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What We’re Up Against

A couple of days ago I had sent out an email to the subscribers and contributors at Nirmukta, notifying all of you of the posted article containing my interview with James Randi.

There was one reply to that email that I found interesting.

Here is it:

Dear Nirmukta Authorities Concerned People,
are blessed by ALMIGHTY through Jai Sai Baba, as a devotee of Sai,
without doubt our requirements are fullfilled. At present, our earth
must witness everywhere peace without trouble to
humanbeings.Please,send useful informations time to time.
with love and affection,
Sai Devotee,
Dr. T. Mariappan,
VCRC, Puducherry. 

Now, this perseon has never commented or filled out the contact form before, so I realized immediately that whoever this was, s/he had been spying on us quietly for a while. A quick review of the log revealed the date on which this person had registered at Nirmukta. It happened to be the same day that the first article criticizing Sai Baba appeared at Nirmukta, 10/06/08.

So this is what we’re up against. I am reminded of Scientology, the way they operate; cult-like, projecting a false humility and always pretending to be benevolent. Meanwhile they are opposed to the basic tenets of freedom of speech and freedom of thought, using covert subterfuge, slander and the threat of prosecution. Too bad Anonymous can’t help us here.

I’m not sure if I should take this email as a threat. One thing is for sure- I’m all in now. I’ve stayed away from controversy for long enough. The realization that millions of Indians are still prisoners of the physical and mental abuse that unreasonable ideologies use to restrain minds, forces me to dedicate myself towards the cause of free-thought.


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