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Why Nirmukta?

When at first I decided to start an online magazine for free-thinkers it was little more than an experiment in creative expression to vent my frustration at the irrationality that permeates many aspects of Indian culture. There are numerous blogs that range from covering scholarly studies to publishing immature rants on the subject of atheism in India. Where does Nirmukta fit in this scheme of things?

The truth is we need a platform for all the issues that concern us, to bring us all under one common banner, so we can use the weight of our voices to bring some much needed change. At Nirmukta, we have put together an excellent team of contributors to cover different issues connected to free-thought. The idea is to bring all the stories that dominate the free-thought news in India, to one spot. So,


Over the next few months you will see some small changes to the website. The purpose of these changes is to continue to make our stated objectives possible. Suggestions are welcome and will be appreciated. Stay tuned for what’s to come!

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