidam.

  • If there is some ‘science’out there, I dont know where it goes when we drop in! The same thing happened to a number of us on our next visit too. Please check on this- the fraud of nai jotidam which on this site.

  • I don’t believe in this. Predicting the names of parents etc is baloney. How can one predict names???

    They have a secret source for fetching this information. Passport has parents information. Maybe these people may know someone from immigration. or maybe they have contacts to all hotels.

    I am religious but I don’t believe predicting the names part of it. May be in old days they profiled types of people based on common factors in thumbprints. Based on this one can predict what kind of person you are and this may not be accurate. Just like Chinese Gender chart.

  • One more observation from the article, based on the information provided by you like DOB, fingerprint, or your photo they will probably get a set of information from their secret source. Once they receive it they pick the correct information by asking questions like your father name starts with ‘k’ and mother name starts with ‘s’ for it logical?

  • Dear Friends,

    “They have a secret source for fetching this information. Passport has parents information. Maybe these people may know someone from immigration. or maybe they have contacts to all hotels.”

    I agree with Ram, for the sake of arguments, that there may be something alike that for the persons staying in Hotels or arriving from abroad etc, but those who come just like that from within country, uninformed, from the homes or not from hotels. WHAT ABOUT THEM?

    I happened to read an article titled “It was written”. The author casually called his friend to a Naadi Center as it was convenient point to meet for both of them. While waiting for, the friend casually asked Naadi center to take out any Naadi leaf for him, if possible.
    Later, unexpectedly a leaf of ‘Brahma sooksma Naadi’ for his friend was found. On the request, the photographs of the long palmleaf were taken. And the names of the concerned persons were dotted for easy recognition.

    If demanded by the readers and permitted by the moderator,to present article, he and any interested readers may contact me on If agreed by the moderator, will provide the article on this forum. I presume, without reading the article Prof. Nayak and others, will not debunk my remarks.
    Let us come togather to know more. By negating we lose possibilities for research or study, of these palm leaves more closely. Is there any thing really written on the claimed palm leaves? If yes, what is it? Can debunkers groups come forward to seriously find what is it written on the palm leaves? Does it have some message really written? If so what is it? I request readers of this faculty to form a study group to unveil the writings on these palm leaves.

    • Yogvikek, If you want to study this, you need to get those Nadi folks to cooperate , provide copy of the leaves and so on. When I asked them, they refused . If you can get one of those Nadi folks to aggree to a controlled experiement/study, I am sure Dr. Nayak will participate.
      I think you will find that most of those leaves are fake, the so called ancient tamil scripts might just be telling somthing like “Gopal ate 2 kg of rice” or something mundane. Or it could just be a random scribbling…..

  • Please read my next write up on the same topic- the fraud of Nadi jotidam. I have been to a number of these nadi centers including one ‘research center’ at Tambaram and have not seen anything there except cold reading and trying to get information by the process of elimination say your name starts by a,c,f,g if no with m,,n,y, z if no another set and so on until the proper alphabet if got!

  • Reply to Raj

    “I think … might just … Or it could just be …..”

    These are all assumptions…
    For person of scientific temper and investigator, these assumptions are needed to be examined with hardcore evidence. And the result should be discussed in this forum.

    you need to get those Nadi folks to cooperate , provide copy of the leaves and so on.

    Nadi centers do provide notebook without asking for, some centers give on demand, According to them, it is the exact reproduction of what is written in the palmleaf. Cassette gives meaning and interpretation of what is written in the note book.

    Who could be better person than Narendra ji? He has visited several Nadi centers on different occasions. He has the knack to extract the required documents from them. I am sure by now he is in possession of many Notebooks, the nadi centers provide, in addition to CD or Cassette. These are the evidences provided by the center, with these evidences be verified by him withe help of experts in the field.

    • OK, if Dr. Nayak has some leaves in his possession, then I think it would be a good idea to scan and put it on a web site. Someone can translate and tell you what they mean. But that just a fun thing. It doesn’t prove anything. Becausem as as the artcile point out, this guys figoured it out using cold reading technique ( asking serious of questions). so he could have just written the leaves after the fact ( it is not difficult to re-produce palm leaf writing).

      What you need to do is provide a contat for someone who can do this wihout asking questions? Then get that Nadi guy to cooperate and give his leaf before he asks any question!! We will translate this to make sure it matches with the decription!

  • Dear Narendra Sir,
    Thanks for guiding me to refer the photos you had appended to the link. Thanks for that. That means, I am sure you are also possessing the pages of verses written about you and other persons with whom you had gone to investigate the matter.
    You can take the help of the Tamil knowing experts to unveil the meaning of the verses written there for you for the assumed names.
    I hereby make appeal to all Tamil knowing persons to extend their services to Narendra Sir, for reading verses and meaning their off. Whether is it the same what is told in the cassette or not could be told by them.

  • Dear Friends,
    With reference to NARENDRAJI’S COMMENT:
    Agreed, that you did not ask for or in spite of asking they did not provide you the verses written in a note book. To use only two page information out of 40 pages notebook is absurd. Sir, You have varied experiences of many nadi centers at different cities etc. How come you did not get notebooks with verses written from any of the nadi centers? I am told, generally they use the remaining pages to write down versed which run for man pages.
    Thought they have not given, did you not insist for them? To debunk the high claims by nadi centers you need written documents in form of verses presumed to have been written from the concerned palm leaf for the individual.
    That they extract the information by cold reading may not be convincing because many of the debunkers have recorded that nadi readers are very poor in the art of cold reading.
    I request Narendra sir if not in earlier visits now onwards you may get the notebook of the nadi reading and provide the meaning of the verses and the details match.
    Also personally, I feel why should you disguise as fake or deceased personality every time? Once it may be acceptable, later on one should be bold to get the leaf by answering the honest information about one self.
    Of course it is my own view. You may like to differ.

    • Dr. Nayak has visited the center twice and rasised reasoanbel doubts. Sun TV has also done the same.
      it is now upto people who support/ beleive this crap to take it up and do more investigation and present evidence. That is the approach of science.
      If some one tell you the core of the moon is made of blue cheese, as a scientisit/skeptic can raise reasonable objection and point to fallacies. you cannot expect to proove beyond doubt that the moon is not made of blue cheese!
      So what I suggest you do is this: go the Nadi center, vedio tap the whole incidence and ask the astrologers to provide the leaf (I bet they won’t!). then present the evidence and I am sure Dr. Nayak or others will investigate this.
      This is as far as we go . If you thinkt here is some sort of supernatural powers on the leaf or those Nadi astrologers then go ahead and investigate. Tell us what you find.

  • Dear Friends,
    With reference to Raj ji’s comment:
    Thanks for providing link. It gives insight of the nadi leaf making process.

    Though I do not know abc of Tamil language, have some observations,based purely on the picture we view:-
    1. The film is meant to focus on the preparation of leaf bringing down from palm tree top and make them ready for writing script on it. Then make them ready to write down the matter and to make it appear as if some meaningful verses have been scribbed in unreadable scripts. However this crucial aspect has been dealt with very sketchy manner and shown for few seconds compared with the rest of general information. Even the close up of the person writing a line is shown in hurried manner. No close up of that or other leaves kept for drying or so and making then ready for packaging. Even the instrument with which he is scribbling on the leaf has not been highlighted.
    The name of some town sir— or some thing, is taken but exact details of village or the persons involved with names appear to have not been mentioned.
    SUN TV as the logo indicates, is a reputed channel they are expected to present the investigative news strip in more professional manner.
    Thanks for providing the You Tube link, I could view some other interesting clips on the subject as well. After seeing them, felt there has to be more than mere cold reading. But surely can not be by planting nadi center persons in the waiting crowd or by sending center persons to visa or other offices just to inquire the details of parents and date of birth etc.
    Planting the persons in the waiting crown may be possible in Tamilnad but cannot work out in places outside Tamil speaking areas. They will immediately be exposed and get caught because of their features, colour, dress, language-accent etc.
    Hope If someone can explain some of the missing aspects due to my language problem, they are welcome…

  • My experience

    I went there and asked for a study and agreed the amount at Mayur Vihar , Phase II, new Delhi. The Swami named Shivagurunathan.

    He took my THUMB IMPRESSIONS and went inside. He told me there are 144 types of General impressions. He has some leaves (not all the library). In case he has that for me he will charge and read the leaf for me.

    He did not ask my name or date of birth.Brought one pack of leaves (size 15″x1.5″x1″ appox)
    He started reading the leaves one by one and asked me to reply only in yes or no.It was not in the first bundle. He brought the second bundle and after around turning over 30 leaves , he found one and asked me if your name starts with A , I said yes other q’s i said NO. He went on turning AND AT LAST found my correct name. Then he said is your fathers name is … , I said yes, He took my mothers name and aked if it is correct, I said yes. Then he told me my date of birth. I confirmed.He told my wifes name and I confirmed.
    He told me the present situation I was going through and than dictated the FIRST KAANDAM (out of 14 Kaandams) before a tape recorder -first the text contained in the leaf and then the english translation and a notebook in which the exact copy of that leaf is written in old Tamil script.

    I am sure my own experience is different from the blogger. I had recommended the NADI JYOTISHA to several of my friends. Two of them was returned as he did not have the leaves.Any one willing to check can write to me for his number/ address.

    Wildly yours

    • “He told me the present situation I was going through and than dictated the FIRST KAANDAM (out of 14 Kaandams) before a tape recorder -first the text contained in the leaf and then the english translation and a notebook in which the exact copy of that leaf is written in old Tamil script.” …says Wild Thoughts

      May I request you, Wild thoughts ji?
      Please send the scans of the note book you possess, to Narendra Sir,for study purpose?
      I am sure Narendra Sir, maintains the spirit of inquiry as his mission, will certainty like to get it verified from his Tamil knowing friends. The details you have experienced to be very accurately matched to your personal details.You may like to share the details of the center for his next time mission to debunk the Nadi records.

  • Modus operandi of Nadi jothidam

    I have seen several feed backs by skeptics, but nobody has given basic method used to cheat. It is very simple. They do not use any spy or etc. Here i describe the method exactly.

    First part their claims

    They claim that they will tell your date of birth ( you need not provide this), your past and future. they claim your name, parents, siblings names are written in the leaves etc. and will be told by them. You have to give only thum impression and participate in search process by answering yes or no .

    Next searching process.

    They say ( to trap you and get your cooperation), there are thousands of people with similar finger print. so they need to search your leaf and identify it among several others. So they will read on each leaf and you have to say “only yes or no” to each statement. You need not give any info. ( this just to fool you, and convince the gullible that, all the info is in leaves and you are not telling anything).
    This search process is quite lengthy, takes an hour or more. They do not allow us to record this search process. They do not even allow us to even write anything with pen. ( as it will expose their fraud)

    During this search process they ask us several hundreds of questions. questions range is so exhaustive that it covers every material aspect on earth.
    few examples
    Your father is in jail. you are a muslim ( hindu, christian). there is a court case. You are govt employee. you work in electricity board. You are divorced. You names starts with leter (X) X can be anthing. if you say yes to Hindu.
    they will ask your name is of lord shiva or vishnu. then they start guessing your name like narayana, ram, krishna by asking first letter etc.

    Method of telling your date of birth.

    First they get your Nakshtra of your birth by repeated trials, then maasa ( month in lunar calender ), then year. year they guess in less trials ( by your appearance).
    Once they get your date of birth in lunar calendar rest is simple calculation.
    It is interesting to note that, they read out so many contradictory questions in same leaf. ( if one leaf belongs to one person, questions like you are a christian should not be followed by question like you are a muslim. But that is not the case there. They keep on asking several trials for each variety of question on same leaf, which can not belong to a single person)
    Two things to note are : 1 ) huge no of questions of several aspects. 2) No of trials for each aspect.

    Prediction process:

    Once they collect enough no of yes questions from you, they start prediction phase, ( which can be recorded by you, as the game is over )
    Note that they have to remember only those question which you have said yes. anybody who is in this business can have that memory. Hardly 20 questions among hundreds.

    these few things include your name, siblings, parents names, your date of birth. Your occupation. ( all these are given by you indirectly, Hence they will have pin point accuracy). They do not use any spies etc . Not required, as you tell everything. However they do have a good cold reading ability and memory.
    They ask all the questions ( which you nodded “yes” earlier) in sequence. You say all yes. and they say that is the leaf which belongs to you.
    This time one leaf contains, one question for each aspect. Contrary to earlier leafs which contain several questions on each aspect.

    Next they will tell your future. ( which is not verified by anybody) a lot of bla bla blah. Here no pin point accuracy. what they say is just like, what you read in any astro forecast based on your birth date, star etc)
    Many fortunate things to come on fulfilling one condition. ( Read exploitation process)

    Exploitation process.

    Next they say your future will be told by them, which is arranged in several chapters . like professional/ career, marital, business, spiritual, your past life ( past births),papa parihara kanda ( chapter that tells the sins committed by you, in your past births and the penances required to eliminate the effects ) your future life ( re incarnations), moksha in this birth( salvage from birth and death cycle).
    For each chapter you have to pay a separate fee.
    They say papa parihara kanda ( sins- penance chapter) is compulsory, to get the fortunate things your nadi jothidam predicts. Otherwise none of the fortunate things come true. ( as you are a sinner, who has not eliminated the ill effects of your sins by completing puja ( a prayer-ritual )This is the curse of goddess Parvati ( wife of lord shiva )
    You have to pay extra for this ritual to be completed in Seven shiva (Hindu lord) temples. They will do that and send prasad ( dry food items offered to god in the ritual)by post.
    For search process and basic chapter a separate fee which is the minimum fee everybody pays. Rest is paid by gullible, who are novice enough to not recognize the fraud. Or some people feel happy when they hear that Most sacred Sages/ Rushis have written about their life thousands of years ago, they are fortunate to have their leaf.

    My experience>
    trial 1.
    I revealed the info related to date of birth related questions.( questions are in lunar calendar- they needed less trials for guessing- which surprised me- and prompted me to have 2nd trial). They predicted my date of birth correctly in Gregorian calendar.
    All the names No surprise. ( as everything was told by me)
    Future Not verified. many things trivial.I do not remember.
    My friend asked for his sins- penance chapter>
    They said he had raped his enemy’s wife etc in his past birth. My friend took pride instead of shame. I think these rascals know this fact in advance.

    Trial 2.( another Nadi astrologer)
    I concealed info related to date of birth question saying i do not know ( neither yes nor no). In spite of saying i do not know, they made several attempts covering all the months in Gregorian calender, all seven days in week.
    They predicted a date of birth, which is utterly wrong.
    Then i said i know my date of birth and what they said is wrong. Then a verbal fight erupted. They said, we have come there to have a fight ( evil people). they are not ready to fight.
    They asked me whether i would like to continue. ( listen predictions ). I said No. They charged me, usual fee as i wasted their time in searching process.

    My friend’s Case>

    My friend asked about the future of his brother ( who is expired). Initially they claimed that, they do not need finger print, and they can tell the future if we just provide date of birth and Name.
    These fools struggled a lot, to collect the details.( by asking several rounds of questions) I think that was the first time, they were facing a dead man’s future. Their ready made question bank is not tailored to get the crucial information, whether the person is alive or dead.)
    Finally we revealed that, the person is no more. My friend asked for Papa parihara kand of his brother.

    They told that his brother was a king in past birth. He killed a cobra, destroyed its home ( ant hill). Because of this, He expired at an young age in this birth.

    Now fees details.( 2004 rates)
    Basic chapter ( including search operation) : Rs250 ($5)
    Every other chapter Rs.250
    Ritual to eliminate the effect of your sins: Rs 2500.

    Even for fun it is not worth to give a try.
    You need not travel a long distance, just to be fooled by these rascals. it is a simple, very basic deception.

    G.Chenna keshavulu

  • Ahh!
    I dont know how you can conclude Nadi Josiyam as fake just by your bad experience?
    There are lot of bad astrologers who cheat people.. it happens in every field.. there are lot of fake doctors around, can we call all doctors as fake??

    I have seen my father’s Nadi jothidam book… It was taken long before his marriage.. In that, my Mom’s name is mentioned.. my dad’s work is mentioned (Totally unrelated field then), two sons (me and my brother) are mentioned.. and a lot of other accurate details.. I dont know how they operate, but i felt it is awesome..

    It is a fashion now for some Indians to discard and abuse every tradition in India!! Rather than going deep into the subject, they just take few cases and jump into conclusions!!

  • Dr. Nayak’s effective dissection (and deconstruction) of this so-called “exact science” (of “Nadi Jothidam”) has been followed by several excellent comments on “how it’s done” by some discerning readers. One would think that the matter ends there, and that this particular bit of charlatanry has been laid to rest forever. But no! “True believers” continue to argue for the veracity of this patently fraudulent scam, even though Dr. Nayak responds every now and then and sets the record straight with apparently infinite patience! I’m forcefully reminded of the final line in the comic “Asterix and the Soothsayer”. After the soothsayer fraud has been thoroughly and completely debunked, and things are apparently back to normal, some of the villagers still voice a lingering “Maybe …”. Whereupon Getafix the Druid laughs and throws up his hands, telling Asterix, “Hopeless! Asterix, they’re hopeless!” Delusions do seem to be immortal!

    • Well said, Mr. Balakrishnan.

      I think there are going to be people like Yogivivek who are going to peddle this nonsese, and there are alwasy people who are going to go them no matter what evidence you provide. My own relative was scammed by these astrologers for lacks of money aprarantly for doing parihamams to cure his illness. He died in the end . Poor man could have lived longer if he had seeked medical help instead.
      And these trolls like Yogivivek campaigning for these scammers. I cannot beleive how they sleep in the night whent they are scamming out of innocents.

      But I am pretty sure this article and the comments help open the eyes of many who would think twice before dishing out their money. Even if we could put sense into one guy, the efforts of Dr. Nayak is worth it!!!

    • Dr Nayak is in an illusionary world Mr. Balakrishnan . Not only he has illusions but also ina deep trance. Time and again i explained the true practitioners of this invaluable guide to human life leave alone cheaters , looters and scamsters.. But I find this site and its dogmatic writers stick to their worn out unscientific temper and go on beating their drums…..We could wake up only those who sleep but not theones who pretend to sleep … I am reminded of the extensive rituals done at the cremation of Dr.Anantha moorthy inspite of him being an atheist…

      • Raveendranath,

        You accuse the writer as “unscientific”. Do you even know how science works? Forget science. Do you even have a clue as to what “burden of proof” means? I’m pretty sure you don’t. So stop wasting everybody’s time and learn how science works. Then prove whatever it is that you want us to believe.

      • I am reminded of the extensive rituals done at the cremation of Dr.Anantha moorthy inspite of him being an atheist

        About that smug, craptastic remark. If anything, it shows how deep rooted the illness of religious ritualism is. It’s quite possible that the family went ahead with the rituals to avoid any controversy or maybe they themselves were religious and were afraid that if the rites were not done, URA’s atma would be stuck somewhere. A person’s atheism is something that they chose. What happens after their death is something they cannot chose. But religious apologists like Raveendranath will make a merry dance anyway. Because that is how shallow their religion is – an atheists death becomes vindication of their nonsensical faith.

  • Thanks V Balakrishnan when you said,

    “Hopeless! Asterix, they’re hopeless!” Delusions do seem to be immortal!

    A friend of mine said it in opposite context!

    Recently, my friend came to know that I have posted comments on the forum debunking the Nadi Palm leaf predictions.
    He said, ‘All right, Good luck to you !’ When asked ‘Why?’, He said, ‘You will get standard type of responses:-
    1. The case of Nadi palm leaf predictions is already open and shut.
    2. It is simple trick of obtaining the information from you by many subtle ways, when ready they start telling the same, pretending as if the same is being told from ancient palm leaf.
    3. No one goes in to the details of writing on the palm leaf as it is kept untouchable under the garb of as piety and what not!
    4. Notebooks are not required to be examined as the hoax of the Naadi readers is uncovered by many in the past by champions like B. Premanand, Dr A. Kovoor and many stalwarts including Dr. Nayak etc.

    My friend shaking his head said, ‘Don’t bother about debunkers. They are hopeless. They will pretend to unearth the truth, because they are not interested to know the truth. They just want to propagate the theme of negation on the subjects they do not believe in. They will not do anything except to circle around the Naadi leaf readers and cold reading theories etc. If you ask them to study cryptic Tamil language writings etc they will flatly refuse.’

    I asked in puzzled mind, ‘What is really required by them as per your expectations?’
    ‘Just because you as my friend are asking, so listen’, he said. ‘I like to tell you.’

    There are many who really want to know about the Naadi Palm leaves and matter written on it. There are some group of persons silently conducting the study of the same. They have decoded the script without the help of Naadi readers and concerned persons. They have independent observations to make. They neither rule out the possibility of some handy work to extract money from clients by Naadi centers, nor they debunk the whole of Naadi palm leaves as matter of laughter. To them the nadi readers are mere readers. They have skills of reading what is written in the palm leaf. Hence to those groups, what is written in the leaf is more important rather than drumming about cold reading theory etc. Their view is Nadi palm leaf matter centric rather than Nadi reader centric.

    They have studied the thousands of nadi notebooks of the persons, who have handed over them for study purpose. They keep discussing the results and record them for further study. Some indological institutes have shown interest in their study from the language point of view.
    He further said, ‘You may post these words. and WATCH THE REACTIONS they will either neglect the comments and / or drum the same tape again and again.
    Thus in his eyes, not soothsayers but “Hopeless!” are the debunkers”

    • @yogivivek,

      Looks like you are going to campaing for these con artist and support the swindling of money out of innocent victim. If you have a hidden agenda, come out clean man. Just pretending to be some sort of skeptic while peddling this stupidity is complete nonsense.
      If you or your friend has any data, provide it. You just keep going on an on without giving any evidence.


      • “There are some group of persons silently conducting the study of the same. They have decoded the script without the help of Naadi readers and concerned persons”

  • “Looks like you are going to campaing for these con artist and support the swindling of money out of innocent victim. If you have a hidden agenda, come out clean man. Just pretending to be some sort of skeptic while peddling this stupidity is complete nonsense.
    If you or your friend has any data, provide it. You just keep going on an on without giving any evidence. ”

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your angry but frank comments.
    1. I am no peddler for any Naadi readers.
    2. I Have no liking for astrological predictions. Hence no hidden agendas.
    3. My friend had read some of this type of discussion on some forums and articles. Hence his views were mentioned.

    This forum is for frank discussion. Dr. Narendra Nayak has broached the topic. Thus procuring evidence, like Nadi readers’ cold reading tactics, is also his prerogative. He has done to his ability. If some new angle of getting nadi leaves examined has been brought out by some readers, it’s he who should take initiative to examine those aspects of Naadi Predictions related Literature. As previously said, his further probe in subject is expected as an honest and sincere expert in debunking activities.
    He too like me will appreciate if you could extend all possible help to find out more about what is written in the palm leaves. I am ignorant of Tamil language, otherwise I too could have been of any use in this regard.
    Dr. Narendra Nayak may have many friends and followers who are expert in Tamil language and scripts. For him getting fresh reading done, and obtaining notebooks for the same is matter of pride and prestige. His reputation for debunking is at stake.
    Thus asking for proofs from others is not as significant as for you and me. Let us wait for Dr. Nayak’s future research on the topic.
    To, Dr. Nayak Sir,
    Hope you will not say, ‘I have done probing to my satisfaction. Don’t as me to do any more.’…

  • All this article shows is that this particular practitioner is a charlatan. It is unscientific to infer that the science itself is false. Indeed, every practitioner in existence might be a charlatan and the science itself might still be true. Hence, it proves nothing.

    • Dear Alexander Duncan,
      What a coincidence!
      Happened to get some written material of one person Martin Kola from Czech Rep. while reading your remark about article by non believer group.
      His leaf was found in Prague. In his leaf some description regarding him was given. In addition, a sentence was seen that you may not be aware by You were my Disciple in past life called Machha (Muni). Machha Munihas authored Naadi palm leaves which are available in some centers in Tamilnadu. He is revered by many. Here in this leaf Maharishi Agasthya says to this Martin, “You desired to meet me hence I have arrived in your country!” these stanzas were written in normal readable Tamil in a notebook. A friend, expert in Tamil script and language had translated the same verses where in his and his parent and spouse’s names are mentioned.

      However these die hard Skeptics will never rethink on these scripts as they have already closed this case for further srcritiny…

      The Script is appended below:-

      ஒத்துவரும் செய்பாக்கியம் பின்னுமுண்டு
      ஓதமகன் மார்ட்டின்தான் தந்தைபேரும்

      நத்தும்தாய் யெனா மோனிகாயில்லாள்
      நலமாய்வும் முப்பானும் பஞ்சச்சார்பில்…
      ottuvarum ceypākkiyam piṉṉumuṇṭu
      otamakaṉ mārṭṭiṉtāṉ tantaiperum
      nattumtāy yeṉā moṉikāyillāḷ
      nalamāyvum muppāṉum pañcaccārpil…

      You shall beget children supporting your faith and belief even in the future too. Thus you, your name shall be Martin – which shall be same as your father’s name. Your mother’s name shall be Yena and Monica shall be your wife. You shall, at around your age of thirty and five, come to analyze your Nadi predictions.

      வினைசிறப்பும் என்சீடா நீயேமச்சா
      விரும்பிஉனை உன்தேசம் தனில்காண
      இணையாகும் வசதிகளும் குடும்பமுண்டு
      இல்லவளும் அன்பொத்து காலம்மட்டும்…
      viṉaiciṟappum eṉcīṭā nīyemaccā
      virumpiuṉai uṉtecam taṉilkāṇa
      iṇaiyākum vacatikaḷum kuṭumpamuṇṭu
      illavaḷum aṉpottu kālammaṭṭum…

      My disciple, you are Machcha. With a desire to meet you, look I have come to your country! You are already blessed with completeness of life; in addition to that you also have a loveful consent from your wife, such is the present situation in your life.

    • Ha, you have no udnerstanding of science buddy. it us up to the people who support Nadi to show proof.
      If you are hell bend on paying some guy who has not even a elementary education blabbering some nonse, go ahead and knock yourself up.
      This is bullshit….

  • Alas!! This waste discussion is still not over?? Anyone who is discussing on this site about Nadi or anyother spiritual experience is like talking about Monalisa painting to a blind……..If time pass is your forte Go…on….

    • It is because this link comes up frequently when people google nadi jotidam to find out about it. They get disappointed and then put up their comments. I had purposely tilted it as the science of nadi jotidam. I think ‘spiritual’ experiences can be best discussed in list of bars. Menon, I know truth can be pretty painful particularly to those whose reason has been blinded by faith.

      • @Menon,
        You are not going to convince these people. Like our friend Yogvivek who keps throwing garbage at this forum.

        But the good thing is that the google search brings up this article and there are sure going to be some among the many who may start to think.
        So let us keep fighting….

  • Let us have a really more objective test of Nadi jotidam. Since the wise rishi munis have already put down the future in their leaves let any one who wants to verify join this test with me. We could go to any nadi practitioner qs it would be already pre ordained as to who shall read my future it has to be right choice, I shall have a sealed envelop with things inside, particularly things like currency notes and papers with things written on them, let my leaves be searched for(it would not be difficult as it would have been pre ordained)and tell the contents. I would be glad to award one million rupees to the person taking up the challenge. Only one precondition the challenger will have to place with me a refundable deposit of 1% of the amount(ten thousand rupees) which will be refunded along with the prize money if the predictions are right. Otherwise this amount will be forfeited.
    All those who have confidence in their so called ‘science’ can come forward and take this challenge instead of engaging in futile discussions. Any takers?

  • ou shall beget children supporting your faith and belief even in the future too. Thus you, your name shall be Martin – which shall be same as your father’s name. Your mother’s name shall be Yena and Monica shall be your wife. You shall, at around your age of thirty and five, come to analyze your Nadi predictions.

    வினைசிறப்பும் என்சீடா நீயேமச்சா
    விரும்பிஉனை உன்தேசம் தனில்காண
    இணையாகும் வசதிகளும் குடும்பமுண்டு
    இல்லவளும் அன்பொத்து காலம்மட்டும்…
    viṉaiciṟappum eṉcīṭā nīyemaccā
    virumpiuṉai uṉtecam taṉilkāṇa
    iṇaiyākum vacatikaḷum kuṭumpamuṇṭu
    illavaḷum aṉpottu kālammaṭṭum…

    My disciple, you are Machcha. With a desire to meet you, look I have come to your country! You are already blessed with completeness of life; in addition to that you also have a loveful consent from your wife, such is the present situation in your life.

    It is waste of time and effort so long it creates doubt in the mind of readers who have different experience. To avoid this situation a third party decision by Tamil language and scripts expert should be conducted.

    • @Yogivivek
      all your talk about Prague is made up.

      Show me the proof buddy.

      You are just making up stories about some guy from Prague and throwing up some random stuff in Tamil.

      I can also say that there was a Nadi leaf for President Obama and that it predicted that he would win the race for white house and bla bla

      I know you are a charlaton working for a nadi guy and he is propably paying you a commission……

      • I was just wondering as to why these Nadi buggers I went to had no leaf which would ahve told them that a fellow called Narendra Nayak is going to come and give you all false info and mislead you!
        This happened so many time I went to these guys. Again, nothing prevented them from taking money from us too!

  • Okay,I’ve not read all of the comments but here is my experience. I am not prone to any bias and am just in search of the truth.

    I went to a reader around 3 years ago. Please keep in mind the following:
    1. I was alone and there is no chance of someone recording anything, ’cause I did not speak anything before my actual conversation.
    2. I gave my surname and a thumb print and I guess there was no government data (like Aadhar/UID) from where they could search my info.

    My experience:

    The reader asked me a couple of questions which I was to answer with a simple YES OR NO! There is no way in hell, he could guess my name, let alone my father’s or mother’s name from my own clues. Seriously, before anyone even says that, go get a reading yourself!

    He told me how my father was married twice, which no one in my family (except a few close relatives) knew. Beat that!

    That being said, I’ve been told that although the rishis predicted that a person by so and so name would be coming at so and so time, however, they’ve said that these are your ‘yogas’ (strong chances) of things happening. The future is not set in stone. It is always malleable, depending on purushartha (hardwork).

    The reader actually draws a horoscope after your leaf is found (like pundits in North India do), ’cause not everything is written.

    It’s a predictive science, a divine one though. However, there are many forces that determine one’s destiny (karmic, cosmic etc) and their interaction along with the present hardwork determines one’s future.

    Say the Nadi leaf said you’ll live upto an age of 67 and you thought of testing the truth. You jumped in front of a running train to see if you die. Of course you’ll die, you idiot!

    The future is predicted but not set in stone. It is how your soul intends to live, not how every single thing is going to happen!

    Hope you get an idea of what I mean.

    Love and peace to all,

  • I had read about it on the internet. My best friend went there once and when he came back, he told me about his experience. I went to the address myself and scheduled an appointment.

  • ..and they took no money before my leaf was found. They specifically told me that if my leaf was found, they’d call me and ‘if’ I requested a reading, only then will I be charged. The first time (when the person provides their thumb print), I took a friend along.

    They called around 10-15 later and told me my leaf was found but not my friend’s. I decided to take the reading.

    The fee was INR 2000 as far as I can remember.

  • I went along with my wife during the year 2011 in Bangalore to see naadi for her. Till that date, she, me and her parents knew her date of birth to be 11th December. And when the astrologer started telling the predictions, he told her birthday to be 14th December. We told him it is not correct. We also got doubt about the naadi astrology. He asked us to check my wife’s birth date in her palm leaf which was written when she was born. When we reached our home in the night, I checked her birth palm leaf. It was 11th December. I called the astrologer and told him the birth date is not exact. He said, whatever came in naadi is correct. So, he told 14th December is the correct birth date. I lost hope in naadi because it was not matching with the date in the palm leaf. But the next day in the afternoon I again checked my wife’s birth palm leaf in sunlight. Oh my god. I could not believe. It was 14th December. The previous day and all along, everyone looked at 14 as 11 because of the palm leaf inscription was not clear. When I carefully looked it in the sunlight, it was very clearly inscribed as 14th December. Her birth date in the certificate is 14th July though she was born in December because during old times, to admit in school, they increase the age accordingly. Then I realized, the birth date should be 14th December and not 11th December. Then, I started believing naadi 150%.

    What do you say about this? Can you say the astrologer did fraud?

    • Mr. Ramasubramanian,
      First of all, the date December 14 should not be in a palm leaf written by ancient saints . This is english/eupropean date system that was never used in ancient India. the fact that you have a georgian calender date in the palm leaf tells me that it is recent and written by one of the factories that manufacutre palm leafes near vaitheeswaran koil. (there is a documentray from Sun TV exposing this palk leaf scam).
      Also you cannot be 150% of anything. that is mathamatically incorrect.
      Either you are ingorant or peddeling Nadi for the astorlger scammers.

      • Raj,

        May be I did not explain you clearly. The birth palm leaf which I mentioned where 14th December was inscribed is the palm leaf which was written by an astrologer upon the instruction of my wife’s parents when she was born. It is the custom in every house in Tamilnadu that when a child is born, the first thing they do is, hire an astrologer and write the birth chart of that child in the palm leaf. This birth chart contains the child’s date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, rasi chart, the name of that child came in Panchaanga according to these parameters etc.

        I also have a birth chart cast by an astrologer upon the instructions of my parents when I was born. Everyone in Tamilnadu has one. This is what I referred. NOT the palm leaf the nadi astrologer had in his hand. I do not know how to read that old Tamil verses from that palm leaf. I never asked him to show me that and I never had a chance to see one.

        Moreover, I am not a Tamilian. I am a Sourashtrian. My ancestors came from Gujarat and settled down in Madurai very long ago. During the recent times, we adopted the Tamil culture in everything (including names, food, festivals etc.). We know Tamil, but we speak Sourashtra at home and within my community people. So, I speak only Sourashtra with my wife. There is no chance of the astrologer hearing what I was speaking with my wife and understanding because, the astrologer does not know Sourashtra.

        Later some other day, I went to the same astrologer to see nadi for my sister’s son. During the telling of predictions, the astrologer told us that my sister’s son has two names. We were surprised. My sister’s son has exactly two names. The astrologer also told us his second name. That was also exact. We never spoke about that in that place anytime and we never told him about that anytime. How does the astrologer know that? Do you tell me that, he would have sent someone to Madurai from Bangalore to collect information? It is funny. I paid him only 1500 rupees. The cost of the bus fare from Bangalore to Madurai on a simple normal bus was 350 rupees one way during that time. Will he spend 700 rupees for this? It is really funny. And I booked the appointment only a day before and went the next day. How could he send the person to Madurai and collect information in such a short span of time?


  • Dear Ramasubramanian
    Seems you are able to read Tamil scripts in palm leaf. Here some person has provided some Tamil verses some time back of some foreigner. Could you please check those poems and confirm that they are really in Tamil language and what matter stated therein.
    We the non believers do not accept the truth with verifying the facts. Hope you will do the needful asap.

  • Nadi astrology is complete rubbish. I have experience of going to a nadi kendra and getting my leaf. When they started with giving hints of who I am. alot of the info was right. But their prediction till now has been all wrong. 70% of their prediction is wrong. Now when i look back, i realise that a lot of what they said while checking if the leaf is mine or not was based on permutation and combination. I visited the Nadi kendra in Gurgaon. My real life experience says it is false and whtever predictions are right are basic things that any pandit will tell after seeing ur horoscope.

    • Unless you are destined you won’t get the correct prediction. Do not test nadi or the astrologers for your own safety. These are literature written by ancient sages of immense power…they’ll curse you for life if you either mock them or test them, i have seen live examples of it.

  • Author,

    I guess u have tried with the wrong person.

    I tried this from a consultant at Trivandrum in 2000. Predictions were fairly true, with time lag of +/-3 months.
    later i tried it again in 2006 from Chidambaram.

    Vaitheeshwaran koil area is the center for this type of fraudsters.
    I know that because i have bèen there and experienced it. predictions were B.S. and were mainly based on genric astrology predictions.

    Later i tried it again from the consultant at Trivandrum. Predictions were good enough.

    The reader adds his own fear mongering effects to highligh the doshas and recommend solutions which are nothing but efforts to rip money off the client.

    i don’t know the science behind it.
    But i don’t think its completely B.S.

    the author should have exercised diligence to explore more samplez rather than judging it over a bad sample.

  • Please read my later write up on this in the same site under the heading- the fraud of nadi jotidam. I came.back to the same place with a team from an Australian TV channel and you can read what was told.

  • By the way seven years are over after I wrote this and I am still alive. May be the curses of the power full sages who wrote the leaves may take a longer time to work as I am quite hale and hearty and active as of now.

  • Hi all,
    just dropped into share my experience. Me and my husband went for nadi reading. We asked for specific “kaandams”(chapters). We were asked to come back after 2 hours, because they needed time to search it. Mine was not available, and only my husband’s. We asked for progeny and assets related chapters. What they did was, because they found most of the details in general chapter, added another chapter on illness(which we never asked). I was bit irate on this, but never showed up. They never wanted to spare the extra Rs.250 was what I thought. The predictions went on, and what surprised me was that they came up with my health issues from my husband’s naadi. Even this was considered one of the reasons of delay in progeny. (Later when I went for siddha treatment, the doctor said the same). They even had some medicines in the naadi but following them is a tedious task. The predictions were accurate to the T. Even the health issues of my husband like lumbar pain came out clearly with root cause.

    I recommended the same to my friend, and again the predictions were true. The cost was damn cheap. Rs. 250 per chapter, and 250 for general which is mandatory, provided your leaf is available, you will be charged. Else no need to spend a penny. These days, when you give your DOB, they ask to call after a week and check for the availability of the leaf. So, no cost except for the phone calls.

    There are bad apples everywhere. Only thing is these things cannot be measured with yeardsticks, and hence as a consumer, you need to be extra cautious. For those who test, kudos, for those who are interested can save money, and time, and life too at times.
    But giving a verdict without looking at the other side does not sound fair.

  • All Gulliable friends,
    Those who keep on trumpeting the valdity of nadi astrology, OUR Guru Dr Nayak Sir had given challenge-
    He said, “all these people who are so sure of the ‘scientific validity’ of nadi can just convince me by reading the serial number of a sealed currency note which the author would have known when he wrote them about me.
    Well, having miserably failed in finding out that the person sitting right in front of them is misleading, what better can we expect from them? I am sure that has been because I am good at not giving away things through my body language.”

    He is so great that even from the body language he doesnot give away any information about the preductions. He is very positive that the nadi reader can not predict what colour shirt he will wear next day or can’t tell serial number of printed note. Hats off you Sir,

    Real Scientific validity is to be guaged by the currency note number checking. And not by reading what is written on the so called palm leaf.
    How the sciblings looking like ECG graph could have names written on it?
    Everyone talks about his great experience but none has actually come out with writtten record that whether name appear in palm leaf or not.
    I request Dr Nayak Sir, please some of our rationalist tempered language expert examine the claims that the names are written on the leaf. So that all tall claims will vanish in thin air. Even Dr Kvoor sir and B. Prmanada Sir had said that these are tricks of the nadi readers. They produce the palmleaf based on the information collected from the customers by seating in the crowd of visitors.
    Do you mean to say they all were wrong? And some non-existent persons make tall claims without verifying the text and all, are honest and true?
    Nirmukata is a dynamic workforce. They should undertake task of examination of text in the leaf and prove finaly that what is written in the leaf for Dr Narendra Nayak sir is all buncum. Dr Nayak Sir will be willing for such checking his leaf again. I am sure Dr Narendra Sir will not turn his back for the examination.

  • I have done that again after several years and the same is on this site itself under the title the fraud of nadi jotidam. I will not turn my back on anything. I do not want any vague general predictions. I am going to go the person with a sealed envelop. All I want is the serial number of the currency note correct to the last digit in sequence. They cannot say it has a one, a six and seven and things like that in the vague language they say.

  • Greetings to all.

    I have already shared my experience in the previous comments.
    I am a skeptic too, but I chose to be open to all possibilities. That being said, I’d like to point out how this may NOT be a fraud.

    However, there may be a lot of fake readers out there or just normal/common astrologers disguising their art as Nadi.

    Now how do you explain these? (specially when I did not have a driver’s license, Aadhar card or any govt. database record before I went there).

    1. Their exact ‘guesses’of my mother’s, father’s names besides telling me that I was the only child!

    2. They said I suffered from Kalasarpa dosha which is evident under a Kundali analysis of vedic astrology. Hence, they at least can prepare horoscopes, if this is not a divine manuscript written by sages.

    3. My level of qualification (they said I was about to graduate). Now this may be a guess but then again, I could have dropped out or whatever…How’d they know?

    4. My friend heard of them through me, so there’s no chance of them having exchanging info. about me. I trust him.

    Explain these and I’ll discuss more…Now remember, I’m not trying to plainly prove them right or whatever, just trying to find out the truth.

    Kind regards,

  • Dear friends,
    @ Navnath Kumbhar,
    @ Harry
    @ Dr Narendra Nayak Sir,

    Navnath you are very correct. As you have great faith in Dr Narendra Nayak’s abilities, I too take him with respect his bold and fearless assertion about futility of Nadi astrology.
    Harry and his likes do present their experienes without worrying about skeptical remarks. They have said now and then that their names and other details were found in palm-leaf pertaining to them.
    Dr Nayak Sir in his return remarks keeps advocating about finding exact numbers of currency note or similar precise documentary evidence, which could be verified by independent authority.
    As for common man’s understanding, if nadi readers have not claimed that they can tell currency note numbers, what is the point of challenging them on that issue?
    Nadi readers and Harry like many those who can not be counted as gullible persons could be shown by skeptics that what is shown in palmleaf leaf is not the name and other details but some scribbled matter, it would create impact on believes.
    Dr Narendra Nayak Sir, your frequent assureasion that read my other link is stale. You need to provide physical documentary evidence as asked by Navnath Kumbhar, who is your great follower.

  • Please note that what you call as ‘documentary evidence’ has been put along with the link about the fraud of nadi jotidam.
    Again, when you make a claim about something extraordinary after the event has happened and then claim that it had been proved right where is the objectivity? When one makes an extraordinary claim remember that they require extraordinary evidence. So, it is up to these who have made the claim to produce evidence.
    I have spent enough time and money going after that on three separate occasions. In fact when Babu Gogineni gave his correct particulars to another so called Nadi research center at Tambaram, he sat from nearly three hours and they could not get his details right.
    If you people are interested go ahead and do ‘research’ and collect the leaves for reading. You can also show them to any Tamil scholar for reading them.

  • Hi there, skeptics

    1. Professionally, I am a physician and a medical researcher. I have been trained at work for almost 20 years to be skeptical of just about everything. Rational thinking and logical arguments are what enable folks in my profession to do what we do well.

    2. I just received my nadi reading. I had gone to a place in South India 20 years ago with a friend who got his leaf read with me by his side. It was an unnerving experience. While the reader told me that my leaf would not be found until it was “my time” he gave my friend very accurate details about his life, some of which, like the fact he had an elder sibling who was a stillbirth, he had to go back home to ask his parents about (as they had hidden this from him, telling him he was their only child). This was during the good old days when one’s identity was their own, with no facebook or whatsapp available at the flick of a finger to divulge incredibly personal information for the world to know!

    3. Most people who like to pass judgment on Astrology, mysticism and spirituality, whether for or against the authenticity of such subjects, have never read a book on these subjects or spent a considerable time trying to understand them. After the above experience I had I have spent some time on-and-off to examine these subjects from a scientific perspective. While my efforts have not made me an astrologer by any means, I have firsthand knowledge of how difficult it is (probability of 1/432!) to “guess” the birth lagna, rashi and nakshatra of any person accurately, especially within a minute. Along with the names of my wife and parents.

    4. As a skeptic myself, despite my years of meddling every now and then in Astrology, I thought back to all that happened at the nadi center.

    – My neighborhood and my thumbprint served as my identity. Nothing else was asked or given

    – The reader asked for my phone number and then left the room for 5 min. I was doubtful about thi, for when I googled my number it threw up my misspelt name and occupation. But nothing else.

    – During the entire time I spent answering the preliminary questions (my leaf was almost at the very end of the almost 100 leaves in that bundle in his hand), I answered yes or no only, and was careful enough, except once when I inadvertently volunteered my birth month. Other than that I was entirely taciturn with my yes/no answers.

    – Yes, most questions dealt with the sounds in my name, and those of my parents and spouse. But I am convinced that the nadi reader would have had to be a clever cold reader and a master at memorizing the details, all the while playing the part of a consummate actor who could feign forgetting my answers to many questions that he had asked me just 3 leaves ago. No. I am sure that, when he gave me the accurate names of my parents and spouse in quick succession, after having provided many incorrect names for them for almost 40 min, he had not exhausted the cornucopia of Indian sounding male and female names, and had only those 3 names left to give me..!

    5. In conclusion, while I am still trying to rationalize my experience to day to poke holes in that balloon, I am almost convinced regarding the authenticity of Nadi astrology. No man or woman, can tell me my lagna, rashi and nakshatra without guesswork, with only the name of my neighborhood, my thumbprint and my phone number. Unless that person is the FBI or the NSA..!

  • Hi there!

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked this page. However, to my surprise, I’ve not found further developments.

    No one can give me a legitimate reason that explains how the reader correctly told me my name, my parents’names, my date and month of birth and many other details. This took just a few failed attempts.

    The skeptics perhaps need to keep an open mind themselves, more than ever. The idea that this is entirely a fraud is inherently flawed.

    Look at this in the following manner. There a few genuine readers, among which the leaves were initially divided and they still possess them. Many others claiming to be Nadi readers are scammers creating counterfeits and lookalikes of the leaves in their backyard. These guys can take clever guesses and are great cold readers.

    The skeptics need to stop their old fashioned tactics of checking the authenticity of this science with bank note serial numbers, fake identities and what have you.

    Find a genuine practitioner (try the ones in Panchkula, Haryana). Let them know get your genuine thumb impression, give them genuine answers for the questions they ask (that doesn’t mean you share the entire details upfront).

    Then, when after a couple of guesses (they’re not guesses but the search for an exact match), when they let you know about the relevant leaf, that’s the time you check if that resonates with your life!


  • Dear Harry,

    “I am convinced that the nadi reader would have had to be a clever cold reader and a master at memorizing the details”

    This forum is for non believers. However you try to convince us, it is not only futile but counter productive.
    Do you mean that all the experts here have not experienced Nadi reading? They have. They have not only visited the centers but exposed the futility of the claims that there is something written on the leaves. The script if is presumed to be there, why not it could be read by common Tamil knowing person?
    I am given to understand that some persons are doing the scrutiny of the written matter. You can get plenty clips on you tube. Better you share your views there…one such site is

  • Harry,
    Some time back I was mocked as commission hungry charlten…they said,

    “all your talk about Prague is made up.
    Show me the proof buddy.
    You are just making up stories about some guy from Prague and throwing up some random stuff in Tamil.
    I can also say that there was a Nadi leaf for President Obama and that it predicted that he would win the race for white house and bla bla
    I know you are a charlaton working for a nadi guy and he is propably paying you a commission……”

    Dear Sir,
    I am not sure that my reply will be published. But if they publish please find photo of one of the leaf how the names are seen in the leaf.
    So far as Prague episode is concern this forum is afraid of publishing the details of Martin Kola.

  • We have done that enough number of times visited many places I can say at least half a dozen and see no reason to waste more time and money on it.

  • Dear Mr. Kumbhar,

    In reference to: “This forum is for non believers. However you try to convince us, it is not only futile but counter productive.”

    Firstly, I am not trying to convince ‘you’ or anyone else for that matter. I am presenting the argument that if anyone of the skeptics can duplicate what I have witnessed at the Nadi centre, perhaps then I can believe its fraud.

    I have kept an open mind and I do NOT side with the Nadi readers. However, my rationalization can not define what I have experienced and based on the responses and attitude of the rationalists, I think I’d better lean in the other direction.

    I would love to believe otherwise but other than the same old “cold reading, lucky guesses, subconscious extraction” arguments, I have not heard one solid argument of how my reading gave me explicitly personal details which are shared not even within my family.

    Lets suppose they guessed my name, my mother and father’s names etc. by cold reading or whatever suits. How could they tell me that the education I was undergoing at that time had study of foreign languages in it ? (FYI, I was studying French at the time). What is the probability of such an event happening. How many people in India, with my name, my mother’s name would be studying a foreign language?

    Later, they said my father’s marriage to my mother was not his first. Only a few people in my family know that, let alone outsiders. Beat that! Did I tell him that? NO!

    Now about the argument that they gather enough information from the YES/No answers that we give.

    Can you guess my name even if I tell you it starts with an ‘H’? There’d be a thousand male names in India alone starting with an H. The initials of the city where I was born. can you guess that ? How many cities are there in India to take the guess? Its practically impossible, isn’t it?

    I can go on and on on, and none of ‘you’ could’ve done the cold reading or whatever if I came to you. Calculate the chances of a boy with a given name, a set parents’ names, of a certain age, living in a certain country, married to a certain girl. It would be one in a gazillion!

    Can you do that? Let me know if you can.

  • I also fail to understand why the nadi jotidam is always ‘correct’ for believers and wrong for non believers! If you take the examples in the next one which I wrote after three years -the fraud of nadi jotidam you will see that they were wrong for all three of us! May be it it is the Skeptic effect!

  • ” would love to believe otherwise but other than the same old “cold reading, lucky guesses, subconscious extraction” arguments, I have not heard one solid argument of how my reading gave me explicitly personal details which are shared not even within my family.” Harry…

    “I also fail to understand why the nadi jotidam is always ‘correct’ for believers and wrong for non believers!” Dr Narendra Nayak…
    Dear Harry,
    Read your reply. You and your likes could blindly believe nadi readers. We don’t. We have great confidence, not blind faith in Dr Narendra Nayak Sir.

  • Dr Narendra Nayak Sir,
    Thanks for your support and guidance. To tell you frankly, I am a bit Jittery. Why because, Sir see like this, if you give wrong address deliberately to someone and expect reply from him on correct address, is it possible?
    You were 100 % legitimate to expose fraud of nadi readers. In doing so you along with others played foul to provide misleading data. That is also perfectly ok with me. Based on that, reading will naturally be false. Did that false reading matched in spite of the misleading data provided by you all? If the answer is yes then it goes in favor of Nadi readers. If they couldn’t get the exact leaf that would also will go in their side. Because, nadi readers will always take shelter for not providing true information.
    Thus Tom, Dick, Harry and other sundries get a point to score. They will always have grudge that why rationalists stoop to fraudulent means?
    Your frequent statement that I have done enough by spending time and money on this trivial subject, I honour that. In spite of other pressing commitments you spare time to reply is itself inspiring to young rationalists under your leadership.
    Why should you not depute any dutiful assistant to undertake this issue further? Let him give official correct information report with a condition and entire reading will be video filmed! Let him show the name of our representatives from the leaf. I am sure no nadi readers will come forward hearing your popular reputation. If at some odd reader dares, he will be automatically be exposed from video clips.
    Thus in future none will accuse you for deliberately cheating to expose nadi fraud!

  • The reason wrong address was given was that I expected them to say this is wrong. Give the correct one. If you will see the nest one whose link is below it is clear that we have proceeded further in this matter and you will see that the jodishar had predicted a long life for a dead person. I do not have any ‘dutiful assistants’and as clearly said do not want to spend any more time on this. I have gone again in 2011 and here is the write up

  • @ Navnath Kumbhar

    Dear Sir,

    I can’t stop laughing. With all due respect; I’ve made all these arguments and all you guys could say was “I also fail to understand why the nadi jotidam is always ‘correct’ for believers and wrong for non believers!”

    Really? Lol

    Can you explain how my reading was done? I can meet you in person and make you listen to the recording if you want. You call yourselves rationalists but all I can see is a group of people not willing to let go of their mindset. Tell me one, I dare you, one explicit detail of my childhood and I could try and believe your side.

  • We don’t need you tell us what we should or should not call ourselves.Let us settle this once for all. I will put a currency note into an envelop(after all a small explicit detail of something happening a few minutes before). Use the power of nadi and Write down the serial number of the currency note that I have put into the envelop( a small explicit detail of something that will happen a few minutes later when I take it out) before opening the envelop and then we will check the number. He will be provided with my thumb impression.
    You place a deposit of Rs.50,000 which will be refunded along with 5 lakhs from me if it is right and you forfeit it if it is not. Instead of making empty boasts take it up. I am ready. You need not believe my side I will be ready to believe you. After all there cannot be anything more explicit or verifiable than this small task for great people who can tell minute details about what happened in one’s child hood etc. I will also pay the fee of the nadi jotishar if what he says turns out right- if not you do that. Please note that the serial number means the eight digit number along with its three digit series on the corner of the note and not its denomination. Go and search for some one ready to take up this challenge.

  • “You call yourselves rationalists but all I can see is a group of people not willing to let go of their mindset.”

    Dear Dr Nayak Sir,
    This is how the gullible people not willing to give up their dogmatic mindset!
    We will have to put in efforts to set them right. This is the Misson of
    Harry, you can laugh at our stubborn approach. But if you are so confident of your experience, Pl get appointment of Dr Narendra Nayak Sir show what all you got from nadi centre. We will keep our challenge money ready to be collected by you.
    I am sure we have plenty of funds to dispel these challenges.

  • My challenge is an open one totally objective with no chances of any fraud from any side. Take it on Harry. I am ready. My thumb print will be given on the spot and always verifiable. The envelope with the note on the table. Go ahead and do it. Don’t keep repeatedly posting your cock and bull stories. This is applicable to all who have been ranting about the greatness of Nadi. Come on take us on and prove once for all the greatness of your powers. May be once you finish with me you could go to Nagpur and earn 21 lakhs, then on to US to get Randi’s million dollars and shut us up for the rest of our lives and also destroy our movement.

  • Mr. Nayak,

    Let me clarify these first:

    I really have no idea how Nadi works from the inside; how they collect the details and what is the underlying phenomenon.

    I am not affiliated to any Nadi centres or individuals whatsoever and I am NOT trying to market them!

    That being said, I could take up your challenge if I was a Nadi reader or knew how it actually works, which is evidently not the case. I came to this forum seeking possible explanation of how this works. All I got in response was first a request to share my reading details on the forum. I have replied I would not do that on here, ’cause of the personal nature of the statements made. However, I am ready whenever you want to share with you or anyone else for that matter, the recording on a personal, face to face basis. That would be done purely to speculate the possibilities and probabilities of rational explanations. No where in the conversation I have tried to promote the readers. I was trying to understand the science (if it is one!). But your attitudes, and militant rationalization is no good to me.

    I am open to both sides of the argument. Now, regarding the challenge, why would I take it? I don’t trust it enough to waste my money on stupid challenges. How do I know if it is genuine enough? Like I said, I am not prone to insider information on the mechanics of Nadi. If I had, I would not have come on this forum in the first place. Rational enough, isn’t it?

    Also, another thing that works for the Nadi guys is that they never said they could read bank notes or sealed envelopes, did they? Riddle me that. If you’re good in swimming, would it be rational if I challenged you to a running contest? They are entirely different areas of operation.

    @Navnath Kumbhar,

    I have always been ready to share the details (if you read my previous comments, I have stated I can share my details on a more personal approach, like an email!) but i will not share them on a public forum for sure.

    Don’t bother replying to this ’cause I’m done arguing and I won’t be checking this forum anymore. Frankly, there are no concrete answers and I can’t waste my energy on useless arguments.


    • Harry
      You were the one who keep saying Nadi is true and peddling stuff.
      If people are dumb enough to pay Nadi readers that is their choice. But any one who claims this crap to tbe true should come forward and prove it.

      First off all the Sun TV documentary exposed that the leaves are lcoally manufatured ( cottage indusry produce) not the 1000 years old claim made by your folks.
      The burden of proof lies with the person making the claim. It is upto Nadi readers and folks who are hell bent on getting fooled to prove that it works. Mr. Nayak has done enought (more than what is allowed by scientific principles).

    • Hari
      Why don’t you go and ask your Narid reader to take up the challange? After all if you are intersted in truth you should play some role rather than keep blabbering that this is true.

  • I have been passive reader of this site and topic of nadi.
    Both parties are making firm assertion of their own experiences. But the real party nadi readers are missing on this forum. None of them have responded to accept challenge.
    Harry and his likes are honest to their own understanding of the predictions. Had reading gone wrong they would have said so. They have nothing to prove or disprove.
    Nayak and his friends are committed to expose the fraud of nadi. They have done so in past. To ask Harry to accept challenge win lacs of rupees or lose 50000, is empty thundering.
    Their challenge should get registered on the ears of nadi readers. That won’t happen by putting Harry like persons in between!
    As I understand nadi readers claim that they merely read from the available leaves with the them. They are not fortune tellers themselves. The real test is to challenge the writings in the leaf.

    • People like Hari are supporting the Nadi reading.
      So why don’t this Hari go back to his Nadi reader and ask the Nadi rader to take up the challange?
      Instead he is arguing all bloody nonsense here.

      • Bud,

        a) My name is Harry, not Hari!
        b) Mind your tone, I’m expressing my own opinion and did not curse or swear personally on you or anyone else for that matter. You doing that shows what kind of a cheap ass clown you are! Get it? Now I did it!
        c) As far as my supporting them is concerned, I am stating my true experience, I have the balls to stand up to it and say the same thing in front of ten people. I can even take ’em to the reader. Decide for your self.

        And yeah, before writing the only two curse words that you know in the English language, get a life!

        Yours truly!

        • So Harry (not Hari), bloody nonsense is curse word in your language, is it? And you respond by using cheap words. That is class.
          good to know you have balls. Did you know that yourself or the Nadi reader discovered this for you?

          But that information is not of any importance to this topic here.
          You need to show some evidence buddy ( bye the way buddy is not a swear word- I mean it in a friendly way despite your lack of critical reasoning skills).

        • Dear Harry,
          I endorse your stand that you stand by your own experience. Many more like you have given instances of their own nadi encounters and have courageously placed them here knowing well that this is a place of diehard nadi haters. One supporter of Dr Nayak, some Navnath Kumbhar has been asking for rexamination of nadi leaves.Not readers. I have endorsed his demand for Dr Narendra Nayak to undertake examination of palm leaves. It is down below probably the last post date wise. Let us hope he captains the team of youngsters graciously.

        • Dear Harry,
          I endorse your stand that you stand by your own experience. Many more like you have given instances of their own nadi encounters and have courageously placed them here knowing well that this is a place of diehard nadi haters. One supporter of Dr Nayak, some Navnath Kumbhar has been asking for rexamination of nadi leaves.Not readers. I have endorsed his demand for Dr Narendra Nayak to undertake examination of palm leaves. It is down below probably the last post date wise. Let us hope he captains the team of youngsters graciously.

          • The Nadi leaves are locally made – mostly gibberish.
            See this SUN TV documentary – it is in Tamil but essentially you can see they are manufactured locally not handed down generations.
            I have also examined the leaves myself – they are not ancient Tamil scripts as they claim- mostly gibberish.

            If you or our friend Mr. Harry can convince one of those conmmen to send leaf samples – we can get them examined.

    • Narendra,

      Maybe you and other rationalists do not understand the basic principles of Nadi astrology.

      Your challenges can be taken head on by a mind reader. I saw in Sun TV long back, a mind reader accurately reading the serial number of the currency that was hidden in a cover. He was also able to tell exactly the name of the friend the other person had in mind. Be noted that, the mind reader asked the other person to think about the name of his friend so that he could read his mind. Nadi readers do NOT ask us to think about these things so that they can read our thoughts. It was exciting. And I also had an excellent experience in the Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple. Those kind of mind readers can take your challenge and accurately tell the serial number of the currency.

      Nadi does not deal with that. So, first understand what is Nadi and then issue challenges legibly. Just for arguments, do not issue these kind of stupid challenges.

      You need to first understand what is Nadi.

      I had experience in Nadi which is unbelievable. Whatever they predicted for me, I am experiencing in these 5 years. I also had told in one of the other threads in this forum that, I did not speak in Tamil/Kannada when I went to that center. I spoke in my own mother tongue Sourashtra with my wife when I was waiting for the reading, which no one could understand including the Nadi reader.

      Later, I again tried to see for me in another center in Bangalore (Jayanagar) and they could not find my palm leaf. That Nadi reader was too honest to tell me that. If he is a fraud, he could have got some junk leaf and could have extracted thousands of rupees from me.

      When I went to a Nadi jothidar in Bangalore Indra Nagar for my sister’s son, he told exactly from the palm leaf that my sister’s son has two names and he told accurately his other name. It was unbelievable.

      My wife got her date of birth confirmed only after going to the Nadi jothidar in Bangalore Indra Nagar. That was another unbelievable excitement.

      So, first understand the basic principles of Nadi and then argue.


  • Don’t argue . Take the challenge and win. We have heard these stories for long. Instead of collecting a few thousands they can earn crores. Besides earning that you will have me on your side, who has been a very vocal critic. Go ahead as you have said don’t waste time arguing. Proof of the pudding is in eating. Don’t keep on posting cock and bull stories here.r

    • Rajendra Pathak Says:
      Cock and Bull stories… Take it lightly falls…..

      Conference on Naadi Predictions

      There was a meeting of ex and present rationalists org. How to eradicate menace of Naadi astrology.
      Pres Dr Abraham kovoor, B Premanand, Dr Narendra Dabholkar, joined from long distance. Organiser Dr Narendra Nayak.

      Lots onlookers were enthralling by very optimistic approach. Some birds hovering above chatting amongst themselves. Sparrow telling story, ‘how Cocks fooled hens’ . Maina told, ‘how bulls harrase holi cows!’
      Seems they are challenging with huge sum of money if we could plunge into deep water and stay alive in water world! Crow said to parrot, ‘buddy, tell me why are they challenge us?’
      ‘We never said that we can do so!’ Parrot exclaimed showing worried look.
      ‘No, don’t worry, just observe .’ Owl sitting next to parrot made angry face.
      ‘ Many gathered were impressed with the announcement, ‘Accept challenge you flying scoundrels’, you claim to be free to move about. But collect prize money if you could swim in deep water.’

      Don’t be afraid, your turn will come later. Before that nadi readers are supposed to read the numbers on currency notes, and what not!
      Those readers will be defeated instantly. Hence they will run away to hide behind silly excuses….
      Some one in the crowd said, ‘why are they making noise here Go and sit outside nadi centers and challenge them!’
      With loud clapping the meeting came to conclusion that Nadi is nothing but a farce to mislead gullible guys. They are so scared to even come out to face us. But We will not keep quiate till last. ‘We Will, We Will!’ Slogans were thundering the skyes!

      No Bullshit of nadi crap please!

      • Stop making mockery of serious issue. Pathak saab,
        ‘No fence sitting please! ‘ You are either with them or with us.’ Pl choose’ This is an ultimatum to all.
        We are tried of you fance sitting public. You come in huge numbers to support our movement. But quietly go to the shelter of fortune tellers. Be it footpath sitting Parrot holder to TV fame Babas with golden chains and plenty Rudraksh malas etc.

  • Since I was intrigued and curious when I heard about Nadi jyothish with a slight belief that some of it may be true, I went to a Nadi reader in Hyderabad who I was told about. Intrigued and curious since I thought that even if it were true, there must be only one copy. But how is it that over 100 Nadi centres in India had leaves that may match my life?

    I was asked questions by one reader initially to find my leaf- and lo, it was found. Then they went to search for my leaf with future. In hindsight I realise that I had given many clues myself and the reader only repeated what I told him. In fact, I was as clueless about my future when I came out as I was when I went in.

    I also learn that what he told of my past matched with what was told to another relative who went a month earlier. The reader tells us that our past was so bad and influencing our present that we pay the extra amount to learn about it. Then he says that they can conduct the rituals and send us prasad – all at a very high cost. But how can the rituals conducted by someone else- even if in my name- get me salvation? I must do anything myself if I am to gain from it.

    I conclude that Nadi sastra may be true- but the real readers are very few. There are more frauds that makes it all unbelievable.

  • Ravi if you know any real ones bring them on we are ready to try them out besides making it worth their time and effort. A chance to get ten times their money in a few minutes. The challenge is given above.

  • Dear Nayak:- I do not know of any real ones-else I would not have been taken for a ride. Maybe there are’nt any anymore. If they are, I would like to meet them myself. If palm leaves written over 2000 + years ago were written- and they probably were- then they could not have been preserved- atmosphere would have warped the,rodents would have destroyed them… and the govt would have taken them and preserved as national treasures. Yet they are available everywhere- or so we are made to believe.

    It is also possible that the public does not want anything scientific to predict their future – and palmistry, astrology are being a sort of science and taught. People want something they cannot understand and supernatural.

    • Harry says, ” Also, another thing that works for the Nadi guys is that they never said they could read bank notes or sealed envelopes, did they? Riddle me that. If you’re good in swimming, would it be rational if I challenged you to a running contest? They are entirely different areas of operation.”

      I have also said previously, ‘Don’t bother about debunkers. They are hopeless. They will pretend to unearth the truth, because they are not interested to know the truth. They just want to propagate the theme of negation on the subjects they do not believe in. They will not do anything except to circle around the Naadi leaf readers and cold reading theories etc. If you ask them to study cryptic Tamil language writings etc they will flatly refuse.’
      Just see how do they react and scuttle the issue!

      Those who say, “we would ask for proper evidence.”

      Then the Challenges are for those who denounce without getting the writing on palm leaf evidences verified. When some sample verses were provided previously for study; they need to be verified by Tamil expert Indological experts. That they won’t do. Keep beating the nadi readers, as fraudsters.

      Pl request to Dr. Narendra Nayak Sir to verify the correctly translated written matter. May be he pay heed to your demand.

      • I am not running a center for study of classical languages or a translation academy. I am interested in verifying the claims of paranormal powers. If I want to buy a car I will see how it performs and not on he equations of thermodynamics or the internal combustion engine.
        People are coming to the nadi centers to find out about their past/future and not to study the meaning of Tamil verses. Everyone talks of foolproof trials of the efficacy of this so called ‘science’ but when it comes to verification of the same under rigid conditions they back out. When Harry makes a claim they never said they would read the number of a note, one has to look at what they have said- did they say all the things they are supposed to have told accurately for those who have made such statements here? or is their claim is that they will give some verses in ancient Tamil to be studied? Do people have to pay thorough their noses for this service? If one says that these are only for those who believe in them then why the claims and ads?

      • YOu people are peddling nadi and you are propably paid by theose con men for these falls propoganda. Yogiviek, people like you and the Nadi readers are milking money out of innoccent people.
        I can tell you as a tamil native, whatever they are saying is purely blabbering . it is not ancient tamil. Dare you , ask the nadi readers to hand over the document to tamil reasearchers for validity and carbon dating. YOu will find they are not 1000 years old as claimed by them and not even any langauge!!.
        Will you do that Nadi conman?

  • I have been told by the nadi readers that they go every morning to the temple to fetch the leaves for that day. They have also told me that it is preordained that one comes on that day to that place and the particular reader! When this is the claim then it would be pertinent that the question one would ask them would be also so and everything that goes along with it. This write up did not take much time but the one after this has taken up more time and investigation. That is this To do that we have traveled to quite a few places and met many of these nadi jotidars. If you feel that astrology, palm reading and such things are sciences we would ask for proper evidence. If they are good at predictions I do not see any reason why people should not go to them as every one is anxious to know about their future. More about this can be also seen here

  • ​Those who say, “we would ask for proper evidence.”

    Then the Challenges are for those who denounce without getting the writing on palm leaf evidences verified. When some sample verses provided previously for study they need to be verified by Tamil expert Indological experts. That they won’t do. Keep beating the nadi readers, as fraudsters.

    Pl request to Dr. Narendra Nayak Sir to verify the correctly translated written matter. May be he pay heed to your demand.

    • I know you will say that because you are part of the scam and propably gettign paid. How do you people sleep with so much cheating?
      Don’t care damn, it is the responsibility of the Nadi folks and those like you who are cheating the innocent.
      Get those leaves and get them to the Tamil researches. I think Dr.Nayak has done enough to show that it is fake. Now it is up to you.

      • Dear friend, Raju,
        Pl don’t get personal, it is incorrect to make acquisition that ‘you are probably getting paid ‘ if we have no proof. To say that Harry, Jay, Alexander Duncan, Kruthisree, Sreejit, Rama Subramanian, Ravindra Nath Menon, and many others who have narrated the nadi experience of theirs without fear are all cheats, just because they don’t tow line of our point of view, is harmful to our mission of truthfulness.
        I am not Tamil language knowing person. But as you have said to be Tamil language knowing person is it not appropriate for our mission to reach out to the bottom of the matter? Why should we put gun on their shoulders? If at all they happen to be con men, commission agents, then we should keep them away as far as possible.
        Some one says he has submitted Tamil text here to examine. If he is so keen to get it checked. Instead of neglecting the issue, I presume it is great opportunity he has presented in a platter!

        To Dr Narendra Nayak Sir, I request that you can depute Raju, if he is willing, or any other person from our movement who has enough talent to read the manuscripts. We agree with you Sir, that you have done so much for a cause. Then why not expand on area of research from nadi reader centric to nadi leaf centric.

        Pardon me, if you feel that I have transgressed the line we have been harping on since 2008.

  • I said that Astrology, palmistry are a sort of science because it is being studied and dissected. And people want something supernatural- if their future is being told it must be by some method that they cannot understand- that they feel only a few “blessed”souls can do that.

    Possibly I am in a way saying I was that way. This visit to a Nadi did open our eyes. If I look back, even the cold reading could not get my leaf in full- but I was so eager that it be found that I had accepted that it was found!!

    The site that was mentioned by someone commenting in your blog- was quite revealing.

    But we are so taken up by our present problems that we look for a supernatural solution- and that is possibly why these people will flourish.

  • That is what we have been saying all along- preying on the weaknesses of gullible people. The exploited do not even realise that. They keep defending the very those who are taking advantage of them. A tragedy indeed. None of such can exploit us as we would not bother about them. We have to expose them for two reasons- one to check whether they have such powers and the other to make others aware.

  • The exploited are gullible partly because they want to be told that their problems are temporary and the blame on their present is because of their past. And many do realise it- only they do not want to accept. A tragedy.

  • Since this so called nadi jotidam is supposed to have been on existence since thousands of years there is no harm in debating about it for a few.years.Instead of harping about its classical status, literary merits and such factors endlessly why not allow those who are capable of ‘interpreting’ it do that for us through an objective test specified by us? Considering all claims made so far about the wondrous predictions claimed by a.long list of people who have posted here my challenge should be child’s play for them. Go and do it don’t just boast. I am ready and waiting. The event will get international coverage and make the reader world famous. Any takers? After getting my money they could go to US and get a million dollars from JREF. On the way they could go to Nagpur and pick up 21 lakhs from ABANS who have a challenge and so on. Go ahead and become millionaires instead of toiling in dingy I’ll ventilated cubicles you could start doing that in five star comfort with this kind of money on offer.

  • All right guys.

    I didn’t wanna be here but apparently, there’s been a lot of commenting and that in turn has flooded my inbox.

    There’s a little info I’d like to share (and the skeptics will rejoice I know) about my predictions. But I am solely doing this for the love of truth. I could have chosen not to share this but like I said, I’m not towards any side.

    These guys have been mostly accurate about my family history and the past but if I talk about the future, the one thing they got spot on WRONG is this:

    They mentioned after my studies completed, I would be working outside India. It’s been around a year since my studies completed but I was not sure if I wanted to further continue it. So technically, I didn’t think they were wrong.

    But now that I’ve noticed, exactly 2 years have passed and I am still working in India and I have not continued my education.

    Perhaps Dr. Nayak was right all along and its all a big scam.


    • Hi Harry
      Don’t think the skeptics are out to get you. We are not intersted in making any body feel bad.
      The goal is to educate everyone so we save the innocent.
      The Nadi industriy is turely large with lots of money making and they have informers, agents, working ine very level to promote this quackery. We feel sorry for the people who fall fictim to this scame. My own Uncle fell victim and eventually died. The con men told him that his illnes is a result of his past life (previous janma) and asked him to do various Pariharas ( pujas). He spent a lot of money of this. Had he seeked medical treatment as per my advise he would have lived longer. this is just one of the dangers of us accepting something to be true without proving the facts.
      Note : In science we always take the approach that the person making a claim has a responsibility to prove (not the other ways). the ones therefore rests turely on the Nadi folks. People like Nayak can only pick and show a few cases. Perpahs it could be the bad applest that Dr. Nayak picked but it is upto the good apples (if any exisit) to come out and show it works.

      And Stay awake my friend and don’t get fooled by these tobocco chewing conmens who claim to profess they see the future.

  • Harry- there is no personal animosity towards you or anyone else for that matter. If you take a rational approach you will see that your past is known but the future has too many variables and predictions made are a shot in the dark. Even if they had come true in your case and convinced you to accept it as a science, I wouldn’t have agreed with you because it would not have been foolproof enough for my standards. Perhaps you are easily convinced and unconvinced too!

  • Hello Friends,

    I have gone through your experiences through this site. i would like to share my present life experience alone, it is up to you guys based on your experience and exposure whether “NADI Astrology” is correct or fake or etc and take a decision. So i am not here to argue or support NADI astrology.
    I have a very good knowledge in astrology part. So i have checked his NADI reader astrology level and he was not that good on this.

    First, NADI reader has verified the preliminary questions with me and got index leaf of mine. With the help my Index leaf, he was searching my main PALM Leaf for 10 to 15 min in front of me. He got that too and then He told me, we got everything for you. let’s see !!

    They told about the following things to me exactly as below:

    1. My name, my mother name, occupation
    2. My mother’s siblings count
    3. Father name
    4. Father’s occupation
    5. my siblings marriage details, occupation and count ( how many elder and younger)
    6. my DOB in Tamil years and day
    7. my current exact job and location (like person in abroad)
    8. my marriage details (arrange or love marriage etc)
    9. Current job position
    10. Exact marriage problem
    11. My birth astrology chart with all the planets position by reading NADI reader language (Kanni segi manthan like this).

    Whatever they said is true. it seems. Here is my point. I am pretty sure as per NADI reader’s astrology is very difficult to tell all the planets position in my astrology exactly without assistance from palm leaf.
    Apart from my present life, they told about my past and future life too.

    NOTE: I alone went there. i have given my finger print only. nothing else. I didn’t give them anytime to go anywhere to know about me. because
    i was sitting with them 10 to 15 min time while they were searching my main leaf. Finally they got it, Immediately i requested them to read it from Palm Leaf without writing it in note. So there was no chance at all to know about me for sure.

    I am not sure how did they know about my details exactly from PALM LEAF?
    I believe in god and hard work.

    Lets see guys!!! I will keep you posted on this.

    • That’s an easy one to answer: your vibes are all wrong!

      As every true believer knows intuitively, the vibes have to be just right, or else the Revealer of the Future cannot tune in to the Universal Presence at the right frequency to download the information sought. Disbelievers and sceptics ruin, by Destructive Interference, the Delicate Resonance with the Cosmic Intelligence that is required to perform feats such as foretelling the future in detail. True believers, on the other hand, are Seekers who emit sympathetic vibes that amplify (via Constructive Interference) the Consciousness Waves emanating from the reaching out to the Omniscient Celestial Transcendance in supplication, to get it to share some of its Eternal Knowledge with the Revealer of the Future. The Revealer is thus enabled to share this knowledge with the Seeker — for a modest fee, of course, since even Telepathy is well known to involve electromagnetic energy that all-too-worldly electricity boards are so reluctant to supply free of charge!

  • Dear Dr. Narendra Nayak Sir,
    I thought you know everything! Now you said you ‘ fail to understand ‘. You mean you have yet to understand that deception by you and your friend circle will never fetch correct or say true results. You yourself admit that you all along tell nadi readers incorrect or misleading information about your identity. On top of that you expect 100 pc accurate predictions about the note numbers held in your pockets!
    I request you to go for examination of nadi predictions and not to test nadi readers. Give answers this time honestly true without any fuss. See the results. This is what is expected out of you. If you are truth seekers then you be honest first.
    Charan’s experience had hinted at the results matched with high accuracy.
    Hope you will not dodge the matter under pretext of “I have done enough, no time etc”.

  • Of course after revealing everything about yourself you can expect him to tell your past’accurately’. Your future which no one knows.
    Just calculate how many leaves should be there to give info about the whole population of the earth- past, present and future. After you do that you can expect me to go there again!

  • Rajendra Pathak I do hope you have seen the ! mark at the end of the sentence and also that there is something called sarcasm. As for me knowing everything it is not possible because I am not a nadi reader!( Hope you know at least now what the ! mark signifies.
    As for the accuracy of their predictions how about doing that for some lottery tickets? Or the number of a sealed currency note? Its printing is past and reading the number will be a future event!

  • I went to the centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Exactly the same story as the article. Only difference is I had to tell them the first letter of my name last letter of my name and that it had only three letters, first sound and last letter of my mum’s name and it has only two letters, same for my wife and how many letters she had in her name for them to get the names right when their random guesses in the initial leafs were wrong. To me that was a pretty lame trick.
    Most importantly I had to get a yantra worth rs14000 from them to fix my sins. When I came out of the room while waiting for three CD, I asked the two people waiting by either side of me, what they had to do. Alas ,they also had to do the same, pay money for special made and blessed plates for their sins.

  • Have you heard about Naadi astrology????
    Naadi Shastra Astrology is a potent extrapolative method. It is different from conventional Astrology or Palmistry. The accurateness of the reading in Astrology and other predictive sciences depends a great deal upon the proficiency of the reader over the subject.

    These Naadi Predictions handed down directly by the Great Sages of ancient India. Believed to be documented thousands of years ago. These are more than the predictions; essentially, these are documented facts about every individual’s past present and future. These facts come from the sages who had achieved the power to foresee past and future with the help of Naadi leaves

  • I have never gone to a astrologer before, but my wife , mother and mother in law does that always. Somewhere I read about Nadi astrology, and I thought I will give it a try.and the process of taking thumb impression and questioning continued. I was conscious enough to not get my details to him. but in 10 minutes he found out my palm leaf, and said my name, father name, mother name and even my griha nila.It was a surprise for me, and asked him to say about my poorva janma..At then end he asked to me bring 1800 rupees for doing pooja and all. I was not happy with this suggestion, and openly asked him, other than giving it to a temple, why I need to give it him and gave the consultation charge and left from there.

    But I wanted to try it once again, so I went to another person on last Saturday. The process was repeated, and said all the details about me.I told this to my two of my friends, who wanted to try this out.I warned not to even give their first letter of the name, dob and any other details. I also made the appointment by calling from my phone, and not from theirs. All of us surprised, when one of the friends details were said in just 3 minutes, and other in 5 minutes. One of my friend is divorced, astrologer said his ex-wifes name, and said he is divorced, and he also said his mother had 2 brothers but one of them is died, all were true. And to my other friend, he said his wife is pregnant and the baby will come before March !!. We didn’t even say, that he is married !!

    Really I don’t know is that mind reading or Cold reading and the so called science behind it. Though I believe everyones fortune cannot be stored in a palm leaf, this is my experience in nadi astrology. I am a software engineer by profession, and never believed in these myths, but how I can be against with what I experienced.

    I think there is one thing in it. There are lot of fake people, who try to loot your money ( like the first one I went, though he predicted my details correctly), and there are some genuine ones, who does it correct for you. Please don’t call me as a promoter of Nadi astrology, and that is not my profession too.but just want to share my experience with it !!

  • I have heard about Nadi asstrology and that is why I have investigated it. If the past, present and future according to you is “essentially, these are documented facts about every individual’s past present and future.” There must be at least 700 crore such leaves and just imagine how much space is needed for that. Add to that those who are already dead,are going to be born and calculate what we will be the size of the godown needed!
    That to these facts come from ‘sages’ who had the power thousands of years ago. How many thousands of years ago? The leaves don’t appear all that old. By the way check what I wrote again about the same thing after a few years-

    • — World Population – about 7 billion
      — Total humans born EVER – about 110 billion… lets round down to 100 billion. We are also not accounting for the much larger number for future generations.
      — Let’s say, each palm leaf weighs 5 to 10 grams (10 grams is perhaps closer to adjust for the binding weight of these books, but let’s just go with 5 grams).
      — That would mean 1 kilo of these manuscripts would cover 200 people (palm leaves are a rather inefficient means of creating and storing information)
      — So 0.5 billion kilos for all the people or 5 lakh tons or about 1 lakh lorries of material – that’s just 1 set, by the way.
      Even if we say that 0.3% degrade every year (assuming 300 year use per manuscript), it means that about 10 lakh palm leaves should be copied manually every day, forever. It must be a really huge maintenance operation. LOL.

      US Library of Congress only has 24 million books. These guys must have at least 40 times that in talapatra grandhas (they usually have fewer than 100 pages per volume I think. The ones I saw online had about 60 pages per binding) then. They must apply for the largest library status. Haha.

      PS: This is just careless, back-of-the-envelope math. If anyone sees any errors in math or assumptions, feel free to correct. I am not claiming any expertise, competence or even meticulousness.

      It would be nice if we can get photos of a couple of palm leaves and we can get someone who knows Tamil to translate a couple for us, word-to-word.

  • I am not a die-hard Nadi Astrology fan, but some years ago i did go to a Nadi Reader in Thambaram, I can safely say and remember i never divulged any information to the Nadi Reader but yet he could accurately tell me my exact name, my fathers name, my mothers name, how many sisters i have, who was married who was not, what profession i work in and my religion. None of this was disclosed to the reader. I cant say whether they are 100% perfect but they were 50% accurate. They did give me a translation in English. The charge was minimal but the remedies cost a lot. Good luck.

    Phone/Mobile044 – 22266264, 044 – 22264497, 9384045677
    AddressNew State Bank Colony, Tambaram West, Chennai – 600045
    Land Mark: Behind Philips Hospital
    Contact PersonDurai Suburathinam

  • Dear friends,
    Thought all believers of Nadi wadi gullible guies are set to rest by our great Sir, Dr Narendra Nayak…
    But no here are some mushrooming again!
    Sir what to do? I don’t understand!
    Like Prime Minister Narendra Modi had surprised everyone by visiting Pakistan, why can’t you also undertake another visit to nadi walas? In stead of assuming false personally, you tell true Information. Let them bring out your leaf. You get the photos of the leaf get it verified by Indological expert. You can appeal to some of the believers to accompany you so that the proof could satisfy their side also.
    This will close the issue once for all. Otherwise persons like us who believe you have to face the acquisition that if you are cheating by disgusting, then how can you exposure other cheat? Your defence of disguise may conviance us but believers will always dispute it.
    As it is none has dared to accept your high value prize money. They will never venture so in future.
    Why don’t you give try?

    • I would not be surprised if by now the nadi guys have all gotten together and prepared a leaf for Dr. Narendra Nayak, since he is their most prominent critic :-). So no, further investigations are best done by other rationalists now.

      In any case, in this smartphone era and hence a camera in every pocket, everyone who visits should snap a picture of their leaf… after all it is purported to be their own personal record, with the Nadi guy being a mere record-keeper/librarian in between.

      So dear any further believers in Nadi Jothidam who say they read this article, went anyway to check, and say you were surprised for the hits, please remember to post the images of your leafs via a free image host.

      • Dear Ravi Sir,
        Thanks for reaction. However I feel let Dr Narendra Nayak Sir say so. Why should we predecide what he should not do?
        That all centers have ganged up against Sir, and have created a palmleaf ready in each of the center is far-fetched imagination. Like this execuses point fingers towards us about our main cause of making aware of the people.
        It will be better that Sir’s so called leaf could be captured in cameras.

        • I just said that (ganging up part) as a half-joke (note the smiley). I am saying that it is a logically pointless exercise to test nadi stuff with people about whom a lot of information can be gleaned by a simple smartphone search (like Mr. Modi or Dr. Nayak – the two Narendras you mentioned). A test would be more meaningful when done without involving a public personality (or without disclosure of that aspect, as was the case in this article).

          May I ask if you have/had any present or past involvement with nadi jothidam?

        • I have spent enough time and money on that. You younger people can now go ahead. As I have mentioned I have even gone to a research centre at Tambaram and its head was also a flop.

          • Dear Sir,
            Some how I agree with Navnath Kumbhar. It is you who is running the thread and mission to denounce astrology in all forms. Others are coming out with their views, opinions based on experiences of Nadi reading. Many agree with your views, some in spite of knowing that this forum is for diehard anti astrology anti nadi readers come forward to place their point of view. In this was if someone like Jenny placed name and address of some centre what’s wrong in it? You can not treat that as an advertising. If that is so then what you are doing is also advertising for some centers names and photos in negative way.
            When Navnath like person who is totally or say blindly having faith on you and your activities, puts a humble request to make a try without deception or disguise, why should you say, ‘For me, it’s enough!
            Onus of providing proof in the form of photos, videos and notebook where reader says this is here your name and other details etc is written, lies on you shoulder. You can not get away with the excuse to pass on to youngsters. Yes, you should certainly carry some youth as assistant for the technical and Tamil language scholars support.
            Basically your aim should be to falsify Nadi text. Readers business will come down automatically.
            Hope you will reconsider Navnath Kumbhar’s request.

  • The Predictions done By a Nadi Jodhishan were 100% true in my case.The methods written in the article The ‘Exact Science’ Of Nadi Jothidam were totally wrong in terms of real Nadi Jodhisham.The objective of that author was just to show that Nadi Jodhisham is not scientific and so he approached a fake one.I can confidently recommend good Nadi Jodhishan if anybody needs.My E-mail ID is

  • No need for all that I went again to more such places. In this site itself I have one more write up about the fraud of Nadi jotidam you can read more about this there.

    • Dear Dr. Narendra Nayak Sir,
      We thought for some time the challengers have realised their mistake.
      “Anyone, who asks for so much information and has the freedom to guess, in the name of finding your leaf, could guess one or two things right, and that is not divine, or a treat, but a clear see-through scam and a trick. Please save your money and time and don’t fall for such scams.” says one ‘Critical review’ disbeliever!
      Meantime happened to down loan android app < Nadi prdictions – A Hoax? >
      Could you throw some light on it?

  • क्षुद्रपाखंडधूर्तेषु श्र्ध्दाहीनोपहासके |
    ज्ञानं न यथ्यतामेति यदि शंभु वदेत् ||
    Even Lord Shiva’s Answer will not
    Come true for the mean, hypocrite, disbelievers of Astrology, faithless, who come to test astrologers!
    The couplet may be old but relevant even in modern times!

    • Even a dog’s barking may sound like a right prediction to people who want t believe without question- B.Premanand

  • Then Mr Narendra Nayak, why dont you leave it at that. Let “barking dogs bark”. Why keep on answering them. What are you trying to prove?? And you think you can convince those believers?? Then you have better things to do!!

  • Dear Sir,
    Connotation ‘Barkings dogs’, made remember what once in rationalists meeting was said, “We are so loud hypocrite that we burn horoscopes on road shows, and while marriage insist for horoscope matching for our kith and kins! That’s why we are called Barkings and tail waging animals…!
    Hence these forums keep Barkings with tails up.

  • I never heard of a rationalist who insists for horoscope matching for any one. What happens is we sometimes yield to the superstitions of our kith and kin and don’t insist on refusing horoscope matching. If all our kith and kin are superstitious, it is not always up to us to decide. We try to educate and leave it after that. Horoscope matching is silly and baseless. Horoscopes predict nothing. All scientific evidence is against them. But most gullible people in our country think otherwise.

    Narlikar, J.V., Kunte, S., Dabholkar, N. and Ghatpande, P., 2009. A statistical test of astrology. Current Science, 96(5), pp.641-643.

    At least, people who make horoscopes often seem to honestly believe in their nonsense, due to confirmation biases. In case of nadi leaves, it is outright fraud since they are buying manufactured leaves and are lying to their customers about them.

    You seem awfully touchy about this. Are you an astrologer?

  • I am the president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist associations. Please let me know the name and address of the member of any of our associations who has insisted on horoscope and I will see that he/she is expelled. If you are making any allegations about me just read this,, and a lot more.

  • Dear Ravi Sir,
    No rationalists will be fool to loudly say in front of his rationalists friends circle. It’s a hush hush affairs. Leave it at that being private affairs.
    Agreed the long rooted traditions will be difficult to eradicate. On occasions compromise becomes inevitable.

  • Yet you say that this person declared so in this unnamed rationalists meeting, not just in a friends circle. This is simple: If someone “insists” in horoscopes for their kith and kin, that person is just not a rationalist and cannot speak for actual rationalists. There is no hush-hush business here.

  • “What happens is we sometimes yield to the superstitions of our kith and kin and don’t insist on refusing horoscope matching. If all our kith and kin are superstitious, it is not always up to us to decide.” That, unfortunately, is PRECISELY the reason why so many foolish, irrational, pernicious
    and even evil practices perpetuate themselves for centuries, if not millennia: astrology, palmistry,
    all kinds of medical quackery, religious rituals of all kinds, and so on. How often we hear X say, “Personally, I’m not a believer (in this or that particular bit of mumbo-jumbo), but you see my father [or mother, or uncle, or grandmother, or….] is a firm believer, and I don’t want to hurt the feelings or sentiments of the elders, so I go along….” Meanwhile the progeny of X are watching, and when X gets old, HIS progeny would say, “Personally I don’t believe in this stuff, but you see my revered parent, X, is a believer, and I don’t want to hurt the feelings of elders, so….” And so the deleterious idiocy is perpetuated down the ages. Unfortunately, it is not so much a case of not wishing to hurt the sentiments of one’s kith and kin. Rather, in most cases it is just plain wishy-washiness, a desire to take the path of least resistance, and — at bottom — an underlying lack of the courage of conviction.

  • I agree. I do try to explain everyone I know of, about how ridiculous the ideas behind astrology are, how they have no basis in astronomy, how they can be tested & what the results are, and what the cognitive biases are that lead people to think that these things work. With all this however, I doubt I actually ever succeeded. People mostly humor me politely (the reverse of what you say) and continue with their old habits. I never had the kind of success that Dr. Nayak has with his demonstrations. I feel that I am merely chipping away at the tips (not even that, really).

    What do you do when even postgraduates are unable to modify their behavior when presented with comprehensive information about a topic? What do you do when you can’t convince a professor and a head of the department of chemistry about the absurdity of Homeopathy or when a clinical practitioner argues that his personal opinion about it is superior than any data? What do you do when an educated bureaucrat insists that Astrology works. Part of the failure would be a judgment on my communication skills, but only partly. How many times does one get, to harp on people before straining social bonds?

    I now feel the problem has to be solved at the roots. I had the foundations of critical thought by about third grade. Learning to create illusions, I quickly learnt that things are not always what they seem, that what passes for cultural knowledge is often erroneous and how easy it was to fool myself. I think by the teens, it gets late for most people (I am sure developmental psychologists would have more informed and sophisticated ideas on this; I am not one). I think the only practical way to change on civilizational scales is to update the national curriculum and teaching methods and teach critical thinking very early on (even this will take decades). We have taught mere facts that can be picked up at any time in the name of science education. We need to stress teaching kids on asking: How do they know? How can we verify? etc on EVERYTHING. Once those foundations fall into place, the rest would take its course. The demarcation problem needs to be introduced as early as practically possible. There must at least be a couple of case-studies in pseudoscience in high school level science education.

    Right now, I don’t think the right levers for the propagation of scientific temper are being pressed. We are in a whack-a-mole mode in the most optimistic interpretation. I think we have perhaps one rationalist with media skills in my state and a dozen local TV channels that have advertisements for pseudoscience. I just don’t think kith and kin talks (as I have tried them) are the key solution in the modern communications landscape.

    In summary, my view at this time is not that resistance to superstition is to be abandoned meekly, but that it is currently inadequately focused without long term strategy or optimal modes of propagation.

  • Ravi
    Yes, I feel the same.
    I think that we should keep trying. I like Mr. Nayak’s approach of relentlessly responding to supporters. I would have given up long back. But the point is that even if out of 1000 or so believers , if we can help one, then the effort is succeeded. My own family is into this garbage, but I had to put my foot down. Not many people have the courage in such compulsive environment.
    I think our effort should be focused towards educating people and hope few will change.

    I welcome people to read more in my blog :

  • @ Dr Narendra Nayak Sir,
    I am not connected with any astrologer.
    Just happened to read an appeal by ATUL CHAJED of Pune. He has given open challenge since some time to ANi S of late Dr Dabholkar branch in Pune. As per him, ANiS just neglected his challenge due to fear of losing 21 lakhs that ‘Astrology is a science ‘. In in this connection he proposed to organise a morcha on collector office.
    I came to know from your above post that you, being champion for the cause of scientific temper, are honouring the post as President for Fedration of Indian rationalists organisations.
    I leave it to you what can be done by your good self.
    Pl don’t involve me as I am aware of this only as an onlooker. I am not from any side.

    MORCHA ”
    In case you wish to contact Chajed will try to get his details for your convenience.

  • Our friend Prof. A.S.Nataraj has a one crore challenge for asstrologers. He comes from a family of asstrologers and had been one up to the age of 60 years when he realised it was a fraud. Since he is now 76 years of age he cannot travel. But, your people could go to Bengaluru and do it. His cell no is +919343743305. You could please get in touch with him for his terms and conditions and prove that one is the “worlds first asstrologer”.

  • Dear Sir,
    Thanks for enlightening. As I have mentioned previously, I have no connection with Chajed. His news article has been in media, so I knew about his challenge to Dr Dabholkar’s organisation!
    Seems you have no control over their inactions as a Present of Fedration of Rationalists of all India level! Well it happens! Regarding Oldman from Bangaluru, he should call for Chajed. That his dotage should not be an excuse. Nirmukta should come forward to track down Chajed and bring in front of Oldman to defeat him?

  • Thanks for your kind suggestions and you insinuation about some one being in dotage. If you have no connection with the challenger it would be better for you to mind your own business if you have any.
    As for running the affairs of FIRA they are run by our constitution drafted by our member groups. Since I do not recall you being a member of FIRA your suggestions can be made to any organisation which you think is suitable. As for Dhabolkar’s organisation they are capable of taking care of themselves. You can make your suggestions about their working to Avinash Patil whose cell no is 9404870432.
    I would also suggest you check a dictionary before you use words. I assure you that Prof. A.S.Nataraj is not in his dotage. We are not interested in ‘hunting’ down any one. Since you are also a citizen of this country you have right to do it yourself. I would suggest it is never too late to start asserting your rights as a citizen since article 51 ah of the constitution of India states that it is the duty of every citizen to develop scientific temper, the spirit of enquiry and humanism.

  • Dear Dr Narendra Nayak Sir,

    “I would also suggest you check a dictionary before you use words. I assure you that Prof. A.S.Nataraj is not in his dotage. We are not interested in ‘hunting’ down any one.”

    With due respect:
    Meaning as per dictionary: “dot·age
    The period of life in which a person is old and weak.”
    Since his age is 76, can’t travel per your post!
    The FACT that you are hunting down Naadi readers for last so many years! Shows that you are in fact interested hunting!
    I endorse Rajendra Pathak’s request. Should you not instruct the erring rationalist org if they are not accepting the challenge posed by anyone to them? A mere phone call will do!

  • No, dotage is about cognitive decline, often to the point of not being able to take care of oneself.

    Should you not instruct the erring rationalist org

    I can’t find any references of this morcha or this person who makes the hilarious claim of being the “WORLDS FIRST ASTROLOGER”. So how did your guy do? How many showed up for his “morcha”? What did the collector say? You need to post references.

    challenge due to fear of losing 21 lakhs that ‘Astrology is a science’.

    Of course, Astrology is NOT a science – there isn’t ANY scientific basis for it. That part was settled to the point that when Karl Popper discussed the demarcation problem, he used Astrology as the poster child of pseudoscience.

    Astrology is not a science and astrologers are not scientists. Scientists apply the critical method. They critically and systematically examine ways in which their claims can be WRONG. Astrologers do not do that. Instead, they are full of bombast about how RIGHT they are, and not about producing systematic studies and analytics about their error rates. Astrologers typically start using an Astrology software and suddenly think they are doing a science – that’s just using technology to do pseudoscience.

    The challenges typically have a down payment, perhaps like 10% of the prize money so that every Tom, Dick and Harry does not waste every one’s time to try their luck. So how much was that in this case? Did he pay?

  • Hi

    Commenting here and letting everyone know thatI will be going there probably beginning of next month and would surely be updating everyone on what is going on and how accurate it came out for me and my family.


  • Dear Dr Nayak Sir,
    Thanks for prompt action taken by you. Due to your alert the Sarva dharma morcha was banned fearing a gathering of 2000 to 2500 persons. This I came to know from a friend who showed me local news paper Pudhari. However, the purpose of morcha was served with a meeting with local rationalists and who have challenged, Jyotishacharya (As he calls himself) Atul Chajed on 11th April. They are to meet soon before news reporters and general public to decide the results. This is for your info and record.
    This issue is not the main topic of this thread. Examination Nadi Jothidam under watchful eyes is the one for which Dr Dre is going to provide his report.
    Meanwhile incidentally, I opened the link given previously here above.
    I was wondering whether you are aware of the fact that previously this exploration of Nadi was conducted by late B Premanand and Dr Kovoor.
    Some articles were published in which someone had clarification sought to know how come B Premanand had accepted that his name was found in the palm leaf?
    The link above takes to some apps. One of them is about Nadi predictions a hoax? Surely many of the writers and supporters of this thread will find interesting to explore the apps.
    I presume Dr Narendra Nayak Sir being an expert in the field, will like to open a new topic for the same.

  • Ihave been there Long back about 16 years now. They were able to tell me about Studies I will do , Kind of Job I will get , Age at which I will get married , how many Kids I will get , gendor of my Kids , Age diffrenec on my Kids… Do you jave Explanation for that too … Let me inform you I am 31 now andf I was about 15 that time…

  • @ Gurvinder,
    ” tusi great ho! ”
    You being Sardar from name I suppose, you mean to say in Nadi Jothidam your own name was there? Was there any mention about your religion too? Asking just out of curiosity…

  • Ugh.. Calls him a great one and a sardar just because of Sikh name…

    How about treating people as equally worthy of respect. He isn’t a president or war leader (‘sardar’) any more than the astrologer knows who you are or your future. He may be a good man, but only those who know him really know. You don’t know if he’s ‘great’.

    Here’s a good mantra: “Nobody’s better and nobody’s worse than me.”

    Or is this thinking too un-Indian?

  • Dear sir Was waiting for someone to comment on your posting. Sikhs are called Sardars not only for their bravery in the battles but for Lionheartedness. Incidentally your name suggests that everyone should use two adjectives… ‘Mahapandit, Maharaj’. I too don’t know about your credentials… Yet you expect to be addressed with those!

    One of the owners of Naadi Centers in Pune, happen to read the article recently and requested Wg Cdr Oak to pen down his comments to satisfy Naadi lovers who also get carried away by the propaganda created by these organizations in print and Electronic Media  … More about the article will submit if members here are ready to know about what Naadi center has to offer replies to most of the objections raised here.
    Hope that ridiculing or by neglecting we may be doing harm to the very spirit of inquiry…

  • I visited a Nadi reader in chennai. Initially the questions asked were mostly about alphabets of names. Then after around one hour or so, my leaf was found. He never asked any other questions. Then he told me my basic degree, my pg degree, then how many siblings I have, one married, another one about to be married in few months – this is true, one sibling engaged. Then he read – my dad no more, my mom with me, my work at home software related profession, then my husband profession, exact problem he is facing, when he will over come that, and a tiny brief about my child which was positive. he also predicted about my future, and hurdles, and to face them.

    Every small bit he said about my past was true. He even wrote a vakya jadhaga, this is not the kanipu jadhaga. Kanipu is based on time, place of birth and dob. The vakya jadhaga was in the leaf, it is astonishing that it matched my horoscope. I didnt tell him the time or place of birth, i told my dob and gave finger prints.

    Even if the place is wired – i didnt speak anything while he was away to get the second bundle. he never pestered about my details. He did read out one by one the leaves – to arrive at exact name. All he wanted was to arrive at right leaf – that leaf should have my name, spouse and parent names exactly. Once that is arrived, he simply read out.

    There were too many exact things in the leaf…my first degree is not easy to guess…but he said totally exact.

    He advised me to do a puja for 96 days. For people unable to do the puja his folks would do it. This is completely optional.

    He charged rs.500/-

    My friend went there after I told to go…however my friend leaf could not be found after much searching, she wasnt charged any fees.

    If it is a generalized prediction, I wouldnt have believed. If I had told my time of birth, place of birth also, then they could make generalized prediction. BUT the predictions I got was so exact.

    I think many people have landed with wrong readers….It is difficult to find genuine ones.

    The nadi reader I went for my leaf predictions is giving predictions for people all over the world – u can send impressions via whatsapp, then call him to get the leaf details….. fees is also nominal. if u dont get leaf u dont have to pay.

    So my experience was positive.

  • @Vedavalli – my humble advice. Nadi jyotish is good for reinforcing belief in religion (via these relevations of your past) but in my opinion the pariharas /pujas they suggest are of not much use unless it is genuine Vedic/tantric /agama based which are for general good.

    Mostly worshipping the family deities, hardwork with faith in Gods and Godesses and sticking to one’s varna dharma itself cures the problems

  • I am an astrologer with a very successful international practice. I have been looking for a good Nadi reader for a long time. Have had three done in the past with varying degrees of accuracy. I inquired about the nadi readers in Vaidishvaran coil from some friends in Sri Rangam. One of them was from Vaidishvaran Coil himself. He told me that the last good (honest) Nadi reader had died about 10 years ago, those that remain are all cheats. They prey on gullible people and use the reputation of the Nadis to cheat people. They are counterfeits. But if there is counterfeit that means somewhere is the real thing. But they are hard to find.

    As the man who was shovelling horse manure said when he was asked “what are you doing?” He replied “I’m looking for a horse. With so much horse manure around there must be a horse somewhere.”

    The reputation of Nadi astrology didn’t arise out of nothing they did exist. But one must be diligent in finding the authentic ones. But considering the current trend I strongly suspect that it will very difficult to any real ones in near future as the good ones are dying out and replaced only by cheats.

    There is an online Yahoo group dedicated to finding real ones. Persons who are open minded (not professional skeptics) could take a look.

    One would be better off consulting a reputed astrologer instead.

  • @Jyoti

    All astrology is horse manure. No exceptions. There is no good horse manure or bad horse manure. You are a seller of horse manure. Naturally, you insist that your horse manure is really good horse manure. Next, it was always just horse manure. It didn’t stop being good horse manure 10 years ago. You asked another center of horse manure for an opinion. Next, you are pointing to a group of people who happily buy horse manure. What else are they going to say?

    If astrology were real, every major university (I am talking about globally ranked universities here) would line up to study it with lots of funds. Every top hedge fund would factor its predictions into its trades.

    Your argument that every popular superstition must have some truth behind it is demonstrably false. The only basis we can demonstrate from superstitions is that people are fundamentally gullible unless critical thinking is taught. Your entire business model is based on people not having critical thinking.

    Palm leaves rarely survive beyond 300 years. If all these nadi guys had leaves that were thousands of years old, plenty of archeology departments would be lining up both to study them as well as understand how they survived so impossibly long. If they actually contained old tamil, plenty of linguistic departments would line up.

    If someone thousands of years ago could predict that a specific customer would come, all science and philosophy has to be updated at the very fundamental level of cause and effect. If those leaves actually described the customer, the customer would be allowed to take the leaf home. What else purpose would be there for the leaf at the temple after the person already arrived, except to clutter the limited storage space? The customer would be the leaf’s destiny. They are not going to reuse the same leaf to con someone else now, would they? With his/her leaf, the customer would be able to get the exact same reading from any old Tamil reader. He/she would have been able to verify the age of the leaf with technology, not just the looks.

    If I could see thousands of years into the future, writing petty details about people would not be how I would spend my time. I would have written about actually important things like wars, invasions, famines, epidemics and new technologies. Nadi manure sellers claim that Agastya wrote a leaf for every future visitor. So how many leafs would he have written? How many years would it have taken him to produce them?

    Most gullible consumers of astrology manure think that astrology worked for them due to Forer effect. Every scientific study of astrology on the other hand finds that it does not work… astrologers do worse than a coin flip. Our statistics-illiterate public is however too gullible to understand that and where there are gullible people, there are people like you.

  • @Ravi
    An excellent rejoinder, calling attention to the perfect examples of fallacious logic and reasoning
    with which the original comment is replete. A couple of other nuggets in the latter, for connoisseurs of pseudoscience:

    The allusion to horse manure in the context of astrology is as near a perfect example of a freudian slip as one could wish for!

    Another perfect example: A fundamental requirement in the selling of snake-oil is the assertion that every other brand is fake, followed in the same breath by the reassurance that the genuine stuff is near at hand. Hence the assertion, “They are counterfeits. But if there is counterfeit that means somewhere is the real thing”, followed by “One would be better off consulting a reputed astrologer instead”. Neat!

    An aside: Any mention of a “reputed astrologer” always brings to mind that other charming phrase that used to be extant in the days when “foreign” goods were extremely scarce in this country. Well-meaning advisors always seemed to know people who knew people who knew “reputed smugglers” who could supply just about anything, and with an unwritten warranty to boot! I guess the myriad contradictions in our milieu have made us totally colour-blind to oxymorons.

  • Thank you Dr. Balakrishnan.

    I will just add 3 important research articles on the general subject of astrology to the thread.

    Forer, B.R., 1949. The fallacy of personal validation: a classroom demonstration of gullibility. The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 44(1), p.118.

    Carlson, S., 1985. A double-blind test of astrology. Nature, 318(6045), pp.419-425.

    Narlikar, J.V., Kunte, S., Dabholkar, N. and Ghatpande, P., 2009. A statistical test of astrology. Current Science, 96(5), pp.641-643.

    Sadly, people in India still go by: What do my neighbors think of astrology?, rather than: What has the scientific scholarship established in way of evidence on this? I hope we start introducing scientific skills and instincts early in school, rather than simply getting them to memorize science facts.

  • Welcome to the forum Mr.Jyoti- a successful international asstrologer. If you will kindly note the two ‘s’s in the definition of your profession is not a typo. It is an apt description of what you do. You have enough number of gullible people in this world which make you a ‘successful international’ one. As P.T.Barnum the eminent showman said there is a sucker born every minute. With the population explosion it has become a dozen and the time has been reduced to a second!
    In my mother tongue there is a saying that the dead buffalo used to give more milk. The very same is applicable to your profession too. The ancients were far greater than I but since they are all no more you have to manage with poor us who are still alive. Well they are dead and gone but among those alive I am the greatest so come to me for consultations. We would have Mr. Jyoti if you will kindly let us have your name and address. I have been throwing challenges to your ilk from the past four decades and each and every time when the challenge has been taken by those who are lesser than you of course, they have either slunk away or bitten the dust. Some of them were’ internationally known’ too. You could go through my write ups on this site to have an idea of who those are.
    Well since you are claiming to be one of the greatest among those alive let us see whether you are willing to take up our challenge which could silence us once for all. For a person like you with an international reputation this should be just child’s play! We will give you ten date, time and place of birth. All you have to do is cast the horoscopes yourself (because most of your ilk are of the habit that the others are all charlatans and have done a poor job of casting the horoscopes which has made you give wrong predictions) and just tell us two things whether the person is male or female, dead or alive. If fifteen of those answers are right you will get a million rupees and I will give a public apology for having called you frauds. If you are wrong you will have to admit that you are a fraud and stop your practice of fooling the people and you have to give an undertaking to that effect. The details will be kept in sealed envelopes right on the stage and will be opened for inspection to verify your predictions on the spot after you put them in writing. If you thinks this is not right I would propose another one for you since your predictions are about the past as well as future- I would test those by a simple method- we would put a currency note in a sealed envelop. You could bring any one with you whose horoscope has been checked by you to open the seal and take it out. This would be done after you predict its serial number and note in writing. If it is the same you win a million rupees!
    In order to discourage gold diggers and free publicity seekers I have imposed an earnest deposit of 2% of the amount which will be refunded if you can prove that what we call as a fraud is a ‘science’. Are you willing Mr. Internationally reputed asstrologer? If you are let me know and we shall proceed further with the formalities and lay down in detail the terms and conditions. But one thing before hand I would like this challenge to happen in Mangalore. This is a golden opportunity for you prove your mettle and silence us once for all.

  • Dear Sir,
    A perfect opportunity to you come on platter!
    We are with you. Will get a model example how to teach a lesson on your choice subject !

  • @Narendra Nayak,

    Your challenge seems to be interesting 🙂 . In kerala there is this “Prashna” when people approach an astrologer with a specific question or life problem. He does a prashna and gets a rashi (zodiac sign). Based on planetary position from that rashee he interprets. Check it out . I think a good astrologer can determine the currency note denomination you put in the envelope.

  • Dear Dr Narendra Nayak Sir,
    Make it more precise with Denomination, serial Alphabets followed by number. That’s more professional.

  • @Narendra Nayak- Just by looking a horoscope nobody can tell whether a person is male or female. Dead or alive ?? May be possible. I have very limited knowledge of astrology. Give me some DOBs and I will try to predict about them here with my limited knowledge and you judge by yourselves whether astrology has something in it or its just garbage

  • Sir,
    Good that you have asked to accept the perpetual challenge of yours. But we have blind eye to her link.
    “There is an online Yahoo group dedicated to finding real ones. Persons who are open minded (not professional skeptics) could take a look.”
    A peek at it shows interesting information. It has 3100 plus members “Naadi related research topics etc.
    The lady had warned that those who are closed mindset may not take a look!
    Also this thread is dedicated particularly to nadi Astrology. Better to have comments on the link provided.

  • Hi..

    Naadi astrology is very true.. you have to find true astrologer. things which no one one except me they said.i was surprised. they said my parents name and what my sister is doing and which course i studied and in which field i am working only from my thump print not even date of birth.

    even i did not even open my mouth except saying yes or no. as soon they found my name they sad all teh details

  • Hi..

    Naadi astrology is very true.. you have to find true astrologer. things which no one knows except me they said.i was surprised. they said my parents name and what my sister is doing and which course i studied and in which field i am working only from my thump print not even date of birth.

    even i did not open my mouth except saying yes or no. as soon they found my name they said all the details

  • Vijay -since you are going to predict by DOB. Here are some examples- A 7-07-1955, B-9-02-1953, C-29-08-1984, D-20-5-1959, E-15-10-1952, F- 14-6-1953, G- 08-09-1972, H-28-11-1974, I -07-05-1975 J-24-07-1956 Please let us have your predictions. Please post your predictions here and I will let you know the results. Note to admin- please notify him through his email id in case his predictive powers run short and he may not be aware of my acceptance of his challenge.

  • I recently visit a Nadi Astrology Center.
    After taking the thumb impression they got one bundle of palm leave. And started asking many question whose reply ought to be yes/no.
    Line your name is of 3 letters / 4 letters.
    After extracting the number of letters then goes 1st letter starts with ‘ka, kha, gha’ // ‘pa pha bha’ etc etc, what I found is its plain eliminating method used to get the first letter, second letter, third letter and so on of our name and our parents and siblings name, our date of birth.
    Yes credible is the panditjis remembers and jot down the letters pretty well so sum up the exact name.

    Well, I have problem with my married life, and even that they found out by the yes /no method.
    They have correctly(By elimination and jot down method i guess ) found out my husband’s name. While future prediction in the second section, they told me I will get remarried and have a good marital life, when I asked my future second husband’s name . They bluntly said it is not mentioned here. If and when I get remarried , it will come up. This is really a dicey reply.
    My question is if Agastya Rishi predicted everything, all the important person’s name related to my life then why not this name, and how come later on it will appear on the palm leaf?


  • I would like to share my experience with one such center. I went there out of curiosity. I am very keen and curious in such things generally.
    The person did take my thumb finger print and asked me to take the session. I did not give my number,name or date of birth. I had read few articles about it before and I knew more or less their method of questioning and elimination methods. He reads a verse (In chaste Tamil) and asks question in Hindi / English. If the answer is yes then he continues to read the next verse and this goes on. If the answer i No, then he would bring another set of “taalegari”. By the time these basic questions are answered he would have matched many data like number of brothers, sisters, kids their names, family data and some professional data. He then confirms that the said “taalegari” is pertaining to you. He then reads that remaining set of “patti” and mentions several past and future events. He records the entire session and gives you the CD.
    He could not completely reveal my name but came 90 % close I would say. He matched all other family data. Parents, brothers, sisters, kids data. My profession that too what kind tasks I was doing then. I was doing 180′ apart kind of tasks then, compared to my education, experience and role.
    Hence I have difficulty in accepting that he had done that by method of elimination. I was careful and watchful in answering. He had said three important future events. Two have come true. Third one I do not know yet.
    Such practices are to be evaluated with open mind and with frankness. Visiting him with an intention to defeat him is of no use. It can only satisfy your ego. It is like going to a doctor when you actually have headache, when doctor inquires you, you would say, you have leg pain. You will get the treatment for your leg pain. Very easy to say doctor was useless. Mr.Nagendra seems to have resorted to this trick. What I am trying to say here, when Nadi person asks you to confirm his statement, confirm if it is true, do not miss lead him. Be frank with him.
    Science has brought lot of advancement and comfort to human life. It still has not understood everything around us. Quacks are every where. Even among atheists.

  • We, mortal human beings are not greater than ancient sages
    Are you destinied to act???? Or are you free to act?????
    Sage Vasistha says
    You are destinied to feel you are free to act…..

    We can blame the teacher or de student but definitely not de subject …..
    I think we are destinied to visit this crap articl nd read de author nd his blind followers bullshit arguments….they don’t even have respect for elders….shame on you guys…next tym go to a genuine I wish nd hope you should not .ppl like you dnt deserve to get that divine grace
    Thank you

  • Spiritualgeek- though you are not spiritual enough to reveal your real name, are you one of the ancient sages who have managed to be immortal. If a subject is stupid enough the subject, the teacher and the student are all fools. Just imagine how many leaves should have been there to put down the history of all humans who live, lived and will live on this planet. Besides, the perishability of these would dictate that they be re-transcribed. For your kind information a school boy today knows far more than your ancient sages.

  • @Narendra Nayak,

    “For your kind information a school boy today knows far more than your ancient sages.”

    So what? you know many things than your ancestors. Your children might know many things which you do not know. Does that mean your children are more intelligent and superior to you?
    Ancient sages were emotionally stronger , balanced , peaceful than many school boys /men of today who are restless and resort to substance abuse, have mental issues, depression, mood swing etc

  • A mental insane has written this crap. The exact leaf will contains all details of name, date of birth, place of birth, spouse, parents and virtually everything. There are no blind guess, if one wants to see his leaf he can do it.

  • This is my experience happened some 20 years go. The Guy was reading Palm leaf and the name Madurai came. So just wanted to verify “Madurai” name in Tamil as Madurai is Madurai for centurues and I pulled the Palm leaf bundle from him and started reading. I could read all the words as it could have written may be 100 years ago or recent but it was like a story and no “Madurai” was mentioned. Obviously the guy asking question frame his word and read as if he reads from the leaf.

    One thing we all must accept and agree is he is trying to find our DOB from the screening session. Once he finds the DOB and he accurately get the Star Positions, Rasi etc which I am surprised. Once you get this details, it is pure Astrology. Any Astrologer can predict future.

  • Dear Sir,
    I agree with your views in general. They could be written on demand in some centers too. As in this video clip the interviewer says the leaf was not taken out for any client. But as a sample case study. The leaf was taken out from the available packet on table. Without waiting for writing. Some leaves with names were discarded because, how the names are written in indicative lyrics like “Lal Krishna” father’s name and directly Navin self, Nila mother’s name with birth day details were found out.
    This is the first time we see the letters of the actual names, though some times out of focus. Nadi reader additionally had written note book as written evidence. Hence why can’t we too do similar study under your supervision? I am available for further action.

  • Dear GP sir, you say, “A mental insane has written this crap. The exact leaf will contains all details of name, date of birth, place of birth, spouse, parents and virtually everything. There are no blind guess, if one wants to see his leaf he can do it.”
    You mean to say what is shown in the above video clip is correct about word Bal krishna and Nila, Navin, date of birth etc? And what our Dr Narendra Nayak said is all bumcum? Pl say in clear words!

  • Edward Reed, thanks for the compliment… Seems you are referring to the clip by our Dr Narendra Nayak Sir.
    For our Dr Narendra Nayak Sir,
    That reminds me of the clip I shared with on 26th Apr 18. … In that the names are shown written. You say they were written there… Means that the leaf was made ready before the video shoot? I have a request for you. If you see the clip carefully, that the notebook was written by the Nadi reader not on the leaf…
    Could you please share your thoughts after viewing it again…?
    “They were written there. Simple! Watch this..”

  • Mr Shameless Akash,
    Pl have some mercy on us. Pl spare your valuable knowledge of Astrological predictions for some other forum. We are trying our best to eradicate and you take the benefit of our decency!
    Admin Pl look into. How do you allow this crap? On the contrary you keep silence on some evidence given by me for examination of palmleaf writings some time ago. Why this double standards?

  • Hi Navnath
    I got the same comment on my blog from Shameless Akash, 9
    I decided not to publish, why give publicity to trolls. I am not too lenient on trolls.

  • Dear Swami ji,
    Leave it as it may.
    Very name smacks that you took are from similar commune.
    Can you ever imagine, our respected Dr Narendra Nayak being called swamiji?
    Any way I hope our admin takes note of the matter. Also request to comment on the material posted previously on palmleaf writings.

  • Swamy Kujrananda

    In case you haven’t noticed, Navnath Kumbhar is the chief troll for Nadi threads. He is a Nadi supporter who pretends to be looking for a further debunking even though everything that needs to be said has been said and plays the character of an unreasonable rationalist and a fan of the author.

    People mostly just ignore him and he keeps rattling on.

  • Dear Dr Narendra Nayak Sir,
    Thanks for kind words expressed above. I have been always grateful for this group. That you have catagorized me into opposition side is most unfortunate to happen. With due respect to our mentor B Premanad and Dr Narendra Nayak, you Sir, the spirit of searching the truth and unearthing the falsehood is our mission. “Nirmukta” the title itself indicative of the expression “Freedom from the bongade of thoughts, customers, superstitions from the minds of people”. In doing so, the approach that ‘what we have done so far in connection with Nadi experiments is enough’ itself is a step backwards.
    In brining forward any counter arguments for further study and investigation, by our group experts if someone brands as anti group what will you think? The spirit of free thinking or otherwise?

  • Also, Navnath Kumbhar is absolutely not Rajendra/Rajendra Pathak. Just in case anyone insinuates that without proof and the spirit of free thinking.

  • And no one should suggest that Navnath Kumbhar/Rajendra Pathak is in fact a Nadi Astrologer named Shashikant Oak, just because they are on a search for unearthing the falsehoods and frauds.

  • Dear Friends,

    I am sharing my experience. I seen five time nadi astrology for me. Acutally I am finding whats the tricks and what they are doing real facts. First I told nadi astrology true but now a days all are fake and money minded. they don’t tell instantly this is your leaf. First they asking lot of questions like yes or no type. so they get some more information. Its mind games. Second they have some sprit. So finally they found your name, father name, mothers name and how many siblings not siblings name. Thats all. after they telling normal horoscope prediction using lot of lie words. And finally maximum to convenience or brainwash some pooja and pariharam. They try to looting your money. If you intrest First kandam is enough but they say you previous birth, mistakes and everything. Its absolutely lie. They can say your future exactly. If you are unmarried. they never say your future wife name. just say those letters coming, rashies. They cant tell your future wife accurate name. If you say i will back after one month do parihara. they told leaf is not find future,. You will come after 20 years. but its not true. you go daily . they will say your leaf is there. Ultimately frauds. But nadi astro is true. what to do. this kali yuga.. so this kind of things happens….

  • There are 100 doctors. Each vary in terms of experience or motive. You select a doctor who falls at the lower end of the spectrum and blame medicine is false and hoax.

    Last when I heard Nadi was a form of Astrology which is in turn a Science. Is science at fault too?
    Science can just provide a name that ALREADY exists. Science = naming convension.
    Hot reading and cold reading? As if this dint exist before science put a name to it? Was it just invented when science gave a name to it?

    Its upto the people to understand the agenda.

  • Kay, from your crazy logic

    Science = just naming convension (sic)
    Astrology = Science
    Nadi = Astrology
    Nadi = just naming convention.

    If you think Science is just naming convention, then I can only expect you to think that Astrology is a Science because your understanding of Science is that awful.

    Agenda? Who stands to gain by exposing nadi astrology fraud? No one. There is no money there.
    The only agenda here is for people who defend nadi astrology. They usually have a business from it, like Shashikant Oak who was pretending here to be a critic to market his mobile apps and scam services.

    Cold reading is the method employed by astrologers, soothsayers, psychics, fortune tellers etc, all of which are scams to cheat people who don’t understand how cheating is done.

    The cheating technique is mostly the same, whether it is reading tea leaves, dead animal intestines, crystals or stars. nadi leaves, tea leaves, intestines are just gimmicks or props. The real trick is cold reading.


    After determining that the subject is cooperative, the reader will make a number of probing statements or questions, typically using variations of the methods noted below. The subject will then reveal further information with their replies (whether verbal or non-verbal) and the cold reader can continue from there, pursuing promising lines of inquiry and quickly abandoning or avoiding unproductive ones. In general, while revelations seem to come from the reader, most of the facts and statements come from the subject, which are then refined and restated by the reader so as to reinforce the idea that the reader got something correct.

    Subtle cues such as changes in facial expression or body language can indicate whether a particular line of questioning is effective or not. Combining the techniques of cold reading with information obtained covertly (also called “hot reading”) can leave a strong impression that the reader knows or has access to a great deal of information about the subject. Because the majority of time during a reading is spent dwelling on the “hits” the reader obtains, while the time spent recognizing “misses” is minimized, the effect gives an impression that the cold reader knows far more about the subject than an ordinary stranger could.


    The trick is to charge only a few hundred for reading. First be affordable to make contact, next win confidence by making correct predictions using cold reading and after that, scare them by sayoing there are “doshas”. Once the astrology senses worry in the client, then he safely suggests tens of thousands for removing “dosha” by some expensive ritual. This is where real money is made.

    Nadi believers, there are now many videos explaining how cold reading works on Youtube. Please educate yourself. There are so many astrology cheaters marketing themselves on social media, but you can also find information on how this cheating works if you look properly.

  • As per astrological calculations, this bloodmoon eclipse will cause a widespread epidemic in the American continent along with few other places within the next year!

    @WHO #SuperBlueBloodMoon – tweet was even shared to WHO but ignored

    7:48 PM · Jun 25, 2019 – Ignored in spite of reminding clearly about the worldwide health issue about to arise.

    Western countries of this world will see rise of an epidemic. This epidemic will start showing its effect by coming November.

    Much before June 2019 prediction on rise of an epidemic in Western countries, symptoms of an epidemic were visible from famous Bloodmoon eclipse of 2018 and on its base, a prediction of a widespread epidemic in USA and other places was made. #COVID2019india #COVIDUSA #CovidUK

  • AstroVed works with only those readers of the highest integrity and skill from years of rigorous training. Authentic Nadi Readers are a select few who have learned the art from being passed down from generation to generation in the same clan.

    Dr. Pillai has done over 20 years of Nadi research and has discovered leaves that are genuine, accurate and reliable. Our renowned Board of Advisors guarantees that the leaves read by our expert Nadi Readers are from an authentic source. The Nadi readers themselves are specifically chosen and continuously monitored by our Nadi Accreditation.
    The Nadi Reading Prediction is different from a Vedic Astrology Prediction. The Nadi reader simply reads what he sees from the leaves. In general the Nadi readers are not astrologers. They are only trained to read the Ancient Palm Leaves in an intuitive way.

    If after the Nadi Leaf Identification session, you are not fully satisfied, contact for a full refund.

    During the Direct Explanation session you can stop the Nadi reader and ask questions if you need more information.

    If you require the strength or weakness of a particular planet or what time period you are running, you can schedule a separate, paid consultation with an astrologer.

    Nadi Astrology
    Nadi astrology is a branch of astrology that helps you to track your soul’s journey. It can track if the problems you are facing now have a connection with the mistakes committed in the past life. The predictions are derived from the ancient and scared inscriptions etched on palm leaves. The inscriptions written by sages not just give indications about the incidences but also prescribe remedies to the correct the course and put you in the right path. For making predictions a Nadi astrologer will require your thumb impression to find your personal Nadi leaf. Once the leaf is identified, you can receive readings even through phone or Skype.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 13
    A remedial Nadi Jothidam Chapter which guides you on the sins you had committed in your previous or significant births, and its impact on your current life.

    Nadi Astrology chapter 14
    Another important remedial Nadi Jothidam which identifies the current negative influences due to unfavorable planetary positions, and casting of evil eye by jealous persons, which are the prime reasons for the crisis or obstacles in your life.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 2 – Family and Finance
    Chapter 2 describes your current financial status and future predictions in terms of finance potential, family and education. The chapter also highlights your health issues and prescribes measures to lessen your financial burden. By reading this chapter, you redefine your life to lead healthy, wealthy and blissful life with your loved ones.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 3 -Siblings and Courage
    Whether you are in search of your sibling or need to understand the compatibility with your siblings, Chapter 3 is the perfect choice for you to apprehend your future with your brother or sister.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 4 – Mother and Comforts
    Chapter 4 is ideal for those who are property owners or wish to own a property. It reads vital information about one’s parents, especially that of the Mother whose blessings are indispensable to accumulate wealth and comforts. It contains readings upon your possessions such as buildings/houses, vehicles, land and material pleasures.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 5 – Progeny
    Are you longing for a child? Want to know the reason behind your sterility? Chapter 5 explains the reasons for you not having progeny so far and prescribes appropriate remedies. It also highlights information about your children, their birth star and horoscope and few of their future predictions.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 6 – Debts, Disease and Litigation
    If you are looking out for the idyllic solution for your financial crisis, chronic illness or legal battle, then Chapter 6 is the shelter for you. This chapter reveals measures to evade from your debts, overcome your illness to live a healthy life and overpower your enemies and win over legal issues.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 7: Marriage
    Find out the right time for your wedding bells (1st Marriage)by reading Chapter 7 Nadi Astrology. This chapter explains the reasons for delay in your marriage and proposes remedial measures. It also reveals when you will be married and for how long will you be married.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 8 – Longevity
    Satiate the curiosity to know your life span by reading Chapter 8 which speaks about longevity. The chapter contains valuable information about any mishaps in one’s life, accidents and dangers that one may encounter and the exact details of one’s death such as age, date, time, lagna, location and nakshatra.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 9 Spiritual Attainment and Fortunes
    This chapter helps to know and understand your father better in terms of his wealth, spiritual perception, fortune and philanthropic activities.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 10 – Profession
    Are you finding it difficult to settle down in your dream job? Then this chapter will greatly help you. It gives you information about your profession/career and predictions upon any ups/downs you may face in your professional life and changes in jobs.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 11 – Profits and Second Marriage
    If you wish to be an entrepreneur or would like to have an idea about your business profit, this chapter summarizes it all. The chapter also reveals the chances of second marriage in one’s life.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 12 – Expenditure and Losses
    Every one of us will be excited to know about our next birth or incarnation. It is a blessing to attain Moksha and liberate self from the continuous cycle of birth and death. This chapter contains information about your future births and also makes you aware of your upcoming expenditures and losses. The chapter is helpful to know about your chances of overseas travel as well.

    Prasna Nadi 5 Question
    There is a special Kandam (chapter) in Nadi Astrology called Prasna. This special chapter holds answers for your questions from the author of the Nadi scripture, either Archetype Shiva or a Great Saint. The term ‘Prasna’ means the current moment as well as denotes a question.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 7: Marriage
    Find out the right time for your wedding bells (1st Marriage)by reading Chapter 7 Nadi Astrology. This chapter explains the reasons for delay in your marriage and proposes remedial measures. It also reveals when you will be married and for how long will you be married.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 8 – Longevity
    Satiate the curiosity to know your life span by reading Chapter 8 which speaks about longevity. The chapter contains valuable information about any mishaps in one’s life, accidents and dangers that one may encounter and the exact details of one’s death such as age, date, time, lagna, location and nakshatra.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 9 Spiritual Attainment and Fortunes
    This chapter helps to know and understand your father better in terms of his wealth, spiritual perception, fortune and philanthropic activities.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 10 – Profession
    Are you finding it difficult to settle down in your dream job? Then this chapter will greatly help you. It gives you information about your profession/career and predictions upon any ups/downs you may face in your professional life and changes in jobs.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 12 – Expenditure and Losses
    Every one of us will be excited to know about our next birth or incarnation. It is a blessing to attain Moksha and liberate self from the continuous cycle of birth and death. This chapter contains information about your future births and also makes you aware of your upcoming expenditures and losses. The chapter is helpful to know about your chances of overseas travel as well.

    Nadi Astrology Chapter 1
    The most important Nadi Josiyam chapter which helps to identify your personal details like your name, your parents’ names & your spouse’s name. This chapter also comprises of general predictions for the rest of your life. Reading of this chapter is considered to be mandatory.

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