Baba Brahmachari- Part II

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[Prabir has just witnessed the Baba “cure” a woman in need of medical attention]

Like magicians, these Babas often perform “miracles” using their own accomplices in the crowd. This featof “miracle cure” was obviously such a case of play-acting. The water in the pot was obviously hot to begin with. The way in which the Baba posed the question – ‘see if the water has turned hot’ – suggested a change in the temperature of the water. This is to make people think that the water was cold before he started chanting his mystic mantras. These are common tricks.

Prabir Ghosh

Prabir Ghosh

He then told me to close the door as he wanted to talk to me in private. I obeyed. He brought a writing pad and pencil and handed it over to me saying, ‘Write down where you were last evening. Do not show me.’ I wrote – ‘In Madhyamgram, at Bipul’s house’, tore the page and kept it folded in my hand. He took the pad back from me and asked me to close my eyes and think of a calm sunrise. I did so. He placed his hand on my forehead and started uttering slowly – ‘yes, I can see you in a village. There are trees all around. You are in a village. Yes, it is Madhyamgram. I can see the house. It’s a nice, quiet place.” I joined in with him – ‘yes, nice, cool place, clay walls, thatched roof ………..’ He too went on with his description.

But by this time I had come to know of the extent of the real power of the Guru, because last evening I was in the Coffee House on College Street, in the heart of Kolkata. He was nothing but a common magician. He must have used a carbon-pasted writing pad. Another trick is rubbing powdered lead from pencils, after which one can read the words embossed on the next page in the pad. While I closed my eyes he read my note ‘Madhyamgram’. If he could really read my thoughts, he would have known the truth anyway. Instead of using his supernatural “powers” to read my mind, he resorted to a trick and so he made the mistake. And anyway, Bipul’s house was a big concrete building. Baba got carried away with my description of the mud hut!

This very popular guru Balak Brahmachari died in May, 1993. The ridiculous excesses that followed his demise were covered by the media extensively and are known to many. The body was preserved in a glass-paned room in his ashram under the public view of hundreds of his disciples for 55 days, awaiting a miraculous resurrection. In spite of the tons of ice used to keep the body fresh, the ‘holy’ body of the Baba started to decay in a most unholy manner! Finally, a state minister, a follower himself, saved the late Brahmachari from further post-mortem humiliation by forcefully taking charge and cremating the cadaver.

On the 5th of June that same year, members of the Rationalist Association held a public program in front of the same ashram. There we demonstrated on stage showing how to stop one’s pulse completely for a short period of time, and show nirbikalpa samadhi. Many famous yogis, like the Mahesh Yogi, claim that during ‘samadhi‘ their souls leave the mortal body and they can come back to life at will. Many people, of course, believe in rebirth or resurrection — whatever you wish to call it.

The problem is that our people are often so eager to see God and his ‘divine expressions’ that they fail to see truth. These people are yet to appreciate the wonders of the natural world, one such wonder being the capabilities of the human brain.

Translated by Sumitra Padmanabhan

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Prabir Ghosh


  • Nothing much to comment on this topic…. But would like to say..Mano to dev nahi to patthar….same way I can ask from the author that whatever he has written what proof he has got for that… or its just like another story to get cheap publicity…

  • Since you made a comment on nirvikalpa samadhi, I wanted to ask what do you know about it? Or what do you understand by that term?
    What source did you consult to understand that term?

    Once that is answered I would like to ask an explanation as to how the process of stopping pulse for a short period of time is equivalent to being in nirvikalpa samadhi.

    We will take the discussion from there…

  • @ Amit Kumar Singh, the author does not need to provide proof as it is the guru who has made the miracle claims. And the guru obviously failed to do so.

  • @ Saty whatever the source of the info on the Nirvikalpa Samadhi, it all points to the divine, super consciousness and other Deepak Chopra type Vedic sounding nonsense. It is more likely to do with the brain and the neurons as Dr V S Ramachandran will tell you. The brain is the mind and it can can play a lot of tricks.

    • Ajit,
      Your statement is flawed and shows your non-familiarity with any works on Yoga in saMsk^Rita. The pata~njali yoga sUtra does not say that nirvikalpa samAdhi is something granted by divine or by some super consciousness. This is also the traditional position which can be verified by interacting with sAdhaka-s from sringeri or elsewhere. The sUtra-s describe what is nirvikalpa samAdhi and outlines procedures on how that state can be obtained. It would unscientific on one’s part to dismiss this simply because you or Prabhir lack practical knowledge on this subject.

  • I respect Mr. Prabir Ghosh and feel proud that out of the crowd such persons are also present, who dare to challenge all these BABAs who just fool people taking advantage of their faith and believe. i was just 15 years old when this BABA died. and i still remember what a mess and foolishness it was of his disciples to keep his body for a miraculous resurrection. it was then the most hyped news in the media and despite of many government efforts,the corpse was not cremated. At last Subhash Chakraborty, State Sports & Transport minister came into the rescue and forcefully recovered the body and cremated it.

  • Saty these ‘works’ were mostly passed down orally over thousands of years and is obviously full of myth and fantasy. Are you saying that the body of knowledge was more at a time when they did not even have an electric light bulb? Using sanskrit words where one word has several interpretations to suit one’s beliefs is delusion. Old texts are just that, interpretations of various people with plenty of fantasy not fact. There is nothing scientific about it. And one does not need to Danish to eat Danish cookies or study Voodo to know that it is nonsense.

    • Ajit:

      ” and is obviously full of myth and fantasy”

      How do you know that a work is full of fantasy and myth without even reading it? The sUtra-s are terse/pithy statements and because of their structure, there is no scope to include mythological elements into them. This shows that you are completely unfamiliar with this class of works. By what stretch of imagination is this rational or logical? No. I was not implying that they had more knowledge than we do. You Danish cookie example is totally off the mark and off-base.
      Your statements are obviously wrong because they are not based on study or analyses but based on a wrong impression about a text.
      By the way, if you are already forming an impression(and hence choosing not to study) of something without studying it, it is as unscientific and irrational as it can get. What an irony 🙂

      • There is no irony in what I have stated Saty. The irony is that you choose to cling to such primitive texts which are way past their time. Science has made many more discoveries and continues to progress. Philosophy does not progress only science progresses.

        • >The irony is that you choose to cling to such primitive >texts >which are way past their time.

          Hi Ajit,

          Something being old or primitive does not automatically mean they are wrong. A rational approach would be to look into its contents and verify it rather than beating around the bush.
          Of-course Science will make many more discoveries and will progress and I for one would definitely like to be part of scientific studies and discoveries and do my little contribution to it. But does not mean I should discard my old texts to be able to do that. Philosophy progresses too though at a much slower pace.

          Discarding old texts does not automatically make you scientific as we have seen in your own case. A proper understanding of the methodology of science and its application in every day life is what makes one scientific.
          If blind belief(that a text is worthless without even knowing its contents for ex) is what guides us then how are we different from the superstitious folk in villages?

          If only we have the humble attitude of gaints like for example Erwin Schrodinger – of the wave mechanic equation fame…:
          “There is no kind of framework within which we can find consciousness in the plural; this is simply something we construct because of the temporal plurality of individuals, but it is a false construction… The only solution to this conflict insofar as any is available to us at all lies in the ancient wisdom of the Upanishad. “

        • Philosophy is everything. Science is one school of philosophical thought, one that is best suited to seek answers to the nature of objective reality. That having said, much of philosophy is bunkum. The point is that all knowledge comes out of philosophy, science being one of it’s tools. The methods, laws and conclusions of science are based on philosophical ideas.

          A science without a philosophy is empty. Society progresses as our philosophical understanding of life progresses.

          • Hi Ajitha,

            How do we separate Philosophy that is bunkum from genuine Philosophy? Does this very question fall under the purview of philosophy? If so, how do we know if the part of philosophy answering this question is genuine or not?

  • Ajita I think Krishna has asked a valid question. What is the definition of philosophy when you that it is everything? Dr. V S Ramachandran says that only science progresses, philosophy has not and does not. I agree with the good doctor.

    • Sajit,
      I know that Krishna asked a valid question. I gave a straightforward answer. His question was not “What is the definition of philosophy when you that it is everything?”, it was “How do we separate Philosophy that is bunkum from genuine Philosophy? Does this very question fall under the purview of philosophy? If so, how do we know if the part of philosophy answering this question is genuine or not?”
      To this I intimated that I was not aware of the answers. This is perfectly acceptable.

      I have not seen Dr. Ramachandran’s statement and would like to get a reference so that I can check the context, but the idea that science progresses and philosophy does not is meaningless. It is like saying Americans got to the moon but humans did not. I’m sure scientific philosophers like Massimo Pigliucci and Michael Shermer will agree. The point is that science was born out of philosophy and is just a modern form of the philosophical process. Science itself cannot progress UNLESS the philosophical rules that science is based on are bettered upon by scientific philosophers.

    • Just to make it clear that I am not being dismissive about Krishna’s questions, here is the reason why I say that I don’t know. The questions he asked are related to knowledge theory. How do we know anything? How do we know what is true and what is not? And on and on… the subject of how knowledge is accumulated, internalized and utilized is a large area of philosophy called epistemology. I know enough about epistemology to know that I know almost nothing.

  • Ajita how do we make a distinction between philosophy and science? Are you saying that philosophy is what gives rise to hypotheses which must be tested by science? That makes sense.

    I will try to look up that link of Dr V S video on youtube ( I think it was during his talk on chola art ) and post it where he clearly states that philosophy does not progress only science does. I did not think its like saying Americans went to the moon but humans did not. How do we know anything? Surely empirical evidence?

    • Sajith,
      Science itself is made up of philosophical concepts. The idea that hypothesis must be formed and then tested is one of the philosophical concepts that define the scientific method. There are many others. I am not detracting from science, just pointing out it’s essence.
      Humans are the larger group and Americans the sub group. Similarly, philosophy is the larger group and science the sub-group. But in the area of its focus- empirically testable concepts- science is the best philosophical method we have. For an understanding of what epistemology is concerned with, see here: Empiricism, like all of science, has it’s own epistemology.

      Philosophy, by default, is deep. Some of the greatest minds that ever lived have pondered on the nature of knowledge, and some continue to do so. Yet this vast area of understanding, epistemology, is only one part of philosophy. It is a sad fact that despite the great history of philosophy in India (including in epistemology), the West has held the reins of philosophical thought for the past 500 years. This lack of a strong modern philosophical school in India is why there is so much misunderstanding about philosophy. A scientific philosopher understands science on a deeper level than someone who simply uses the methods of science as a ritual. In many ways, you know and use the many philosophical concepts found in science!

      Sorry for rambling on, but you get the idea…

    • dear RNR, u can believe whatever u want like caves are best for living, stone tools are best tool to use or only good clothings are made from raw animal hides etc etc. but here people are discussing a different issue. ur blind unwanted devotion is a bit misplaced here.

  • Thakur Balak Brahmachari was a Guru of reason,science and mathematics. He never indulged in miracles/prejudices. How many days did you meet Him? You talk like you know everything..can u tell how do white rice, yellow dal, green vegetables when consumed become red blood? can u tell following what mathematics millions of stars and planets are moving on their respective orbits without falling on each others? can u tell where have you come from? can u tell what is the purpose of this creation? Do u realize that u simply does not exist in this infinite great void? What is the proof that u r not lying about Thakur Balak Brahmachari?

    • can u tell following what mathematics millions of stars and planets are moving on their respective orbits without falling on each others?

      Got an hour? Watch these one by one.

      1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

      can u tell how do white rice, yellow dal, green vegetables when consumed become red blood?

      This will need more than an hour. Try watching from here (may need some preparation prior to that).

      can u tell what is the purpose of this creation?

      Got another hour? Here you go.

  • Mr Prabir,

    From the point of rationality , just a confusion –

    Baba’s ashram was in Sodepur. Sodepur ,Madhyamgram all are located in the outskirt of Kolkata metropolitan. These localities are thickly populated since last 100 years. It is well known to every one in Kolkata. Knowing you were in Madhyamgram, even a kid may not dare to make a guess —

    ‘yes, I can see you in a village. There are trees all around. You are in a village. Yes, it is Madhyamgram. I can see the house. It’s a nice, quiet place.” I joined in with him – ‘yes, nice, cool place, clay walls, thatched roof ………..’

    Either the Baba was a follish person or your story seems illogical.

    Appreciate if you can clarify and give us rational light. Waiting for your reply

  • Mr. Ghosh why don’t u try story writings for bengali films? Such a talented person u r. U will earn well from there. But if u write here like this one, u will get nothing but cheap publicity only. But I can understand, u just wanted to infamous him.This is ur only goal. Ohhh ooo but u r failed to make people thinking wrong about him, hahaha. Because everyone knows the truth. So stop doing this shit and do some social works. And lastly i want to say, just don’t write any fake stories again! Have a honest life ahead!

  • Guys, those who dont believe in the creator himself go ahead doing something better than HIM instead of misguiding millions of people by wasting your precious time. By disbelieving HIM, you are still giving lots of importance to HIM through your ignorance. For those who are strong believers of HIM , lets do something more fruitful instead of explaining mass with low conscience bcoz time is limited now and its time for action.

  • I still adore him,I do believe him and I will.he is real,he is lord.ramo narayono ram

    Mr.ghosh such a wasted

  • I feel sorry for you . “Bed vittik sammobad” is inevitable . Corona is already here . Nature will tell the rest . Wait and watch you will see in practical .
    – Ram Narayan Ram

  • @ Rahul , @ Ajit , @ Krishna and Mr.Gosh and all the morons who are a MURKH ( Stupid ) my dear peoples , do you think you know all about thakur Balak Brahmachari Maharaj the only thing you know is about this bullshit story , Mr . Gosh Amazing , you can achieve mota taka ( Good Money ) and publicity by this , but first off all thakur never dip his foot he dip his finger , he never sits on a bhaag chhal ( Tiger’s skin ) ! Mr.Rahul you are proud of Mr. Gosh ? Really ? A man who tells us a fake story to earn a fake publicity ! And the process to conserve his body was a foolish act ? Dear , let me tell you the whole story ! Thakur Balak Brahmachari Maharaj tell his disciples to preserve his body until he wakes up from a Nirvikalpa Samadhi , after many days , you fool think that he is dead , but his disciples work too hard , and unfortunately they able to take his body to nursing home or a lab to research because , in Nirvikalpa Samadhi thakur’s body eat , sleep , extract , and also changes colour , but before the research , four peoples dress in black , take the body and cross the river by a boat , ! And , the four peoples include Subhash Chandra Bose and Adolf Hitler ! Ajit I am very sad that you are not praising Thakur you are praising a Stupid man , dear Krishna , Science what are you talking about is tool
    Of Philosophy , Philosophy or Mythology don’t have to improve because it is already improved perfect ! Science needs to be perfect because it is Inperfect ! You will see
    , if you are alive , a day will come when all the separate nation will become one ( a island will rise after the disaster ) , all separate language will become one language ( Sanskrit ) , all different coloured flags will become one saffron coloured flag , and you will see one day Thakur will be back , Hitler will be back , Netaji S.C Bose will be back and then you fool will be feel guilty ………..
    – The Future’s hope light !

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