Know Your Gurus – Part II

Swami Ramdev Unveiled

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The effects of yoga on our body and some tips on lifestyle


  I quote below a few gems from Ramdev’s ‘Yog-sadhana o Chikitsa rahasya’ (Yogic practices and treatment)

  # As per the philosophy of Jainism, Yoga is the emancipation of the soul. At the same time, mind, speech and all the physical faculties are also known as Karmayoga. (Page 1)

  # The ideal time for taking the morning food or breakfast is between 8 and 9 in the morning. It is better to take fruits and light drink. (Page 5)

  # People above the age of 50 years should not eat anything in the morning.

  # The ideal time for taking the morning meal or lunch, is between 11am and 12 noon. One can extend the time up to 1pm. but beyond that is a strict NO.

  # Again the best time for dinner is 7pm to 8pm.or at the most to 9pm. No food is recommended after that.

  (Till the middle of the last century, the average life-span of an Indian was approximately 50. Today it is 70. Medical science has progressed tremendously and so has our concepts on lifestyle. Our concept of healthcare has undergone a drastic change too. Nowadays we find a number of politicians and intellectuals, who have crossed 80 and are still active and efficient. They take well-balanced breakfast and go about their daily chores. Their active presence in society proves the theory of ‘no breakfast’ wrong.

  The timings fixed for food-intake and physical health may have no connection at all. In ancient times, when people used oil-lamps or no lights, it was customary to finish off day’s work including dinner as early as possible. Now in this jet-age, with electrical and electronic wonders to help us in every sphere of life, days and nights have lost their earlier differences. Eating and sleeping habits have changed too. Look at the Bollywood heroes. Night after night of continuous shooting, sleeping till late, then going to the gym, eating balanced food, and wow! Their fitness and health are envied by all. In the western countries, people believe in heavy breakfast before going out for work and a very light lunch. Still they are healthier than an average Indian. After this, should we still stick to the age-old yogic prescription?)

   # While eating, one should maintain silence and keep praying to God while chewing the food carefully.(Page 22)

(Our political leaders and industrialists call for important meetings where they discuss serious issues over lunch or dinner. It is a custom to call for eminent guests for luncheon where discussions get priority over the exercise of eating. Let us hope the followers of gurus like Ramdev do not stop interacting with each other over the dinner table and kep praying instead. )  

# Before you start eating, pronounce ‘OM’ or utter the Gayatri Mantra and wash your hands three times. Why? How does it affect the mind or body? No answer is given by Ramdev.

 (The great good Lord has given us food and sustenance, and therefore, before you start eating, thank him once-this is the noble thought behind the advices of such Gurus. According to them, God arranges for everything we have in this world, so one need not think that our efforts have any effect whatsoever. Everything is pre-arranged and provided for. We need to remember that the Yogis who promote such ideas themselves leave no stone unturned to propagate their philosophies.)

   # Non-vegetarian food destroys our subtle and soft feelings-like love, kindness etc.( Page- 5)

 (Just recall the Gujarat riots. Thousands of members of a certain vegetarian community turned into beasts overnight. They killed, looted and raped. They burnt alive thousands of their own countrymen with mindless, irrational cruelty. Ramdev-ji has no idea that this kind of mass frenzy has nothing to do with food. It is lack of healthy cultural environment, lack of proper knowledge, absence of a rational system of education and socio-economic background.)”

                                                     Swami Ramdev has offered many such directives in his books which according to him are worth following in order to have a healthy mind and body. For example-one should always bathe in cold water, it is better to use rough, handmade cotton towels after bath etc.

In the name of yoga:

 # Through the yogic path, you can find god.

 #You cannot be a yogi without practicing celibacy.( total abstinence from sexual acts)

 # You should not eat, hear or see things that arouse sexual desires.

 # Eight things one should desist from, in order to become a Brahmachari (ascetic saint):– sports, eating alone, talking about worldly gains, giving public speeches, looking with amorous desire, touching and sexual intercourse.

# Lust and anger are two things that take away our physical strength and beauty in a very short time.

# The chief aim of our life is to worship god.

# One should know when to tell a lie-e.g. to save a cow or to save a Brahmin. In an ashram, a temple, a musjid, a gurdwara or in a church, one should tell the truth only. In the court or law or in connection with business ventures, untruth may be allowed.

# To purify your mind, soul and intellect, only way is to follow the path shown by the saints.

# God gives us beauty, youth, riches and affluence in abundance, much more than we ever need. 

(Let us not forget that 70% of the population of India is poor by any standard. 30% are below the poverty line, who do not get shelter, food, drinking water, health-care or education. To say that god has given them more than they require, is a crime.)

  Swami Ramdeb has similar instructions on Tapasya , Pranayama,– how to practice meditation and various breathing exercises, and Mudras,–various hand movements (as in dance), which can cure all diseases including asthma and cancer. For example-Vayu Mudra can cure arthritis, spondilytis and even stroke. Shunya Mudra cures or eases thyroid and heart problems. Surya Mudra relieves tension, improves digestion. There are about a dozen such remedies and cures with the help of moving the five fingers of our hands.( of which there are illustrations in his book).

  Curing diseases by pressing one’s palm or feet

 It may sound curious, but Guruji has written in the book published by him about a  novel method of treating ailments. Totally nonsensical anatomical pictures are  given of the human palm, where various parts symbolise parts of the body, for  example-the base of the forefinger and middle finger denotes the eye. The middle  of the sole of the feet symbolises the heart and the kidney, etc. Pressing these parts  for 30 seconds to 2 minutes can cure the diseases as told by Ramdev.  There is also  prescription for growing hair on bald heads by rubbing the fingernails of two hands against each other, and many such ludicrous theories.

These gurujis first gain popularity by lecturing and demonstrating on T.V. channels, then start publishing glossy books and pamphlets and finally go on to establish Ashrams on acres of land.

A glimpse of the subscription rate at Swami Ramdev’s Ashram

1.      Ordinary membership- Rs.11000

2.      Honored membership- Rs.21000

3.      Special membership Rs.51000

4.      Life membership Rs.100,000

5.      Reserved membership Rs.251,000

6.      Founder membership Rs.500,000


Be a member at your own risk! ! !

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  • I became happy to read the message of Shriman Pravir Ghos and it is very eye opening for them all who are attracted to all such Commercial Yogis of these days. Would Shriman Pravir like to shade some light on Swami Yogananda’s ‘An Autobiography of a Yogi’ a best seller book and many big Groups are running this so called YOGADA’s Kriya Yoga chapters all over the world having millions of folowers.

    Swami Manavatavadi

    • I feel blessed to see NIRMUKTA again in my inbox. I shall feel happy if it continues may it be in any excuse like YOGA COMMERCE SAMRAT RAM DEV or any other.

      I wish the YOGA COMMERCE GURU RAM DEV little more success in his endeavours to bring this 60’s global trade to open global market in a more enchanting mode. I want thank all his efficient broakers and DALALS who could make this village lad of our HARYANA land to a global open market. I especially feel proud of all such efficient and successful broakers and DALALS who could make an impossible a big possible.

      I also want to thank our wise Chief Minister Shriman Bhupender Singh Hooda who had added his mighty hands to make this Haryanvi village lad glitter in the global YOGA COMMERCE market to sell nothing for everything.

      Iremain by admiring all involveved in this best business to sell nothing for everything.

  • Hello Prabir Ghosh,

    Though some of your comments seems good for argument (like dinner time) and logical, i could understand that you are totally illeterate of yoga and indian tradition. you are totally missing knowledge in traditional science. please at least at this age write such articles after studying basics of yoga and mudras. develop your brain little bit atleast. i am not supporting some swami…. but i am supporting great indian saints like Swami vivekanda, patanjali who found this yoga. please grow up and check for presence of brain in your head.

  • Prabir,

    Just curious. Which “Yoga” book(s) have you read.

    A list of names and refutation from original work may be more interesting than attack on Ramdev.

    You’re sounding too one sided.

  • Dear Mr. Prabir Ghosh,

    I am so much mesmerized by your writings that i cant explain. Whatever you say or claim is quiet logical. All you have said about everyone is fine so far. But.... there is a big BUT about yourself.

    Who you are or rather I must say what actually you are ? As per the informations available it says you are merely a commerce graduate and worked at S.B.I, Central Branch. Now you have done many miracles yourself that you have been thrown out of your own association. You never show up or maybe you never face the challenges that you have been given. Why so Mr. Ghosh.
    While exposing all the imposters dont you think you have replaced their placed and in the name of science you are frauding people. Mainly there are many allegations about your sexual perversion. You are a pervert and a sick bastard as few claim along with the media. Even your own son pinaki ghosh is against you. check the link ( )
    Never Mind I have no personal aggression against you ,

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