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Cow’s Excreta as Medicine: Insult to Humanity

The cow is, at the least, an animal domesticated by man for help in agricultural activities.[1]  Although the mighty machines now used in farming have made these animals irrelevant in agriculture, valiant attempts are being made, at least in India, to preserve the exalted position of the so called ‘second mother’ [2] or even ‘mother of the world’ [3,4].

The stringent agitations to protect the ‘cow-mother’ [4,5] and even riots and murders of dalits for the sake of the cow,[6,7] suggest that the human life is far less important than a dead cow in this part of the world.[7] This extraordinary reverence for the cow has led to the development and marketing of many ‘products’ made from the secretions and excretions of the cow, with claims that these products may be more ‘lucrative’ than even the dairy.[8]

‘Cow Products’

The list of ‘products’ developed from the milk and excreta of the cow is quite long. Panchagavyaand cow urine distillate (gau arka) are the most quoted of these preparations.

Panchagavya is a blend of five (pancha) products obtained from the cow (gavya = from gau) – the dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd.[9,10] Three preparations of cow’s urine, namely gau-mutra asav (fermented preparation), gau-arka (or distillate) and Ganavati (or tablet) are also used as medicines.[8,11] Two US patents have also been obtained for the gau -arka [11] and this fact has been highlighted over and over again.

Various products from the cow have been suggested as a successful remedy against more than hundred diseases, from fever to cancer.[8,11,12] Panchagavya is most reverentially used as a ‘body and soul cleanser’, following the birth or death of a family member. It has also been suggested as a medicine and more profusely as a pesticidal spray for plants and as a soil enriching manure.[10]

Very recently, panchagavya has been suggested as a remedy for chikungunya as well.[13] Cow’s urine has been used in the preparations of hair oil, shampoo, skin cream etc.[8] Preparations like soap, nasal powder, body powder, body cream, incense sticks, tooth powder etc. have been prepared from the cow dung and recommended for medical use[8]. Probably to add sanctity to the entire gamut of these ‘medications’, it has been claimed that Indian pure breed cows have ‘immunology power’ from 90% to 98% while the cows of mixed breed have less than 40%.[11]

The ‘evidence’:

Curious to know about Panchagavya, I asked an Ayurveda physician about its utility. She briefed me about all the virtues of the gau mutra (cow’s urine), gau maya (cow dung) and Panchagavya, quoting the Charaka Samhita. But how can we, living in the 21st century,  rely on an ancient text to justify the use of these excreta, I wondered. All these have been well studied by Charaka, she told me. May be, but the concept of biochemical molecules (and the modern biochemical analysers) and of microbes (and the means of isolating them) were non-existent during Charaka’s time, I countered. But the cow’s urine hasn’t changed since Charaka’s time, she averred. I was dumbstruck!

Most articles on the virtues of cow’s excreta extensively quote from scriptures and the Charaka Samhita. Here are some of these arguments:

  • The cow is our mother and we are her children. Therefore cow urine is beneficial.[8,11]
  • Diseases are caused by imbalance of elements bile, mucous and air and cow urine balances elements.[8]
  • Amongst urines, cow urine is best.[8]
  • Ganga resides in the cow urine and it contains copper and gold salts, which are elixirs. It does not decay, older the cow urine, the more useful it is.[8]

Recently a lot has been written about the patents for cow urine; one obtained on the basis of laboratory studies (on culture plates and cell lines) on the usefulness of cow urine distillate in enhancing the efficacy of antibiotics and anti cancer drugs, [14,15] and the other patent obtained for cow urine therapy.[16] There are reports of the use of cow’s urine therapy from Myanmar [17] and of a cow’s urine concoction used as a traditional remedy for convulsive seizures in Nigeria.[18] There have also been reports of studies on the cow’s urine distillate in gouty arthritis, lymphocyte and polymorphonuclear cells and carbon tetrachloride poisoning, all done on experimental animals in small numbers.[19-22] These results have been extrapolated freely and wild conclusions have been drawn about the ‘magical powers’ of the cow’s urine in treating almost all the diseases afflicting mankind today.[14,17] Even the Department of Animal Husbandry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, has published reports that seek to promote the marketing of cow’s urine as a therapeutic agent.[23]

The facts:

Faced with this blitzkrieg of marketing of cow’s urine and the real danger that cow’s urine and other products of cow’s excreta may be pushed into the throats of hapless patients, with active support from the govt., agencies., it is time we look into the facts.

One need not go far to see the hypocrisy of the ‘cow urine promoters’ than have a look at the ayurveda texts themselves, extensively quoted as the primary source of support for the utility of cow’s urine as a therapeutic agent. All three major ancient texts of ayurveda, by Charaka (1st-2nd century), Susruta (3rd –4th century) and Vagbhata (7th century) mention of the therapeutic uses of beef[24,25] as well, but this fact is no where mentioned by the proponents of cow’s urine. Eating beef is a sin and drinking cow’s urine or eating its dung brings health, if these self-styled guardians of ancient Indian tradition are to be believed.

What about the much touted patents for cow’s urine? A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a state to an inventor to prevent or exclude others from making, using, selling, offering to sell or importing the invention.[26] Nothing more, nothing less. A patent in itself cannot be the proof for the utility of any product. It is hardly surprising that while International patents have been registered for cow’s urine and its products, no such patent has been obtained from the Govt. of India. An Indian patent may not make enough and weighty news, but an international patent, on the other, helps to claim that even ‘foreigners’ have accepted the virtues of cow’s urine!

All the studies available in the literature about the therapeutic efficacy of cow’s excreta are small studiesconducted in the labs and on animals or tissues. There are no reports of any controlled, double blind clinical studies in humans, other than some anecdotal reports and claims by the practitioners of ‘cow therapy’ and all these so called claims of research appear dubious by any scientific standards.[27] Most of these papers contradict their own claims: the claims made about the gold and copper salts in urine, for example, are not supported by the data provided by the protagonists themselves.[8,28]

Urine is urine, the liquid waste that is filtered by the kidneys and excreted through the urinary system. It contains many solutes and biological products that are unnecessary for the living body and hence excreted and also some substances secreted by the urinary tract to facilitate this excretion. Chemical constituents of human and animal urine are almost alike.[28,29] For example, Urokinase is an enzyme secreted into the urine to prevent its clogging; today, it is extracted from human urine and used to dissolve clots in the coronary arteries in patients who suffer a heart attack.[30] Does this justify drinking one’s own urine in case of a heart attack? Far from it.

Is cow’s urine safe for mankind? There are reports of severe adverse effects, even fatal, of drinking cow urine concoctions, further supported by experimental evidence.[31] Cow’s urine can also be a source of infectious diseases, especially leptospirosis, [32] that can spread through oral mucosa. The claim that cow’s urine and cow dung have antiseptic properties is not only baseless, but also dangerously misleading. While cow dung (and all fecal matter) is teeming with bacteria excreted from the intestines, several bacteria have been isolated from Panchagavya too.[33,34] Application of these bacteria-rich excreta onto wounds may lead to life threatening sepsis. Only those who are absolutely ignorant about such facts can daringly market cow’s excreta as antiseptics, but the tragedy is that some practitioners of modern medicine, blinded by their faiths in their ‘spiritual heads’ or ‘Mathadhipathis’ also appear to support such nonsense.


It is clear that cow’s urine and other excreta are only the waste products rejected by the animal’s body and are similar to the excreta of other animals and therefore, there is absolutely no reason why the cow’s urine or other excreta should be venerable over those of humans beings or other animals.

The claims of the efficacy of cow’s excreta (and their products) in the treatment of almost every disease are not supported by any evidence and there are no clinical trials reported on the use of these products in human beings. With reports available about the possible adverse effects of the use of cow’s excreta, it is shocking that such products are being allowed to be not only marketed but also trumpeted, even supported by the agencies of the govt. of India, as the ‘cure-for-all’ wonder drugs.

Propaganda regarding the utility of cow’s excreta largely emanates from the obscurantist and Hindu fundamentalist forces and appears to be designed to condemn the ordinary human beings into ingesting cow’s excreta under the alibi of ‘treatment’ and ‘long life’. This is not surprising at all, given the several instances of the down trodden dalits forced into eating even human excreta by the same fundamentalists.[35]

Eulogising the cow (and not buffalo and other cattle that are equally ‘useful’) as ‘second mother’, ‘God mother’, ‘mother of the world’ etc., largely because it provides milk,[11] (and hopefully not because of its excreta) raises a fundamental question about the concept of motherhood itself: Do we love and respect our own mothers solely because we have been breastfed and is motherhood only about milk?

This entire exercise of marketing the cow’s products and promising huge economic benefits (a claim not supported by any data) of keeping the cows even after they have passed the age of secreting milk  is part of the grand design to prevent the slaughtering of the cows so as to deprive the poor sections of the society from quality meat as well as some economic benefits of marketing the beef. But sustaining the livestock is proving to be very costly for the environment, with a large share of global warming attributed to the livestock.[36,37] It is time we take a rational view of all the issues involved.


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About the author

Srinivas Kakkilaya

Physician practicing at Mangaluru, South India




    • Idiot? who you call idiot, it you who is an idiot.
      You don’t even have the ability to think rationally! Are you even educated?

  • I’m leaving this comment here to serve as an example of the irrational, childish and sadly laughable attempts at criticism that are thrown at those who attempt to have a decent conversation.
    Not to mention desecration of a good Sanskrit word. Blasphemy!

  • The meaning of “decent conversation” should be apparent to a primary school student. For the sake of those younger, here are some qualities:
    1. Address the issues.
    2. Do not resort to name-calling.
    3. Agree to adhere to a reasonable standard of logic (Degrading the Sanskrit word “nirmukta” by making it a meaningless abbreviation is illogical AND silly)
    4. Not being condescending (May god bless you? At least most believers are honest enough to say what they really feel- that we will burn in hell or that we will suffer in the next birth, just two out of thousands of the terrible fantasies that religions use to placate those who need authoritarian moral guidance)
    5. Have an open mind to the evidence.


  • Dear Paramesh, Broadmindedness is NOT accepting anything and everything without questioning or reasoning. And not accepting a particular argument cannot be considered as prejudice, why should it be? Everyone has the right to disagree. And that is precisely the scientific approach. So many have tried and are still trying to prove Einstein or Darwin wrong and they are all welcome to do so. But calling names just because one cannot stand up to the argument is not science; in fact that can be considered as prejudice or even cowardice. And repeating the same thing again and again cannot be an explanation; repeating a lie a thousand times does not make it a truth, it would still remain a lie.

    • Mr. Srinivas, though you tout yourself as a modern scientist with balanced outlook, but in reality it is just the opposite. You are so apprehensive of referring to old text, why? Why this prejudice. Was life earlier different? Earlier also people were born and died, sun was rising in the same direction and setting in the same direction; people had diseases; what special has happened in this 21st century (except degradation both materially and spiritually) that you dont find those books irrelevant? On which science are you so proud of? The science which once considered Earth as having four corners, then it became round, earlier it was geocentric universe, then it changed it to sol or sun centric universe and now it is EGO-centric universe. Science means there should be no change, it is fixed because facts and truths are fixed. Modern science has not reached its perfection. it is lot based on speculation. While in scriptures, all these facts are fixed, right from beginning they have maintained that planets are eggshaped etc.
      Please wake up if you can, and move towards light.

      • Mr. Srinivas, though you tout yourself as a modern scientist with balanced outlook, but in reality it is just the opposite.

        Read his comment on Broadmindedness again: “Broadmindedness is NOT accepting anything and everything without questioning or reasoning.”

        You are so apprehensive of referring to old text, why? Why this prejudice.

        Who said he is apprehensive? Modern scientists just care about evidence, not books of authority – even modern ones, let alone ancient ones written when very little about the world was understood.

        Was life earlier different? Earlier also people were born and died

        Yes, Life was very different. Check life expectancy and mortality statistics before modern era and during/after.

        people had diseases; what special has happened in this 21st century (except degradation both materially and spiritually) that you dont find those books irrelevant?

        Special stuff started happening in 19th and 20th century that defined modern medicine. Read the history of medicine to learn. And before that, in 18th century, people started figuring out that old books were full of errors. Read about the enlightenment era to learn that history.

        You now have the option of material and spiritual degradation because science has for most part eliminated hunger, famine and plagues. You need to learn to be thankful for that.

        On which science are you so proud of? The science which once considered Earth as having four corners, then it became round, earlier it was geocentric universe, then it changed it to sol or sun centric universe and now it is EGO-centric universe.

        When people speak of science, they speak of it at least after 17th century. In case of medicine, mostly in regards to the last 100-150 years.

        Science means there should be no change, it is fixed because facts and truths are fixed.

        You really don’t understand what science is. Facts and truths are fixed. The methods aren’t. Science is constantly in a process of refinement.

        Modern science has not reached its perfection. it is lot based on speculation.

        Learn about the scientific method. It is anything but speculation. Science isn’t metaphysics. Science isn’t perfect. But it is million times better than non-scientific thinking (such as the one you are exhibiting).

        While in scriptures, all these facts are fixed, right from beginning

        Yes. Ayurveda is like a religion, not an actual science. They never want to change any ideas in it.

        they have maintained that planets are eggshaped etc.

        What planet is egg shaped? Which scripture are you talking about? Cite the text.

        • First of all, very good article with lot of research by Srinivas.

          Second.. Too good of a counter Ravi. Right wing people are injecting unnecessary things in name of religion these days.

  • Paramesh,
    I’m still waiting for you to say something substantial on the issues we are discussing. Notice that your entire response to my request to stick to the issues is to continue with unsubstantiated ad hominem attacks.

  • As a rationalists, we should know that guys like paramesh are incapable of discussing any of their belief with reason……..thats why they are irrational…….Doesnt it, the name calling, pretense call for objective argument from paramesh shows the clear evidence of his lack of knowledge, intelligence and reason ?…………

  • Dear Srinivas,

    This article is interesting. I really appreciate your thought flow. As you have discussed about US patents of go-mutra, do you feel the work is worthless?

    I don’t think so. They have done it scientifically by extracting the go mutra distillate using solvents, separating the fractions, fixing the dose and establishing the bio availability enhancing properties of antibiotics, nutraceuticals and anticancer drugs as well.
    Moreover the usage of gomutra has been well known to every body. If Gomutra -arka (Distillate), is processed aseptically and used, I don’t foresee any problems imparting the health of a person. In fact it might improve the general health as it is having bio-availability enhancing property wider range of molecules. I feel it is completely harm less and useful if it is used aseptically.
    Yes it’s true that much of research is required to prove its efficacy as a medicine. By seeing the current scenario of research in India, I don’t think it would be possible to perform lot many clinical studies which require lot and lots of funds. If is proven harmless and useful it can be used, promoted further. There is no need to be insulted only because its an excreta of cow.

  • Thank you for your interest. I have not expressed anywhere that the research on cow’s urine is worthless. Anyone is free to conduct ‘research’ on anything that one feels worthy, urine, feces, blood, anything. Equally, anyone can patent anything, from mere ideas to products.

    But trying to sell a product to the gullible public on unproven claims is definitely objectionable. Can the safety of cow’s urine be ensured just because some one ‘does not foresee any problem’ or does it require meticulous studies? Can this yardstick be used for the many drugs that are being developed by the modern pharma? Can a new drug be introduced into the market just because some one feels it is effective and safe? Will the govt., ever allow such things? If not, how can cow’s urine be allowed?

    As for the issue of insult, would it be equally uninsulting and reverential to drink the urine of other animals, say dogs, cats or pigs or even fellow humans, of the same or different caste?

    • I am not an expert in answering whether panchagavya is a medicine for humans, but for plants, yes it does, I can testify it is a wonderful plant growth elixir.

      I just want to question the author that had he once made panchagavya at home?. I had the opportunity to do so, It is a bad odour free mixture at the end of the prescribed 21 day period.

      Now coming to your apprehensions on “Can the safety of cow’s urine be ensured ”

      I would like to ask a counter question by “can any one ensure the side effects of western medicine? or at least the company which sells the drug discloses the side effects and adverse drug reverse effects” on sale!!?
      do we have any conclusive evidence of these things?
      I touch it very much while preparing panchagavya, yes, cow urine is safe.

      I think the author has pen down the article with shallow research and i find no merit in this article.

      • After asserting “I am not an expert in answering whether panchagavya is a medicine for humans”, you go on to claim “I touch it very much while preparing panchagavya, yes, cow urine is safe.”

        Is it safe for humans or plants?

        Do you make t safe by touching it or do you test its safety by touching it?

  • Dear Srinivas, I alway appreciate the questioning of some concepts by some one so that the good comes out. This churning shall always brings out butter. As you have told that there is no evidence on the safety and efficacy of the gomutra arka. In the process of drug discovery the experiments on animals give lot of information on the safety and efficacy of drugs. Similarly in the patents granted to go-mutra arka, the patents applicants have submitted that the dosage of gomuthra is fixed scientifically. For fixing the dose one has to conduct toxicity studies (both acute and chronic) on the animals. Only if any drug passes the toxicity studies then only dose is fixed by scientific way i.e. maximum of 1/4th of the maximum tolerable dose or by finding out ED 50 values. The animal experiments have proved that aqueous fraction of gomuthra arka is safer and efficacious in enhancing the bioavailability many molecules/drugs ranging from simple molecules to anticancer drugs. In addition to this I had gone through the records presented by one Dr. Piyush Mishra (an Ayurvedic practioner and incharge of Jaipur goshal run multi facility hospital) of Jaipur Goshala. In that records he had shown that he had treated 1200 patients with renal damage. The clinical examination before and after treatment with gomuthra have indicated that the renal functioning has been improved in most of the cases he has treated. All the documents presented in a conference in Nagpur in the year 2004 was authenticated by doctors who were treating the patients earlier. Even he has presented one of his patients in the conference also.

    One of my teacher Dr. S. Ramachandra Setty, who is also honarary research director in Swami Vivekananda holistic health and research center had informed me that he has data of six patients who were suffering from the HIV. After combined with eliminative naturopathy with gomuthra arka for three months the quality of life of those six full blown AIDS patients has improved and all associated infections like TB, Maleria, etc., started responding to the respective treatment. Those patients were observed at regular intervals for about 12 months. In addition to this several researhcers are claiming the utility of gomuthra arka by conducting scientific experiments.

    Though the official clinical trails including doubli blind studies is not conducted, the clinical data available and claims of several ayurvedic practioners are indicating the same. Similarly the gomuthra has been used in Ayurvedic system of medicine since the ages for several purposes.

    In addition there is one more interesting research is going on that the treatment with Gomuthra and go milk removes the toxicity of Nux vomica seeds. The results of this research has yielded wonderful information on the ancient knowledge of detoxification process called Shodhana process (Due to some patenting reasons I am not disclosing the data in detailed here).

    There are no strong evidences against the usage of gomuthra arka or pancha gavya. If patients are happy and if they feel that the quality of life of them have been improved by gomuthra, then there is no need to orgue against them. It seems your objection is against commercialisation of gomuthra marketing and usage of gumuthra concept by hindu fundamentalists. But I am of the opinion that we can not oppose a good treatment concept on the grounds that it will be misused. Similarly one can not totally oppose the concepts of Ayurveda on the grounds that it has not bee filtered through modern scientific methods. It has to be viewed from its own scientif basis not by wearing the glassed of Allopathic system of medicines. Therefore instead of opposing on the grounds that it is misused, if it is useful and being time tested why con’t we open mindedly accepted the time tested concepts of Ayurveda.

    I hope you will accept the scientific data in this regard.

  • Very interesting. Let the research go on. But any research must follow some basic principles of scientific study and two important ones are the ability to stand peer review and reproducibility when someone else performs the same study. While going through your comments, I did not find any references to such peer review. I request the ‘scientists’ to submit their work to some reputed, modern scientific journals and get the work reviewed. Any drug needs to undergo a double blind trial to take care of the factor called chance. Without such a study, it is difficult to attribute the benefits or otherwise solely to the drug. And it is naive and dangerous to suggest that ayurveda formulations need not undergo rigorous tests; in that case, anything can be marketed as an ayurveda drug. And if so much useful, why can’t the ayurveda drugs stand the scrutiny of simple scientific studies?

    So the request is simple: Conduct meticulous, double blind, randomised, multicentric, large scale studies of all products of the cow’s excreta, get the results peer reviewed and published in some modern journals and then start marketing the products. Scientific methods are universal and simple, and they do not mean allopathic methods. Allopathy, incidentally, subscribes to these scientific methods and we wish that ayurveda too would.

    And we are opposing cow’s excreta due to reasons cited here above and not merely because it is supported by the Hindutva brigade. Incidentally, the Hindutva brigade does not care about evidence, truth, facts etc., on anything that they talk about.

    • Chemical description of cow urine as per modern concepts and cure of diseases accordingly.

      Table – Chemical contents of cow urine and cure of diseases as per them.
      S. No. Name of chemical Effect of chemical on diseases
      1. Nitrogen N2 ,NH2 Removes blood abnormalities and toxins, Natural stimulant of urinary track, activates kidneys and it is diuretic.
      2. Sulphur S Supports motion in large intestines. Cleanses blood.
      3. Ammonia NH3 Stabilizes bile, mucous and air of body. Stabilizes blood formation.
      4. Copper Cu Controls built up of unwanted fats
      5. Iron Fe Maintains balance and helps in production of red blood cells & hemoglobin. Stabilizes working power.
      6. Urea CO(NH2)2 Affects urine formation and removal. Germicidal.
      7. Uric Acid C5H4N4O3 Removes heart swelling or inflammation. It is diuretic therefore destroys toxins.
      8. Phosphate P Helps in removing stones from urinary track.
      9. Sodium Na Purifies blood. Antacid
      10. Potassium K Cures hereditary rheumatism. Increases appetite. Removes muscular weakness and laziness.
      11. Manganese Mn Germicidal, stops growth of germs, protects decay due to gangrene.
      12. Carbolic Acid HCOOH Germicidal, stops growth of germs and decay due to gangrene.
      13. Calcium Ca Blood purifier, bone strengthener, germicidal, ?? Rakta skandak ??
      14. Salt NaCl Sanyas vishamta ?? decreases acidic contents of blood, germicidal
      15. Vitamins A,B,C,D,E Vitamin B is active ingredient for energetic life and saves from nervousness and thirst, strengthens bones and reproductive ingredient for energetic life and saves from nervousness and thirst, strengthens bones and reproductive power.
      16. Other Minerals Increase immunity
      17. Lactose C6H12O6 Gives satisfaction. Strengthens Mouth, strengths heart, removes thirst and nervousness.
      18. Enzymes Make healthy digestive juices, increase immunity
      19. Water (H2O) . It is life giver. Maintains fluidity of blood, maintains body temperature
      20. Hip uric Acid CgNgNox . Removes toxins through urine
      21. Creatinin C4HgN2O2 Germicidal.
      22. Aurum Hydroxide AuOH It is germicidal and increases immunity power. It is highly antibiotic and anti-toxic

        • Dear sir,
          I shared something I learnt by my own experiences and in fact these chemical effect are proved by allopathy.I am open minded i am ready to learn from you also .I have some question.where are the worlds most dangerous bacteria’s are found and what is the cause of increased resistance power?

          • Dear Rohit, All I have asked is the refernce (author, title, journal name,year, vol, issue, page no) for this statement of yours
            >>in fact these chemical effect are proved by allopathy.<<

            Have I said anywhere that only what I know is knowledge? I want to learn from you, so please give me the reference

        • Does this mean all that you know is knowledge and what other say is useless.I have posted some question .Sir please answer those questions.hope i can learn something new

  • This is a great response, Srinivas. I had read the previous comment and was going to ask just one thing from the previous commenter.

    “Can you provide double-blind studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals, so that we can all look at the data?”

    But you have already taken care of that question!

  • Srinivas, Excellent article, its common sense that urine is a waste product. But blind believers like poster paramesh are an example of close mindedness as a result of early indoctrination into the supernatural. Sad but true. And your response to the other poster on the “science” is excellent. Charlatans.

  • Ancient teachings or texts does not automatically mean knowledge. The body of knowledge in modern times is obviously far ahead of ancient texts ( when very few humans lived past age 25 !) which are vague interpretations and full of semantics trying to make sense of the world. Scientific discovery is a continuous process and the only way ahead.

  • It’s unfortunate to note that you don’t have strong data to prove your fact as well. In fact you are self styled.
    Also you seem to be stupid, because otherwise you wouldn’t talk about grand-design in the conclusion (since there is no proof of that). It seems you have a propaganda of going against things rather than being scientific.

    No scientist/researcher would quote wikipedia, since the content is not peer reviewed, nor does it remain the same in a couple of days after you publish.

    I agree that in the past scientific method was probably not practiced in determining usefulness of cow products for medicine. The same is true about this article: no scientific work. Your conclusion that, animal excreta cannot be useful as a medicine is totally unqualified. You have no results to prove that. Experiment on mice doesn’t necessarily prove for humans/cows as well.

    “Do we love and respect our own mothers solely because we have been breastfed and is motherhood only about milk?” is totally unrelated to the topic in question. There’s no reason why one shouldn’t honor the cow as mother after drinking its milk. And only a crooked mind can think that doing so would demean mother!

    In conclusion, this article is worth discarding because it’s not a product of a passionate researcher but of a goof who wants to oppose things for the sake of it.

    • With all your posturing and expletives, you have chosen to respond to this stupid, goofed up piece! Great!!

      >>Your conclusion that, animal excreta cannot be useful as a medicine is totally unqualified. You have no results to prove that. <<
      Do YOU have any results to show that excreta can be used as medicine/s? If yes, show them. If there are no such data, then it is clear that animal excreta cannot be used as medicines. If you show me evidence to the contrary, I will change my stand.

      Do you have data to show that a cow is very much equal to man's mother? And to give equal respect – huh! Why not a goat, a camel, a buffalo or a yak whose milk are also consumed by humans? Why are they not equal to a human mother? Why are their urines and shits not sacred and medicinal?

          • What can I say?
            I have seen people getting well on modern medicine irrespective of their faith.
            I have personal example where my three year old chronic joint pains, on which modern medicine had no effect, were healed when I made a prayer for forty days to my God.

            How do we understand what heals? We can only say that modern medicine is mostly effective and it might become even more effective if supplemented by faith. I think this faith business needs more research rather than being discarded as religious mumbo-jumbo.
            What if it really works?

          • A couple of quick questions:

            1. Have you heard of the placebo effect? Do you know that most modern medicines must only do a small percentage better than the placebo effect to be accepted?

            2. Do you do or read up double blind studies of every medicine you prescribe or do you put your *faith* in what medical representatives tell you?

            Thanks. Just curious how a “rationalist” practices medicine…

  • 1. There are better and safer placebos than cow’s urine, even if it acts so.
    2. I do not rely on anything from representatives and I do not attend any lunches/dinners/meetings/conferences hosted/supported by drug cos. There are enough resources available to get updated. There are different levels of evidence available for drug efficacy and cow’s excreta does not find a place in any of them.

  • I didn’t much like your article, mostly because of its style and its emotional propaganda. I believe that this article reflects your honest opinion and that you yourself; your friends and colleagues have probably laughed at the stupidity of people drinking urine and expecting healing effects.

    It is worth to note that the major component of amniotic fluid is urine, so we have all been floating in the stuff for 9 months. It can therefore hardly be harmful to the human being.

    When scores of cultures throughout the world’s history have promoted urine therapy for healing, could it mean that there is something REAL behind all of those claims?

    Medical companies extract proteins and other components of human urine using them in beauty creams and medicine; is that just coincidence?

    Or maybe modern medical industry is just capitalizing on an old knowledge using innocent do-gooders like the yourself to propagate their propaganda.

    Have more faith in yourself and your own culture, everything that comes from the west is not gold, and many Indians might be poor and uneducated, but you still have the largest unbroken body of knowledge about the human being, in the world. Trust in the thousands of years of tradition that you own, and use science to tell you where that ground is solid and where it has been spoiled by dogma.

    The mistake is to take the arrogant western approach and assume that only our way of looking understanding and recording reality is valid.

    • Your comment apparently exhibits your honest opinion too. I sincerely believe you do not see the flaws in your argument, so here we go:

      Para 2: firstly, amniotic fluid is NOT the same thing as urine.
      Moreover even if we agree that something is not harmful, we don’t use it as medicine.

      Para 3: Arguments from antiquity? Really? Just open any page on this website to find out why ancient things are not necessarily good for us.

      Para 4: Yes, proteins are used in medicines because they are a fundamental part of living cells, including the discarded ones. So waste is occasionally a good source for proteins, as you say. BUT, one useful component – even a hundred- do not negate potentially harmful or downright redundant ones.

      Para 5: a conspiracy theory. Sigh. Big pharmaceutical companies make drugs which save lives on a gigantic scale. If that is their conspiracy, I’m all with them.

      Para 6 and 7:I agree: there are many things in our culture to be proud of. It is indeed humbling to know that we are the part of a culture which can justly call itself ancient. However, tradition cannot explicitly dictate the present. We have to prune out the pointless and detrimental knowledge to ensure progress. Our ancestors, who lacked most of the information about diseases, tried the best they could with what they had. Our current medicines are, without argument, superior to ancient remedies.
      Furthermore, and this is most important, what you call the “western approach” is the scientific method, which is not only intellectually satisfying but also actually demonstrable. Since you haven’t offered another method of knowing things, I’m at a loss to say any more.

      If you do not have the patience to read, just count the number of people healed by urine. Then compare this with the number people healed by “western approach” and “modern medical industry”. Do the math and reach your own conclusions.

  • Firstly, India has much better things for its glory than cow’s urine. In fact anyone who promotes cow and cow’s urine as symbols of our greatness is only insulting India, not me.
    I have repeatedly requested for one piece of evidence that proves the use of cow’s urine in treating any one disease. So far no one has come forward. That urine contains certain chemicals which are used by modern medicine do not make urine itself as therapeutic. Can we inject urine intravenously for a heart attack rather than urokinase? Will any one smear their body with urine for moisturization instead of urea?
    Questioning is very much Indian, not Western. Charaka Samhita is written as questions and answers! If asking questions is anti national, there is no bigger insult to our country.

    • In France, when they wanted to increase the muscles of policemen, researchers collected Human Growth Hormone from urine of human beings, Simplest and most efficient means of getting hormones was collecting the output of policemen themselves.

      HGH was very costly those days. It may be costly even now.

      A study of ‘Methyl Cobalamin’ vs synthesized equivalent ‘Cyno Cobalmin’ will tell the Rationalists a lot about synthesizing vitamins , hormones etc.

      Today in Scientific American Journal, Dr. Linda Birnbaum explained that Chemical Soup in which human beings live today can be very toxic.

      Dr. Birnbaum has 700 scientific papers to her credit. In great scientific journals, which Indian rationalists barely can dream.

      In simple language she explained the gist of her work.The equivalence method of chemical toxicity.

      Coming back to our topic, a cow has much greater mass, more output, and is naturally more tranquil. Will its morning urine contain more dopamine… equivalent?
      May be some more hormones? useful to men/women/children?

      [A lion/lioness may also have many more hormones, but it may not be very accessible to normal people.]

      Since rationalists absolve themselves of responsibility of conducting any research at all, they may be doing purely guess work. Of course they can always resort to quoting scientific journals selectively. Any way western scientist do have better instruments BUT they may not be interested in Indian type of research.

      Unless big companies smell money in this. Then of course rationalists will have no compunction in swallowing THE BULL SHIT.


      • Unless big companies smell money in this. Then of course rationalists will have no compunction in swallowing THE BULL SHIT.

        Everyone, including rationalists, are subject to biases. But rationalists at least know that they are subject to biases and admit it openly. Take this prominent rationalist, for example. Instead of believing every insinuation a biased mind can cook up, he applies some principles, which rationalists everywhere use, like being aware of the mind’s bias and guarding against it. And the result is a book which, contrary to a popular delusion, takes the pharma industry to task.

        • Hormones in the milk. Also hormones in the cow urine.

          Have them investigated, perhaps they may have some relevance.

          If you care to read the previous response, I make this point, more eloquently there.

          [ 15 seconds attention span is a relevant concept, though. It needs a deep thinking mind to connect modern with ancient.]

          [To discard any thing, is easy. People go to great length to discard even good advice.]

          Do not forget the psychology and social conditioning which can affect feelings right in early childhood.

          Beef eating for example precludes considering cow as mother.

          It is also meaning less to expect ancients to publish in modern journals. They were experimentalists in their own right, though.

          They could create compounds of noble metals by repeated heating and dipping in cow’s urine.

          One can therefore remove the ammonia smell and urea etc. and use cow urine for hormones it may contain.

          Of course taking care that the cow is not forced [by human greed] to feed on garbage dumps.


          • Why worry about hormones in the milk and cow urine when there is a much easier way to promote cow urine?

            Cow urine is 99% water. Humans can not live with out water. So humans should drink cow urine.


          • The article is not about constituents of urine, but about making and selling of go-arka as a remedy for human ailments. If you can kindly provide one paper published anywhere that proves such benefits, that would help all of us and would be a great leap forward for humanity. If that does not exist, let such marketing stop immediately. We are looking for modern papers, not ancient, for the marketing is happening in modern times.Going around in circles does not help anyone.
            As far as motherhood is concerned: Do we need any substitute? Can we substitute? Is that sane?

    • Dr.Kakkilaya waits for ‘one paper’.

      Another rationalist ‘now’ is woken up to ‘bad science’.

      Both must have very limited resources to conduct own research ‘in unbiased way’.

      Let us understand true rationalism. We all should no doubt be against bad science.

      Therefore it will be instructive to find out how many papers in total papers were in fact ‘bad science’

      1. 20 years back?
      2. in the inter wining years till date?

      Cow is a different matter altogether.

      We know that British ‘scientist’ fed their cows high protein diet in most ‘rational’ manner.

      Rational according to them. And most unfortunately also according to not-so-well-read Indians.

      The cows immediately developed Mad Cow Disease [BCS] and being best beef industry, Britain burnt minimum MILLION COWS to death.

      Even today beef , chicken etc industry keep their animals most UN-hygenically.

      The point is different: Earlier human beings [in India ] found a good technological solution to health, economy, social life AND spiritual life, around them.

      Plastic bags were not discovered in those days, people and animals did not choke in their own garbage dumps. Actually it is more in-human to live near garbage dump for humans, and it is pitiful to eat plastic bags along with garbage of humans for cows.

      Earlier days cows ate grass.

      People were gently introduced to preserving their resources, time and again.


      Foreigners are not most clean people on the face of earth… because they are BORN that way.

      They are clean ONLY because of punishment by, law of their country.

      I try to pack a wider perspective in limited place and limited words.

      I understand however, where the India’s ‘so called rationalists’ come from.

      Therefore no offense meant, no offense taken.


      • The proof must come from those who claim its benefits. All modern drugs undergo such studies before being marketed. Expect the same for go-arka. Where is that one piece of evidence? Going round and round is of no use.

        • Sorry No paper ! You may want to wait for a paper from the beneficiary. Which is not the way I see the science progressing.

          By the way here is a report in TOI about a paper in Journal of Pain. On beneficial effect of Yoga on neck pain.

          Dr. can, and will act in following two ways:

          1. Be a super referee to discard whole paper,

          2. Claim this is a paper on yog, and not on cow excreta.

          I will repeat again : the genius of ancients lies in recognizing an abundant, regenerative source of useful chemicals.

          The rationalists repeatedly tell about scientific method.


          Good Science is in service of men/women nature and all.

          Bad science is in service of god knows whom.

          This is a simple fact. Call it ‘going round and round’, till you wish.


          • Here is the abstract
            and the conclusion: The effectiveness of yoga in chronic neck pain should be further tested by comparative effectiveness studies with longer observation periods.

            We need not discard this paper.

            And ancients did not use yoga for treatment. Quoting Charaka Samhita to justify yoga or urine therapy is gross insult to Charaka Samhita itself.

          • The rationalist definitely can wait for final results when science will conclude.

            In the mean while they can continue to use non steroid pain killers.

            As they earlier used very very scientific Steroid pain killers.

            They must wait for one paper that will solve all the problems.

            I remember having said on this very site much earlier that yog is not meant for improving your physical health alone.

            The physical health is one of the great side effects.

            Yogies also know that ‘Shiryate Kshne Kshane.. iti sharirh’.

            Sant Gynaneshwar said .. ‘Madyhana chi chhaya jay vegi’.

            ‘Therefore Do Not Waste Valuable Time (and Life)’.

            Yogies only distinguish between ‘bad’ and ‘good’.

            Not worrying too much for either.

            Here ‘too much’ is the key word.

            Not ‘not worrying’.


          • rkk,

            Your charade of intellectual dishonesty has gone on for long enough.

            You remember steroids with alacrity, but conveniently ignore what the life expectancy is today.

            Nobody claimed science is perfect. It is a diversion you chose to harp on because you can’t admit the fact that ancients are not perfect.

            A paper is a starting point. To show that biases have been acknowledged and corrected for.

            But when ancient egos are at stake, ignoring the requirement to vet for biases is most desirable. Hence you move goal posts with the contorting adroitness of a Ramdev baba.

            A dummy made of straws is easy to build. All you need to do is twist words of others.

            I suppose having the decency to maintain logical consistency, which is not a recent “western” discovery as the ancients have long noted the importance logical consistency, is an anathema to you.

  • very courageous and needed debate. There is big change in climate, life style and dietary pattern of living beings. I am an hard core ayurveda practioner and accumulated name, fame and good living by practicing the concepts and formulations of ayurveda. I agree with the author of the article that Ayurveda needs re-validation of its concepts and beliefs by carrying basic research methodology to create proof of concept. One should not be sentimental, but try to be rational. Its like that that no one would like to buy a vehicle without dash board…If it is good propagate for specific indication rather than free to all. If not, use as reference. This rule applies for many such concepts… Any way, congratulations to all participants… all d best

  • I would argue sustaining the livestock of humans is proving even costlier. Maybe changing our eating habits would help feed the poor.

    Just as illnesses can be psychosomatic, treatments can too. Faith is a great healer. I don’t believe our science has reached a point where it can conclusively prove that cow excreta hasn’t cured any illnesses without debate. Having said that, as a product of western education I would not put it in me. Why not let the buyer beware (or not)?

    One imperfect mind is as good as another….. Except for the feeling of ” specialness” through the need and ability to impose our conditioning on others conditioning.

  • I enjoyed reading this article but I found the part about killing cows for meat really disturbing. meat eating is completely backward and harmful to health and the environment. The fact that people are conditioned to want to eat it is beside the point. Ignorance is ignorance. It is nice that there are people in India who consider the cow their mother and are respectful toward her. Animals feel pain and we have no right to inflict cruelty upon them. Nothing with being a skeptic or rationalist but promoting beef eatingg is pretty retarded if you ask me. Cows and other animals should be loved not killed.

  • Cow is mother because she provides us milk. She cares for us even more than our mother. Mr Kakillaya, After certain age you cant even drink the milk of your mother but you can drink the milk of cow. Therefore She is Mother. It is simple common sense to respect your mother. And about her excreta, it has got an antiseptic property. And your concept your humanity is futile, your words are immature just sentiment. Your humanity kills cows and other animals. Killing innocent animals are the INSULT of humanity. Your cant digest this fact that Cow excreta is useful because your concept of humanity begin when others are heart. Atleast have this much ethics to appreciate your mother.

    • Prabhat,

      **Cow is mother because she provides us milk.**

      Did the cow give you consent to take its milk? You shamelessly stole it, didn’t you. It is mother to its calf, not you. So you should stop drinking milk.

      As to eating cow shit it is totally upto you. I wouldn’t want to stop you. Go ahead by all means.

    • Cow ‘cares for you’?! Has it given you birth, protected you, provided milk and all other nutrition, understood your needs and provided all even before you could utter a word, educated you etc., like your real mother did? And here in my town, guys who have thrown out their real mothers are supposedly fighting for the cause of cow mothers, making their living with the protection money that they get.
      If you feel cow’s excreta is good because it is your mother because it has only given you milk(which it has not), why don’t you apply the same logic to the excreta of the real mother? Does it make you sick?

      And as always, please give me proof that cow’s urine has antiseptic properties – one paper at least.

  • The ‘evidence’:
    “Curious to know about Panchagavya, I asked an Ayurveda physician about its utility.”
    Is the only effort you have done, and pointing reference to what others have vomited?
    Why dont you put some effort and do a paper or a lab research by yourself, and prove it wrong??. (because ur in medical field)
    Instead waiting for a paper come to you.???
    Snake venom is poisonous but by mithridatization,you become immune.Why dont you tell that snake vemon is poison should not be injected in human body, it is because some Westerner did some paper works!!.
    Mithridatism has been in world very long time, even today people in Sarawark does tattoo with bit of snake venom;by the time the full tattoo finishs he becomes immune to snake bite.(sorry, i dont have papers for this,i knew this from Iban friends).
    They didnt have papers or lab test, through experience they learned the way.
    -lab cows and cows in normal house(grassFed) give different result.

  • There you are! None of these claims of benefits have any supporting evidence! And you want us to disprove their claims?! It is far more easier for ‘them’ to prove their claims because they are trying these on their hapless patients. Why should I make my patients drink cow’s urine?
    Can you suggest some comparisons between Mithridatism and urine drinking?

  • Thank you a lot, because you made me do a lot of findings in this subject and reading lots of old vedic texts . Pros and cons of medical system. Again thanks a lot.

    I hope you will be reading this full post.

    First i don’t think people drink 1 litre of cow-urine !!! It must be probably 1 to 2 ounces.

    Second, i don’t support urine bottles that is selling nowadays.
    Don’t think i am hardcore Hindu believer. I am always searching for scientific relation to ancient vedic text.

    “Why should I make my patients drink cow’s urine?”
    This is a good question.
    You are telling just because of content in urine,right? check this out.->

    -i know medical representative give doctors “tour packages and gifts” if they prescribe their company medicine.(do we need doctors or medical rep??)- got prove.

    – I think you know about banned drugs, still used in India.I will tell India is a dumping ground and doctors prescribe it. So don’t tell me your patient story here.There is lots of drugs you doctors prescribe and later find to be dangerous.(so this means this drugs are not tested in lab or dont have medical test papers ??)
    Did you ever check pros and cons of a drug??? NO.but because it is what doctors are told is the best.

    Mithridatism and urine drinking?
    i have explained it earlier. snake venom is poisonous, but taken for a period makes the person immune to snake bites. I mentioned this regarding of your toxic in cow-urine.

    Public figure for urine therapy :
    -Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai
    -British actress Sarah Miles
    -Major League Baseball player Moisés Alou
    -Mixed martial arts fighter Lyoto Machida
    -Boxer Juan Manuel Márquez
    -Author J.D. Salinger
    -Jim Morrison(rocker)
    -Steve McQueen(movie star )
    —Many Chinese medicines and therapy made of urine.

    Urine therapy mentioned by Prophet Muhammad
    A Tribe people came to Medina,due to unsuitable climate condition Prophet asked them to drink milk and urine of camel(which is taking fresh herbs) as medicine,they were cured.(this have changed in now-> can use only if other methods not available).

    So do you think they were all stupid????

    Urine-Therapy a small History:
    I am not including much details.Find it, if you are really interested in this matter.

    -Holy Roman Empire
    -European Gypsies -using cow urine to cure Bright’s Disease.
    -Yogis and Lamas of Tibet
    -Ayurvedic medicine
    -Goat’s urine
    -Camel urine
    -Human urine( there is lot of recent findings in this)
    – Horse Urine

    **** Dr Sabah Jassim – Zayed Complex for Herbal Research and Traditional Medicine – you can read his findings. “will have papers that you are always asking for”

    -A Chinese pharmaceutical company reported that in a clinical study, its urine-derived cancer drug CDA-II cured 61 percent of patients, compared with a 30 percent cure rate for chemotherapy.

    Books and Western findings about urine-therapy
    If you have time please read this,it will clear ur doubt.

    1. Health guru Gary Null -benefits of the urine cure.
    2. Dr. Beatrice Bartnett- “Urine-Therapy: It May Save Your Life”
    3. “The Golden Fountain: The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy,” by Coen van der Kroon.

    —-World Conference on Auto-Urine Therapy ( i hope you have checked this)
    —- Second World Conference on Urine Therapy
    —-The Third World Conference on Urine Therapy


    Nowdays there is mass production of Ayurvedic medicines. i dont think they can produce same results , that is prescribed in ancient Ayurveda text.(less herbs available)
    My personal experience about Allopathic vs Traditional medicine:

    3years before i had a backache. my wife insisted me to see doctor. They took 2 Xray,and found out i have a bone missing in spine.First stage medicine, then scan , then last is operation. So first stage -two months i took bed rest and medicines(that doctor is from UK,with high certs) still no results.I left it and went to a Kalari+Unani Muslim doctor quite far from my home. he was smoking while looking at me, asked me why so tension?,what is ur problem?.i told i have back-pain ,cant bend or stand. He told me to sit and pulled the muscle behind the right knee, and asked me to walk in the room. That all, he asked me to go and collect the medicine. i was shocked ,told my wife “money wasted”.i came out ,tried to bend down hmm.. feel better.Last when i putting my shoes,i didnt feel any pain. –‘Cured in 10mins’—. That Dr. had 99% success(a very old lady is the 1%), and fees is just 150Rs(medicine).

    So DR. now what you say???? You are telling ancient old text is not worth??That man has more knowledge about nerve system than the doctor studied in UK or u can urge the certs is not valid or he gave money and passed. hehe.
    A complete medicine system Ayurveda doesn’t get wrong. It is the less experience doctors who prescribe the Ayurvedic medicine and manufacturers who makes it are the problems.
    Now days who have knowlege of real Ayurveda?. Those days it was family tradition.they learn from childhood,when they grow up they become expert.

    -Just ask the Ayurveda Physican ,if he/she can knows how to mix medicine by using text?, instead of prescribing a bunch of Ayurvedic pills and bottles.Ask her if she knew a text telling to gain young skin. (a European has tested this and prove right,and it is very dangerous and could get burnt without proper knowledge).

    Allopathic medicines always have side effects.We can always see these medicines banned. Why?

    can you find any person having problems doing proper urine-therapy? sure no.

    My Conclusion
    I am not telling anybody to drink urine or try auto-urine therapy.Just showing there is benefits.

    Dont shout out without doing any research on a subject without proving it is wrong or right, just to get some attention.

    • Please refrain from posting “wall of text” comments like this. Instead, provide links, or post it on your blog and provide the link to that. Secondly, please read the commenting guidelines (the link is at the bottom of the page, near the commenting text area). Comments like “Dont shout out without doing any research on a subject without proving it is wrong or right, just to get some attention” are not tolerated here. Repeat it and you’ll be banned. Regards, moderators.

    • Venesh,

      Can you please explain why do you find it difficult to accept that cow excrement (faeces and urine) does not work as medicine?

      Please note that just accepting that cow excrement is useless as medicine does not in any way lower the stature of your culture. But insisting that it is or it could be with out any evidence (of the peer-reviewed kind) certainly makes your culture a very shitty one.

  • You have indeed taken lots of space just to say that there is no evidence for the benefits of urine therapy but it has benefits yet no one need to drink it or try auto urine therapy! And your contemplations about my ethics of practice are all wrong.

  • Well ppl will be surprised to know that cow’s urine distillate has got a patent from us. US PATENT no.7,718,360

    Oxidative DNA damage is a leading cause of ageing, cancer and other diseases. This distillate derived directly from Cow’s Urine is capable of repairing the damages of Oxidative DNA. for more details refer to US patent no.

    So turns out Hindus were not Idiots after all for drinking Cow’s Urine

    • Cow urine enthusiasts like you have to understand what a patent is. Here are a couple of lines from Wikipedia (

      A patent is not a right to practise or use the invention.[17] Rather, a patent provides the right to exclude others[17] from making, using, selling, offering for sale, or importing the patented invention for the term of the patent, which is usually 20 years from the filing date[4] subject to the payment of maintenance fees.

      These cow urine inventors did not have to file for a patent to exclude other from using cow urine as medicine. Others out of commonsense would have stayed away from cow urine.

      BTW, did you even read the article?

  • Your article is wrong.

    Your knowledge and experience about cow dung and urine seems to be very limited or you are not having knowledge at all about cow dung and urine.

    We are having paddy farms in Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu. Due to scarcity of rain, the water was not sufficient to take care of the crops. Almost 90% of the crops failed in our area.

    We are using only cow dung as fertilizers and cow urine as pesticides for our crop. All the crops in the area failed without water. But our crop withstand and they yielded the same quantity and this happens without water.

    Please visit the you tube video link. The Tamil Nadu Agriculture University visited our farms and they are surprised to see the yield and the greenery without water.

    The pesticides made of Cow urine and neem leaves has wonderful effect in the pest of the crop. Come and see the wonder in our farm and you can experience the same.

    You eat cow, we have no problem that is your personal thing, but writing wrong articles about cow dung and urine will have adverse effect to the agriculturist. Agriculture cannot sustain without cow. This is the basic fact.

    • Sudhir,

      Did you even read the article? Or did you see the words “cow” and “insult” in the title and jumped to the conclusion that you need to defend any and all uses of cow’s excreta? The article is quite specific. It talks about using cow’s excreta as medicine for humans. Not plants.

      • Dear Sir

        You have not understood the article, please read it carefully.

        The conclusion of the article is as under:”so as to deprive the poor sections of the society from quality meat as well as some economic benefits of marketing the beef”. Today not only old cow all the cows are being slaughtered and farmers were made to forgot about the fertilizer and pesticide benefits of cow. I am not aware of the medicinal values of the Cow dung and urine. It may be true. But just because it is not having medicinal values to the humans can it be slaughtered. Today’s farmers agitate for non availability of chemical fertilizers and hybrid seeds. We were having our own fertilizers and own traditional seeds, now because of the so called intellectual people we lost all and we are begging with foreign companies for fertilizers and seeds. We should be ashamed of this for losing our knowledge about agriculture.

        The conclusion of the article is that it has to be slaughtered for good meat. Cow dung and urine will come till the end of its life. He is ending the article as under:
        “This entire exercise of marketing the cow’s products and promising huge economic benefits (a claim not supported by any data) of keeping the cows even after they have passed the age of secreting milk is part of the grand design to prevent the slaughtering of the cows so as to deprive the poor sections of the society from quality meat as well as some economic benefits of marketing the beef. But sustaining the livestock is proving to be very costly for the environment, with a large share of global warming attributed to the livestock”.

        What is market for medicine product of cows and what is the market for fertilizers and pesticides in India. By slaughtering the cow we will lose the pesticides and fertilizers required for agriculture. He is stating after its stop milk, it should be used as a meat. This means what cow is only for milk. Cow is not for milk. It is for agriculture and agriculture cannot sustain without cow. This is the fact. He is recommending to slaughter once its stop giving milk. So people will have cow only for milk and not for agriculture.

        The failure of agriculture in India is because of the so called intellectual people who write something to support the fertilizer and the pesticides company to make more money.

        With regard to medicinal effects when i get some injury in my body at my farm work, i will apply cow dung on the surface of the wound and immediately the blood bleeding will stop and no need for any other medicines. This is my personal experience. I am not a doctor but i am experienced this practically in my life. How without medicinal value it cures the wound. Can you answer. I am in Bangalore come to my farm and in front of you i will show this.

        Stop writing wrong about cow. The cow I am stating here is Indian (Desi) cow and not Vidheshi (Foreign) breed of cows.



  • >>i will apply cow dung on the surface of the wound and immediately the blood bleeding will stop and no need for any other medicines.<<

    Cow dung is full of Clostridium tetani, the bacteria that causes tetanus! Is that to be applied on the wounds? Do you have any controlled data on the use of cow dung for wounds? Know the dung before applying or writing about it.

    Are the Videshi cows' urine and dung useless? No powers in them? Why? Are they not godly? Can they be slaughtered then? Do you have data to show that the urine and dung of Videshi cows are different from those of Deshi ones?

    I have neither supported pesticide companies nor fertilizer companies. If you have any info on any comparative study between uses and economics of cow excreta vs fertilizers/pesticides, please share with us.

    Before asking us to stop writing about the Indian cow, enlighten us on how much you know about the Indian cow.

    • You have not answered my question. It has cured me and also my dog which was bleeding because of wound. How it is cured, you are a doctor and you not able to answer and now you are recommending not to use. Before asking me questions and advising me not to use, research on that and find how it cured. I am using this for all my wounds for the past 20 years and no side effect has happened. So your recommendation seems to be wrong. I am getting doubt that you are working as an agent to promote the English Medicine, Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides.

      You no need to test the difference between the Indian and Vidhesi cow. Take urine of a Indian cow and keep it in a drum for one month, the urine will be same even after any number of days. Vidheshi cow urine will spoil in a weeks time. How I know this, because for preparing pesticides we use to collect and store urine and that is how we know this.

      With regard to the Dung, the dung of the Indian cow will be in a solid form and the vidheshi cow dung will be semi liquid. you cannot hold the dung in your hand of a vidheshi cow because it will be semi liquid. We have applied both the vidheshi cow dung and desi cow dung in our farm and we have experienced that applying desi cow dung will have effect in the farm and vidheshi cow dung will not have any effect in the production. We have cow and we have farms and we have experience. Why today cow dung is not effective in farms and farmer are applying chemical fertilizers because for milk vidheshi cow are grown and desi cows are slaughtered because of the recommendation from people like you.

      I never recommended to slaughter the vidheshi cow. How come you come to a conclusion that they are not godly. You have lot of assumption then real knowledge. You jump to a conclusion with out having any facts. Now i can understand even your article will be full of assumption. You have no practical experience. You have no idea and details about a vidheshi and desi cow. We learned it in a period of three decades, which cannot be taught to you over an email. Regarding slaughtering you have recommended to kill the cows and not we. We were telling about the quality of the cow dung between a vidhesi and desi cow. All all god. Advaitha tell that every thing is god. See god in all the thing. Aham Brahmasmi. All are god, you are a part of god, i am a part of god and the vidheshi cow is a part of god. We even save that cows also from slaughtering. We never recommend to kill any thing because all are god creations we have no right to kill any thing. May be you have the right to recommend to kill a cow and not we. Hope you would have understood that you recommended killing the cow and not we. See the internet for knowing the difference between A1 and A2 milk. which cow gives A1 milk and which cow gives A2 milk you will know and why we are recommending to grow desi cows you will understand. Lot of research and scholarly articles (not like your article which is full of assumption) are available. Indian cow will have a hump in the back, it can shake any part of the body alone and it will have a huge skin falling under the neck which are all missing in the vidheshi cow. An Indian cow will have around 20 calf in its life time, whereas the vidheshi cow will have only 4 or maximum 5. A vidheshi cow cannot walk far whereas a desi cow can go and wander three four mountains and come back in the evening. A vidheshi cow cannot stand in the hot sun, whereas desi cow will stand only in the hot sun. Now today we are drinking only vidheshi cow milk, all of us will have only two kids, and we dont have the ability to get more kids, we cannot walk in the hot sun, for near by places we have to go in a vehicle and not by walk. Our forefathers who were drinking desi cow milk, can work hard in the hot sun, will walk and go to all the places, will have children in double digit. All this abilities and stamina are lost because of the recommendation of people like you.

      I am sending the test certificates regarding the availability of PH, Electrical Conductivity, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, fungi count, bacteria count and lactobacillus count to your by email. This will not have Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, salmonella sp, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Listeria monocytogenes. We have exported the cow dung to Germany and it has passed all the test certificates required under the European standard.

      With regard to the Cow urine, take a PH testing paper check the PH level in the water. Apply few drops of cow urine and then test the PH level. It will be between 6-7 which is an accepted standard. With Cow dung and urine we prepared one medicine and see the below link for the customer who is using and telling what are the diseases now controlled in poultry.

      How without medical values this diseases are controlled.

      Confirm whether you have any knowledge about importance of agriculture in this country. 1000 years back we are richest country in the world and today we are not. Why, because of you people recommending english knowledge and to forgot Indian Knowledge. You people are curse to this society for writing wrong articles and further not accepting the wrong stand taken by you.

      Economics – Come and see my gosala I am maintaining this gosala only by sale of cow dung and urine by converting them into pesticides and fertilizers. Milk is free and we never sell milk. We give butter milk free to all the school kids who return from the school.

      My gosala was taken as an example in the agriculture meeting happened in Chennai last month towards the economics of the cow.

      Remove the block in your mind about the desi cows, you will understand better.

      We expect you comment at the earliest.

  • It is not important for us to speak about the cow as god or not… using the chemical fertiliser on the agricultural field which spoils the nutrient in soil and makes it as unfit for cultivation why then you not research on this harmful fertiliser to be used for agriculture.kindly write an article based on the yield also not only based on the scientific fact.writing this kind of article does not only spoil the ayurveda but entire indian knowledge .This kind article is boost for other religions who convert mass of hindu people to their religion by citing this article so they say come to our religion because the hindus are superstitious people

  • Three reports were attached to my mail:
    Report 1: Pnachqavya tested for electrical conductivity and measurement of nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and the values are in mgs per kg.
    Report 2: Panchagavya for fungi, bacteria and lactobacilli, values are from 600 CFU to 1.2L CFU
    Report 3: A specimen named PRO IIC, supposedly a brown coloured liquid, whose manufacturer, supplier and batch size were not informed to the laboratory. This was tested for microbes and showed 600-1.2 L CFU with absent E coli, Staph aureus, Salmonella, Pseudomonas and Listeria.

    PRO IIC is the name of the sample provided by the supplier, it does not appear to be a standard acronym.

    None of these reports suggest anything about the fertilizer or pesticidal qualities of the samples provided. These reports only suggest that the samples contain the said chemicals and microbes. Period.

    As far as pH, cow’s urine and human urine are acidic, because kidneys excrete acids out – and pH will be lower than 7. If that is also a point to brag about, then I can only write Ha ha ha!

    And if these reports are the basis of what is written above, then I can only pity.

    Rest of what is written does not deserve any reply.

    • You have not visited the you tube link to know about the qualities of the product. We have given the link. Since you are not able to comment on this you are telling that it does not deserve reply.

      Controlling PH level in hard water is important for agriculture. You are not aware of this much, i think you are laughing on yourself. Continue laughing.

      You are not able to give any reply for all the other proof apart from test certificates, and you are telling it does not deserve reply.

      You asked question about desi and vidhesi cow and we explained the difference and you are now telling it does not deserve any reply

      You asked about medicinal value, and we proved it has medicinal value for poultry, and now you are telling it does not deserve reply.

      After giving the farms details where it is used and the link is provided by Tamil Nadu Agriculture University and not by us. Its a Government organization and what better proof you want to know about the quality of the fertilizers.

      The product contains so many nutrients required for agriculture which you also saw in the certificate. Why you have not commented on this and for this also you are telling that it does not deserve reply. This are required in agriculture field and its helps growing the crop and the plant. For this also there is no reply from your side.

      Not only report, we have given so many links where it is proved, why you are feeling pity, because you are not able to answer is it. Then you should feel pity on yourself for writing an article without having any knowledge.

      You confirmed that you are not able to answer, please laugh on you and also feel pity on you.

      We never expected nothing more than this from an anti agriculturist and an agent of chemical fertilizer and pesticides company.

      The people who read both of our article will judge about this.

      I expected that you will not be able to comment on this because you are unable to digest that cow dung and cow urine are so helpful in agriculture.




  • And about wound healing: Most often, cuts heal on their own, body has the necessary mechanisms for that. Smearing cow dung can be dangerous. We cannot even suggest a controlled study on cow dung therapy, that would be unethical!

    • ** We cannot even suggest a controlled study on cow dung therapy, that would be unethical!**

      Can’t we even use the cow excreta enthusiasts as subjects in the controlled experiments. Will that be unethical as well.

      Only joking.

  • If the three certificates are the only proof that you can provide about the utility of cow dung and cow urine as fertilizers and pesticides, I can only pity you. You can write in reems, but that will not prove your points.
    Wound healing and blood clotting occur with body’s own mechanisms, cow dung is not needed. Of the innumerable who get wounded daily, how many apply cow dung for clotting? Do you have data?

    By your arguments, cow’s urine can be pesticide, poultry medicine and human medicine as well! Wah!

    And you have mentioned about Advaita! Read what Sankaracharya has written in his commentary on Brihadaranyaka Upanishad – Part 4, Ch. 6, Shl. 18. You will know about eating bull’s meat through him!

    And do read about animal milk stimulating mTORC1 signalling and causing several modern diseases, including cancers: in the next few years, we may have to abandon animal milk totally. You may have to forget about the dung, urine and in near future, even the milk. All the best!

  • Srinivas i that you are best part in reforming the hindu but what kind of cruel man you are suggesting people to forgot the milk and you are saying that is causes modern disease.People drinking milk for more than 2000 years but nobody got a cancer because of milk and you said modern disease can you list what are all the modern disease is ????

  • \\And about wound healing: Most often, cuts heal on their own, body has the necessary mechanisms for that. Smearing cow dung can be dangerous. We cannot even suggest a controlled study on cow dung therapy, that would be unethical!// what a fun?? . let me ask the question in laymen term when i get wounded and go to hospital why doctors apply medicine on my wounds and dress it and why cant i let it heal my itself then why does doctor suggest to dress it with medicine.???

  • Mr Srinivas

    The brown liquid given for testing is Panchagavya. We have provided the test certificate and the contents are important for Agriculture Crops. Why you are falling pity on this. You are suppose to answer for this.

    We have given the proof of the farm which is using panchagavya and the diseases in chicks are cured. No need for laughing, you are required to answer the same.

    You need still proof, we will give one by one.

    • @Sudhir: Are you sure PRO IIC was also Panchagavya? The other two have been specifically shown as Panchagavya.

    • Dear Sudhir, Does your brand of Panchagavya contain sugarcane, toddy, jaggery? You have already mentioned about neem. Meanwhile, I have a written reply from Bangalore Test Centre ready with me. Once you provide the above details, I will respond.

  • Ramohan,

    ** let me ask the question in laymen term when i get wounded and go to hospital why doctors apply medicine on my wounds and dress it and why cant i let it heal my itself then why does doctor suggest to dress it with medicine.???**

    I think the answer is already in Srinivas’s post. In case you missed here it is.

    ** Most often, cuts heal on their own, body has the necessary mechanisms for that. **

    Most often body’s mechanicism is sufficient but not always. Besides you are asked to dress it up so that you do not infect the open wound with various germs floating around. If it gets infected body’s mechanism might not be sufficient.

    But Rammohan, if a cow excreta enthusiast like you want to apply cow shit to open wounds and drink cow urine by means knock yourself out.

  • @Ram mohan:
    1. Wound healing is the very first chapter in the text book of modern pathology. It is science, not fun. Study it to know the types of wounds, methods of blood clotting, fibrin strength, wound healing etc. Also study about animal excreta and human excreta, their contents, microbial load, pathogenic potential, tetanus and cow dung etc., before advocating excreta as ointments or medicines.

    2. Just google mTorc+milk or even add cancer for precise results. There are hundreds of papers for you to study

    3. Is it my writing on superstitions that promotes conversions or the superstitions themselves is something for you (and your supporters) to ponder

    • hi srinivas

      1.iam not the person who apply the cow dung to the wound .People heat the cow dung for certain temperature to remove the pathogens and bacteria as well as make it as powder to cure certain disease

      2.Regarding the panchagavya it has been used by many farmers as organic manure and they shown the yield higher than the chemical you say this people are superstitious ??

      3.Ph of the soil is more important for soil fertility the more acidic is more unfertility the soil is

      4.panchagavya mixture cannot be directly utilised in soil it is converted in to nutrient by dung beatles and earth it is not true???

  • 1.Mammalian milk is presented as an endocrine signaling system, which activates mTORC1, promotes cell growth and proliferation and suppresses autophagy.
    2.Naturally, milk-mediated mTORC1 signaling is restricted only to the postnatal growth phase of mammals.
    3 However, persistent consumption of cow’s milk proteins in humans provide highly insulinotropic branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) provided by milk’s fast hydrolysable whey proteins, which elevate postprandial plasma insulin levels, and increase hepatic IGF-1 plasma concentrations by casein-derived amino acids.
    4. BCAAs, insulin and IGF-1 are pivotal activating signals of mTORC1. Increased cow’s milk protein-mediated mTORC1 signaling along with constant exposure to commercial cow’s milk estrogens derived from pregnant cows may explain the observed association between high dairy consumption and increased risk of PCa in Westernized societies

    • There ar emany more reports on milk and cancer, milk and worsening of osteoporosis, milk and calcium myth, milk and acne, milk and metabolic syndrome … Do read them all before praising the COW MOTHER

  • First of all let me introduce myself, I am an atheist but that does not mean I am against the religion.I value the customs and traditions of religion .Hindu philosophy says you have to be friendly with animals what is wrong with it ,being friendly does not mean you have take a sip of coffee along with animal or chit chat with them, which means you have to be eco-friendly .our perfect companions are animals in food chain .Eating the meat for hunger is different for eating for taste, see the modern animals who are eating everything in their way from chicken to snake soup do we are not aware of how adverse effect this to our environment .Recent research says that cell phone tower radiation is the cause for birds extinction but is this true ? No not alone that but also the destroying of their dwelling place because of human occupation . There is adverse effect in all field .Does religion alone causes major harm to our social-life and health .Today we all know the cancer which we can find in all age group what is the cause for it ?it is because of major impact of pollution to our environment .Think of innovation of ic(Internal combustion ) engine technology though it had major contribution to our transportation which also caused air pollution by releasing co,co2 which caused to global warming and another major impact of science and technology to our social life is making as “lazy goose” because of major impact of online commerce on internet and play station which make us to do less physical activity and spoiling our interaction with our nature and our creativity but we do not realize this and we become addict for this .Big curse and insult not alone to the human but to nature is advancement in “cloning” think if it been used by criminals and law makers then who could save our entire human kind is it not insult to nature???Every Religion opposes to this and this is what we have to oppose at first .I conclude being an atheist by reforming the religions does not fetch much our political and behavioral pattern of the people has also to be reformed.

  • Mr. Sudhir has written more than a dozen e-mails to me, claiming proof for the usefulness of Cow dung and Cow urine. He had stated: “We are using only cow dung as fertilizers and cow urine as pesticides for our crop…The pesticides made of Cow urine and neem leaves has wonderful effect in the pest of the crop.” (Note that Sudhir’s pesticides are made of neem leaves as well!)

    He had sent me three reports from Blore Test Lab, claiming to be the proof for all his claims. As I have already written, two were named as Panchagavya and the third as PRO IIC. After repeated requests to reveal the identity of PRO IIC, and after a number of abusive mails to me, he claimed that also to be Panchagavya.

    Traditional Panchagavya is prepared from the FIVE (Panch) products of indigenous cow i.e., cow dung, cow urine, cow milk, curd, cow ghee. Some studies on the use of Panchagavya in agriculture have had significant additives like sugarcane juice, jaggery, coconut water and ripe banana, (Panchagavya is a misnomer for this!). I wanted to know the actual composition of Sudhir’s Panchagavya and he has not provided the details so far. Instead, I got more abusive mails!

    I wrote to the Bangalore Test Centre, forwarding the test results that Sudhir had sent. I wrote: “Dear Sir/Madam, I am attaching herewith three certificates from your lab regarding Panchagavya and another liquid named PRO IIC. I will be grateful if you could kindly inform me whether these tests indicate the samples as having fertilizer or pesticidal properties.” And this was the reply from Dr.Revathi, Manager – Ayurveda, Unit II, BTC: “As the test report shows presence of Potassium, sodium, nitrogen, phosphorous and calcium, it is a fertilizer, hence we can infer that the product has fertilizer property.”

    So, BTC has not vouched for the pesticidal properties. And fertilizer, only because it contains small quantities of the elements? Can this be proof for the efficacy of Sudhir’s PRO IIC as a fertilizer?

    An hour ago, Sudhir sent me a document which he claimed as more proof. This was the Proceedings of International conference on Organic agriculture – In scope of environmental problems, held at Famagusta, Cyprus island, between 3-7 February 2010. This document has one paper regarding cow’s excreta, titled Organic Agriculture: Modern Tool to Mitigate Climate Change, by Amit Kesarwani, Sharanappa and Shih Shiung Chen. They tested 9 combinations of inorganic fertilizer, compost, vermicompost, neem cake, 1% panchagavya spray, Palekar’s methods and biofertilizers. And the results revealed inorganic fertilizers to be better than any other and they conclude: “Therefore, despite better performance recorded with inorganic sources, there is still room in the concern of environmental safety for the use of organic by-products.”

    So, where is the proof that Cow dung and Cow urine works wonders? Sudhir’s own ‘proof’ is suggesting the contrary!

    And the so called Cow excreta based products tested are not pure cow excreta derivatives – Sudhir’s pesticide is a mixture of Cow urine and neem – of the two, which works as pesticide?

    And the Panchagavya tested has many other organic plant products as well. What is the role of Cow’s products in this mixture? Only to provide microbes for fermentation?

    And Sudhir’s conclusion about me: Very bad you are acting against this country and agriculture community.

    So it is: Anything written exposing the lies of Cow excreta marketeers is anti-national!

    • Mr Srinivas

      Panchagavya is made of five elements which is there in the proceeding book. The Adhesives mentioned are the other item. The main five elements are cow dung, urine, milk, curd and ghee and all are from cow.

      The recommendation is using organic for environment. this is what we are trying to tell. Non organic give better yield in the initial stages and in future the application has to be increased. the cost of input increases and the farmer loses his profit and achieve loss.

      So you are accepting for environment panchagavya is good.

      thus panchagavya is not bad good for environment.

      Our contention is that you are verified this point before writing the article.

      Cow should be used for agriculture hence it should not be used only for milk. Else environment will get affected.

      This is the first comment you have answered in line.

      We appreciate your spirit.

      • Sudhir,

        Dr. Srinivas did not say anything to suggest that “So you are accepting for environment panchagavya is good.”. What he said was this – “So, where is the proof that Cow dung and Cow urine works wonders? Sudhir’s own ‘proof’ is suggesting the contrary!”. This kind of commenting is squarely in troll territory. This website is under no obligation to entertain such tactics.

        • Satish Chandra

          The International research documents confirms that this is an organic product good for the environment. Srinivas has not told anything against this and in his comment he has written what is stated in the proceeding book.

          In case he is telling Panchagavya is not good for environment let him write his comments against the book.

          Once there is no comments against that it is implied that he accepts it is good for environment.

        • We gave proof that it is organic which is the above document he is referring.

          Regarding Panchagavya does wonder we have given various proof to srinivas, he is yet to give his comment on that.

          He is telling that doesn’t deserves any reply. What does it mean,

          Tiruvarur Collector has given award to one agriculture that he achieved the maximum yield in his land and the agriculturist confirmed that he used only Panchagavya.

          The entire debate of us is take agriculture into account before recommending for slaughtering.

          • There was no other proof provided to me other than 3 youtube links, three test reports and the PDF file that I have already mentioned. None of these provide any evidence that is being claimed by Sudhir. If mere presence of words organic, panchagavya, environment etc., amount to PROOF, it is only laughable.

          • You accepted that you have not take agriculture into account before writing the article. Now there is no laughable. Now it is a proven fact that your article is without taking agriculture into effect. Now no need to laugh, you have no knowledge on this subject about using cow in agriculture. Once you have accepted than you article is half baked. Do home work fully on this and then revise your article.

            The Test Certificate, Youtube link, PDF file and TNAU website about Panchagavya are all evidence.

            So you are stating that it is only mere presence of words. That is your article which is written on assumption. You are not able to reply any thing, just telling feeling pity, laughable, not deserve to reply shows your quality of knowledge in this subject.

            We proved that your article is wrong and the fact is you have accepted that you have written the article “I DID NOT TOUCH UPON COW’S EXCRETA IN AGRICULTURE”. Touch the same and write the article. Then we can come to a conclusion whether cow is useful for agriculture or only for meat.

        • Dear Satish, one of the leading US based Pharma co. Pramoting and selling a drug called ‘premarin’for so many years. Thousands of Gynacologist priscribing it and thousands of ladies taking this pill for there Menapose perpose. Do u know what ingrediant they use in this pill? U will shok.. but this is true.. U can conform it. this pill made from extract from pregnant horses “URINE”…

      • In fact, the so called proof for the benefits of cow dung and cow urine, even for agriculture, seem to be weak or non-existing. Just like that for Cow urine for medical treatment. The conclusion of the paper means:

        1. Inorganic sources show better performance
        2. “Still there is room” = some hope that organic products can be pushed in the name of concern for environmental safety, despite poor benefits
        3. That too “Organic by-products” = The paper has included several organic manures, panchagavya being used only as a 1% spray and that in fact showed least benefits – so the authors have not separately endorsed Cow products, but have hoped for ALL organic manures like compost, vermicompost etc

        This is the common pattern – be it the above paper, or the so called patents, or the studies on cow urine for medicines – write a twisted argument in favour of Cow product and then cite that as Proof.

        I repeat NONE EXIST. Jumping up for the defense of Gau mata, with closed eyes and ears and minds, cannot help.

        To say that Cow’s excreta is good for the environment, one should consider the impact of cattle rearing in toto – feeds needed, eco-impact of such feeds, gases emitted and their eco-impact,environmental stress, especially potable water pollution from cattle excreta, cost of keeping the cattle, zoonosis etc etc.

        I did not touch upon Cow’s excreta in agriculture, so there was no need for me to cite these papers.

        • You comments ends as “I did not touch upon Cow’s excreta in agriculture”.

          See our first comments “but writing wrong articles about cow dung and urine will have adverse effect to the agriculturist. Agriculture cannot sustain without cow. This is the basic fact”.

          All this days we were telling to you that Cow is important for agriculture and you have not taken the same in your article.


          As informed the economy for fertilizer is a big market compared to market of cow urine arc as medicine. You should have touched the main and core sector agriculture and not a market which is very small and will not make any significant change in the economy. As stated by you no one made money in cow arc as medicine. But agriculture will sustain with cow.

          Revise your article including cow as a part of agriculture and then comment whether cow is for milk or meat or agriculture.

          To make you understand that you have not taken agriculture into consideration in your article itself took this much time, It took five days and so many emails and comments to make you understand that you have left out the important issue agriculture in you article.

          • I did not take five days, it was Sudhir who did not even bother to reply to what his PRO IIC was. After I posted the reply, he sends me a docx file, accepting that his panchagavya indeed had tender coconut water, poovan bananas, jaggery etc.

            This clearly shows that Sudhir is only trying to hide facts from the scientific community and is unwilling for scrutiny. Proof should withstand scrutiny and all the proof that he provided have been analysed above.

            This further strengthens my position. I stand by what I have written almost 5 years ago.

  • I was telling that it took five days to make you accept that cow is important for agriculture and you have not considered the same in your article. Now you accepted that you have not taken the same in writing your article. The delay is not the subject, the subject is you have not considered agriculture in your article.

    Further you are shifting the burden of proof on my side. The article is written by you, you should write article with proof. We never wrote any article we only stated that you have not taken the important core issue agriculture in the article. Now you accepted you have not taken the same for consideration.

    Now write again stating that cow is not useful for agriculture (with proof) we will prove again that you are wrong. May be another five days. No issue write we will give a fit reply.

    • My article was never about agriculture, what is there need to accept that?
      Burden of providing proof is always on those who claim proof – and it this case, it is you. Whatever you have provided have already fallen flat. For whatever I have written, I have provided citations.
      Now you are jumping from the dung onto the cow itself! Cow in agriculture! Fed up with the dung?!

  • Human micro biome is established very early in life, from breast milk and environmental contacts. Problems arise when it is modified/harmed by high sugar containing (acellular carbs) diet as well as rampant use of antibiotics. One need not drink animal milk or urine to maintain a healthy gut microbes. There are far easier and healthier ways of achieving that than drinking excreta.

  • This article looks like an “anti-cow” propaganda. I agree that using cow excretes directly as a medicine is not good, sometimes it would be too dangerous. But this article goes beyond the original topic and thrashes/questions the abilities of cow bi-products and its uses without any proof, which is proven to work for thousands of years. Its impossible to think a sustainable agricultural system, which can exists without cow bi-products. This is one of the “God-alike” companion of farmers for thousands of years. I am not sure whether science is capable of fully explaining what good it can do for the world. If you were to blame for the methane emissions, it should go to concentrated farming which happens in western countries. That kind of practice is not common in India.

    • “It is clear that cow’s urine and other excreta are only the waste products rejected by the animal’s body and are similar to the excreta of other animals and therefore, there is absolutely no reason why the cow’s urine or other excreta should be venerable over those of humans beings or other animals.”
      is this a scientific argument?
      counter-example: honey

      • rajeev,

        *is this a scientific argument? counter-example: honey**

        Honey is not waste product rejected by bees. It is a reserve food that bees store up to survive the winter when food sources are scarce.

        These cow shit eaters are totally clueless. LOL!

      • I too believe that cow waste is similar to many other herbivorous animals. This article questions “Panchakavya”, your curious mind including Mr. Mandrake’s never questions Endosulfan like panchakavya, why? Just because it was given to you by the so called scientists and supported by scientific evidences? We are using cow bi-products in agriculture and generating pesticide/fertilizer free vegetables for your consumption. The science what you and me know is not capable of explaining everything what is being followed(maybe blindly), some of them may look absurd. Never dismiss everything just because you don’t know or don’t want to know.

    • Here’s a hilarious excerpt from the first article linked above, that sounds like something right out of a technobabble generator:

      The Hindus knew the earths heart beat of 7.83 hertz as the frequency of OM — and the MMMMM humming of OM boosts the production of Nitric oxide in the body , and it was documented 7000 years ago.

      Mantras resonate your pineal gland and reprogramme your DNA. The human DNA can produce longitudinal scalar waves.

      Anyone interested in that sort of reading is invited to check this out. Anyone interested in calling its bluff is invited to check out this earlier post.

      Also, anyone interested in boosting nitric oxide is invited to climb up the stairs.

      • I don’t think humans can hear 7.83 Hz… that’s definitely not the frequency of someone chanting “Om” and I don’t know what it means for the earth to have a heartbeat of this frequency.

        • Ashwin,

          **I don’t think humans can hear 7.83 Hz… that’s definitely not the frequency of someone chanting “Om” and I don’t know what it means for the earth to have a heartbeat of this frequency.

          You need to do some yoga and eat some quantum cow shit. If you do that you will not only be able to chant OM at the same frequency of Earth’s heart beat but you can also accomplish other feats like stopping your heart for 8 hours with out starving your brain of much needed oxygen, reset your several of your body dimensions to the ratio of 1:1.618 and fly across the globe using stone age technology.

      • And wouldn’t it be a bad thing if DNA were reprogrammed? I mean, isn’t that what we call a mutation? So mantras are a mutagen?

        • Ashwin,

          Unfortunately this (cow shit and om mamtras) is what Hindus have to offer. You still want to hold on to that Hindu label as a proxy for your penchant for wearing sari and celebrating Diwali?

          • Sue,

            **well u can’t confuse hinduism with these new age justifications**

            What is hinduism and what is new age justification?

            Can you please elaborate?

        • Well if this is where it leads I guess not. I won’t use Indian atheist though, that would merely project the Hindu identity on all of India. I’ll make do with atheist, and if asked questions, explain myself.

  • if you want to know more about om, read this.


  • above statement is absolutly baseless.In Veda importance of Cow urine and cow dung is mentioned.some atheist like you too belive “cow’s urine and other excreta are only the waste products rejected by the animal’s body”

    Now morden scientist have reasarched and found out the anticeptic property in excreta.there are many chemicals which are very good for health.please find below the list.In village,the house floor is applied with cow dung It gives the colling effect and nice aroma.

    Vedic literatures are infalliable,whatever mentioned in thousands of years,its 100% true till now. as its given by Lord does not change as the time goes.
    Medicinal values of Cow urine


    Urea : Product of protein metabolism. Strong antimicrobial agent.
    Uric Acid : Anti microbail activity helps to control cancer.
    Nitrogen : Diuretic, stimulates kidney
    Sulphur : Purifies blood, increases intestinal peristalsis
    Copper : Controls fat deposition
    Iron : Production of RBC in blood
    Sodium : Purifies blood, checks hyperacidity
    Potassium : Appetizer, eliminates muscles fatigue
    Other salts : Antibacterial, prevents comma and ketoacids
    Carbolic Acid : Antibacterial, prevents gas gangrenes
    Ammonia : Integrity of body tissue and blood
    Sugar-Lactose : Heart, thirst, giddiness
    Vitamin A,B.C,D, E : Prevent excessive thirst, infuse vigour, increase potency
    Creatinine : Antibacterial
    Swarna Kshar : Antibacterial, improves immunity (aurum hydroxide) acts as antidote

    Enzyme-urokinase : Dissolve blood clot, improves heart disease, blood circulation

    Colony stimulating factor : Effective for cell division and multiplication
    Erythropoietin stimulating factor : Production of RBCs
    Gonadotropin : Promotes menstrual cycle, sperm production
    Kallikrein : Releases Kallidin which expands peripheral veins and reduces blood pressure.

    Allantoin : Heals wounds and tumors
    Anticancer substances : Prevents multiplication of carcinogenic cells
    Phenols : Bactericidal, antifungal

    • You missed one key component of cow urine – water. Urine is 95% water. And scientists say that humans can not live with out water. So clearly vedas are very scientific.

      I really hope Hindus drink this nutritious beverage on a daily basis as per the prescription in vedic scriptures. As an atheist I will take a pass.

      • What a wonderful way to back off. However, we are not insisting anyone to drink cow urine or use Panchgavya. “Some” people did not even trust the medicinal effects of Neem, tulsi, turmeric etc. untill they were accepted by Americans. I agree that more collective research shall be done and a collective data base need to be brought before the world. However, Sir, there are cancer clinics like RMD trust in Gujrat where I have found succes in cancer cure. please note- cure rate of 100% in cancer can not be claimed by any pathy. But I know very well educated people who have taken this therapy and cured. However, educating people is appreciated but ” educating” people with anti fame moto without any knwoledge and bese less prejudice can not be even considered as “education” If there are results achieved by traditional methods, one need to explore research and if beneficial should bring to world so that ” human beings” can be benefitted. Unfortunately, medical research especialy in the field of medicine is more commerce oriented. And I see protecting such commercial interest, people are going to what extend!

        • Great to know that you have found success in cancer cure using cow urine. Please let us now the number of patients cured (or successfully treated), their types of cancer, age group, what was the cow urine preparation used and in what dose and duration, the proof of diagnosis and proof of cure etc.

  • I can’t just let go without replying to Mr. Captain’s pure atheistic comments, and the following LOL, though what Manoj said looks extreme. Just for a comparison take our purified or municipal water which is clean by the standard and we drink it everyday, I am sure the urban population is free of any waterborne diseases(*), but are we noticing that it lacks essential salts & minerals which leads to chronic diseases like blood pressure and diabetes, far more serious then the waterborne diseases. There is no debate that our urban populace increased many fold, and are living by the standards set by the so called scientific community, yet with degrading health. I know still many villages drink the rain water which may be dangerous to drink as per the standards, yet living so healthy without even waterborne diseases. THINK, atheism doesn’t mean that you just don’t believe everything followed by a religion, or mentioned by a religious book. Turmeric and Ash(dried cow dung, paddy husk etc ..) are used and prescribed in vedas, do you think these are just a bunch of lies? I personally used turmeric to heal wounds and it works like a charm, Vibuthi when applied after bath suck out water around it sometime people do mention that it avoids getting a headache, probably you would use a costly and non-environmental friendly hair drier for the same purpose. I am happy that you are an atheist who questions everything, but never make a joke without understanding the other side of the problem.

    • Rajan,

      That was an amazing reponse to my post. So, in your view drinking water standards are responsible for diabetes and blood pressure and degrading health, huh? I think vedas have solution for you. Please drink cow urine instead.

      Rest of us will just drink clean water that meets safety standards. As for diabetes and blood pressure we will deal with those with a combination of excercise, diet and modern medicine (I know this is going to make your head explode).

      • Thanks for the reply Captain. I don’t know how much did you read about the chronic diseases I mentioned above and has a first hand experience of combating them. Those standards set by someone(??) may be very convincing to us, and if you look closely they do have roots going deep into some giants pockets. The purified water industry is the one who mints money in large scale, and sadly we have no option to go back now. I have seen so many of my friends complaining about severe throat pains and taking off for few days, ofcourse with few doctor visits and a burnt out pocket. The reason they get this illness is because of some low quality packaged water(note its still not an unpurified water). I wondered where the so called immunity is gone?? Do you know our body is capable of fighting and rejuvenating itself to some extent, where all these are nothing? When a commaon man is presented with the concepts like Purified water, energy drinks, per kilo proteins, carbs, exercise, 3 liters of water everyday, eat oats etc .. do you think these recommendations match for everyone, say a white collar at office and a farmer at work? Please widen your views, I had the same perception as yours few years ago. Please watch this video if you get a time, and think where this science community is taking us ..

        I always welcome constructive science, and never accepts anything without questioning whether its science or religion. All the way you are supporting other users(!) to drink cow urine, probably they have more immunity then you and me, and are living strong, hope you drink milk and know the origin of it, expecting an answer that its boiled :-).

    • Dear Rajan,

      At the risk of pouring petrol over the flames, let me add my two paise to your
      disingenuous claims:

      > I am sure the urban population is free of any waterborne diseases(*)…

      Sarcasm appreciated. Thank you.

      > …are we noticing that it lacks essential salts & minerals which leads to
      > chronic diseases like blood pressure and diabetes…

      No. We’re not noticing it, and it does not lack any «essential» salts or
      minerals (being usually underground water or river water). In fact, in several
      places, *hard* water—containing excess salts and minerals, is a problem. Also,
      there is not a shred of evidence that «water lacking in essential salts and
      minerals» causes high blood pressure or diabetes.

      > …far more serious then the waterborne diseases.

      Absolutely not! Where did you get that impression? Water-borne diseases like
      cholera have the capacity to kill entire populations within a matter of days.
      Other famous names are dysentery, typhoid (enteric fever), hepatitis A
      (jaundice), etc. You’re claiming high blood pressure and diabetes are «far
      more serious» than these killers, among others? Even today, an outbreak of
      cholera sends the public health deptts into a tizzy.

      > There is no debate that our urban populace increased many fold, and are
      > living by the standards set by the so called scientific community…

      The slum dwellings most of the poor city folk inhabit are scientifically

      > …yet with degrading health.

      No wonder, given the complete lack of hygiene, overpopulation, and complete
      absence of civic amenities. Where’s the surprise?

      > I know still many villages drink the rain water which may be dangerous to
      > drink as per the standards, yet living so healthy without even waterborne
      > diseases.

      We presume that the villagers who *did* get waterborne diseases died out so
      quickly that you didn’t get to know them? And rain water is a relatively safe
      source of drinking water, provided it isn’t contaminated with fæces. But then,
      it also lacks salts and minerals (which you deem «essential»)!

      > …atheism doesn’t mean that you just don’t believe everything followed by a
      > religion, or mentioned by a religious book.

      It does. For an atheist to believe anything followed by a religion or
      mentioned by a religious belief, it must have independent corroborative
      evidence. This criterion (of evidence) is not limited just to religious
      beliefs but to ALL beliefs. Up to now, your claims do not satisfy this.

      > Turmeric and Ash(dried cow dung, paddy husk etc ..) are used and prescribed
      > in vedas, do you think these are just a bunch of lies?

      Turmeric works, yes—but not for healing wounds—that is done by the body
      itself. It prevents infection of the exposed flesh by the ever-present
      bacteria—an antiseptic action. It may be(?) due to its iodide content. A lot
      of other poultice formulæ work too. Ancient Indians were not fools, no. But
      the state of the antiseptic art has come far, far ahead from those times.
      Modern antiseptics are safer, cheaper, easier to prepare and administer, and
      of proven efficacy.

      > Vibuthi when applied after bath suck out water around it sometime people do
      > mention that it avoids getting a headache, probably you would use a costly
      > and non-environmental friendly hair drier for the same purpose.

      Let me get this straight—you smear your «whole head» with ash, making sure it
      penetrates to your scalp, to «dry you hair»? Please, please try a towel

      If you’ve read this far, thank you. Remember, we’re not trying to impose our
      views (however true) on you, unlike many of your religious brethren/sisters
      who are trying to force their views on us! We’re only trying to help those who
      may otherwise be taken in by the sheer propaganda surrounding baseless


  • Hi Alex,

    Echoing Captain, Thanks for your patience explaining your views.

    «water lacking in essential salts and
    minerals» causes high blood pressure or diabetes. – Then why every vendor is trying to project the water as “Mineral water”, do you really think a trivial imbalance in trace elements doesn’t cause anything to overall health, exacerbating when we never get them for long enough. Are there any clear explanation for why BP, diabetes and Cancer? Patients never come out of “Modern medicine” once fall prey to it, it suck their life savings and confidence to recover from the illness, its a bitter truth. How many instances in the past we know them, where these pharma companies paid hefty amount to conceal truth about few life saving(!) medicines they found.

    We presume that the villagers who *did* get waterborne diseases died out so
    quickly that you didn’t get to know them? And rain water is a relatively safe
    source of drinking water, provided it isn’t contaminated with fæces. But then,
    it also lacks salts and minerals (which you deem «essential»)!

    Do you think I never know about a death(mysterious one) in my surrounding? Without feces.., its everywhere, rain water never just pours into our pond, it comes along the filed where the fertilizer is just feces of poultry and farm animals. Do you think it will kill everyone one of us, please be aware that we are living strong drinking that water without even boiling it. Sad part is after seeing folks from nearby towns my villagers too started using these bottled water, hope it brings a smile into your face 🙂

    It does. For an atheist to believe anything followed by a religion or
    mentioned by a religious belief, it must have independent corroborative
    evidence. This criterion (of evidence) is not limited just to religious
    beliefs but to ALL beliefs. Up to now, your claims do not satisfy this.

    Alternate to turmeric – yes there are far cheaper antiseptics, how long its going to be available cheap and how long its going to work, hope you know what I mean. The use of powerful anti bacterial agents, medicines introduced innumerable strains of organisms which we never account for properly. Guess the so called science is laborious, and eventually you’ll come up with something stronger(cheaper too), but who is actually bothered about the health implications it could create. We had ash used to clean the utensils, and cow dung to clean the surface inside the house, which never polluted the streams and locality around. Science gave me bleaching powder, bar soaps .. funny that it contains neem extract :-), liquid cleaners, 5x toilet cleaners, now 10x cleaners … so on … what happens when I release everything around me along with the polyethylene bags(who cares, chalta hai). Does it ring any bell to the atheists brain(I believe including me) ?

    The true view of yours doesn’t look so true to me, I believe you never thought about the issue as a whole like the author. Modern medicine is not perfect and it never will, because the science is always funded by capitalists. I am not asking someone to drink cow urine, but I am saying that if you are exposed to it from your childhood its highly likely that nothing will happen to you. I don’t want to add anymore comments and lengthen the discussion, hope I made my viewpoint well and clear like yours. Again thanks for your time Alex & Captain.

    • I’ll try once more, to clarify the new (and some old) points raised
      by Rajan.

      > Then why every vendor is trying to project the water as “Mineral
      > water”…

      Simply because «Mineral Water» is a genericised trademark, where
      the proper term should be «bottled water» or «packaged drinking
      water». This latter is the actual term you’ll see on all reputable
      brands of bottled water. «Mineral Water» actually refers to water
      that is derived from mineral springs, which may be effervescent
      (sparkling) due to Carbon dioxide content, and packaged with
      minimal processing, no additives, and «Mineral Water» branding. In
      old (very old) times, bathing in and drinking «Mineral Water» was
      thought to be good for health. While there may have been some truth
      to the claims, only rich people could normally afford to take the
      expensive trips required. Thence «Mineral Water» acquired its
      snobbish cachet among the middle class, which is what is exploited
      by marketers of packaged water. To claim that this water is somehow
      superior for health than our otherwise clean good old underground
      or treated river water is not only false, but unethical as well.
      However, you seem to make a similar assertion that lack of certain
      mysterious «minerals» is the cause of chronic age-related diseases.

      > …do you really think a trivial imbalance in trace elements
      > doesn’t cause anything to overall health, exacerbating when we
      > never get them for long enough.

      Trivial imbalance in trace elements DOES NOT cause high blood
      pressure or diabetes. NEVER EVER. There are well documented
      diseases due to deficiency or excess of trace elements in drinking
      water, but they are rare, and occur in large populations only in
      the areas where the underground water is deficient or otherwise
      unsuitable for drinking. Again, most problems are due to *excess*
      minerals, and the local residents soon learn to deal with the water
      and treat it themselves. These techniques are developed
      scientifically! Eg: Fluorosis occurs due to excess fluoride in
      drinking water (some areas of Rajasthan and MP), while most areas
      are actually fluoride deficient! Hence fluoridated toothpaste.

      > Are there any clear explanation for why BP, diabetes and Cancer?

      Why what? Please complete your question if you want a good answer.
      If you’re asking why do they occur? Yes it is a valid scientific
      question, and the whole sub-field of study—Ætiology—is focussed on
      finding out why diseases occur. I won’t attempt detailed
      explanations of these diseases (which would take several books),
      but you should realise that high blood pressure, Diabetes and
      Cancer are not just «diseases» in the way cholera is, but are
      collections of symptoms that have several causes. In case of HBP
      and Diabetes (the common kind), two very important causes are high
      body fat (including obesity) and ageing. Fatty and old tissue
      becomes more resistant to insulin, causing diabetes, while fat
      causes blood vessel blockage and ageing causes their hardening and
      narrowing causing HBP. These are *very* simplistic explanations,
      but illustrate my point that these diseases are not beyond the
      comprehension of the common Indian person. For example, an
      important factor I neglected to mention here was heredity, since a
      person cannot really do anything about it.

      > Patients never come out of “Modern medicine” once fall prey to
      > it, it suck their life savings and confidence to recover from the
      > illness, its a bitter truth.

      You are a liar and a cheat, sir. A patient cured of leprosy, TB,
      malaria, cholera, typhoid, a host of other diseases; any person
      who’s vaccination avoided smallpox, polio, measles, tetanus,
      rabies, has every right to spit in you face if you DARE to insult
      Modern Medicine on the basis of lies and half truths. Its not
      perfect, but its better than anything yet. Ask your elders how
      much they spent on smallpox vaccinations, how their life savings
      are sucked every time they go to a hospital to get tetanus shots.
      Every treatment I’ve mentioned in this paragraph is available for
      free or at nominal rate through various National programmes funded
      by our country’s taxpayers so that our poor and needy folk do not
      suffer preventable misery.

      > How many instances in the past we know them, where these pharma
      > companies paid hefty amount to conceal truth about few life
      > saving(!) medicines they found.

      I don’t know any incidence where a pharma company concealed any
      life saving medicine. In fact, the more critical the drug, the more
      aggressively companies try to market it, far from concealing it!
      Remember—they earn money by *publicising* and selling drugs, not by
      concealing them!

      > Do you think I never know about a death(mysterious one) in my
      > surrounding?

      I was being sarcastic, since the untold numbers who die of TB (and
      in the past, smallpox) and water-borne diseases (including cholera)
      evidently elude you.

      > Without feces.., its everywhere, rain water never just pours into
      > our pond, it comes along the filed where the fertilizer is just
      > feces of poultry and farm animals. Do you think it will kill
      > everyone one of us, please be aware that we are living strong
      > drinking that water without even boiling it.

      No. It won’t kill everyone of you. Just the weak, infirm, pregnant,
      newborn, aged, wait… who’s left? Just wait for the day a single
      sufferer of Typhoid discharges his/her fæces into the water supply.
      Ol’ Salmonella’ll do the rest, for she is wise and powerful. Of
      course, if an informed citizen like you dies of cholera or typhoid
      it is your own responsibility, but the fact that you encourage
      others to drink that water without as much as boiling it is very

      > Sad part is after seeing folks from nearby towns my villagers too
      > started using these bottled water, hope it brings a smile into
      > your face 🙂

      The real sad part is that the villagers, instead of learning about
      how to collect and preserve their rain water for drinking use, and
      learning how to purify it by boiling or simple treatment—which
      would have served generations to come—have fallen prey to the
      bottled water marketers. This serves to show that status-symbols
      are always in high demand, be they mobile phones or bottled water.

      > Alternate to turmeric – yes there are far cheaper antiseptics,
      > how long its going to be available cheap and how long its going
      > to work, hope you know what I mean.

      What makes you think turmeric is going to outlast alcohol? Why
      would tincture of iodine or betadine stop working? Tincture of
      Iodine has been in use for over a hundred years, and has a vast
      log of proven efficacy, unlike turmeric—whose efficacy is based on

      > The use of powerful anti bacterial agents, medicines introduced
      > innumerable strains of organisms which we never account for
      > properly. Guess the so called science is laborious, and
      > eventually you’ll come up with something stronger(cheaper too),
      > but who is actually bothered about the health implications it
      > could create.

      We *are* bothered about the health implications, and want as few
      (or no) people to die/fall ill at all! That’s why we invent
      better *and* cheaper drugs all the time!

      As for resistant strains, that’s true, and a thing called
      Evolution. Bacteria evolve much faster than we do, so the fight
      against them is never ending, but its not hopeless. It is like we
      were in a one sided war with them fol millennia, with us on the
      losing end, but now that we’re fighting back, they are escalating
      their defence. But be aware, the fight has turned from one of *our*
      survival to one of *their* survival, and even that too looks
      suspect today!

      > We had ash used to clean the utensils…

      Ash is a good scouring agent. You can also use sand, rocks, or even
      Scotch Brite for all I care. However, that ash is generated
      (usually) by a hapless woman blowing over a smoky chulha for hours
      on end, with teary eyes, grey skin, sweaty body, bent back, hands
      that bear innumerable burn marks, inhaling the smoky air to live,
      her throat clogged with the smoke, smoke generated by green shoots
      and wet leaves and dung-cakes that she has laboriously collected
      after getting up before dawn and sacrificing her body at the altar
      of family duty. You can use whatever you want, but *I* will use
      Rasoi Gas=> No ash available=> *I’ll* wash the bloody utensils with
      liquid soap and Scotch Brite. Thank you.

      > …and cow dung to clean the surface inside the house, which
      > never polluted the streams and locality around.

      If you do not consider animal shit, with its obnoxious smell, loads
      of bacteria and good potential for spreading leptospirosis (if
      contaminated with urine), as pollution, I have no further comment.

      > Science gave me bleaching powder, bar soaps .. funny that it
      > contains neem extract 🙂 ,

      You’re aware that «nimbu power», «neem power» etc. are marketing
      tools to sell soap to an Indian-label crazy population, and does
      not actually depend on the said ingredients for its action, if it
      even contains them at all, right?

      > liquid cleaners, 5x toilet cleaners, now 10x cleaners … so on …
      > what happens when I release everything around me along with the
      > polyethylene bags(who cares, chalta hai). Does it ring any bell
      > to the atheists brain(I believe including me) ?

      Where are you going to «release» large quantities of all these
      cleaning materials wrapped in polythene bags? Please inform us so
      we can get you arrested for eco-terrorism. 😉 Are you
      *threatening* to release all this? Unlike you, we care about the
      environment, and believe that the only purpose of toilet cleaner is
      to clean toilets. Have you cleaned your toilet before? Have you not
      seen how easy and safe the new cleaner is compared to the old
      scrubbing or (horror) acid?

      > The true view of yours doesn’t look so true to me, I believe you
      > never thought about the issue as a whole like the author.

      As I said, I’m not trying to make you come around to a different
      way of thinking. The mere fact that you’re willing to reason in a
      civilised manner gives enough me pleasure and hope in the Indian
      citizenry. However, there are many others who do not share your
      ideals and are willing to use force to thrust their ignorance upon
      the population. It is their ideas that I counter, and unfortunately
      you share many of them. Oh well.

      > Modern medicine is not perfect and it never will,…

      Absolutely. To perceive perfection in oneself is only a flaw of
      pride or vanity. It is only an ideal we always strive to attain.

      > …because the science is always funded by capitalists.

      Please remember, science existed thousands of years before
      capitalism, and even modern medicine has a known history predating

      Also, while you use «Capitalist» as a term of disgrace, I
      respectfully differ and instead commend all Socialists to a speedy
      journey to whichever Hell they wish to believe in.

      > I am not asking someone to drink cow urine…

      That’s good enough for me!

      > …but I am saying that if you are exposed to it from your
      > childhood its highly likely that nothing will happen to you.

      I’m saying this is wrong. W.R.O.N.G. Even if you’ve been swimming
      in cow urine since birth, cholera can still kill you in a matter of

      > I don’t want to add anymore comments and lengthen the discussion,
      > hope I made my viewpoint well and clear like yours. Again thanks
      > for your time Alex & Captain.

      There is nothing more to say, really, so

      Good Bye, and Good Luck!

  • Thanks Alex, it is indeed a detailed explanation 🙂 Appreciated. I really had a long wait, 30+ years for some cholera sufferer to release his feces into my waterstream then die or seek modern medicine for help, guess I am having a bad luck like so many others. I am not going to live in fear for every small thing on my way. I must agree to some of your points but not all. Well, good buy, guess you less likely need a good luck .. modern medicine is with you 🙂

  • Any urine has so much bacteria as to cause grave diseases. Leptospirosis being one. Jus because something is written in religious scripture doesnt make it infallible. MEdical books are updated and corrected from time to time. That means Medicine or even science is ready to take criticism and/or questions which religion clearly does not. Its your choice- to believe in sumthing that is tried and tested from time to time or just sumthing that was written thousands of years ago. Open your minds. Im a Hindu. But that doesnt mean I havta be blind.

  • This article entirely depends upon the “the false negative”, according to which the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

  • With due respect to the author, I am compelled to write this note that even though I am not in favor of promoting cow urine as medicine, but I am certainly of the opinion that cow is the only animal on which many civilizations thrived,especially India’s. Cow’s excreta is used for fuel (you do not need to convert them in bio gas) and also in villages of Bengal they wipe their yards with this and water solution. Cow is the rich source of milk and our forefathers, the Rishis were by nature very grateful, not only to cow but all animals, especially for cows, for the life saving milk that one can only compare when a bed ridden sick child can be revived to life by her or his own mother’s milk (in this case you can use cow milk as well if the kid is used to that). So there can be a million reasons for which a cow can be treated as sacred, most profound among them is the mankind’s tribute to this animal for protecting civilization for thousands of years. I think one may not be ‘religious’ or believe in worshipping the cow, but a simple sense of gratitude should be there. And this is not only for the cows, but humans should remain grateful to the flora and fauna of this world, cow being an essential entity in them.

  • one more thing mr. srinivas even there are not much evidence of effect of use of cows colostrum for cure of asthama, but I myself is a biggest proof of being cured by the use of cows colostrum, I was severely suffering from asthama and it was necessary for me to use asthama pump twice a day, just like suggestion of cow urine is done for various desease, similarly i was suggested to drink cows colostrum, and i did it just for 7 days and to our surprise i have not suffered from a single attack of asthama after that. 1 year have already passed. I was not able to walk fast and now I can run, and climb hill without any problem of breathing.

  • I gone through the whole discussion and found it highly thoughtful. Sudhir sir please send me a blank mail. I need to contact you regarding replicating your agricultural model based on cow.
    Regarding the medical benefits of cow pamchgavya if interested people can visit the Seth Rasiklal Manikchand cancer hospital at Valsad, Gujrat, where many people have got cured from cancer.
    Regarding the patents they are of utility patent which are issued only when you establishes a unique utility of an existing product. So for a same productultiple utility patents can be obtained.

    • If anything this paper further proves what I wrote 7 years ago, that there is no proof for Cow urine therapy in humans. And, I am happy that you have not been able to provide any better proof even after these 7 years!

      And from the paper:

      The Group 2 (Glibenclamide) group showed a sustained drop; On day 0, it was 257.67 mg/dl, which dropped significantly to 127 mg/dl on 28th day.
      The group which received GoA (Group 3) also showed a sustained drop in the mean blood glucose level; On day 0 it was 258.17 mg/dl, which dropped significantly to 188 mg/d on 28th day.

      The mean blood glucose fall percentage in the glibenclamide group when compared between 0 and 28th day was 332.42%, and for the group receiving GoA it was 18.68%.

      The difference is huge, yet, the authors conclude that
      GoA has a significant anti-diabetic effect which is comparable to standard drug glibenclamide.

      Comparable? How?

    • Have we done similar experiments with other animal’s, say donkey, urine as well? And if not, why not?
      We have plenty of donkeys around! #JustAsking

  • The best comment was-
    As for the issue of insult, would it be equally uninsulting and reverential to drink the urine of other animals, say dogs, cats or pigs or even fellow humans, of the same or different caste?

  • Hi Srinivas,

    I have read your article, I have a different opinion on this topic.
    I am currently doing research on usefulness of cattle excrete for pesticides and fertilizer for organic farming. If cattle excretes are used then it will save our farmers money and our precious foreign currency as we import chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

    In 2002, a US patent was issued to Indian scientists for cow urine, It was claimed to be serving as a bio enhancer, enhancing anti-microbial activity of antibiotic and anti fungal agents”. If you don’t agree with ancient texts then at least you should agree with patents. Those are given on basis of facts and evidence

    There are lot of commercial uses of cow excrete such as soaps,floor cleaner.These products will definitely boost rural economy and help farmers.

    Humans have lion share in global warming than cattle.

    If u say it is rational to kill cattle because they old and useless, I believe it is selfish thinking that all creatures are made for use of humans and when they get old we should kill them.Are you going to apply the same rule for humans

    It doesn’t matter if you consider cow a mother or not but think in different point of view the cow and buffalo have helped you by giving milk, bulls are used in agricultural activities. Do you that is it humane to kill the animals who helped you their entire lifetime without expecting anything from you. Cant you show some courtesy to feed them when they are old as gesture of gratitude for their service.

    • Who is arguing against dung as fertilizer? Once you have it, might as well use it.

      In 2002, a US patent was issued to Indian scientists for cow urine

      Contrary to what you have been to led to believe, a patent is not a validation of effectiveness claims; only of novelty claims. A patent is not a scientific proof. Patent examiners are not scientists. Patent examiners simply check for novelty in the claim against past applications. Even that has little weight until it has been tested in a court of law. Its simply registering a claim, after some basic checking against prior claims.

      I believe it is selfish thinking that all creatures are made for use of humans and when they get old we should kill them

      I commend your animal rights position. But are you also willing to apply this to chickens and goats, which we exploit for eggs and milk? Would you also actively campaign for them? We seem to be more cruel to chickens than cows.

      BTW, chicken excreta (along with donkey, mule, horse, camel, elephant, pea-cock excreta) is also medicine, according to Ayurveda (and many other traditional medical systems). Nobody seems to talk about it/them as much.

      • Clever indeed, you have conveniently avoided his point about “disposing after its useful life”, will you do that for humans??? Atleast will you do that for your pet dogs?? If you are in need of meat dog(which multiplies faster than cows), pea-cock, elephant, horse fits in your description. Yes chickens and goats are eaten abundantly, probably everyone is thinking that they are not living creatures. India primarily was dictated by agriculture and extremely self sufficient, before the so called “Science” came in. The very first thing they introduced to us was Fertilizers, and Pesticides(I would call them Biocide), which lead to the complete change in our agriculture system and there is no self sufficiency anymore. Many thanks to my scientist who are paid by western conglomerates and have little thought of their own.

        • Clever indeed, you have conveniently avoided his point about “disposing after its useful life”, will you do that for humans???

          Of course not. I considered that a rhetorical question that was not looking for an actual answer.

          Atleast will you do that for your pet dogs??

          I won’t, but believe it or not, people actually “put down” (under anesthesia) their dogs and cats after they get too old. Many vets offer that service in developed countries. Before you next judge people in developed countries on this treatment of pets, also consider that they are also spending a lot of money to provide treatment to their pets for treatable conditions and they are arguing that they should have the freedom to choose that option themselves. This is an age-old question. Socrates discusses it, 2500 years ago, as does perhaps every ethics course since.

          Yes chickens and goats are eaten abundantly, probably everyone is thinking that they are not living creatures.

          Who thinks they are not living creatures?

          India primarily was dictated by agriculture and extremely self sufficient

          Yes, self-sufficient when its population was low when infectious diseases wiping out villages, losing many of your children before they get to reproduce themselves, mothers dying during labor and famines were accepted as normal (nature’s “family planning”).

          India’s population was 7.5 crore, a 1000 years ago. Even 300 years ago, it was only 14 crore. You can manage with subsistence agriculture at that population. When that population becomes 120 crores, you need every crop enhancer you can get. India’s farms are still very low-yield compared to farms in developed countries. Going back is not an option, unless we can drastically reduce the population. All this organic farming is fancy talk for rich countries, which have more land or can pay more. Organic farming may avoid toxic pesticides, but it requires more forest land to compensate for low-yield. We are beginning to reduce the gap between organic farming yields vs. regular farming (and it is once again science which enables this). It might become somewhat feasible in the future to match them (we would still need to reduce the agricultural footprint on the planet). But we can never forget what carried humanity through in its reckless years.

          India also does not have an option to continue to do 17th century agriculture in today’s globalized world. The cat (of industrialization, including industrial agriculture) is out of the bag.

          before the so called “Science” came in.

          If the Green Revolution (and White Revolution) did not come in, we would have been living in a Malthusian nightmare.

          The very first thing they introduced to us was Fertilizers, and Pesticides(I would call them Biocide)

          Do try to understand what the world would have been without them, as it strained with its population growth. We would have had food wars, chaos, famine, population displacements and generally a very unpleasant world. We all wish there was a world with no need for pesticides, but we don’t have that world.

          which lead to the complete change in our agriculture system and there is no self sufficiency anymore.

          Self Sufficiency made perfect sense during the immediate post-colonial era with fears of neo-colonialism looming large. It has little relevance now. We are in a globalized economy where everyone tries to specialize in something they are good at, rather than have a micro-universe within every single political unit. What matters now are net trade deficits.

          Many thanks to my scientist who are paid by western conglomerates and have little thought of their own.

          Blame business excesses if you want to. I won’t defend them. I am not interested to defend say, Monsanto. But Scientists, the ones in academia, came through, when humanity exploded after modern medicine controlled infectious diseases. The only way you can have sustainable agriculture that does not abuse the environment is when you have a sustainable population. Since a modern human consumes way more than a pre-industrial human, we need to have even less population than 300 years ago, to keep everything as before. How do you suggest we drop the population 10 to 20 TIMES lower than now? Even with its much criticized one-child program, China was still growing. Fertilizers and Pesticides are how we wash the sins of overpopulation. Blaming them while ignoring the root problem does not work.

          All this talk about: oh we were doing fine before modern medicine, oh we were doing fine before modern agriculture, oh did science really benefit us? – is just naive talk. Science gives options. Humanity needs to show maturity to handle those options. Often new advances have an abuse period. Things tend to settle down after that.

  • Dear Mr.Srinivas Kakkilaya

    I have been reading all your post on Nirmukta. It has been a very enriching experience. I have read many blogs/articles/books by many non-Indian authors, and was very eager to read something from Indian thinkers. A sceptic and humanist myself, I find your articles very informative, along with many others who have posted on Nirmukta (Prof Nayak’s posts are very intriguing). I live in Singapore currently and Wish I get a chance to meet you some day.

    Please keep up the good work.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Suresh Burde

  • I found your article logical and sensible and very informative.
    i had read most of the comments for this article and your reply to the same. Your are the truth seeker therefore you are asking for scientific proof regarding the “consuming Cow urine has medical benefit”

    Keep up the good work Sir. GOD Bless you

  • Mr. Kakklilaya,
    You have made another good attempt to hurt the feelings of the believers of goodness of the cow and it’s products. Our Indian cows ( Bos Indicus) is what we are concerned. For that is what has all the qualities we are talking about. Not the “pig cow” created by westerners in the laboratory.
    Please also focus on the milk production system, impact of environmental & food quality of our Indian cows or Desi Cow.
    The moment you gather more information and true knowledge of Indian cows you will be the first person to write another article talking about their importance to the Indian soceity.
    True we don’t love our mothers only because they have fed milk, but because they love us and always feed us with love till they die. So does the cow, ask a farmer what the cow gives him? The manure it gives is ambrosia for the soil.
    It’s only a gratitude in our hindu philosophy not to kill the animal that is taking care of you, working with you on field, giving you milk, butter, curds also giving Gobar & Gomutra for the soil.
    Please check the facts my friend. Your acquired knowledge from just one angle should never hurt a bigger community at large. If you want to eat beef- eat. For you to justify eating beef, please don’t push your so called research on us. By any chance if you want to read and gain more knowledge on this subject try reading ” Romance of the cows” v. Old pre independence book. And also some books written by Mr. Shubash Palekarji.
    Truth is more important than Rational thinking.
    Thank you
    Janardhan Raju

  • I do not know what doctor your are. I do not agree with the new products of cows urine and dung, but one should understand that the excreta of a cow, man, bird etc are not the same. My statement would be man cannot live without dirt. One of the stages of an infant child is to eat mud at least once in infant stage. What is this scientifically? Any human beings or animals needs good bacteria to live. The intestine has inummerable varieties of bacteria that work. In a healthy body the good bacteria level is always high and bad bacteria always low. These bacterias makes many things for human beings, one notable among them is B12 vitamin. No vegatables or fruit has it, it is these bacterias that make it. only nonveg food has B12, a reason why you become too fatty when eating some kind of nonveg. Cows excreta has a lot of these good bacteria ratio, that is why it is beneficial to human beings. Scientists have not been able to take bacteria from intestine of humans and study in lab, because they die immediately when taken out of intestine. Only a part of scientific things have happened, there are still a vast area still to be studied, but need better understanding and techniques. So do not be so hostile when speaking of cow.

  • Hi Raj, I do not know who you are, but I can understand that you have not read much of the research about gut microbiota. Here are two links for your perusal from two of the most prestigious journals of science:

    And there are many more.

    More than thousand species of gut microbes have been identified with the help of genetic studies and human gut has 100 trillion or more such bacteria. These microbes enter and get established in the human gut and other organs through food, starting with breast milk, and through our exposure to the environment around. Cow’s excreta (or excreta of any animal/bird/insect) do not appear to be significant contributors to this process.

  • Let me tell something about our Desi cows. They give milk made of A2 protein. This is easy to digest and good for human consumption. Western cows with few exceptions have A1 protein which is that good. Now in USA they sell A2 milk from certified cows. My point is Desi cows are superior than the hybrid cows. Just google A2 milk you can read about peer reviewed research papers.

    i am a farmer who use Panchagavya, it is a miracle in plant growth. Any organic farmer in India will tell how effective this is for agriculture.

    I feel sorry for these so called pseudo intellectuals belittle our ancient knowledge. We have so much wisdom in our ancient text and we have bring this out for modern use.

    For eczema, Panchagavya is great medicine, you do not need to drink it but apply it tropically and you will be amazed.

    I hope we will start following our ancient traditions and benefit from it.

  • Though I am of the opinion that a combination of drugs cannot be allowed in the marked without cross examining its claims and most importantly safety…if a company makes some products which do not have any adverse reaction but have no medicinal values either…I think it is OK and so is it with many cosmetics(though it too claim to have medicinal properties)..note:this is only if it gets marketed as a drug…or else any product which may be bad for health can also be marketed in a free liberal society’ e.g cigarettes,alcohol….now coming to ayurveda as because it is in charaka samhita it can’t be said its wrong ,it should be its content upon which we should judge…and though its the evidence which is necessary to validate the claim of its usefulness and this evidence should be through scientific approach,the non availability of evidence is not only sufficient to label the claim as pseudo …and about the motherhood concept..ur assertion is juvenile…its not only cow but trees ,earth ,mountains which man worships and by ur concept its also because they consider those things as their mother and this is the approach by which the earth still is protected …human beings are also a sentimental being which cries for a dead body…(its not actually the dead but for the relationship)….and lastly our assertion that those Hindu fundamentalists who are using this are the ones who used to force dalits to eat human excreta….are u joking…do u mean to say that the fundamentalists themselves do not take panchgavya because then only ur analogy will be sane ..and ur assertion with dalits as beef eaters…what has beef to do with caste today…

  • This is good article Mr. Srinivas Kakkilaya I read it and also read some comments on this post. I like you gave references about your article and I believe that when anyone want to proof something he need to give references. It doesn’t matter what peoples opinion if 800 million people believe that cow urine is good for cure some disease without doing any research or anything it is not make them Wright. I am not the medical student but logically I can say that urine is totally waste product medical science proof that and this is law and its apply on every living being how pees .
    I can give another example medical science proof that heart is pumping blood it’s the fact no one can change it even if anyone do any research they can be find some new information about heart but it can’t be change that heart Is only made for pumping blood. Similarly people can do any research on cow urine but it is the waste product which is come from the cow no one can change this fact.
    I appreciate that cow is mother for Hindus but it doesn’t mean that her urine can cure disease.
    Medical science doesn’t believe in research unless it become theory and theory is the very basic concept in science u can’t proof anything from theory and unfortunately I haven’t listen that cow urine therapy is come in any medical book because it is not even proof as theory. If it is really use full then why it not proof as fact by medical science.
    Before using on humans it need to be proof that it is not harmful for any one.
    But look what I found in Nigeria Many babies have died from cow urine medication in Kwara state.

  • Hi,
    firstly be calm and don’t be critical while reading this comment. treat me as a friend not as opponent.
    you talk about economic benefits of beefs export, but as rational thinkers you must firstly read 2005 supreme court’s judgement supporting ban on cow slaughter. It clearly states the economic benefit which can be achieved from keeping it alive. A proper committee was set up to study it. I recommend you to study it as you claim to be rational thinker.
    I don’t just believe in my ancient scriptures but also on the research that has been carried out on the medicinal qualities of cow urine. we must not look at cow urine with disgust because all it contains is water, benzoic acid, and some other chemicals. People won’t hesitate in using same chemicals, if they know that it has been produced industrially but not when the term “ayurveda” has been associated with it. Well I don’t intend to tell you its medicinal importance as you seem to know them all but still you some how don’t allow your brain to accept it as facts. you wrote a lot on the benefits but as a sarcasm.
    Well friend, don’t be critical about my comment as i just intend to tell you that our brain actually secretes hormones which don’t easily let us change our perspective. this in your case can be seen by Psycoanalysis of how you wrote your article. you wrote the benefits under separate subheading and not under subheading “The Facts”. This shows that you are not open enough to analyse something which is contrary to your belief system and you don’t even consider that there may even be slightest of chance that what you are thinking may be wrong.
    Your group “Nirmukta” may be comprising of 10-50 people and in such a situation perspective change is even more difficult as your thoughts are reinforced by each other.

    Be Calm! Have out of the Box Thinking! Be open to infinite possibility of Perspectives!

  • Mr. Srinivas Kakkilaya
    iNDIAN Breed Cow is not mere animal. It’s mother of mankind. Read about Mrs. Sindhu Tai Sapkal and her life & autobiography and her realisations. Also one thing to mention There is big difference in pure Indian Breed cow and jersey cow. SO if you refer jersey as animal its valid and absolutely true that it has adverse effect on humans as well as environment. But based on that Indian Breed Mother cow can’t be Blamed.
    My request is that keep same approach in research about Ancient India’s All things as you approach other scientific things.
    For ex.
    About 30 years back we used neem twig as tooth brush, tooth paste company advertised it as very backward but today neem twigs are sold in some of BIG BIG MALLS INWESTERN COUNTRIES.
    If you approach our own things with sheer unbelief right from core of mind you wont find any thing because you are already determined that this is all rubbish.
    And this is also not a scientific approach towards Ancient Heritage of India.
    It is a kind of injustice towards those aspects.
    My kind request is First of all keep same mood towards these things as you have for science; at least while analysing.

  • Hi

    I am not educated nor i am very religious person so i do not understand science that much nor rituals of religion.
    but what i understand is we as a human being keep evolving on this planet and adjust over selves with time and keep making changes once we were hunters and gatherers now we are still the same only thing has changed is how we hunt and how we gather we make up rules as we go along with knowledge and sometime we keep the rules and do not make any changes at all if its working

    I hope everybody get along with each other very good in the end we all are one consumer on this planet.

  • US patents on COW urine US7718360 B2 CN201237565Y IN189078A1 KR20000065910A US2002164378A1 US6410059B1 WO0232436A1 ZA200302276A

  • I still get the point what is your problem?
    One main point we are missing is “We are talking about Desi cow by-products? which has medicinal properties. European cows, actually it is some kind of animal look like cows.” Please do some research on desi cows byproducts before shouting as if you know everything.

    My father is law is a physician and retired and worked in the medical field for 50 years. He said that if he prescribe the medicine which he used prescribe 25 years back, he will be jailed.

    Modern medicine is still growing, there is no cure in modern medicine, they are just managing the symtoms only. It is like vaccuming the carpet, under carpet there is lot of dirt and bugs. This is modern your medicine. You guys are bunch of idiots thinking only chemicals can cure the disease,

  • What a bullshit discussion started by a fanatic doctor !
    He asks to prove with facts a point whereas he does not prove his own point with facts !!
    Then someone tells urine is waste but he does not prove how it is waste. Nothing biological in this world is waste, it is useful to someone in some way

  • A brief look into the subject and I have found SOME articles and papers that purport and tout the benefits of cow piss. However, looking at the parties involved I quickly came to realize that all parties involved seem to have a stake in the gau-mutra industry.

    Also, I live in the States, and the FDA hasn’t approved cow urine and feces as legal medicine, nor is it found as medication – prescriptive or otherwise, nor is it prescribed by any doctor who practices mainstream medicine. I cannot vouch for small hippie new-age, misinformed groups practicing that though.

  • Ok i totally agree with your trash posts . You want to prove every thing scientifically which i like.. but the problem is do research on what you are going to post do not just blindly put your views and conclusions . In your words you said that there are no technology or equipment’s at the time of charaka to research on cow’s urine then how can our knowledge in astronomy, cosmology and mathematics and in many other fields are developed without any technology. Never ever post such a dumb articles . If you want to prove its wrong do some research which is authenticate by others and then raise your voice scientifically and not by illogical thoughts.

  • Srinivas, do u believe in god?? If yes then believe in cow and panchgavya… if no then it’s meaningless to argue with you…

    You continue your reasearch & prove your post but At last fact is not going to change that panchgavya has cured & is curing many deceases that can not be cure by morden science & allopathy.

  • “Srinivas, do u believe in god?? If yes then believe in cow and panchgavya… if no then it’s meaningless to argue with you…”

    That’s neither here nor there. Belief in god has nothing to do with belief in using cow piss as medicine. They’re two completely different things. Meaning, a belief in god is not dependent upon cow urine being medicine, or being anything other than poison. And what diseases has cow piss cured? Can you name me at-least one, backed up by actual science and research done by reputable scientists? Or are you just going to be pulling something out of your ass?

  • So, Cow God’s urine is the antidote for diseases given by the other gods! [If you agree that everything is controlled by ‘gods’, even diseases 🙂 ]

  • Mit, you continue its beyound your imagination so leave it.

    Yes Srinivas, evrything is in this universe is controlled by god, thanks for accepting the facts with very cute smile. I think you read the GEETA.

  • “Mit, you continue its beyound your imagination so leave it.”

    The correct spelling is “beyond.” Secondly, that statement made no sense. This is clearly beyond YOUR ability to understand, Nimesh, or you wouldn’t be such a staunch believer of cow piss as medicine.

  • Mit,
    For getting a patent you have to invent and prove the utility of the invention.

    ‘Find out if your idea is eligible for a patent. You may be able to patent your idea if it is a process, a machine, a manufactured good, or an improvement of any of these.[2] For example, computer software may be a patentable product, because it is both a manufactured good. Similarly, if you design a software program that performs the same action as another program, but is more intuitive or uses a different aesthetic, you could apply for a patent on it also as an improvement. Patent-eligible inventions must be new, non-obvious (unexpected, even by experts in the field), and useful (able to provide a practical benefit). Determine if your invention can honestly answer yes to these three qualifications.’
    So, it does ‘nt seem that anyone can get patent for anything without going through detailed process of evaluation.
    Big Pharmaceuticals companies also getting patent as protection to their inventions. It implies that ‘getting patents means nothing’ is also baseless.

  • These, and others listed in the article above, are more than 10 years old now. Please search for these patents, read the details and if you find any ‘utility’ and any proof for use in human health listed therein, please let us know.

  • Sir,
    Getting patent is itself a proof of utility.
    Apart from commercial success there are many factors.
    Regarding practical applications please visit Seth Rasiklal Manakchand Cancer hospital, Valsad , Gujrat.

  • @Sahdev

    You keep repeating this even though many have pointed this to you. You don’t understand patents at all.

    Patents are not at all considered “proof of utility”. Patents are simply claims that are formally registered as claims of novelty. They are not even considered proofs of novelty, until they are tested in a court of law. Getting a patent simply means that a busy patent examiner did some basic checks to see that no one claimed something similar. The patent examiner does not check utility, nor even guarantees that his/her search was exhaustive.

  • Muslims says Hindus drink cow urine.

    Nowhere in Sruti (Vedas and their end part – vedanth or upanishads), Smritis (Dharma sutras, grihya, srauta, Mahabharata) and puranas recommend drinking of cow urine.

    Whereas a Hadith say Mohammed recommends people to drink camel urine. You may check in internet. Btw Quran and Hadiths are to muslims what Sruti, Smriti and puranas are to Hindus.

    But i agree that ayurveda recommend using cow usrine in certain medicines. But ayurveda is not Hinduism’s religious texts.

  • @Ravi
    Without proving utility patent can’t be granted. Even for some existing thing you establish a new kind of utility then for that utilitity from that thing patent can be given.
    Your statement ‘Patents are not at all considered “proof of utility”.’ is false.
    Same is the case for Gaumutra ark they have proved multiple utilities and hence multiple patents.

  • @Mit
    US doctors are not God. They were not aware of even turmeric which our ancestors were using for centuries as analgesic and antiseptic. There are many such examples.

  • @Sahdev

    Of course they’re not god. And there’s a difference between Turmeric and cow piss. We can test Turmeric and see these chemicals in action. With cow piss, all we see is poison.

  • Mit,
    Some researches on Cow Urine
    1. Cows Urine as an Antimicrobial Agent
    Kumari Namrata Y. Mahurker
    Dessertation for MSc Microbiology 2006, Shri Shivaji Education Society / Amravti’s Science College, Nagpur
    – Gram Negative, Gram Positive bacteria, Fungi were significantly inhibited by concentrated cows urine.
    Some of the constituents of urine which is related for microbicidal properties
    Halogenated Phenol – Antifungal.
    2 Phenyl Phenol – Antimicrobial, Antiviral
    Carbolic acid, Manganese – Antibacterial, Pesticidal
    Aurum Oxide – Antimicrobial, Antitoxic.

    Antigenotoxic| ameliorative effect of ark in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

    Dr. Datta, S. Saravana Devi, K. Krishnamurthi, T.Chakravarthi.(National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur.)
    The Ark and Redistilled ark is found to possess total antioxidant status of around 2.6 mmol contributed mainly by volatile fatty acids (1500 mg/litre). These fatty acids and other antioxidants might be responsible for the observed ameliorative effect. The chromosomal aberration caused by chemicals could be ameliorated by redistilled Ark (1,50,100 ul) Antioxidant status in distillates – 0.8 mmol. Redistillate – 2.6 mmol (ammonicalnitrogen – 15 mg/litre).

  • @Sahdev Saran

    Please read about the patent process and its critiques. It isn’t what you think it is. Patent examiners are not domain experts who validate or verify scientific findings.

    People make utility claims in patents. Patent examiners may sometimes invalidate those claims. However, they do not do an exhaustive attempt to do so. So, a patent is not a proof that utility has been established.

    M.Sc “Dessertation”(sic) is proof for you now? These are the first attempts of students who are barely beginning to understand execution of the scientific method.

    Research without replicability is meaningless. You can search and find some “research” papers for every idiotic and embarrassing claim (gold in cow urine, urine cures cancer etc). That is not how serious people read scientific research.

    “Concentrated” cat, dog and donkey urine will also likely inhibit fungal growth, as will salt, soap and vinegar. Such things have no therapeutic relevance.

    Don’t just look up some random articles and wave at us please.

  • @Ravi
    Getting patent is the highest legitimate way of protecting any invention. The process of issuing patent has to pass through several scrutiny measures. Now if somebody is doubting even patent then on this planet we don’t have other more profound legitimate way to prove and secure rights over some invention.
    These researches are shared as when somebody can say that “poison in the piss” w/o any research then atleast reserach of university is atleast there to prove otherwise.

  • @Ravi
    To decide about any utility of urine of cat , dog or any other animal let some claim to be made at appropriate authority then only discussion can be made.

  • @Sahdev Saran

    You have a wishful understanding of patents and research.

    Getting patent is the highest legitimate way of protecting any invention.

    Getting a high-priced legal team to write your patent and defend it in court is “the highest legitimate way of protecting any invention”.

    There are certainly many brilliant inventions that patents protect. But most patents out there are junk. They cost good money to get, but don’t stand a chance when they are challenged in courts. I know people who make plenty of money by easily invalidating patents – so much for “has to pass through several scrutiny measures”. If you have a patent, don’t feel rich. A patent is not worth much until it has been tested in a proper court of law.

    Lawyers encourage their clients to get patents because they get paid for it. Patent offices like issuing patents because they get paid too.They are not penalized when patents get invalidated.

    Most patents (as high as 97% according to some estimates) don’t make any money for the so-called inventor. Only the uncommon cases get publicized.

    Patents were originally created to protect the small inventor. But the world changed and the system is gamed, as with most things. If you have a large company and an army of lawyers, patents can be good for you. You can shut out competition by developing a large patent portfolio (for things you never intend to produce, but can use to block patent challenges). A small inventor is unfortunately, no longer as protected by the patent system, as was the original intent of the system. The system needs a re-evaluation. There are debates now on whether patents, in the current form, are on the whole helping innovation or stifling it.

    With regards to research, most of small potatoes research (all this positive cow urine research is very much small potatoes) these days is junk research.That includes university research. People in research, more or less know how to filter out this noise and don’t take this nonsense seriously. But people outside research cannot distinguish between the junk and quality research. That includes “science reporting” in popular media such as magazines, television channels and I’d say most Indian newspapers seem to have lousy science correspondents. Don’t fall for that.

    Most of the cow urine case is based in religiousity and misguided nationalism, not science-based. Actual science facts come with replicable research and scholarly consensus across cultural boundaries. You will see several publications in many major journals (not merely in no-name journals) and they are introduced into textbooks. Science requires us to have a high threshold to believe that something has an effect. You are simply too eager to bolster your case with just about anything you can find.

    To decide about any utility of urine of cat , dog or any other animal let some claim to be made at appropriate authority then only discussion can be made.

    My point is that the case that cow urine is somehow special has not been rigorously made. Without those control groups, all this exclusive cow urine research looks pretty disingenuous.

    All cultures in the pre-scientific era claimed that urine and fecal matter of some of their respective livestock (incl poultry) had medicinal properties, but nothing came from it as scientific proof. In Indian case, that just happened to be the cow (along with some others).

  • @Ravi
    Now question has been raised about the validity of patents. Then otherway is to get the feedback of the pateints treated with this therapy. For that please visit Seth Rasiklal Manakchand Cancer hospital, Valsad , Gujrat.

  • @Sahdev

    Ever heard of the Placebo effect? I can convince the patients that something will work and just give them a sugar pill, and the brain does it’s magic.

    Plus, a lot of these patients are probably uneducated and easily swayed by whatever information they’re being given.

    Also, once again: If I take a sample of cow urine from a cow in the US, and take it to a lab and I don’t get the same results. And if multiple labs do the same experiment and don’t get the same results, then it’s all meaningless.

    And Ravi is right: A LOT of the arguments FOR cow piss is based on religion and Hindu Nationalism. That has no place in the proper scientific community.

  • @Sahdev Saran
    No. Getting testimonies from people is about the most unreliable method to verify the truth in the scientific matters. The whole reason why the scientific method was developed was because testimonies don’t work at all.

    People, in our natural state, without statistical education, are extremely gullible. We can honestly believe in just about anything, thanks to the many cognitive biases wired into our brains. Using the critical method, collecting high-quality data, under controlled conditions and performing rigorous statistical analyses and being able to replicate the findings universally, is about the only way to get at the truth. Even then, high-quality research is occasionally wrong. It is not perfect, but works most of the time. Medical research is hard.

    Note that I am mainly pointing to the uselessness of small potatoes research, not research in general and certainly not, high-quality research. Today, unless you get a strong legal team, your patent is probably going to be worthless. Today, in medicine, unless you get an excellent statistician, use rigorous controls and large sample sizes, your research project is likely to draw worthless conclusions.

    But then to turn around and say: let’s just use testimonies… is far worse. Most ancient cultures were convinced that they could effect the weather through their religious rituals. Most did sacrifices for their respective gods for favors. Native americans did rain dances. We continue to do Jala Yagnas. Hundreds of millions of people believe that getting plain water (holy water, homeopathy etc) is making them better when they are told that it works as medicine. When you tell people that waving hands over them effects their “energy fields” (Reiki), most will say it worked. But critical scientific examination shows that all these things have no effect in actuality.

    Mit Solanki pointed to the placebo effect. Please take time to read about it, rather than casually assuming you understand it. It is fascinating. Wikipedia is a fine place to start.

  • @Mit Solanki

    If I take a sample of cow urine from a cow in the US

    The usual retort I hear is that the Indian cow is special, not the Jersey cow in US… and technically they are indeed a bit different, genetically, since different selection pressures were applied.

    I would say that using samples from the desi cow would also not be replicable, since this is largely an issue of low-quality research.

  • @Sahdev Saran

    Oh, and I should add: Placebo effect is likely not the major cause in case of cancer claims. I would expect false diagnoses to underlie most of these case.

    Screening tests are not meant to be confirmatory and have an increased proportion of false positive errors. They are meant to be quick and cheap so that only a smaller segment of the population needs to be subjected to the more reliable (and more expensive) tests. Sometimes, people assume that the screening tests confirmed cancer, when they really don’t have cancer, try some silly treatments and believe that the said treatments cured them. There are loads of silly cancer remedies that put the patients lives at greater risk because people who actually have cancer, delay actual treatments, while trying these alternative treatments and the cancer progresses to later stages making it harder to address by even scientific methods.

  • @Ravi: You’re right. I keep on hearing from the Indian adults that a lot of Indian doctors are either at best unqualified/uneducated, or worst case fear-mongers, corrupt, and manipulative.

    And yes, I completely forgot about the Desi cow thing. Which I think boils down to Hindu nationalism. And yeah, the Jersey cow is often fed with unnecessary chemicals, I suspect, but however, if I bring one to India, feed it a clean indian diet, and then do the tests again, I’m pretty sure the result would be the same: Cow Urine has no medical properties whatsoever.

  • @Mit Solanki

    I actually haven’t met any incompetent doctors in India myself (I met irrational doctors though), although I heard stories here and there. There would be bad apples everywhere. By the standards of a developing country, Indian doctors aren’t bad at all, IMO. India is a top medical tourism destination for a reason. India-trained medical graduates can generally adapt quickly to US/UK standards. But these generally tend to be from elite medical schools. While the healthcare is more standardized in US, the healthcare value for the money in India is amazing. That said, the doctor quality is quite dependent on the university. There have been serious issues raised on some of the medical colleges not meeting standards. Overall, it is a more nuanced picture and I remain hopeful.

    Cows that I see in India are generally humanely treated and that is great… compared to cattle in US that is treated more like a crop that is harvested. I have seen clips of cattle from US that can barely walk since they are never let out. However, I am unsure if the domestic cows form the bulk of India’s milk production since they are quite inefficient compared to hormone jacked up cows and India needs low-priced diary.

    I am on the fringe with this, but I am actually hoping for meat and diary generation without live animals in the future. That should be more efficient, more humane and better for the environment.

    With regards to the desi cow thing, what I meant was the other way round: if we took random urine samples from desi cows across India and tested them in various labs across India and more standardized labs in the developed world, I doubt we would see any replicability for these claims.

    Yes, I completely agree with the author of the article that there is no scientific case to be made for medical use of cow’s urine from scientific literature.

    India is not yet a scientifically thinking country (but that is to be expected at this level of development). But is seems to be no worse than other south asian countries. The citizens are more prone to ask their neighbors with regards to the effectiveness of a given treatment than consult the scholarly consensus on the topic and the media has not been adequately executing its function with regards to communicating science – the discourse often feels like that from middle 19th century Europe and Americas, with junk medical claims given as much media time as proper science claims. But then again, even many developed countries are not perfect scientific societies. We are all works in progress, just at different stages.

  • @Ravi. Even in the US, there’s many people who make major decisions like this (Who to vote fore, seeking medical treatment, etc) on a religious basis. In this case, it’s mostly the Bible. My friend’s grandmother did that, she voted for Trump because she thought his values added up to her perception of the Bible even though he himself is not a Christian.

    And thanks for clearing up my misconceptions about India’s medical scene, lol. I honestly personally don’t care what a person eats, but I myself am a vegetarian.

    And the cow thing, yeah man, I totally agree with you. I don’t think anyone would find any beneficial properties in the desi cow. Because a cow is a damn cow. It drinks and pisses out the excess. Guy mahaan hai, respect hona chahiye, everything understood and accepted, but bullshit is bullshit, lol.

  • @Mit Solanki

    I agree. Given where US is at in scientific advancement, it always amuses me about how many people there are who deny evolution, who attempt to take it out of, or semi-discredit it in the curriculum etc.

    As you would know, cows are considered sacred in India. They are associated with everything that is holy and wholesome – motherhood and apple pie in american terms (cows are icons of motherhood).

    Since India is still a poor country, science is largely taught to the test. Students memorize facts and formulas. However, the process of science is not well taught yet. Students are not taught to apply the critical method, design rigorous experiments and systematically evaluate evidence. So people assume that they understand science (they probably got good enough grades in school), while they really don’t. Explaining evidence is harder in public discourse when people strongly believe that they know what they do not. I am hoping that the quality of science training will improve as the economy improves. There is a lot of untapped potential in the country.

    US is a surprisingly religious country among developed countries. US politicians frequently call it a country of prayer. Saying that a cow is not holy and that its products are not magical is like going on US TV and saying that there really isn’t any evidence for prayers producing actual effects in the world. A good segment of the people will grumble about it, whatever the science may be. Yet, we need to discuss evidence, in its own terms.

    India is generally a country that values education. It just needs to be pointed in the right direction. When culture and modernity clash, in US, the right-wing reflexively makes accusations of Marxism. In India, the right-wing reflexively accuses Macaulay influence. Since the colonial wounds are still in memory, science that does not line up with old tradition is accused of being western, as if science is cultural rather than mathematical. Charlatans who wrap pseudoscience in warm and fuzzy culturally familiar concepts are given a free pass. Hopefully, we can change that. Hopefully, we can get people to ask where the scholarly consensus is currently at, rather than go by emotions.

  • @Ravi

    I know. As a religious person myself, it honestly aggravates me how many people just don the saffron robes and call themselves spiritually enlightened or yogis, JUST to take advantage of the people. On the other hand, I don’t try to engage in Pseudoscience trying to “prove” religious claims. What absurd thing I heard recently? Oh yeah “NASA did research showing that positive energy emanated from people who chant “om.” And when people hear the word NASA, they just assume it’s true because hey, NASA is such a large and reputable scientific organization.

    They won’t stop to think like “Hey, wait a minute, why would NASA, an organization devoted to studying space and sending astronauts to other planets, do this kind of research? What does “positive energy” mean? What’s the source of this information?”

    And they can’t even apply critical thinking to religion as well. Someone will simply tell them “Give me thousands of Rupees, on a full moon night, hop in a circle with one leg tied behind your back, and all your difficulties will go away,” and people will do it because not only they don’t have the same kind of respect that a Christian or Muslim does for their holy books and philosophies, they’re taught that anyone who wears a saffron robe is automatically a man of god. We’re taught to obey authority, especially spiritual authority blindly, and that’s what we do. For that reason, I hate people like Bikram Choudhary and Deepak Chopra, who come to the states to take advantage of the everyday people who simply don’t know and understand.

    And yes, I did hear that India is heavily a socialist country, as a lot of freedom fighters were inspired by the Russian revolution and the Marxists. I have a feeling though, that as more of India gains access to the internet, the less reason we’ll have to hate on everyday British people and everyday Pakistani people. And yeah, I hear my dad say this a lot: “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what scientist says, it’s our scriptures that are 100% factual and true,” and that basically annoys me.

  • @Mit Solanki

    There are thousands of scientists in US from India. Indian-Americans contribute very well in science… and by a large margin, compared to any other ethnicity. Yet, they are largely unknown and it is these New Age charlatans like Deepak Chopra that get the most recognition.

    It is the same with India. There are real gurus in India. Eg: science professors. But the public thinks that a guru is only someone who spouts mystical nonsense.

    it honestly aggravates me how many people just don the saffron robes and call themselves spiritually enlightened or yogis

    India’s economy is improving and so has the size of India’s middle-class. The middle class has money to spend, but only a superficial science education. As the mellow India of the past gave way to a much more busy India, there is more angst and more spiritual crises. Consequently, there is a bigger market for “gurus”, and a rising number of charlatans who cater to the crowd. The gurus offer discount philosophy… easy sound bites that sound profound, line up a bit with the limited science education of the audience, but have little insight behind them. But they sound smart enough for their audience who has little experience in abstract talk and is bowled over. I think our guru problem will get worse before it gets better.

    US went through some of these phases in its own way, first in the revivals and in the 60s and the less discussed 70s with “New Religions”. We are going through that now.

    NASA did research showing that positive energy emanated from people who chant “om.”

    Yes, there are loads of idiotic claims like these. Here is another “NASA” claim.

    namennangal.blogspot . com/2016/01/nasa-saturn-planet-india-thirunallar.html

    Along those lines, there is an article called “Temple Pseudoscience” on this web site.
    nirmukta . com/2012/05/19/temple-pseudoscience/

    people will do it because not only they don’t have the same kind of respect that a Christian or Muslim does for their holy books and philosophies

    On contrary, we Indians have profound respect for our holy books and philosophies. We just don’t read them… at all :-). We insist on placing these never-read-books on a pedestal and are completely surprised when people point out what is actually in them :-).

    In a way, not actually reading books, is a feature, not a problem. Actually following the books would be a worse problem, as middle-east does now and how the western world did prior to the Renaissance and Enlightenment. Like with the developed world, I do want people to read our considerable corpus of classics as history and heritage, in proper context, appreciating for what they are, as reflections on times gone by, rather than treating them literally – like how the Greek classics are now read.

    Fortunately, literalism is not as much a problem in India. When Indians actually do read and discover what is in ancient books, they hastily distance from themselves and adopt modern views, more than say, biblical literalists reading Old Testament. That is a good sign.

    I did hear that India is heavily a socialist country

    I do not know if I can categorize India as a “heavily” socialist country. The constitution of India does describes it as “a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic”. India’s founders did study Marxism, but only critically considered it. It was an attempt at European (Fabian) socialism of the 30s, rather than the Russian variety. So no one-party state, no heavy state propaganda with censorship and surveillance. There was central economic planning but not to the degree of Soviet Union or China at the time. The power was rarely concentrated at the center and the states all have their own power centers and politics. There are a couple of states in India that applied stronger socialist policies though. Not much in India fits in a clean category since it is a very large country.

  • @Mit Solanki,
    hindu religious books does not say to drink cow urine. in fact a hadith says prophet of islam suggest camel urine as a cure. But muslims do not drink it. Then why Hindus should drink cow’s urine?

    May be some ayurvedic preparations use in medicines. Anyway it seems to be an excellent manure , farmers will better able to tell you

  • @Vijay: Because they’ve been fooled into thinking that. Like Ravi said, many Indians are not great at critical thinking, and only memorization. Coupled with the fact that we’re still a deeply religious culture, most of the population is very easily swayed into believing bullshit.

    Cow dung IS good manure, sure, and it has other uses too. But cow urine? It’s just poison.

  • @Mit Solanki

    Like Ravi said, many Indians are not great at critical thinking

    Just so I am not misunderstood, I am not pointing the finger specifically at Indians or that Indians are uniquely predisposed to religious charlatans and pseudoscience. I am saying that all countries that are emerging from (or recently emerged from) poverty, and where life is rapidly changing have these problems, more so than others. Indians can match any country in anything including critical thinking, when provided with similar educational opportunities and exposure.

    India is not the only one that has “gurus” who try to take advantage of the general public. Let’s take China for instance. People wonder why China crushes religious cults and retains a strong grip on religion (less so now than before). Taiping Rebellion was led by a man who claimed that he was Jesus. The rebellion cost 2 to 10 crore lives (most lives lost in war before world wars), depending on estimates. Check out Eastern Lightning, a biblical cult. Falun Gong is another well known cult where the leader claimed he could fly and turn invisible (not unlike our itinerant sanyasis on cannabis). Like the baseless healing powers (well beyond general exercise benefits) ascribed to Yoga, the practitioners of Falun Gong claim they heal by manipulating energy, similar to Reiki claims. No science or critical examination here of course. Reiki is Japanese pseudoscience “medicine”. Homeopathy is German pseudoscience “medicine” that afflicts India far more than India influenced New Age nonsense afflicts the West. Korea has cults (Eg: Unification Church), Taiwan has cults (Eg: Local Church) – both operate in US. There are plenty of cult churches in even US and there are Islamic cults (Eg: Adnan Oktar’s “Kittens” in Turkey – they are rather small, but most amusing) and the jihadist preachers are way worse than any saffron fraudsters. Julian Assange’s mother escaped from an Australian Yoga/New Age cult (The Family). No country or culture is immune.

  • The Man Who Used A Cow To Cure His Terminal Cancer
    MW STAFF JULY 28, 2015

    Four years ago, 37-year old Amit Vaidya, an LA-based entertainment industry honcho with a PhD in economics, was given six months to live, on account of his terminal stomach cancer. He travelled back to India to die, but accidentally discovered the properties of cow therapy – drinking cow urine and raw milk, fresh gobar baths – and intense self-discipline, a combination that helped him cure his cancer completely. The fascinating story is detailed in his new autobiography Holy Cancer, How a Cow Saved My Life. Here’s an account of that journey, by a childhood friend.

    Amit-Vaidya-book-cover_1 (1)

    Amit Vaidya and I went to high school together. This was at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, way back in 1994. We were drama geeks, involved in all our high school plays, musicals, drama conventions and talent shows. He was a kurta-wearing, chubby kid, one year my junior,with a larger-than-life personality, an operatic singing voice and an infectious laugh.

    My most vivid memory of him from this time is one he has no recollection of. We’d just finished a rehearsal and walked out into the sunny school courtyard, and for some reason, I asked to look at his palm (I fancied myself a budding mystic at the time). I was shocked by what I saw. It was covered in what seemed like thousands of tiny criss-cross lines. “Amit, do you worry a lot?” I asked, in complete surprise. My boisterous, always ready for a laugh friend suddenly became serious, seeming much older than his age. “Yes.”

    IMG00137-20120615-0747Amit’s most vivid recollection of me from these years is one that I, in turn, have absolutely no memory of. We were on a flight back from Karachi, where we’d travelled for a drama convention. We were sitting next to each other in the middle of a cramped row of other classmates. Amit says that he was overcome by a dark feeling, as though life was hopeless, and he turned to me and said as much. He remembers that I responded, “Hey, come on now, it’ll be OK.” To me, hearing this all these years later, this hardly sounds like life-changing stuff. But to Amit, it was. He says it made him feel instantly better, as though he wasn’t alone, as though somebody cared.

    Of course, we lost touch. I eventually landed up in New York in advertising, and then moved back to Delhi. Amit, I heard through the grapevine, was in LA, doing exceptionally well in the entertainment industry. He had also excelled academically, garnering a PhD in economics, no less. Years passed and when we connected again, we were in our thirties and both of us were about to embark on a new chapter in our lives.
    IIMG_8897 had married recently, living in my in-laws’ house in Delhi, waiting for my British visa to come through so that I could join my husband in London. Amit had recently come to Delhi after years in New York, where he had taken care of his mother through the last stages of her brain cancer, after having fought his own cancer battle.

    The years had been full of ups and downs for my high school friend. His father had passed away unexpectedly during a routine bypass surgery. Amit moved to New York with his mother and all too soon was diagnosed with stomach cancer. His career took a back seat, and his mother nursed him back to health, only to find out she had a late-stage brain tumour. Amit put his life on hold to be her sole care-taker, using up most of his savings in doing so. She passed away a year later, and that was when Amit was given yet another devastating blow. His stomach cancer had returned and spread further to his liver, lungs and spine, and he was given only six months to live. He returned to Delhi to re-connect with the only family he knew, and as he put it, “to find a place to die.”

    We spent that month in Delhi reminiscing about the past, but also trying to figure out what Amit should do with the few remaining months he had left. His extended family turned their back on him when they realised that his visit was not a brief reunion, but rather one of real need. Nobody wanted to take on the additional responsibility or burden of his death. “What I miss,” I remember Amit saying to me one afternoon, “is having someone who really cares for me. There is nobody left. And now I have nothing to lose.”

    My visa came through shortly after, and when I said goodbye to Amit, I thought it would be the last time I would see him. But three years later, the two of us found ourselves back in my in-laws’ house, sitting on the same sofa, sipping tea. My one-year-old daughter toddled around us, my husband was sleeping in the next room, and I told Amit about the daily dilemmas of mommy-hood and marriage. He sat quietly, listening to it all.

    IMG_20130210_141652The Amit sitting near me was a new incarnation of the Amit I had known since we were kids. It was him, but a thinner, quieter, calmer Amit. Physically, he looked like an entirely different person… but even his presence had changed. And when he asked me to read his memoir about the journey that began at a cow hospital in Gujarat that claimed to cure cancer for Re 1, then took him to a small village where he lived amidst pomegranate trees and large stretches of empty land, a journey that cleansed and healed him of fear and disease and disappointment… I was left in awe and humbled.

    Holy Cancer starts cinematically enough, at just about the time I headed off to London. What transpires once he leaves our familiar world behind is a fascinating look at the road less travelled. It’s an honest, isolating yet liberating tale of the depths to which Amit went to heal. While he repeatedly voices that his concern was for palliative care, he actually finds the path to his own cure.

    This starts in Gujarat, where he spends almost two months at a hospital specialising in cancer care through cow therapy. The treatments are all derived through desi cows. With drinking Panchgavya (desi cow milk, ghee, dahi, urine and dung mixed together) and taking hour long baths covered in gobar, Amit officially bids adieu to his luxurious penthouse-living days of New York and Hollywood parties, for a simple farm life in rural India.


    The hospital is seemingly just the opening act, as he relocates to rural Karnataka and spends the next year and a half continuing the treatment alongside various other alternative therapies.

    In what he details as letting go’ andadjusting’, he begins each morning like clockwork at 4:30 AM. From an hour-long meditation on the terrace of the farm to 45 minutes of yoga to a long 20-km walk across the property and beyond to the neighbouring villages, his morning routine becomes a disciplined way of life.

    This life comprises long hours of isolation, many times without electricity, left alone with the cows and his thoughts. Amit’s connection to the animals goes from simply a form of medicine to combat his cancer into a way of life, becoming one with nature and permitting him to be there for the cows in the same way they were there for him.

    He speaks lovingly about the joy of spending time with the cows, naming them and drawing out their personalities. From reaching the Gaushala in the early hours of the morning to collect their first urine to drink, milking them and consuming their warm milk raw, to collecting fresh dung for his daily gobar bath, and finally seeking their blessings by feeding and massaging them, and they in turn licking his palm (extending his life) – the healing that began in a systemised order within the confines of a hospital is now an everyday affair.


    Over time, his routine became stricter, longer and faster. Following his rigid, medically-spiked diet of the hospital, Amit continues to treat food as medicine, spending ample time preparing his food fresh and getting down to basics. Rather than taking an herb or plant in a pill or juice form, Amit opts for the most potent and organic method of consumption – by simply taking the leaves and eating them raw. From tulsi to neem to turmeric to ginger – he finds himself deeply rooted within the land.

    It’s an incredible accomplishment to see him let go of the many strings that attach him to his previous life, and finding purpose within a community that appreciates him regardless of the time he has left leaves Amit in peace. The more he seems to get from the land, its animals, the village and its villagers, the more he’s able to give back and feel part of something. As it turns out, this gets confirmed, as each scan he gets shows the cancer shrinking and every subsequent report shows marked improvement.

    His 20 km-daily walks become jogs that in turn become runs. Amit manages to take every obstacle and finds a way to turn it into a positive. This spirit keeps him going and we understand how it is actually possible to heal oneself. It’s not easy, there are no guarantees, but this sheer tenacity to endure, accept and appreciate life makes the journey worthwhile. By the end of the book, Amit is exploring returning to his old life, only to find that he no longer matches his surroundings. It’s perhaps his greatest test and ultimate challenge, to rid himself of the ‘cancer’ he feels he carried for too long.


    The book ends where the writing of the book began and we met again. Today, almost a year later, Amit manages a NGO, Healing Vaidya, advancing the work he didn’t even realise he had started on the journey that he chronicles in the book. It’s one thing to find inspiration in a book, but to understand where that inspiration came from – that’s truly worth sharing.

    When Amit finished detailing his journey to me, something his book so beautifully captures, all I could say was, “What now? What’s next?” His answer was simple. “I was saved by the kindness of strangers, who gave to me freely, with no thought of what they would get in return. This is my second life. And in this life there is no normalcy, only service. It is my turn to give back.”

    The content of this article is meant for information purpose only. MW does not endorse or recommend any of the cancer treatment mentioned in this article. The content should not be considered to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You can contact the author at, and follow him at @live4todayamit. Holy Cancer, How a Cow Saved My Life is published by Healing Vaidya & Aditya Prakashan.


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    warm regards & Thanks
    Suresh / Chennai, India
    Mob: 91-9176269339
    September 10, 2015
    I am looking for treatment in stage 4 cancer for my sister diognaised today spread over liver and bones. Pls help me with the address for cure and contact details urgent

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  • @Sahdev Saran

    First, why did you copy-paste the ENTIRE article?, including non-article text?! It is not good forum manners. You should just post a link to it or paste selected quotes from it.

    You tried to argue with patents, then you argued with an M.Sc thesis, then you offered testimonies and now this – this is turning out to be checklist of what NOT to do. Looks like you have non-critically accepted this position and are now simply fishing for whatever you can find to legitimize it.

    Articles like these are what I meant by Indian media not serving the country. They are quick to post what are essentially self-promotional press releases, without any vetting (aka journalism) whatsoever. The Hindu published a version of this. Despite being India’s mainline new source, they have a track record of publishing vacuous pseudoscience material with no vetting. Huffingtonpost, India gave him a voice. But that is unsurprising. As a tabloid, Huffingtonpost, even in US, had always given a platform for quackery. This is not what you would find from more respectable international publications like say, New York Times, Guardian, Economist or Der Spiegel. Before publishing stupid stuff, a journalist is supposed to confer with the well-recognized experts (as defined by their fields, not by people outside it) in the respective field, not mindlessly regurgitate everything he/she has been forwarded. Our media does not seem to follow these basic standards.

    From what I searched around, Amit has refused to disclose his medical records. Without that, we have no way to verify his claims. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. So far, he has not even presented the most basic and ordinary evidence. He will cost lives with this quackery promotion and he deserves to be sued if and when harm results. He seems to be even backtracking a bit, saying that he does not endorse any hospital or such and that everyone has to find their own “healing”. Telling patients to find their own is terrible advise. They are simply not intellectually equipped for that. It is a dangerous game with a disease as lethal as cancer.

    He is selling a book. So he has a conflict of interest to present an emotional story for a good read. He is also asking for money for his “foundation” (which is what? – just him?) which he says will offer health advise, even though he has ZERO healthcare credentials. All that the silly prose is trying to impress with is completely irrelevant personality portraits of Amit (Penthouse, PhD, US, Hollywood etc – which sound hocus pocus to me), but no relevant science data. It screams fraud all around. I need facts. Without that, I am suspicious of these claims like with the fiasco of the “A million little pieces” by James Frey that was uncritically promoted in US media but turned out to be a fraud when an actual journalist probed.

    Amit does not sound like how a person with a PhD should be talking… not ONE sentence. A PhD is not a license to legitimize whatever bull (no pun intended) one feels like talking after obtaining a degree. It is training in a scholarly process. One needs to follow the process after graduating. That involves conducting research, publishing papers, not babbling bull crap (or bathing in it) like he is. I have not seen any scholarly thought in his claims online. With an economics PhD (if he actually has a real one), I expect him to understand at a basic level, the statistical issues of medical research and how testimonies don’t work, even if he never took a single Biology class, because the underlying math is the same. I really wonder which university granted him a PhD, what his dissertation was and what his academic productivity was?! I could not look any of that up online. If he received it from a credible university, I expect to be able to. Can you? There are plenty of degree mills around. I hope he is not a product of one of those. But then again, from time to time, I have come across irrational PhD holders from credible US universities as well… less frequently than from our universities, but present nonetheless.

    Search for “jesus cured me of cancer”. Google will give you 3.1 million hits. Does that mean you will accept those and recommend that people go and change their religion to get cured of their cancer? Probably not. Why? Because it is not your culture and you prefer irrationality from your own culture.

    witts . ws/jesus-heals-all-cancers-and-all-diseases/
    Look, they claim that even the dog got healed because it was just hanging around when they were praying.

    @Vijay said: “hadith says prophet of islam suggest camel urine as a cure. But muslims do not drink it”

    That is actually not entirely true. If there is opportunity for quackery and there is a gullible audience like you, someone will suggest it, after all, there are no standards for making these idiotic claims. Gullibility is pan cultural.

    memri . org/tv/moroccan-oncologists-blast-camel-urine-cancer-treatment-project-urine-urine

    So Sahdev, do you want to try some camel urine now? Obviously not, once again, because it is not your own cultural nonsense baggage, it is somebody else’s nonsense baggage. I suggest that you listen to the reasonable Moroccan oncologists at the end of the video. We need Indian oncologists on Indian TV saying the same thing. You seem to think @Mit Solenky was offensive when he said that urine is poison for our system – it is stuff that our kidneys try hard to get rid of… it is stuff that causes you to die when you have renal failure. It is the stuff that dialysis machines remove to keep you alive until you can get a kidney donor.

    Because cancer is such a dismal disease, all sorts of quacks tried to propose all sorts of nonsense with: what have you got to lose, so try our no-proof method. Even otherwise intelligent people like Steve Jobs fell for this nonsense. The list is very long. Here is a partial summary. Cow urine fits right here.

    en.wikipedia . org /wiki/List_of_unproven_and_disproven_cancer_treatments

  • @Ravi,
    I don’t want to argue with you because I respect your views and I do not want you to waste your time answering me. I already had a lengthy argument with you in fraud of nadi jothisha.

    Since you want Indians to become more rational, scientific , modern and hardworking what you think can improve the living conditions of India economically and socially?

    I mean we have put lot of hard work these 70 years, still our gdp per capita is way behind most countries. We are so unfortunate because we do not have any advantage over other countries. Gulf has oil. US is a super power. They control world business, they print dollar which is valued everywhere, they are a super power and feared by all, they have all high end technologies and best weapons which they sell.

    Chinese are very hard working. They built their manufacturing empire. But compared to India, they have similar population but area is three times us. Han Chinese is more uniform but we have many demographic divisions, linguistic divisions etc. Through out history we remained as a confederation with some unifying aspect (unity in diversity they call it). We are not feared by any.

    I feel we have so many disadvantages to begin with which dampen our spirits. You think being atheists and hard work will solve the problem?

    Even Chinese are suffering from their policies. After decades of hard work and atheist thought, their life has improved but they are going to pay heavy price. Their families are collapsing. population is aging. Within next 30 years, their population will fall back to 1990 levels with a heavily decreasing population (-ve growth) like Japan started experiencing.
    In short I don’t know how we can improve our situation. Simply rejecting our tradition and religion does not make a nation scientific, modern and good society

  • @Vijay

    I actually thought you were a different Vijay. After all, our names are common names.

    area is three times us

    Some 15 years ago, I mentioned the fact that China is much bigger than us, land wise, to a Chinese researcher and he pointed back that most of it is inhospitable mountainous terrain, unlike India. He did not see that as a considerable advantage. Or perhaps he was just being modest.

    Through out history we remained as a confederation

    Actually, China was much more unified through history than us. Their empires and a common national identity lasted much longer than ours.

    Gulf has oil.

    For countries the size of India or China, we cannot coast along on natural resources. Human development is a must.

    You think being atheists and hard work will solve the problem?

    Well, sticking to astrology and gow mutra certainly won’t. Not being scientific and not hard working is not an option in the 21st century. It is a globally competitive world. Indians are generally hard working. Not getting caught up in magic worlds and keeping the eye on the real ball will help.

    I emphasize Rationalism, not atheism. Theism is just one aspect of irrationalism. There is little benefit of being an atheist, if one continues to believe in every other pseudoscience there is. The ideal may be a perfectly logical and rational society, but we can settle for a mildly theistic, but far more scientific society in the interim. This is what I see in advanced countries at in this stage.

    Their families are collapsing

    China fully industrialized. We did not. Industrialization generally led to a weakening of old family structures since people needed to be mobilized from their roots to the factories and societies had to rethink their cultures and identities. This always led to social chaos; but also to new social experiments.

    population is aging. Within next 30 years, their population will fall back to 1990 levels with a heavily decreasing population (-ve growth) like Japan started experiencing.

    All countries will eventually experience that. It is better to embrace that than fear it. Permanent population growth is unsustainable. We need quality, not quantity. Economists think purely in terms of economics when they champion growth. They are other things like environment to take into account. I do not worry about negative population growth. To me, that is a good thing. Yes, it will be challenging, but it is an unavoidable challenge.

    If you literally believe in our scriptures, then Bhu-Bhara was too much when the entire world population was 4-8 crore :-). 2000 years ago, it was just 30 crore. Each human today consumes several orders more now than then and on top of that we are over 700 crore. No wonder Bhudevi does not talk to us anymore :-).

    Simply rejecting our tradition and religion does not make a nation scientific, modern and good society

    The national motto of India is Satyameva Jayate. It is a Satyam that Astrology does not work (I know you disagree and we don’t need to get back into this). It is a Satyam that bathing in cow dung does not cure cancer. We should not proclaim what is asatyam, as our culture and tradition. No amount of proclamations or testimonies can make an asatyam into a satyam. There is a lot more to tradition than superstition and pseudoscience.

    Science is simply the current best available method to ascertain what Satyam is. It is about using modern Ganitha and modern Tarka in service of the service and discovery of Satyam.

    When tradition develops through centuries, it is believed that tradition is in congruence with Satyam. Gradually, as we accumulate jnana, we begin to recognize the discordance. Faced with discordance, we now have a choice. Choose Satyam or choose dead tradition, for the sake of tradition. If we choose the former, we evolve and can compete with the world. If we choose the later, we can feel safe in a cocoon for a short while, but will fall behind and pay a great price.

    When the Europeans woke up and began expanding, China and India pretended that the world did not change and paid the price for centuries. China thought it was at the center of the world and India thought it was a sin to cross the seas. Japan was quick on its feet and quickly became competitive. After the tight slap it received from the Black Ship Incident, it made major changes to itself and thrived. Change or pay the heavy price. It happened once. We are still complaining about the last time and it can happen again in a different way.

    Tradition needs to be rejuvenated from time to time. We are already doing that to an extent. There is good tradition. There is bad tradition. We can keep good tradition. But let us not call bad tradition, as sacred tradition and refuse to change. We can reinterpret what our traditions mean. We have that right. Let us do Pustaka Yagna. That should not mean that we pile up books, mark them with vermilion and chant. Let us do a Pustaka Yagna and Jnana Yagna by actually reading critically and globally acclaimed modern books widely. Let us have a deeksha that we will read x modern sastra (science, math, logic, history) books in such and such time… so on and so forth. A deeksha does not have to be just eat only these things and sleep only on that while chanting x,y,z, words that most don’t even understand, in front of a ritual fire. I agree that culture and tradition do hold us together. We can define what these collective activities are. They don’t have to be irrational by design. They can be reasonable, rational and productive things that we all can collectively get excited about. What binds us is more of the collective participation, not as much the datedness of the activity.

    A culture that simply waddles blindly with the traditions of its ancestors and cannot create its own traditions is a dead and anarha culture – an empty husk of times gone by. Take charge of your samskriti, shape it and point it in the right way and raise next generations who can do the same and surpass you. A dead culture wallows in the past and thinks that its ancestors were the best there could ever be. A vibrant culture does not need to forget its ancestors, but believes in the ideas of its current generation and in the promise of future generations that have not yet come to pass and paves way for them so that it may in turn be surpassed.

    how we can improve our situation

    There is no one dimensional solution to very broad challenge. I am concerned about a clear thinking society.

    We need to fix our schools. The PISA scores are unacceptable. The kids need labs and activities that promote critical and creative thought, not being overloaded with memorization activities. Science education should be about using a process to discover, not about memorizing facts and numbers, just as history education is not about dry memorizing dates. It is difficult to scale out with well-trained teachers to rural locations, with our current economy, but we can digitally deliver world class teachers at no cost. India’s educational spending is not bad as % GDP, but we have a lot of catching up to do. We need to increasingly take advantage of free global educational resources of the digital age.

    We can afford a culture of libraries. There is more to schooling than making students read a handful of required books as a chore. We need as many libraries as we have temples. Media has to step up. There is hardly anything intellectually stimulating on popular media and they won’t do it on their own. They need directives and incentives. They are currently recklessly providing equal, if not majority platforms to pseudosciences. In this information climate, the public has little chance to think rationally.

  • I think it is very naive on our part to believe that today we know everything and that ancient Indians were fools or ignorant. Ancient Indians figured out that Earth was sperical (see images of Varaha Avatar), whereas the West figured it out just a century or two ago. Heard of Arundhati-Vasishta Star constellation? It took a Hubble Space Telescope to figure out why it is unique, whereas our ancestors knew about it thousands of years ago, and that is why newly married couples are shown Arundhati-Vasishta (customary). There are plenty of things that our Ancients had mastered, but we are yet to figure out the basics. I would say that “Modern Science” has just scratched the surface of what our Ancient Indians knew.

    About hunger and diseases, Ancient India had no hunger and believed in disease prevention.

  • @Bharani K

    I think it is very naive on our part to believe that today we know everything and that ancient Indians were fools or ignorant

    Nobody said we know everything. Nobody said “ancient Indians were fools or ignorant”. Ancient Indians were approximately as clever/ignorant as ancient Chinese/Greeks/Persians. You don’t care about the cleverness and wisdom of others because you are not emotionally bound to someone else’s ancestors.

    Ancient Indians figured out that Earth was sperical (see images of Varaha Avatar)

    Did you get your images of Varaha Avatara from Chandamama or Amar Chitra Katha? (Those are modern revised images) Ancient Indians did not depict earth as spherical. They depicted it symbolically as a woman (Bhu-Devi). All ancient statues of Varahavatara depict as much.

    There are photos of several ancient statues depicting Bhu-Devi on Vishnu’s shoulder on the page.

    Heard of Arundhati-Vasishta Star constellation? It took a Hubble Space Telescope to figure out why it is unique

    No it did not. The two stars (they are a system, not a constellation, but a part of a constellation) are visible to the naked eye. From a proper vantage point, you don’t even need a Binoculars, let alone a telescope, much less the Hubble space telescope. Hubble telescope’s value was along the lines of showing us countless (OK, we can count) entire galaxies where we could not even see stars, not minor things like nearby binary/double stars.

    Mizar and Alcor form what is known as a naked eye double star. You will not be able to see them clearly from home that way today in our polluted modern skies, without some optical aid, but until just a few centuries ago, they were, when the skies were largely free of dust, smoke and light pollution because combustion engines and electricity weren’t invented yet and cities were far and few. Even today, you can see them with an unaided eye, as a double star, if you watch them away from human settlements. Now we know that there are more than two, something like half a dozen stars there that appear as one, sometimes making it difficult (form a background) to sometimes delineate Mizar and Alcor with the naked eye.

    So yes, Ancient Indians saw the star system… because it was/is plainly visible. Nothing mysterious going on here.

    There are plenty of things that our Ancients had mastered, but we are yet to figure out the basics.

    Quite the opposite. For most part, much of what the ancients believed about the world was demonstrably false. Apart from silly tabloidish documentaries and stupid blogs online that push this nonsensical view point, the reality is nothing like that.

    I would say that “Modern Science” has just scratched the surface of what our Ancient Indians knew.

    I would say that YOU haven’t yet scratched the surface of understanding neither the modern science nor the ancient history. Celebrating an imaginary ancient world stands in the way of Indians learning clear scientific thought and this has negative economic consequences for the country.

  • After going through elaborate quarrels on this blog I remember one of my friend’s episode.
    I and my Venu Rangachary studied together upto 10th standard.
    I became engineer and he a medico.
    He invited me on his marriage.
    Traditionally the above all the things happened i.e.Cow dung program also.
    Later I asked him about the episode of Cow.
    What was his reply it’s worth to realize.He said cow dung is the same excrete of any animal.I in fact don’t believe anything that it has anything more than that.But,it is a fact I could become a doctor as my father earned(extracted) the money from this performance for the people .
    It is a fact the people who sell coffins hope for good business!!!!!!

  • I’m asthma patient ….n i am taking gaumutra since 1 year…..and now i can say that I’m fully cured …with additional benefits too…practically…cow urine is safe n fully benificial for mankind..yes u can say …it more worth than diamond or gold..

  • Thanks a lot Shrinivas for actually taking so much efforts to look into presence or absence of evidence to support tall claims made for yet another poorly studied product. After the widespread use of internet and whattsapp and the ease with which you can market yourself in front of gullible population at large , it has become a fashion to pose as experts on a particular subject and in the process spread utterly rubbish information as facts. Although I am a modern medicine doctor by training I am very open to experimentation with alternative medicine therapies like homeopathy , ayurveda , naturopathy etc. I think this approach is much better than mud slinging which is what is going on everywhere. In my experience , there are severe limitations to the usefullness of homeopathy and ayurveda ( I have very littl eexperienece with other therapies ) . They are associated with side effects ( which proponents of these pathies dont accept ) , one has to repeatedly give the medicines to achieve effect ( just the way modern medicines have to be used ) , the mechanism of action of most is not known definitely.
    Regarding panchagavya , it would be advisable to actually have expert modern medicine doctors interview patients with cancer , HIV , psoriasis and very carefully and scientifically assess whether they were benifitted by panchagavya , in what way , alone or just as a supportive therapy to modern medicine drugs etc.
    Anyway , thanks for writing this article. It will at the very least encourage blind believers to always cross check tall claims made by sellers of alternative therapies in future.

  • @Dr. Amol Javdekar

    Although I am a modern medicine doctor by training I am very open to experimentation with alternative medicine therapies like homeopathy , ayurveda , naturopathy etc.

    While I am glad that you are not falling for these silly excreta claims, I am very worried when you say you are a “a modern medicine doctor by training” and yet don’t seem to understand what homeopathy is.

    Experiment how? Without study protocols? Without a carefully designed methodology with proper controls, arbitrary examinations in clinical settings have little value and are no more insightful than those in the pre-scientific era that gave us these silly belief systems.

    The case on homeopathy is already closed. Please look at the NHMRC report. It was one of the largest literature reviews ever conducted and conclusions were damning. There is ZERO evidence on even a SINGLE “treatment”.

    Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years. There have been THOUSANDS of studies done on it. Out of all this, it has not produced a SINGLE FACT that can be verified. Every single claim it has made has already been debunked and debunked conclusively.

    Why would it work any way? It is essentially a con-job now to sell sugar pills and water drops and fool the public that it is medicine. There is gross mis-information in homeopathy users. Most don’t understand that when they get a 200C “medicine” they are getting 1 drop of “medicine” in effectively 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 drops of water (yes, that is 400 zeros after 1). Such dilutions are comical and physically impossible.

    There is no medicine at all in homeopathic products. There is no real cost to produce it. Just put a drop in a bottle and bang it on a book. Take another drop from that and repeat… several times in this fashion. Anyone can claim they produced a new homeopathic medicine. Just match vague and meaningless reports of “feelings” (and absurdly claim that it is a “proving”) that aren’t double checked by anyone by any blinding procedures and call it a new medicine.

    I know that they did not teach you about Homeopathy at all in medical school. When I was in medical training, quite some time ago, no one talked about it and I just saw 2 or so pages in one pharmacology text that is not that much used in India. The rest never even mentioned it.

    But once you qualified out of medical training, you should look up proper sources on the topic. There is plenty of scientific literature. You should not just apply random pseudoscience to patients just because you now have a degree. A medical degree is not a license for casual application of pseudoscience.

    there are severe limitations to the usefullness of homeopathy

    The issue isn’t “limitations to the usefullness”. It is an issue of NO USEFULNESS WHATSOEVER. It is just sugar pills.

    They are associated with side effects ( which proponents of these pathies dont accept ) ,

    There are no side effects to Homeopathy. To have side effects, you need to have effects first.

    Of course, patients will tell you that the sugar pills worked. They will generally tell you that any random sugar pills worked if you tell them it is really a different medicine. They don’t know any better. They are gullible. But you should not be. That is why we do studies with control groups and blinding procedures.

    The side-effects of homeopaths are not from medicines, but what they do on the side. They delay actual treatment, take away resources (many homeo pills, despite having near-zero production costs or research investments, are sold at near medical prices) and campaign against science. Homeopaths for instance are well known for misleading public on science (because it has already proven that it is nothing but quackery) and demonizing proven public health interventions like vaccines. Don’t legitimize quackery in the name of open mindedness.

    the mechanism of action of most is not known definitely.

    There is no mechanism of action at all for homeopathy. For there to be mechanism of action, there first has to be an action.

    Regarding panchagavya , it would be advisable to actually have expert modern medicine doctors interview patients with cancer , HIV , psoriasis and very carefully and scientifically assess

    You do not seem to have adequate understanding of research methods. You don’t interview in cases like these to check for effectiveness. You measure. If you interview – all you have will be testimonies to every kind of illiterate beliefs. People will testify that their prayer to their favorite baba or the local village goddess cured them. They don’t have any training on how to think or analyze. That isn’t how you do science. Science is done by meticulous measurement and systematically eliminating the natural human foolishness and gullibility in coming to conclusions.

  • yes, that is 400 zeros after 1

    Actually, I pasted 800 zeros by error. Not that it makes any difference at this level of absurdity – since there are only about 1 and 82 zeros worth of estimated atoms in the known universe.

  • Person writing has few issues funded by foreign funds , no knowledge of sanskrit text & vedic culture , due to maccloyte education there r new class of indian who only see west has secure more advance in science and we need to follow they dont understand bigger geopolitics agenda whenever west fight or blame against indian civilization – just take an example Indian was fully organic farming before 1960 whole country was only eating & never had disease like cancer kidney failure heart attack but western media NGO and govt was forced to implement chemical farming that it is green revolution today most west country middle and upper class are eating organic food & even now in india as per APEDA numbers 2015-2016 india organic food consumption rose to 200cr and export to 2200 crore but just see today organic food pricing are 3 times of chemical food pricing compare ro west countires where price are far cheaper , again what we have done 60yrs blindly following west and then going to our basic but in west version of certified USDA organic , Now let us take toward study of A2 milk in NZ & patent indian cow were treated badly send to slaughter house & we were forced to import Jersey holliestien cow for better quality milk AMUL was white revolution in indian with help of jersey cow , but with latest German and Australia research A2 milk is only for human consumtion and A1 milk are not suitable this report has bring biggest revolution on ground converting people in VEGAN who are against dairy and non veg most countries like US which have 450% rise in one year and UK where rise is 300% last year are avoiding dairy because west is clear that only milk suitable is Bos Indicus cow which are available in India Brazil Australia , today Indian cow embory and Beta Casein are biggest product for smuggling but on same time there are people who are trying to tell that Indian cow are not worth , USA has few patent on indian cow r they fool taking patent & destroying cow because only agenda is to fist finish Indian interest toward holy cow and second export medicine made from Indian cow to india t higher price similar what we are seeing in organic food , Chinese medicne has made a big impact in West market people are avoiding allopathic and moving toward chinsese herb medicne which has created fear in west pharma lobby so they are funding NGO in india to supress panchgavya medicne – let me take one more case Zero Budjet natural Farming by person name Subash Palekar has made a big impact and dent to west lobby who want india to import all there food this person got padam bhusan from goverment and recent funding to open university in his model he uses holy cow dung and urine for farming 30 acre land with one cow and there is no investment on urea dap which is making farmer debt free almost 40 lac farmer have used his technique and are successful , so is blog saying this all is wrong because its just mention in vedic . so let me take toward vedic why Sheldon pollack or others are trying to propagate vedic knowledge in west why institution like Harward Cornell promoting Sanskrit . why Christianity is bringing new books related Jesus yogi & vedant Christianity when they first objected vedas the idea is simple to fist make indian forgot about culture and then give them back same with different packaging at higer price and roayality today UN WHO supported Vegan revolution is nothing but Sattvik lifestyle mention in veda , problem is till hindu in this country dont start learning Sanskrit they will never understood there rich culture and west will continue stole there scripture and present back to them whether its science medicine or education , indian cow excerta and urine have best composition which can be used for farming bio gas electricity and even running vehicle , If indian today start adopting sattvik lifestyle and stop eating process food frozen food and all imported soda pepsi they will never get any disease and as Padam Bhusan DR Hegde has said auyerveda can treat 98% of diseasse only 2% allopathic is required but what will big pharma do they will alwyas supress our voice and produce such blog

    Please watch & read –

    Subash palekar
    Rajiv malhotra
    Rajiv Dixit
    German report on A2 milk
    NZ patent & A2 milk
    US patent on Cow urine

  • I agree with the person commenting above me that cow dung and excreta have agricultural benefits and that organic products are preferable to chemical ones but his serious unsubstatianted misconception that “just take an example Indian was fully organic farming before 1960 whole country was only eating & never had disease like cancer kidney failure heart attack ” as well as his accusation “no knowledge of sanskrit text & vedic culture , due to maccloyte education there r new class of indian who only see west has secure more advance in science and we need to follow they dont understand bigger geopolitics agenda whenever west fight or blame against indian civilization ” and his sudden references to Jesus and Vedanta reveal this man’s true agenda and political leanings. I would want him to read up on science, history as well as improve his English. Cow’s dung and urine may have its benefits but that needs proper evidence not references to Charaka Samhita. And just because someone is skeptic doesn’t mean they are West worshippers. Rather the excessive glorification of the past is because of a present inferiority complex of most Indians.

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  • The fact that cow-dung can evoke such a long discussion should provide some benefits of doubt to the value of cow-dungs…. This is just a neutral, yet rational observation. 🙂

  • Whoever is against panchgavya did they ever see a bad outcome from it’s consumption? Anything is society is considered unsafe only when it shows some unhealthy symptoms after consumption and then it’s boycotted. I myself drink gau mutra and it cured my typhoid in approximately a month, there are many case where blood cancer is treated with gau mutra because it has ability to treat even dead cells. If I could post any photo here then I could show you my medical reports, I never took any medicine except gau mutra and it cured my typhoid at it’s extreme stage. You people are against Hinduism with a blind belief that “whatever Hinduism teaches, whether Panchgavya or Yoga or Karwa Chauth even Manusmriti is senseless”.
    Why don’t you people object the drinking of camel urine taught by quran? Why don’t you object the status of women taught by quran? Why don’t you object the father daughter sex taught by Prophet Lutth (prophet of both christians and muslims)? Why don’t you say the “7th sky, flat earth, pinned mountains, stable earth, 72 sexy hoor, etc” concept of islam senseless? The “killing of soldier by daniel for his wife and then the God kills his son, christ orders to kill and eat first son, prophet lutth teaches sex with own daughter” are these not illogical and shame on humanity?

    Now you may argue that we Hindus start blaming other religions whenever we are questioned, then “yes” we will show their fault because you’re judgement is one sided always and any judgement which is one sided is injustice. You people are educated fools who didn’t even learn that protest of anything should be with an evidence, you people have never read any Hindu scriptures and not even Manusmriti, your teachers and your circle has brain washed you only against Hinduism, not against religion because if you people were truly rational then you people would have protested islam and christianity for their illogical believes, many aayat of quran and verse of bible are illogical but no one can point out 1 mantra/shlok of unedited Hindu scriptures as illogical. Gau Maa is our mother and we are proud of her but ashamed of you fools who became human but never learned to use your brain and on the name of rationalism you people promote irrational thoughts against a single religion, really very shame on you as you’ve never learned to think rationally. A rational person doesn’t protest anything which he doesn’t understand, he becomes curious to gain knowledge on that concept with unbiased perspectives. You brain washed fools are shame on humanity, I bet your parents too are ashamed of you.

  • @Pallavi

    Do you know what science is?

    Do you know what the post-hoc fallacy is?

    Do you realize that if you have condition X and you take substance A and after some time (a whole month in your case) X goes away, you have not necessarily proven that A made X go away? Do you understand why and why this is extremely important in medical research? Have you attended any college level statistics course?

    Why do you think the world spends several hundred billions of dollars every year in medical research when they can just ask Pallavi? Why do you think we need AIIMS when you think that testing just means what you think you did?

    Do you understand the impact of sample sizes and control groups in medical research? Why does this matter? Why do you think no scientist (or any properly educated person for that matter) cares about testimonials like the one you provided.

    Why don’t you people object the drinking of camel urine taught by quran?

    Why? There are no camels around me. No one is drinking camel urine around me. Should I be concerned more about the foolishness that happens in my immediate vicinity or be worried about what happens in countries that I have never visited? Do you think a rationalist from a middle-east is going to come here and explain to you why you should not follow our local superstitions? No, they fight their own local superstitions. Professors in muslim countries have gone on TV and said that camel urine does not cure anything (and there have been crackpot professors there, just like ours, who say it can cure everything).

    So who should tell Hindus about their superstitions? Who would you listen better to? Rationalists from Christian communities? Rationalists from Muslim countries? No, then you will just say to them, first fix your own community before lecturing me and when rationalists from the Hindu community raise the point, you will try to deflect by saying what you said above. You are only pretending with regards to cultural outrage. You just don’t want your superstitions to be questioned regardless.

    Don’t be foolish. You did not learn how science works. Maybe your school or college did not do a good job or perhaps you were just terrible at it, all by yourself. Don’t flaunt your ignorance. Take a statistics course. There are plenty freely available online. Once you have the basic literacy of reading a medical science paper, you won’t argue like you were born 200 years ago.

    no one can point out 1 mantra/shlok of unedited Hindu scriptures as illogical

    The concept of mantra itself is irrational. The idea that the natural world will change because you uttered some magic words is rational? You think that doing a yagna to bring rain is logical? Show me ANY scripture that you think is “unedited” and I will point illogical and irrational things in it.

  • Ravi,

    Since you said “You think that doing a yagna to bring rain is logical?”

    Below is a news in The Hindu which says some research team have evidence on how Vedic sacrifice impact nature. You may call it psuedo scientific material . Looks like the research is done by educated folks.

    Normally “The Hindu” is considered as “anti Hinduism” paper by Hindu right. But they are publishing the above kind of news. seems rationalists have enemies not just in the form of sangh parivar or self styled Gurus but others as well.

  • Normally “The Hindu” is considered as “anti Hinduism” paper by Hindu right.

    Generally speaking, in a given country C, with majority religion R, if a newspaper (typically the paper considered the paper of record) is considered anti-C or anti-R, it is a badge of honor. It means the newspaper is doing what it is supposed to be doing. The right wing in most countries is rather casual in handing out these labels to the point that they mean the exact opposite thing. The NYTimes, the standard bearer/Paper of Record of journalism in US, is called “unamerican” and “anti-christian” by US right-wing. A modern paper with 21st century views would be tagged “uninslamic” in an Islamic country. Anti-Hindu label is no different.

    Now I wish that the long-established The Hindu was called the standard bearer in India.. it isn’t. It has repeatedly provided a venue for pseudoscience. Part of the reason why science understanding is so low in India is because it is taught to memory in India, rather than for critical thought and scientific temper. The other part of the blame goes to the media.

    Our newspapers exercise no scientific judgment. They publish statements from pseudoscience groups and crackpots without any vetting or discussing context. Take a look at how Homeopathy is covered in NYTimes or Guardian. Take a look at the comments section at how the public is aware of the science completely disproving it. Now take a look at the Indian media coverage and the comments section. The blame for why Indians think Homeopathy is legitimate medicine of any sort is almost entirely the fault of the media. They are supposed to be informed about the dilutions and that not a single replicable study exists for effectiveness claims. Instead they cover it as if it is an actual science.

    Indian local TV media is much worse, having sold out to paid pseudoscience shows altogether. Pseudoscience is an actual (and significant) revenue stream for them.

    You have seen the critique of B.M Hegde’s pseudoscience articles on this site. Where do you think the articles were published? – The Hindu.

    You may call it psuedo scientific material . Looks like the research is done by educated folks.

    Of course it is pseudoscience. Take a look at absurd statements like:

    “According to Nampoori, sound is a vibration and continuous positive vibrations through chanting, accelerates the process of germination.”

    This is not how a scientist is expected to even talk. Give me the scientific definition of a “positive vibration” here.

    growth about 2,000 times faster than in other places.

    2000 TIMES? These are fantastical claims. Generally, you get these results when you have poor statistical controls or if your study criteria are thoughtlessly setup.

    Yes, these are “educated” “folks”, just like Hegde, in the sense that they have passed a science doctorate exam in India. Does that speak for the level of science in India or for science in general?

    I only found a single 2013 article on it.

    It starts with a polemic rather than a science case and does not seem to have been properly proof-read and has typos. It was a conference paper at a “Swadeshi Science Movement” conference organized by Kerala, not a journal publication of repute and according to Google Scholar. It has ZERO citations.

    So yeah, junk science intended to be popular with the religious/nationalistic crowd than objective science community. They probably sent a statement to The Hindu and they published it without bothering to do any actual journalism. I don’t think The Hindu is right wing or left wing. They just do lazy journalism like everyone else.

    Mr. Srinivas. You are disrespectful of ancestral wisdom, a modern pedant, a blind follower of the perverted Jewish-masonicl science degenerate, materialistic and decadent of the decadent West World.
    This new science dogma is a mutant religion always changes its “dogmas, because it is based on deception and usury, a magician can show very good tricks, but they are still only good tricks.
    Modern medicine takes advantage WITH THE SACRED ART OF HEALING, it perverts everything, they make a gigantic business, enslave and kill more people than it claims to heal,
    Mr. Srinivas you are an automaton of this evil system that in the future will bring a lot of suffering to humanity much more than it is already causing. Suffering and slavery.
    Just think about the horror committed by the history of “modern psychiatry”, the immense trials against the “benevolent scientific drugs” approved by the F.D.A.
    think about the aberrations of for example “modern aesthetic surgeries, toxic implants, terrible amputations, etc., etc.
    Mr. Srinivas, you are a dwarf who does not know how to recognize the Divine Will that is the true Engine of this beautiful world and profaned to the last by the blinded “modern” man.
    Mr. Srinivas, be more modest with yourself and with the beautiful wisdom of your great Hindu Nation, do not believe that you “control the fate of your patients”, because you, like everyone else, can not control the moment of our arrival to this world or the moment of our departure.
    A friendly greeting from Argentina.

  • I am American, let me tell you something I followed the Hindu Veda texts. Amazing! Cow dung and urine cured my cancer I went back for test all negative

  • Interesting to read both the counterparts… i am a doctorate in pharmacy with vast experience in both allopathic as well as natural products (including cow excreta).. My research and experience suggests that for acute problems and immidiate results allopathy is good with few side effects and some time serious aswell.. but modern medicine has no answer to chronic problems which ayurveda precisely does it at the root level..although people who have never tried can never accept that cows urine is an elixir for liver and GIT Disorders… cows panchgavya can treat diseases like keloid which many doctors don’t even know what it is and try to operate keloid.. I am not saying this because I have read or heared some where.. I have done it by my self with a keloid and psoriasis patent.. I have myself experienced the impact of urine on hepatomegaly and mesentric inflammation… any ways it’s up to an individual to believe or not but our ancient rishis were the real scientists who knew much ahead of today’s science although they never had the mind set of publicizing their knowledge. regards

  • @Dr. Ankur Gupta

    Interesting to read both the counterparts… i am a doctorate in pharmacy with vast experience in both allopathic as well as natural products (including cow excreta)..

    I believe you. You definitely sound like you have vast experience in Bull S@#$. Your anecdotal testimonies and folk generalities show how immersed you were in Bull S@#$ while getting your “doctorate”.

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  • You want quality meat for people?
    Why Dont you eat pork? Its also quality meat but you don’t for the sake of false secularism which appease your masters Muslims and Christians … m not a cow urine drinker and will never drink it directly… never… but you wrote this article just to defame and degrade the position of cow in Indian culture else you would’ve not write about Lynching of people and Quality Meat for poor( Generally less educated Muslims ). You would have keep it related to science ..plain and simple… but you give it Tadka to show it appealing for readers… Practice whatever religion/Sect/Neosim you are practicing but Keep your articles to the point and not your personal bigoted remarks about any religion..
    Hope it gets well in your proud,enlighten,superior Dravidian Brain.

  • sir, whatever you said it can be right by only one way that if we use cow’s urine directly then it will be harmful but this is not right that you are calling old aceint medical treatments and therapy’s of ayurved , first of all just shame on you who the hell are you to talk rubbish things about ayurved. so just go and increase knowledge about ayurved and specially about uses of cow’s urine in medical treatments.
    thank you

  • It is apparent that the writer is a data geek. I like the way he writes and writes facts.
    It is always such a joy to read posts created by actual professionals.
    I’m fed up with all that no-name, ghostwritten articles.
    That’s why it was so great to look at a persuasive piece.

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  • Hindus your religion is disgustingly false,demonic and cruel fundamentalist,wiki-,Hindu fundamentalism,Hinduism and terror by Paul,conservapedia-fundamentalism,rationalwiki-hindutva.and before targeting read this,wiki-liberalism in Islam and wiki-islamic golden age.also,there are many atheist and Christian sites which directly exposes you fool.

  • Uday Shetty there are rich Muslims,and btw Muslims are dominating in each parts of Indian societies,wiki-indian Muslims so don’t say without knowledge.ur own Hindu brother eat beef,dalit just look at Gujarat incident.wef-hindus the most illterate community in the world.u Hindus even banned alternate Hinduism and drive our jawed and osho which shows Hinduism is very backward.according to sachar report,Hindus are second least poor group in India.

  • Zafar Sharif choudhury sahab i respect your opinion.

    Hmm..i know what might have triggered you to make such statements.

    Anyway here me what i have to say.

    Suppose imagine if you are the only ONE person EXISTING on earth.
    Yes, just you.
    Everything else on the earth exists as well, all the trees, animals, nature everything.
    But there is NO OTHER SINGLE HUMAN BEING except YOU.
    Get it.

    Now you can’t even commit some of the sins in spite of your best efforts.
    Becoz there is no one else.

    For eg:

    You can’t cheat others.
    You can’t lie to to others.
    You can’t kill anyone.
    You can’t even have an affair with other man’s wife or even your wife. (chuckles)
    Why simply, because there is NO OTHER MAN or WOMAN alive. Oops you can’t even be a Gay or homosexual. (chuckles, this is getting really funny)

    Get it.

    Now what am i trying to say?

    See this is like telling watching TV is bad, evil?
    Internet is bad, evil.
    Sex is bad, evil.

    See first of all understand all religions teach good.
    It is just that somehow things got corrupted.
    I know each religion says it is not written by man but word of God.
    But that is the trick.
    If Quran, Bible or the Hindu Holy Books, etc, is said to be written by a human, then people will question a lot of things.
    But if it is God’s word then whatever is written becomes the ultimate.

    No one will question.

    I say fine, okay let it be God’s word but use your common sense.

    For eg: Suppose imagine, God gave you a stomach full of food and you ate it.
    Now imagine after you ate, if God gives you the world’s best food, will you be able to eat it.

    No right.

    I know some wisecracks will say i will puke and eat it.
    I will keep in my mouth.

    You know what in fact i myself will come up with even something better.
    I will say okay God, give me that food, i will eat that through my Anal cavity.

    Yes, technically you can be fed through your anal outlet as well.

    So point is all religions teach good albeit how you use your common sense.
    TV, Internet, Sex is good albeit how you use your common sense.

    Being an Atheist is also good albeit telling people who believe in God are fools.


    See okay let’s stick to good things only.

    As per all religions, which is God’s words –

    You have to respect your elders.
    You have to do charity.
    You have to share certain amount of your wealth.
    You have to save the world from evil.

    But if you are the ONLY PERSON on earth, you can’t even do these good deeds.

    Get it.

    Yes, now you will say Boss you don’t even know the whole concept or the big picture.

    I know how the earth was created by ALLAH, HOLY SPIRIT and BRAHMA.

    I know how first when God created us, we were actually in touch with God, walking naked and we were NOT EVEN KNOWING SIN.

    Later we got tempted by the Snake, did Sin and in spite of many messengers, son of God and avatars of God coming to save us, we are still struggling.

    I know God created us.

    I know he will come back during Qayamat, Armageddon and at the END of Kali Yuga.

    And at that time whoever has NOT BELIEVED in God will be sent to hell and rest will taken to heaven.

    And again the whole creation will be restored to good old days.

    I know this story.

    ALL i am saying is, I repeat –

    All religions have good and i don’t know how bad came in them, but in the name of God’s word, they came. So use common sense.

    Like TV, Internet, Sex, handle God’s word PROPERLY.

    Maybe you did have a bad experience till date and this is what prompted you to give the above hate response.

    **But think, suppose you got accident and are about to die?
    Will you get down from the ambulance because the driver is a Hindu?
    Will you not get admitted because the hospital is a Hindu hospital?
    Will you not get operated because the doctor is a Hindu Brahmin?
    Will you not get take the blood in case the donor is a RSS Hindu?

    Will the Atheist not take you to hospital because you are Muslim, so my request to Atheists as well, it is our choice to be Atheist but i think we cannot 100% claim people who believe in God are lesser beings.

    BTW this is a ATHEIST forum, we don’t believe in God or Devil (Chuckles).**

    So please stop spreading hatred.
    Off course am i saying DON’T keep quiet if someone hurts your Mom, your God, or religion, I say handle PROPERLY, give a APPROPRIATE RESPONSE.

    At least don’t say whole community is like that.

    Till date I PERSONALLY i buy my chicken, mutton from an Islamic person.

    BTW i have watched Zakir Naik, Sri Sri, Jaggi, Benny Hill, Narendra Nayak, and i still PREFER TO USE MY COMMON SENSE.

    Even if God comes and says SON eat this and you will be taken to HEAVEN right away but take this food and put in your ears, i will say God, i will eat but not in my ears. You have given me mouth, i will put in my mouth or you can take back your food.

    STILL NOT CONVINCED and say i don’t get the BIG PICTURE.

    Boss, today we have enough nuke technology, bio technology (virus), enough psychos who can destroy the entire planet in just few seconds.


    Should i explain?

    Here, even if just Pakistan or North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un or even Donald Trump or anyone for that matter, they just have to deploy all the nuclear weapons.

    That’s it nobody can stop the destruction of the world.

    Yes, if a leader of one country suddenly decides okay let me destroy the world, all he has to do is just deploy all the nuclear weapons in his country and then see the sadistic fun.

    Every other country will now start nuking each other. There will be no stopping.

    Still not convinced, all it requires is just few mad scientists across the world to create a dangerous virus and spread it across the world.
    Yes, if 10 new virus like the corona virus is invented and given to all the birds, animals etc and few sadistic humans get injected, then before we realize the destruction would have happened.

    Still not convinced, it just requires some psychos to think sadistically and destroy the ozone layer, or the core of the earth or something like that.

    Yes, some pscyho has to just think how can i destroy the world and if he is smart, chances are surely way above 90%, it can be done.
    Think. Pause. Ponder.

    So then what happens to your Qayamat, Armageddon or End of Kali Yuga.

    You managed to destroy the earth even before the word of God could not be spread to all the world. So God could not kill all the people who did not believe him as you already destroyed all the people in the planet before he could come. (chuckles, chuckles, this is really getting funny)

    You destroyed the earth even before Allah, Jesus Second Coming or Kalki Avatar could come and fight and save and take us to heaven and kill all the non believers. (ROFL)

    So get the big picture.
    Use your common sense and stop spreading hatred.

  • If the above response is complicated,

    Here i made something more simple for you, Who am I?

    I am Hindu by Birth from breath.
    I buy my non-veg from a Muslim.
    My first love proposal was from a Muslim girl named Jabeen.
    My best freind is Ehetesham Ul Haq.
    My favourite batsman is Inzaman Ul Haq.
    I am neither an believer nor an Atheist.
    And of all the Gods, Jesus is the first one i came across in my life.
    I spent years being a Christian Believer. I studied in a Christian College.

    And as for the devil, i am sure the above ideas of world destruction will put even the Shaitan, Lucifer or Satan or even the most intellectual Atheist to Shame.

    I have watched Zakir Naik, Sri, Sri, Sadhguru, Narendra Nayak, Stephen Hawking.

    Who am I?



    Published on June 30, 2017

    Founder at S.Kumar’s Group of Companies and Green Universe Environmental Services Society



    The living sages of India teach us a wisdom that cannot be taught by our universities and the priceless culture of our country disseminate from them. The clarion call for saving the Indian breed of cattle has been given by these sages. Today due to various factors the holy sacred Indian Cows are becoming extinct and they are in severe threat which helps us in many ways. Hence, it is of paramount importance that we enlist ourselves in this mission to “Preserve the Native Breeds of our Indian Cattle.”

    Indian Native Cow:

    Native Cows are the only species in this world whose products and by-products are created for the economic, social and spiritual betterment of human beings in many ways since ages. Our ancient scriptures have extolled their inherent virtues and bestowed the status of a Universal Mother upon the Cow. In India bulls are restricted for limited uses such as for tilling of agriculture fields and as a means of transport, where the cows are useful in agricultural activities, sacred sanctity in religious context, A2 milk, food, healthcare and socio-economic development.

    The Indian breeds of cows are a crucial part of the country’s ecological heritage. In the past, these breeds were developed in different parts of the subcontinent by selecting the best animals for their preferred traits such as milking capacity, draught power, feeding requirements, capacity to adapt to local weather, immunity etc. The purity of such breeds was maintained with great discipline and wisdom in each breeding tract.

    However, since the sixties, in a bid to increase the production of cow milk, the Indian Government has resorted to “cross-breeding” by using foreign bulls and semen. How damaging this has been is evident from the gradual extinction of our low-maintenance, superior and enduring variety of native breed of cows. Instead, we are now confronted with the progressive creation of expensive hybrids that require air-conditioned stalls, costly feed and medical care.

    For the past periods we have neglected the caring for the sacred Indian cows due to various factors and dynamics. Now the time has come to revive the ancient reverence for cattle as being nature’s gift to humanity and to promote the ancient system of living and working along-side these bovine creatures by educating the common man about the importance of our native Indian cattle, their special characteristics, the superior quality of milk of the native breeds, the medicinal properties of their products and by-products and their immense role in the welfare of humans due to their potential to enhance man’s physical, emotional, mental well-being.

    But Hindus do not base their love and attachment to cows only on this explanation. According to Vedic texts, cows can provide cow milk (Godugdha) , ghee (Goghruta), urine (Gomutra), dung (Gomaya) and during yajna (celebration), it is also provides excellent manure.

    The Significant Features of Indian Cows:

    The Indian native cow will have Hump of the Shoulder, Long Ears and the Skin is hanging on the Neck. They have Suryaketu nerve on the back and it is believed that Suryaketu nerve makes milk, urine and cow dung more nourishing. The ability to shake only a particular part of the body, for example it can shake only the skin the stomach area without shaking the other parts of the body. It can withstand the tough climatic conditions of this country, either hot, rain or cold. It delivers around 15 to 20 calves in her life span. It can walk for more kilometers and work hard accepting the climatic conditions of this part of the world. A cow in its lifespan feeds thousands of people and one cow is sufficient to do natural farming in about 30 acres of land according to Padmasri Subhash Palekar system.

    Native Breeds of Cattle Found in India:

    Good breeds of cattle are mostly confined to comparatively dry areas such as Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Pastures in these areas may qualitatively be enough, but they are often scarce. The uncertainty of rainfall makes it obligatory on the part of the owners to grow crops, the residue of which provides a good supply of fodder for cattle. In humid climate, a very poor type of cattle is found.

    India possesses 27 acknowledged indigenous breeds of cattle and seven breeds of buffaloes. These well-defined breeds are found in the dry parts of the country. Other types of breed are non­descript and do not belong to any defined breed. The Indian breeds of cattle are categorized into Milch Breeds such as Gir, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal & Deoni and Dual Purpose Breeds Like Hariana, Ongole, Gaolo, Rathi, Krishna Valley, Tharparkar & Kankraj and Draft Breeds like Nagauri, Bachaur, Kherigarh, Malvi, Hallikar, Khillari, Kangayam & Amritmahal and Exotic Breeds like Jersey, Holstein-Friesian, Swiss-Brown, Gurnsey, German Fleckvich & Ayreshire and Cross-Breeds of Karan Swiss and Karan Freis are the recognized breeds of cattle in India.

    Indigenous Versus Crossbreed:

    During the 1970’s there was an open flood of exotic cows. Crossbred cows were in vogue for their higher milk yields. However, the quality of milk was not kept in mind. Some crucial points were missed: these cows are more susceptible to diseases. The hot, tropical climate of India doesn’t suit them. The food is incompatible. Jersey and other crossbreds suffer from gas and diarrhea. They consume great amounts of fodder. As a result they are more expensive to maintain. Besides, they have a short lactation period, after which they are killed for meat. Apart from milk and meat, they make no other contribution.

    With a little intelligent manipulation (by selecting the best pedigree) indigenous cows can attain equally high levels of milk production, as has been demonstrated by countries like Brazil and Argentina(which have been importing and breeding Indian cows of pure breed).The best bulls of India, such as the legendary Brahmani bull can be found there.

    Indian Native Cow Milk is full of Minerals and Vitamins:

    According to the latest reports, science says that A2 milk is consisting of the best combination of Omega fats is good for human health and the Indian breed cows are giving the best quality A2 milk for human consumption. Gir cow breed from India is highly reputed for A2 milk.

    Difference of A1 and A2 Cow Milk:

    Around 5,000 years ago, a mutation occurred in this proline amino acid, converting it to histidine (a different type of amino acid). Cows that have this mutated beta casein protein are called A1 cows. Proline has a strong bond to a small protein called BCM7 and therefore stops the BCM7 from getting into milk. So essentially, no BCM7 is found in the urine, blood or gastro-intestinal tracts of the original A2 cows. Histidine, the mutated protein, does not have a strong bond to hold on to BCM7. Hence, on consumption of the A1 milk, this protein BCM7 gets into the gastro-intestinal tract of animals and humans.

    There are two varieties of cows based on their genes and they are high yielding one that produces A1 milk protein and the other that produces A2 milk protein. Recently, a relationship between disease risk and consumption of A1 or A2 genetic variants has been identified. Studies suggest that milk from cows with A2 genes far healthier than their A1 counterparts.

    A1 and A2 are the two types of known cow milk available for consumption which are genetic variants of the beta-casein milk protein that differ by one amino acid. All milk was once of the A2 type, until a genetic mutation occurred thousands of years ago in some European cattle. The A1 beta-casein type is the most common type found in cow’s milk in Europe (excluding France), the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Cows that have the mutated beta casein are called A1 cows and include breeds like Holstein.

    The National Bureau of Animal Genetic Research has recently demonstrated the superior milk quality of Indian cattle breeds. After scanning 22 cattle breeds, scientists concluded that in five high milk-yielding native breeds – Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Rathi and Gir – the status of A2 allele of the beta casein gene was 100 per cent. In other Indian breeds it was around 94 per cent, compared to only 60 per cent in exotic breeds like Jersey and HF. The A2 allele is responsible for making available more Omega-6 fatty acids in milk. The pure Indian breed desi cow produces A2 milk, which contains less Betacosmophorine-7 (BCM-7), as opposed to the hybrid cows which generally produce A1 milk.

    Evidence linking A1 milk to ill-health is building up. These include conditions like type -1 diabetes, cardiovascular disease (IHD), delayed psychomotor development among children, autism, schizophrenia, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) auto-immune diseases, intolerances and allergies. There are certain people who are at a higher risk than others. Those with digestive disorders like stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease on long term medication or antibiotic treatment are at higher risk. This may also explain the growing sentiment against dairy and increased number of people opting for vegan diets.

    Milk with A2 protein, on the contrary, is known to have several health benefits. In fact, the health benefits and virtues associated with dairy and milk in our traditional texts are accrued from the A2 milk. The milk variety has been shown to prevent obesity among children and adults, improve brain function, promote digestion and increase breast milk production in feeding mothers.

    The prevalence of A1 and A2 protein varies from one herd of cows to another and also between countries. A1 gene is found mainly among cattle in the western world, predominantly in the North European region (Friesian, Ayrshire, British Shorthorn and Holstein) while the Asian, traditional Indian and African cattle do not produce the A1 gene. Cross breeding of Asian and African cattle with European cattle in last few thousands of years, may have led to the presence of A1 genes in the cross bred species.

    A2 gene, on the other hand, is found only in a few old species of cows, which haven’t been genetically altered – Channel Island cows, Guernsey and Jersey, Southern French breeds, Charolais and Limousin, Zebu original cattle of Africa and the Gir cow from India. Most dominant cows of today possess A1 genes, while the low yielding Indian Gir cow, on the verge of extinction, possesses the A2 genes. Human milk, goat milk, sheep milk and other species are ‘A2- like’. The only way out for an individual is to look out for organic milk preferably from traditional Indian (Desi) cows.

    A2 Cow Milk Health Benefits:

    In our scriptures the milk from cows is described as “Amrit”, The Nectar. The native Indian cow milk is sweet in taste and has coolant effect on the body and mind. It improves Ojas which is considered as the factor responsible for the immunity of the body. A2 cow milk Nourishes the body tissues and acts as natural aphrodisiac. This A2 cow milk rejuvenates and increases life expectancy while improving intelligence and body strength. In case of feeding mothers, it increases breast milk. By assisting in easy movements of intestines cow milk relieves tiredness, dizziness, excessive thirst and hunger.

    This subject matter was conclusively researched by various scientists and researchers, through a series of research activities in the West, during the late eighties. Originally cows all over the world produced milk containing the A2 type of beta-casein protein. All proteins are long chains of amino acids and beta casein is a chain of 229 amino acids in length. Cows that produce this protein in their milk with a proline (a specific amino acid) at number 67 are called A2 cows, i.e. the original breeds of cows.

    To explain further, in the case of the A2 beta-casein milk, the milk proteins are broken down into peptides, which in turn are broken down into amino acids. This type of milk is easily digestible. However, in the case of the A1 beta-casein milk, the peptides cannot be broken down into amino acids and so they are indigestible.

    According to Ayurveda, cow milk is useful in diseases like severe debility, relieving stage of fever, diseases related to urinary system, bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding etc. Not only that, the cow milk is the next best thing to breast milk for the newborn. Cow milk is nutritive and good for the vital organs such as the Eyes, Brain and the Heart. For vegans the cow milk is a good source of Vitamin D which plays a huge role in the absorption of Calcium from the gut. Good absorption of calcium will lead to good bone strength. So Cow milk is very important for women who are nearing menopause because menopause increases the susceptibility to Osteoporosis.

    A1 Milk is Toxic to Health:

    It has been conclusively proved that consumption of the A1 beta-casein milk leads to milk intolerance together with an additional range of auto-immune diseases and hence, it has been called ‘the devil in the milk’.

    Devil in the A1 Milk:

    Cow-milk has always been a part of the Indian diet. Its spiritual and nutritional values have been known to our ancestors since time immemorial. Our ancient Vedas describe the Indian cow-milk as possessing a sweet taste, cooling in nature, highly nutritive, tonic for human vital organs, easily digestible and whose consumption promotes immunity and longevity.

    “Since a few decades, with the advent of technology, commercialization and adaptation to western methods, the modern Indians and our governments have resorted to artificial insemination and cross-breeding with exotic (foreign) breeds.

    The resultant ill-effects are quite evident. The populaces that depend upon commercial milk-production for their daily consumption of milk are prone to develop milk intolerance and succumb to various illnesses, hitherto unknown.”


    According to Vedas and Vedic sciences and the current research clearly reveals that the Indian native cow breed A2 type milk will play a vital role in human health care with multiple health benefits. Now the time has come to protect the native cow breeds which give us the safe and healthy A2 type milk for the good health of people and alongside they give us hundreds of value added products and they provide multiple socio-economic benefits to the people both the domestic and global.

    We all together with unified efforts have to fight for prevention of slaughtering of the cows and at the same time we have to make the alternate arrangements for ever increasing demand for meat. These days sustaining the livestock is proving to be very trouble sum and expensive. The rural communities and the farmer friends are passing through severe economic crisis due to climate change and ever increasing expenditure and they are unable to maintain the cows which are treasure houses of Indian economy.

    At this juncture there is no way other than promotion of community based cow hostels linked with community based fodder banks involving the local communities and educated youth attached with value chain industries to manufacture various cow based products which are used in agriculture, horticulture, health care, beauty care and food industry. Recently the government of India has passed an ordinance against to stop slaughtering of cows. It is well appreciated by the people, but who will feed the cows and bulls because the farmer friends are unable to feed their families due to various socio-economic reasons.

    As we all know that annually thousands of veterinary doctors and agriculture graduates are passing out and they are on the roads in search of jobs because the governments and private sector is not in a position to provide them the employment in their respective fields. By providing them the required short term trainings in the development of community based cow hostels and fodder banks including value addition technologies we can achieve the strong rural economies on a sustainable way with huge economic value and employment potential. Let’s throw light on this matter and put unified efforts to promote district / tehsil level centers of excellence to educate and to aware about the commercial aspects and socio-economic role of Indian native cows in building sustainable rural economies by involving the scientists, researchers and corporate houses including people and the governments on the lines of mission “Make in India.

    Will share exactly how the URINE is beneficial.

    This is to give you a background of the DESI INDIAN BREED COW.

    First we need to understand the Indian native cow. Now that you have understood about it and the innumerable benefits of Indian Cow Milk, I will share about the urine.

    Remember just having a indian cow is not beneficial.

    You have to feed the proper fodder and not chemicals or artificial fodder.

    Only then the Excreta, Milk, Urine are beneficial.


    Review Article

    1*Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, 2Department of Biochemistry, College of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar‐751003, Odisha. Email:
    Received: 15 Feb 2014, Revised and Accepted: 30 Apr 2014
    Cow is equated to mother in the Indian tradition and her urine panacea of all diseases. Cow urine is a divine medicine and is used for treatment of diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, heart attack, blockage in arteries, fits, cancer, AIDS, piles, prostrate, arthritis, migraine, thyroid, ulcer, acidity, constipation, gynaecological problems, It is also used as bio-enhancer, increase the nitrogen content of the soil, for better rearing of honey bees, hasten the pubertal age of the heifers exposed to bull’s urine and as pesticide and larvicide for the fodder crops. Cow urine contains all substances, which are naturally present in the human body. Thus, consumption of cow urine maintains the balance of these substances and this helps cure incurable diseases. It is natural, eco-friendly with no residual effects, economical and easily available, hence can be harnessed as potential therapeutic agent.
    Keywords: Cow urine, panchagawya, traditional medicine, Cow Urine Therapy.

    ‘The cow’ is a mobile medical dispensary and cow urine is a panacea of all diseases [1]. The cow urine, one of the ingredients of ‘Panchagawya’ is capable of treating many curable as well as incurable diseases and has been used extensively in ayurvedic preparations since time immemorial as cited in ancient holy texts like Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Vridhabhagabhatt, Atharva Veda, Bhavaprakash, Rajni Ghuntu, Amritasagar, etc [2]. A lots of research has been conducted in Cow Urine Treatment and Research Center, Indore over the past few years and it has been reported that gomutra is capable of curing blood pressure, blockage in arteries, arthritis, diabetes, heart attack, cancer, thyroid, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, prostrate, fits, AIDS, piles, migraine, ulcer, acidity, constipation, gynecological problems, ear and nose problems and several other diseases [3]. The use of cow urine in India can be traced back to the Vedic and probably prevedic period also. Cow urine as such has been most widely referred, used and venerated animal urine owing to its immense therapeutic speciality. While externally it has been used as lotion, ointments and bath, but, internally it has been used in preparation of oral medications and drinks. There is existence of innumerable instances in various ancient medical texts of the curative properties of cow urine for a horde of human ailments. In ancient Indian system of medicine, urine of cow was accepted, used almost as a broad spectrum antibiotic quite akin to that of twenty first century. The cow urine not only used against ailments of diseases as therapeutic agents but also have several other uses as in agriculture and sericulture sectors. So this article attempts to bring forth the diversified use of this heretical potion as was in vogue in ancient Indian system of medicine as gleaned from the ancient medical texts and current scientific findings.

    Biochemical analysis of cow urine

    The biochemical estimation of cow urine has shown that it contains sodium, nitrogen, sulphur, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, minerals, manganese, iron, silicon, chlorine, magnesium, citric, succinic, calcium salts, phosphate, lactose, carbolic acid, enzymes, creatinine and hormones [3]. Any deficiency or excess of these substances inside the body causes disorders. Cow urine contains all of these substances with having a balanced proximate composition. Therefore, consumption of cow urine restores the balance of these substances and thus helps in curing from incurable diseases.

    Experimentally it has been concluded that fractions of cow urine obtained by solvent extraction possess antimicrobial activity due to presence of aforesaid components those are solely responsible for the action [4]. It has again been observed that cow urine enhances the phagocytic activity of macrophages and thus helpful against bacterial infections. It also facilitates the synthesis of interleukin-1 and interleukin-2 [5, 6], augments B- and T-lymphocyte blastogenesis, and IgA, IgM and IgG antibody titers [7].

    Traditional uses of cow urine

    Cow urine is believed to have therapeutic value and used in many drug formulations. Essentially, cow urine is used as disinfectant and for purification. With an approximate shelf life of around 5 years, this can prove to be the most effective natural antiseptic and disinfectant, when compared to the synthetic chemicals those are currently available to the consumers [7]. Thus, it strengthens the fact that cow’s urine is not a toxic effluent as 95% of its content being water, 2.5% urea and the remaining 2.5%, a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones and enzymes [8]. In the rural villages in India, cow’s urine is being used since a very long time as an effective antiseptic for wounds, skin diseases, bathing, etc [7]. Ancient Indian Vedic Scriptures including Manu Smriti, Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita and present day researchers have quoted that rational use of this animal product eliminates any non-functionality of respiratory systems, hepato-gastro-intestinal systems, cardiovascular systems, cancer and many others [9, 10].

    Traditional uses of cow urine as medicine alone or with certain synergistic drugs has been described in Table 1 [3, 11].

    Table 1: Traditional uses of cow urine and drugs used with cow urine

    Diseases Constituents of gomutra along with adjuvant

    Fever Urine, Pepper, Curd, Ghee

    Leprosy Dhruhardi, Urine

    Deformation condition in leprosy Nimbuchal, Urine

    Chronic leprosy Vasaka leaves, Kuraila bark, Kaner leaves, Neem bark, Urine

    Epilepsy Neem bark, Somapada bark, Mustard oil, Urine

    Anemia (Pandu) a) cow milk, urine, tripala
    b) loh bhasma, urine, milk


    As therapeutic agent

    Cow urine is basically an excellent germicide and a potent antibiotic. Therefore, cow urine therapy destroys all the pathogenic organisms and if it is taken on a daily basis, it boosts immunity [12]. Some of the diseases that are proven to be cured by cow urine are Cough, Dysmenorrhoea, Migraine or headache, Constipation, Thyroid and Skin diseases like eczema, ringworm, and itching, Acne, Cancer, Heart Diseases, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Male Sexual Disorders, AIDS, Diabetes Mellitus, Blood Disorders, Respiratory Disorders, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Endocrine Disorders, Gynaecological Disorders, Opthalmic Disorders, Psychiatric Disorders, Urological Disorders, Asthma, Kidney Shrinkage, Hepatic Disorders and Cancer etc [13-15]. Presence of urea, creatinine, swarn kshar (aurum hydroxide), carbolic acid, phenols, calcium and manganese have strongly explained for exhibition of antimicrobial and germicidal properties of cow urine [3, 9, 10]. On the other hand uric acid’s antioxidant property and allantoin correlates with its anticancer effect. Urine consumption improves immunity is due to presence of swarn kshar and fastens wound healing process which is due to allantoin [16]. Cardiovascular system is maintained by a number of its attributes as kallikrein acts as a vasodilator, the enzyme urokinase is a fibrinolyte, ammonia maintains the structural integrity of blood corpuscles, nitrogen, sulfur, sodium and calcium components act as blood purifiers, while iron and erythropoietin stimulating factor maintain hemoglobin levels [16]. It contains nitrogen in very high concentration which acts as a renal stimulant, whereas uric acid, phosphates and hippuric acid act as diuretic agents. Presence of copper and calcium promote its anti-obesity and skeletal/ bone health effect [16]. Aurum hydroxide and copper act as antidotes for various poisons in the body as certain poisons can be refined and purified if soaked in go-mutra for 3 days [3]. Guggul (Comniphera mukul), bhalataka (Semecarpus anacardium), loha (iron) and silver can be purified and aconite (Aconitum napellus) detoxified using this cow urine therapy [16, 17]. Apart from curing diseases, cow urine also helps in maintaining the homeostasis of body where it affects certain body functions by lowering cholesterol level, relieving tension, improving memory, enhancing the functioning of liver, slowing the aging process, giving strength to brain, heart and also destroying the toxic effects of medicinal residues in the body. In fact, if cow urine is taken regularly even without having any illness, it keeps our body healthy by boosting immunity, by eliminating toxic substances through generation of antioxidants and scavenging of free radicals [4]. Recent study have proved that cow urine, distillate, re-distillate and residues, all exhibit antioxidant activity and that cow urine could be a potential source of natural antioxidant that could have greater importance as supportive therapy in preventing or slowing oxidative stress related degenerative diseases [20].

    As bio‐pesticide and bio‐enhancer

    Panchgawya’ made up of five cow products; milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung, is also used as fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural operations. As per recent studies cow urine has proved to be an effective pest controller and larvicide when used alone and also in combination with different plant preparations by enhancing the efficacy of different herbal preparations [19-21].
    The recent invention related to cow urine was its role as a bio- enhancer. Distillate cow’s urine is an activity enhancer and availability facilitator for bio active molecules (antibiotic, antifungal and anticancer drugs) [18]. The distillate helps in absorption of antibiotic across the cell membrane in animal cells, gram positive and gram negative bacteria at 40-50°C [23], transport across the gut wall by two to seven times [24]. It also increases the activity of gonadotropin releasing hormone conjugate with bovine serum albumin (GnRH-BSA) and zinc [25]. The GnRH-BSA conjugate has a deleterious effect on reproductive hormones and estrous cycles of female mice. So, concentrated cow urine acts as a bio-enhancer of immunization efficacy to modulate these effects [25]. Cow urine has been granted US Patents (No. 6,896,907 6,410,059 and 6,410,059) for its medicinal properties. It acts as a bio-enhancer of anti- infective, anticancer agents/ nutrients from compounds, antibiotics, drugs, therapeutic, nutraceuticals, ions, and also independently as a bioactive agent.

    In agriculture

    Cow’s urine boosted the annual rye grass yield by causing an increase in nitrogen (N) component of the soil and a marked depression in N fixation by 10% annually in clovers particularly in winter [26]. The effects on yield lasted 2-3 harvests and were followed by a decrease in clover growth. Total N content in the cow urine is very high ranging from 6.8 to 21.6 g N/l, out of which an average of 69% is urea [27]. Urine increased the N concentration of grass (particularly the nitrate fraction) and increased the potassium concentration of grass and clover. Increased pasture growth from urine patches has been observed even following high N fertilizer application which may be due to greater amount of N applied or to some interaction with one of the other elements in urine such as potassium or sulphur [26].

    For better rearing of honeybees

    Scientists in Uttarakhand are making use of cow urine to save bees from microbial diseases during the rearing process [24]. Cow urine facilitated rapid and holistic recovery in disease infected combs, promoted the growth of brood, enhanced the efficiency of the worker bees in the colonies, thus revealed that the cow urine can serve as a potential eco-friendly measure for management of European foulbrood (EFB), a serious, bacterial disease of honeybee brood found throughout the world in honeybee colonies and also as an indirect control of mite diseases in colonies.

    The Effects of Bull Urine on Puberty and Calving Date in Crossbred Beef Heifers

    Earlier studies have proposed for the presence of a priming pheromone in bull urine that can hasten the onset of puberty in beef heifers [28]. If heifers calve earlier in the calving season, then they can be expected to continue to calve early throughout their lifetime. It also allows for more effective management of the calf crop through early weaning more efficiently and simultaneously allows a longer period to re-establish ovarian cycle before the next breeding period. Thus, treatment with bull urine has potential applications for abbreviating the calving season in beef heifers.

    The effect of cow urine on ovipositor cues to mosquitoes

    Kweka et al. (2011) studied the seasonal evaluation of the efficiency of cow urine in producing ovipositor cues to Anopheles gambiae and Culex quinquefasciatus [29]. Cow urine both fresh and 7 days aged had a positive influence on oviposition behavioural response as measured using Oviposition Activity Index (OAI) in mosquitoes. The OAI was positive in both the species of mosquito which differed species wise as well as under experimental conditions, but was maximum in rainy season than dry months of the year. They inferred that due to microbial activities, the chemical compounds could have been produced due to ageing in cow urine as by-products that might influence ovipositor attraction and/ or deterrence cues for each mosquito species. Furthermore, the presence of chemicals and continued decomposition of cow urine increases microbial colonies which might have generated more volatile compounds that attract gravid mosquitoes’ to oviposit [29]. Thus, cow urine may act as an effective oviposition attractant, which is locally available, economical and reliable, hence can be deployed in aggregating mosquitoes’ larval habitats for use in the therapeutic planning and management of effective control of malaria [30].


    Common side effects of urine therapy include diarrhoea, itch, pain, fatigue, soreness of the shoulder, fever, etc which appears more frequently in patients suffering long term or more serious illnesses. Each episode may last 3-7 days, but sometimes it may last for 1-6 months. Hence, some abstain from this therapy due to such bad episode and others due to the stigma associated with it. If one persists and overcomes the difficulty, if anyone can enjoy the eventual happiness of healthy life [31]. The patients should be optimistic and realize the natural healing power. Persons suffering from chronic disease who adopt CUT in a cheerful manner and with the positive attitude will realize and observe the benefits in their mental and physical health within a short period of 10 to 15 days.


    Go-mutra therapy provides an especially rich and provocative research topic. The ancient scriptures of ayurveda consider cow urine to be the elixir of life. It is the most effective natural remedy and the safest method of treatment bestowed upon us by nature. This project has documented the constituents of the cow urine and its medical importance and has brought forth their efficacy in different phases of life. However, there is still a need not only to explore further research possibilities but also to stop cow sacrifice across the world. she is a very sacred and holy animal so to worship as God. Each and every part of cow is useful even after its death. It dedicates itself in the service of mankind. In agrian country like India, where majority of rural population have cow as their additional source of income. Cow urine based formulations would definitely prove to be a potential medicine which in turn would reduce the pressure on the existing use of chemicals and antibiotics. While this sounds a little unconventional for many, it could be a major step in disease management. Let’s hope this urine therapy could open doors for curing wide range of dreadful diseases because as we know it is eco-friendly, economically viable, and easily available at abundance.


    The authors are thankful to e-Library section of Central Library, Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology for ample assistance, help and support.
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  • Efficacy of Cow Urine as Plant Growth Enhancer and Antifungal Agent
    Savita Jandaik ,1 Preeti Thakur,2 and Vikas Kumar2

    Show more
    Academic Editor: Tibor Janda
    07 Jul 2015
    07 Oct 2015
    08 Oct 2015
    05 Nov 2015
    The present study was conducted to determine antifungal activity of three different concentrations (5, 10, and 15%) of cow urine against three fungal pathogens (Fusarium oxysporum, Rhizoctonia solani, and Sclerotium rolfsii) isolated from infected plants of Methi and Bhindi that showed symptoms of damping off and wilting disease by poison food technique. The extent of growth of test fungi in plates poisoned with cow urine was lesser when compared with the control plates. Among these concentrations cow urine at 15% concentration was most effective. When the three fungal organisms were compared, maximum growth suppression was observed in Fusarium oxysporum (78.57%) at 15% concentration of cow urine followed by Rhizoctonia solani (78.37%) and Sclerotium rolfsii (73.84%). Finally we concluded that the cow urine has antifungal activities and the inhibitory activity can be used in the control of fungi. The nutritional effect of cow urine on plant growth was also tested with Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methi) and Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) plants and the chlorophyll and protein content was also estimated.

    Vegetable plants suffer from diseases caused by various kinds of pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, nematodes, and mycoplasma. Among these, fungi are considered as most aggressive pathogens causing qualitative and quantitative damage. Fungal pathogens, namely, Fusarium oxysporum, Rhizoctonia solani, and Sclerotium rolfsii, are associated with damping off and wilting of Methi and Bhindi (Okra). The plant diseases have significant role in agriculture in terms of reduction of yield and economy. One of the most widely used strategies to control plant diseases is the use of chemical agents. However, overuse and abuse of these chemical agents resulted in certain hazardous effects. These chemicals suffer from drawbacks such as high cost, toxicity to nontarget organisms, residual problem, and development of resistance in pathogens. This situation triggered interest in searching alternates for disease control. Natural products, in particular from plants, can be the potential candidates which can be used against phytopathogenic fungi. The use of these agents is risk-free when compared to synthetic chemicals. In ancient Ayurveda cow urine has been greatly mentioned for its pharmacological importance. Okra contains nutrients that may confer a number of health advantages, including a decreased risk of several serious medical problems. Methi is one of the oldest medicinal herbs; ongoing research in India and abroad is currently uncovering new possibilities for its potential role in the treatment of diabetes and high cholesterol levels associated with coronary heart disease, both of which plague many industrial societies [1]. Cow urine is one of the ingredients of “Panchagavya” (urine, dung, milk, curd, and ghee) which is capable of treating many diseases as it has several medicinal properties [2] and it is the best remedy to cure fungal and bacterial diseases. It has an excellent germicidal power, antibiotics and antimicrobial activity. Therefore, cow urine can kill varieties of germs and it also boosts immunity [3]. Cow urine contains many beneficial elements, that is, chemical properties, potentialities, and constituents which help in removing all the ill effects and imbalances of body caused by infectious agents. Cow urine contains 95% water, 2.5% urea, and the remaining 2.5% a mixture of salts, hormones, enzymes, and minerals [4]. It has been considered that cow urine is very useful in agricultural operations as a biofertilizer and biopesticide [5] as it can kill number of pesticide and herbicide resistant bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Cow urine in combination with plant extracts is used to prepare disinfectant which is biodegradable and ecofriendly with good antibacterial action [6]. Majority of people in India use cow urine to get rid of various diseases due to its therapeutic values. Cow urine has several biological activities such as antioxidant, antidiabetic, antitumor, antiprotozoal, and molluscicidal [7–9].
    Materials and Methods
    2.1. Collection of Cow Urine
    Fresh cow urine was collected in a sterile container from a local variety of cow. The urine was filtered through Whatman No. 1 filter paper to get rid of debris and precipitated material and was stored in airtight container at 4°C before use.

    2.1.1. Isolation of Fungal Pathogens
    Fusarium oxysporum, Rhizoctonia solani, and Sclerotium rolfsii were isolated from infected plants of Methi and Bhindi (Okra) that showed symptoms of damping off and wilting.

    2.2. Antifungal Activity
    The three concentrations (5%, 10%, and 15% v/v) of cow urine were prepared. 10 mL of different concentrations of cow urine was amended in 10 mL of potato dextrose agar medium and mixed thoroughly by stirring. Control was maintained in which distilled water was used instead of cow urine. The medium was autoclaved and poured into sterilized Petri plates and left. The fungal discs of 5 mm diameter were taken from actively growing cultures by using cork borer and the discs were transferred aseptically on PDA plates poisoned with cow urine. Plates were incubated at 28 ± 2°C temperature in incubator for 7 days. After 7 days plates were observed and colony diameters were measured with the help of ruler [10]. The percent of inhibition was calculated using a formula [11]:
    where is inhibition percentage, is colony diameter in control plates, and is colony diameter in poisoned plates.

    2.3. Effect of Cow Urine on Plant Growth
    2.3.1. Collection of Seeds
    The seeds of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methi) and Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) were purchased from the local market of Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

    2.3.2. Pot Culture Experiment
    The pot culture study was conducted to find out the effect of various concentrations of cow urine on growth of Methi and Bhindi plants. The seeds were soaked in water over night and then 5 seeds were sown in different pots filled with sterile garden soil. The garden soil was sterilized in an autoclave at 15 lbs pressure for half an hour. The pH of the soil was adjusted to 7. Each pot was irrigated twice a day with different concentrations (1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5% (v/v)) of cow urine. In control pots, the seeds were irrigated with tap water instead of cow urine. When the plants grew randomly 3 seedlings from each treatment were uprooted without disturbing the root system and different parameters such as plant height, shoot and root length, number of leaves and branches, and leaf length and breadth were measured after 25 days to observe the plant growth.

    2.3.3. Estimation of Protein
    10 mg of coomassie brilliant blue G250 was mixed with 10 mL of 88% phosphoric acid and 45 mL of absolute alcohol. Then the mixture was diluted to 100 mL with distilled water. 1 gm of fresh germinated seedlings (test seedlings) was ground in 20 mL of distilled water. It was filtered and filtrate was made up to 20 mL. Then 0.1 mL of filtrated solution was added with 0.9 mL of water to which 2 mL of coomassie blue was added. The absorbance was read at 595 nm. Same procedure was repeated for the seedlings that were treated with water as control [12].

    2.3.4. Estimation of Carbohydrate
    2 gm of anthrone was diluted in one liter of sulphuric acid and stored in dark bottle and labeled as anthrone reagent. 5 gm of plant sample was collected from control plant and test plants separately and ground in 2 mL of 80% acetone. The homogenized solution was filtered. 1 mL of filtered solution was added with 5 mL of anthrone reagent. The solution was heated in water bath for 5 minutes. The OD was taken for the above mentioned sample(s) at 600 nm. Standard of glucose was prepared by dissolving 100 mg of glucose in 100 mL water [13]. The concentration of carbohydrate was calculated using the formula:

    2.3.5. Estimation of Chlorophyll
    Fresh leaves were collected from control plant and test plant separately and 1 gm of leaves was weighed. The leaves were cut into small pieces and homogenized in a mortar and pestle with excess of acetone and then filtered using Whatman No. 1 filter paper. The filtrate was collected and made up to 100 mL with acetone. 5 mL of extract was transferred into 50 mL volumetric flask and diluted to 50 mL with 80% acetone. Absorbance was read at 645 nm and 663 nm using spectrophotometer [14]. The quantity of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, and total chlorophyll was calculated using the following formula:
    where is optical density, is final volume of 80% acetone (mL), and is dry weight of sample taken (g).

    2.4. Statistical Analysis
    The experiment was performed in triplicate. The results were represented as mean ± standard deviation (SD) to facilitate the comparison of the data.

    In the present studies three fungal pathogens, namely, Fusarium oxysporium var. trifoli, Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn (Corticium Vagum B. & C.), and Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. were isolated from the diseased Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methi) and Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) plants. Data presented in Table 1 depicts that all concentrations (5, 10, and 15%) of cow urine were effective against the growth of the fungus which exhibited the significant inhibition in the growth of fungal plant pathogens. With increase in concentration of cow urine there was corresponding increase in the inhibition of vegetative growth of the fungal pathogens. The diameter of the fungal colonies in poisoned plates was lesser when compared to control plates and it indicates the antifungal effect of cow urine. Maximum inhibition was shown against Fusarium oxysporum (78.57%) followed by Rhizoctonia solani (78.37%) and Sclerotium rolfsii (73.84%), whereas minimum inhibition was recorded with 5 percent concentration of cow urine in Rhizoctonia solani (48.60%) followed by Fusarium oxysporum (54.76%) and Sclerotium rolfsii (55.38%) (Figures 1(a)–1(c)).

    Table 1

    Antifungal activity of cow urine by poison food technique.

    (a) Effect of different concentrations (5%, 10%, and 15%) of cow urine on Fusarium oxysporum. (b) Effect of different concentrations (5%, 10%, and 15%) of cow urine on Rhizoctonia solani. (c) Effect of different concentrations (5%, 10%, and 15%) of cow urine on Sclerotium rolfsii.
    Pot culture studies were carried out to find out the effects of cow urine spray on the phenotypic characters of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methi) (Figure 2) and Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) after 25 days (Figure 3). Parameters such as plant height, shoot length and root length, number of leaves, and leaf length and breadth were observed in the experimental and control plants. It is clear from the results (Tables 2 and 3) that plant height of Methi increased with increase in concentration of cow urine and duration of time. Maximum plant height of Methi was 14.30 ± 0.40 cm with maximum concentration, that is, 5% of cow urine. Plant height of Bhindi plants consistently increased to a maximum of 13.97 ± 0.50 cm in the plants treated with 5% concentration of cow urine; this was followed by the 12.03 ± 0.42 cm in 4% concentration of cow urine. The mean height of Methi plants was 9.00 ± 0.46 cm in control plants. Shoot length of Methi was 7.27 ± 0.25, 7.97 ± 0.25, 9.17 ± 0.31, 9.67 ± 0.25, and 10 ± 0.20 cm when sprayed with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5% concentration of cow urine, respectively. Shoot length in control pot was 6.8 ± 0.30 cm. Maximum shoot length and root length of Bhindi plants were 7.83 ± 0.15 and 6.20 ± 0.36 cm with the plants sprayed with 5% concentration of cow urine followed by 4% concentration.

    Conc.urine (%) Plant ht cm Root len Shoot len Leaves Branches Leaf len Leaf breadth
    1 10.23 ± 0.75 2.97 ± 0.50 7.27 ± 0.25 7.00 ± 1.00 4.67 ± 0.58 0.90 ± 0.26 0.57 ± 0.15
    2 11.17 ± 0.65 3.20 ± 0.40 7.97 ± 0.25 9.33 ± 0.58 6.00 ± 1.00 1.13 ± 0.25 0.73 ± 0.12
    3 12.70 ± 0.66 3.50 ± 0.36 9.17 ± 0.31 11.00 ± 1.00 6.67 ± 0.58 1.57 ± 0.25 1.23 ± 0.35
    4 13.43 ± 0.75 3.77 ± 0.31 9.67 ± 0.25 12.33 ± 0.58 8.00 ± 0.00 1.83 ± 0.12 1.53 ± 0.38
    5 14.30 ± 0.40 4.13 ± 0.35 10.00 ± 0.20 14.00 ± 1.00 8.33 ± 0.58 1.97 ± 0.15 1.73 ± 0.21
    Control 9.00 ± 0.46 2.13 ± 0.25 6.80 ± 0.30 6.67 ± 0.58 4.00 ± 0.00 0.90 ± 0.20 0.40 ± 0.10
    CD(0.05) 0.096 0.056 0.031 0.290 0.267 0.066 0.101
    Table 2

    Effect of cow urine on exomorphological characters of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methi) by pot culture experiment after 25 days.
    Conc. of cow urine (%) Plant height (cm) Root length (cm) Shoot length (cm) Number of leaves Number of branches Leaf length (cm) Leaf breadth (cm)
    1 8.33 ± 0.51 1.87 ± 0.29 6.47 ± 0.25 1.67 ± 0.58 1.33 ± 0.58 1.63 ± 0.21 1.43 ± 0.31
    2 10.23 ± 0.57 3.27 ± 0.35 6.97 ± 0.23 2.00 ± 0.00 2.00 ± 0.00 1.80 ± 0.26 1.47 ± 0.31
    3 11.27 ± 0.50 3.93 ± 0.25 7.33 ± 0.25 2.00 ± 1.00 2.67 ± 0.58 2.17 ± 0.25 1.90 ± 0.20
    4 12.03 ± 0.42 4.50 ± 0.17 7.50 ± 0.30 2.67 ± 0.58 3.00 ± 0.00 2.40 ± 0.36 2.17 ± 0.25
    5 13.97 ± 0.50 6.20 ± 0.36 7.83 ± 0.15 3.00 ± 0.00 3.00 ± 0.00 2.77 ± 0.25 2.40 ± 0.26
    Control 6.50 ± 0.46 1.67 ± 0.31 4.80 ± 0.20 1.33 ± 0.58 1.67 ± 0.58 1.23 ± 0.31 0.97 ± 0.25
    CD(0.05) 0.068 0.069 0.046 0.367 0.242 0.035 0.038
    Table 3

    Effect of cow urine on exomorphological characters of Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) by pot culture experiment after 25 days.

    Figure 2

    Effect of different concentrations (1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5%) of cow urine on Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methi) after 25 days.

    Figure 3

    Effect of different concentrations (1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5%) of cow urine on Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) after 25 days.
    The root length of Methi was maximum 4.13 ± 0.35 cm with maximum concentration (5%) of cow urine. However, root length increased in all the experimental plants as compared to control. Increase in root length supports the fact that the application of cow urine influences growth by increasing the mitotic index.

    The protein content found in seedlings sprayed with cow urine showed more protein irrespective of the concentration as compared to the control (Table 4). The maximum protein content was found in the seedlings of Methi treated with 5% cow urine, that is, 174.97 ± 0.50 mg/mL, whereas the control had only 36.50 ± 0.46 mg/mL of protein and the seedlings of Bhindi treated with 5% cow urine contain 164.40 ± 0.32 mg/mL of protein content while the control of Bhindi had only 38.80 ± 0.46 mg/mL protein content. Carbohydrate content in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5% cow’s urine irrigated plant sample of Methi was 144.09 ± 0.17 mg/mL, 162.03 ± 0.56 mg/mL, 187.07 ± 0.23 mg/mL, 188.93 ± 0.78 mg/mL, and 194.40 ± 0.27 mg/mL, respectively, and the carbohydrate content in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5% cow’s urine irrigated plant sample of Bhindi was 44.03 ± 0.11 mg/mL, 62.33 ± 0.17 mg/mL, 97.07 ± 0.59 mg/mL, 123.93 ± 0.12 mg/mL, and 164.40 ± 0.32 mg/mL, respectively (Table 5). However, the carbohydrate content in control plants of Methi and Bhindi was 138.80 ± 0.89 mg/mL and 134.20 ± 0.90 mg/mL, respectively.

    S. number Conc. of cow urine (v/v%) Protein (mg/mL)
    Methi Bhindi
    1 1 42.33 ± 0.51 44.03 ± 0.11
    2 2 50.23 ± 0.57 62.33 ± 0.17
    3 3 71.27 ± 0.50 97.07 ± 0.59
    4 4 103.03 ± 0.42 123.93 ± 0.12
    5 5 174.97 ± 0.50 164.40 ± 0.32
    6 Control 36.50 ± 0.46 38.80 ± 0.46
      CD 0.168 ± 0.11 0.271 ± 0.12
    Table 4

    Protein estimation of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methi) and Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) sprayed with different concentrations of cow urine.
    S. number Conc. of cow urine (%) Carbohydrate (mg/mL)
    Methi Bhindi
    1 1 144.09 ± 0.17 145.07 ± 0.17
    2 2 162.03 ± 0.56 162.03 ± 0.56
    3 3 187.07 ± 0.23 177.07 ± 0.23
    4 4 188.93 ± 0.78 180.09 ± 0.78
    5 5 194.40 ± 0.27 184.60 ± 0.12
    6 Control 138.80 ± 0.89 134.20 ± 0.90
    Table 5

    Carbohydrate estimation of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methi) and Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) sprayed with different concentrations of cow urine.
    The chlorophyll content of Methi and Bhindi (Okra) is shown in Table 6. The total chlorophyll content of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methi) was recorded more in plant leaves irrigated with 5% cow urine. It had  mg/g of chlorophyll a,  mg/g of chlorophyll b, and mg/g of total chlorophyll. Control plants had mg/g of total chlorophyll. The total chlorophyll content in Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) leaves was maximum with 5% cow urine irrigation ( mg/g) followed by 4% ( mg/g), 3% ( mg/g), 2% ( mg/g), and 1% ( mg/g). The control of Bhindi plants had  mg/g of chlorophyll a,  mg/g of chlorophyll b, and  mg/g of total chlorophyll.

    S. number Conc. of cow urine Chlorophyll (mg/g)
    Methi Bhindi
    a Chlorophyll
    b Total chlorophyll Chlorophyll
    a Chlorophyll 
    b Total chlorophyll
    1 1 0.407 ± 17 0.327 ± 12 0.733 ± 09 0.368 ± 27 0.176 ± 01 0.544 ± 02
    2 2 0.451 ± 09 0.365 ± 80 0.816 ± 38 0.449 ± 81 0.241 ± 07 0.690 ± 44
    3 3 0.563 ± 87 0.466 ± 63 1.029 ± 92 0.502 ± 43 0.301 ± 30 0.803 ± 98
    4 4 0.922 ± 23 0.738 ± 07 1.660 ± 02 0.996 ± 18 0.603 ± 08 1.599 ± 88
    5 5 0.972 ± 03 0.897 ± 96 1.869 ± 21 1.404 ± 92 0.842 ± 02 2.246 ± 28
    6 Control 0.248 ± 28 0.189 ± 10 0.437 ± 71 0.146 ± 66 0.025 ± 08 0.171 ± 91
    Table 6

    Chlorophyll estimation of Trigonella foenum-graecum (Methi) and Abelmoschus esculentus (Bhindi) sprayed with different concentrations of cow urine.
    4. Discussion
    This study revealed that the cow urine at different concentrations had considerable effect on the vegetative growth of R. stolonifer, Sclerotium rolfsii, and F. oxysporum. It is clear from the results that 15 percent concentration of cow urine showed maximum inhibition in growth of all the three fungal pathogens as compared to control. Inhibitory activity of cow urine against fungal pathogens have been reported by different workers [8, 15, 16]. Pot culture studies revealed that increase in cow urine concentrations increased the performance of all phenotypic characters of Methi and Bhindi. Present studies are in accordance with the findings of [17] Oliveira et al. 2009 who reported that the increase in cow urine concentrations increased the performance of all lettuce characteristics like fresh and dry leaf mass, fresh and dry stem mass, stem length, fresh root mass, fresh head mass, and commercial yield. The work of [18] Tharmaraj, 2011, reported that growth substances in panchagavya help to bring rapid changes in phenotypes of plants and also improve the growth and productivity. The protein and carbohydrate content found in seedlings sprayed with cow urine was more irrespective of the concentration as compared to the control. The biochemical contents (carbohydrates, protein, and amino acids) in Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench and Vigna mungo increased with 3% concentration of panchagavya spray [8, 19]. It is evident from the results that the chlorophyll content of Methi and Bhindi plants increased with increase in concentration of cow urine. Similar findings with panchagavya spray were observed in Arachis hypogaea [20] and Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench [8].

    It was revealed from the study that cow urine caused inhibition in growth of all the three fungal pathogens used in the present studies. This demonstrated fungitoxic potential of cow urine against the three pathogenic fungi. The biochemical contents of both the plants increased when sprayed with cow urine. Therefore the use of cow urine provides better alternative to synthetic chemicals which are expensive and pose potential danger to the farmers, marketers, consumers, and environment. The cow urine can be used as biopesticide.

    Conflict of Interests
    The authors declare that they have no conflict of interests.

    Authors are thankful to Department of Microbiology, Shoolini Institute of Life Sciences and Business Management, for offering facilities to carry out this work.

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