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What the hell is a “nirmukta”?

Hello. This section of Nirmukta will record the content development and behind-the-scenes action at the web site. Not that the articles themselves are not entertaining in their own right, but we thought that a running commentary could be justified given the context. Objective statements about some of the quaint beliefs talked about at Nirmukta can barely skim the oceans of amusing observations possible. This blog page will, however, plunge right in.Needing Nrimukta

Now that I’ve justified the necessity for this blog, lets get to business. As a rule, older languages are usually more ambiguous in their interpretation than recently evolved ones. This being true for Sanskrit, Nirmukta can be twisted to mean many different things. The meaning we use here is “freed”. “Liberated”. It is meant more as a state of being than as a verb. Freed of irrational belief in the supernatural AND the subnatural. What, then, am I? A Nirmuktan? Wonder if I can divine the answer to that.

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