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(The following is an exerpt adapted from the ebook ‘Terrorism….‘, by Prabir Ghosh & Sumitra Padmanabhan.)


By Prabir Ghosh & Sumitra Padmanabhan

The old enmity between the Christian and the Islamic worlds has erupted afresh as the Christian countries have gradually developed into superpowers, leaving the Islamic nations lagging behind in many respects.

 America had aroused the hatred of the oil-rich Arab Countries by trying to impose its ultimate control over these rich but often socially-backward nations. The governments of these smaller and less-powerful nations have accepted this highhanded attitude of the bullying big brother, but many individuals, however, wanted to retaliate. But how? Direct warfare with America is not feasible. They decided that the only way to retaliate was to carry out sporadic guerrilla war and occasional terrorist attacks, killing thousands of innocent people.

The differences in culture and values among nations create alienation and hatred. The values of the American people and that of those who live in some of the Islamic countries are incompatible. This increases mutual hatred. Some Islamic nations – like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan, tactically support the US government, while a majority of the people in these same countries hold a hatred for anything American or ‘Western’. Such is the influence of religion.

In a similar argument, the present problems in India — namely, unrest in Kashmir, regular terrorist attacks in Indian cities and the more recent anti-Christian violence in Orissa and Karnataka-all have their roots in religion.

(Exerpt adapted from the ebook ‘Terrorism….‘, by Prabir Ghosh & Sumitra Padmanabhan. Adapted for Nirmukta by Ajita Kamal)

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